Evan Drellich responds to Potshotting Pete Abe, plus, what are the realistic targets for the Red Sox this offseason?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 14th

Mut is joined by Evan Drellich of NBC Sports Boston, and they get right into it. Pete Abraham took some thinly veiled shots at the work Evan and other beat writers have done in Pete's Boston Globe beat writers notebook, and Evan is less than pleased about it and lets hits thoughts on Pete be known. They also discuss the offseason market for the Red Sox and what the best options are for the team going forward, especially with the 2018 free agent class looming.


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Here's my. Talk Sports Radio W. Production quota for. For the Baltimore. What I hear that kind of thing that happened guy and I really. You know that is Evans relic of the NBC sports Fossett EC about covering the Red Sox this was not listen. This is not planned this way but. It can out of it worked out a better at least for me attic for audience as well because and I was going to be in here because Bradford is in the GM meetings Tomas is at home. And self worth it vacation. As it would you want may have as evidence have been in a while like orbit Evan like that Evan part of the at nighttime cast is the NFL season. Starts to disperse European yours say that football's not my area of expertise on several 100% correct I'm saying that. During football season I only have two full shows Monday and Thursday it's just football. Tuesday Wednesday full shows and I defer to Bradford into mossy there because. The very affordable for the company but you are on the short list people elect easily expand so you were here. I was shocked you're not in the GM at the GM meetings of thank him as he Boston brought sending you. And having worked with you listen to you I know one of your sworn arch enemies the Joseph prettier bat man but Lex Luther your Superman. Is Pete Abraham. And so I could reach created something he wrote today which I will lockyer to second. And you text me directly and say it was. That's the new PMP write something that's so he's 01 of those reporters' notebooks which who have mocked in. Big time equally as my president said here in the past. You read that and it you were so angry about what it's it was in there. You set me back let's see here did you do do do do do do do. I am bleak bleak being livid. Owings did an excellent that that's too personal. This this you all today what set off what Peter Abraham wrote a fish out of Foster. When words are so she's out partly it's like I should not be giving this guy any sort of attention don't even. Play into but he has taken very direct shots at me in the writer's notebook. And this is one wire he says or does nothing at these meetings. So. I've had it out on Twitter. A little bit behind the scenes and the message I delivered to this. Was stopped taking shots at me and or the media the other writers broadly. Or you're gonna to do with direct. This unnamed crap don't just sit there to Google pot shot and that's exactly what he did the line that gets me. Well when you read hot so clever to be mindful that is not significant went in executive meets with an agent. Yesterday that part of the Boston and well. Who works with Pete paper. Said that the Red Sox to a meeting with Carlos Santana. I follow up with that confirming that was the case and report that they are also meeting with Logan Morrison's. Agency can't tell a story yesterday people were interested in it. Repeat them today who had nothing yesterday this guy brought nothing to the table we never thought he thought that it is Diop. When I mean any real insight into anything at all never. So right people writers but the try to put me down the work that I did put his colleague his national baseball writer down at the same time. I think he has that he's gonna do this and nobody's gonna notice that in the back of it called the point. I'm up right after we parks. I ever publicly went after him until he went back to shares were up. A tournament and all I usually you say you. It lasts and how one of these grants you say it was because somebody wrote in one of these noble when I heard license and yet priced stuff so you went after publicly for that. Did did you talk to him directly about it yes so you you told him. Registered to not do it that same way anymore not just on the radio Bradford yellow robs you did it directly to him as well. Requests it and now appears BR I went after him and where he has been teaching crossed it related. He they'll what's its name Jean Karl. They want to I think I do with a four syllable Jean gave Carl I'll OK good because that's what I say to I don't like that Jon Karl yeah pass I don't. I don't think I stuck on a cart and the loser. Sorry go ahead with baseball project and look at the yet has the lab in him that I have yeah. But can goods on you so soapy. In one notebook has. Opened about how. The media's. To send you know it's too harsh talk like that yes and in five EO it's easy to take shots at the right thing that could buy into it. Then inside it taxing to open. He called Jean Carlos game so early because he was. Maybe a little unhappy at the all star game media table with dozens and dozens of people around. If so this hypocrisy I called up that hypocrisy and Twitter at the time and it wasn't the first time taken shots. Hypocrisy tonight continues. Because Pete tweets. In real you know stroke of inciting genius. That all looks like there might be going after seeing people out okay. So the thing you just be re tweet Joel Sherman of New York Post who said that the Red Sox checked in on Lucas do. It's leading somebody checking Lucas dude any different than what. Our colleague nick artist did what I did yesterday which is the Sox checked and on older horse in and Carl Stanton what they're no different Craig if you looked OK with with the feeling that. Like yet they're gonna talk to ever right well. That's obvious of course a popular popular support they're gonna talk with or they have already right but that doesn't stop. People for being interest and that information. It. No because you want I don't know their costs and adjust any if you go to TE. He made it clear that he even thinks that is an important thing. When he then supports Joel Sherman's thing that's also go to any does that this markets into the real thin skinned Abraham stop the