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Sunday, December 10th

The fantasy playoffs are under way in most leagues; Jim and Pete get you set to top your competition.


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The ultimate football team. Ultimate football show and welcome to most fantasy football our Sports Radio. And most comprehensive content presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football the fantasy football hours rock you've by. Andersen windows and your local Andersen windows dealer by moxie soda by schools distinctive clothing. And by Atlantic power's clean. We got. Here's Jim Hackett and he did it sits. I morning everybody you bracket and Davidson we fourteenth in the fantasy football season. Second round of the playoffs most folks know they'll listen we will do you justice. It's hopefully good opinions on players' decisions to make the united no immigrant. I don't know. All right stiff after my thought ninety minutes of shoveling it 4 in the morning out and say I got a 5 am and figure out but he beat except for the O one guy who was hoping would be giving. Wars that not me on it but that's okay. So. Congratulations. Excuse me actually shoveled out I'm out a little nervous but it goes slow. You that you're gonna carry it that's for sure but the here and actually got you on time typical. Funnier when you start with what you're talking about there and Palestinian. Yes I have an opinion on this is one of throw this out so back at the nine men in the in the late ninety's I was rule goes like him in York struggling artists tonight. And used the race and we estimate to make it he trades like you know that particular act eulogies and you know. And ratify my. Throat pizza macaroni Jesus in the country dale I think actually if that's correct that apple and I think an item in every restaurant close. Might have a did you did but that matters but like. Jeter. And you acknowledged that he had nothing you can so. Telling your recipes. It's a pizza onion. It's you got this that's pretty got these enacted season's early and asked them to middling prospects he. Having only thing about him I mean obviously I am. I've actually. The portraits are. Amongst them as yes column there might David. Com so yeah I think that's why haven't why. You know the one thing about it is it trial scenes you know. So stand on the news. The way it goes the NBA some of these guys control there and win it wanna go. It's awful. I hate the Yankees so. You know it's great mix of missile capable anyway all the time now they're like Tripoli that I use it just acts. Eight holes were dry up the Yankees to slow. So a little depressed about missile elements of some angry elements oxygen that except we gotta get out against that against them while waiting in line company well. Yeah I. But he could be it's just all so Jeter goes down there definitely seven says well since it. That sums up taxpayers. Basically it goes down their guts takes other people's money buys the team got the team that takes that Watson shares are yes you know it's for it's pretty it's just stick to it and and it's it's it's smelly and he just be free agent signing the Yankees. Just as bad and it's you know it's the Yankees financial. Furl. At least the Red Sox now that level. Yet they keep going and it's likely that nineties I hate it and Huntsman victim as the Oakland yeah absolute luxury tax level. I'd love to see. And I'll be morally the I'll be green where all names that Spain played like constraints would be great but we talked about this for decades. But at least it's not as bad as. Ever he please. Keep sober act up people. But. But the thing about the Yankees. People would always stay in second place that a far but the thing what is each year second place was a difference yeah. It's at a couple teams compete with them out which tries. They would fail and pop up at them and their wounds and other teams would be spending that we knew that nineties told not year by year to cool like seniors put together. Salary cap salary it was. And believe you know worse than the two got worse than that yeah to Aaron actually use it bleeds over 2000 but. I'm Michael news all the east partner. It was actually worse yet that most people yeah. Sorry. It meets him you know in a fit of sports so they cheated they got it to the Palestinians and K. Okay well. That's the thing Ottawa. Finally go car and I can. And enough that started early in the morning facts that show outlets as far as thirty. Wishes as I did but it. If you got a back injury governor about apple. Marty's and out. That. Let's. Now it up and do it I thought. You and I five you actual support there we paid the price put on the show yes we gamble for them absolutely. Absolutely let's get habit it's you know it's. It's complex on that. It's a big week you know it's the second week of the plans for most people. Feel bad for people. We were happy for you play that ports green about no rock. Thanks yet. That's right finished this club note on audience via. Hopefully you can find ways. Through Hogan might help them get voted down that helps a little. Bit tight it blows now. Armed. But it's tough week for a lot of betweens stuff so. You know this week I think with some minor exceptions play your best players. To increase the match ups. Don't over think. That's rated by tonight. All alone tweets last night of pizza out or Obama mat or one hacks on a couple like you do it