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Wednesday, September 5th
Jim and Pete have you covered with their overall draft strategy, walking you through the Top 20 values in each round from the 20th round up.

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Good morning everybody Jim Hackett Pete Davidson for the fantasy football our polar Pete. Jimmy what's up what's up below right now as people listening to us we are probably need nursing a hangover and eating big greasy. Bacon and egg sandwiches from that nice a little. Well priced breakfast but on the street from you he had usually it's our audience that's hello this is right at oral popped up on where our raw coffee up on the nearby 7 AM profit for the show. But this week is a little different it's impede avenue in the Tennessee football hour in our podcasts for several years here and there is. This is an annual thing like what kind of fantasy football those who rebuke we didn't have our own big. Mother mother of all drafts high stakes strapped down there the tour to draft does and now a year. 21 I believe. It's crazy yeah year to anyone I want to say this seeing that this is airing on Sunday we're recording this on Friday that I agreed draft. While my team and I am ready to go away from week one and whatever injuries happen over the weekend were horrible priests. Now. So we don't look we do in this we have one game in the bag curve for week three okayed the browns and Eagles have won a juggernaut that was on a night. By retailers are yet but we're usually live and work record in this once we're gonna stay away from like you know weeks three. Prognostications and such 'cause we have no idea what's gonna happen but what we are gonna do. Is get into some great content that you and I talked about if you rode up. Today and I should be posted on WEEI dot com about basically how you draft and strategy and the top seventeen a league players were taken into each and every one of race. Yeah yeah sell us a look into it so it in terms of like. George draft strategy and in mind I've very similar as we do a lot of leagues together we talk all the time but. It does a quote that you put out because the ones just account of the rock and roll with which is quote draft players have been drastically outperform their draft position it's not brain surgery. But it's important. Yeah I mean it's you know what what. What are you looking to do you looking to get the best players possible ID do you have by getting value that he could die by drafting guys were gonna perform like. The guys who've already been taken yet so yeah I mean it's it's. It's just a mindset you wanna aim high with every single pick on him and you know 11 little mental. You know exercise that I put myself through is where oh I think this guy's gonna be drafted next year. And I always look for guys are I think mixture this going to be set epic qualities are good for traffic this year generally speaking. Com so you know I think I like guys where that arrow is pointed out. I like players who are useful who you know are on the upswing because they tend to get better each year vs you know. You know being out of class so or being touted a decline yet and I look for players that have positive. Changes. In their surroundings. For example Stephon digs is a guy relief. Hi I'm this year why because he got a big upgrade at quarterback and he's sending players who still getting better. Yeah that's a great point and I also like our refer back to an article that you started writing years ago that I am I'm afraid to sit on the radio that wrote a world stole from you. Which is the drafting in reverse and then like three years I only can I was drafting backwards carry us right could ever captain reverses a great article and an essentially how that kind of looked. Was if you look at it from the bottom of the player pulls upset 120 round draft you look at the players from the twentieth round in that is so say here and attend keenly. Or twelve team league you look at those. Final who so let's say is that you 300 players ranked you look at it from 288 to 300. And who's the highest value potential player in that bracket. Yeah I mean that the the the baseline fury on that articles that people spent too much time of the top fifty players yeah. And just not nearly enough. On the players between saved 115200. Excuse me fifteen to hunter really hundred to two to wherever you're intro line. Boy if you spent time mastering your weaknesses rather than re confirming strengths. You're gonna be a better draft for overall. On and it's not fun to talk about the guys at the end of the depth chart it's not fun to talk about guys who might the fifth receivers in my third receivers it's more fun to sit there and say hey what's Hopkins can do you know what Soto back community this year. Why. Essentially what you're doing is just restating the things you know over and over and over again. I don't need a hundred different industry experts giving their opinions on Libya and now Lindsey Kelly yeah I know that. Right it's stuff that most people know intuitively so. You know generally speaking you know we have we have wives we have girlfriends we have. Bosses we have kids you know. Which of parole officers here for people people that started to shift it here we have type commitments. And you only have a finite amount of time to spend prepared for your draft white spend it doing. Things that you've already done. We're learning things you or know that that that was the basic yeah reason for writing an article here the other recent X operating an article by the way to giving birth. Don't know it's it's that it's that sense wrote about started which is almost ten years ago and now. They're so much more information available for people it's so much harder to have a sleeper. Yeah it hills. So when people putting so much good information there's so many departments ATP. There's so many more drafts now before drafting season that this stuff gets hammered down and drill down. A lot Haider. So for me it's more. Draft strategy and how do I handle the later rounds. First is trying to actually state who's going to be what round because it moves around so much draft a dynasty really made an impact on that because so many more people are are so into the rookies in the deep