real like honestly. Abraham stuff. He won't do it for his colleague Nick Faldo he certainly went to a for you but Joel Sherman a national guy a New York guy. He will do because that's his body back that is and hate him as far as I know he's not part of the Boston beat so clearly. Very is this feeling of insecurity of of his coverage where cathartic. Called out national right. Go to a team that doesn't work you know he's got an open every week we yes. 1209 and news and notes everything like. You know. He's just a sad figure an orthopedic I don't wanna be beaten up on the shot it. And the like after you asked the guy doesn't Burlington. I'm on earlier dish it out from my chair went over who won the producer ice agents like. Because they've gone on for so long. And it allows them with with Cain C in Florida. And they asked who do you just like in the stop taking dumb shots it is. Or owning. Man up and all the very your. Opal like you Wear big man. It's. On board comes across as holier than now comes across like I and I'm better than you guys that says hey as they do someone who doesn't know the ins and outs of the beat quite as much as you were Bradford do. Thanks following the drama from afar. From a little radio Booth at Fenway Park. It comes across in the coverage comes across as I'd better than you I'm smarter than you. On the Boston and anybody paying attention of the century right I still felt that it but it does it is just. Part of it's like why I'm letting upon it likely to my mind we can not let it bother you if you went and really directly talk wrong if you. If you. Twitter and the Charlotte Bradford and directly said after the price thing totally person and by email like that it it then you absolutely every right to be pissed. Because it if you let you Amanda we don't speak anymore and sets up this thing called the the eye contact Beason is all too well guess what I didn't know why contact Peter Abraham club too because I was I dare to. Mock him for a week on end. Because he's attacking ran a Red Sox fans on social media for being racist because god a god forbid they don't want David Price your boss it's like. Maybe at that point in time misery on the record about the pizza but it's well I went after after that. I didn't go after him for tweeting yes pick that was funny. When Pete was only three so all all of this key you. Could not clear that you were taking a shot at me. Twitter handle and they're like you're sucking up to the new manager whatever players talking to a game. If this guy we act the players. All stop at all and happy. Bookie bet all 300. Disguised talked about looking bad bowling 300. And you want to tell me I'm doing something useless because I mention what the Red Sox in the first day that teams and agents were getting together in one place we're doing a little bit what they were doing. Thing wrong with that and again I understand that again there's something obvious about this is all gonna happen but. Don't you wanna know when it's happening is that a little more interest in your big baseball anti OK you know they were to talk to mark morph it into whatever. Shall be rich and try to get pulled a Pulitzer and it bounced. Poulter. An organ I don't know I'm not confident to one forgot who knows what can happen. So what do you do from here before I get to what really knowing about Pete's story and all the Red Sox stuff. You talk to him again or is that it did not work also I sat there like Ernie sent a lot of contacts. I typed out a tweet and senate. Typed out an email brief brief you know and instantly click click you know what. I'm gonna with much later. Check the better I don't think your view on the therapeutic. He looks like his funeral the issue you look better you see fuming. If Natalie could not an epiphany but eight and again I'll say it ain't. A release when I get when that is stressed is usually well. Writing a book that I'm well behind iron and I think that's stressing me out and just in general when I've been slighted. I carry it with like you know collect it came system. I cared that would be for awhile and and I had I I would I would rent on my tail and tail yet that you can we write to both find that you say it is kind of builds up inside. Two Red Sox book it's called the big fifty's it's different. Differences on the Red Sox from subjects throughout the years and it's it's a lot of work and time. But it's should be I'm still find a way to commute here. And Monica never seen an audience. I will say that that piece of bother me you'll get Todd will get to Stanley at the Red Sox will get that that Evans take on this offseason approach so far. With you guys at 6177797937. Is again buried way at the end probably near where your stuff laws. He does the normal baseball stuff because that you know that. I've covered the Red Sox and Jackie Bradley is good defensive player and no Red Sox players need around home then here at the end this biscuits and he writes only I agree with him the Red Sox the consider that as it stands today. They are less interest thing relayed a bull and likable as a team to fans in the patriots and Celtics which right now on November 14. Evan I completely agree with. Like they are third in town right now and I'm not shore. What they can do of the Aussie that the plot themselves and number two the Celtics watch in your studio your network has them. They're hot as a pistol the ratings are up up up and they are a likable relatable team so I agree with then there's an excellent. How the Sox used social media how they handle media relations. Other players interact with fans. All the needs to be examined closely in improved from some people I'd say no big deal. From the guy who went after a ran a Red Sox fan on Twitter. And called me grand wizard in capital G capital W as a league no doubt I believe you are Ku Klux Klan member and because you dare say David Price. Would be better off of the rights are better off the David Price. That guy. Should be given lessons and I I am for short not one Arab you know glass houses and stones and I I know arrived in these last couple months like get it. But this idea that Pete Abraham is can decide that it's all going to be better in the way the interact with fans that call people racist I don't know where on social media. That's the head up a proxy eyes is that high. It's just yeah and everything he does here it's hypocritical you know. Given credit worked at