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Sunday, August 13th

It was an eventful week for the preseason of the NFL with suspensions, trades and other developments around the league so Jim and Pete kick things off bringing us up to date. Then the boys get back to draft prep with various rankings, top wide receivers, rookie running backs and more. 


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We ultimate football team and also football show and welcome to love fantasy football our Sports Radio got. The most comprehensive content presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football. Fantasy football hour's drive you by Andersen windows. Local Andersen windows dealer by moxie soda and I have legend power's clean the fun. We've got. Here's Kim Hak. Hackett and. All right good morning everybody Jim Hackett. He Davidson Richard she's kicking us off lumped into the jungle while play. You know I am a friend. Doing great doing great when you know we had a big fantasy football huddle event which month hosted and we were. In the presence of other great micro finance give it also allow Michael Fabiano from NFL network field it's unique. And the listeners turned out really good crowds policy fixed to our friends allow Boston. And double cross vodka for sending us their affiliates in Michael Fabiano of making the trip that was a fun night it's it's odd though we were doing their. And and about twelve hours later the entire fantasy football world turned upside down after up to our panel. Yeah Friday night. Yes I don't think different I don't know that we would be able to have kind of like you know got it together that quickly imitated. It was kind of pizza it was a Friday night yeah that made even if we had a good. You know answer questions and and dealing with a everything that happened in the mid day on Friday and that would have been. Now it in different thoughts. Is becoming Alec rapid fire but. A lot to talk about a lot of news since Friday has happened at the top of the list the obviously when people are thinking about his Ezekiel Elliott the Dallas and in a bad situation there in terms of you know and just in terms of the entire situation but from a football perspective and a fantasy perspective that you major impact of the deal with there. Yeah I mean you're talking about one of the huge chips. Somewhere between off the board and you know. I guess he's going to be somewhere in the late second. Third round somewhere in there two hours and attracted. You know one outside the box idea if this is Kenya and he. You can probably would unseat speaker yeah. That's commissioner's choice you can do that. Of course I've ever. It's such a bizarre situation. What are we really want and now we want to know whether he did it yeah you know and we don't know is still don't know I mean there's really no legal you know rattling the legal system. Wasn't even able to be charged a court in the NFL for a look at obviously somebody's wrong. You know if he get it did this he skipped off when he light yeah sixth football game Denver for committing that. Crime yet with the jail time exactly he should be behind bars by the same token. If the legal system was correct there officials from the bucket guys didn't do anything so something's wrong here. Either on the leaders inside and outside hopefully we find out the truth at some point and the punishment ends up fitting the attraction. Yeah and it's it's it's weird to be he's also going to he's got to appeal this thing Sundays and carry ons are you you really just don't let if you look at the evidenced by both sides and it's so. You know it's it's like American politics at two different realities snapped someone's got to figure this out. I don't know it. A lot of the commissioner's powers. Sort of got hammered down during the briefing right up in all the court essentially. The final rulings that something effective come on boy. It's not about. Whether Brady dated or not it's about Goodell has the power the decision bed it was a bad did the players made the clear association missions they mean bad agreements you know they were under the rest of the things solved and I think. You asleep at the switch that gave him hope. He's judge jury and executioner in everything so and so and obviously neither you're either lawyers or with the state and expressed. But you know. If if if if the briefing determined that the powers are sort of you know all encompassing and I don't know at least can really get done Broward. In less it's a drag out. Well. Well maybe not even think if there right now which were decided this and it's quick decision could be that race feel and accuracy would be is there a distinction between. The Brady thing Larry it's you know in inflict football and it's a scheme thing. But to seek things not related to football what happened. Far away from the game yet so you know you could Els powers extend to real life. I do but that would be the only thing I can think of that they would be able to draw a distinction between two things he. And from out from a fantasy perspective it's interesting I was watching last night that the of the of the fantastic. In Dallas Cowboys in the Los Angeles rams pre season one game comparable war. But I was watching the jets took. But outside this you know you me and anyone of our listeners could run through what the holes of that line opens up in Dallas and really doesn't matter who's back yeah I think is. I don't know that anyone of those three guys that you could you know me before that you could pick in Dallas at some point or draft is. Is gonna get the juice but I mean that are on the walkers that want to do what they want. If they pick one back and that guy gets seeks role then. There's going to be a