Fantasty Football Hour with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson - Week 2 Primer

Fantasy Football Podcast
Sunday, September 16th
Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson pick through Patriots-Jaguars fantasy implications and tell you who to scoop up for you daily and seasonal fantasy football teams. 

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We ultimate. Coming fought all show and welcome to both fantasy football our Sports Radio. The most comprehensive content presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football or the senate seat football hour's drive you by. Andersen windows and your local Andersen windows dealer by moxie soda might cool its distinctive clothing. And by Atlantic power's clean. Here's Jim Hackett and he did it six. I want everybody Jim Hackett he did it's in the fantasy football back in its normal slot 8 AM to 9 AMP could be with the American morning. Somebody from a ally and an aggregate David back to looking at the blast could have David back alive now. Do while boys right all right this week this week the week sued off funding is going get into it and let's assume it is dive right in. Now let's talk about knitting. You know we should actually had an I performed before gators the gators though big news on two and last night all over the place but it really explode into a dispute with Josh Gordon. Slipping back. Feel bad for Mecca many can't he can't keep it together and the plot thickens in Cleveland at you know. What do you say I mean we know he's gonna get cut or something in there trying to deal on it and nobody really knows what happened there rumors float around it and like sort of fickle thing Cleveland yeah. Yeah that is and it's too bad because I did this weekend and they actually got if funded can get involved in you know Cleveland then the saints and they think there's a lot. On a play and that came in terms of Tennessee dearly specifically and now and it certainly also I was a little bit. It's just par for the course and clear about what they're thinking what they're doing out there I mean you know if they're so worried about just scored what they just cut him a long time ago yeah. Analysts and adamantly a year ago or something emulate you know and in June July yet if it and it sounds like they just don't like what they're seeing. When did you like accuracy. Well he's my me even though little rehab stint that he probably maybe showed well in that it started to kind of you know the wheels on Tacoma I don't know you're dealing with an attic. So like the idea that you know are gonna have weird days it's pretty unrealistic. I I have a quick. They're too. We've been top to bottom complete joke. And you know if you're baker may feel anything. Let's place is crazy yeah and it oh judgment they'll fall on himself fit right in place. As well you know it's as other achieves it pretty soon because I mean. Dating attitude up last week you know twenty point one want to soon although it will at all locally of people they got morons in charge it will you Jackson inside the brain you know what once that once that starts the he gets out it'll undergoing right let me ask you this. I would like you know what exactly has that happened. Because one what game in 32 I don't know I don't know Ivy League exactly what exactly are we waiting for them. We're waiting for you to show up you know. Where these facilities of the you know. Clearly it's just so bizarre and I understand that if this got probably shouldn't lose but afterward about you know. And I infecting people around them wanted to wait awhile and well you know that's the dread that that's why hard knocks is great this year right because there I knew there. There an absolute. Did you always match the only thing I saw our docs. Was when Coleman came and it's. Weiler the second game I think this conversation Korea's got a lot to do with flight routes and yes. But at the colon and other you know the browns sit there like they are all high and mighty and you know they're the Smart people but look at the people they brought an organization that brought immense though it running Gordon abroad and Antonio callow and they know had major issue yes. So they're doing the stub their eyes wide open in the acting surprised. You know I just. I have more sympathy for just scored for the yeah and then nine and then Nicole was over in your new uneasy at the pats are gonna get Malone possibly get continue to have a little Muslim and that's. That's an interstate thing because. If you wanna talk about. Winning begets winning and stuff like that. The patriots because they've done it so well for so long because they have Belichick because every. Are in the unique position where they can take a guy like Corey Coleman camp hampering him game and all that. You know Malarkey that he's thrown with other teams in the past does not fly. If your core Coleman and Cleveland and they have a winning game two years and they're telling you what to do may be somewhere in your. Wacky green you can sit there and sort of realistically say I'm smarter these guys they don't know what the right and then you go to buffalo and they tell you the same thing. Michael you guys now. But look at this office of nobody here. Not Vietnam rectal when he walks into the New England out of number he says Coleman you know what you're doing. He's gonna have to and that's the mirror you know. And and that's why it's nice features as they can actually do that and it kept let's get this guy 72 hours that at the structure in place that that the leadership in place nearly