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Sunday, December 3rd

The home stretch is in sight as Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson get you set for the last couple weeks of your fantasy season. Will you be going to the playoffs?


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The ultimate football team. It also fought all show and welcome to most fantasy football our Sports Radio. And most comprehensive being tapped presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football the fantasy football hour's drive do you buy. Andersen windows and your local Andersen windows dealer by moxie soda by schools distinctive clothing. And by Atlantic power clean. We've got. Here's Jim Hackett and he did it sits. I could play everybody Jim Hackett beat Davidson the physical fallout we thirteen. Pete Davidson ally event. I'm doing good it's a big week it's the it's it's go time for the playoffs and attacks are already committed 37937. Lots of Al. The best summation points and we're gonna we're gonna do exactly that. And before I get into it we're in a league the Scott there's always talked about it 600 teams across the nation and congratulations to you. And to me we both made the playoffs it starts today she's on Thursday and a 7700. Yet so pressure yeah so it's a it's boondoggle instrument did you action Thursday night. I'm sensing this I did not I actually I've put a roster monotony Thursday night which actually benefitted families. I hit a Thursday action and I've got a bunch of tough. Out this. For them back. Obviously the high low down for you and I do I did to get rid of yesterday you know. The place since the words everything that I now. But it's going to be fun it's basically like a 5050 format where. They throw all the teams to a group on in each conference. You play twenty teens play top ten teams advance. They combine groups in the next round. And it actually ten teams in the fishbowl and ties or wins in the physical sense. It's it's a wild format but that hey I'm happy to still be a lot of play and it was close for me it's funny I was relaxed slightly lower line and a. It's not a ton of injuries and and now the last three weeks and the stitched it together picked up by Alex Collins it was a odd Weaver drop them sniped and abdomen and he's good fit for that format because the first down. Right bonuses right for insulin listeners understand that you get bonuses for first downs and then tight ends votes for for the yen and tight end is you've got it right tendency to have points per first down remember. Touchdowns at tech first some guys like rock. Kelsey you know Greg Olsen monies now the opinions on the line they just get points of points it's really tight first house. Yes they do get more votes yes but yeah I mean those 2.5 for the students just yet cars and I I remember what I told you take. Trucking Kallis. Really. And I don't read the rules are looking at the start. Out there. And that's your engine right I mean those two guys have been much on a question I've been. I've been fortunate where you know Kelsey had an off gain more on senate not in other one is played while it's kind of receiver or running backs that pot you know. I sort of in my boat doing it I've for some reason or another I've been stacking rocking tells a lot lineups and haven't had like they've been going. All alternately. But I need that we critical often. The academics as serious pointless. Announcement now it. That 75 dollars Thanksgiving. Millionaire who knows cool. Leader terrible. It was nerve racking and first of all not a big fan of seven on our pools. You know not my style but I like play the mentally just does whatever asset. Arm. I threw it in there I think I'll stack. And I'll sway and I was I was Euro all day. And it rains come like gangbusters and it's a last second with a minute left in the day in the work five games. Our squeak over the line from five. Israel yet what actually what just happened. I'd like identified draft exit expert yeah and I. That Israel Muppets at coral is in trouble but he it's so yeah I'll take it and I will take. Secretly now we actually met a guy here at W yeah I a couple of years ago in DK first ruled out he want it and he he wanted to interviewed a month. I would be a lot of light changing to take down strategy to come and apps or or off chasing away whales fun this. I so we get again you as it gets and they a lot of texts are coming him gonna hit as many as we possibly can't get loans. Yeah but we've got some news that this might help people just at the outset so you hear players that are definitely out so don't worry about actually get these guys audio labs guys. Chris Hogan is definitely not playing at no surprise there. Doug Martin with him the day is a no go so be did you quiz Rodgers can be summoned to look at. Game Barbour and Bobby another guy I hate disparate impact. You know analysts and do it caught a couple of switches when he's an easy is it fair to avoid running backs were yen this so this guy's been like them on wires all you're used to be a factor but now that they bring more people into it. He's got so we've gotten used three backs. You know it is what it is football for the NFL probably not a big deal but for us it is suffer physical phone. Damian Williams on the on Miami's out no surprise there are some good could we can you drink with because when you start to it and yeah actual volume play just a guy where you can get a little she'd probably get most of the taxes and expert if he would stop fumbling and now. He's looking pretty special it's okay it's the facts and on the securities talented runner but. But the ball. Can get it to get the pre nine Italy and you know Williams is out so I think he's