Ep. 82 - Alex Reimer 4-26-18

Thursday, April 26th
WEEI.com's Alex Reimer joins Kirk this week to discuss his now three-month ban from the WEEI airwaves after his January comments about Tom Brady's daughter. Kirk and Alex discuss the national fallout from January and what Reimer's future at the station looks like, in addition to Alex's thoughts on what the Kirk & Callahan Show is sounding like without him.

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All right this episode enough about me is brought to you by hello fresh thanks dale fresh by the way of supporting enough about me. Eateries are you thirty dollars off your first week deliveries when you go to hello fresh stock com. Slash about to meet thirty and you see offer code about me thirty and you get thirty dollars off your first because deliveries of course. Of course not Bobby's also brought to buyer great fronts of buildings. And mills QBs comfortable in our stores usual Buhner close social plus or Braintree and chest and he'll square Chestnut Hill. The guest this week on the will be making his return. In a way to the airwaves I guess were placed South Shore is Alex Roemer. A center of controversy couple months ago with the whole briefing Brady's daughter Calder pissing and huge fall nationally mutual the station. Talked out of his role what happened there were thinks of the show now the easy thing to be back. I was doing since and all that it's good rumored as a good job of support to a Jerry Knight thinks is some lingering issues between to a bus. Lots to get through enough about me with Alex Roemer. The phone talking to them my. Possibly I don't know why I forget had talked into one of these you ever come to this station. I recorded at two outs two weeks ago with who myself. East Jerusalem to what what was the transgender runner. Emilia GAAP and Eric yes yes very yes yes it was she she did great teaching students in its neighbors widgets yes that's yes. So what is what is what's so you I don't get a lot of saturated samba got a request from dreamers for well you when switching out the sort of -- the it was obsolete obsolete assets now obviously a that we brought none in and out and a man and a plead for help is what we're up in the last car and I can tell was going to be on the Elena holly and you know water. You money. Sure thanks a free fall on. The podcasts it's almost like it's guys I thought exacted it is. In particular can't went all the men and lives before he says the ideal woman apartment and a story you'll. I was. It was going to be but you gonna hang up on nervous on not tell I was going to. Get nervous or time or what looks like him jacket and shoes jackets should just like I was gonna where I was gonna we're imaging with size as that. It's a spring in a loss like what bio and down onto stresses a graduate. What went so. What went for them bagels 140 no more snow fighters some goods and what was he made the request. To come on wall usual boring social morning here anchor and I'll nothing happens around. What's going up like a week this is my plea need to get abducted as noted cards to play Enron and Chinese squeeze. Believe you have the power here right well a lot the same and I haven't really sat anything for like three months figured when you're writing. Yes some goats podcast back guy we have an episode cup we know buck about his days. On assignment as the one. Yes well when this thing first started humans and Oxley your idea today about the stock market on what's up with them Boston sports that mr. famous and writing at that there is in a mafia or the fans. Fans you know we want. Part of the fans patriots fans have a right. To be annoyed at the situation with Belichick and Brady I've always said. I but knowing this the whole thing first happened you mention in passing tackle able bring you want to do enough about me and I registered actually meet at. I've flights took you up to let's see if he's a man of his word and you are very different argument early. And I enjoyed it so slim win. You to predict if you have to per litre is predicting next days. Month the date and year you'll be on the air W here on the satellite and can be years on the air which prediction. No I don't what is management. There. It seems that management. Is not warm to the idea about tree turn that it doesn't inside in my limited. Somewhat limited discussion. It doesn't seem that way either and I've not had extended conversations haven't been necessarily being adored because they think. At eight A no I want to get back on air I think that's a reckless DOD obvious you know what yeah I mean it's just it's been like three months now almost agreements that day it happened and it's it's been you know it's seasons it's right now. Yeah it's been. It's it's been rough it's been a rough it's been a rough three months especially last couple it's just been really it's like you're in purgatory now like I wanna get back there. Eighteen to get back in it's just. Nobody cares more nobody's more selfish herself involved in knew what WW I feel like anybody would be so I don't which just means keeping your little like me and waited so much view you so much to me it's all like. I think about it every. It's all I think about it all just my situation here you you know you think you think about getting back on the current challenge. I don't think about you'll think about going on the day when I wanted to I was like what should I think most a curtain on every night. Now it's great to ill fated Roemer nine I was it was taken off but you're Roy has taken the torture prominent are absolutely what was Roemer after dark what dies coastal yes. What official title. Win you called. Breeze dog who is aware that word that I have never used in conversation before word that what was I think I tweeted something like earlier that yeah I remember ironically referring to myself as a between that because I was on the Brady like is washed up and wagon has about a couple of games in September. So called I've December others in a great game against the titans nice dollar Tom Brady said this stance