sleeper players and that's why there they'd been noted that you look back like I mean I need ten years ago we started and I know all they had known names you know but. You know. Most most seasonal drafters don't play dynasty. On. That but you know the thing is there's just Jim there's so many more players. Because NFL teams are throwing the balls are for the Baltimore. Receivers in the east of the used to be one. Number one receiver in an effort to suit and a guy who comes on as a third receivers certain situations and occasional toss it back tied it now. Teens are spreading it out of 45 receivers and backs are getting thrown to all the time you know there's tight end and there's a detached receding tide and these offices are more ensemble and that makes pre season provocation a lot to offer you prognostication choosing a lot tougher because. A lot of times you know of the fourth and fifth receivers are sending pilots and they take the third receiver. In the past the depth chart we don't know that in August all the time so we've been talking about the last couple years late round drafting. Of the past is really more now week to week one free agency yeah. Yeah and it's you you have to be prepared to miss lay. And then make up for earlier free agency they're four. Plea seat. In the second half in the later rounds drafts to me. Is a sure way to end up with a low upside. It's a killer and and suspected might initial pilot dies in a note there is a brother and up his Twitter right if you if you get any updates on to a repeat. You know it it's I mean it's everywhere and you get a word from show after Rappaport to liked. The parents basement you know dynasty guys that the information load is so while the game is changing this so many more players making an impact in Tennessee. The access to information is this the has I wouldn't say when I toppled I would say it's best ultra team and that's a big one yeah. But this thing is best folly DP usable. In regular seasonal drafts now I heard a lot of really Smart people say that's folly DP is what you should use and I think I agree with that but only to an extent. You do have to be a little bit careful. Witness Ali DP because especially to get into the second half of drafts. The order of the players is probably. Relatively representative but be careful about saying. Having getting this guy needs a seventeenth round. A little wait for him there might normal draft we'll be careful because you in baseball leagues people are taking a second defense maybe sixteenth round taking a third quarterback may be in the thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth round. That means. Players that would go in the seventeenth round of the best ball probably are more like 151413. Yes seasonal so make sure you're doing that. Back to your head. Invest balls exactly what it sounds like if you're not familiar with the you drafting not to worry about it it's just it's the scoring so lightweight let's they have Roethlisberger goth and James Winston whoever has the most points that week. Is she is your quarterback that weeks of is so it is different because. Nominates its aggregate those scores for you a nut and thus throws off the draft just don't know a lot of decisions in so yeah it's huge. It definitely. You know these points in your ventures and that is love. Right and I love it in terms of the regular season because I enjoyed about two weeks without. Increasing my weekly workload you have to. You know I mean I have. I was a light year for me this year I had a lot of stuff going on rebuilding wrote about site. Highly drafted about twenty best ball teams that are normally your sixty. But that's sixty extra teams. That I can follow that I can enjoy that I can draft that I can gain knowledge through going through all the straps but with a regular season starts. I'm not overburden excellent solution yes it's sad and again you know and it's and it's finally gives enemies the offseason more interesting to and you know what while we're on at a muzzle say. For those you are maybe thinking about doing a passport to. You know draft is a good place my personal favorite is NFL which are now being run on hand ball Scott issues doing that some great job. And a dark horse candidate would be fair attracts yeah so pretty good fastball. I'm an FF TC also pretty yeah pretty good stuff now with. That's so let's get into the om the strategy in the top seventeen too is these are the elite of the elite. But no one thing that's it really Keyon we kind of got into a little bit but the the key to winning these leagues. Is really about finding those values in the mentally rounds is gonna hit that so keep that in mind as you draft however. You you can't build a house a lot of good foundation and these are the guys that you know if anyone comes off the board before these guys. You made a mystic. Yeah editing you know I I don't know if I approximate this article can remember affected by it. Yeah I knew you'd you have to there's an order of operations like when your. Working on an outbreak cushion right on so long time ago for me meant that you have submitted a self reports about it's I don't know but. You really wanna make sure that you put that foundation down and it's you know round one and in the first half or so of round two is not a time to try to oppressed people. By making outside the box calls a time to put down those building blocks seek to put yourself positioned than take some some upside swings. Later in the draft it's more appropriate we can't afford to miss. Yeah that's ridiculous but here you need to be Smart you know nothing actually Smart little trophy yeah. Absolutely absolutely right so let's get into as we've got three tiers that you've broken out and the first here these are the elite of the elite. And a five monolith so it's comparable throw from out give a little back on each and these guys are gonna surprise you. But it's important to know how they'll lumped in why so the top the top five are ones here now they're almost interchangeable which is girly. David Johnson Zeke Elliott Antonio Brown Miller receiver in the deer and Levy on dial. And does been at the top of the steer early on and as the season creeps forward. And his contract stuff and his workload start to you now. Become more prevalent it gets a