a statement this week allies. He's gonna have been chateau about why how's it keeps. All right players that are on March Cooper is also which I wish it was we three person because he destroyed a lot of fantasy teams it's if he has doubts that he does it rains and. Orders to Crabtree suspension game yet so they're they've got both of the studs out and now we find out I guess how itself roberts' relatives yeah I'm not holding my breath personally if you look at pat personal battle yet in my mind. My my second son Cordero Paterson hopefully it'll run this week you know he's playing underrated football yet he's the player art. He's one of their energy players and other specialties. I he the guy I'd really like to see. Do some good things that you accuse. He's worked for you know. So Del Rio is not the nicest places artillery is not the coach and he needs a coach that's an innovator with a better coach for it will don't have that yet but I mean I agree with you would be nice if they used a little more imagination you have better than Minnesota it's been better yet. Mom but yeah I mean without offensive line in the way they open up holes. It in just increasing demand for carries a week to let you know makes it below but you know it doesn't just move him it'd end receiver intrusive positional on the field right you know I think you could those guys tact if they. If you get his blood pumping earlier gains yeah he will be better at everything out does yup he's one of those guys he's a momentum guy he's an adrenaline guy. You know little wind and sales if it's gonna hurt your team to give him the ball as as a runner. It's gonna help you and he's I'm always gonna keep an eye on the Nazis see reliance. If he's an agent is just one of these days coral Paterson is going to explode if given an opportunity yeah I mean if if he keeps working right office but. And we we've seen before you know when he was with Minnesota and they were so frustrated with in terms of routes. And and sucking up the scheme. You've still solid defense is really giving him respect. On and loading up for him and those those reverses and inject suite so. He's a guy that defense accounts for half to a count for. If you click for in theory he secretly so yes it's and Terry keel and this year. A couple of the guys John brown and Arizona is in narco Robert Robert Woods is out that's an interesting game the rams it down the cardinals because you think they'll like last week. With Robert Wood out cartoons about you well the thing is also too with Robert Woods we finally saw Sammy Watkins breakthrough now as you know Patrick Peterson fumbled so yeah I'm out definitely cup which would you go to India starts. This yeah. It's a brown out Robert Woods out Kelvin Benjamin against the pats he's out so lomb I think the patriots are gonna lock in on child's play and take him out so I'm not points it's. Tough safer for all the bills yeah. And it's really I mean if you wanna slavery today soared in the bills hang in there. Yet including one candidacy get Brady in the field throw run right like we saw the second half last week against Miami pat sort awaiting that just like the analysts are this year. I ended mixed in some past there. And let's get to the news to slack last week's game against the office actually sort. Yet it's also the template I think for this week's games so. The last couple guys wanna mention willful or no surprise he's could be winners out. Doubtful Adrian Peterson and Arizona's not gonna play he would act that's a game time decision but he's turning the wrong way right Greg Olsen is out and Carolina that's a big ones on site you each weeded out. Fire bad Dixon. Yeah Dixon's a guy you know pursuit and I needed tighter today yeah he's suddenly obvious starter shows that he works right with him you know. And it as the yen the big in the last ornaments in his Antonio Brown on Monday night today. Boy that I. Have you monitored by now. You know it would be so easy digital clock nastier usually are based on what I saw yesterday would Antonio Brown it's gonna be kind of like a mixed bag in terms of replacing him like he hasn't juju obviously. Humanity areas he would say you can mix bag you which you don't want you know this Akeelah Rogers might be his role may be Steve's name in the slot on announcement that's a tough ones yes one of those things you really have to watch the news today hope that there's something breaks indication. As to what to expect but yeah that's. Imagine being played you know waiting at a scenario right now to figure out whether it's the top receiver and it has to I don't know out thankfully Kenny stills that air holes but it's brutal that's brutal. Analysts. I thought that the patriots in the bills and instead just kind of look back to back the clock and yet some spots. You want in terms of just thought it was in Miami a couple things that I sort of found interest in that game first of all the pats were doing so much funky stuff yet. I mean they come up with a fake punt elect the first series that was great if it was a circle but I'd I don't expect that against Miami. You know like I figure that's kind of thing they hold but they must have obviously something in Miami this to work. The element of surprise that the that you hear Belichick's in all the time the element of surprise us to be there they want us they wanna put that plan out there are so you have to practice board. But they also won a surprise somebody and I didn't see coming unity coming insurers aren't dot C company. And pictured it work on the up. And then. You know the dolphins' first TD. You know on patriot moss now touched and you don't see actor yeah liberties you know them. There's a sort of off the back in Pakistan are in