valuable running back and doubts every week yet at the the big question is. When they consider breaking this thing up until it got a three man committee and it's I think it's very possible that the do. But even if it wouldn't make fans the starter and is getting most of it touches if there inside the five are you gonna run McFadden a brow Morris now thinks. And the other thing too is admits that bucks yet you just wondering who. You know when it's gonna happen and I was watching him run last night much he's this guy can stay healthy and every time he has the bunch is because stay healthy actually might have a good year but. You know if I'm Dallas I'm thinking about that so all right these are NASA making news. I want him on the field so probably gonna get more less time in at about remorse they too can run. And this rats lifted yeah you know. Maybe that is the best of the three of them at this point so. Yeah obviously pre season's going to be real important practice reports in the in this situation moderately important finding out what doubts as true intentions are terms how to. Handle these backs while Elliott is out we're gonna have to. Read the tea leaves over the next couple weeks yup. In his Ronnie Helmand into known he was underwhelming you know building may be is there enough you know I think he's fourth in that pecking order but yeah I mean. We've seen some of the backs have succeeded in the past behind this line Sarah you take anybody seriously if Jim Hackett is in camp you taken series. You get to yachts and restricted script through yet acts foot putt that was there was some big holes there are there are. Blasting through against the rams and just what they do he had just on the ranch for a second the I am just not a believer generic god I don't see anything yeah to me that that I was trying to like make a parallels is watching last night. He just reminds me of Rick Meyer and that's not a compliment and I just don't see anything he looks weak remarks at a cup now. But he's he's. He's just what can you. He's just. He's just looks weak to me like you know it's like it does not much but yeah I was a little mileage Roland Burris to throwing style thing going on there was not very confidently can do. I would say Cox's. I mean I was never high on golf I thought some of his coach Phil was good I like his feet I was doing keeps his head downfield. He's a Smart quarterback. But he definitely showed less arm then you'll see last year and there's any question about it the thing about golf last year that I would say is that. When I watched I watched a lot of it useful to cover receivers so much yeah. I would like to see what he looks like throwing to guys who'd get apple breaking its separation. And whether you like god for the you don't like god. Sammy Watkins it is night and day. Compared to anything news room to mr. Watkins can get out of breaks he can run any route you want to run and he can recover quickly. So that's a huge thing for god yes now he's got a guy who can run predictable routes and he opened wing supposed to be open. I let's put it this way if Scott can't succeed this year it's over. They have to really look long and hard at at a really good quarterback class coming out next year and native they've amassed a pretty decent. A group receivers that Cooper cops looking good he actually looked really good last autumn woods good players and brought him mr. Josh Reynolds they drafted good player so. They've got I think there on an upward trajectory that got a young coach who might be good. A cop gets a chance but you know he stinks to join this year I don't think there's years three you've got. I agree with him and he just has to meet its teed up and all the pressures on him now because we'll all those things that you decided he goes from table on Austin. To Sammy Watkins that's a big he's still got Watson and now they've got an excuse me it ourselves and they've got him now in the role that makes sense for. He's a weapon. Just ahead is not going to be matched up against one maybe even two quarters. You can do a lot of different things have anything gadget. Still he's in as a running back. For answering it weapons if currently plays well. And that's another Q this whole thing at Watkins is a huge plus for girly as well because now they think twice operate in those safeties up right so good there should be one less guy in the box a lot of the time. That should be a boon for girly they get the running game going are you play action and obviously that helps the quarterback the medium arm. Got really. Other than lack of experience is that a lot of excuses this year and I agree with the you know let's flip it Sammy Watkins. Helps Todd girly. Sammy Watkins leading buffalo to me really hurts LeSean McCoy. A guy was a little bit and I was about exertion during matches before Sammy Watkins but what's it like it's okay. A look at. Stay on. With Watkins. This is a guy who as intense an immense talent we talked about how you know which is worried about golf but I but I just. Timmy Gurley is the big winner here people in this whole thing that I kind of found it yet I started this whole in this whole thing that happened Friday to meet the big losers McCoy. He's the big loser because. Now the opposite fields to the fields stretch there that gets a Jones the road when they. The thing about it is that without it last year you know. Watkins wasn't really a factor last year McCoy was awesome. So I mean I'm with you what you're watching certainly helps him but. You know that they brought emboldened is a Jones to play yeah reputed drafted on and you know Jordan Matthews obviously got him locked in he's good player. It I'm Kim McCoy that you word about let's could be here because I just say I'm always