double the it was with a and don't look at you as a waste of time structurally satisfying and that's all positive in your right. What I'm saying is disguised BS cannot fly anymore in his own mind. That's arms period but but you know the and no other team can do that up and it got he goes into the jets. And you know. My cat and gets his face. He's just another losing them yet and into the pages that makes a lot of sense on couples and couples react as well as that happened also beat me ads and they they had nothing else they have the oppositional leader receiver and obvious indeed they've got the structure to be able to handle of the doesn't work out the economy move often they're gonna bring Kenny went on Monday an economy and move on but the patriots are unique position for the kids have to accept reality and it's. That's the status they've earned it some benefit. Having people around to cannot be questioned. It is speaking in pats they got a four Tony five in Jacksonville and it's going to be very interesting game it's looking a lot like when it for that is not going to play. Yeah activated for a while so that's that's now that's a solid you know they bring on some of the practice squad so easily TJ yelled in the will be the active for the most part if you Cory grant. Who might get a little action just I was like. After a lot more awkward as you would yes all right it's not enough work for a while for a couple reasons first we've seen him do well against the patriots before. So I think just that history rate there I mean I think one of the mistakes Jacksonville made last year in the playoffs that they went away from grant. I think they should give him more touches after the first half gain it. Com to get really conservatives who have daddy did you have to put the penalty not on the advantage you skewed go to the page it ethics code fairly well that they go to San Juan. Except one Eagles. Play rials on and they want some bubbles and it is so. I mean we've seen that announced it will several times that you know. When you're when you're the near the underdog and you decide to be aggressive good things can happen work saints or the Eagles. But back to your question. I was surprised that crickets so little rug last week after the injury com. But basically sounds like that sort of party game plan didn't have a lot of Koreans all that we going in figured for now carry most of Elden. But when I Murrow press conference last week it made its early this week it will go about story regrets I think. You know maybe 7030 something like that yeah well. About right right if you if he's going to be the guy gonna gives them a break now feels about rights and its 7030 but you know that's yeah that's it was looking at it. With the Jacksonville defense and all the stuff that Ramsey said in the off season all the smack talking crock to me it's the other way on I look at this game I flip flop it. I'm looking at what Jacksonville potentially can't do on offense and and in an emerging Patriots defense. It you know I actually like the pats this week again it's going to be tough road game but I I think. Even though they lacked some depth on offensive receiver we've talked about a million times I like him going in there I don't know or the pictures with. We'll get into it. I don't know I don't have anything tangible packet up that's just got I just I don't I this is a much tougher spot the last week. No question much tougher to Jacksonville's hungry and they didn't help Houston help last week Jackson. They did you know the you can be you know payback a playoff loss of the regular season win but that's it's on their mind. But I but I think Brady's is gonna pick on them all day long with the you know you gotta topics on anybody let's get big they talked a lot less. Back on those are smacked as they can cover man I mean I don't like ramseys got a big Malcolm I'm I'm quite frankly sick of listening to it I don't find it to be all that in here. But he is really good and entered not only does he get the residents that there's their big fraud. You know that. It is tough you know Jack guys. What an athlete he's agree he's a great player does note Dunlap Tennessee did you happen to see it play last week were sick or import could beat him in the hole and ran for talks yeah. One inch and think about that play if you look at the last guy to dive and Barkley. It's Jack. So he dodged a mole and get shaken right out of his boots Barkley takes off down the line. And the guy who almost catches him as the guy beats them all those pretty impressive looking at Jack's perspective. His first of all he's got a lot of heart he's got a lot of pride that's good spots and there. Easy credit is incredible lastly yeah saudis and that's the thing I've just Arnold I don't like three beekeeper and types like him. I'd you know I I was a little uncomfortable about it clowning last week I. Thompson when he gets in those vulnerable situations is more vulnerable to be Ottawa seemed blown up. And this is a game rumble concerned about I don't like this I don't like the idea that they might have to be passed. This is the game right really liked it. If they had more healthy running back left is that I don't feel better. That is a problem is it looks like it's a big James why can't it you know to me from from where I sit you've got. You've gut that I Tyler Kennedy of expert of with a concussion you know these these clearing the protocol but you know that came on about mid week that's a little scary. And also on the I picked itself lucky there was that won't play last week where he got on Africa