Erik Boland, Yankees beat writer for NewsDay, joins Rob and Evan at Fenway and does anyone actually know who Evan Drellich is? -- 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Rob and Evan are joined by Erik Boland from Newsday to talk some Yankees and Red Sox baseball. He also discusses some intimate stories on Evan. Plus, we hear from the people on the street who have absolutely no clue who Evan Drellich is. 


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I would back. Robert Arthur Bradford and others. I never did a good job today and I told listed. What oh haven't been harder and Gillick and carried on build and exposing the elected this art talk about the stars. Coach is real. It's raw anyway I'm happy that we had some money I did Erik Cole as a mentor. Newsday I'm like so yankees while America. Guys this is really those kind of emotional well what's gonna get real emotional sector is our man micro now when now on this re in we had a assignment for him. We took a picture on my phone of every drought like. And in my view on the Mike literal quick. I don't know for acute Garnett talks if it's worked or are perfect. And bite you when the street you you basically had a photo of Batman you say watt. You know this guys perfect. So this these other responses we we got to find out if people know who averaged relic it is. So whenever that outside Fenway Park bench you know what is this. This is missing cuts. I'm really joy casino outside Fenway Park. Jump to noses and the way. But I did hold on. You know it I'm really jelly fish stayed up outside Fenway Park Jodi notices now. She says no idea. That the policeman reaffirm map. I don't know machine in which it lifts and push it lit outside at 1 o'clock shaped you know this menace. No I didn't hit it hit it lets you nose let us know what Vietnam. I think yes. Outside VI WEEI studios outside Fenway Park where would Stephens. And Stephen junior. Did you first Stephen junior did you notice that is. Now. Stephen junior does not seem to care. Fits into that. Loan is having to rally. That was you know. Daddy's on the radio right now. Outside Fenway Park once again when we went back to my. And honest and scary so awesome they shut you up picture this I think it's a mental note is that. You know. Now. I accelerated its rally to do this I don't know Kevin. But in my pocket and here it. Again I didn't we don't know I got Solomon asked you know this stunningly handsome man is. You know again that's yes give me that's got. From the studio. It. He indeed it's an invalid and that you know attack they dropped record. Yeah. You know like I mean yeah. Awesome awesome thing you know Robert. Right here outside our beautiful W yak studios at Fenway Park I'm here with Jim in two mile. So Jim and Nash first Jim you know this gonna have to menace. Effective tomorrow. While. The minutes say it is not dead in their aero glass kidnapped in accuses. Did you guessed it your best guess I'll. We see it again again my glasses on so. That's yes. Like denim room. Jennifer Meredith Saldana right Beckett. That's it. Good job might get jobs on the line like now you use added you'd you'd due to fraudulent studies and we handsome. Right. Electrical problems eight dude you build a mosque socket error now. So what what's your feeling on the seven. I can't play third base very well so we had one person to recognize the right. One person recognize them one person parties and relic and you know odd timber arrow one person thought he was riveting today that personal yes maybe we'll. At that Lee's voice so low or on the Yankees. A it is the pitching that slice of that they go out. Thank you wrote about Israel in this segment to go do your job might appreciate the baseball. It's important we have to get definition of the show if you're going to be on going forward we have to understand what we're working way. This. Tax that's okay Eric welcome I'm sorry to fit through that I. I was actually I'm. Yeah started so well in the first guys but he recognized he had all these years ago and here and this went all downhill from. And I I guarantee there. Haven't thought there was going to be more people. I don't wanna be part of this. If I have nothing to do it. You're here for white otter from fluid for the benefit show that one may be one of the TV evidently is a feeling media. Apparently somebody thinks they've watched you on to be. Overlooked is probably true we have a window here. Eric what's going over the Yankees that's what it was a restore money into the game we have to set the tone for the pregame show for the broadcast the big day of baseball. Weeks out through yesterday. What's your what's your feeling with the Yankees I gonna be awesome view I had this written right I had the post game being written about. This was the dagger Chris veiled digs the dagger and a little bit into the Yankees a little bit more. They've been haven't been good since what middle of June. They peak on June 12 or fifteen games or they I think they were like 30 over the Red Sox were 44. Yet so they haven't been good. And then if they lose yesterday after the terrible Lothian tonight. That's the feeling that you get here come the raise their go the Yankees but now we're talking about a different stores right. And it's amazing over the course of 62 games how many different narratives are presented by all of us that work at some point call for Eric dom because that is below the the Yankees have lost yesterday they weren't on our work done by nobody we're feeling good about the so do you think at some point a bad stretch becomes a year yes it's oh you know if they had lost yesterday polity that now round and then things transpire. Do. Then they've lost one point seven games there at the very start. Pretty tough eleven game for a few games today in the note opted three games in Minnesota Minnesota's still you know there there hovering above 500 a couple of games beat the street in four games in Seattle Seattle's street scenes and you guys notes and every one out there so you know you're you're looking edit challenging trip in advance of the tree dead line. You know if yesterday's 127. Laws and if you look you know if they go. The re an eight on the trip for 47 on the trip. Talking partners. Are authorized outlined a circular. It is certainly what it would have been a devastating season ending stocks. Lost. Now on him make those nations but you know all of the guys about afterwards said boy in our our sense of relief. An