they were real stoppers they were tough like one guy. He has I don't. NTY held that is kind of explaining the situation I Camara on Thursday night you got hurt himself played here yeah I guess appear he's in on pure anyone it's a little Mike McCann and her illness it. She says that that's that's a tough one I Sybase as as his situation became more obvious and a thoughtful yet hole it was him and that's as lenient. But that he's got he's going against wrecks on Monday night and he's like I'm thinking maybe the home run volatile monthly if that's what you wanna go. Problem is they're talking about a sustained winds over one there with Carrasco and god knows now with gusts of awful Christmas for it and you've got percent who's probably never played in that floor you know that's that's my concern at buffalo is talking about it Gotti generally throw. Intermediate the stuff to an could be Kris crosswind so if you're if you're thinking about bill. Com. Do your last minute due diligence and get the best most updated information on the way. Yet in my other my duties airs at 1 o'clock game so it you don't know morally right at 1230 go there take a look at what. You know considering that when it comes to you know all the the radar stuff if you wait to the last set generally getting pretty good report on conditions you know so do that you're considering. Yeah and the other thing is said to him on on Twitter this guy was you know. Buffalo is it's on the play for and the only guy they really have to worry about. Is Hilton so don't they cannot focus on him and try to take him away it we see Milton go we just like three games or so over a hundred who has gone he's gone crazy. That I guess there's ten games or didn't do anything you know normally I would say hello gives you good puncher chance and certainly he still does it get football life. You're talking about a serious twins win situation there yet the worst wind honestly and the other part of Cleveland comments yet and the other part of it too is he's got McKinnon you know the vikings are gonna. In it is a great position you know me I like to play players on really good teams. With the wind at their back in you know the vikings are going to be throwing and that that actually boo who's the kidney disease the passing them. Yeah I think that's true I mean it's half for a seven top linebacker crew tough duty yards after the catch against them it's not a good matchup for him but I think you're right I think the he should at least get some touches. So I think you know unlike Hilton I think we can and at least as floor so that's that's the way out. Agri so will gets at some other questions are coming in at 37937. And hit him on writing them down looking at the machine as he likes to hear what. Alec has some updates around the leagues has a lot of injuries as you said. You know it it this isn't really weak to kind of lean on the guys that you drafted why draft until it too crazy because I don't have any of them may I know may have left right now. Like I wrote down actually. All the players that went on IR it's like an all pro team it's an all star quarterback it's getting the point where it's almost to a yes. I I know. And and that's an excellent is Joseph Thomas is that the world playoff on line and great players right. So let's edits on the lines box scheme to get a couple of injuries to look at now Matt Stafford he's got the big story all week sounds like he's all right. Sounds like he's gonna go is is a build more than just go itself he's thrown pretty well he improves over the course the weekend's gonna hand injury so let's dom. Apple's effort and that both nursing. And stuff on their throwing hand which you know for a quarterback that's one of the worst injury you outfitted effects weaker of football yeah. But he anybody's ever tried to throw a spiral think about swelling in the army and yet not good but he looks like he's in he's gonna play in the play in the box and that's of probably favorable. You know there's a good matchup fan now I like his receivers this week so I wouldn't be afraid to play match the trade and oh yeah all viable all of them. On in the same game in interesting nugget I want to get to this with you because and you or me or dual fan. And that he has a neck injury he's not expected but from what I gleaned it's not just the injury that they're looking to shuffle the tackle the running back and instead of their claim their running game on him sort of a show I agree and I watch I want you to kind of like to get into that. The early commit. It's it's a waste of time marketplace and so you know you could play green field desperate. So there. But. Look at the limit they date date when it is carries. They don't go lather consistently. I don't relieves and strike consistently take on passing and and and and one of his his money skills is that he's a really good receiver he's amazing catch. And the southern credit for you know so you know you could make an argument. For all of those things being correct decision. Figured guiding the player yet you know you're taking away and the players beings. You know if you take a person's ability away to me he played DC you're all this. At some put the plane and also demoted regional that indicate confidence that way you can see what Applera swagger and well. It's gonna cause him to be over patient and look for the whole run because he's trying. To make statement plays to get on the field when