little bit more worrisome. Yeah I mean look bill it's bells in the tears so I mean if you wanted to Claudia belt the top of the draft Americans say yours and not in fact it's perfectly reasonable thing to do. I'd just feeding belt the bottom of the tier because he's coming off. An enormous workload. And certainly uses a man and any right alien alien on them and it's not like. He's normally having smaller but last year is huge workload. And he's a guy who's away from his team in August which. He considers him doing a lot of work on them I'm sure he probably is but it's not at work you're going to be doing in training camp. So you know football shape could be a week or two away once he gets back. And the other thing and it's a small thing but I don't think it's an insignificant one you know Haley is that you see there you know. They went in house you know probably things are gonna state similar but any time switcher to play caller. You know that's reason to concern when you've got a guy who's been performing at a really high level. You know it's you know the new guys pocketing improve things that's very likely but he could mess it up. He's also in his own mind to images are from around here you know I mean give Brady's come and instead you know his eighteenth year or whatever it is and you know no one knows any playbook or anyone else's playbook better than him. And give more open arms because he wasn't around for OTAs and that's a guy who's got it knocked same system same everything. I think it is a big deal when you have a new offensive corner by the way. That the guys behind him James Connors run well on sky eventually might wanna put his stamp on something you know any means so he's a little bit behind in the new terminology may be new formations. He's not in treatment hasn't been in training camp hasn't been any pre season games so although some flags that say. Yeah outward idol ticker change any office much. I think Dell's going to be fine I'm more concerned about. The play calling being able lower quality and it hurting bell I think. You could. Receive the same applies to Antonio Brown it's yeah that's fair point yet you know look. Hugh he is a guy news polarizing not everybody loves him. Com you know I've been critical in the past that you due to call Tedy Bruschi and I haven't along conversely I remember you outline a Mohegan Sun you have about aliens you know. Like it can be. But by the same token you cannot argue with production and that offense has been very productive for fantasy purposes which is what we're talking about your yeah under haley's so any time you change the mix. You have to consume it and we don't have results yet so calm. We're looking at. We're in and who we comparing belts compare him to form as a pleasantly rightward hearing eagerly Johnston so you know if I've got David Johnson and Libya and now. On the board while they're both amazing they're both leave people basically do the same things categories. Bill has changed in office coordinator sodas Johnson looks even. But here's where it's not eaten Johnson's not coming up huge workload he's coming off no work yet. And at ease in Kenya. So for me that sort of tips the scale and it's not like Johnson came back from a knee injury right that's why sayings coming off yet slowed because he's coming up yeah which is on 2% healed. And it's and non issues to meet Johnson's nice fresh asset I think you can make an argument for him if area was back. Yet there reasonable one calling the plays that office deciding everything I would say you can make good argument stick Johnson over girly. But I'll knock him. Yes and look for those who forgot I didn't because they drafted and in my favor league which is the draft we have this weekend. With the weave in Europe for over twenty years. Drafted him and I traffic backup after an off the spot here but the faster they have all suck enough bombs or the next Sunday I guess I missed the playoffs by six total point. Preacher back when it got yeah I got a good push through and Italy pushed a lot of trades but it was renewable like that it's up to come back but DJ. But did you don't forget in 2016 he was an absolute monsters so. I think you get that tear right with Curley David Johnson's he Galley who I really like I think that whole office is gonna run through them yeah I'm a little bit. You know I was really on Eliot. A couple weeks ago it's a little more concerning now they've got to separate. Injuries on the offensive line and the senator has some type of you know in them. Situation. It's it's open ended I mean it sounds like he could be back. Early in the season but I you know. You know I wouldn't get a little wind WebMD research on them in the neck and you know it set up to six months recovery tunnel so you know I. I've got to think he's getting the best possible treatment. And that'll do it you know transfusion and all different things they do. But you know. The offensive line their median issue early in the season. You know again we're not you know I'm sure Z Kelly it's going to be a really get fancy play this year but were comparing it against Curley Johnson yeah I have moved him behind those two guys. Outsider like and I can remember they play in last Saturday night they did they had they knew me as the as a sideline reporter and he was not pleased with our sense of line. At all and that's a guy who knows offensive line a flavor really long time he played in that city. In an effort for Dallas for you know what's up folic centuries and it was all pro every year and he was not breast self. That's a good good valid point their value. Yeah I mean I don't I I I I don't know what he said I don't know who's talked about the first in the first unit platelet. Fourteen snaps are summarized excited I'm Aysu Dallas eventually get things settled hopefully you know. It's it's not a long term situation. But you know what steps out plays out yet nobody at the one thing you can count for Elliott is major volume. A means you get the ball high and he's the best player on that offense with the exception of the offensive lineman. Com so. You know. I I think he's an excellent pick I also think you know for those few clean keep you are leagues and Elliott is gonna catch more passes this year than he's ever caught for that Ingrid Marie. But