yes sounds like that's where yeah but they kept it quiet it was quiet until I had to come out right and saluted usually on Wednesday. We sought if you count Burt said the couple was up. A few guys not getting checked for concussions last week I mean law got his bill Ron yeah. Sideways upside down I mean and he never left field. The guy that hit him got ejected from the game. So I think NFL you've got guys in the in the New York office watching the play and headed guy removed from the game nobody goes and make sure that what gets checked. Didn't break and particularly with his injury history writes no longer. Absolutely but his injury history but it's just you know you make it such a big deal out of all these things and helmet technology and this is happening right from Verizon. Come out there it's it's so obvious. I wonder. It's like they were so there was so bomb that they were so. Intel value right into the new helmet stuff you know into the new head positioning issues. In the bowels of the pre season looks like they pump the brakes on battled and we wanna wonder fan I'll talk to us. Threw a flag every time somebody's helmet goes down yeah. And have a flag every line is it's gonna look like you know when the end at one of those political conventions except all the loser yellow Vietnam. I I like what they're doing with the whole lower that things feel it's really the right thing to do I wish they would. I'd like Cyril it's like if you're not try to wrap and tackles penalty yet. Rap attack. Instead it's just it's it's it's heavy heart and you're trying to untrained. You know how these a lot of these guys exactly know what they're really funny there was a play last week aside politics and can't remember which player once. Like it was Nam a player diving for the end zone and there was a touchdown. And entry here but doesn't really matter he's diving head first and so he goes low for the ends of the defender distrust and Needham. Ethical line and he gets called for put his head down. You know and and have held public contact what are you supposed to do for guys gotten for the gold line. So basically wants a guy goes prone to physical and you can't hit yet. That's crazy artistry it's it's it's going to be it's not really hard to manage your offensive player needs to know hey if you're gonna. League with the tip your helmet going for a touchdown and he met that way. I mean I understand helmet to helmet and I don't like to see guys launch themselves in that stopped. But you can't tell defender that you can't defend a touched yet. That's crazy yet so I mean to me that's on the likely need that there needs to be some level responsibility offensive players side. And at and what you say you know. The defender already in motion already heading towards an office player and then that offensive player goes low Whitner had. Or what's the defender supposed to do and it's instincts for a minute you know exits as it two count Zulu process and absolutely selves. And so that it's. These players are a tough spot the rules are moving so fast that what you say their instincts can't keep up yet and you know we're we're just gonna have to live with us for awhile. It takes some time let's let's let's get into this ladle because we've got some really great games you know I wanna get into indicted as the Tennessee football arguments and an additional left lipstick but the pats from other matters suit well it's it's it's an interesting game I mean advocate. So you you every point you made a couple minutes ago is is very reasoned and rational. I'm giving you an irrational reason why I think they're okay. Because whoever every time but do this all Shah and I am happy unless say this every. A 100% of the time. 100% of the time someone Lejeune Ramsey talks smack against the patriots and always falls in this case. All the time. Solid so does that rate of one hour every track I don't say I don't think is gonna pick them up our but I will say this. They're gonna move the ball on the field of the do and there will be a moment at least one. Where Brady hits rock in Ramsey is going to be there though won't be covering them because you know usually going to be in you know now really up against him. I just stick it makes yes. With that I think granting media. Which which I don't like I just. Like recovered. Once secret. The moment there always is. There's also always an end. Zone and a and I well I look I'd pretty I was I was excited with what I saw embryos greatness but what I don't want him getting blown up because that's how it starts. If you call the and the mud and he was playing. Well. I mean my ten it was playing phenomenally well Africans city and it was a couple hits and ego. All the sudden it is spelled wrong couple times in that moment it was walked on the stadium in the now I use that I was glad I Evers field last dance monopoly. You know arguably our greatest quarterback ever not arguable backs and quarterbacks quarterbacks ever calm. Ulysses that we feel Aikman left field and yet I don't like that I don't wanna see every. Guys like miles Jack that's how it happens so I just don't want him being. Pure throw mode in the game that's. We'll be nice that they had a lot of what is it that this is a game where you could you kind of offset that with a guy like your meal right at and around so right and or even even with its been so shuttle would be great and if Michelle. Let's if Michelle is ready for fifteen carries a bird canyon and and and give white five or something like that cat yeah. On movement called on the field just like the short passing game on got