ESPN's Jeff Goodman on the NBA Finals and Lavar and Lonzo Ball

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Friday, June 9th
We check in with ESPN's Jeff Goodman for a look at what may be the final game fo the NBA Finals and also a bizarre interview he had with Lonzo and Lavar Ball.

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Our number two gala Hollywood heat Sports Radio WEEI. He covers basketball at every level. But he's also known as the ESPN basketball insider you can follow him on Twitter as I do at Goodman ESPN's. We bus spoken to him earlier in the playoffs Jeff Goodman joins us right now hey Jeff aria. I'm from well alum after the amount way to get back to Boston from outlook saying you're a senator can be beautiful this weekend so up final. What it is that we did did not let the better did you win that they did you say the cavs are gonna. No did you get earnestly. Obviously Jeff Brown what you say what what was the bet on and remember now. I think he actually in the missile which we're gonna win this year what you were drinking. It was a lot of. Did you say they won't win a game did you just did you send. It you're all the wager I think if we replace that fact I think the wager was that. I could be wrong but that you thought that is Celtics were you know win the series that I would I would do anything other than get me keep everywhere all. As there is if I lost. OK so you want clarified things that he has finally get it if you were a betting man and and I'm not asking you to make a bet. Does the NBA finals series extend past tonight. Or you're not been so law on this one I don't know I mean like. Dot Cleveland hat back the other immunity what went on final meters well. With the cap. And then obviously key states. I would. Yeah I mean. I'm gonna give it I'm gonna say they expect to walk or. One more game I asked you about before we get to the that the NBA finals so far hurt your extend that conversation. We talk to you last time you said no question mark helpful to number one pick in the draft that's a guy the Celtics should go where. As your opinion changed and has your top three changed since we've had some distance and T and our players are worked out individually retains. No I mean not that would be good but again a little bit currency used to sport for so all but nothing worked out or you will work out Israeli changed. You know from what I was thoughtful student shoot the ball exceptionally well at his workshop ought since. But they know he can keep the ball so each one work out it's a lot Arnaud deal you know I was thereafter that work out and about LA. A lot of balls worked out here that are down people are at odds. Yes to that for awhile and you know built. So I still cute cute people on launch a ball that you epic match or should never bond log or ball and an Arctic three yen struggle a little bit of other tricky choice for prime quiet on the sixers do they go to Jack you're you're you're 80. It'll be one of those who lives. You mentioned your sit down with a Lavar ball he said the Lotta stuff as we all know anything in their surprise you. Oh my god we don't know about. It all. Well all faults yeah I've noticed for years that light go. But you know there were times when when during the interview is a little bit are comfortable talking about you're here to talk about as white who had a stroke back in late February. Just came all of about two weeks ago. You know things light. You know even even talking about our medical people out there are suggestions out there or EE basic economic bill ought way. And it sounds like it's it's kind of outlaw you know. They try to get her back on her feet completely to try to get her worst you can talk and he's he's doing his way we're accuse. Admirable. But you know again he's ways is always a little grief you'd be a little bit York area. You know you spoke about how he. We discipline is key agent. How he spank each war honorable. You know what they did something. Egregious sin and that was it after that they lower. And a lot of people are gonna overreact to it. But the video certainly can tell it is I've read read out minute job. Earlier today our sports center which is just unheard of featured will all all right now a lightning rod. We did everything he says how easy it. We'd always delusional he told you he would beat Jordan thirteen to two in and the only reason that Jordan would get to is because he's Jordan's. And yet like Lavar feel sorry for him. But the whole idea of Lee Angelo who I think you're the one who told us you help. Bynum played 25 minutes forget about ever and 25 points like Lavar thanks and Lamar says he's a one and done whether res good or bad. I don't want them to draft him at these bad because then I'm gonna take him as a free agents of the lakers sent words he's gonna tell the lakers inside my my other kid to. And that straight hitter pride immediately. I'm an advocate you're playing with a lot so he's not do it out we can't shoot the ball. But but it committees not an NBA player Alexi is significantly better. A year so you know he hit some pain in Arabic. But the symptoms are in error or or didn't make pray we're talking about lakers you know overall package ever liked he said. You know law does like magic in it. He'll bring people through different level magic didn't have a lot of talent around him. How a team toward the yearning. You know he can't killed in toward your little bit not about to compost pretty damn good you know maybe one of the best defenders of this savage who used to you could shoot the ball. And that kill Kurt Rambis and I'm thinking to myself that YouTube and like. This is your organization. Yours so you want is does. It thwart. And these huge are all around like you got your target salt pork but he just helped themselves some outs. Aren't so you watched the back to the NBA here you watch the playoffs that Celtics cavaliers not competitive really and in five games they won a game but. They were down twenty and that one. And now you're watching warriors in cavaliers. How far do you think are the Celtics are away from champion can championship contention and what would you do to get there in in the fastest way. I think about that every time you want Golden State they're legal or right the first couple games you take you so much got it goes in it's much better he. And Cleveland has this much bird Celtics. Comedy god the way or the Celtics it in the church and they're