Fantasy Football Hour with Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson: Week 3 9-24-17

Fantasy Football Podcast
Sunday, September 24th

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson get you set to dominate your fantasy league as we kick off Week 3 of the NFL season.


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We ultimate football team and also fought all sure oh yeah welcome to love fantasy football our fox Sports Radio guy. The most comprehensive content presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football. Fantasy football hours rock you've by Andersen windows. Anderson window dealer by moxie soda and diet legend power clean look fun and games. We've got. Here's Jim hack. Hackett and he did it sits. Good morning everybody can hack it in my good friend Pete Davidson here at the WEEI Finnessey applaud the morning team. I'm RI. RBI. It's not really locked files and I am looking like it. We knew we were in we're in the candy store here at the fairness people on this was radio station but I mean. I saw Chris Rock a couple months ago OK and he comes out on Ellis he comes out on stage goes at took a nap for a couple hours anything happened. Yeah I mean that god you do anything. And light. It's just about trump is crazy guys get into sports. He's got a bit of an easy put all our mouths is crazy. No one here now need is supposed to be artsy space yeah we're supposed to be tools snowflakes hanging out. About football. In this food. I hope a lot of guys. First. Yes. So law you know all the veterans that personally. Might keep coach. Scout. Waves. Yeah would tell street fees guess what. I. And I fought for people's right to do with respect. Yet he came on as you think it is. Let's don't play well yet so you know is salute them and the subsequent crime rate him this is the bullets that look over here don't go that's what this all odds in this direction and it absolutely. Absolutely. And any sit there talking smack lastly Korea. North Korea or. The minute hold we have to survive. That temperament of Republican acne riddled teenager who's just transferred schools and not in my wallet and users switch schools. Bush all right. Little rant to get to get into what the wanna do the whole show on this but I don't know what it was haters stop but yet we don't have to talk about it here's. Which he says he forces into the room yes there is talking about. And of course they're going to be sort of pushing it to limit how much they talk about it. Now that's what's after. This. Not to you about the not should and we've got football coming up in about ninety minutes so Farrar municipal ball players out there Machida rosters and right now and 930 game and I'll stick to sports. But. Liberal exports as folks like that they needed to go away from useful community it's like please. At all. Now but you know let me get a job to do so. We're gonna hit it hasn't started yet but it will take a lot. Which tests that. It's hard votes for an active mines everywhere like I've tried to house natively. Might might yes that's lineups and it. Should be because justice. Yet thereon but you know human beings not about spot and a round computer. Looking into it he said it well at the top of kids forced his way into the sports dialogue so it's there. But you know we got a little bit at times and we're gonna try to get you know get through as many of the good games is weekend. So that people get their they get their stuff together you know despite what's happening. One interesting thing about this whole thing I think. Is that you actually do you have a lot of NFL teams. Issuing statements finally backing up their players right entities which is interest actually. The skies forced people into taking care of these teams actually takes there fending. X percentage of their base the look I'm not a fan of the people you know kneeling and do what they do during the anthem it umpire I believe in respecting. The anthem and respecting the flag respecting the country but. It's a little different then in week three notes a little bit different based on what happened yesterday yeah I'd ever from people as long as it's for real reason that's well that's the problem is that big a lot of these people don't have real reason that you don't have a good rationale when asked. But the guy like Kapanen but. Yeah but they know what's going on what's going there for a space. You know people who you know. Comfort. Cities that even doesn't matter really weary from year. If you're not a white thing you can do with the optional life you know. You know sociological. History. It it's it's certainly is so we all the different you know different stays as is that I don't like when the people don't standard this week it's their life's different I don't like it. Of course you know obviously understand it I eureka right. You know and it's taking me it's not like flipping the upper right. You know I think I think a lot of people lose track it's not like. It's not like folks you know. There are displays on NFL fields there are a lot more disrespectful. Yet when Marshawn Lynch grabs what is Google yet. Not as much everybody loves martial art kicked out to. That's disrespectful that's something for miles and a guy like that's who he does that in any acts like a Jack Wagner is interviewed