ESPN's John Buccigross with Dale, Holley and Keefe

Boston Bruins Hockey
Friday, June 30th

Dale and Keefe check in with our main man Bucci for a breakdown of the NHL off-season including your Boston Bruins.


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Joining us on the line right now is my buddy Jon butcher grass from ESPN boutique sorry pal we got working on other stuff and I got behind the clock there I apologize. You know hockey people are never late dale I know all and then hand and we always Wear ties to whenever lately Wear ties and stuff. Portrait on the Charlotte you've got it every afternoon but it roll around rural Connecticut according to work. I appreciate that are the Bruins gonna end up with Kevin Jack and Kirk. Well obviously defended the need they have plenty cap space. You know chart comes off the books after next year dwelt so there's more to become blocked they get the heavy meat. That they have. You know foot speed is obviously concerned back there as it is. Obviously Kevin Rudd the great power play at a high end offensive player you would be their best offense of the sense in promote. You from power play standpoint. On Dubya it's going to be a big number or whatever it is of my guess seven issue at least. So you know do they wanna go that route or they wanna continue to development stage. Armed with their whole organization they had decent stepped up and down just lacking perhaps that you start so well or to be that kind of law. Pete times started to develop their one of the young guys certainly wanna recruit first. One of these talk a lot of on the shows the gap between the warriors and everybody else in the NBA. In the NHL what is the gap you think between the penguins'. And it seems sale at the Bruins or other playoff teams in the Eastern Conference. Are the I would say that gap is. Obviously the gap is pretty big right now for the penguins birds are monument obviously Brad marsh and Patrice Bergeron are too high high end players. But in you know when you don't smoke and Crosby to start with as substitutes in the nobody can really content. Talk about senators Obama and those guys make people so much better they can cut a deal with leaders or light. In Ohio and wingers to still produce and didn't score goals. And they you know the the earth and obviously that's another area of weakness outside of marsh and Islam swingers a game that's. It's just wingers and David creature he can make better and produce points not 4050 points with a seven million dollar cap hit. So the gap that is obviously PA right now between the penguins. And the brutal C after free agency what capital look into the piece of money cap space to Larry. I'm on now that kind of worked so well for them so they're still gonna be good. For daily target of a really good three year window ago. Deal Crosby just turning thirty this August Balkan right there ten will be back next year obviously Murray got into high and goaltender probably under appreciated so. It's still pretty large right now. Or the growth in the coming. We're talking to John butcher grass from ESPN your mind you and Billy Jaffe are my go to guys when it comes to College Hockey. And it seems as though Don Sweeney's putting a lot of eggs in the in the you know young prospect basket you've got Charlie Mack boy who came up here late last year. Under is Bjork now comes in from Notre Dame. Jacob fourth Fokker Carlson is going to be expected to make a real rush to make this team. Can you can you build a franchise the way Don Sweeney is doing that's. You can they're great they're great piece electric payments such shocks. The guys who are or older. They have you know there are easy to target these go to college. There are students so certain global responsibility and intellect they could take include custom and keep. And keep moving on you know different semesters and continued on through schools voters something they haven't played fewer games are actually get stronger. And so I think they're good pieces. You that you visit superstars will be rare Michael at the one and done it be you are but in those are rare that the college guys that think you know or are really good players. Ought to try to hit because they grow all the high character. You know they can skate in my smaller. But you know when you play college you play against men because it is older than juniors just sixty in 220 get a lot of college Q 22 Qwikster year old took great way. To develop players you get guys are really good coaches in College Hockey. So. It it's just a real good way. To use as a minor league system draft put them down there scout them only that but other people's players and and so yes that it's almost like talking. You know you just had a unit got a bit and then you need them and up superstars. Are still gonna complement pop you know vital role positions most teams in the NBA NHL. It would championship. Almost always have a number one or number two or number three overall. Player on their team beat them you know teams it's rarely go. What did you think of the Joseph Orton Brent Burns body issue and then also lowered its big Joseph thorn ends up. I important go to. Stay in San Jose I think that's his preference would be like sit there. I'm you know Patrick Marleau statement about offers what the team lead or at each day there for a couple of years and cherish his career there. Or is he goes somewhere else and maybe Charles will be burst for a couple years. Yankee Stadium maybe you know or probably feel and now I think be very Butler along for situation especially the one year deal not to expense of now that