to look what the is that they activated very quiet Activision Jacob Ulster. Who helps yeah Ulster now yeah I have it body else. And I. You know Laura ago. I have to get. Help and you know who have talked about race. I said don't use the get out on on that you know lot. You know and oodles of Miami final at Ivins an Adams out I don't know weigh on its feet. Where I get ago commodities. Are up that idea. This is a noted that used sleeping you're Russians studios. I don't know if it. That's thirty to 400 on the camera and yet I I. In my right now in my podcast in my article actually he's Patterson are probably gonna Wear them but it's one of those don't try this well it's maybe like 51 lineup neglect and online. Retailer from fields not to put. It and part of that is for fun because you know. Of sort of like lists of their taxes and it happens via. It's. I look at the way this game breaks out and iPad doesn't mean it's a wonderful way for the patriots to find some upside. When searching for something that doesn't compromise parties safety. And it doesn't put the ball in jeopardy. Wheel they shouldn't look at they do that. Just the the now the horizontal passing game and he can catch it quickly. And make one step one step indeed go on netstat a light and I'd like to see that happen but bush and that's fine and love to see it happen but what I'd really Odyssey. Or even. Lower risk types of things. You know in a game like this you can introduce him in this game and you give yourself a chance explosion please without exposed every without exposing for apple. Yeah neglect its anniversary but one of them titled I don't know if I'm the patriots this week you see at minimum fortunate Swedes yeah. And on the swing of the active in street workers. I just solid all a lot of talk about what like 68 touches. But this week I would picture gets it and I would pictures some comes really early yet and I put these guys' minds. You know. I want Chinese loose in his defense shows you get offs yet he could offset the strategy that was using the guy like him I think that makes a lot of sense well they're big up front but they're not tremendously fast but they've got speed. Which jacket got obviously phenomenal speech from the pack and I wanna attack them away they don't really wanna be attacked Paterson. He's sort of X-Factor but I don't want to think about it Odom makes him think about yeah I think it's you know they are gonna lean on growth and they argun. Try to take hold him out with Ramsey. Well here's my encounter. I think actually I think you know I think the gonna do's and do kind of exactly what we're just not like. Get it in a they always gets a lot of people remember that moment or moments here. I think pretty cynical it's just a shot and it was really tough it's really tough to predict what do we don't really know. One Michelle can handle the Rex can and yet you know if we knew both of those guys were race fire. And the patriots have full power options and you can't go ahead run by white he's not. Is and that's of an act now right you can handles and carries it back obviously discrete passing game after August oh yeah. But you're not. I don't think you can get away I'll running against this team with him win. Yeah I know you need one of Birkhead or Michelle to be there and had to be frank I was very surprised to see Michelle pop up you know yesterday as someone who might play I just right kind of came out of nowhere and I'm a little worried it to be honest with you and I don't know already is but that's that's it that's been you know who else it's been it's been enough based on what they said when. When the surgery took place so. And look if it's if you're getting the real Sony shell that changes its game. Yeah those shots but actual facts are patriotism got a good look at the name right you know that this is what they read what they meaty side Michael he can violence and training camp he can make you export which if you're gonna get sixteen legit so shelters this week. That changed the code the complexion and yet. Good pictures just a real quick some techs are coming in and down on line of questions and we'll get him at the end of the show do lightning round to question about it on news but at this this picture in a lot of fun move over to the other side obviously fort that's out. They are any unique situation where it doesn't kill them the other two backs are good backs and they contrast to each other nicely so Jacksonville still gonna be Jacksonville. Well the thing on interest and look at that it is that this is a better defense is seeing that the company can apply pressure up front and I just think about portals united and what that could mean to a guy like him who. You know you we talked about him a million times just with his inaccuracy indeed easel is predictably unpredictable times it was gonna give you unless it's garbage time. And I think it's going to be gain the whole way I think the patriots to put pressure front that's gonna make things interesting it. In the game through portals and candles it is you portals is an odd quarterback we talked about this before yet. But sometimes he's better when you hit him the weirdest thing. Sometimes the throws that Chile would portals what it's all outside world and open source and he's a strange quarterback so sometimes you go whack around. Get him mad. Poppy Huntsman knows it makes up a little bit yeah it bounced through yet I kind of quarterback I know it doesn't make sense but just say it. Com will you never lied likes the rough and tumble if you've ever relied on in Tennessee football you