he wants to be in the field. He says he's trying to do too much with every run because they're giving him such a tight box to work with its. Detroit's not a very good team terms. Or not. I would agree with you in to I don't know. I'm not call. And he's also too it's at the guys it's faster and asked for a lot as we really like to take 27. You know. Touchdowns in college and I like it look I'll read I've always been huge Theo Riddick and gone back to Notre Dame but you know you need to make. You can't just sit there and run you know our offense is not about being fair to all your players. You know they're the opposite of doubt. They're sitting there trying to keep everybody happy. Easter eggs and little game yeah. And you know you know it's as good as rating is in some of these passing situations and we're talking at two minute drill obviously literate. But if Riddick as good as he has the receiver he's now a home run threat. Lewis. And redeem lose that I keep my team never did Abdul and space that he doesn't catch up yet guys as James though. It's got him the best thing there is hopefully until it goes one team shop but yet let's get a taste yeah matters. So accurate so suffering with a concussion like you'll yeah looks at a longshot. But he's gonna checking out this morning and I wouldn't I wouldn't count on him now that an excellent doubtful mouse yeah. Yes a Trey Burton is it in my starts article and so yes you've got here at swivel. He's a guy who is probably start today if you are are experts and you're in trouble. Go deeper to wire and get ready to put him in line you know what. He's not soccer it's. By you know especially if it's Kiki are he will keep you competitive he's a good player yet and trust him. If you're playing draft gains as can twenty don't know attack isn't there yet as well or absolutes Yankee he will liberate you to add a star player to another position. Com so you're not loving the pocket. For a great way to expand your sour. Good stuff. Surprise themselves will impede that Marc Cooper looked like he was just it was declared out in the long. He's an ankle he's gonna he's tested out this morning that he's got a good chance of played bad today proving that he used the word. Words. So that that skiers so I don't know if these guys play. But probably helps their. Yeah and I think on what are your starts for this week is my Crabtree you know whose eggs and a great great matchup as an opportunity against a fledgling chiefs' defense though. That's a the last week out so yeah. Right that fraction of the freshmen go. And a meaningful game for the raiders too so keep an eye on Crabtree guy one line of Orleans dark while giants cowboys he's expected the plays and sick. And dies it's a pretty well for them they can use somebody. Yeah. It's just tough here early in the football so he's he's flex if you need him. Robert Woods shall there he looks like he's a longshot to play did you did participate on Friday in practice but that rams Eagles game I wouldn't count on him separate keys are ago. I sort clock and NATO. Technically match is very eagles'. Two receivers. But. A first year I think he's fine. Getting back to self. He. Is six months and that that does he uses his Burt ward the risk with earth like Leo we just talked about that. Over client Charles clay I think so yeah I would do that. And really doing much anyway so I think you got nothing but upside the bird trying to. I'm avoiding Peter. Yeah. I got a text this morning or tweet this morning. That was interesting major. Yet again I was like in my over thinking that they think the media picking up the colts. The of the way of fire. I need as few moments terrible. I don't really want a piece of that. The quarterback in the wind for. The last picture called defense. Had a decent defense already ordered them to look back after the break. Emanuel Sanders has not crazy it is yes. Daniel Sanders ankle Broncos were the jets he's expected to play. That's pool B game but you know I mention it it's flex where he has. And it it Ximian back there's so media last journals meaty yeah well and return to court procedures so. There's no place Indian. Probably. Let me clarify that and then in the panthers' vikings game which he could game. You get DeVon punches in Greg Olsen. Funds is from the shoulder roll some of the football expected the place that's good idea what you want that team to have its loan against the vikings I think this team and it's all via via the bikes are good and they gonna get some. And if Mo show that they've they've had to waive him in the past so. For people start today upstart in the fishbowl. You really got to hope he breaks Catholics you know I if if our Carolina today Newton's legs are the first thing on the I'm the first animators make him think about it. Try to get them on their heels because there are there going to be bring pressure that. I think the bikes are engaged in today that it's just that could could feel a lot alike was that team's going I agree I just hope fights it's what do scrap out what it's important I wanna play week fifteen yeah watchful eye on the two weeks fifteen will be very exciting if I can make it without bronze in 9 o'clock in the back of the eighty. That's going to be nice in front against Pittsburgh. Yeah act. I I remember when you're talking about the things like well how does that work like I'm like just look at the rules for tight and it's now. If you like one that. What. So