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Sunday, December 31st

This may be the toughest week yet for some fantasy football players. Naturally, you should listen to Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson to take some of the stress out of your fantasy football finale.


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The ultimate football team had ultimate football show and welcome to both Fannie C football our Sports Radio. And most comprehensive contempt presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football or the senate seat football hours rock you've by. Andersen windows and your local Andersen windows dealer by moxie soda might schools distinctive clothing and by Atlantic power's clean. We've got. Here's Kim Hak. Hackett and Pete Davidson to. Here hey hey good morning New England should have to keep Davidson the Tennessee football our. Week 78 feet and Eminem I'm here by do while you. Forget it was reckons government traction it's a how to bring up. They held Sunday Saturday night they did a Smart man and Smart and they Dexter us. I think it's because whether their food source. It's chilly out there man no doubt not not a fun week not a fun week you know we seventeen fall on your if your. Plays Tennessee football it's it's slim Pickens out there like the raccoon zone looking through your trash cans is not a whole lot a lot out there I think there are hoping that you know. And would be in there still afraid of me suit so it. Red rose to attack innocent whose spectacular happen to the continent in India if any test analysis red rose. Today. From vacation. Like flat. This is vacation is big in the circles along with Christmas story at all although all the classics. Last week was found. So. It's a mass. Public and I mean it be the options so bad for people planes were really matters but it's fun we played the access yeah. Com but gosh but if your play in this week for your championship. Really good chance that I girly zone and gotten there yet. And opium Malcolm brown. For her out of the lucky Roethlisberger Antonio Brown living on Belleville was goes on. Most people wrapped it up last week but you know the difference is actually kind of fun as we can. You don't Utley right because I've noticed traffic has indicated that in the number of questions Twitter a lot lower wage. That's a good side. A couple of years ago people who are we doing this we're getting we seventeen taxed you know look at it during championship week and we just cannot. But the kibosh on now a lot of people listen you know it's just it's this miserable at it means Indianapolis is to shut Peyton Manning down like in week fifteen. And that at a base is so that was like really rough but. They're there are plays out if had the alien if you do institute game just doesn't should auction centrist. Story. I think he shot himself that. But you know the thing is though that the playoff but that there are teams looking for. You know playoff positioning and in those are plays that you can target if you played Tennessee football or and beyond sees a week happening. And there's a lot of the NFL start crank offseason. Lots of rumors stories going around and stuff like that so. Well on. I've gotta I'm gonna enlist yeah I got a list of coaches and all should get fired on a film will. But they'll should I actually did a quick list yesterday and you you can get so like twelve names is no question yeah this is just might let you could make an argument that half the league should. I knew I didn't even blink I didn't inflict these a shot out of my pen this morning ready for this. Hue Jackson shocked look on all Marvin Lewis might Malarkey Jack Del Rio villas Joseph Bruce areas John Fox Mike McCarthy. Jack Del Rio and attitude dampened when a fighter Doria toilet seats yeah. Hundreds I don't like I executed he is that you think you're right there there he shouldn't he's declined to is that we keep them. That's the crazy thing we'll lose I don't hear the rumor. Right before rose. Sack last night so the group rumored. Group to the raiders because cutter was brought back in Tampa ya gotta he's he gets in the year he was on my list manages yeah that's tomorrow. I'd be greeted as liberators. Couple of things there first officer goes I was just gonna say and take him out of my iPhone upon them to joke. Itself out of five that analyst at this guy out it's thousands state look at Danny can really dropping shoulder Ryan is a guy I really like. He's so press that but he com. Like this guy can really kick a thirty yard field law about this guy I I want that's what happened. But you know what I enjoy him on the sidelines I'd be fine with getting him after coaching I think jockey. You could make an argument that he's passes time I suppose. I think are good coach personally. Won a super balling right ET tip at the outrageous to into the playoffs you know and and then when he left that he went into exile but he mean I don't know. If he has his finger on it as much as he wants but he's a bright guy I'm sure. I'm worried about the finger upward about the motivation. You know I sometimes these guys come back and you know they don't have that burning thing it may degree first you. Parcells talked about eventually players it will really just don't ya. You know he was good he was a really good coach Smith and those guys out now. And coach I think you'd be the same kind of thing where they just. It's like Jeff Fisher is Jeff Fisher awful coach there's the guy who stopped putting it kindly did. Which he was winning more games I think once the sunglasses the Lenovo and it lets the sunglasses when animals on bodies inside by just look checked out to me anytime you coach has and that's that good. I've questioned them or us. On what you know that's my thing record does he really wanna come back and paid the price if he doesn't think you know probably do well I think certainly I. I improvement over Rios and never