there and it just communicating you know so that's. That actually changed the complexion of the game a little bit in that I don't think the dolphins even. Are remotely in that game. Now I don't edit because at one point the second half staff started sniffing at a little bit like I was like seventeen. It looked like gators look like a pats are gonna we're gonna pull away and and Brad. On that Moffett put Miami back in the game but not little if you knew the patriots are gonna win that game that gave them a little bit a life a little bit. And now our networks are directs Birkhead definitely nice way to reducing him scores are like an end around. Actually it was in your score out it is a beautiful catch it on the goal line writes this thread from and that is exactly what we've been talking about offseason now rare breed he sees the mismatch motions and into the slot. Yes and on the linebacker who talks. Com. And that's that's pretty much and and obviously. It was good to see chronically. Rock was drunken and Enron and Brandon cooks tonight he he just into another shovel pass yeah there was a lot of a lot of the pats broke up a lot of stuff lot of fun stuff right yeah it was fun to see the Dion Lewis running so relaxed. Yeah I don't know that makes sense to you but he was really running behind his pads really scenic. And it seems like you know he's been getting the care is pretty consistently now for Earl wild. Starting to see is his instincts kicked in it yeah I think he's got a lab grizzlies and allow the don't like to seize it kind of was Mo Jo going. He's the on the momentum we know is gonna get fifteen carries a week. They can use him in a lot of ways these get energy like you're talking about Patterson the beginning once he gets Roland. You see that you see more and I think that's oozing with Lewis he's the guy studied hard in college he's running it use to congress just like he says he's he's got the rhythm CNET. Hopefully it lasts or players that meets do that that detects a line in time making it. Fast notes immunity hippies does some good was it when it hit one real quick view Gaza with the first time we see Josh Gordon on the next you know we should talk about Gordon down and talk eventually stuff. This week with court first of all I think I mean I'm happy he's back in particular chance. A bomb but I'm not spiking the football traumatized here and I think. There's a certain level of convenience with histories coming back just at the right time to become a free agent yeah that's Ottawa could be. Coordinates there be too suspicious but I think there's. He's got a long way to go for I'm comfortable. Being scored yet on but for this week he's been practicing saying and start. So the opportunities should be there. On one thing that was pitching and you hate when things like this become part of this discussion why. Chargers quarterback Casey Hayward his brother killed in early this week on Monday that car accident so obviously that we've seen all week. Com so obviously condolences Casey Hayward is. And he's gonna play he's coming back he's going to play them that's that's. Yeah you talk about a big time quarters of Gordon almost. You know avoided that matchup he's not. So. When you look at it on its face you've got a very good player but we don't. The one thing that nobody knows about this whole thing is what Josh Gordon re going to see today we don't know there's a window he hasn't played since 2014 right and that's been sitting there practice and really Washington meaningless scene it's finished with a quarterback there's no in here. So. He's a wild card but he's gonna get opportunity. The match is tough but when you look at this game. The chargers are gonna smoke the difference. Spousal question and the charges of rolling by the way that the hottest other than the juggernaut like the pats and Eagles right now the best. No on top of the conference team play and if there are they could be a tough out flat out. So. Where Gordon becomes instinct to meet today and I think if you need keys and head. I don't think he's got you wanna putting one of them. But if you need me complain of and if the browser down multiple scores the second it's going to be a really good opportunity for them to sit there at Kaiser take shots. Corey called Gordon. And it's just that knows so. If you're sitting there are like man I really need to play Jeff Gordon and everybody's telling me not to. But it's not ideal but. It's not you don't have a chance to do you know its interest in making pews when you bring it down Gordon back now look at the weapons they have Gordon Corey Coleman. Joked to duke Johnson is in a crawl all looks better does he add that one guy. And it now looks like it's something that could be just adding and adding Coleman and getting joke field for most of the snaps would be date I don't know. I mean I don't know what there view like Gordon is you know I don't know they're open to bring him back. The browns the court. Court yeah on that's just. I'll say it but it just doesn't seem like a good idea that Mike Yost got an error. People talk about courtly it's just we'd say it's not just weak and the rumors that he was talking last spurs but. It DW I not a rumor on the real thing right so this guy's head. He didn't just have a Wii thing. And I mean if you listen to just the things that he's opened up and said the fact that he's on stuff during games and asked his career so. I hope he gets straightened out you know I hope he has a long career. But if you're the browns and you've done nothing but collect on players for the last couple years. I don't know the locker so he's on out of the woods you never properties certainly none on the wings like writing and it's the ground yet so I