for people who don't know June's draft started cross Kelsey you posted rounds yet and while a lot of people are sitting there it. I mean believe me that was Cory start. That's it's it's not me hear you ask me when the guys in your stock called. When the best region because they've ever done with case Keenan anxiety I was injured quarterback he really help me out hustles Nolan to be fair to get him this comes from a buddy and Ayman but he birdied 413. He's looking at Cam Newton were just talking about Derek Karr that's a tough one a publicly cock that's me and guiding cars got a seat for floor. Com. It's a very close. I'm I'm I'm gonna go to my quarterback rate its follow us knows. Little bit more roller. The matchup favors yeah I've got I've got. Car yeah car car it's as bad as I thought car fourteen it yet how votes he's verses. Carolina against the vikings and just I have an unimaginable yes. That's it was a game do indeed but you know what since they did that ranking Cooper's delicately can play yeah so maybe cart to thirteen sizzled separation. Adjusting shot of the tax machine from finally and then one came in earlier Pete and barber Doug Martin we know what's gonna happen there and related notes that happen and it's a team that makes a lot of odd decisions oh. You know to put a gun to my edits it barber. No but the you know I think. I think Martins getting respect start and I think they're split touches it and Barbara played better I think it's fresher. Blyth. You know it's it's your take terrorists there there's no way to know what's gonna happen coach for me out back maybe even male high rise is cannibalism a year in our producers and at CBS sports is Martin's expected to start oh he is yeah he's been expected to Hartford for days now. Look I don't really have a problem with a guy not losing his job to injury as long as you're given a fair shot. You know I think. Probably Barbara touches it he's played better yet and by the way Barbara's love about for a long time sonus. Shot I never understood why. He tracked it blew my mind. Usually fair accident class member. And you know amity Doug Martin two but Martin has not been running well. Obviously Tampa that helped their backs a whole lot now. But I'm leaning barbers like that but the best moves probably avoid that you should Donnie tees and on Barbara for a while he's been like the fourth. On the depth chart for Tampa Bay for two years now but so. He's pretty fresh which shows out of Oliver let him go yet. The fitness thing I never understood about the PR things what was with a joke is Rodgers but. I'm finally they had they switched they favored. Damage to meet Roger is always on third down back type and they've really given the ball past you know Lombardi is there major balls yet enacted ran into the ground for animals yet. To the it's on the new tweeting at me the question regarding the colts the young Tyrod Taylor is certainly out today need computer men. You might wanna consider that after all the panacea it's an interest when it's an ugly weather game capsule come Benjamin Moore play. And then now Monday night pats fans not a whole lot to tell you other than it's looking good for Chris Hogan which is great news. You play injuries would be the lead back for sure. Hobbies and cry and you know Dion lewis' stick it to apply right. I know a lot of people awful things about. He does hurt the suspension. And anyway you can argue that he didn't deserve the suspension. Boy you know. He gets the Shaq treatment. So often how many guys you added that I absolutely gets used to get the right so I understand likes of Hitler had there are girls today but I think. At least give a little bit. Of operate in that Egypt's chief shouted. As much as tight and in the game. Column and I think he sought boil over again he deserves a suspension this idea that came after the whistle so its worst a cheap shots cheeks. That's what they call it a cheap shot the cure the flow of the game at the journalist companies get all over him. And I'm being an idealist and that's the argument. Union Mo I don't exit and right now I'm looking forward to his professional rustling through some of the alum who loved. Flying elbow. Room. The beginning. Of the atomic pile driver off the top are proud. That drunk with trucks here slamming his face tough term. I chairman of the good. I'd have to it's gonna start sorry yes you can and doing at the music applause as it is a tax line full of dreamers on Al. It's gonna starts article and it then I think you should a couple tax them before we have the teacher and student about some people. 774 needs to. Keep PR he's got a Carlos Hyde. Now for Morrison Jarrett McKinnon. And we need to Yan first. I'd Mars yet McCain's opinion I love McCain but he's a little helter skelter is that a tough matchup zone. Look Iraq blows over the football I it is. It didn't help hide last week but I think it starts this week and I outskirts. He ended the undefeated Jimmy problems like Andre the Giant undefeated streak I'm you know what you know how much I love the kid out on an option yet my fingers crossed. Keep keep on world an irritant to talk to a lot of patriot fans and I find this interest but they're not rooting against you as much as. In any sort of should be. That's the way it works I presume I muzzle law lot of pats love that you BG has allowed that's what I was saying it's nice to see he's executed and he's worked real hard and I