like me with this game right so is like on the it was like on the back of my mind and it just. Slipped with Matt and you have no idea how many times every played. Well I think this one to sit in knowing what I just. Was like a normal person and said. It was fine that documentary was fine just we really admire now not a huge I have my my theory was offered to talk to this. My theory was your little also like me in the way that everybody thinks one way. You purposely traps and the other which everybody was saying that. All the famous cute I think you were looking for an eagle nobody is trying to be kocharian house you know I don't like not as what do you think about them like I gotta be so here I got the got to act dotted beating guy who does like kids like I am only says it's off eight -- deep down there are sisters Lisa Friday night as Thursday Thursday night. I was surprised after I told it is subsequently. I was surprisingly mud at night out for a spot got back to meet social media. What happened tweeters felt wanted them. Patriots fan in. Talking him into that until you guys played the next and that's true site does it not true just at the Jerry before please I'm a set of remembers things I'm surprised. You are a product. Of the house expands and I think 151015. Tweets about the switch from that night it's part of active so. We played it and actually honestly we blasted you but I I was like what I you know I have a pretty good. Sense of what's comedian in the big. I did not get the sense is quite the show ended Friday. I do not get a sense at all to miss that. I I do not get a sense at all on. Friday that this is going to be seeing the big story in the country said the two here's a question so if you knew returning to a huge story with deaf and you in my life you wouldn't you would have done it then it's still an error once and yeah well I would say here's that's it forget if I said. He said he's gonna ruin your life. Recruits to be huge story can hurt a soul you McGrady. You probably but that's real why NASA was behind it. The old me and maybe. The tuition at new routes for that's out right now displayed as a bill like that now that now we know we like you and we got our problems in the past I was we got past those but. Op what obviously the title shock for you was Monday. Well so I mean any sort so we're so so you say people were tweeting you shall Friday meeting never so it's the crazy so we sat with my that's your stature that that is I think that the yeah point. Absolutely that was the first big mistake that was it's what happened was they did you all math that. If you Glen Campbell agreed to might well so housing OJ slash show on the radio well so I is engaged like the first hours and and I Saudi tweets coming in comic or higher and I'm like. And we were doing my own party spot like wealth there and sing their like. This might be the last time ever on the Neitzel and for the last I think it was just an island is a five word I guess this. How artists all of my mindset wasn't it's stupid to have written on line for a long time I no hostile enemy they'll and I know when something is snapping on Twitter. It doesn't go correctly stupidly and just like no it's 1230. 1 o'clock 130 on Friday it's just the Twitter thing knew you'd be. Nobody will pick it up in an update on the way it got big I remember talking it is our bond I was up in Maine is actually. Like called the first set was welcomed yes yes that's true. Ever talking to Joseph in as the day I feel like this is it in and Marshall picked up and once that happens games will arsenal here's what. Idol I think we are all playing defense from the start right so I sit there at night we left the audio up there through late Friday afternoon which is why it was able to be tweeted bottom line bar stool at the audience I think. Open could obviously all playing defense from its ons and arsenal does their story Friday afternoon and I'm out for the week and I'm. Why and the weekend starts and nobody else picks up on it's still rolling on Twitter and getting tweets like. To quote you a million and I really ought to do and I'm like yeah this guy on incidents that are ongoing. Really like this is and then we get to Sunday eight and go to some of the super ball and I'm like. You like another shoe past its hot here like I am shocked that our school is the only like web site that's written about this that and Brady's on the UI's and an hotel. An ample at an airport yet it's not core green in the lobby of this joint a wake up across the street from the rays announced to restate. Yes I was there like all these who's the worst man I've ever stated I love Marriott's that the worst marry an American it's it's public record mean from the user -- of the two tickets so we have Brady we bring in you know you've done shows with us a break I asked if he was hung over afternoon right and you know we have no idea. Brazen call you guys are talking about it. As you write hi I have done a shows this to note that week Brady's calls and sometimes they'll call in pursuit on break nine times and he call in segment in what obviously happened to be the segment where. And it was like match oh yes we did and we did feel like you know a we agree with you and be wearing their show Greek it was like so in a blast should I usually do any do you care. Brady calls in and miscommunication part two. Is any Brady was told by people that you sent on our ship that's man I see my understanding is used told right away I think maybe you. Think such a big guys that I've always being good you know I've not heard hang up in all like your lot and I don't avenues toppling and again I ask the first question I I again I know I got the break even told them whenever you said it mercantile with the later on. But I asked Brady some question trying to be glib and he is now used basic right in nicely so I get it to be a time rays called and Eckerd and I'm like you know what. Maybe it's over some like a either Brady knows about it that we are definitely ask. You work yes. Courses in the us. Got up. Give rays owner shall we