you know in terms of just rude greeting running people's throats. That won't happen totally get that off its line. You know cranking girls. Yet and the other thing about Eliot that's positive is he's coming off a lighter workload as well as he was snapped up yet he's missed the season or playoffs yet. So that's important as the but again. Couple warts there beacon to deep to the a consideration for you when you draft and picked the guy kind of seems the freshest is too early and that's lies on the top the most sports. Right in terms of the cleanest emissions in terms of it right lack of warts you know yeah I mean I. Yeah I think early actors no reason ruling not take orally at that autopsy report analysts are some sort of scoring. Form factories and equipment. If any of those you have it I didn't take that took Elliott Scott fish bowl but it was really and it's a week. Because. What you have an immortal world tied the aria thing right social differed by. I mean the reason I did it was eight for differentiation in the because the scoring format history that oh yeah. They take if you ports for first downs it's the first mustard dip caused it's that's funny I changed who we were in that draft and just don't make sense we have the same player public below it's not all about. Does 900 teens across the nation's who has also at the divisions and conferences now. You play within a twelve team frame. But there's a nine under of those teams and that they compete the end of the year in the playoffs it's crazy it's like you know. March Madness on steroids and all comes gonna together so. On its very you know very interest and I annihilated three national great about that July. It's funny or changes in just a month you know within about a month and a half ago that we didn't that's the downside of the fishbowl draft perks for streak July inched deftly makes it tough yeah. And the other guy amongst the elites in Tijuana is the only receiver that's in there which is Antonio Brown which. If you blame PPI is going your you know wildly familiar with but he always did he gets his and eats every year. And he's a monster but done again and new weapons of or neighbor he's you know with the elites for a lot of reasons. Yeah I think the reason the OC concerns me as they did go out of their way. To get brown huge touches it's it's certainly possible that they could start spreading the ball around a little bit more just don't know. Like you said it's different brain different personality were not talking about the office itself I think the structure. Of the offense is going to be very similar if not identical. But play calling. And you know route design choices and things like that in their own I would be shocked apparently some changes so staggering the unknown is the unknown and you know that's witnessed. They do is Roethlisberger you know he's got some major battles guys in the guy's tough as nails but you know I started to show. The pain a little bit I think with him I wonder for slowdown with him. Might impact some things just thought you know I is on scuttlebutt about it but that the consideration and I wish her you know. Because he's he's taken a beating again. Yeah I mean. I I don't disagree. I actually think he's more vulnerable to being knocked out by a single it was younger. He could tackle when he was younger member that mean you know you know the the one thing about Roethlisberger and we could take this bacteria that's court which was hot outside first here clearance by. You know he's the one thing about Big Ben I think you're. He deserves credit for hours he. Really started to get rid of the ball quicker in the last couple seasons and that has limited the amount of times he gets clock yet. No doubt. Sides that's a wrap on the first year getting girly Johnson Elliot brown and now. And then we move in and again these are the top seventy elite players the second tears. As a second just just just that. It's all the folks what's the you know. What players are in the saints' year essentially saying to use take these players or whatever order you want. If there was a big drop from one player another site here that player would be different T exactly so you know this is a my orders Curley Johnson. Elliot brown bell if you flip that around or one I would have much problem yet that's why don't want to get out. So the second is an interesting one in a lot of big names of the steer. That is our players six through nine according to pizza rankings began all pretty similar in terms of projected outcome from offensive standpoint which is Ono Beckham. Yeah under Hopkins sequel on Barkley the rookie and Julio Jones right in any case you can put this year almost or want. Back of his high into the tear actually for me to speak in really Beckham is on the verge of being in the Europe of I just still have some mild concerns about the contract actually getting done yet and it's funny you know I had a guy. DF media day at actually. Late yesterday on a single piece everything socially positive about the contract but to me. That's actually a bad. Because the fact they're talking about it all being so positive or what if it doesn't happen. You know. That's where I get concerned. Because they're talking about a record breaking contract until the giants actually give back of that money. I don't have much faith that it can happen and if Beckham sitting there talking about it like oh this is great it's great while it needs to have been. Because of it doesn't happen at this point shooting you know if he'd just decides to hold out a couple weeks. Or you know herb you know. Not practiced or whatever I I don't want unhappy player I don't want someone who's gonna consider this time. So it's a tiny concern. Very tiny but it's enough to just. The concern it is I mean in quarterback doesn't. Leave me with the woman fun season mean you know annualized. He knew he was under two rats you know it was last year but he hasn't even. Play Green Zone just you know that we consider yeah I put that in the article that the giants that have some concerns with schemes scripts. You know their offensive line. Alive being little quarterback stuff. That's that's fair atmosphere yes and you know same applies to a degree of Barkley in the rookie but you know. When you do what they did in the giraffe