think he's going to be good player. The only airport about him it is health yet. Not a real big key to der ability right yet and hopefully. They get him through the season that. It's equal what taxable gonna break but it Pete starts article in the into also it's a lightning round done techs you guys and needed now. And I'm gonna take this one because I like this later this week. 978 needs to. GO Bernard who have no matter who I love him to David you Bernard. Tricia McCaffrey or Jamal Williams could backs who. What's this or they get hero and. Christian McCaffery against the Vioxx tamale ends against the pats the keys to the GO yeah. Probably GOQ that's tight if its peak Europe's top player McCaffery it is. If it's standard I think you wanna go GOP run and if it's if it's PPI in my wanna give McCaffery oh look he's gonna get it. He's gonna catch five balls and this is no question. All right let's break for now let's see a lot of yardage production yet let's let's break for now GNU he attacks are gonna it pits he starts article which is a good woman come back Sports Radio that the united. Draft told rosters to treat us to everything. Your ultimate fantasy show kicks it back into gear right now these keystone fantasy football our. On Sports Radio. It's reviewed and yeah. You're setting line yesterday that's it that's it back on its path that they had it. It's that excitement. I think Texas is common. 3790 recently as a lot of lineup decisions these days. It is it's common but I'll tell you this we're gonna hit Pete's got a fax machines at Epson nine with a machine. But. I'm gonna hit piece article first because a lot of the questions coming in about these three guys so the lob Los Angeles. So so. Reading enough and it. You never now I'd look at it this a tough week running backs right so you wanna start their views on sheer yen idealist I would you running back starts with them receivers quarterbacks when I walked remarkable night let's go the running back I know I know the right Hashemite column. Yeah it in terms of logs and again those are the best starts for my day money in terms. Oh cost verses. Point scorcher. The guy who. Pops off the chart and you can use of state economic actually use them in the affirmations on this cruel and you Bernard you know band is in the bears via 3100 DK. Good matchup against the bears and he's got all of the Jews is this someone else in that backfield could take a carry from. I I'd like to hear you know five to 10% sure yet but you know he's gonna be running similar about Padilla doubtless with. Oh (%expletive) like sheer workload. And it's a game where distinction and with the lead so he should be on the football. The bears have some issues interior this week so it's a good spot and it looked even if you think it's mediocre. Spot even if you think he's RD too light or 831. Under them. And and you seasonal apparently the army he's at the keys is only one both carrying the football and catching the football going to be so he's the back yet. He's a great play on religion to its axle because it talks about receivers it's in your article starts articles on the dot com. You know it's evil it's mark these components of Cisco. Who Jimmy G has a little bit of a report developing in the absence too old wrote Obama favorites get together it's fun to watch. I've always thought it was more than just track guy you know that's that's the thing he's always been tagged with the speed guy. And while that's. Obviously his calling card guys who really fast football. Without them doing things. I've still yet but he's got toughness and people realize his ball skills are better than people think. And you know I think he's improved as a route runner. Stay in the lead so I think he's the guy who. Sent me the issue has always been. Yeah totally getting nicked up. A pretty good players and he's clearly an option for. Like good matchup with tax killing nine targets last week that caught everyone yet. Yet for a pretty good so in and that's a matchup against Houston where problem like think it's we've all seen him get the ball quickly. It there have been trying to do things that you get after a complaint with better all year not Parker tied the all time in the deep balls strength up so this is you know you want a guy who you complain trappings could conceivably you know like one or two touchdowns a year. Could sit there certainly but two or three. Market. Is that he's an act of a play this week. And the guide to go back to running back that a lot of people don't know a lot about. He and I certainly don't not a member of millions Mike Davis has been some sort of jumping around in Seattle on it is like you know 45. Believable when yet for five Paxton. We all did our homework on none of them were named Mike Davis and he's you know. In a big spot against a tough team against Jacksonville but he's a guy you could be turned to the volume should be right yeah now he's the guy that I scouted intensely. When he came Carolina and I'd. I'm a big fan Mike Davis skills that he's picking up back to run power. I got really good head Spinner and than people realize. You can put a foot program get upfield and run off. The problem he's had as a pro is lack of opportunity and then getting thing done and so you know my biggest worry with Davis this week is that casting doubt again. But if he doesn't. 3700 draft he's definitely got to at least consider. In seasonally this week if you sit there are