been much but grinder not by now well it is to PT TO point everything you read about that gruden rumored to Oakland ticket to make of a godfather offer. You know take a wagon load of money if that's the motivated than yeah he's following right into the trap that you talked about. Yeah and obviously he's he's making a lot of money right now S market. Each year but your point I think he wants him come back blow by. Now that's pretty now. But he's pretty good coach and certainly the current raiders to use walk relief. Take charge you don't need that in Munich guy who can help that. Quarterback there that that office success that of the the raiders and titans for years to two offenses that ice or watch. The titans are more electable. It with a written with the raiders as is 88 the drop passes you know that the poor quarterback play which is a surprise became a company in mind and in in the running game. They just that they're just so disjointed that's it's crazy about that offer with. With gruden is. From what I read in in multiple sources that can make of this huge big godfather opera hope because back but if he doesn't it if he doesn't take it they gonna keep Del Rio. That's crazy well that's a Dead Man Walking and not stupid piece. Hillary. As far as I welcome five in the patriots put up fifty points against him it's an often Dylan mean deacons and on any opposing sideline and he likes it just don't think he's a very good coach. Yeah he's got a three year contract that's that's the basic thing you know I think they're willing. To eat three years for group. But they've been key for years for audio but that shows that shows a lack of scouting of of coaching talent too like they've got it just seems very. He is it an easy play let's go get let's go to Chucky we know him he's a big name ID they gonna go out there in the from the next you know the day in Lebanon the dialogue that team to get their hard work. It. He sees he's well you know yards for a third so. Yes sometimes those guys are. You know cry enters this is a goofy looking guys to them. Active I was in this Asian member of the lucky boys club in court and a and you know what and it's not like it's like the heart of the NFL's these zones like give people while we are going to church today. You know what about. But I have to say the picture Marc Davis next to gruden does to hair cuts. They actually would struggle between that would be grace and noted that egg and we'd already down opportunity than up a look like photos but you know one of our old friends who used to enjoy. Schwartz it is back Hillary now. And he couldn't up with the giants and Schwartz with the giants along with cattlemen. That's an angry managed to you incidents you know that is kind of incident that he's on he's. Fired people like last in writing is like guys like Harvey Korman and blazing saddles Radenovic yet off my lawn. But you know what I it's a singular but he frank thank twitters reacting. You know it'll mobile find out who's that and I think a guy who just takes no guff who gives no blacks. Is sort of what the text could use now you know. They need a guy who just isn't listening to all the noise. There's suspensions were as prominent as there injuries like you know did their inner turmoil in the locker room was as prominent as their injuries in their their TDs were more off the reservation then the vikings and up towards him last year when they were ignored coach stuff so. Yeah which which we talked about. Magnitude there's all year long had a different about clout with the giants how accurate coach in season and you know stuff it's you that they don't now. So yet that this had to happen. And Schwarz would be interest. The big question would be okay who's running office. In Phnom but bring in at a guy like that for the defense. Definitely inning cattlemen in tandem. You know that. O'Dell Beckham would sort of moving to a he's gonna go one way or the other right either gonna sort of embrace this toys and go off the cliff yeah right right so. It definitely I think. The giants because theater next year at minimum it's. Great offseason is immune really it has to do well with all the injuries there were this year and of all the potential and and probable coaching changes. And all the turmoil in my big it in the big football markets like with the giants as you mentioned the Packers you know that. A lot of change at the Packers come and they've got they've got to make some decisions there tip. I think there's expand into politics you got to bloated contracts with the receivers yapping. One probably negotiate and it'll probably goes yep. Yet it at that look at that that's in his that it has been there for what like 45 years now I mean. Now they've had guys like Geronimo Allison of the guys back probably need to look desperately need to refresh and it draft some new people that didn't. A lot of young receivers. My my guess is cop goes Nelson's days. Ought to reworked deal then next it's probably last year. You know bulls say it's I mean Roger's gonna make they've got guys and having they can put it Allison and I don't think it was hole right. Right and they got to race him backfield now. It's a shame Rogers went down he OK if you look at if you look at the NFC right now. That it shot. They look at the NSC is like the wild wild west right now it's it's very competitive I was looking out at this morning and a you know they the only see that's up for grabs is the last one. You know between the falcons and Seahawks but if you go from five up. You know from Carolina. All the way up to the top to the vikings and I think any any of those teams can win particularly now with Lance out you know for Philadelphia today they're probably gonna be an early exit out of there I think Carolina. We should tackle the ball playoff pulls Pete because you know. The theory is when you play in Tennessee playoff. Fully wanna get at least three weeks out of eighteen a callous as it