ex patient after. The ball before reverend talks the debt that you tired of the trade deadline. So I and other executives told another GM told me say he thought the Yankees were going to. Basically if the if the rest of the price is right fine but the nor can we go on their way to make the big splash because they have already exceeded expectations this is. This is better than they thought it would be it if it continues that way. Great maybe can add here and did you agree that yeah I mean and Brian Cashman. Their managers basically set on the record. Were not mortgaging. You know what we believe to the future it can rise to sound a lot better pricing of dinosaurs known black suit by super secret source a biscuit and it's it's. You know Cashman said since last. Trade deadline when they'd they sold out and Miller and Chapman Beltran and lesser degree on nova. Dad you know look were were were really focusing on 2018. And be on animals and 217 news is good fine but the real ideas to stock the farm system which is good you know high level prospects as possible. And you know let the young kids get their feet wide and then trying to you know. Reinvent terror reproduce the court were so successful them in the in the late nineties early 2000. They are not gonna change that direction. In the last something unless it comes from above Cashman. You don't they're holding out is another words if you know and in cash insanity that it can and it was a pitcher that they were interest. But look at the hall that they got from the cubs the Yankees were not willing to part with that level prospect package. In order and it died it certainly could help team this year and next year too but catchment for now once the hole on Guzman in the top prize taxes possible so. I think at the trade deadline for the Yankees it's going to be minor surgery more than any enemies perceive it. But that a cable is this team playing over head is that look at the offense in its second only to the Astros that you look at Severino. Would it be. Would they actually people should go out and make a move any you're not. The Yankees of all teams have been in position to contend. Most every year but. Would catch me passing up an opportunity shouldn't be I think while we're close but not enough. I don't isn't there room for pushing a little bit. Well I I think that you know when when the Red Sox acquired personal Cashman and his comment that took off like wildfire. On the Red Sox the Golden State and our members after in the winter meetings and now we are talking to him in that same interview session. And was asked about you guys consider. Trying to put that kind of packed together he said you know the Red Sox are going all they believe that one player world title we hopefully were at that point. And they still don't look at themselves has been one player one pitcher one reliever whatever way like the cubs were last year did that and they gave up laboratories won top fixes work for Japanese they felt. Chapman puts us over the top. You know dame to browse he fell sale puts us over the top. Cashman doesn't see his roster is our you know I was content war. TI I feel like you almost as though what do you like fix up your Severino you put Quintana in there that this group. Yeah he's done for the year that. Earned but it has not been good as a man medial. At. Three errors that night but he for the most part has not been good Jordan Montgomery's. He rookie pitchers. When it starts but he's been very good payments can be. Yeah nickname in. 111 do you read it on. Can be. It's strange named Mike Elgin was sport. Was it. Still people coming in. That's what. We've we've learned a lot about these scars that have star have an average relic winners will be in unit sales. If you speak to you she took with cash and I do like I think it all year. At the end today. There's more bad pitching. It. Good hitters and the Yankees did it I just don't think pitching staff can be fixed it well or made completely poll. One. You still want question marks in terms of guys hold out long course the holes. Ago. And so if you you know 234 top prospects in exchange for one guy. You know it. If he makes you fight games that are wild card spot was worth it. Think that they determined that case but how else primary for the managing general partner owners. You know what's important here and you know maybe the Yankees will shock you but that's not. Are we that we work. Up against a little bit and he was your best Everett Ehrlich story. When he intern for a sudden Tuesday showed up at Yankee Stadium one day in the middle you see your mean. July heat. You know little but it junior executive. The little white shirt and tie on. Just looked him right. Might in the first time we worked together close to you for your 2009 with nine great. And you reduce yourself and it was a mean Q what. Yet he needed and I'm not aware of and then. Proceeded to show me on lower part of it is neck and cruising. It would be indicative. In the evening. Really. Not a woman of the night with one big. Notice I assume was had a girlfriend are you today and head and a little getaway and and so that that was the biggest back in the culture. Really what time you like the Mickey's and a no I didn't that's why I work culture tie it was not a professional but walked in there with a poll sure that the control. He did that devalue him in the office I mean this is an intern or to hide it well beat nobody in the office. Side tonight I talk to people. We did five years. Is Warren Ohio yesterday go. Not like they're ego that's where I really do not like you that's reverend gonna end up after the show. Are Eric thanks so much for joining anchor TTV Eric and good mentor. Mike Mike ravel awesome job mean you've been out of something for the show which I think you know I added almost as much as I think actually as much as amended. And welcome to the show. The Robert Radford Farnsworth never drought you know I'm self involved there we go we know I need I need. Not over to job all the people out there Fenway Park have a great day today get ready Red Sox radio. Network pregame show coming up right now our. I never thought that at that time. Dead dog. Could stand. On to me this looks like I never thought because. It outside that wedlock once again when you went back to on this end city so. Thomas and show you a picture at this site hits a mansion notices. And I do not. Safety notices. And now that I so ladies and it's no less. At a rally now.