get all your points in the second half. Everybody to make your Natalie that's all portals when it was a bad team now Amman Al rookie but his boss now cost them games. You know they were winning games the past the view put an IndyCar yet. Twenty point second dance. That was used without Robinson right. But it's definitely different paradigm they don't want these portals but they just like emirate. Is deathly it means for I would be really surprised at Jacksonville's plan was anything other. Pound football. High percentage stuff with portals don't get situations were gonna have to read too much. There and try to play defense and slow the game could be DD desperate game analog Danica underneath that is thinking that confines of rudeness and definitely when he's on the field tees I think the most reliable target that patrol passing the thing about west but at least based on the first week. He's the third receiver. Click access my pre play a lot more which I don't yet but yeah we've talked among people line when he was not there now he just I just Phillies over rated health and yen this openness and within. Yeah on the routes are mediocre. Fights about. So yeah a bit of fun to watch those 4:25 minutes at 1 o'clock games to. And yeah it's fabulous little time problem for the brick how do I wanna see the big one for after the break which is Minnesota and Green Day event. Let's get that's not it's one of moments in my there. But it's when I got my but the the Alley chargers. Finally set it right at buffalo home. I and it looks chocolates let's go top to bottom bottom mostly. So upstart Carolina Aachen on the idea Carolina Atlantis let's interestingly McKee that's within analogies line yeah. On on site and look at look at the giant at and Carolina Atlanta I hit. It straight West Africa. Com yeah outlawed immediately outside at all. While on the defense decide for ten meals out. The Jones out so there's a little bit compromised. Certainly highlights. Christian McCaffery I think per share your column inches thinking watching this game Greg Olsen started out maybe for the season's rookie tonight and yet. While Ian Thomas currently looking forward to watching this week. I'm he'd be instinct at 29 injured on drafting but there's so many others. Good tight end values that much sense it makes the Mets around more than a little bit. Promise us that you sit back and watch guys from the very interested to see how they use him as we know the talents that of the distance Hamachi gets. Images of the lot I think he's gonna play off time not much feature. That the Chaka this game based upon hearing news bunches I'm not really. On him. As much as people are as as ours. New as this week I'm not really high on him this week. Just because he got your history turns guards against teams a lot of Mexicans this team yet and there. The east that your standings. In cans and t.'s legs to win in this matchup usable on. You know he's always art prodigy. But on deftly immediately in this week. And I on the Atlanta side two main things after the first ball. Julio was targeted. 23 times two games last year. Off he's concede the ball an absolute. He's 8400 which valued it. So I like Julio lot this season obviously. That question but the case that Leo. And in the other. Big story the obvious that Google news. About it Freeman not only miss this game. But it sounds like you listen to every actor yeah I saw that the smear I saw that yesterday and then reaffirm this mornings two to three weeks minimum for his another team didn't tell us the full story early ethic. I'm answered yes Coleman is now there at fifty. Drafting cared volume. Com definitely a guy for not using auto and auto line hopefully thinking. You got like 5300. Obviously you played against really good run defense. Boy. If the falcons. It's Casey in his head a little bit if this offense back to being more open. Coleman solely things the past so. And the potential for called blow is there a connect when they get hit the NFL slate of finally getting gets my charges the united talked about it and I erroneously a couple times in the theaters and bombs was rated the. Let's get back to Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson on the fantasy football our own Sports Radio. Battles JB yeah. And M in Baghdad and anything goes as well all right physical flowers was triggered a VIP avoid it and doing. I got a we had someone call and it is a you know obviously were kind of running short on time was available on the first segment so. He goes I say it was our job so essentially it's it's like a text basically right so it's like I'm Lindsay our tackler. Today's is it just into the format you know during the week if it Macedonia is imminent deal lately like this it'll just make us. I'm like it was pilot I was like targeting a legacy is a good data back. Actually T the only still exists I played those in the eighties I've a friend and accurately anything is possible I would check out plaque it's. It's. Nice pick up woodlands you know unum on the wave line absolutely speaking of battling. We did maybe battled the first sector it is back to say about pre jackets are concerned about in this week. I look at the patriots schedule at first you know two or three weeks I was a little concerned about weeks one yet week to and we thirteen. Because Texans Jacksonville Minnesota and don't like briefly expenses the finances because the only thing they can do real patriots is number twelve going down. And so this is a week where if I'm pitcher and I can handle loss I cannot handle quarterback him blown up. A bunch of times but