doesn't wanna talking to says that there minimum and if you gonna walk the walk talked the talked to indict and these little rubbery. Movement is almost your phone back I mean I and I get a kick out of Marsha who is grateful Butler but you know. I'd I don't I don't need somebody grab a joke yes across Golan let's talk about disrespect your opponent I'm. Not sure how much what. There you know action in just kind of a transition here that's actually. My son's game tonight this Sunday Night Football Oakland and Washington is academic game you know is not a lot out a lot of stuff that's a good way to kind of transition back into. In defense honest Tennessee that's not how the most marks. No it is not known as not but this of that but there's plenty don't talk about enacted the. Absolutely yes I you know in fact some news just broken neck game it sounds like two or not play down. And it's sort of funny I think that's a good picture for Washington because I think right now Vernon Davis better player to death. And it's really good start for us folks in there. So they're fiddling around mr. which DFS lineup. Jordan reed is now a really good cheap play at a nice way to maybe. Create some different lineups that you Vernon Davis admitted. So yeah Jordan reed yes arbor Vernon Davis is a 3000 dollar cost on draft gains. Is that they were you actually want these yap. See I still Joker Diego tuchman that's success that's good. Also in that same game on the Redskins found rob rob Kelly not going to play. And yet this that is good news for your voice in my day but you know what it's so funny man I mean like last week pure and what is yours for careless three point six or something like that Corey. And you know. People coming out with and TP right takes and let the days in and out so you know that 90% of these people to watch. They're just looking at the arch partners didn't get it on its stupid you know watching the highlights and looking at the Stadler or. I accept or watched a plate that read I thought pretty well when it has something to work with news camera. I think this guy's really good football players better. You know I think he's got a chance to take the need to do more to me you can be on the field for all three downs delicate and and he makes the multiple on her lead so you know if if they're using key right utterly downs. And and using Thompson. You know passing situations they've got a fairly dynamic backfield never go. What the play call is based on personnel. And as of yet and patriots did the patriots have built an entire football team that I'd. And it's worked in India they're missing one of their most personal you know tools on offense with an expert Swiss army yup but you know he is that it's again it is ribs and I think he'll play and bounced back a few weeks you could cut both spiked the football the first court last week and that's where Rex yeah I announced while it which but the and I know the a battery we treated them. I mean I don't think we could stick our next much further out under expert and act like a much or what else could possibly say entries in this guy. Definitely put out there and I he's just such a good fit for it play yet if such a remarkable profits I'd really hope that it. Injury lasts I hope this football features this year that they. I think the fans are gonna enjoyed it I think it makes that offense even more fun yup when you give breathe act that way next on why I was gonna say bright degrading enjoys having weapons like that you need to do little bit. To have been more than can split in mopping put him in the slot that can you know actually haven't go long on the back field. It's it's I again about bodily harm us about padding your mind back but it's it's what we said yeah. Always look we saw before got a chance in Cincinnati at the end of last year right I mean is a guy that we liked. You know just he's city's fourth on the depth chart and Cincinnati finally get a chance to as the and you ran for a couple hundred yards. In over a short period of time at the end of the year when it matters by the way so you know he'll be he'll be missed but that that's the thing with the pats I said it is that at the trending now it looks really good. Four of the of the New England questionable so you know that it had a whole offense questionable on Hogan Amendola. Endorse that looks are like a from Ian Rapoport for his. Twitter feed this morning and are expected to play. Which is good and I would actually taken a step further you might finally have been pumping us for a couple weeks and often the pre season you might see some idealistic. Yeah I mean it's you know it's sort of funny I think the less they use him. Sort of the better studio and it finally break out of that you know a bomb. Yet another hour or favorite players is that it did the patriots and I use this sort of analogy too often but. You know they really are good at assembling skill players like their clubs and golf back. You know yeah okay you know we're eighty yards from the green let's let's let's break out this club they've got they've got a club for every occasion and got a quarterback Graham who knows how to use of it's it's fun to watch I just by the way anybody let's check out I just retreated might sort of Rex Burkhead ran from last year or Ecstasy should have been