the gold that he had the cajon eighth actually. Write something suggesting that the team is in a bad place that's usually something we we see from him I draw but. You know we have John Henry in front of votes right after the elks court press conference. The one who asked the guy do you think this team connects with people and Henry response was. Are you saying people don't like the team. To which I said well yeah but that's been part of coverage relating variety fifteen and announced it was kind of amazing that Henry didn't. I think he's throwing the question back at me why would you do that this narrative duty in John Latina campaign that you don't like it felt like Peter Abraham asked that question. He's not exactly to be the guy. So laid out there with the owner of the team no notion of the auto Lola run with the concepts. Got to get credit for that I took this shot elegy finished by took the shot back is he's still annoyed. That Silberman got some John Henry exclusive he didn't I think there are some noise there wondering that. Why why did it like also may get this great story about changing that name around Fenway Alice Red Sox though I work for the globe you will the paper. Why deny again I read that shot as a shot back and refer dip in the news or is he nobody Michael Silberman. One I tried to Silberman. Has been a much longer is much better respect the and I think the other relationship there are pretty clearly but number two with John Henry. I think he's doing the right thing with that stuff because if you were to give it to the globe we would sit here and say and we can't trust them no doubt bright note fell. In regards in all but Pete still angry about it I think I'm sure he's doing the right thing but you can tell Pete still pissed. I guess you want to give him credit for that odd man but it did that not enough for the social media stuff you read about that who tells you to talk about. Others how to be relatable people on entry people handle people. As such as the grand wizard where this is somebody who want to put it from the server with fans for. I think it's been pretty well what's the holier than now latitude two notches in the beat writer but also is only put covers the team. As opposed to interact with fans to say it's got to be looked at a different way. The UUUU. Apologize publicly and then your excuse was not. I made a mistake I shouldn't of said that I jump to conclusions I got emotional it was. I meant to call your friend races a wide by all but I had the wrong racist Red Sox fan. We give the inquiry. With this crash. One anonymous if if you've exhausted me month but you could say you do you don't confront and again this is we have this point you had an email and we we've we've we've talked a person. We talked I ain't the most recent conversation communication we have with my email. And it's it went nowhere request I made was. To not do exactly what he did to do not take its broad stroke shot that can. Bet it's very easily in this case pinned on. I deleted the three are thought about about it. Munich apart inherited an antiques are all they also journal stall the took top and an adult son and it's not you know exactly who reportedly at Charlotte and Boston sports journal. Also reported. That they were meeting with. More sincere in Tennessee agency say you're saying everybody in the beaten more on the side you hockey including your buddy nick nick apart what are nick feel you're if you're this past. How does nick field I think on the Alpharetta now Dixon nick and get snow crash by this guy like. At a certain point if you work long and up with him I think he just kind of what might have about can control you know. Collateral laughter but is more direct. This is a ligament you know hurry up and issues is is like it's a wallet on the patriots beat a couple of these now we have you vs Abraham. We have Brad for all the lights on every you know the way men and say he's right nobody likes and I can speak for anybody else in specific but nobody likes them. Does he have any friends in the B. Other people talk to him at that there are some that would that might qualify as firm. I think the vast majority of it after the football league. Jeff Powell who's Ben Boland. Really don't like each other it's an old school Harold cool page which arena relate to them. It happens on Beagle the Celtics and Bruins and any of it. But the Red Sox and patriots beat still mattered how does kinda tied expected. Abraham for you specifically to some in light. Like you all the way you know when you we to take shots at me after David Price situationally and you're trying to curry what what you is doing and continues tried to all time. Is curry favor right he's trying to look good to try to sell copies from the body but he's that he is that. The quintessential stereo typical example of that report and it is very frustrating for someone who. Does not want to operate that way right I I believe is important at the trust of the players are knocking sacrifice other things such as if you your basic integrity. Four and that trust and if it's pathetic it's just it's that you know intricate that I'm happy angry that it is it that a pity situation. Let's call or get us back into things not name Peter Abraham and I'm sure he will come up because people react to it 617779. 7937. Of the story at tonight his being in heaven hired guy about the same exact way. Gian Gian Carlo to get four syllables mr. stand in Jason resort once talked about the Marlins slugger old Gil let him get back into. Baseball I Jason. How am I yet given what's up Jason. Are you know just like you guys. You know when he indeed street and and it and it means a quicker team might be giants. Q you got an old would be so. A tree from a lot of Red Sox in the cardinals the routine like it's time to lock my fourteen. And it seem like doctors 94. For clone is the Marlins are then you've got. It would be force to waive his no trade clause that Carter saw. Because he won't rebuild. Now I don't extend the total control here and that's what everybody's got a real of their cheers got no powered the only guy who's gonna try this vote. Is Stan he's getting his money no matter what Marlins content say hey we got dual threat talked a couple of come here. It is nothing Marlins can do I don't think that owes explain to me today by someone with knowledge of scenes thinking. Is that he's open minded to all. It's clear ES