that's Fisher video you got. You know I'd. The quarterback it's just so important and clearly I don't wanna see a month or Hoyer. There's a very few teams that very few things I think you'd flown million in the Boston DNA as well people hey I'd look there's very few things to keep this feature team out of the playoffs. Very few things at a loss in week two it's not knocking they'd play. So alive again I think you gonna run from over four million people in this market no doubt about it so. Let's. I'm just saying yeah. Obama and everybody loses every slack yet I. Get tickets before and he he's he's going to be just fine that is that to protect them the scares with the I was here and zionists of the Texas covenant through 790 resentment will get them at the end. We'll do lightly on the morning but let's let's let these games quickly just endlessly. So the the LA chargers are out populist if we don't get through the slate is a wrote about podcast posted yesterday wrote a month back on that page I go through every single so its greatest if you can you know to whatever weakness it's Victoria three questions pizza at brutal on Matt WE tax. So -- So it is a fun game for sure I don't know how much but I want it might might draft things lineups I want the chargers defense let's that charges two charges are at buffalo. I swept. Now on playing a role I ivory jumped out of Minnesota yet know this is a good game Allen obviously about your targets. On. The bills are good at keeping receivers out of the end zone saw marketed to have I'm also worried that. The chargers so far and it did they start putting some of the really important weapons on the sideline because the bills are. You know this week next Tennessee there's a bigger dumpster fire out bills endorsed him footballer. And it's tough it's not a competitive field the stuff that PC says few hours the football but yeah I mean. We're just shout out there who's thrown. Charles playing in the eighty there's an age labels is that something announced here currently having currently not a good player at this stage in his career. You know any live body receivers he has hands. He has physically hands attached to lose recipient on an actual route and catch an actual football. Com so yeah this scheme from anybody on our side yard pass. And then on the other side. Keener now locked up with back up slot or push hard to imagine back yet and then obviously Gordon. Feels he's going to be part of putting them down and being part of just running. The thing out early second half and then I think in the fourth quarter. For RT the only for a that clock. Emerald Ron Capps and Jack in New Hampshire they don't you can giving your giving giving your advice. I let's go to the game I'd want to talk about all morning which is Minnesota Green Day now looks at Rogers is gonna play yeah and good. Which are really a chance Roger's gonna miss this game laughter last week you'd say no I rights of the crowd also about when the when the injury occurred you figure a week later be OK so he's client. It looks like. And give him whatever drugs so it's it's yeah look it's Green Bay Minnesota it's it's too bad sweet I wonder if like let's say they were playing buffalo if we would see him you know it's Minnesota to big deals division games but we do in Vietnam with the on site. Roger's such a competitive guy he's at the very least he's out there play. So it becomes too equals at least he's gonna start this game meaty just finished supposed. Room but lots compelling. Stuff that's and senator also cook doubt that 651. Game. They feel inverse gyros and sly at 100 units not at all obviously lost seasonal lineups. Tuesday sixty it's nice play GDP like one and it was a little bit more expensive so you know Utica well box. Fields got the better matchup he should probably get more volume com. The eggs you know he's got that long putts. Which is nice from. And then on the other side. You know adams' the little things that pain should get shadowed by Xavier Rhodes for twelve days so that's you know. No Bueno on him. But Cobb is actually 4600 slot where he should avoid roads pretty much higher early. And then if we are correct that Adam's going to be met with rose to run outs that 3800. Varying interest. The stud corner so. Definitely intrigued by some routers weapons. Com. A little bit worried that it's that the problem Chris Rodgers gets knocked out. Your Eisner and that's. And that's you know it felt sort inching in the scheme I don't know I think us to do a timeout 37 injured I was asking this feels like it anyway. You know it feels it might be time game I was gonna say like it got a couple questions on text with with Jamal Williams. And not feeling today and so we have looked half games script for him and yeah I it's such a tough defense to be. On the ground. It's very tough week for for Daryn back of the third. So they might yet they might they might just like you don't shoot buckle passes down the time Montgomery and see if you can break free a little thing you know he's a guy you can use. On certain weeks and this might be one of the week so if you are in need or you're not seasonally and year. You know for whatever reason or light running back on the big guy can lean on dad and I certainly don't want quicktime sweet that he he looks a little more compelling and normally that's match. On one and it scam on the slate is Houston at Tennessee at Tennessee's not. Looking like a good play and all marry Odom and David looks he's not gonna play some trouble gripping the ball. Yeah I'm fading Tennessee I'm very interested to see how they use