playing over Jeremy held in Chia focused theaters little bit. A little bit of that are expert so anybody wanna check that out laughed at me. It's not there and you know what this is the a transition quickly over to Cincinnati now. You know we were after the militants just really just just on that just on that I still like EEU this is a week now they're Owen do. And they need to get it together and I go yeah yeah it's you know F I a analysts are they gonna they gonna give the ball the genomics in or they gonna you know. I think they have to start feeding I would think. I think if they don't you almost have to get concerned about makes use of something going on its. Bunkers. That's what. I mean regardless of what they're attentive he's gonna fit it right there if they're gonna decide to build the future well she played Nixon if you're trying to win now based on what I've seen from Jeremy dale who usually Nixon you know. You know there's really only one reason you would play and that's it she's you know isn't yet right depth and you know draft kings and he might be up to something years you know these 4500 bucks. Yeah that's what the pricing yeah he's he's not a good example what I'm talking about he's like probably lower should be right he's a potential value isn't sure that's what. You're saying. But. I'm a lot of the backs are higher than they would have been the last couple years they're definitely sort of rearranging price. Way to go about it there. It's interesting I was tempted attempted looking at a lineup and who and one sees only gunman and got GO Bernard as like a deep add. And it's I'm tempted to may be kind of throw him in only because. He's kind of like the security blanket went in for Andy Dalton when Dalton is going good what is going bad to what you lean on your security blanket even more. I would and and it looks like I you know I think basically Nixon or not geo expects sales right. Gil is Gil shows up for couple snaps a game he's just to guide Smart but play hard. I'm like is motor on display yet and he let an easy batter those standing up when he runs running easily you know any meaning gonna think and we'll get an on on Athlon schism which he can't. When I look at the slate today Pete and I look at some of the you know the higher end you know. Matchups that are out there Oakland in Washington. On Detroit and Atlanta you know as early interest in that watched the game and actually right so I think you know. So to speak turn its drafting handle our ever. I think it's going to be UBY. Going out last game yeah. And at this a big point games of the Oakland Washington Kansas City in in the chargers. I look at and win in Detroit you know when I look at that that tells me that there's a lot of higher and spending I can do ND LE. And so I look at a guy like you Bernard at 3800 bucks if I need to rounded out as like a flex for cheap flux is gonna really give me something down. Sure sure I mean Arctic desperate time. I thought you were talking more like seasonal seasonal and soup that doesn't get out of this morning early and implement plug them in plug and play mostly at the Atlanta Detroit game I think the Detroit backfield as interest thing I think Riddick is guy so obvious applications but I also think. Abdullah. It's a guy who. In dark road because they can get it going early yup they can actually try actual football game which if you Detroit I think that's. MO this week yes I am so I think both to trade running Baxter urged. Had Coleman's if this game goes according to accept it right. Is that you Freeman Freeman and I think they'll living using freemen really well but they're not. Riding him full stop and so you know you might see more him in the first half and then they deride these fades into Coleman in the second write it for Detroit and Atlanta strong pass rushing quarterbacks after Detroit got thank you brawn is part of the game plan for folks for an option you know. You know relief rated as well guys were going to be getting interior targets. Pretty active at the dual had a little bit of a breakthrough game on Monday. The four guys first you know beautiful children now back you know holding penalties you know. And people keep it and hope because they never make that commitment to player. A very last week you saw some things he can do within just give much finger people Jim bubble get on the ball a little bit more might have something he's got great feet humans with. He knows how to drop his pads he's got spin move stuff. He's a complete back in. You know the real thing use a back beat for your Abdul owners are really is. Your senior drafted. Riddick is rare role player that really is exceptional receiving game. And he's like at nine point five and terms of receiving running back. It's sort of a bad beat if you would have to look at these five. Piano keys great in his own right but he's getting squeezed out. Because. In drafting sees something on this daily the you know Riddick is 5100 not to PPR format right that's when it gets a little little pomp. But and Amir Abdul is 4700. Right and again it's gonna be issued notes oh that that's interest in them but if I guess the thing that gets into a shootout and gain Lance Craig and the points. Oh. That's that's the concern as it got out of filing for yours but it. Player yet that's