a little trepidation is about him and so this is off field stuff he's got a lot of miles will be a great year last shady is shady country out we've covered that in the past split. And and I am worried about and it hurt to Camaro he's an older back he's not a big back he's coming off a year with a lot of volume so. There for us with him. And I think watt and certainly helps a little bit. But what he did last year without like that thing. Sort states. And tyra Tucson adjusting stat yesterday about tire on a word yeah press agencies that they didn't denigrated him did you today in the road wondering how far did you go down. Memory gem on component to it Buthelezi. On him on a truck overall I think I moved in the forties. Yeah he's overall 129. And he's the seventeenth for a quarterback that's yeah aside I'm yeah I think thirteen before yet so. I'd I have been behind the line. But I but she's still viable player he's foot points and again it's receivers and a terrible but. Gosh losing. Potentially top five receivers scattered court. Yeah no no doubt but I saw it justice statistic yesterday which was he his actually his. Overall production isn't. Overly impacted with Sammy Watkins on or off the field it's surprised me. But he asked to various go other places to go to play Esther Miller gas to go now is a bold and announced an accusation. He doesn't is yes all three of his starting receivers are new you know right. And you know the fact that you're looking basically eight games last year without Watson he had some four points and some of those games so if you're gonna assume he's gonna have some big foot point games. And like it and I didn't downgrade him all the bombers thing I think he's viable outlet. Yeah I was definitely more excited him he had a monster receiver. It's interesting when you read the tea leaves to its like you know we saw who I was due obviously prepping for bush for the event on Thursday. And you know they pick up in Guam Bolden who's that you know on them a great receiver bodies long in the tooth he's been out of a lot of times a lot of miles on a and you read the tea leaves in it what that was step one perhaps of like all right look it we're gonna build. But he's a gap player bridge player for this year we're gonna move lock ins are gonna try to reset next year I didn't see that come and an analyst. Double on incomes you feel pumped right now. But he studies go to play next to him Watkins and you know. He's an old guy he wants to win a little bit he's a bridge player now yeah twenty minutes after you get there removal has the right that's got to be little. Yeah yeah I would think self and one's a Jones and happy because maybe you know maybe Dave knew that showed some faith in him. To be a guy that they can build around well the interesting thing is now is a Jones jamiat. And Wimbledon they're all at least in theory slot guys most of their. Snaps have been from the slot yet succeed and so. What's been wrenching series who's play outside. And I've always thought Matthews can definitely play outside he's 63250. Pounds. So I think can do it and obviously pulled him in his carrier's ton outside. A rise agents I think has route diversity so is stronger receivers I think. Just based on urged that Mika. I think. They're gonna move around a lot I don't think you're gonna have static positions for these guys. There's a couple Matthews I think becomes sort of trustees the end as a couple deep guys there too broad street is a guy who doable when he's he's got wheels and he's been playing well yeah. He's got a previously little banana. I don't know what's it rushed shooters wheels. It opens them. I didn't consult player you know I definitely keys were mentioning they even a real force yeah this group but. They've got some real reader edition is help from what I hear is playing well at the end of its wheels weed out of that Charlotte Brandon Tate former New England patriot but then millions there unfortunately missed. It's it's sort of too bad they lost ark he's good. Yeah he degree and purposes right and it's chess piece as a guy stressed yet. And what's interesting with Watkins going to his assistant back is that rob woods is this this'll this'll camaraderie you know diesel receiver. Friend from buffalo salute Jakarta to Wimbledon if you're what's that like me you got away from my series or take oxygen out below is back yeah. So what can look in fantasy football is look to Jordan Matthews now the new address the I think he's worth more in buffalo because obviously outside Jefferies there song he's the guy there who's sort of in his prime experienced. And if you object Jeanette stats for the first three years or replica. You know there are a lot of receivers and two more in the first three years. So as here's the thing about your Matthews I think he's a nice I think he moves he's been totally eleventh twelfth and that area but he moves up to that set a date for a area and drafts yet. But wanting to keep an IR. You know just because he goes from Philadelphia buffalo doesn't need ten races no longer concern right. So that's something to watch you know is Jordan that he's practicing over the next week to miss any time if peaceful practice. You know over the next couple weeks and interestingly the month I'm definitely. And we were talking Thursday night you know the did the question came around about sleepers and through Nelson now galore out there. As someone might take the slots on it looks like let's right gonna luck you know everybody's talking about the slot but you know I think the other thing back doors. But he's better than tours Smith side he laughs fights do you know. Yes you can put this to us with some couple down years he's not a lot to prove that this talented athlete and a