all. They are out so at least or wait for ten or another eking NBA title so. That's where you have to look if you're Gainey to figure out how do you get how do you get back in eastern Tom ought. In their done. How do you close the gap. And at least you can you're hoping competitive or NBA title whether it's three or five years you're not going to be a year to a lecture attic. You Gordon Hayward mark Phelps holds an abolish all. And as I've said on the air oh you guys I don't think Isiah Thomas should be your number one or you can remember you got. Or perky and accumulated at VH. Is there anything realistic. That either the cavaliers or the spurs may be another team but likely goes to. Can do next year to close the gap with the warriors are some of the warriors all stay together they're all healthy. Is there any thing realistic that another team can do where we would have been really competitive either conference finals or finals. I don't think. (%expletive) until the I don't know what they do it is you know maybe trademark consultant to try something else here but. You know collided and you know he's got eating got her own barker and you know obviously well he's back for. Our Cleveland China is what they all right now right I mean maybe upgrade. Their bench but ultimately they're kind of hamstrung by those who read this through each contract so. I don't know how much it get better at it used said it I mean hell that's the keeper for right now or rattled state if there helped beat. It's hard to imagine anybody beating member right now. In seven games here. We're talking Jeff Goodman of ESPN. I I mentioned that Lavar ball as a bit delusional magic is too for that matter he said he showtime lakers would sweep the Golden State Warriors. If in fact Golden State wins tonight and completes the sixteen no march to a championship. They have to be considered the best team of all time. No American is an emeritus at a different ears. So I don't know I mean I think. You're certainly the Celtics teams double equity cute animal lard with which they're rules you know like I think the old. At one hell of a team where when you add Jordan picked him Rodman's you know those guys were pretty good. That this may be the best to you Robert. But what the rules are different and and I know what circuit are here guys in the old leaders say that but it's true without a check. Operates reign supreme god like Kevin Durant. Or late I'll. Accountants are all teach it with your hands are back in the day. Would step curry had been a suspect you're with JD it didn't quite as effective if you could quit and all over at what your body LO or. Yeah Edgar movement through the court. You know they keep costs were down to get to the basket certainly a lot of urban. Right another under the rules are different but if he needed to settle into one team yet the call wind and your lifetime. As the best. What team would that be. Yeah I mean it's boy against how would Joseph would use one right now but I'm but I don't feel awkward and about it. Again I just don't know they could easily lead matchup with some of those games back in the I love. Yeah I. I think they're better than Apple's Steve I do you think they're better at the goals he would Jordan at the department. The Celtics teams of old I love the pictures you're back in like 82. But it's sixers were out so loaded back and in the early eighties. The lakers certainly had it. Great teams. I don't know if it's an actor talk all the make right now because. I still think the rules changed. How are you about Huey all of easily seen in its sync it with players right I mean. You know you can put your court order today it would these rules. Did anybody up that. Nobody couldn't stop him. But think about how how they are in a suspected ties would be try to guard him now. Go back to the draft. We heard that mark L faults. Looks like he's into working out with the Sacramento Kings they have enough. Find it I'm not gonna buy that he's actually reduce the DR. Bloomberg is guy has got back to me. On that but I just can't seem yourself. IC it will likely be you worked out the lakers so organized. And then one last question for me if hypothetically Jalen brown was in this draft where do you think you would go. I don't know eight somewhere around there. You know eat ethnic somewhere that day semi destructive wait stronger to copy he would not cry it out bottled Nokia. And final question before we let you go who's been the best player in the NBA finals. Yeah I ain't close tomorrow. The rebate Arctic yeah I mean KD it's got to be ADR Ron's been terrific but you're the best are the best eaten at Acadia and clutch system are also. The iron close Edelman got a lot to say well Michael we got out about this and wanting great. Offensively I listened to the understated Markey these genes and use or rewarded him out of college its actions in rural and Easter cup in corporate argued expander. He's he's he's improved dramatically. I no. And I've I've been greeting According to Abroad averaging a triple double in the flat iPods and how about all. I've average and a triple double. And he still does. I clearly made that clear made it yet overstated it but I would go to a deal apart because again you know he he's done it. Listen Lamar put up numbers to that that a bit of a losing game. Significantly in the first two games and you can blame on misty may tell you walk by but certainly they're not playing with bold statement. Encroached on the other night at T newscast. But the bottom line was Katie showed up that he had brought out. Actor that is fair your that nothing for. Jeff have a safe trip call we appreciate you taking the time thanks very much. Take care except that is I Jeff Goodman ESPN you can follow him at Goodman. ESPN all things basketball he's he's gonna follow was the resilience in China this their flight and watched it on there we got to get it on the plank he wants it back here. Let's get on the Boston if you do get a chance to go to You know leading get into all the details of boulevard all these speakers you know we really did want to but the NBA finals as well but on some of the things. Barb all get so convoluted at times like he starts with a point about respect by his children for their mom. Eventually get need to get used to doing very well okay what John I wanna regarding these variants innards and commit a and I thought our goalie you're always gone there. I challenged particularly. That you're