the game sort worried about. It'd be the other angle hears that Washington is outweighed Washington so you know. For for Abdullah if you really thinking about playing him if you're on the fence with him this week. But it's actually better if senators active. He can have a piece of the goal line if he's Abdullah should be illegal act and that raises for. Yeah hey you know a dream washes the guy's been kind of a pain. For her and your Abdul owners because he gets the I carry here that once he starts to get allowed an eight you know or. It's close to getting allow the running and he comes in there I don't really see it. And so does the guy we talked about a lot in the past BC he's kind of like a Rex Burkhead tight. Different type of player but in terms of a guy being that low on the depth chart but that someone like geez if they get that guy chance that some could happen. He's a really good football player and the thing about that are in and relief all their backs including Washington he's got three down skill set not problem Washington he's a phenomenal. Physical specimen and runs with. You know obvious speed and power problem he's got bad vision bad instincts yes. You know. As I'd like to say there's a fire larger fields running through. But at some. He is getting better I think after that Chris and I really guy or easier to say that focus I've retired proved to us. And at another guy who absolutely runs hard at definitely has a lot of things blow him you know. But yet visions. Yet. I text to come and. Replying to questions we'll get to those who later part of the show this is kind of a soliloquy Farley show we're gonna get through the Slade walked through. They give you some good advice we'll get to the Texas 37937. The keep Cubans come slot on questions you know. So let's let's walk through it a little bit. Now we talked about the fact that is a 9:30 AM game in London a lot of action and now when I mean there's a couple things to look at. It looks like I Terence west is gonna play yeah and there's a lot of talk about buck Allen knowledge of Aureus known if you don't know his nickname. I hope there aren't and a guy could you could play your potentially a good flex option this week. Not a whole lot otherwise going in that game. That Watson's interest a little bit you know just interest. He's one of those guys you know it's a shame he couldn't stay healthy early in his career yeah. I just seeing that now while it's such a good football player the fact that he can do it solely his career it's a shame struggled with injuries earlier feature expert. That guy that'll grow. Well pats fans always remember the the the the big play with with Ben Ben Ben Watson was actually. Now a defensive play he he came running down an interception he came running down the feel like you remember we tackled. But he went about 3540. Yards hustling down the field that did make the tackle and he needed. Seesaw the F lettuce is in the U writing never he never got he never got off the treadmill in terms of right what he could've been here with injury but it first after his career it's probably like. 67%. Austin injuries what I am so old Lucy. He's got 34 missing 37 he's won in 198037. Out at. And a guy can use to write you more impressive. Yeah and and a guy can use of your attention tied and if you're like a Jordan reed owner you'll you'll have a waiver wire option for Vernon Davis. Is a guy to maybe look at itself apps absolutely you can hostile yeah I throw a lot of money a couple of weeks. You know there was enough of our young guys score points I mean Watson from the look at it. He's going to be a viable site and start for as long stay up. And thanks to via text or six on threes Champ Bailey who Ben Watson thanks hunted down forty yards on the feel pretty good to have eight at potential there. Yes the effect that you go all right let's roll Denver buffalo Pete. Weird game and it this like the Sabbath this as a Yankee conference like 129 all over it. I think the defense is or should be charges game I think the you know 11 thing people are forgetting about awful like everybody's like focused on the fact that they sort of sting which is true thing. But their defense is definitely their better half yes and the difference is pretty good Buffalo's defense is pretty exactly yeah. Denver's offense he has played well and I think Indians under rated. But you know they have feast. Averaged less than average defenses I think on the road at Buffalo's game. Like he says this could be a buffalo kind of game. Yeah and you know what and endeavors acts that tour at all and singing is played well but they've been home two games is the first time going on the road. It out of buffalo in September is a lot different than buffalo in December. But it's still a pretty tough place to play to get a tough. X. Denver's defense. I CJ Anderson certainly viable start. Yet you know obviously year stark Shawn McCoy the basket and volumes should. You know something there. If you own Denver's receivers playing them their short because they're just so good yet but I think you're probably talking more about yes that's something yeah. And you know. It's not to be good places to go to spent a lot of the yet and the next and the next game you know I think there's a ton of opportunities Pittsburgh at Chicago. Most