doesn't get operates routes and at least that's my problem. Slows down in two breaks stuff. That's not a good yet not not a good habit. Is up a lot of news around the league that broke on and on Friday but there's also a lot of stuff that's a lingering in one of the things that's lingering Pete is surrounding Andrew Luck. And the fantasy football drafting population is so worried about him as an indoor a lot of mock drafts and he's available. We waited and he should be and it the I would say Aussie and that indeed the information really is cryptic coming out indeed he you know I don't know. I think we do what's gonna happen for injuries. I can't touch right now early. And that might touch and it is EDT. But I think it's appropriate caution thrown tennis balls and work middle August oh yeah. So. You just not in any info on India I mean that's a very properties. Well the info is they don't know you know. Shoulders here I mean I think he's going to be OK I think the shall recover now but it means fewer than your pocket like. Rush him to get a feel for week one. He's worth too much of course talking about the colts at the start careers and they still decided to get an office line or of them aren't young running back when he finally did that. The side. Look he's a guy right now I'm I'm not taking him in the fifth round. Com not based on everything we're seeing now it's because if you really wanna take a risk QB that are now now and I mean yeah that's indomitable marks in the pimps and the date on that obviously this isn't a Brady scenario where he's. Missing games for a non injuries and right. Like last year it's Kate. Go a little bit early to victory we have five got a monster. People you know maybe luck is out there thrown with half an hour we don't we don't know for sure so there's multiple kinds of press yeah. Having said that the meeting he's showing some progress the minute. You know and the minute we know he's not on the pop. Then gets interest in knowing like okay. They think he's definitely going to be back before week six which means media it's morally to retrieve. That it gets edged nanny becomes a guy's heart mr. it is turning. It's going to be interesting in his whole fall out with him because you've got to in writedowns. Now you're talking that's the store yeah as one QB if we knew it's to keep this position fancy you can work around not drafting luck that's easy but when you look at a mockery that Jack Doyle gore Robert hurt these guys are all negatively affect yeah. Scott's whole team right is that some people access how to pronounce a huge cliff. And the spice that that is like dual image RO like cliff I mean do you agree and reluctant Scott pulls Ian if law fell off that. I would still rather play in holes and I. Dead yet. Via the and it just habit they have really not prepared to it did. Note they the links that they wish the links they went to to to transition from Peyton Manning to Andrew Luck you would think. Their whole draft plan and a whole player personnel plan. Would be to protect that asset. But the the never gonna backup quarterback they what happens loosely name he's publicly name for better position just sheer luck that they have yet and that they are reluctant Peyton Manning to yeah. The art quilts. Lockyer is dummies they do they haven't put a line around them. They gonna 38 year old running back in Italy have is they haven't had a running back to depress gore behind him further thing doesn't bother me. It does I don't mind having good veteran back breakers you initiative. Just fortified positions and that better use that job they're the offensive line means it's a football crime that's yeah and the did. The backup quarterback amended from Curtis Painter to Scott pulls me into locking eyes you know Joseph. It's crazy so you know shame on them so we'll see what happens at. There is solemn and there's. Merit to it you've got any week like if you if Tom Brady. There years for the patriot act's for an effort we talked about it now to Ryan mallet and you can sort of understand patients' attitudes quote for Pakistan. We're tells right so there's some. Sensed that saying what we have our quarterback so. We can't really expect would be. Suitable. Of course we'll bring it down they won eleven and one against his own stuff so Belichick sorted. Yes he has he sort of went back speaking of that I'm wondering if you based on Thursday night in Austin Carr young receiver on the patriots might be. Attempting a roster spot I doubt it but yet hello Ronald. The problem car was slight Montana. Yeah that was like Dwight Clark yeah. They look I have to play and you think that and garage of the next robot problems he's a he's a game time Blair meant was he 22 for 28 to fifty coupled with an apparently he's been struggling in practice and it correctly performer. Well the thing is to we talk about this all the time like he did the media gets so into it was not looking good in training camp or pay who's he throwing tea. And ya. Well it's you know believe it when he gets on the field every time is that the lights on whether it's pre season a little bit regular seasons with the and good. Yeah I mean I'm not act pat practice so it's hard for me to really say much about it other than when I watch him play he's. And the big guys are on I mean they're both sides I think part of the best big guys that are in the NFL you know but they're they're really on it but. How much can you how much can you see that is that isn't fooling your eyes and training camp you just don't know who the personnel that's around the out of you know. Did the taxi squad in an offensive line was he thrown to where they where are they had to try new things is so many factors so sure I don't put a whole lot of stock into