preferences. In the in West Coast preferences after he's from California is California so so so that the wide belief. And I was not all the ones is that you have a person just go global but it does not sound like he's. There were there would be no good reason for him to go into this blindly. And I get the sense that he could be persuaded to go to a different market now. If Saint Louis ahead of Boston maybe as Boston last song let's that's possible out of immigrant rather be in Boston and Philadelphia went where to rebuild and be forever. So there in the prep list there is that there is a ranking Virginia Karl stand. But to say the Red Sox are dead in the water. They're they they would have they would be getting a lot of this reason I don't think they're gonna put the money and prospects for quiet again. I think that's gonna stop them before you can get to a point of I vetoes for. Yet weight when I went to build his straight I would chalk one up for a couple days I've against the because I have assumed all the reading that I have done. That the trade starts with one of two guys Andrew Bennett candy Iraq field devers the Marlins while one of those just got bully. It's going to be an all star orasure held looks like it and then from there you're still adding. A Major League roster player and Jason group then you're paying him ten years. Had a little bit of the heredity dollars you know earn what you get that's it's all about them it to me it's all about her. Toothpicks. Can you get into I'd to make a choice on the opt out now on and and and it's not that much I don't think anything preventing that. But that's a big question. You're training for ten years or is it two or three point yup that's that the winning. We sector and putting it between twelve whatever it is. You either get a couple years album ten it's a huge difference in you need to know as best possible what you're trading for. And on that end. How much money the Marlins can get your committing 228295. Millon dollar player. While you're gonna get let's let's let's just say they'll give back hundred million dollars well that point yeah I'm OK with giving up in Japan and I think. They can within you can if you want a lot of money for and want you back exact at number one hit it big big. Andy's it was is 200 for. For her for over ten years for Jean Carlo. Any better than what. You would be pain Judy Martinez and not with you ballplayer I guess that's see that that that is it and I we haven't got into. You know stands injury history and forget about forget about the facial fracture. He set hamstrings is that shoulders he's 66 and 260 a lot of multi state is a mountain of a man. Those guys get hurt in Major League Baseball we've seen it here so if your resting ten years in a guy's an injury history. And you can get this I say similar player. But a player for a couple years and about some more numbers for that money and does have that same sort of history and JD Martinez and not give up players in return. I'd much prefer him I if it's much prefer JD mark. And Dave the brows ski today speaking reporters in you references the and the last segment. He was kind of indicating that that you're looking at. Other options right now I think everybody's run with that that's all they're not you know that might not go for the big name. Tennis wasn't in the news because the rescue said it today but we always notice more than anything. Surprising that each other and consider stuff that that might be more jigsaw puzzle type of thing rather than the one gigantic. Up. All sought to David Anita waiting patience forward gets the break and some other stuff on stand and the Red Sox really the approach here in the offseason hi David. Hello gentlemen how are you know I David. Well you know I certainly hope we get it but I out. Might. I'm like great attention to beat. Work on this arm. And you just talk about I integrity of our. Our reporters and in how they can not suck out Brittany it'll help make in the on the keep our clinical quote that could be a Balt wash or may. Oh but what I'm saying is. When you guys said earlier that he wrote that meant. We know Red Sox shall. Now now this is an event where whatever players to hit. Making do you know the people of Palestinians. The people that paid it out at impact enough to show up at the guards are OK with that. Now is. It was OK with it. I say it's not it would not David David David David David David I'm not and I'm just please don't. You idol I'll repeat what I said for avenues that again a no intelligence finishes second David as a Evan was it was me it was rich now we're talking about this Evan was not here so in the in the back end of again Pete Abrams notebook. He references that why I was only one current Red Sox player Fernando body. Who showed up for Pedro Martinez's charity event. Using that as a point where in the team's got to be better than going to be big no Red Sox players there for Corus press counts one for major Martinez might one was. Doesn't matter what to do the offseason writes us care about is what they do. During the year the most Red Sox fans wouldn't care about that's a David I said I don't think Red Sox fans care in and in. And not about that. All right all right well like I just I I do care you know what you guys are the players you sent a piece of I'd. That they that they object you know because the people. But I. One of our plight and to give back you know they can perform on the field I think that's great. To get us there needs more. Exactly but I think that CC intangible thing is that they that they can you know. I guess eight or you're. I your phone your David it's not your fault your phone sucks thanks for the call for this and it was actually of all the things my dear friend Pete wrote here. Might have actually been the most interest and also something you would never have the courage to tweet because the player might see that. And I can recently but the group we'll pull the players see a lot of its Twitter he wouldn't dare. Question their charitable efforts on Twitter bought. Do you think is a bit of a poignant that. You know. If it isn't a good look I am and I don't think we should figure that the organization ESP the fan base who don't know why. If you go about most the pens wouldn't care that it was a David it was a call that most that he might be the exception to the rule. But. I also don't wanna go as far as criticized the Red Sox