you know. I hear what you're saying but I don't know what really matters the browns next year yeah. And I don't know if they wanna bring him back in interest again I guess they would be in life. It's one of those things that instability battery change of scenery equipment sure. But there's a question on insolent and this is an easy to start an easy one. It's to flex questioned it's not Cooper cup. Josh Gordon or Ted again uncle owned company lie about all the way you know again yeah. And the thing is. You know ridiculous in court for the upside. Cups cups. In a handle it easily sort of so the rams play in Arizona. And Sammy Watkins is going to be locked down with Patrick Peterson we knew he had the rams a plan while they gonna move the ball. In who's gonna get the targets that it's gonna. I think with woods out that consolidates. More exactly. And I cool so let's let's get the pats built a little bit I think that the thing with Josh Gordon just while we're on idol but yeah I am just avoid the field. Don't let the fact that you had this writer bench for six weeks even waiting to play him go with that element at become a factor in the decision really make it about this week. You always say that love kills in Tennessee all right and I always say sort of resentment. You know exactly is that it's just a motion yet try to take emotion out of it you gotta be valid Jacqui just gonna light. Yeah at this hour on the buffalo and run around a week for speaking Toby thirteen you know so analogy yes I hit it. I to pats bills I think it's kind of going to be a lot like we saw last week in Miami and eat you know. I like how cooks his strategy beating up an additional four yeah that's I just I think what you saw you know I mean to be a little bit of nuance here in terms when they line people up and I think the personalities season which again and again I think the guys who normally eat in Tennessee and eat Brady gone cooks. I played Rex India on and one league in them and I'm sure read the play seasonally. In involvement. So I think that's what to look for I'm not looking for a lot from buffalo. I think to make it around and you just yet I mean my hope. Just fantasy standpoint ominous embryo there today. I'd like Tyrod had a decent game and you know again. Some of it's over me I'd like to see the bills at least be functional enough. Where the patriots can keep playing office. Speaking of keeping emotion out of it finally. Have a figure of Cuba most of them finally you think I should start to problem gonna start to drop below I've. What do you say you could speed and I I don't and it's just excited and excitable type and I say before. I supporter and advocate. There's always go to do it and be successful with eggs and listening public that top twelve quarterbacks at a moment roster. Are you what my real fantasy effective. And well. At the bears just persons he determines act apart and have fun. If you're like you are you looking for a playoff spot died in a better option them in Moya do that if you do have a little on a daily you know implement it on line. It. I think Jimmy or Apple's agree got to watch this week yet. Watch. Idol one. I mean I don't want people pension James Winston stated but yet. Not that Winston safely this week although it's it's it's starting to feel like Wednesday is a little bit. You know 34 practices if it doesn't seem like social issues this. If your camp and it is an issue what is it and she has got to plan a gap in right and I mean. There's just. In disguise it risking anyway. Our ability he he yeah exactly he's who you're building with. That's the reason you have. My Gavin read these whether. Right or wrong to do so each quarter but in other reasons and to be cautious with James Winston is about you know it's how it's been sent to emerge a little bit. And it's Patrick likes his tight and he's going to unlike you know. If if listens and all question mark just continued development. Yeah I think I'd maybe I mean look that could be part of what's going on as they want Winston working out of the got ours people. Because they are thinking about next year which is understandable what. Just don't put your QB risk you know we're talking about shoulders. News. Yeah you know he's a guy who runs you know I mean which they can move that he'll attack the Yankees definitely guys. He young quarterback. We got a lot of tax questions coming in to 37937. By guys wanna throw this out there one of them comes to Cooper cup Cooper cups of a lot of these. Pete's got them at road of on dot com at the eleventh ranked receivers and that's Iraq that's a receiver one. And just to kind of quote use your play targets this week with woods and Reynolds banged up. With Watkins you know having Peterson on them all week so you don't game Peterson shadows off so yes he does and he's godaddy has ties and shut people down I think Watkins got like in their in their first meeting at the three catches for forty yards. Not a fun that's a fun matchup to watch yeah watched those guys go at it yeah. So buzz for fantasy. I mean what you never know obviously to shake out but. It looks real good for comfort zone yet and over the top guys are receiver right and Keenan Allen Julio Antonio Brown if he plays AJ green cooks. Phelan Hopkins Al show on Mike Evans juju. All these guys have an a cup is cookie and his staff on digs. Cup is right up there with them all right so you've got tough decisions and they don't include the young the normal wide receiver ones and get him looks strong look at the looks good today. Tankan animal of that. Wanna grab some tax and then after we break we'll that your starts article gonna have some of those are. Here's a a question it's that PPI needs to an ideal of these. Need to