of that opportunity coming from the Steelers I think they look like a team that's had to its three and now. Yeah I think they're headed for three you know I I you know on the new. I think I'm the last person on the face of the earth who's still believes in dirt Howard com. Is it helped a heck of a player Pete I have I have no idea what people fleeing this guy's feet. It just looks wrong. He's a really good running back he is apparently fully healthy now shall not an issue he's getting dialogue back which is under played. Storyline in the whole thing that's going on there so soon mean the bears' best two players are both running backs one of them can be flexed his receivers that do a lot of that. For people who watched the Chicago game last week when they were including Howard on the field Colin was on the field with him quite a bit you know I think the yet it. So. I think yes codes could play this week but I think with long back and if that if he's legitimately off the injury report that he really is okay potential running toward Howard is an RB two this week could start. The thing that's troubling with a and in Chicago Lee's art curriculum is really cheap but trafficking for. Yeah yeah that is a great player Cohen has a role explosive ruled the use and chronically there on the field the same time it's it sounds like they get it as you said. The thing that worries me is is that offense moving the ball consistently with. The quarterback situation to have a close been OK but I'm not in Chicago near Boston and I'm guessing that the that there is a an outcry from its to risky swell yeah I'm grounds out because there's got to correct it got to it and here's the thing you know it's cutie who's real great last year. Com and I'd I'd really think along these huge factor. You know he did a lot of the dirty work Nina for Howard last year and if he's back and play. I think we'll see a big difference in terms of the interior holes yet you know it's an interest in stuff Terence west is active for the 9:30 AM game vitally that is official so there if you. But not exciting clever guy get the end zone in these guys get in our case you know I tricky place your west. Person. To me he sort of flex three pray yet. You know it's it's real tough to tell exactly the extent of his availability he active. But you know buck out was already sort of take stuff from him it felt like that instantly and got a I think you got out at least winning the buck out some sweet dug the puck down and in a couple lineups in Gaza flax and I think that's a decent play you know and and they probably are not a little bit you gonna do in Jackson has been a pretty stout defense two's I find it funny guy like him who can do multiple things. I got a target you know so. We can look at him. Coming up. We got to land tonight in Detroit we talked a little bit about that love that gain. Could you know the next Leo there's actually sort of interest into witches. Sort of odd but it is. Cleveland and he. Hey look at that that's that that I. To hell and why is he 5100 up that box on draft is they seize on it that yeah I think if they see something you know maybe they think everybody. Well I think he's gonna price tag on him for a reason I think there's some there's some opportunity. You're are you saying he's priced higher than beautiful yet slower yeah ice I would have thought expert and I think he's doing so. He's to a Helm but you know that offense is in shambles I think what what will it to me fifty twos screening value for if you've got to go let's currency executive I think trappings as little higher than I would of thought given that they've got Jacoby percent at quarterback but. They're gonna happen. They got a lot to do. Seven now. Right so right. To me that that's that's bacon and quantitative of that that's for percent all the way to fifty suit yeah. You know to me now he's a dark for a heritage on Jackson you know. Actually sat at a player this week right and that. 5000 area. And yes is there a risk absolutely you could you should play him when he comes out for. Four for 32 or something like that right here crying in your suit there's no doubt that that that outcomes sitting there. Why if you're looking to fight again GDP you can play for a five K yeah who has two TD upside. And who is acute audio but barely anybody I think he's he's interest in that regard yet and and you know I guess media what my issues here is that I have a much. Much stronger belief in Brusett. And his ability makes the rose because they can rolled out buys time yeah. So I think you know couldn't hear more honest than his with his feet to do they know we can to right and Jacoby how to you know kids get a big arm so you know. Unlike tolls scene like you know is a little bit more on the mobile side does not advocate right. 