he primarily plays wing. But yeah that that that body issues becoming. Almost. By the year than via Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue these days on this it's unique to the middle and also play a part of it as well but I. Yet or do great shape for his age and and the haven't burned or just great friend but I will cover the World Cup and throw us some time church are walking out of you know restaurant walking across the street the beard so I that a Bible. In a couple of group all Canadian just walking around they're just they're perfect team I'll be surprised that they would lead each other. Speaking of great shape for his age Zdeno Chara will be forty this year going in the last service contract and affordable year at four million a year. The chances the Bruins look to extend him by a year to. You can call it it is it's interstate you know. I wonder they wanna cut bait you make Bergeron captain and they've cut back a boycott the takeover. Truck slowly in a leadership role. You know still pretty good last year double B two goals you know person in a ten goals. The one on the power play not load not a lot of power play production that you know. That may continue to go down if they ought to recruit Mac O boy combo back at them Iguchi each. Also the first you'd. 129 point not terrible still you know still place in mid seventy games and admit what you come down and get older here. An interesting call. They want to split from the past economy that do. Forage what what how how does EEQ and a great leader to get a good idea in which. Our younger players on here to note to quell some other place but. You know. It's going to be tough call for persuading we want to play that I'm sure does monitored charge could be it got so much quicker but they're actually become a New York older I get the Bruins are a position where they aren't. A contender on so you know that someone might cheat chart the real. Good up play out sick. I'll miss that she really good team to put back there in the final superior or even as a 34 guy. There's no doubt about the upside for Charlie Mack avoid but I said last year and and even with Mac boy Zdeno Chara was the best defenseman the Bruins had. Yet going to be art from our board wanted to do things right away and I think it's actually harder this year and easy to go and during the playoffs. Very low expectations tons of adrenaline and energy. It is the every day. It's you know that the November game against the Blue Jackets and Columbus on Wednesday. Are going to be there at a percent focus and play that good game where adrenaline not really going to be a part of the equation. On that's going to be your saying but. Should put his first David BU I said boy your mind the a lot of Drew Doughty. He's ultra competitive. He'll make like suspension worthy penalties on occasion Christian so competitive. We'll go after people. He's absolutely fearless in the opposite event on he's going to be so much on the watch of become one of the most popular Bruins quickly. And that's what's great about the Bruins last two years because of good player but also entertaining players like Marsha and you have Lucci each. They were good and entertaining and McIlroy yeah at that and I got out at two yet. Underrated part of being and a team of players like you blog like competitor and the best on the Red Sox and if you haven't guys are good but there are also entertain. I'll have some of those very entertaining is armory jogger get a great sweep last night about all the GMs that called it an accident before pitcher with a shirt off there and had a picture of him now saying I know GMs have called them as he has a free agent here in 2017. Sadly you lost the play until he's fifty. I guess you think he can do that and where do you think he ends up playing next season. Case 45 will turn 46 next January. In between every game last year. It would be an MBA players were taken great such a treat now that you know. 45 year old played every game and at sixteen goals. You know 46 points still pretty productive I went to a game in New York Rangers game in and sat behind one of the net. What about halfway up reduce and so produced or watch human person still. It's a mark will ultimately get around the actual Smart he is keys to pass the head of every play that's like he could play. On you when beekeeper players are lines are young you kind of don't appreciate Apple's Smart they are now. Ahead in the dark and for him you know you don't realize that when he was so young winning you know scoring title to scoring title by Google. Over seven year period. And then now at what he can still play aegis it's unbelievable watcher of persons I have little doubt what play next year. On how to be the perfect step yet to play a good player to didn't Florida. But a group formed you'd unbelievable. Character. And he's like he's he's training to become the greatest like we hear an NHL history. Kind of where did you know he just unbelievable 17111. Games and 765. Goals. Jon butcher grass is the best hockey guy and ESPN. And I am not damning with faint praise because I know there's not a lot of you guys laughing but it's still the best hockey guy to ESPN. And our hockey summit is still up coming this summer John thanks for taking a few minutes. Take care at a Jon butcher Rossi SP and joining us. That the tardiness of his appearance is totally my fault we got a little behind and I apologize for that. Are right actor calls a 6177797937. Text line is 37937. We continue to talk about the patriots receiving corps and some other things on a freestyle Friday Sports Radio W media.