or PPI canyon Drake Rex Burkhead. Jamal Williams were there are right PPI need to canyon Drake Rex Burkhead Jamal Williams or duke Johnson. While that's very close that is sorry says he's here yeah fix that the volume. Jamal Williams has been doing wonderfully well for green did his thing Aaron Jones lets him come back. If you or your third 13. Let those are four very close back yeah I mean that's so there's really. There's no decision you're gonna make with these four running back tree it's going to be a stupid decision right. I would personally probably go to Jamal Williams sounds like errands. Children's stock and soaking it play but it that was going to be a big factor I think in a maximum Aaron Jones is looking like a 13 share yeah Jamal Jamal loses two thirds share so I think Williams is safe yeah. So then what to do corrects and Drake all free he are likely to do well yeah. I would go with duke or Rex. Probably racks. Yeah only into Pittsburgh and two Jamal Williams burg and that's come look at that's my roster. The thing is I like to Johnson he could maybe do something this is so many absolutely yeah do I mean if you wanted to hit it. You know it's the text or. If you if you feel do connect game and and and certainly with the browns probably playing from behind and talk about good quarterbacks and receivers. The ball funny dude Johnson ought to that would not be surprised so I think that's a reasonable thing to do PR. Form but obviously Berkett twice in his own last week really looks he's just you know getting steady diet now. There's nothing more. Nothing you can depend on more than patriot office holes so. I think OJ well and Rex it's just a very solid way ago they would agree with you that thing about tree or is the fumbles. You know the couple couple fumbles and who knows what case might do so. He's been put on the ground a lot right so I think the first guys we talked about staying with the budget office yap. If he's on waiver he's a waiver wire illegally could use an extra quarterback or the third quarterback he's just. I I know my team will lose if I pick them up. That's anfield on you know well it is also expecting costs so it is also loser. Mr. Ira Eisner I'd I'd wanna get another one now before the break and it's a good one. It just because of the match ups. And it's from 617 car some Wentz. Who is at the Eagles in Seattle that's a big game in the other quarterback he's got is in the other best game of the week which is the Panthers at the saints of its new new against the saints. While Wentz against the Seahawks. There's you know what the grade. There's two top five quarterback there I would probably wins on the bonus I feel very confident in what he's doing right now in the Seahawks the Seahawks right now on defense. They're not that they've they've lost Sherman who lost and referrals from the back or not but service really did you know. The and the defense flows for a long way yet. Yeah I would go Wentz but there's a wrong decision yet you're gonna do well the only ones aren't gonna break we're gonna get to Pete starts article and eat you tax. And lots of fun and jolly stuff here at the Tennessee football our Sports Radio the beauty yeah. All our fusion package PG ABC fox sports yeah. It was lured dosing that wolf Parkinson. United went to him about it on it by could come back to block call. Thank you champ if it. But it's getting that back what's up. I had I had a chance to the opportunity is very fortunate to get a conversation with. Roy Jones junior the great Roy Jones junior on Friday as before hung up as an online deal liner to go. A very well. Acts sanction then how come it took not to block call him and I don't listen Roy that in a week sixteen action absolutely tides of 379 present and listen Roy Jones junior that you questions. Some he's gonna starts article that's up right now that documents that show really well. And take the wind out of the top when which is Brady we know him you know he's gonna do the yeah. He makes he makes the article every reason why wouldn't be so let's sort of it's sort of managerial directive but it's easy if it's enough. I've been. I mean jobs outsourced cycle pass article five. Bottom but I agree it's just been such an easy play all year you know I mean obviously some people are ensued. Ownership ratings and stuff like that it's not a huge factor in my decision making to be honest. I just like quarterback who skipped the points I need. He's just it's O incredibly consistent it's that are really tumble new laws. Let's silence among the quarterbacks that can help people on these or really did their actions top guys it's Brady Russell Wilson went well you just can't. This is it a discussion of Brady as I think that's an article it's it's. Going about the stack another greedy Brooke good degree Brady and a Brady to Barack thing is just easy use all get out and had. I assume people are doing that have been talking about like. The numbers that gronkowski posts in buffalo it's awful absolute multiple two touchdown teams. You know hundred yard games they're really there's nothing in there that's not good. So it's sort of like Cronkite steroids. So for me I. I mean I know it's obvious but there's no way am not stacked in two guys together and beat the questions to get involved another place yet and throws third. It to me it's Louis ember can of the guys economy may you may be I didn't talk about this last week he may be doody can line up with with Rex and you do want with the on ingenuity that yeah I think it's need to get equal. It's funny you know not like in grooming Camara who waited two RB ones but there to argue to lose yet and they want to double digit points every week as an opportunity right and and the reason