can't talk about it in and we comes on or not admissible let's let you guys have created in chip it's that was emptied out but what are you being hypocritical and I think gets dessert I mean. But it did literally decide before were talking we come on like hey Tom Bradley in Eliezer in that spot you know he does that thing. Does that thing hangs up and admitted he on up I was with. Utley job to moss up in my ski. Jerry was not there's your boom voices and voices and and phones sun rise up though we went right to break when we are currently that turn those guys said this is going to be the story in the country and white ones whose older everything right and I would spend ever and as that Imus the morning he sing them they had an airport area piecing all means yeah I can't I couldn't you know and I'd I don't I don't like it certainly that and blazers and complaining again no problem I think you're right I think he thought. I said the jury said or he says the show we inhabit a dozen or no mean of course and you reacted to any father would be apt to mean Brady. Anybody like that but that suddenly turned historic I think you're right the storm born. Ayers will be a really percolate it was on the ads ever article it really like you know it was sort of started dialed it manages. And it is like the perfect storm writes who's Super Bowl week wears Super Bowl week there were some huge story lines and it's also the easiest story you couldn't showtime. We were doing shows a raid zero. In the morning. You wanna talk to us because it was they those our show. An am radio road start in your station Texas talking about it you're some guys in the little talking Roemer were of course talking about it and desist. What Langley cinemas a good career move from user on the month that worked out excellent. Great great great guys on. Because easy story household radio guy makes fun of Tom breeze five year old daughter who who could defend no blog you something absolutely and it was interesting luck being kind of on it sot to rights of millions of my element Snyder agreement that oh yeah let's live like if you tile reach out to astle Oscars for comment like radios to something Steve did this and the email into the Catholic and just looking for comment and is getting all those guy you know but it was. Relatively easy for me to tune out the coverage has and you story. Three. But yeah I mean yours is much bigger than Meyer Anderson bigger in my mind was big though it in our member. Looking at Twitter after all. Is there's nothing you know this is this is on the level I think probably panel makers had its. I just think Imus is a bigger figure that status via a day that's it's it's it was I don't know he lost his job. Race and a bit it was what do you mean give it a much bigger social media is now juniors later shore knows. The story for today to solid d.s suitable never ever saying on the air as he didn't fire the and tonight both say we talked to Brady. During and I talked to bring the Thursday. Wednesday Thursday forget you know Deborah. And diversity is their Oilers own eyes disease UK's right now one whose job and all that really good conversation and it everything on his and I told funnies just offer data I think he got me. A better. Understanding of what happened exactly I think he them up nine dollar and it would open all like app and it will say this I mean so after it I did email Stacy games at the patriots and I said like I'd like to reach out to Tom sentiment note and also it is that means easy to instead of 88. Manic who is this select who cares but it back to me like this and Tom and send it here so like did. On whether or not he added I mean the fact that he's at nights. I've had fired one inning happened to them really had no story there are no additional chapters and of course remains a topic. For you gain as a kind of by yet I was there is no second chapter like if Britney went up. And said no comment or discuss that I think. That so he registered minor league we've program. Like bought. I saw Bob Kraft at whenever the patriots admissible. One. In the thrown network there idea whenever you visit. Iraq for five now where we went down yet. Such talk crap there we talked for men that's a Percy said the mis guys advocate OK we won was a CC games to meet mean that that's. That that part of it I think you know that that that they're good they produce pissed off. I think it's over but I do understand. May business perspective and I understand your frustration title again it would like to have you back on Jerry Bible says that we're supportive of that that to happen. But from a business perspective I get in killed vague yet. A couple of things we need the year I get why you think you would be our show for to. That's why they understand you know my point is it's been like three months I've been a long running for two months and I just feel like you now like YE. Every bit every decision business risk reward right and clearly management feels. Having me on the air right now is worth way more risk in the potential reward drive revenue driver for the station. Like OK I am I'm a better host at night and mark teams off mine who cares it's that aren't in Brazil on snow okay. Right but I would say like I think in hell obviously. Pardon the pun but this if this is that service scared straight moment from aid and I'm totally. If you amazed me you consider your sexuality outline I've got a lot is that when women and husband used as a pick up one a couple of times I think you should be joked I don't know what you mean when people meet the message me on it out the cycle a grinder but the descent marks an address yes. Stated yes. I mean is this this will always you can have a nice on crude passes as always. Be known for always. We'll locality would like him DR Anderson but even that I've. May be that afflicted that would that was this is bigger than a week I always going to be the guy I'm different umbrage to. Right but you need a chance to redeem on redemption need redemption rehabilitation but might but again would you pay twenty tussle when you walked