and that and charitable efforts right because they are actually about as good against him in terms of sports. This group of players though it might just speak to a little bit of a lack of unity. And and it could also mentioned the thing and nobody else lives here so what what's you know David Price of supply and from Nashville. Yeah and I'm not I'm not quite shore that's that's the way it's supposed to work and cover the Astros in Houston. People lived in a lot of people live in Houston beat temple faithful people in Phoenix it's just Boston's on area a lot of major players living in the way. We'll come back and talk about not only stand but they're the offseason approach in general because there's a report tonight out of the meetings. On the potential asking price of JD Martinez he's been a guy that I have preferred over stand over Hosmer. On this asking quite should be repeat repeat it T severe. All get to that and your thoughts that there is at the repaired the multiple reports are true today you're Red Sox fan driving around. And these reports are true that they're not going to be a ball potentially and and these three guys and Stanton and Martinez in Hosmer. How they Celestine Q is a fan. As Alex Cora and Logan Morrison and Jake McGee wouldn't do it for me if I was a paying customer. On the Boston Red Sox 61777979837. The phone number that and the potential asking price for JD Martinez. And your phone calls Monday night Evans relic along Sports Radio. WE yeah. Clothes are quite a yeah trade and starter Mike. Pretty soon you have the sense that she had a bad. Well. There's a lot of options with a lot of different people out there that fit that description of first base PH to prove your back. I think this is talks that started at this time. And then also there's free agents out there so I do not know which I don't really got my. Now they're leaning towards the JD Martinez option of free agency that might feel more expensive iPhone would be it's Monday night Sports Radio WEEI Evans relatives here Eddie is breathing. Fired the previous Pete Abraham. You've been scorched tonight. By their heads up plays and not takes out of the show your phone calls all night long at 617779. 7937. Bob nightingale USA ID eight USA today reports last ten minutes or so. At the GM meetings tonight the war around the meetings the asking price right now for one Judy Martinez. Seven years and Turin ten million bucks I'm not great at math that's well over other twenty million dollars a year that doubt many people are speculating and. So what's the return seven. When he won for the Manx. There. Noticed that if it's. 210 known I was told there was no math. About a 21 of its seven is thirty million dollar there you gotta. Adam I feel confident saying he's knocking thirty million dollars a year now I'd start there but I only get 39. Here Null and and so let's say that is let's just say that's the hard and fast figure that you have to pay him if you Martina wants him in your other choice. Is trading away and injured an attendee. Purging Karl stand end. You have let's say they're making it. The Marlins are reading maybe 5069 official pay more for more years but given up an intent to what he do them. Yeah that's a tough call on you I'm sure there would parlayed that and Kenny because they are there they're still getting. A player back to replace them and the finances are not as bad it's. It's is it I can't imagine just can be then antennae go. No I guess. Well so somebody else and upon somebody give that to give us some peace and significant in the Major League team because. You can look I talk talk energy and about today. And civil if you are waivers right now. Wouldn't he make it through. They were short but that sentiment has been out here and at a salary absolutely he was I think on that south I thought it was surprised and then thirty S I was no prize GM sold as much but. Either way. When you're dealing with with that kind of civic and money you don't have to give up much of a prospect right unless the more that that that Patel is going to be. Correlated directly to how much money tomorrow to win. The more money they eat the better player have to give up to get stand but they can't apparently according to report the guy who was but they're sitting there with. Outrageously. High demands and maybe that's the same case for Boris right now Angie Martinez starting very high by the end of December. What different price. A year also in this weird spot where even if you get this deal you have to get commitment from station's crew. That he'd be willing to accept the deal the Boston now you wrote today reported today that he's keeping all options open. That could be a potential roadblock as well where how far down the road do you go on making a deal for stand. Unless you know for short he once we go down this road and start to get out because this is how it's gonna work. The war the word's getting element that asking for bad and ten B plus and let's say the Red Sox are OK with that that word gets out. And so bad antennae now notion thinking about trading and then stand blocks the trade well I screwed because stands not coming year and you've the player who was just starting his career. And a guy you probably less on launch Erica Chambers stand. Is now like we country mean you're two so already Sunday that's the balancing act for the rights. So this is where. For the Marlins it's going to be tricky stand they've got to get the same page and and I'm not sure that they necessarily have to yeah at this point that. If you're Jeter after tomorrow bring interest you've got to be keeping Jean Carlo updated you can't be trying to get this deal done. And then working it all out the red sack for all of the giant car or whoever and then go to Stanford Haley others killed on you wanna go they really need to have a sense of what it would take for him to go to different cities what's what requirements he would need. And work from there and I am sure that's taken place for now but that's that's a weight usually works back channel conversations you do your research. If technically it might be considered tampering but ever laid out in and you would hope that. They have a real sense of what she would want again I was told at this point it will stop. That that is on shore look they're terrible teams insurer wouldn't he would you would scratch with some British these. And different camps right now of go