that until I get my eyeballs on and you look great on Thursday night from what we saw. He looked great. Demolished there's a pasture yes he did in Miami at first half against Miami Harold Lloyd I was so bomb show yeah that was a bomber. Jimmie you guys yeah we've got to get to the scouting report on him back in 2004 team and is coming out of its run on money great deep ball gets through the ball quickly he's got a good head. The big releases. Lightning quickness yet the thing on him as the is the competition level you know I played at a smaller school with the PAB to fast forward it seems like he's kind of you know taken that that negative criticism away he sees a process that game pretty quickly. Well that's the thing like us watching geno Smith given it their people on Twitter you know gene makes a good throw and they're talking about countries that yet but of all the other places holding the ball. An adorable and a couple of mobile ad that's assuming he's got a quick trigger is exactly what you're one that's that's what Belichick loves him because he's Smart and the ball comes out. Oh yeah and it's very familiar to what we've gotten to know with Brady for the last fifteen plus years so. It's interesting the only guy and Pittsburgh guy Josh dobbs got a couple looks. In his pre season game and additional rule and it means it's got crushed in Egypt unanimously that the guys too fast. On the defense of some of the ball so gonna get more into some breaking news. And some things there are hot topics offensive football back after the break you listen to the Tennessee football are on Sports Radio W the. Draft told rosters and to train needs to. Your ultimate. I see show kicks it back into gear right now DC stuff fantasy football our own Sports Radio. OW EEI. It's a tough one to break into your feet to left that role. This is the smallest blood. Yeah I do have to beat Davidson. There along with him we got into some talker on the top of the league would seek Elliott the big trades that happened on Friday Sammy Watkins and what that means. You talked earlier LeSean McCoy at all within the Jordan Matthews going back to buffalo. As a lot of south so remaining people on the top of that although Mark Davis Brian talk. Yeah that's due to have a compact blockage for second as we sort of talked around Sammy without talking about Sammy yeah but you know make laugh. Yeah I mean I had him very early at the top of the third round when he was with buffalo. I you know I'm still sort of hemming and on on how farm and drop them I don't think it's going to be very far I. I'm not scared adopt. As much as other people seem to be. You know what Tyrod Taylor is not Joseph Montana. That you had weaknesses I think it's something that people like this sort of crossover but. A lot of the value and to write Taylor for fantasy. Was because you can run its course five touchdowns a year runs for about 500 yard delivery thank you. Stay so those are like our beat three number straight. So if you add RB three numbers to a mediocre quarterback he becomes a really good Tennessee quarterback. But in reality track or is average at best. I would hate to below average quarterbacks so you know he's not going from Montana. So Richard Todd. Says you know that there. Insightful. If if if if if I think to me if if the rams can run the football I don't know if they can or not but if they can't. He blocked until the very big year I think it's still mostly about health with a single thing gloss. I don't I mean could he yes. Boy I think there's just to get the chance that watch it helps that's a lot and I think the other thing that people leader remembers this is not that Jeff Fisher offense and more than a young guy he's innovative he likes to throw. So this is we have. Really seeing what that offense is going to be yet it's going to be different offense so. I'm still pretty bullish a lot in the lead but biggest. Concern with that is the way it's always been the foot and and by the way deflect it would be as a Jones fracture it's it's a fairly common thing in sports. And it's an interesting injury. Because the second procedure has a really high degree of success. The outcomes of second searchers have been really good which to me about doctor makes no sense at all but. You know the doctors that talk about it are very confident that basically what can get to the next eighteen months he's probably folic. And we seem guys in the past these predators remember Bill Cartwright. In the NBA I mean nick had never act as if you are right there's all OK but let him go right now to the 250. Seven foot. What are they have got right if you'll play at mile a minute broken bonus which can be a big problem. And the other didn't give up our car right the car it would have completely a decade it will be that's all it's just you know these things that the report try to make just is that these things do some with the deal did you actually feel in your gut. So you know in dynasty I think Watkins is a guided me to go after personally just insulted and moving it is reasonable for if Scott comes out stinks it up this year. You know this approach even tech guy yeah. And the other Jim don't get here this guy if if if we don't that I have to play with a mixture local boy even if we stick yeah. He can do that. That's our that's us at the time but the pressure is on golf not easy these approve it's me I got the weapons now make it happens so. This policy so you you you're relying on Sammy Watkins is a ton of talent there if he's healthy he's in the right situation he's probably the best receiver in football. So the health. And the fact that he's at the rams and confident things are against the U you'd still at the appropriate time make the move on him and I support that