0% may not be ready for the big time. At this point but I do you think he's a guy they can subpoena him and find ways to get offs and deep balls and you know if you could just target Hilton downfield for five times you can get a couple scores exactly so you know it's out there a possibility. As you a passage about how that might be a little Aaron. Oregon mourn today game uses are not dozens tuchman on the other side of the of the field there in Cleveland and a lot more coming your text 37937. You're the physical ball are back to you about that. Fantasy football hour here's Jim had cheated PG BC Sports Radio talk. Right back out. Our Sports Radio WEEI. Sex line is how many questions you repeat. And we'll get to them we're gonna rock statement registry tweeted Jim accident funerals go forward who cares erotic chip in Los Angeles. It was silent ninety days. That's OK god that's that's important news to get out there. Texas coming in at 37937. A lot of questions get a man one I wanna hit is at the top from the five way. Radio Cam Newton I'm of the mindset. That if you have any Carolina Panthers plan today and if there any available on the wire gentlemen bland and I just love new and today against the. I experience. But don't play every always look it. He's Brady and I don't know me and I I just. On films some concern that bullet Texans away. Too much. And you know maybe there's a little bit or running. Then then then people with pre fantasy season. Com site if that's a slight concern you have to meet there's equal concern with Newton in the fact that he's full Alder wells so. I nice problem I think both I think both are gonna go off but. Oh. It's filed with the goods from the better decision I just I have it's close call I have trouble look at noon in the lineup today and no I agree I mean you have both you U. You sort of want. Which are cute too to QB you can get up again. I have looked out every four camp five's it's close. An item Brady at one if you know Rutgers was home the angles. Adam you know and what the differences you know. Green Bay never stops throwing even when their because they don't have a running game to use. As pure running game you know that they don't sit there news Montgomery clock kill these Montgomery the right way of yeah he's he's not a diesel Garret blunt isn't gonna you know. Yet ruled on the field the fourth quarter has been playing 90% of the snaps as it is fatalistic their news and so it's O clock and it I don't know trust the rookies they tend to just use the short passing game but his completion percentages high that we pages using kind of things sometimes but I think the least we gives them. Get to sleep skis yeah it gives them you know a guy in sector clocked him. And it and not to mention I think O'Brien Belichick. They both what the clock run a fair amount so I think that game may not have typical patriot snapped total news but but still breeze. Treaty. He's pretty tough to bench. A couple other ones are coming just because of when a against these because of the 930 Jacksonville in towns were also wrong about that yet. So off from 50 wait a flex question. If you went to Minnesota Terence west. Pro and Williams or Thomas Rawls each and of the columns and you know got a bit lucky are there. Don't know that it has few yards it's stealing you know you're you you got to be bummed out as quickly and you get them. Which is drag. That's their I don't know west animals were sent a Twitter last week he is the case they gave me it's tough. But you know like Keenan's not a guys never played before he's not dysfunctional. I think you lose 2030%. Of the value from record keepers to get something yard field as a very good players yeah open. So I think you've got a 4 am. You know go to way out of those guys are great shape this week now and just talk a crew crew Williams for a minute you know that's. And if you believe what you can work with all the information you can get it looks like Chris Johnson's gonna get the lion's share their know how long that lasts I don't know but. I don't know about a large share but I think you know right now. I don't think you can relieve look at any of the guys in the backfield looked three man back field team not playing great football you know. I hope you know I hope our listeners have to get involved in game if you only could start one of those guys and PPR I would start Ellington yet. That's you know he's he's the third down back IDs gonna do that you can probably guess more snaps yet. And just of that question do continue to run if you think in running back more than its in its non PPR west is public youngsters and the other two options brewers brawls only view room right now. Distillate in the room while yeah I mean rolls me. You know really not play much all sweetness he's got to look at last week he didn't look accuse her with a with a with a clean gate yet you know it looked. I mean I don't know if that's probably almost a Tokyo but it sort it. Which means to you the radar for so you know. Definitely had no comfort level with roles I'm anxious to see like this this is one that's you accurately forecast that Seattle in that Seattle Tennessee games a tough one. And at Seattle when he wanted to well I was just I was gonna talk about a little bit like with you know with Rawls I think he's hurt. Eddie lacy and I just don't think he's played much yet I think Carson right now is the guy misses this week's going to be shot we'll see how does this is I was gonna go with I'm wondering if you might see pro Sizemore indicate you've talked always want for yeah. It's a neat he might be the answer because you can do come of all things he can. I think is the answer outlook Karstens pure running back is play back his whole life will be better with the little things the pros Aysu. You know Ted Starks is