to mean it's so obvious and so predictable he was going to be the guy. You know it's it makes it held the tantalizing but against same office if the giants and you sort of inexplicably passed on. A franchise quarterback and even the jets which. A guy who's for the jets I'd appreciated and told them by the way in the very public about yeah I mean I. You can't sit there and take Barkley which is just. You know again passing of a franchise quarterback for running back which is borderline obscene. The only reason you do that is to win now and you don't win now by slowly breaking your players and Barkley can hit the ground running. He's gonna get 25 touches a week unless he gets hurt. And a lot of those touches and come via the pass. Suits me if your point five or fulke PR. You know just a very safe bet there will be people out there are skeptics was going to take a rookie guy. That they got a big exception has done well look we did it a couple of years ago Elliot we're right it's a similar situation. The workload is going to be there and talent is there. Again this is if this guy was just a big powder. You know if if if the giants took Leonard for at the united evidence here's three right here for this but this is a guy who can literally play receiver. You know this is a guy who's like David Johnson says what are we have better receivers Libya now you know he's he's like David Johnson. You know he's he's that good and so. You know what you've got a guy who can literally play two positions. He's special yes and not missed not a this is not a football players that we've really seen many times before and rookie or not he belongs in that Tia. So they offer being careful of the rookies yet but but by the same talking you can't ignore a means to be blind to you know right close minded to. Running back is that you know. You need certain baseline he do need to be counted but he is. Expected counted yet are running back about a opportunity. And for if this guy doesn't yet opportunity. People should be fired. I would agree I would agree. All right let's get into some more these great a league talented players after we break we've got the finished here too we tease it a little video of the O'Dell and Barkley we're gonna get top guns and Julio. And as so many more players to get to you listening to Sports Radio WEEI it's and Tennessee football. I welcome back Jim Hackett Pete Davidson. Tennessee football our we talking about the elites the elite of the elite. The top seventeen in your fantasy drafts and is great football players we had a lot of them. And I was a stunt or shout out there are some of the rankings and stuff in the article zero WB and uncle for me Finnessey. Bend that he puts out there change a little bit lot of contents if you're looking for rankings if you're drafting if you're trying to wrap. We got you covered with the top seventeen here in the over rural bond dot com Pete's got the role of on 300 and updated she cheats as his which is good just grab ago. And yeah I didn't run exactly anybody's drafting today tomorrow. That the site was updated Friday so. You know if you need Chichi Chesko written officer for school. Pilots get into it's we were talking about before the break the second tier of the elite six through nine we got into the giants back in the Barkley who have both been there. The other guys it to my favorite receivers no shock. Their front running awesome players which is the hundred Hopkins and Julio Jones and best perfect but there in good. Yeah I mean duke is amazing that the on trade you know a little bit of a concern at the office of line for the Texans and and how that could relate to. About the QB who's coming back from injury watts and obviously the ACL. So you don't want him giving him a lot they may have been the worst offense one of football's on. That would be the bad part about Hopkins the good parts everything so on you. Yeah I mean it's volume should be there you know meeting modeled volume concerns of full Fuller please sixteen games. But that also should open up high higher efficiency for Hopkins. It feels like a release date players Samie. Deathly belong here. And then Julio you know the more your league pays you for receptions the more you love Julio yet the more your league is touchdowns dependent. The less you love Julio on if you play at a standard league keeps no points for receptions meaty Julio should be moved down to the middle here history. But you know apart from that scenario. He's of varies state players you can almost pencil lately for Richard yard just seen. And if you just get a little bit of a break in the touchdowns you know this is the guy catch a hundred and for 15100. And catching touchdowns that's monster yeah. You know. You know he's a little bit of a little bit of positive regression from being the number one receivers Julio is so seat he's so good. And he's got a legitimate quarterbacks so is gonna it's gonna blazing rookie on the other side now my yeah I Musharraf got it bounces the field at odds they've got a great running game I think that tight end is also improving as time goes on Austin who are out. It's you know it's if it's it's a good offense and also think that habit and several times. In a massive hangover after what they did in the Super Bowl obviously that's something that. Affects the rest of life sold on him patriots soul punch them than they did and and you know Atlanta was complicit. So. And let's face they fell apart it and that's gonna hurt you for awhile but I think you know what it took their their currencies and they're probably he loaded for bear now there and you know your two of the post Shanahan offense. I I think you know a bounce back is he's likely to sit across our borders across. The board for them in terms of Tennessee like all their all their weapons. You know Freeman Coleman Julio Ryan all of those guys it's looking it's it's a harrowing opt for that game no absolutely. Let's get into the third tier all right so we've we've given you the first nine of the elite that we know penciled in at seventeen. And die you probably can guess this some of the so the via a common given more power but the third here. Is the final of the elite so you don't wanna get idea drafts without you know these one of these guys. Login when my strategy of my dad