no good option running backs like Davis is either available on the wires and your bench. He's got to consider in the Seahawks are going to want to run this week yep let's not get ourselves. And when they throw the going to be looking to throw the backs tight ends. So you know Dave's a good spot the united Jacksonville can really cover you know in there and done their receivers Seattle have been you know. Great this ten game I would love to watch live out of that committee get a chance your market to your work sucks football. Because because we have two teams they block out the ops game a lot in. You should have four games on every weeknight yet but he in New York office to. Which is just joke. But so I'm not gonna get to a ticket but what Russell Wilson verse that defense. That's big time football yeah I ID Wilson's gonna surprise the people who think that shut down. You know I have Wilson peg down a little bit but still QB board. And yet in you know also you know Mike Davis is like fifth or sixth on the running back debts are excellent Wilson's Kennedy. Got a lot of a lot of heat on and he's gonna have a lot of their hopes of Seattle winning a game on him and there's a good a detects that it's actually comes to the right to Russell Wilson Jazeera. Russell Wilson vs the jags that you talking about war Pip rivers against the skins I would rails I'd go rivers there. Only because of both has been great but again we talked about the coroner's Tuesday yet. Ian he's playing great and in. They've got a full healthy stable receivers which everyone's healthy incentive dollars there's an and you gotta watch that team stream. Trips yet. Yet Monday night expert heads on Euro in your shortlist for the for the short slate obviously is on Monday night but. If your answer expert yen but also if you're playing this easily I've got wrecked on and patriots yeah square yet. But you know but he's he's accomplished generally seasonal had been for four weeks beast not yet. And regardless of Dion I got him go to in the wishful sweet yeah beat him. I tonight I've got him in and another league but. And to deal going with his all the regardless of Dion goes and not think he will wrecks his role as rice's role I think the use him as they did against Miami couple weeks ago. I hope so always wins when there was rivers of the united sitting in that could have brought at least in that file to me out a little bit for upper case yet because if at least least active. What do they could do other than get goal line looks yet right so. You know wrecks because it's so much of the goal line you know back and certainly but it sounds Allie do you play which means that. You know we should be an active 62 so I think Rex is agreed. Let's move order receivers it's and they were seen by the way we've we've you know. We talked about it all offseason long but we're seeing it now expert it's a good goal back. Yes he's tough runner and he does very tough wrong with an open and at the Golan excellent instincts and short situation yeah he's got really good late lateral movement. Follows his blocks and those federal office and they can break on gets a pass in the lobby not to schedule had sort of a go get it he's been great routes could hit skated yet. No doubt. Let's at the receivers this is a receiver week you've got some great ones lined up some surprises tonight I was I was putting it more but it was getting ridiculous yeah. I sort of snuck in might might Terry keel recommendation under Smith writes letters that it's there's so pretty good receivers this week my my drafting strategy is. Trying to find cheap options so I put it all awesome receivers. A look at Trey Burton is a great one right yet we reverted it to our identity whereas an accident that's why I've put effort. And Davis and Ngo Bernard. I want people seat and there's ways statement this week yet and if the weather was that's about it Cleveland I would be looked at Kaiser it would. He could save money of them ended their 49 hunter yeah what here's the thing I was talking about people yesterday on Twitter at this if you think Josh chords truck receiver. How can you not like it's forty on our quarterback yeah. Assistants watch it now if the wind there's 25 sustained all day and you might available so you know but you know whether side. That that would be spared and we got a couple Josh Gordon's quest questions acumen through seven on prisoner when it Yuen 71. Jamal Williams against the browns or Josh Gordon ignored them is as a flax. And you've got a good chance there weren't enough you know to browse to defend in the I I think green Bay's gonna split their backfield this week. So those winners Jones is back right right and you know one talks last week coming off he wasn't fully ready to go but. Twenty yard touchdown winning games so I don't think he'll be one touch this week I agree. Another Josh Gordon question you can Golden Tate against the box or Josh Gordon's the pack and I like Josh Gordon and I don't like them as it is that. Is tackled take at the box and don't think it's and it's close you know I think Tate is a safer place yet because the weather issues. On his side I I do have court ranked higher. But that is sort of which and I waited so if the wind is. As bad as some people say it's going to be I want important that probably goes. Yeah so I think you hit it there takes the safe play yet and Gordon's the wild guys that go along the thing about court that