get your phone calls or second of Boston Red Sox baseball beat writers in Boston. There's the camp that is fine need to Iraq and doing this year. They don't expect a big move and there's the you know Bradford camp which is every is on the table everything could be there. I I I don't get the we're not gonna do anything can't I gotta be honest you're on this team a lot last year. Can they really afford to do the bridge year hope that bats and Bogart's in the young guys all merge and then get involved price harper Manny Machado and issued to me that seems like he's very. Risky an unreasonable approach after the year you just had knocked on the first round of the playoffs he fired a manager in your ratings are up 15%. Knowledge that I'm with Bradford county never once and again and I am with Bradford we have been on tape I do think your group that everything is on the table and look. If you're the browns keep what we can sit there and go. We are critical of big storm out there and that's what we're gonna do in particular any if it that's what to browse impression. He you can't not great is I can do as a workshop that. He says well now he's at right there you can as the yes the rule of sci. He thought they gain I also not of the opinion that you have anything to really lose in these situations you can think of the trade deadline when guys are plain dumb. The rest you've done this before. We're and it's when it's just dead obvious the Red Sox need to relief by the way to be reliever of the soft as we get to that but. When he should they know we're not sure exactly what we're exploring all areas this pointless and everybody knows the Red Sox right now he'd be significant I don't. Think. You can argue it combination of Carlos Santana. Is that somebody else besides Judy Martinez or Eric Hosmer or Jean Karl they're not all the same type hitter. Does get it done for the Red Sox what I do feel strongly about is aiming to. JD plus positive plus I don't care. Where exactly do it but I think you have to have somebody else to push Hanley Ramirez because of him to come to that price spreads and that makes. Which now million originally answers now why he never got a call up he's like fourth outfielder. He's not the guy I am look and could develop into more than that he's really raking yes but I want more certainty than that. I want to guys added maybe once a bit more the better clubhouse guy think he got an element of that too that you want that changed the club a mixture. A little bit but I don't think one Judy Martinez. He signed him pain and whatever 182 what what are relevant opinion. And then you're done with the offense I think you should have some insurance if Hanley Ramirez. Isn't. What he's been in the past. Better have insurance for that that's why I think it's things that you think credentials and no I I don't that's really two bounces. Still they want why they won it already is get to me why it's one big bat and I don't want to be stand you want the asking price going to be at least right now. Martinez or Hosmer plus all of these guys were talking about jobs in Westfield on. On the Red Sox and their bats it's 177797937. My job. Stay aboard I don't and I would somebody. Outstanding eight. Or bail out a point out we play except wait park for 81 games it's been over glorified Little League field. There and I had my contention it's unique Serena that's exactly where they need to be first space. Third base and right field that what it means JBJ. Is going to be part of a package to break and those bad speaker. Because we hit it did at black. In hallmark is not possible. Yes yes you give it BJ could go a lot of sleep better attended a lot of it that that. That's very real bats is the right fielder right now so. Well that's why he should be part of a package to bring hit a power back. In in nets are so old you know so so those three position ATP hitting home runs consistently. For you. I think that's a better player than stand right now so your tub what you see so I wouldn't trade that's an ideal for Stan I want bets over that player than the power began laws on power. Some roles bets as everything else for this team right now he's their loan. You know wake up on opening day and Yemeni MVP candidate yet right now you do you have one guy in bets I wouldn't trade him for stand. Well let me eat that's but I want to I went straight JBJ. Well I think he could be trade and his name has come up a lot thanks for the call John and an avenue you've you've seen these reports like I have. Whether it's been place like Cincinnati or Sampras Cisco. It seems like the Red Sox are dangling him. With the idea if we're gonna acquire JD Martinez or Stanton. We and a place to play these guys and our best offensive outfielder is government deal. Eddie's later on in his service right Sunnis is getting more expensive is arbitration company's board guy for the chances of locking him up aren't too good. I actually think Jamie gave a pretty good fit for this market. And in some way you might be somebody. You regret. Look. It's of the memorial later in the week I think the biggest question facing the reflector and we for tuchman treating these guys. Use. What all our JBJ. Rookie bet sinner Boehner injured an attendee. Caller mentioned third base wrap the white Purdue about Rafa devers. These guys is smokey bet that's when we sixteen rookie but that's what we seventeen sing with Bogart's. Same with fab with Bradley. Offensively. In particular and to meet one of the fatal flaw of last season was thinking that those guys are gonna get better I wrote a column. At what are weekend on apocalypse. About why they shouldn't expand those guy and those killer bees right away because you didn't know. It's exactly what would happen would end up happening if you are given to keep that the contract last when you're paying for guy. The did not perform like that this you know heeded the paper that cult like Trout he tackles Mike Trout but what if and I guess other people this question of people that game. You definitely answer in an ultimately. Is you know the analytics and skin protects something in between twenty fiction 2017. Just like come down to. The Red Sox of of really strong scouting staff. Can day with that little bit of an old school mentality pick the right guys in this group two to excel and stick with. Well that's going to be a big part of it right mean getting that the next step because they got guys get to extend a ball the younger guys you mention right their bets and Bogart's. And the stars like Chris Sale and potentially Craig Kimbrel he seems like these you least like we gotta be back after next year given what he's gonna cost you at the back end of the. Ever so close to what you get this close and there's no point. He's getting. Closer look like we are the lure of baseball yet. A bit like Atlanta all. Ever drought is series yelling at people including Peter Abraham he's talking to you at 617779. 