Jenny Smith but I'm concerned that the quarterback be so bad. No matter what he does it's going to be tough for and Corey Davis industry concerns will be concerned there is playing partners the quarterbacks. So bad that the one guy on their side element to it because it's going to be blow out and that should swing the news the five K I loose at ease ease somewhat interest me. But it that titans are the proverbial dumpster fiery now. Bowl of route and the backup tackle that. It is out Vietnam so they're just there and it's time to handle any block this news I'm John Smith those I don't know that's gonna replace them like in the in the ball. That's right but in addition that you know Conklin is out yeah. The that this Taylor Taylor in Saint Louis is out now and then the guy in the swing tackle Dennis Kelly is in the hospital out you know so and their coach but at Houston. Moments of Houston sitting there right DK 2600 bucks. A look at fire text yes no doubt it and on the opposite side of the Houston will Fuller looks like he's always back out that's great nightly news this week as he gets away from Belichick that's the entry yeah. And obviously a better place last week with Fuller and that treatments. Down the next one is actually. You know with who doesn't know what Josh Gordon at the top in the in the fall these that I of the Cleveland Browns the browns aren't new at new loans and loans come fresh off. Give him 48 points the Ryan Fitzpatrick in the Buccaneers so yeah produce points or twenty this game well I don't know this game looked. Compelling need Gordon was plain I feel it's less compelling now. Yet the saints and rack up points and I just smoked the browns. I was hoping. I thought the president a chance to go over there likely totally me it's a fun game. For for fantasy by. Now feeling that a missing a deep threats in. Just Philip Gordon even if Gordon doesn't go off himself he took the field yet. And last two different things without him. In lesson joke who shows up and actually has huge game I like it joke out of it again tracking and he suddenly compelling. Planet active Johnson 4200 suddenly passage because a way to move outside and you could get some run slot. So there's a lot of fun things to watch for this game it took your Callaway made me and a significant run it is a lot of things you'll enjoy looking at I just don't know I want my money. On on the safe side. Everything. It's going through Camara and Michael Thomas. Camara is worth paying for. Thomas is probably worth paying for I don't know like lineups Brees got better floors out there this week. The problem is that. You know they may not the pedal to the metal second half again this and in DC Mike Thomas and 8600 that there is a can of you know be throwing much in the second half and that's why we'll be right throwing just be throwing right I don't know. Freeze should be okay with this because. They had the gotten a code to claw. And as much everybody loves tomorrow he's really not a great interior roller sports. Miraculously make it a little like news carelessly was terrible last yeah fumbles on a piece of 2 o'clock right now by. Yeah the State's pressure. Let's get to a really compelling at Stewart Kansas city of Pittsburgh as that sounds jumped over. While Miami to jets and you'd be making a joke at the puck well look I think the jets after last week. Definitely gets people's attention but for the life of me I don't understand how dolphins are favored in this game. Makes no sense victory. I think the jets smoke pitchers in the coming off an eight hour game last week I am not I was not real impressed with the dolphins last week and other people where. Not seeing it. You know the jets played a lot better than expected so. Com Robbie Anderson and Pamela Anderson 544700. Both inched plays I don't think there's any weight one of those guys off. Aluminum it is solid and was among among the patriots he's one of those players yet he's on your team to slow. On plays hard all the time counseling and a couple of China to be as strong as a tight end to receive it yeah I proposed a Twitter yesterday definitely has this reputation of being inside bruiser and use. But the fate of that makes specials he's got long speed and he can go up and I quit the football. So this guy who went to catch point in the red zone any guy who can knock people around between twenties he's truly a wonderful player. And I got that god will be. And that was thirty touchdowns Nebraska and you know quarterback to throw the ball well this is a sudden I said this the other day words he's playing with a real quarterback for the first that's life yeah. You know he didn't play with account last year played reasonably well jets as the guys that Gina Smith and Nebraska quarterback hostess existence so. Yeah I mean Arnold for it is like. It's and it's so he's he's experienced something he's done it. Never experiences life. Can't work competency of the position yet though am definitely a big thing I just hope he stays healthy. The thing about it Benoit is that he please so hard and he's constantly throwing his body right. Viewers pictures yet. And DK give a little love the Sam Donald to 5100 we'll get back into the into the slate I'm dying to get to this Casey Pittsburgh game. The new attacks at 37937. Coming up like rhetoric. All our fears and Hackett PG ABC fox Sports Radio. That's your legs warm. I know what that role little Mets and exactly not dad the end zone all right. There's a footballer WEEI it's two hours last week's Olympic we got a little chatty and they've beaten to get to some gains in it