duo of a yellow box. Listen if you're drafting. In the back after the first round. There's really not much of an excuse for not getting out with two of the guys out on this list are not gonna get a first year guy which you get really lucky. A bomb but deftly wanna make sure that your second round pick. Includes one of these players unless they're all go to our. You know obviously so you know topics the first road so here if you of the thirteenth fourteenth fifteenth sixteenth or seventeenth pick. You really should be taking one of the guys here cures for yep yep and if you're reaching for the next year you're doing a favorite of the got sick after. No doubt in the first guy at the end against their tear their lumped together so and in the anywhere that you like them but they've got the way Peta has them ranked. And you know I had a guy at the top I would absolutely agree with with the and the scream on patriots fans are all too familiar with them yeah putts you know an excellent running back but mostly it's there because he plays in a phenomenal offense reason Greek play caller and get better by the way at their quarterback I think you have bought and you know. Whether the teams getting better not and they may take a step back as a football team to fifth player quarterback who's basically a rookie you know. But for fantasy purposes. You know. You know a lot of people defend out Smith that's okay what Al Smith has his positive points functional. But the problem without Smith is that defense is have a very clear understanding of what he cannot do. And they will not defend those areas of the field. We you have people pat homes in their all the sudden every route. That you could possibly run is in play you must defend it means higher field. That it's a huge thing for Corey putts yeah and I think are probably take steps forward I think we're looking at. Similar statistics what you saw last year but without that depression area in the analyses yet he ran out of gas in the middle that was I erratic patsy just they just stop giving him the ball that I think it was just. You know. You know what I've yet to put. Their coach is a Sony at fault forgot exactly what went through it was weird now so that was pass protection stuff but according to government look bottom line is I think hunt is going to get more consistent following this year. The office is going to really you know be really good. The dump the office of volume is going to be there now there might be. Twice as many. Interceptions we saw last year yet but I think he you know office all its use can move the ball well and the pilots could be right center that again on and got Darryl Monica through on the ball now he these guys Gauguin do yeah it's. My holds is truly something special in terms of just throw making you know if you could be a great quarterback we don't know but. He's going to be an exciting quarterback and give it a lot of big plays that much equity. Next up on the list later for net yeah. Some obvious injury concerns with him but the thing about Ford that is. He's really talented player. Probably a better receiver than some people realized he's playing at a team that. You know. Took him really high in the draft you know committed to him being the lead back he's going to get the volume it's coaching staff that lost or on the football the offensive line has improved to the point where it's probably better than average. David defense and keep giving the ball back to the offense and now and last but not least they plea what do you most favorable schedules. So. There's so many reasons to like letter for Nat the only reason not to like him news. You know the potential injuries since. Definitely get I think you sent it in into the keeping their ticket to is that you mention as the defense. You know that defense is going to put on offense in a position to keep getting making plays all game long. You've been borrowed my him take a step up and don't know before and it's thing I think the Novo lock guy and then off cents per share. Yeah I mean. You know but it towards Orton Mallard you know. Blake portals you know needs to look out for number one by. He also might step number aid DC earlier in the tiebreak and at that. The next guys deathly more sexy you know any means alone opponent that was short ugly commute my assessment if if that's your talk on that the if it would. Should check my thought you know the offense of Rodney. We have we can get the Camara is time for critical on a historic before Rodney passers like 82 years old news on the MTV music awards. And he comes out like at 27 April. Bombshell locks on August 8. And the crowds like you know laughing clapping kind of horrified me comes up grabs the microphone and this is exactly it looks like that. But non here's the Beattie to LeBron. It's. The exploit what was it like tigers article was a kid and it's an if but. Aren't. So yeah Florida is you know he is but he is too worried about the injuries ticket for running back but. I'll there's all the reason in the world to go in on this guy hey he can the only corner four on Alvin Camara is a guy that most people have. In tier two or the French tier one if you wanna take it there I'm not gonna light show on it. The reason I have him a little bit lower on is it's just simply a matter of you know regression I mean the odds on him. Keating could. You know as many big places got last year at high percentage that he got them it's a little bit to what people going to be focusing on Africa and yeah I do what he's I think he's gonna be great. On the if he finishes with a 73 overall player would surprise me at all again if you wanna take a little bit earlier on I can fight John it. On. But and if he will be getting heavy volume early in the year because it was going to be out yet you know just. Began talking about a guy. Up there you know I've seen him taken ahead of bell and round in Johnson that's crazy for me that's a little bit of reach I agree. I I think you can make in our. Human for him like somewhere between light. Five and seven you know I mean bots. And more comfortable with him here for those reasons and also think he's getting a little a little bit over drafted just because of the Ingraham a little bit. Yeah look I. I I have strong belief Camara I think he's going to be very