that it's always sort of a question for you to vote for running back every year ago cooks for so. The reason it's so compelling patriots is their all he's cheap. Like it's not like winners Camara and there's 7000. Units. Can you can get them. When I look at your article so they can it can help you. Depending on what can receive if you use it helps you set. The when I look at your article and look at the text line and one kind of in some questions globally is walls again. And to me the most compelling position this week is the receiver position that's with a lot of decisions. There's not a lot of fun days to so much quarterback exactly exactly that that's my gonna wanna focus there's so you've highlighted some receivers that are really good plays ball and season dale yet the tight ends so this week could put four more yeah so. As a time in particular replay in the tied in Premier League and you can get a guy like at a machine gave you some. Waves true it's raised. Dobson they're going to start freemen are Fedora and I don't. Obvious start for him but you know tough matchup and yet seen. So while it's it's it's received just elect the match that your idea to. Keenan Allen is surging he's probably the top guy honestly 8300 bucks in the bronze idol of rivers today. I love Allen Alec all my charges that the development and torso quote the tip of the race. Stamps and out here any you know that is a lot of snow. But yeah Alan. Point seven targets and what interceptions stupid questions in sing yeah. So I used in this short format there's no way. I'm running away now pushers the questions and few and vikings have been that the falcons 7500 bucks replay. Cooper cup we talked about on the only 61 box. So yes now that's not bad luck you're not. It's just you're just going to be one more person went to Africa this week but. You know it. My attitude is get involved points and differentiation. Craved find elsewhere yen in seasonally think he's gonna he's gonna pay back this week guys really believe that. The pretty steady year yet. Yes he's a couple down weeks but I mean he's been can rookie receiver yet. That's second quarter net office that's. Exactly. That the I'd really like this week is Robby Anderson the jets who he could get a share of one Darrelle Revis is the very consistent XP please every week. He has showered with targets because the jets to run. But Nikes I mean. He's got a target Xbox he's got to try to setup with Iran. And that's really the past profits really revolves around the packs. Spare engine and so you don't know what's gonna that that's a team in jets chiefs I mean she orders her chic yet. They bring in Darrelle Revis and I think that's actually pretty good move for the chiefs. You know couple weeks of practice thrown in there I think he's going to be susceptible to be. Anderson's at a guide users trouble at least half that breaks yet. And in the final receive rehab step on days we've had some questions at 3737. On step on days. He 6200. An interesting game vikings falcons falcons resuscitated themselves a little bit. They looked they looked at they were gonna be dead for the next few years and that's a virus yeah. It is but you know the vikings are tough team that's a solid team that's the kind of team that go into a place like Atlanta again just in just roll some days have been. Yeah we'll take I was concerned about just for fun it's pretty big time player but Trafalis out so I've tactics for sure I don't see questions beat them definitely. Leaning lunatics and has one quarterback when he talked and talked about what is in that same game and it's not now Ryan it is asking him. Yeah. It's a remarkable thing going on and so that in their tough spot because. Bridgewater if he's gonna be the backup they sorted to get a look at him somewhere like even if they've made the decision completely missed the playoffs there. If reporters here back east or have to know we can play. So it's finished situation I think they're gonna have to get a look at reporters somewhere to look at him. And the way the coach talks about it. You know one bad starts working its they'll flip the slide on the but the more he talks like that the more the better Keenan can play is gonna give Sony's. You've seen and he's he's a guy is agents are on what you got great receivers you gotta be ready play your best ball. You can expect this offseason he has. If you fall apart and he'll get overpaid. Is with the vikings someone else yet knows what's gonna he's not he's not gonna deserve debating against what he's learned right now and we do good for him did we talk about this like I haven't targeted projects next. That's the best match he is the that is a perfect jets signing. This year. And resign pointed sooners. Sat. Let's get this in Texas their fourth let's get some tax because people have been waiting patiently and I wanted these. And some came in really early it was such an interest in 171 text in a PPR format. It's Alex Collins OK then with the ravens again slight concern that. Yeah a little bit multiple yet he looks like he's gonna play some rock you're worried a little bit about it in game decoration. He's so three ops three options as one of really won't be an option that was really 11. PPR Alex Holland's AT I don't think is gonna play an accurate I don't think it is as simple as that taken losses early outs loans and huge eyes. Collins and Jai you need one yet. No I can't it's PPI and it's only in the kind of slows me down a little bit on it but I'm just looking at the times of the starts here where deserves. There's those 4 o'clock 4 o'clock and yes that is really can't really wait very pity ya. The other two were I don't know. Energizer night. Well to start cops yeah I think that's