he could really light yeah. Voice and I don't know. Some of some people may have watched him last week or something may have seen idiots out stats but boy. You can do it agreed for a guy who's coming off a moth balls who wasn't released football shape. And going against what the best quarterbacks of the and they did. In the interest and to watch today so gonna get to your taxes upon a played under the watchful so I really that's bulls didn't pick him out yeah. Like Mike and not. All right let's hit it after the break recently starting isn't Beantown brawl next you know you would you can now once you've known yet if you add me informant got by so that was one of those where I had every week every week I played ignited the honors at the points of resistance are chips that that is Sergio has just there's just events does Arizona's. All right forget that we're gonna help you guys out after the break with lots of us at W yeah. Let's get back to Jim Hackett and PJ mention on the fantasy football hours on Sports Radio. WEEI. Yeah. You drive does not much you love. It's life except to. You guys are under there doesn't have to. I just saw some news and I don't know if this a 100% confirmed but around the NFL. Is reporting certainly shepherds are gonna play. You know really get match so that's too bad I guess more media more targets revenue Ingram is one way to look at it. But. That's not good. The nice to no giants to an analyst Eli Manning was given you know what happened organized real and adds dimensions or yet if you're rooting profits in that game. You know appearing for the cowboys to throw a little bit more what have you out of Detroit scores points so this is just not a good thing for that game in general. I don't want to. To get to one from 77 for the suggesting the and then I just would like to if there's an opening in this league and of the play how does this guy come out these four running backs the Lamar Miller. Leonard four and that now for Mars Marshawn Lynch not bad need to sit one. I'm certainly did you think Lamar Miller atoms are Lamar Miller for Nat and Alfred Morris. Yeah I'd certainly a settling this week there are good good matchups. You better win the roster like that you've got to win all right 413. Like Robbie Anderson questions Robbie Anderson were the after mentioned Biggio Bernard. I coach you a good U two's is. Anderson Roddick gonna play but he's not a punch percent and probably tied up with 20 lead soon. I'm. Like shield yeah in you can of accounts and it's I mean even if your idea is to go ceiling I think she look at that she was gonna get. 25 plus touch runs over adding Robby and underrated player I don't think he's a fluke. But you know. The Denver quarters or. Is a tough one from 774. Is it too defense is this is a tough choice Dallas against the giants. Pittsburgh against Baltimore. I go to Pittsburgh and there are obviously a lot she's in the get some injuries if that's gonna run a lot yeah. I don't think the giants are gonna expose themselves Holland figuring out. It pleas from the idol thing. Yet affinity to music conservative the other thing too is that Pittsburgh Baltic my game is always a bloodbath expect expect some turnovers and at Flacco you know. For actual stakes in front of the east. If if if he throws it more than five yards and in the aegis is always the check downs I've lots of Baltimore is awful. Baltimore needs an offensive coordinator really badly yes they do they really need to get a guy who's good and commit to him. And it is Flacco complaints to Flacco he's the problem yeah. It needs some rest and stones on that they've made too many switches on the office court to find someone who's gonna stick them real conservative there. They need to stay healthy and office two receivers are always been a 207 of the Josh Gordon Josh Gordon against against the Packers or are. The Marius against the jets and Q&A format. Yet you're on Gordon victim and could be here. But I'd bought off you know Denver past yeah. Think it's going to be huge factor in I think that. You know to Mary's is viable he's you know wipes victory but to the outside to go goodness there are. Play that 6178. We've got to QB. Question one of three obvious he's been the case Keeneland in Carolina. Matt Stafford against the box stack pressed up against the giants. I would go with either Keane or Stafford now Google is asking them. Well. You know it's tough call I was I was a little bit worried about Stafford now since he's throwing the ball real well and some very good match up so I you know I'd go with your gut caller I've got you know. I have its key rate had a Stafford but that was before. They said staffers throne room well yeah so those are both really strong place. Staffers get to better match. The boxer missive. Yep yep the box incidents in the ticket received notice I don't think you go wrong there. I you know. The thing I like about Stafford is he has no conscience you do not have to worry about that coaching staff we image yeah where is Minnesota there inclination is deeply conservative sensor and again and you know and and you know Napoleon I think both those teams are run a fair amount. Whereas I don't know half truck in court it's in the Detroit game might be better place. Such a tough decision. I'm leaning very slightly to Stafford I don't think there's a wrong decision there one thing to consider with I would start back. We have not to act out what one thing I would