good. You know the only people we have had a ham are people who I think are just. Better guarantees for high volley that's it that's all orders yet. All right so what we're gonna do now is we are gonna take just a small break in and we're gonna hit the rest in the tier I would tell you they are. But I want to stick around all right. He was into the Tennessee football our own Sports Radio W media. I welcome back Jim Hackett beat Davidson the fantasy football our. For your fantasy drafting and football loving needs here we are we going through the elites. The draft elites has to be draft weekend and we've we've hit it's how many thirteen so far from tiger oil and album come all right now gonna wrap it up. We've we've a leaked tagged seventeen players in the next one on. Speechless I agree guy like. Even like in davis' team right now the only chargers and so on San Diego but now I'm going La chargers again but Melvin Gordon and he's a he's act of a player parties in this year as injuries and that things have to think about but a guy only light they're so long care. Long term concerns with Gordon yeah with his means I'm not terribly concerned about this season I think he's definitely got another. Solid year in him so I'm not downgrading him really at all because of the new concerns column which really. At this later in the past few really hear much of adding you know in the moment about them being worried about is so love Gordon. He deftly below to list here you could arguably put him in tears you were at the top of this year you know you know it if you like Gordon at. 678 overall in your fulke purely a lack of Fletcher you know these are tightly grouped players is a reason we chose seventeen and not eighteen demeanor. This is where the is nearly the undeniable talent in his. Gordon's one of those guys volume is assured he's the goal line back he split with a veteran quarterback who knows how to get the full alternate in the passing game. There's really not a lot of reasons to go away from Melvin Gordon. I mean I put him at a Christian McCaffrey's so that really says at all to see. At your first time listener in a lot of men loved by one Pete Davidson the Christian McCaffrey and it's justified it's gonna get well under the crush is gonna get even bigger after this year but you can debate real football McCaffery you want but for fancy purposes unless you've played. In a league that doesn't give you any points for receptions. This guy's gonna make a run and under receptions this year I think is rushing volumes conceivably get. Get your 200 carries here which is huge. And increase over last year. And I think you know he's probably going to be any better football player as he's been in this office. And how fees you rookie running back at some pass some blue shirt. And this is an offense and tagging for improvements that we tuchman Alanna you know like in the that the couple before the break and I think Carolina looks like an uptick in the yeah I mean I think it me. I think the DG more acquisitions speak for them you know I think Kurt Samuel being healthy this year is going to be. You know -- player for them I think he's got people were sleeping on meeting not from a fantasy standpoint because I don't know if you get volume yet but from real football standpoint. Samuels a guy teen and have trouble accounting for him. And he is incredibly dangerous after the catch them much interest that McCaffery the he's just a really exciting football players to have DJ Moore Christian McCaffrey and courtesy and all of the field at the same time. And have a quarterback that's his dangerous scam Newton yeah. And that's that's a defensive coordinators nightmares and finally games some weapons they finally knew what he needs you know the best weapons can't ever had yeah I agree. And you know back to McCaffery he's just. He is going to be right center of this thing he's a big part of their Golan packages. You know people like well it's gonna steal rushing touchdowns and well yeah that's OK guess what characters can still receiving touchdowns from crackles as everybody else who's gonna bounce out he is. Probably the number one option in their passing game against something yard line. Com and profit from an option pretty much of or else to. If you plea of fulke PR I think Christian McCaffrey's on the border of the first. I agree that. I agree that you so that's where I map with him. Next guy is Michael Thomas back to New Orleans you know the warrior league rewards for receptions the more than extra receivers should be. You know right there on the verge around wanna talk Michael Thomas keen and Alan from just phenomenal. Players. Reception monsters that can put huge catch totals the reason that thomas' head of Allen it's as simple one he has not suffered major injuries. That's it. Now it has suffered a few of them. So I figure better chance he has major injury Thomas that's it otherwise they're just both. Huge target pox there's no way their roles are going to be diminished significantly. And they both have. You know. Hall of famers are borderline hall of famers the football really really good quarterbacks and honest from Iran to want to get double the ball to these guys they've proven that. Per share. I think they could they could get if you look at the typical route trees these players run. They they fit in tune into what these quarterbacks do best and that's probably. And under discussed topic we talk about. Fits with receiver and quarterback. You know look at the money routes receiver runs to that line up with the money throws that the quarterback makes it's important if it does. You got synergy well that's the thing that he's gotta you gotta Reese's peanut butter cup if. That's something that's the thing that people are missing the the talking about like you know the patriots receiving corps as an example LaGuardia at Dez Bryant while. His run his route running doesn't really match what they do that that's people are thinking of is that this is attitude I don't think it's that I don't I think I match. And at the route adjustments have to happen naturally. On and basically it's really important to the receiver and quarterback or seen the exact same thing and interpreting it the exact same way. They would really simplify for Dez Bryant missed and I agree