easy. Yeah I'm I'm in Allen's phones and a few differently somehow afraid you've got to Missouri. Nineteenth running back he's a little solid egos at one is yes sort of close counselor play him one that. And then you can't sit there wait three keys since that night goes yeah yeah so if they decide the one yet now personally I would probably just like gyrate. Even Peters please you guys. Could easily knocked out yeah. So I'd probably our GI fund guys were close it. Less than one yet but he has made it place he does and he can break when his conflicts and guys like a really good flights to me right now. 71 and standard format as another flex question. And we just talked about the vikings going on the road was Anna and I like my vikings this week so he's that your McCain and step on the eggs or Jamal Williams and Green Day has been playing great but again Jones Mike it'll actions now. If you need one instance going I'm leaning towards the exit he's very it's obviously the waves and yet you gotta go with the vote that way yeah. Play him out if you want to play it safe with Jamal Williams. Just as a running runner's floor yet. You could go that way I mean they got the big huge so let's talk about that person so it's week thirteen ones vying for playoff position. The upsides it's got to who's gonna get you on you know right got to know your situation yet another team playing guys you know you know playoff situation so it's a two hour. Techsters to note that but. Com you know if you are gamers use dominant team just one picture eagle ones yeah. But in most situations. And it's. Really like it again it's not but the asking them. Before we we came back from the break like how he's playing like an offense is right now at Minnesota on the road and maybe the calculus against effort truth honestly chat biased MacWorld. Did you keep it locked in to explain the last couple weeks his routes. On oh yeah he's a degree here is pick up. 77 fours and a PP our league and Canadian bonuses for deeply deeply TDs and injury can genomics and. Who actually woke up last week. Tree makes a I think it probably makes. In an accident Pittsburgh you know that's a tough matchup and a tough matchup but you know what I think you run defeat Pittsburgh again you know mixing catch the ball as well. And again I just you know. You know Matt Moore I think it's out from a mistaken it is at it's awesome between Cutler more he's not wearing it and nobody cares race what I guess what you know Cutler's back in banged up in the costs though. If Cutler gets us don't like David fails yeah that could take out of my office total yeah side I think Drexel risky ones and Nixon's obviously for planet that could go to analysis there. Finally some of them now the standard league. He's gonna means dark while Doug Baldwin Cooper cup alone out there it's one place there yeah. It's either ball quarter cup and a cup is just seat for I have them both in the same area the rankings but yeah. To your point. When we took the question about canyon Drake with Miami. The giants are in the same situation if you know instead geno Smith league leading them off and go to quote beating them not boy that's a don't know what's that it. The charts at that such a low brow movie opened terrible and out is you can make it and forget the argument whether Manning should be pulled based on player I actually should be how can buy this year. Its leaders right and terrible office. It's the way to handle this. I doctor expects to super coloring forties lately got to start record could significantly and never missed the game. Annika pull for geno freak in Smith and I'm not only that well look who's making the decision a guy is a dead man right. Yeah. Exactly I mean a fun time management much you know maybe today's time the fire match and guys you mention Wi-Fi you. All right what we're gonna break gonna hit it does Morgan light on its a little bit more conversation about. We thirteen years the fantasy football ours what's radioed that he swings Altima. They see football experience fantasy football our Sports Radio WEEI. I look back to Jack Davis Cup finals at the in his book following a week thirteen. Tex a 1037937. And some news is popped up one it's you just clarify Josh Gordon is going to start in play a lot quote unquote yeah that's been that's been the rural yeah so it's he to heating up for him. Cameron rate looks like it don't remember Winston likes him. We are big OJ how it stands at Winston seems to like mr. rates of yours you're anyone low doesn't it cannot be tied and scanning and testing and Desean Jackson's expect the player of that seem game with a foot injuries though. To some things to count it there top levels that your form to some questions let's do it 617. Interest. Paul Richardson or Jeremy Maclin who. It's close. I would Richardson they just think the big play is there right. You get the big play and he he doesn't get a lot of receptions but he jubilee award if it gets it exactly right. Exactly right. Did I I don't trust Flacco. I just don't. Ago awful this year right and Richardson's and so good am I think it yet and you know what. He's got Russell Wilson yeah I just that and look Philadelphia's to score points I think you know. Of racism. Upwards of 26. Seattle's. They're gonna throw so. Fine first shot of the game loser anyway Mac that's big now. So he can maybe get touchdown that's audit them next yeah so this is when you never thought here at the beginning of the year 71 markets merry Odom Josh the original. Mary is there that distinction he has earned that with his death. Yeah I agree I've got to ranked pretty much right next to each other I'd probably go area because of the match up yet you know its own you as it homes when it Houston