running back in his life before it got it now. My gut feel for a suggestion that they are using him and they're excited that he's staying healthy for now and I think they want to keep them healthy for a while. Key teaching him their system to the Redskins missed so much time then you know so he's you know he was sort of an extra rookie because he's such a use young in terms of running back in the times so this guy is where they want him to be. You know if you go back to the plants after drafted and so I think. The idea is to keep him in the system and healthy and in practice every week and then eventually roast that's my opinion we'll see if it happens so. This week you look at pro sites and see how many early death that he gets it and then we go from there. At a Seattle wins ugly until they can rule him out that's kind of the feeling I have there and XP yeah mix of trepidation is about Russell Wilson's it's not the running backs its office line you know I mean I think you know every running back to sort of tries having a problem and you know what's the commonality. I think it's five guys blocking yeah. Yeah and they made a switch in his original one incidence of what's coming in today so if it helps some but not surprised you know on and it looked arson teams out there that are real struggle office lines Seattle the giants. It's ugly. What's it together quickly and the giants reliever to follow the maverick yet. A quick wanted to six three in a PPR says Chris Thompson returns less that's responsive all day to take that I think so I think this. I mean I I hate chasing a guy who put up a lot of points last. We could doesn't have like highly defined while you were all right but the same time. Oh that's just been bad. And they can put up points yet so you've got the potential for them to have Thompson and a lot in this game against the defense can be. It can be taken so yeah I'm told it's also what he does or it's PPR format that's because Thompson does so I I'd I'd like that better than terrorists or you know and it. Couple more on the did recruit how to pay attention with a double on another vote is exactly. Or some kind of roll through some that have the buck Allen questions and Terrence let's go 339. Flex and standard. Ten and Coleman buck Allen Derek cannery. Think that's only really really close between reality and yet. Not since the intimacy play tonight. DeMarco Murray Lyon part and on the right on the fence there I would probably play and not match up but it technically yeah knock down options. I did you know goes you got there are literally have those guys projected ovals yet. And you set a standard. It's a flex position standards haven't Coleman but calendar and so that takes away our advantage which catching passes so yeah. Hey just to build on the conversation we had back before the principal on Jordan powered attacks comes in from the 50 wait it's interest thing for flex position Jordan how ordered the Andre Hopkins now. To me. If I looked it to Shawn Watson throwing 65% of his passes and looking at yeah hundred Hopkins all the time. That's exactly what patrician dollar check the gonna try to take away so. That's right I like join our a lot more I think there just because of that. You know they both have problematic floors this week just explained. Hopkins to see. You know Howard we haven't seen him doing George Howard to inject. So you're taking a risk either way. Com. I sort of have a I'm heading just for the reasons you surgeon and having trouble visualizing. It's like it suits and it's him. I don't have a problem visualizing Howard had a big day. So I think if it's a big data wanna actually and the states if you'll scatter to the Passaic. But I think Howard this week I agree okay we're gonna hit the lightning round of your tax coming up after the break it was in the physical ball our new England's ultimate. Tennessee football experience the fattest people fall our own Sports Radio WEEI. Right back down and splinters it's time without liquids like over played. But like classic Broxton got a long enough or. I really. You're right you know that you you couldn't go a couple days and on your Lane Bryant yeah his eyes thinking. Now as it is it yes it was good that they hear so well played there in the studio. We talked just for a second about draft yes just because it for anybody who's listen to the program and this here commercial about. Signing up and doing these things that are a lot of it but one thing that I notice I was doing one the other days that they. They just the explode on when they start right following a night of the picks are again flying I mean there's a 32 clock but a lot of equipment and 56 seconds. So one thing I really recommend to our listeners if you wanna try some of these and draft dot com. If you go in obviously click featured NFL and they went and brings that sort of lobby page on the right above the matchup shall cease your rankings. Really Smart move sector rankings and the things it doesn't take long because these traps for sure right. It takes ten minutes right so if you set your rankings at a time if the draft is so much easier to do so. I enjoyed getting more the players you want because you don't need you you'll talk to search for players in drafts and those who long to practice your drafting like five or six