in the program directors office or the tournament office and he says Alex give me 32 pitch why should you be on the air time. Because I'm good at this job and I've done that things are going really well prides on short notice renewed taking a more ships they send it to the Super Bowl the opening on full time host who went. On so clearly the states and felt like highways and on their ascent the potential to be even a greater on sat straight up big time this was a big mistake and also let's be honest this was not the first time. I crossed the line on the air I agree this was just the first time that it really will backs like totally get the rest but yet the say. I was brought back icy malice brought factory reason it was a big gas is cheap and what might. So why not easily on I mean it was an asset for cheap on the air and you know. I have more skin in the game anybody you know to stay above board if I screw up again like this in the station will survive in it would it but. I might not you now so I have a bigger incentive than any. Okay I've teamed up with hello fresh and they are offering ever and our audience thirty dollars off your first because deliveries when you go to hello fresh stock com. Slash about me thirty and use the offer code about the third. But it's really easy OK everything comes pre measured maple meal kits that you know which agreed goes with which recipe Pakistan all in the kitchen a disaster screwed up. 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Okay how about the here this espoused by others and avarice Gerri I'm going to watch for us whether it's you were Tomas your language your trying to you were never. It's our fault we booby four she guys that we ramp. And up that you have to say that's going to be so much opposites on the opening its ultimate jury talent thing it's ET please for many. Well there's a cup what an adult man I've I've had I've had to face as I've taken some of the minor shrapnel Ford not obviously to degree blacked out act. I've been fine yeah been fine. But I said now I now. There's a Greenberg is essentially ground you know after like that it is not my photo you'd make it right a couple of things writes I think if you go back to my history with yours the other times in which. Cross the line out of eleven with with. It's like my first three weeks have lists have been with you guys a lot about wise they need to impress the seniors. Like go to the next level or being like it's like the looking past the looking glass and political or sociological problem but we. But see but I so I want my particular joy get back at every time you think if you don't do good job here. Right I never thought it was a bad spot and guys and I'm thinking like you know like I think myself that and I did that John did that this could be the morning where I'm never back again so but when I first demo orbit meting mergers definitely. It's it was just Jerry donors lets not loose atmosphere anyway it's details he'll do an it's my island apps but I heard a lot that her well. It's not fair but this is happening because of Reimer bin not your fault you gain so much for. Pakistan some extent. But it's a poignancy agency show now. Against so that that dot com the loan was me not thinking just the speed the contrary and possible but there's no upside relic that's a result not funny. I was gonna have to try to take away those wages does note I don't think no upside no it's gonna be like yeah I you know. Three years. Old girl. Like no it's what is it exactly the ways Hoyer and Eric interest bitch there's nothing is nothing personal actor around. Secondly its not there's no note attached which is stupid in I was the same spot. Much older and a different spot professionally but I was trying to be OK let's let's say something else and say it's it's right so but does my issue out so I'm on the you guys like diapers came on it was right before the election Hillary trump just come out publicly slate like every time McCain and the first few months I shall I guess there was a lot of geez there's always juicy Ameen Gerry were fighting which about trump everyday so. I always felt like. I had to take it and you'd never told me this just in my mind might opt to take it to the next level and especially it start off with a glitzy sports. UD PT two the first. Typically I'm not I didn't shine during so my opening always ways headlines and there is headlines is politics. I would think in my mind this house to you by chance to make a mark on the show it's right so let's not just disagree with cherry creek you know let's not just say. I think it Jane Fonda. Was fine going to Vietnam to protest the war. Finding with the vehicle I take it to the next level and say you know I have no problem with her posing for pictures are a lot issued for the right. And let's let's let's take it to the nth degree it's always go further than. Needs and I and I and I I was and I applaud that's a great instinct to some extent but you know you gotta be smarter Emilia Smart and can be honest that's like when your honesty behind it must it's really. Generally Europe. Right. Thing to just amplify it team on. But you know and separate thing was the same thing again how can dispute contrary council was gonna work what's what are what's that what's the roadmap. I would love to a migrant communities you know these blogs are fine. Job. I mean pirate map is I mean ideally we would published this when there. Its surface and maybe to an hour to you guys take my beating management system dreams and and then again reintroduce and doing nights weekends friends' habits are best friends are TV no TV bites and sent a little problem in. No real but what nobody think would happen it puts I was on this Saturday and I've said I've what I've suggested it to management. You should put them on in nature of school no but he's going to be affected nobody business wise it's all good. Them on easing at the (%expletive) kicked out of them that's fine and next time you get a shaky value. You know and to 110 ten next time will be enough and they by nature is not ours