7937. Is your phone number and how about this. I your network NBC sports Boston coming under fire tonight. Re mean that apparently depicts the entire city of Boston as racist good job back patio pick in this town won't do. That NBC sports also would send out a beam and the whole series races this white Oval Office last year. And people said it was an idiot many of you Politico why against the wrangle up because of situations like this. We'll explain that next here on mock at night. Lot of nights Sports Radio WEEI Evans relatives here NBC sports boston.com. Under the leadership and I explained to the NASA flight he did not vote. We're John Farrell for AL manager of the year exact. Nobody voted. For John Ferrell Aleman the you're the only divisional winner they did not get at least one single solitary vote Bobble the American League more than that. Other argued that sums would you would you have been outraged or or insulted if he did. I reportedly because of but he didn't meant about I'm putting around why me not to not to be through to our vision its. There are two ways to look at all the drama that went on this year that he was the cause of the that he sustained at that he did nothing to help or all the that he. Mitigated it calmed it down was able to were indeed true he wanted. To some degree. That's the debate market I can see both sides will you. Under a UN vote you didn't vote and I script that's good enough for me timber and a vote he could've voted on top three he didn't. That speaks volumes to how little he impact this baseball club and wise not the man there would have been fine for me. Girardi Girardi was the guy who got left off between and started only a handful votes to wish him it was modern it was a well. Party deserves 11 of these years and never gone and it's because of that of the payroll they heard it. He did a fine job and a snake. Should yankees can't be treated just the way reflections treated for now is just way over the top a certain point every game I get. A friend every every and the Yankees lose if Joseph Girardi phones as people get so obsessed. But he's managed. Why I'd in the case of John Ferrell I do you know because people were sick of it was up eight kid with a litany in cumulative things in the game what do you get past. Anderson it's it's it is unreasonable Serb assault and a more reasonable new wants to that guy you know you are very nuanced. Apparently this this is not that new ones I guess. NBC's NBC. Sports Celtics the NBC sports Boston Celtics Twitter account. Tweeted out a new team of Arthur. Ever worried of Celtics. One the cavs and loss they've before against Atlanta. The mean thing went out and it was LeBron sub tweeting his his teammates that's what LeBron does and it was supposing I think it or ticket is. The bronze mattered as teammates. So this have been a big thing Arthur is a Celtics fans as the tweets of keepers beams out a year feed. King James Isiah Thomas had to pedal by hey can people plants and I just treated it out at mutt and UTW week yeah. So it's our third mean. Admittedly Arthur it's a different drawing the most you see of Arthur and his skin color is not as dark it is another means but it's not that. It's not that crazy when you do a quick Google image search patio right and it's not like they have made Arthur oh whites in this correct. No aren't okay. So. Sit so rots a hole so rots a hole in the works only so so we are so I don't know I just don't know I don't you tell her I don't know where it. She works for the tip off that SB nation raptors in the athletic. Fan sided Bleacher Report eccentric. I she quote created this week. And said the following again you can find it at mutt and UT WEEI. Ella Mayo so we're just supposed to sit here are trying to Arthur skin isn't a wider than normal in this video and such immediately asked what do you mean. It could have to do without a video is rendered but it's funny scratch that I mean it's hilarious he's put them stars on quotes that it's Boston. Sold immediately evident tweets start either team that broke the mold a pro sports and hired Bill Russell the first black coach. Solely. Not talking about the organization. Read our backs and it is time that doesn't make the sports fans advanced. Every to a game in Boston once he sees me if I hold the opinions of black athletes who played in Boston higher regard than Joseph sports fan. And she's question over and over again what are you getting into a mostly in jest she says Boston races and it's he's peppered. Real issue. But. And she goes back to a a quote she had earlier about the video. She's asked again about the fan base here she responds. Read about how Bill Russell felt about playing in Boston. And it's it's a long thread Dow all last an hour or so. Of awesome people and people across the country either agreeing or disagreeing but somehow some way. This tweet this mean. That is like this innocent thing playing off all of Arthur stuff in the NBA. Is another sign that Boston fans are racists yeah yelled at me and mossy yelled at me. This is why you fight back against morons ID ESPN a and Alameda hos senate. And now so rots. What did you what routes I don't know I don't know I don't like it SO HI okay us. Who want to pin Boston sports fans is being racist. Because of a mean that is not the exact color of Arthur how do you make that connection. This is a bad way to back into this discussion if so so personal it's a bad and in Boston like mine do that I bring up Bill Russell again. Look which is sort of farce here's what here's what I don't care and I executed during the break. Is a thirst supposed to be a particular race I don't know much about art where it looked at this and I did a Google image search and I did not just as patio didn't. Notice much of a difference right. If you side by side of the fifth and finished in the video that was to lead out. Urgency to completely separate