players right so I you know take 510 minutes to set your rankings before you jump into allowed draft I think. You're gonna like your results. And I couple things as when I hit civil and alert goes fast is like and these tax is the coming in really fast one word answers are all okay let Milan. If we don't get to you you can you can find us on Twitter pizza at. At roto Von. And I'm out wrote a bond hacks on something you can line up there I can at me up until noon I'll be there for eye is a quickie. From 401 is when I hit this is I don't want him in one of my least it was Josh Gordon went and we expect an update on Josh Gordon's was this week is and not intercept on atmosphere felt. You know you're not we're not entitled to expect anything on updates it happens when they say it's gonna happen the last thing I heard Gordon was that. You know Goodell had seen anything on it could happen at any time yet. Like I think he's he's a worthwhile got a stash your roster you've got the roster space com but. You know it's hard to get excited about scored display mean. He just went to rehab this guy's injury have a bunch of times you know played since the doesn't fourteenth it's it's sad longshot at this point but he still in Overtown. OK so. Worked well worth the roster spot. Let's edit I don't know of the number on this from the PP ER Hertz or Barack. I'm going crawl away all day. Every format. Five weight. Merry old and a tough matchup we're Ximian is tough match our area yet marionette. Let's see 508. Full PPR Hilton or digs. OP ER. That's tough. They don't like golden. That's really tough that's that's just you know I've got to baseless so I would go with your got a caller if you want mine I would echo. I'm taking percent over case keen and that's why I'm single lunatics. Dad and I you know I I still you know the Cleveland quarterbacks have actually played OK but you know it's still really young defense. There's there's chances to get some lose coverage there guess 978 Jerry Macklin or Jarvis Landry. Don't have a format on that one out and go Landry the goal against the jets it's always helpful. Finally standard at this is to flex needs we've got four options to flex needed. Digs we just talked about Colin day. Terence west who talked about a lot or Geronimo Allison making his debut on the Tennessee football Arctic yes. It's west though it was Alison the other. Holiday. And it goes out articles validates there was no wind at his back he's been planned well. I like riding a streak yet he's gonna he's you know he's his team should be throwing last hurricane so that tells the bakery. So what should your success cornerback mash up of of the group and you get patriot on major crime reflects the PR from the for a one in until her jeans a white light. I agree on james' way today the government a couple of lineups white finished the game yes he will. That's surely I got a young men and until it was a risk with the with the pain in the injuries he said if you aren't PPI have created safe achievable altered if you yeah. 603 standard pick two to a three branding Cooke's yes. Nanny Sanders Jerry Nachman. To. Act as a nanny Sanders and cooks. 774. PPR. Tools for I would need to Jamison Crowder and Phelan. Haven't Coleman DeMarco Murray. PP ER. Crowder and technical. Although you know if you want but Phelan an instant Crowder I can see that but you know creditors agree match up inside Oakland defense the enters week. And sells trees can be out so. Yes I think misses you know there's a good week for Crowder. If he doesn't do this week you start to work a couple richest communities I love the anxiety from to a three fast exit at like seven times. Cousins of Stafford. That Alex Stafford pick out a waiting a week on 'cause I think they'll both probably do pretty well yet so I don't know if there's a wrong decision there but but I would goes out I'm waiting Luis yeah as we a close match of the panel waiting a week on cousins is for me personally. From 60 threes as you trust him Newton I do. Just quickly on the I don't trust him but the sights so high act act out and all right I'm gonna last through a couple of them getting the ultra music the dreaded out of musical techniques six OO don't 603. Eric you brawn or Delanie Walker. I think walker. I agree. Close though an explosive that it normally it would be if I'm gonna play anyone in Tennessee it's the tight end against Seattle. 6034. Inches or prior PP ER. I think functions could have a good week but I've got to go prior tough to go against Pryor in the bright lights is an and I football is gonna lose in the back yap. So 7742. Quiz Rogers of Theo Riddick I'm guessing that's the only. It's close but you know what it's gonna get volume got to go with him and taking quiz there five await Drew Brees or Alex Smith. Closer than it should be degrees yeah take that to take about a talent there and let's end on this 1978 we need to. Jordan Howard Chris Carson or Derrick Henry. Man that's. That is tough. Howard and Henry. Yeah but I wouldn't encourage our caller they're sort trust is cut as I've got those three guys just. There's no air between them. They're very close artistry mr. questions at wrote a bomb on Twitter at laurel on hacks I'll be back next Sunday at 8 AM we'll do couple podcast this week WEEI us on. And good luck folks.