you and maybe keep maybe they say well now with three merit our callers were social that's what people now. With me. Again I can't answer it's like if you if you look at it it's like replays illegible than you did but they're also looking past the need. Two or three sure it's two or three had to I think it goes from. From the patriots multi focal I'm I'm I'm not involved in this congress I don't but when you. The patriots would care I don't I don't epic but but but until they say they don't. What you just said. They sent what they said he Super Bowl verses but listening conversation lead maybe I don't negotiating contracts and it's hard to believe they say this guy he did weekends and nights I don't I don't bouncing out I agree bouncing I don't know. So my guess is my guess is that they had that. We knew for sure at the shore breeze come back next year. And you know in every school I've the temperature back on our. I would say it helps them on the weekends for couples you know and do weakens and it should keep them watch big deal people tweet. Building at noon local way well the Twitter thing it's really like three dozen people four dozen people I mean what you're providing the first. I mean who grabbing conversation I don't you know I don't either I mean but it's a meaningless like boosted the average. Someone who was in forty year old Tyler 20/20 five minutes. And that's it and listen on their drive that is 95%. Of our on of people hate. Just maturity and she's which it caught me I like. People. All apple I think that was the differences. People hate me but grocery list and should be like ET as you heard we are better out they can turn in and actresses did what you're just it's presented. Showed little emotion on the day for four hours of people know why can't you reposition. Some eight. And that's why I like and acts you know what I should be like remember that it was shock like. A few months ago and like Angela never called in instead go to doctor in the preakness you know what that's like into an average should should this likeness on you hear about what illicit side this like should be something to again keep going back to you would like it's to get back. It's not like. I was on a lot in getting on more and more. Up until this happens a clearly management felt like her to programming felt like I got it something cutie is likely show is Alex Roemer 2.0. Going to be reckless. I would have done Colin stuff and all that's different what it means necklace. Is eBay's new. Is he missing guys beat I think he's thinking on the year. Should see this go in the should go here we are where we were tactful. We're attacked the current. Kirk I mean I. Guess I will. What what I did a lot of the stuff especially the politics up please it's ironic comment on the ice sheets of paper but a lot of list as line off. What can I say fully amplifies Mort yes I will sit back and say. Before I say that's pretty polarizing hate about the bush spam here whomever we're discussing. How displays this what's the risk reward here so they're there will be more how is who is more supportive during your darkest time your. You lot. So it was more support. What CU are more involved in the aid operations of the states that's true Jerry's kind of retired what's it goes home to his lovely family yes it's there's at least some very nice uplifting texts heated with a couple got married currently taxed say in their body will be a real actors all go to there's this you got it and you you've been a good year to bounce off the rallies you know his cubic it was disappointing Jeter process. What you mean well who did you like people near yours way to talk forever. Well. I didn't hear from people from stage. Via you've reached out to know we're way host Glenn reached. And it reached. Dale. I'm going to judge I emailed the Al house. Race. I was reading my heart. Again anything in this building and as I got I got morning after the Comcast came to apologize Uga tipped off and you lap atomic. Tipped her off the nose come and really really. But no would disappoint you look what it's like I'm friendly with a lot of psychological move Ellis. You balance while that's a whole different cities that is. While that was handled very early going and I'd. While on my end here nine well. I don't know like he did first of the Comcast. In. The group. And we need only remember which one was this when I did Tony Robbins. Yes and and promoter show he talked to a Felder and usually information have you got for it was a freaking story as a matter you know you new century when every action new century. You've US sick you know you build. Yes but that was played in I played her and I for whatever reason didn't think that it it's just on with this I was like oh my god but world collapsing and being so it's just you call it would caller I was legitimately upset there was not a death. I know when I was on the whole week encouraged equipment. If if persons. It's nice and two you have like. It's been. Witnessed it does make you feel worse. Said. Ammonium absolutely well I mean if we're reporting on life lessons you need it we done every program electric Imus off of according honest and that is apples fall far from the tree. It's not remember this is part on estimates that he's been trying to punch receipts. It's it's not the keep the fruits not with us spectators outside offices I would do. It might show up but that's meaningless in the Brady thing was obviously. You can say I will about the Curtis is its really hard. So despicable and not think it was. I go to an obsolete now we're talking for the but my thinking is it really taught me boy Curtis yeah. A one year. I at a different mindset now that. Now I mean that was like the kind of fight like in the role here he did speak cries wolf I watched tin. The big number was like arms it's hard doing as I don't want you would have hated it. Jerry glad my side during all of it wouldn't totally Laker head does nobody feels like an injury late. Personally I was like you know ultimately how could you usually really grew out to be like you know we