two day late they don't have the exact color. I sure anyone who's wondering. That nobody NBC sports boss and I don't think we're sitting there aren't we whitewash or their time with Kevin god let's make him a little bit lighter. If that's what we do in this so. Yes Mike you and I that discussion on time I think that the race in Boston discussion if they don't want. A ticket gets sidetracked went to law then I'd been at Fenway Park that target he had worked so it. And then and that's that's just like the stupidest logic becomes I think there's a real discussion to be. And maybe you and I disagree on what I don't like it how. This reporter destination person but it went I don't know exactly what she does. Backed into this conversation you are doing using a what is clearly innocent are there. Enemy for me with the Arthur animation yeah now somebody can argue on the and so it's human hilarious because of Boston to sell somebody could argue and I would not use this but. That well. If it's the subconscious. That's that someone. Would would inherently want to make someone whiter rightly that the argument that I would get Barry in order. So suck exact not not annoyed that is offensive to some it MBC sports Boston put this mean video together. Set up Arthur. Little too dark for Celtic fans they like Larry Bird like Gordon Hayward. They hate this carrier ring guided the ratings suck for this to you right up sick Kia can you toned down Arthur. He's a little sound around for me I hate to wipe him out gets a white. They get to to even insinuate that happens because the fan base would respond better to a right that's insinuation is that. Boston fans would rather see a whitish Arthur Burris is a brownish Arthur this goes back the ESPN. This goes back to the whole discussion. About it and you're right in the Evans relic nuanced world short there is a race in discussion to be had and not just Boston. Every major city in the country. But to use this or use. The cheering of Gordon Hayward as he freeagent. As examples of wall they relate their white players not their black paint it players and then that is the race baiting see wrong on new wants ignorant waited so. In my kids it's her first week that bugs me the most it because the first week is really an accusation and then in the second tweet I argument the line and gone well to me the thing if she did just made it should be a very clearly like. Just a joke because of the tweets and he does not read as a joke it stands it looks like accusation. She tried to peddle back but she's already opened the door to the conversation with so many people off. That she's in the middle of the brief conversation Boston whether or not she meant to get there or not. I wouldn't. Object to like it well worded. Q comedic delivery of this idea like a hole in Boston yes they would make our they're dark. Not funny is. That you. Just human I. The humor in the Boston in this race relations Q do you not think that you think that this I didn't do it we can abduct humor about it I again would that be a little sensitive I've heard I've heard much humor about Boston's racism other than. You know this is what looks like a very failed attempts or or or some sort of in between where she was like everything a social issue. I'm really has been fun like like one of the other hear it it it didn't. She did not hit the mark on this here's what could've made a joke that would not have been that if you can joke here that would not have been. Something that would provoke offense in that would make you unhappy it could just have to do with how to video is rendered but it's funny scratch that I mean it's hilarious that it's Boston back in Italy is the first one. That you really go what is she talking about that again. The I don't race relations at Boston had been any thing like. You can make a joke out of that without going over a line and starting a you know the the usual. Race. To our conversation argument. That always comes from tactic that it's Hillary's Boston's hot Boston's racist would you ever thought that's how I looked at tweet OK but you don't so nobody can make a joke about the fact that Boston that's a lottery to discussions it's part of the conversation this point right. Lately decay at their head in the sand and that. It's if it is part of the discussion and I don't think humor about it is the worst thing in the world Heidi go back to Bill Russell and bill I don't it's what I was with you on this day then there she tried to turn it into like like a serious discussion. And that ain't she issued between here she can go about this right but I think you have an ability to make a joke about. Sometimes they pair of pick up the racist things in Boston with the people flying off the. So when you I don't think NBC sports boss and had that it whoever made this course and I eating cake lighten. Lighten up Arthur over their guys a little too dark a flight on Celtics fans are Gordon Hayward guys we need to it in ice lighter Arthur now that I don't think that's in Canada but. Her first week really does imply that Flickr first sweet isn't clearly the joke anyway. Sit back attic I heard someone on the texas' joking about it now the sudden makes it ha ha Boston's racist that's hilarious. You're giving validity to Boston is somehow more racist now that other cities in the country which I would I would. I would debate. Well over and over again based on the amount you I knew I had to be an idle talk about Boston verses. How racist it is vs other cities we understand there's racism everywhere but talking about it the way they do and joking about it. Makes it seem like aria Philadelphia sports fans are evil oh yeah. Awesome sports fans are racist that's when you start to joke about it he makes it seem like OK it's just it's true without without the debate the U wanna have that nuanced. Rally debate. Russell one month and one and was able to get sits on it's it's something a little deeper inside this conversation. I'll speak to go and people talk to one of the deeper I guess in the history of guys 906 we will really get to a break we'll come back we will I talked you guys at 617. 7797937. And it may check in with. Some guy named Bradford. Who's in Florida for a couple minutes it's not warn me about a week he wasn't part of a wanna see guys go HM that's over here to go to stay out of the way you want you to morons yell. Do that as well not at night Sports Radio WE.