yet I support. But a lot of luck of the best of football league. I'm with got upset about a toddler podcast in the show me needs to keep a 100% locked in and he actually get some games under his belt. Yeah I think she's you lead the abilities as good as any but this is the that they and I think people. Forget about locked entities and so intermittently so many games is that he is a just. Oh really really good technical outlook. Is his ceiling is not been seen yet let's put that. And we will say you'll see let's go to another receiver who is just got bursting with talent. But personally this year so as well as out as much Davis Bryant that this is an interesting little soap opera here because like it's. If you just. If you just look at the progress in terms of what's happening with him potentially getting back on the field he's you know it's baby steps but it's happening is playing in pre season he's out yeah. And I don't know I don't know why the NFL has to be so. Cloak and dagger with what's going out these guys have been committed to bite of what he smoke some weed that's like this guy. You know he's in the witness protection program has no idea what's going out this guy I wish Jennifer would tell us how this works. So we can play in our lives but it looks like I mean he's been clear for precinct and now it looks like it's you know basically fear accompanies these get a it'll it'll ask does something done over the next couple weeks he should be cleared for the season. And as always this kid's been working as long he's in good shape if we're gonna be looking at the same athlete we saw the last time I was playing. You know I'm definitely buy tickets priced middle fifth round it's Republican receiver the little fifth America's bright there but he's been clear you out taken. If you tick that's the area do you wanna get players that can outperform their draft position he defines it. He defines. And so you know I mean look they're either some inconsistencies you sort of a big game and then you know not as much. Blood you know equality that is practiced around Olivia dollar healthy. Teams have to sort of lean on those two players and and that it. Not only does that make Brian a guy is gonna be tough to cover but when you complete the football to him they generally have into the position where if you can break one tackle. He can't open parents and little right or or to make big plays so I mean he's a big play guy. I think the ancient English by it's going to be. Did he do any growing during his time away from the game as you've been able to get better. Or is she coming back where. If you could be continued from where we saw in the he was a couple big steps away from becoming a really big time producer. Which I think it's healing merits the cost. Yeah I just love what's there to around and the love you know once lived Levy on fell that and Antonio Brown that's a well oiled offensive machine they have there I traded makes. Hall of fame quarterback yeah the the whole thing's gonna work at the end. But you know it. The real proof is just look at some of the mediocre guys have done when he's not there I mean you know coaches had big games yeah yeah Hamilton and Darrius Heyward-Bey did it doesn't take a great player to make. Make big plays and that offense. When belt around at Roethlisberger had a going down this guy actually has a real physical healing and so. Yeah they look the potential in these states I would gladly say it's different pars. I've I wanna get into your rankings it's have been recently updated the role of on dot com and talk about some rookie running backs before we get to the rooks the as iconic a cover something immediately get to talk about too much at the event Thursday night. Which is an Oakland. With with Marshawn Lynch you know coming out of retirement and there's a couple good backs behind them. It's it's odd actually that you know with TVs Maria wanna get into in the presence of down cook in Minnesota it's odd that he's gone now. Because to me he you know. That could go either way in a local with Marshall lynching and does he come back of a legs fresh and easy in easy in east mode or. Does he come back in the legs are a little. You know all the little laggard from being off. This is a couple guys behind a crucial that they comply. In June Richard DR Andrew Washington and you know there weren't they weren't overwhelmingly great or good last year but they can play and then there I'm wondering how that's gonna shake out. And only time will tell. But you know leeches getting drafted pretty high highly right now and old skeptical. I'm a little skeptical where you out of Charlotte what's up. Guys stayed away. Yeah and. I don't I don't I don't trust the local level. I hit it I think Oakland drafted him with the idea that he would be a big player for them in the playoffs. I mean I'm sure he's going to be their number one back but like you say the other but that the young backs are pretty good players. He's coming off a long layoff he's been a guy who hadn't stayed healthy and he didn't look great the last hung on playing so. You know to me if you're Oakland you're gonna wanna build this guy a little bit we're not gonna see a whole lot of in the pre season. So no I'm not gonna go all in to get Marshawn Lynch I mean. You know it is if you if you slips a little bit and I need a running back in its fifth sixth round of so many staring out consider it. But I think there's a good chance that they're not gonna. Local and have to think they're left to right. So I think it's very possible that they're gonna you know he'll be a good solid. Running back. Bullet they're not contagious where air Marshal on winched down the ticket complete 300 Kerry did that make any sense. That we don't know