in recent weeks we've seen that doesn't mean it's not gonna happen flat you know that's the that's the complexity but we seen it fail time and again here in new Indians over the back to Thomas and Albert types receivers don't fit it's true but back to Thomas and Allen you wanted to create original you work. Here's an example of what we're talking about I really you know I I respect doc Smith I think he's solid quarterback in terms of playing the position distributing the football but I don't think he's a real good fit for chip stocks. No okay who wants a guy who likes to trust that put the ball up electric I look at it that is not Smith's sports a and I for that reason. You know docs and all the concern from don't have as high as I'd like to have you as playing with Aaron Rodgers or patent law homes. You know. To be out of form now gas or Tom Brady and you know a quarterback who's a little bit more trusting yeah well. You know an ideal Ira dental team worries me in terms of weapons are crowd is a guy like there's Thompson's guy like if it's PPI about it you know. I think they're gonna struggle and that the Redskins. You know I don't know I I well I I am open minded. I I don't have confidence really need to direction with the team some guys fit better than others Crowder does it with Smith ran I concede. And I think Paul Richardson conceivably could fit with Smith but. You know. I'm not so much with the deep ball. You know not at all and that's where flourishes that the Richardson Richardson does have some route diversity so we will we'll see how he fits obviously with Richardson you're talking about. Now quarterback and receiver both news that's another factor. Let's get to wal morally guy now he's a big one nobody's nobody around our in our audiences really hurt discussing this time he goes he goes in the first five are on different dress for which I'm about one Robert gronkowski. Who is an elite public or hurts so it's Robert now aren't I wanted to formalize them you know like he's like running like he's just got elected for senator or something just for senator sides senator senator Rob Gronkowski. But secretary. And both of that. But it's not gonna Bunning I would vote for just a spur of Akron and happens on Iraq. On gras is it absolutely. Is the top tight and on some people here of taking time and you know and and and one of the running back receiver with so many great players that position but croc is a lead his position and you dominate that and that's Boise. That and look how many forget about the search for second how many guys in the NFL have the potential score fifteen touch. Analogue. Him yeah I mean you know it's too short list you know latte at five of them. Our tier 15. OK yeah right. Ally you know I don't know if there's anybody outside of tier one on the wrong you know me before net maybe hunt's been. Maybe you know. On so you know that's that's indeed ask that's croak I mean I mean how low can it I would act kind of talked touchdown potential slip. He can also catch any passes. And he can put a thousand yards and those are. Who cares position players that's a lot of production in Iowa that production line now if you leak has a flat spot. It needs even more valuable as you can take him and you don't even close up tight end position right it's early. So if you're like if you leak is tight in premium we're seeing more and more we get an extra point five receptions for tight ends or something like that for first downs and matzo eaten you know there are a lot of reasons to consider Gradkowski. Com you know especially accurate escort system that makes tight ends more valuable but the bottom line is no matter what league you play. Fifteen touchdowns were a lot you can do it if he could do seventy no doubt and he belongs you know into into your three just a can wrap it up. Korean hunt Leonard four net album Camara Melvin Gordon Christian McCaffery. Michael Thomas can known group the people at those guys I was sure absolutely you can make an argument that grant should go up there top of the tier yet you could make that argument. No doubt. And I've seen as the years and I really believe that sometimes I want to pats in wonderland even do anything else is I think that play at this huge crock is there an indefensible. Every play. They got just do that and I think scored 35 points I really believe that yeah I mean I guess part of the reasons they don't wanna ruin him com. And that'll work people and others back numbers and stuff but it make a point that it's there. Like. Quote he's so important this team I don't know if I've ever seen a patriots team is more important to only this one is a used model now you know he's just. So incredibly crucial to do those I mean they wanna Super Bowl Fokker. And Gradkowski it's you know and a little bit more receive a weaponry I don't know exactly yeah so. It's so we are a little to select another minute I wanted to talk about another tight end because you could I think the case I would be the case that. Is there are eighteen in in the in the in the top purely because Travis Kelsey is right there I mean this people that make the argument I'm not one of them I'm grunt guy. He's right there I know you could make the argument for a couple guys I mean some people staked out corruption being missed here. You know I think Jordan Howard's close to this year. On AJ green certainly is in the discussion if you like Elton in the discussion but adams' in the discussion. And and Kelsey now the reason I don't have Kelsey this year. Is he ties are like rock. He is not clear lead. The tip of the spear in his own in the chaos that's right you know you've got Tyreke you know when you've got Sammy Watkins so they have three big dogs to feed the patients really only have one. And then I'm also giving just a little bit of a tip of that too you know. You know mr. Brady of course arguably that coats so no argue over here is the go ahead and that. Or wherever you come down on it he certainly in the discussion so you know when you play with a hall of fame quarterback. I mean you feel about you get a ticked up no doubt about it what pat stock is coming your way if you wanna get more from. At rural bond follow me at at WEI hacksaw we'll give you good content and done a good luck in your drafts everybody. So long.