have nine people going as you. Right so and thinks about is the that was not a time to show too is that flight. And the big. We're lucky couple weeks ago we go OC job builds personal Mort album you felt the second. But millions we talk a builds all the time we love them Dana with a bill we go all the people there. And get ready for the summer with Tom and I use Tommy bahama vineyard vines was impose my clothes I walk in there stuff I like a picket. They LB also by our precepts I can be disaster on my own. Millions is the store for men very casual if you want that each one will pick a million bucks for the suit the tuxedo he can do that as well we don't. In 2008 you look around the office right now no these are worse who around here. You know where somebody look at your sweater. From talk about how many of the vineyard buying short on you can you can you'd come full page get the shoes you wanted goes you can look great during the day and night a great golf. Go on your summer vacations but also take care very injury and by the way be so you were nice suit. Or go to a wedding for touch heal builds we'll take care of that for you as well the prices are great the closure rate was a poorly for meat they are comfortable as can be. And I know when I going to be going to help me look good. And a great price Milton is the store for man we are so happy for sponsor per gallon and nothing about me. Social applause in Braintree in chestnut hills protesting a once again builds the store from it. What is your thought on the current status of the current account and show obviously we had our down time I think we've we've recovered. I was. Listen every morning line Cherilus and every yeah so that every morning it was an abstinence they haven't painted its economy mentioned too mossy gone he has trending on them Beltran Gary got a lovely to these gangs and now well it's funny you just never had like the casting couch the way you envisioned. Knew he'd never get it every minute right like when I first came on to mossy was banned tang it was in last summer I was in rate and an and the follow. Maybe for a couple weeks this fall we never had whenever that training to mossy. Gary. Mean my. You my five days after things never happen right now we currently have might have to show a draw looks like it before. But he's he's he's good account like he's definitely we. Yeah which we love you have the same department as its interest say that it sees there it goes into it yet degree yet so you're right we never quite. You have to I mean would you all you're in the wrong. The Tomas ones I mean you can't really blame you for an eager to mossy guy I'm here to call it's I understand that but it. Knowing me if you do I think you must understand my side of LE a model in that meeting too and you get a month that's I had to talk. Acts they know we need to hear from them about it turned out to its attacker. What they were which really that's fine. One read it doesn't airing of grievances that's like you just move my chair over condemn excessive let's let's just do which is what Tomas he was due at Seattle think he was directly attack ads of course as it was more of a conversation about this why not this is the state what he was and the problem the habit he's part of Art Shell. But his at Dallas like an airing of grievances like Jason is in this precarious situation now semi honest. His life now is occasion usually dale and as we can to try him mark and a sign that Texans you want to view and show with. Was that. A trio we do want some the kid who does show with our Tom Giles as of this is this is reversed they'll. I would I would take that Al needed a week that after it is changed it is and I do because Tom's I am get back out that he. But the rest of station Bernanke. To be honest I listened to what I have to do to do my job but I can't listen. It's weakens it hurts it is me as it sounds like cornea and if you are an accordion Tamil but it just it just makes me angry. So why a lot of yourself. Myself and just angry and I'm not back out there have been disappointed before the public as to be disappointed Bradford. And Robert alt and Bradley Cramer you Mickelson tactful missed a tactful never rob has been rob has been an unbelievable. Throw in what I was Fazio view is to port eighty here and opposed the very supporters and allies we could've been hard on Meehan it would release and what that people kind of the most is the website people ordered all get where he gets a driver every one. And there's no but I mean rob those like you chicken feed patriots in this and now yelled no no and you know what and that's. I've written a lot but the pages sassy you know those people organ Amy regardless undisputed would stay I've not changed my patients focus we have on the station website which countries both sides UN to mossy which I think at the same which is a good point game publishers of the readers really like you. Rehire like whoever the in like I was a homer page again Roche to write them and it's the same note ever end and you know that article still do well the patriots stuff hasn't suffered a total of Michael beat them outlets media as we discussed the immediate staff and how about Kirk make eminent retirement. I get second irregular dollars now it is possible Don. Take. Moved to write it in a lot of work yet listening and writing it to the better part of the week and that's sixers great piece missing a media stuff does well. Which would be drug here on yet what you should be the full time media critic. I would my resume pitch to about routes I meet step back and what does the future of wants to know everyone's I was asked me subjected to a spike now. Trying to put some episodes together. I came in their museum of what has a lot going on right now. Lot going on with what has been changed management change and Anderson that duplicates for now on Tuesday we got about an actor would Harry's been traveling a lot has been doing a lot of events but we've been trying to get an episode of that's isn't it covers. We would try cats with put it. I'm not telling me what