and some sides and Texas coming at present and. Thirty seconds I'll kill this Casey that game and doing your questions yeah do it most compelling game slate I'm gonna have more players in this game and any other game there's no doubt. The guys you really want. Get into your mixer on the line it's Antonio Brown it's going to be advocate Steve Nelson standards he got national pay up 8800 get the brown that's easy. Ending I would also mix in some choose you because I think he matches up well versed scheme although Kendall Fuller's tough matches in the slot for him. But definitely won a lot of brown and some Shuster. Conner on the to put it almost all the messages goner for sure they didn't raises prices you're still getting a Holland's locked in volume like 6700 units that's a no brainer to me yes and then on the other side. I I want to mix in a lot of Tyreke kills some Sammy Watkins and Kelsey. And both of these quarterbacks coming what holes lineups and Roethlisberger lineups definite vehement two most popular quarterbacks this week along with Matt Stafford. They count Aaron let's get to some sex they're coming in fast and theories through 793 senate. Someone I just I think it's a good question 71 and it's a game like Detroit San Francisco's pat a cigar sewn. Elect pettis savior the app so detective Google at that canceled by Leonardo it's close it is a close yeah I'm a big fan of pettis and I think he's healthy. There are some whacked around last week is I don't count out on the injury report but. Fully why is that he's he's taken his loss over the course of its long career to do so that's a coin flip I would go Paris yeah I think it's it's close that is to me as well. I will add. Just we should hit the important note this whole thing which is sleigh is projected to be ourselves against that's key partners yet. A lot of Dovonte Adams questions now he's questionable with a shoulder. So you know consider that as you making your decisions 617 as it sounds that you play yet. Dovonte Adams or can he gobbled and we talked about our dugout yeah attitude on the look great on Monday night he did look great you know and you know he's gone up any game where I think his defense is gonna. I think it'd blind Stevenson points lines need points. The weakness of San Francisco relative sense is that the defensive backfield so. Yeah I think outweighs. Safer bet this week and Adams is going to be locked up with the rose ego greed 857. And perhaps it's just for what it's worth I've got it nineteen and Adams 23 so it's close yeah. But I back out and I just love an assault on it you know anybody who don't get to folks it's offering registration wrote about back of a couple like do it 85 sentences Al need help the tight end and boy does he ever Ian Thomas inspect all the John Smith and Bologna and Thomas could look. Very close but it's such a dumpster fire in. With the titans media Smith gets caught protecting more than we think yeah I think Thomas played there obviously those guys make you feel warm and Fuzzy but I yet the potential for fun and it's realistic is it is that an exciting player the blog. All three of those guys sort of exciting Nittany but yeah I'd like Thomas. Stated scoring leader Carlos Hyde in Cleveland going its new loans or James White. Flute. These are the argue I don't I don't hide because we just don't know. About what the patriots do you know and if if Birkhead and and Michelle are out. Definitely pivotal white Bryant. You know if it's looking like all three patriot running backs healthy I think. You know it's a tough one right because in the past to afford 25 so right now and an elected the saints right now are gonna have to go to high. These are apps out there Gordon was held the act you know who knows but. I think they'll have to go with the right based approach and that's. The safer play. Couple Aaron Rodgers questions and again it you know because he was his question what he's client but nights of and it's got. Rogers or golf who's going at Cyrus and owners yeah. Tonight's and its Rogers or lions vs Carolina a it's close but I garage yeah I think if you have our largest appliance. Let's take aways there. I showed you last week he can do a lot of damage in his current condition yeah absolutely you know there's pretty good defense race in about oozes out like you know Cobb Allison Jimmie Graham and they've got weapons that he's an all that magic for Leo matches it's right. Yeah 50 wait to these Texas couple times against the this one that definitely of the Jacksonville the good problems there affiliate think saint yeah. I don't need and I would take part. If you want a book on Ryan Fitzpatrick get a break in last week of a terrible game today that's this that typically how it goes with them so I would take Philly and I don't think he's going to be ready for them. Couple more 413. Holliday who we like vs sentences ago. And Jim Johnson vs New Orleans half point PP ER I like duke it out Annapolis yep we colonies assists played so well 774. PPR. Three choices Henry carry on Johnson Jamal Williams. Carry on maybe I think area that's tough I don't like the PDF format that's better no matter what you do very you can get blown I go to area. I was too. Do one more yeah we've got 50 wait. He's got to. A flex if you DR Cooper copper again I'm going cup cup alternate. All they know that our right to get NFL Sunday coming up with. Is it's and think and it's much Keith and Fauria. Like bank nailed down. And we will get your question throw some maps on Twitter etiquette as many second pizza that wrote a bomb on the WEEI hats off instituted.