recommend with Kenya's unity as best we sufficient. And Carolina is can be difficult to be efficient against you know they can put a lot of pressure it. I feel like Minnesota's game please could that really working middle of the field executing digs into the middle of the field in hope of success but you know. That's what I think let's stay on constantly asking them to a seven merry go to work you know. I think a goat you know when two. Of them both those guys Conan wishful oddly. I think you're all right yeah. It's. I think Marius properties of this yet. He's been some plays and some touchdowns and just letting them very important for them. And he gets that chart back this week and to place its production ticket match. As a quick on the just came in minutes and don't forget it because it's Perkins that's an easy 617. Car press got to play car. Targets geez I'm not like in Prescott this week I don't think that's got to throw away yet to write an alpha good good Alfred Barr scheme for them. 978 this as a win for awhile Alex columns or McKinnon PPR. It's phones going at Pittsburgh McCain and in the tough when it's tough I'm just go accounts could feast getting. Lot of cares about the way he looks me and he runs are fat does yeah. I like not fast. Quick those that those kind of quick feet you know he's is a power. So what's an engine power yeah I've got a bit out not as big affair I normally I don't I'll just you know I think he's he's what are your early downtown. Fresh legs. This year but. Well listen the thing is to balls if I'm wrong as Baltimore just talked about the conservative and let him he gets a land of I think he can get more volume again. It possible that. It you know picks out. It's a buck Allen coming he would had him in the box outs that's taken snaps from close as let's say that's what kinda he does sometimes frustrates music phones. It implement them from object. Now as what it that's it now aren't I enough let's let's not got a couple 9617. Big Ben against ball won't go off. Very close. I don't regard Eagles yeah App Store and flipped that and I. That's a tough call I think they're both pretty solid place I fixed Roethlisberger is the seat or play yeah. Even though I have got one and start the start at. I instinctively he's now been ruled out an ad that hurts yeah. I think it on the head that Roethlisberger is a little safer so it's a risk phones golf playing great yet the thing about Roethlisberger the reason there was little more grass with in his future. You know the pick up options him and they can beaten. You can options and throw it to one of the sea about them and of the defense questioned full and three the colts against buffalo and whether ridden backup quarterback ridden game when the Steelers against Baltimore I just Twitter and Digital's. 603. This is a pick one situation. I think it's DVR because of the players Theo Riddick only in stark law Andre Ellington. Artillery. I would too we talking about Walt Detroit at the top of the show. Read what they're doing to have dual sizzled and again it looks like the or it might be the guy. 339 instantly he's hiding green noted early network and risk. British computer active yet he's got the chance to get a lot of line. 339 Dovonte out in the Sunni Watkins remark he's good when we talked about this stuff this week if scoring standard. You know I think Goodwin is the guy because of the weather yet. I think it was a nice safe play. I have Adams a little bit higher by. It's actually a month yeah I start to look at it now. He's a situation like that there's a reason he's about as stark as good if you're good instinct on them in your stock console you can read about and it's would be an icon view a little bit more. Weight behind that decision. I'm I'm starting to recount steam wins at a around one. And but he's got shaky QBs so you know adding to find hopefully win this week it fire about it exit Rodgers but I think this place. 617 PP ER needs one Phelan Landry or DD on one Theo and they feel you know all day he's he's he's gonna talk plays of the week. 9782. Of the three Isiah crow well against the Packers Dion on Monday night or Josh Gordon. Probably sixty there. Yes because also it's as easy we don't know about Monday night right so crowing to speak quickest guy yet had the flu yet. South I think steel carefully and it the other pats may decide to take it easier this week that night and that the yep and the analysts are needed needed to be gap in Miami stinks so. Some to think about 401 that's flex position question PPR format you can divide the Parker Monday night against the pats in the pats who really good job taking him out. You got the jubilee sales award winner of the year Paul Richardson is the jags tough matchup on Mike Wallace as Pittsburgh move. Not a fun one I think at a loss I think I go Wallace do you it'll narrative go explains yeah it's also too if you're unfortunate enough to watch Baltimore he is the guy does get the passes for yet he's he's the lead Garrett at Mac also packed. Couple quick to offers. Five weight Trey Burton was Stephen Anderson among Burton I go Burton but it's close yet. Five waiting about Ayers and his followers back this week so more targets outside two more finally Matthew Stafford Josh McCown. Staffers Stanford yet the last one patriots won 774 Burr can hold it. Campbell or exceed our guys. What he's coming up on FL Sunday good luck in the playoffs we'll see you next week.