we did one a couple of weeks ago he was too busy for it okay what's next I don't know. The bank of a good gassed and I don't feel like I'm like at Buick it's weird to me too much podcast and not on the air and roll it feels like this year like alternate you have your chance did to talk. Talk about what the annual talk about now. No one's put strict construction instant answer one no it's restricted when Lleyton isn't a lot law. Feel feel BO real. I mean knowing is knowing said when I can't intense but it's just been finding like they're right. Says there what do you miss most about the curtain challenge. By the Jews that's it that you love being in the middle of an 11 July Cilic today airlines last couple days. We dissect you love the last couple I would love it that's season according they're as good as mine at a tree you know it's you guys did a lot of college stuff that was a Gannett piggy back on not happening kicking myself a little bit admin than some might own research read some light becomes myself was some reason not something. Perfectly capable of doing too yeah I loved all that's above being honest I've always loved being in the center and this one I've wanted to do you fear. Going to San lines like remember he's going to be okay that's my prediction three months ago two months ago even six weeks ago listen you know. Actually feel. Again it depends you wondered to nods and I think you're backing us I know I don't know I don't know if it's going to be where the station as you know we cam on the shore breeze I I doubt I have no idea and I'd be business decision now right obviously would like but now and you lose and it's just it's totally sucks for us through weight I would say evenly. Two months ago part music we just campus (%expletive) anymore after the the veteran stuff which I integrated. That more it was a stationed in Miami you have an opinion it's time we disagree that's part of the job we saved yet it's back. But I was like it's going to be tough it's going to be tough I mean even in the air as he's never heard that actually feel different and two things I Wilson is the longest. Suspensions and his tires in your WBI is your radio media but still it's this which one would you more stuff for free. YX and this my opportunity I've always wanted to do this and I and that's the thing again no doubt signing their jobs the past few months I'm committed to making things work you've done you're looking at a jobs. I'm committed outside the mark just. I'm committed to gamers a DMZ. And the what it would do for teams being directly hiding as paparazzi. Passes and LEX it's not really what I wanna do but again that's what's been just so. Hired to panic spike like about a Philly and once a loud guy an exodus priest. And stations like never discount lending we said earlier right. Is the you're really gunnery you know but I mean look at NC it was a dollar tennis that there could be down. Shore and that and that and honestly it may mean business but this business outs nobody looks to three weeks they look at tomorrow. But I but the way I viewed like I was brought back here and he paid my full salary. So Oz I feel like I was brought back for a reason because they felt there was some sort of I you to need does not yielded society. So I was brought back it was an asset before. With Steve I can do it again and you don't know until you try. Don't know if you don't know and I'm with you about that that's that's just my stamp and me and wishing out of more and better argument but I think it just comes onto you and good at this job so I can do to stop after an in house you know to go outside. That's somebody do oddities hosting openings that we have now so. Let's let's do it. It's time. Okay I'm with you are in the LC one asked me before we go. A rare opportunity is rare opportunity harried I'm fine with this kind of shows we word we had some down in February. Is it says I think on the year. Fort Myers 1 Monday morning segment. Jerry's voice for shot analysts the training was that Friday before notably the Red Sox won us and for Mars we won in form as we felt like we had. All the restriction of the world put Imus went to break it 61 year governor attorney Jerry in his arm were (%expletive) and abdominal Purdue showed him. We've managed to in the last couple of months figured. Well I think see I haven't sensed it too much recently he has this call and stuff but I've sensed this Kurt Jerry tension. Am not sure as fully. What the but here's the difference and I think you're right here's the differences. Like. John and nine Jerry had real tension we get. Your and I get off a lot here or we have we do you have like today. Relic came in Jerry's the instant reactions we have to baseballs and my reaction is why most inching in right now as we found out the cold stuff. And you know he's not in Buick he can be he can make fun of them Jerry's past interview and Jerry Steele is or want to do. More sports well and I also think Jerry is much more issue base and you mean you to be honest panic are tired of the Yemen right now does nothing really but cherry would do trampled in every day right ties to military I had to focus for the first times in national. Like I think it's sort of the same thing is sure about I mean it's like okay he's down again he's dummies and tweets on the dumb. Live every tweets can happen in a nuclear war next like it's sort of the isn't the net insanely crazy thing but you that you like like them at drier cemetery mentions a million times you liked doing that kind that show and daily didn't huge number Jerry has no interest in not Jerry like did you issues and I think you really see it like over the summer Writely and it's Jerry with efforts to tell you based. Year and it's more and I think also now you guys seem to move past despite. When he first came down on the group and it's be careful here as in the park went shooting and it Jerry talking shows via. Right Jerry's going off on David Hogg and it's right before we saw you dead Betsy but I think like. You don't want to do taxes and sports you you do not only