because in the but anyway bullet. You know it's edited are in particular risk you know if I didn't do have a little bit of the fear of missing out by not taking it yes I do. You know and if you feel richest you know one of our listeners who really strongly that you can be beast mode of deceit after a long layoff. Go for it I mean there there are compelling reasons to consider him. I think the big mystery and they'll quiz route that's why. So you know there's. It's not an easy situation my personal feeling is that for the regular season. I'm not looking to get involved with him I don't think you can get out of the box strong I think that it sort of slowly give him and at some point they'll they'll probably circuit in the latter but. I I better situation a little on the same page like to ask on the deeply some apple I'm happy to stashing the well both in Tennessee what happens you might actually you'll be sitting on a top running and on top remembered starting running back so. That look that's look that situation play out this is my advice. You know you know picking your young back that you like and taking him late and going to play against lynch ship that's that's a viable way to play it. He yelled at. You know I've medium more likely to get which an auction you know I mean yeah what I can control a lot of the other factors and bill making it differently and five blocked then. Two straight draft. I would have to take a guy like that it needs to build around him and be at the mercy of others. Data that's that's good advice. Yet let's get advisable get lured to running backs to come back from the break Oregon's the rookie running backs is a couple good conversations in camp battles happening out there. And I know you've got some good opinions and strong opinions on this class which is a go one. We'll get back out it was into the Tennessee football. Let's get back to Jim Hackett and prepayments and on the fantasy football hours on Sports Radio. WEEI. I Baghdad engine Agassi did some physical fallout. Let's get in some rookie running backs beans and police say. We got a lot. Yeah that's act like I got a little bit of Allen again is much of our time on campus got a. EMI Marshawn Lynch while we're commercial I had. We use the fighter cap on this Marshawn Lynch and just try to explain what we're talking about here ghostly you know you're in weeks. Corey Wright say Oakland beating up on the Redskins. Two touchdowns in the second half that's normally where you're you're running backs Kenny eat right you get up and start running the ball at. If your Oakland and you're ahead by a couple scores are you not gonna just use the younger backs at that point. I'm absolutely protect protecting lynch in that situation. Eight so I'm just worried about that we're when you. You get into your good games scripts they left and that's going to be frustrating for people beat the other thing you need to remember about glitches when they come up that we can buy in your looking to make your playoff run. The schedule is patriots. Denver. Giant's chief cowboys Eagles that while great Lotta sense it is a the which I think is I think they're more problems than people might realize he's a name. He's a great player we all problem. But you know for a pick on him I don't know for me. I I cautioned that caution against that as well. Let's do some not some guys have partial lags the rookies it's a good running back classic came out and Dutch and we've got some great landing spots you know wanna look one of the topics. Are apple actually. Let's blank spot checks and sort of bad blood stool so purport that Forte got a sort of a dreamland yeah. Well but these he shot himself in the foot coming out of the first pre season game. You talking smack about how easy it is throughout Indiana felt it was the first preseason game is going against guys that went on to the patriots roster come on. Yet I don't I really don't care how good you look increasingly I you know I and quite frankly I'm not real worried about this whole criticized the typical hunting. If they're using Chris Ivory at the goal line. That's its design changes. And Chris Ivory is about Chris I read an energy back people at the safety of these like the short yardage guy he's not. He he he doesn't cheese holes well. You know usually these guys there's fire hydrant little field let alone who is you know Chris Ivory is a good player he does some things really well he's. Creek energy. It's you know that the way utilities Chris Ivory is. How Hitler before that and then. We've forgotten to breathe you're bringing a fresh ivory for a couple carries and he makes big plays it's it's it's not meant to bring down the digital space. But you know this idea that he's a goal line back and more to the point that you could goal line back that you should use ahead of the guy you just 40 for all the the trap. That's just so account. Well as the physical makeup to be able aback by the way so it's it's it's not a Eagles who have. Who's right and you into the big power back in about what the goal line. We will see we got guys we'll seats. I'll see you focus on Thursday night in the event we we got to talk a lot of things but one of them I feel like you to cut off from the topic. Was it jut you just about to hit it is delving cock in Minnesota because. Young rookie and I and you're believer I'm a believer. And there's a lot of backs the McCain in the military it is Marie from open but to me see it it's caught now what kind of once you get into that potential quote uncle can't balance and even is one. David Cook has an outright. I looked it took Cooke in the second round I think that the new cook who's been slipped that far to emerge wouldn't be on the team. You know and McKinnon was a really good