that wealthy based. Gestured at the scenic route the offensive. Yeah it's a trend upside down for a that will get there. It's it's it's a fascinating thing and and Jeff mentioned they they ran a half minutes haven't. On on sports center earlier today. If you go on the web site they run about a three minute piece of it you know and it's its global. And at no point did I hear Alonso say a word. OK so why it. Back to the point of the guiding genius. What else would would ESPN run. For a half minutes. He's got. ESPN giving him eight and a half minutes which is an eternity in TV time and DL you know better and anybody. Special night here try to fill it yeah. And how can he get that. We've given a pull that off me it's. All old. It's all because of his his his bold statement and his offensive statements. It's it's lucrative always. Don't know as far as the kids concerned yet if it's gonna help implement all of it's gonna hurt him drastically somewhere in the middle what we. We don't know I'd still does that so it works or what David Price still comes down to if lawns of balls are declared non. As I said he's gonna have a TV show. What are your car around them but not one and 2017. And in this calendar year here and have a TV show and Alonso will have a commercial made even with his Brothers in 2017 as well. If he does that thing where. Though his middle brother goes one on Don and and plays in the the daily is usually these guys who only played four years of college are you know borderline all American players that are good enough to to play in the NBA in the plane in the UCLA and yet he can play in the dealing. There are some guys are now. There's some guys come up from the NBA right now so like Ali. Now so I don't think that anybody can get in there applicants don't work out form. Back to the call to these guys 6177797937. Brock is in middle morrow hit rock played on. And the only definite yet. I wanted to continue discussions on if the Golden State Warriors goes sixteen you know. Because couple people on Twitter they were Utah where on the afternoon so that bishop rather. That this could be don't sixteen now would be very gracious. Sports team accomplishment of all time and I was wondering what your opinions on that if you agree with that are Eric you'd. What about that as part so I'd say it's even the number one market tuck it and sports accomplishments and that brought a load now at Syria. Take in eighty ought they are illegal. On that note nineteen and on an NF LC on government from dad. Yeah oh are. That's a different category the Olympic I'm not from the from the Olympics out of it just and stick with professional sports. I would say you have to the dolphins got a red chair. Going to joining or you don't like now if you don't win every game and it's easy to win every game of the season okay honored that aren't sure of their coach right. Like I say you gotta give LeBron credit right Keefe. Then. But now that's I think that's up there and you'd have. The 72 dolphins have the 201617. Warriors. Now there like in government it's a great on it you got it straight from the Celtics back in it and. But when you look at two and sincerity. They beat Portland. In the first round they beat the jazz in the second round up and and they beat the spurs essentially without while honored in the third round. And then it this will be impressive they sweep LeBron that is impressive that's very good they got the defending champion street as far as girls we could without you really the president I think they would be the best team. Ever I'm with you on that you've been saying that now all playoffs long if this happens it'll do what you started saying I'm not ready to go there and then he went edited that you have a better answer. He's probably think you don't solve ligament I really stack them up to this than 96 balls in the 86 Celtics. Maybe a couple of you mentioned that what the 8283 sixers yeah. Mean they were they were they were great and read them whatever very good to regular season now by today's NBA standards in 165 games at the time but. I don't know we got teams in Atlanta 73 all you want eight more games that team. Where were they where they stacked not. I wouldn't say they were stacked. There Moses. Ed doc Andrew Toney cheeks is a point guard. I Verona UN's kind of a power forward Clement Johnson those guys. Still there's probably not a value is any better for players like Tina right systems that are ever mean to MVPs in their prime. On the same team I Moses was a monster year may have an MVP of the league I think in 833. So now look. And you were saying to me the other day if if they end of it to end up being sixteen and one. Based may still be the best team ever if they lose tonight and then when you know what home in in in game five they might still be the best. I've just never seen a team. That makes you uncomfortable the entire game. Like the warriors. I I I did I've made the mistake of thinking that okay that the cavaliers should have this game with the with three minutes to play three or Foreman with the player they seem to have control of it. I've never seen it team to take control away from the opponent so quickly. You can be doing all right and then bam there's an eleven to run and again games over. Or you played pretty good defense and a guy pulls up from 27 you said a terrible shot swished. They just they are. There are. They take some shots that are I would. Audacious. I mean I got does it take a shot like that and they go. They play so freely that they play so fast. They they are excellent defensively. They're constantly movement moving they got great passers. Up and down the roster it's just. Is just a tough team to match up with Jeff and I I personally have a bias. I'm partial to teams like that has moved the put the ball around like that. It show. My under my hundred underdog and obviously I wouldn't say this the best team of all time but I really love that spurs team. They beat Miami LeBron last Miami can read that too great team. For the same reason just costs involved movement everybody. Up and down like one through ten autos guys get the ball like this quarter church. 6177797937. Text line 37937. Key for madness for a final drive and about 545 or thereabouts. We take a look back at the best. Well all right in all honesty the worst of the week. On sports to your side now I think we pretty majority you know proud that's coming up on keeper Matt this Sports Radio W media.