I mean we know. Federal document of what's happened that defense this year I literally have been excellent twelve Sony's music here separate them very much I would go area. But you know caller if you feel astronomers found it it's about it he could get rob in the scientists policy. Marietta's got a lot of auto parts. I love playoff the SE file and I love like you we do we thirteen anxiety kicker question about this. Kicker question we've got Boswell Pittsburgh on Monday night against the vandals actually really like him there because. Those AFC north divisional games and that's as that's a field goal frenzy typically as other option is Lambeau in Jacksonville and that's another field goal kicking teams that that's actually very good question. Jags. This. Jack's going to colts expect more touchdowns for the jaguars expect mcdougal's legal laws I think I'd. Five awaits. Just type Albany he not probably an employment is replacement. Is old friend here in New England DJ Foster but the and yet that's currently in these yap so I would not count you wanna those guys in particular. They've been predicting it xmas. And you know what. Even before EP team in Peru Hormuz is there and Andre Ellington was there they didn't let you in Chris Johnson it is what's the question there. The questions from finally he's got. He's a tough position halfway PPI is it to quiz Rogers. On the eagle quiz. Just based on is on the first four weeks of the season right mark I would just. Barbara getting too much it's not good but quizzed him something coach. What were the ones that not a fun decision. On at all when it's 774. Repeat VR format. He's curse what you like who you tax. Says a curse against. Against the jags and respect. Got a total offense. But he's gotta you gotta you gotta hope that they did go off. Boy that's tough really tough rounds in a really tough matchup against the jazz unit that I think is a good chance that helped craft that. He's you have a 5050 chance of him giving you a huge play it out that. I think you gotta go oh and you gotta hope that he gets that they get them on a good matchup here in there and play first hasn't been doing anything yeah. I would play field you know it's it's a tough it's when you at the small good luck. That the tough finally it's in scoring. Alex owns a Lamar Miller. I'm healthy so it Adam Miller. Yeah Tuesday that all week but it steady diet yeah what's the score reform that's standard. Stay Alice Collins good standard really close standard I'd probably still ago. Miller just because. Althea a little bit concerned it counts. If for you know if so accident scene he's field with a lag. Yeah I went at it enters its market discipline Lamar Miller Houston's playing offense. You know so if I were you write about Tom savage today we talked about in the beginning a year old ball like he. Need to get remote control the clock and he couldn't be comfortable he's got a lot count right now. Not a good quarterback but Tennessee's soft defense I like Miller Miller's decried just stats and again I feel safer there there there probably union at the end of the data Providence but announced loans that's worrisome is he actually his average per rush is so strong. It's great mr. moments the ball doesn't commit. They don't commit that would have executed Detroit's good matchup for the run I think both of these guys do pretty well at the end of the day you ought to look at some power output. But you know I don't want a running back and tweak like agrees tweaks in the game. You know buck out there. And did that just opened its members Miller's now practicing full. Is a couple of the ones like he's 940 Tyrod Taylor there a month. There's been no receivers. I. Think it probably. Probably cartoon that's what I would structure got their color and texture that is tied is as I mentioned earlier you know that's another one I had car thirteen fourteen minute literally he had no Kelvin Benjamin from buffalo. And I think politics and a great job of locking down Charles Clayton focus on it so I think alike column Taylor so good at doing something that nothing else out calm you know cars got a team that's sort of on the verge of giving up so. He should be able to function as receivers so. You know very close probably are. Home. It the secret sauce for wonder comic Seth Robertson thanks questions and six threes roberts' record Coleman. Stuff I'd probably go court Coleman should have the better of the corner matchups on the team. He's been getting a lot of looks from Kaiser last couple weeks game and throw alive. Except Roberts is a guy who lives off getting good match right he's the guy it's the third quarter when Cooper. And fracture on the field he's going to be getting one and two quarters this week that's the difference. I would go I would too and I think in the the publicized problems is it again none of those guys there somebody from a lot of passes and has been bird that's exactly. All right here's one the last one we'll take 71. To stand it's going to needs one of these three. Jerk McCain in. Welker on Denver or Derrick Henry. I think secretary I would too. Upside to me you know he states don't even though they've been given Mortimer either using both backs and I think that matchup it's a good matchup for chip cited a future. I couple Tex hitting gets he can get heated at wrote a bond get Bible. I would try to be a Twitter from around 1112 account folks gets as many as I can't to get me out sort of on hacks and you got to listen Roy Jones junior if you don't tweet has successfully finest on Twitter is coming after you. About today guys. There were the words don't seem that there were barking. United is he would be about it's going to find a comfort. Welcome back to block call.