player on second down towards him the last excuse me as the second back up and down excuse me. Last year or so. I think this thing evolved into that cook it's cook's job for the most part with McKinnon supplemented. In some passing situations and stuff like that maybe. And tied to begin in the clock killing meaty you know they'll use Murray there. But cook if you know I'd love to your kid but he's not doubt because he's a doubt the coaches. A very aggressive runner. I could say I was really surprised it's silly people live away from him. Just because of the come behind you quite frankly wasn't that bad. You know and so that history Colmes I guess a little disconcerting for some people but he ran fast. You know I wanted to see him run fat that he did. You know I think a lot of people fail to realize. The connection between running backs eyes that are running back sheets and that's what would you most important things flooding back. Going back and cookies outstanding. In that sense. And the three controlled just doesn't replicate that market doesn't do it at all you know a frequent real with a bit. You you memorize the footwork. And you know it's you know it doesn't indicate how could you cars are running back committee if you can assume that you know some window into your agility I spoke out. And you know for for quarterback yet sure. Or receiver I think perceive its neighbor yeah. For those guys there's better ways to actually figured out but there's value to a three control but Pitt to take a guy like cut into them because street goes it. I think it short sighted this kid is so aggressive. And he's saying it reacts so quickly. You mentioned a little bit electability Freeman a little bit too Johnson. You know Jamaal Charles guys like that. And I think all excellent useful now only injury slows down now because my concern would be shoulders. Is it ever had a problem with that. Obviously she yelled running back with a shoulder issue that that's something to keep it. Next guy and you wreck he's he's he's right at the top of the rookies there and Audubon dot com indexes guy no real love which is Christian McCaffery. We talk we talk a lot of football on bloodlines right and he's gonna go ones for the. I just like we have with Tyler Lockett a couple of years ago you concede that this guy was greeted by a football player. It's obvious he's his fundamentals are so incredibly good deal very similar blockage in terms of the footwork is not. You'll see rookies for this type of footwork and confidence and their footwork you know he's not thinking he's playing and it's a huge asset the only reason I don't have McCaffery. Listen as the top rookie running backs but I think you know Stewart Jonathan Stewart as the real thing and I think he's gonna continue to get his touches. You know he sees Greece phenomenally down runners on that is so yeah you know. We've been burned in the past by trying to predict what coaches are gonna do so out of luck in the predicted. That the Panthers have been used McCaffery as a slot receiver but they smoke if they're Smart they will yeah if you if you end up being the guy who splits running back duties with Stewart and then get supplemented. As slow as it's sometimes slot receiver. Has value to be unbelievable he could he could pay off in the effort. And the Carolina has done a prolonged times when impacts they DeAngelo Williams there with Jon Stewart for a long time and they both they both got Chad Campbell produced. Well it yet without that yeah I've got a particularly look at that widow because they have to change your coach McCaffery like that's nick gentle split church sure we know that but. The question is are they going to be able to switch their offence to when that becomes friendly for him you take it as early as they took in the that's a good indication that they're willing to do it. Now it's matter of executing it. You know David Shula the guy to do that though we're gonna find out. But I eat this thing I think people need to get their head around this particular player is that. You know usually when we say the guy's an offensive weapon in its way of saying that he's. You know master of all that Jack of all master. Doesn't really have a position in their players like that it's not into it. Well we're keeping master of oh yeah. You know so you know if you really developed into a real nice receiver out of the backfield it's a chemical used to do this kid already done it yeah. So. My only question with him in terms of you know if you can be great if health. Yeah I I don't know how durable he's going to be at 202 pounds which really the only doubt I have about the player everything else and I'm in fully with both feet. And he's guided you know even if they can they limit snaps he can do something with those maps are girls kind of guys so. Well yeah that's for sure and here's the other thing for people who are sitting there going well there's a little bit of a risk which and Stewart because of these if they split carries is valued less yeah okay I can see what you're saying but again a slot receiver potential. But the other thing is. Since when did we start touting a Jonathan Stewart stay healthy. Yeah he's always heard yeah right so there's a player that you know soft tissue injuries to display are very common. And you get one of them and also the capital fulltime back and now all of a sudden pay it off that lake high second round level. So I you know everybody's worried about third round because let's do in the third round of arms to narrow the chance to. Or or McCaffrey or even show vixen. I'm not I'm not afraid you yet. I want to suddenly Joseph mix in next time we'll do it on the podcast role bun dot com check them out all the rankings are there. Slowed folks. I.