answered your view is I can't go here. Which some of the social political stuff and let's make it more. So with a stick around a little fine arts experts do an hour and not produce sprite I don't think Jerry likes doing well bogeys I just don't think right now I don't think he's not not he's in table which is not always mine works right and I don't wanna sit there I really have no interest. Today in doing four hours on the in Toronto because I don't where not to says it was an argument. You know guns are okay great or whatever you know some guy terrorism it's not terribly you know I don't. What's observable what's off this stage when something is wholly new and different. Like you know Jerry blow was critical David thought I was and I and we went so I mean but you're right I do think. If there's two different. Philosophical strong there's two different ways. We look at the live in Alaska which actually two of us have done shows specials we've done together. It coincides it was sort of clicked in my pig that. Holland TV show stuff which I mean that's sort of set this is so easy because it's so I mean we there's such a vacuum for media criticism media incredible stuff is crowded it's always gotten their regional people always say. You know I'll Alexy exactly Kurt you talk about the media eat I. I can realization housing college as rank her website that no one ever read. And I was like the only articles I ever write that collects ninety meets outside on a solid year so I was like so why don't I try to make that a little more magnets. All I the other thing is so you know I've gotten more toward reaction to the skull in the last few days and anything honestly anything I've ever ever. During the show a look now goes to be in you know one of every three or four like you know that that the pros in the playoffs and concordia and I understand that and I watch the games like last night watch the game. Today I have much more my mind about only do about the Bruins game last thing I'm looking forward in seventh or actors on the interest again it's not as I did you lie a little bit of hockey and when he watched like a lot of Bruins are you seasonally sandy Eric I watched drew and all of the Bruins whenever I've never side of the Bruins on the air that I could probably should never said. Al of hockey player are hot now Grail thing in the world there's other better in the game seven it says that thanks I watched Amar I'm looking you. I would not like I watched every minute every Bruins game this year pre season regular season and post debate and the embassy shift a shift by shift. Now back Edwards any Berkeley on national it's I watch every Red Sox game orchard Celtics game. Everything and action watch you be surprised or watch three or four different regional games a year and a nighttime last two or three different TVs don't know how much do you think. You think come. To McAllen emitting and things can turn. And I think you guys are egg roll now at the Cullen stuff there's a little bit of I don't mean guys work you guys are asking what's the extra spice up. There's also a difference is short that I think. Come out more when there excellent when it's slowed our true in the guys don't have. A topic to real beauty of Jerry's like I think these countries like you know knock him he is going to be amok when this after wiley says. As he says he's here to manage right and if and if I don't like it to his credit he doesn't like he doesn't shall I don't like it a decision today drought in itself between mrs. The time and keep its bats I did I did hear that segments and I've I'm I think is our listeners now over the last operation conditions here are some kind of showing that don't hear that showed thinking well this the kind of show they make fun sort of we don't. I mean a great point about you know and we titans before I think there's access of your show is that you don't necessarily need a local teams to be doing really well firing on all cylinders to generate. Captivating content you're not reliant on which used to be deal or sports rated right like you're only as good teams story we know we knew there was a two tours in Iraq is restore its infancy. In my view this as a listener like before I came on here as a huge span of years ago I loved the meanest of the internals leasing costs for everyone it's like not be able don't want people got as a listeners what I was most interested end. So when you go on the air I'm always like well this and do them more interest in talking. W we'll be back on record Cali showed 2008 eastern. Yes Michelle yes it's so I think once it is it's all about just getting mean let's go back in his heart that. You think very hard as a heart. That's part thanks so what you think it's honestly. Because we Isabel already total alive stance I don't now I've not a lot of I don't know. I mean it's. Strange jacket to I would say that would right disease control. Think. Depend to what people are gonna say but what do you think that the mindset is to keep me off like he's just make you might say something crazy like the first time on waivers assurances that win when their off seasons people different places and then on top the top. Say yes. Yes and the serious real yes. I would say yes yes yes yes great wrestling podcast are as good right he you know I I can get needed keys to my old wrestling podcast no holds barred. He could take over he could be taught him at CM punk he's very excited always got royally what's ago Newsweek fortune so your radius and ago. I would not too. Knowing you're not you would and that's a big controversy no we've addressed this thing in the women out stands. Now Agassi who's in my life now I know more arrests. I am predicting yes wolf I would be in here yourself on this. A record talent show Thursday and Friday and could prompt some that can be played this week yes Yale have definitely to a slower time I was there dreamers and stuff. Because of the and a well off Thursday I had Friday so I think it will be. Okay if you re in front form. Sticking with my heart on my head out up and art itself. I.