seems to play while our wild kind of week and they make it and it could be a four week team. Yeah I mean that's if you claim playoff holes the two T camps that have byes but boy they're not very appealing no. Will who'd have thought beginning of the year that the two teams have playoff byes in the NFC. Would would you had tightened it folds geez Keenan in case you know I announced its remarkable. Simpson need those those teams both. Could could go out quick. Arms so yes the possibility of you know it seems at least four games from the NFC's top. It's interesting because Carolina this week you know it win have to win to get in. You know it and Carolina can't move to Carolina can't you know go up or down there are locked in the five seat. And they're playing each other since its launch yet but let's move from like a fantasy standpoint that makes it look kind of kind of difficult with Carolina. So I don't wanna see them take a dip and then and their route heart or your bank Harlem into the wildcard week but I think that's what's public and happen. Does Carolina have some motivation to win. They are locked in at the five. I thought not to. Can't they still in the south of executive exodus six or lose it in the Seattle used a slider right odds are right but they do coming into the game they guess they do have something to go for blood right and the saints played late. Yet the saints ago when. It's. They're fourth when he idea as on the Panthers are its own right and kick awful teams as on the politically correct by the second half Panthers could be. So yes that's definitely possible and Atlanta has played better at times this year where even against the team that I motivated epic struggle. And there's that are. And I deserve to that deserve to make its yeah I really don't let this is Seattle in there it is what's his is which troubles they've had at least they're trouble. Has been attributable to key injuries to key guys Atlanta just has played poorly entry they stopped playing Africa's super pulled past speaker apt. That started so. I look there's no way the playoffs are more fun with Atlanta and it's now. This question I'm definitely open Carolina. Parrots falcons out and then you have budget teams. That are going to be like favored immigrants from from positions and then you know that'll be fun side. Yeah now I think that's I think the early rounds of the NFC going to be pretty fascinating you know with the SE won't be. And indeed that the die is cast in the AFC with a are the patriots. And it indeed the pats Steelers and pats jags you know I think is gonna probably emerge in one way distillers of folding the tent today they've got. You know they're not gonna play Roethlisberger in the market playing Lebanon bells and I can play Antonio Brown obviously they're we will play football but the united I would expect a lot big butt beat the browns. But their third straight as writes he's Steven Ridley today buddy did with them. Yes Steve moderately in faiths to sell yeah he's a guy gets carries in week seventeen he's he's been there for a few years now. Yeah. So you don't think the titans gated in May rose I don't know until now not betting on that. I it's it's amazing com. There's still people defending Malarkey. There and a Twitter spears offense is terrible I. I I don't even know state tight pack I'd brought back. What happened America my market's very go to so much promise last year they often as terrible year he's he's the last quarter vacuum. That office is completely static every player looks up. And he's. He's a guy who's played motion motion motion fast pace this whole life I think he's. Notes of can't write with I I don't like this office for him at all I don't think it. I even from the standpoint forget familiarity I don't think it pleased that this Gil says so right. Malarkey said pat it's nobody wanted this guy yet only the titans wanted to if he gets it if it was if and when they can't him. He's not gonna be a head coach. You know those of the guys have to cut be with there's too many of those guys out there so here's the guy from mark Martin's marionette is Josh McDaniels. That would be fun that's the guy from him that would be fun and I think it. There aren't going to be many guys out there going to be worse form so to me they need to make it changed by other people the top this is what did you do last you know. Robiskie and Malarkey so. Who knows now. Choices these that's that the bad idea jeans on the ballot but this is with with ten to four literary ten to fourteen coaching vacancies come and and this is definitely the year that I think the patriots and are the fan base have the baby say goodbye to Josh McDaniels now Patricia I would have seen one of those guys be the successor just but just. Arithmetic tells you there's accessories do we really think. Success. So lots of things there you know that that's the other thing when you do we see you wanna be the guy who follows the guy not that you're the guy who follows the god of all the guy not the guy at fault was the guy right you know so that's. But. Yeah I its class it's aired its IP unlike you know civic treasure. Yeah it is there inside line. Who who coordinators texture I heard on Friday Tom Carney and John Tomas he had Rob Ninkovich in studio normal lines like you know 45 or fifty minutes and he missed mentioning god and it seems T flow I forget what do the coach's name is present. He's defensive corps and he's a defensive. Coach. On the pats he spoke very highly of and they were talking about Belichick and how he likes to always groom his own young candidates and then Brian Flores look at. I don't feel ancient past will be considered. Yeah bring it or not I Don and I think I think he's gonna groomed people on likening that Patricia grew out of nowhere. You may remember you and I talk on the podcast years ago when I was screaming upon who is this. I noticed I don't know what you wanted it takes a lot of his Wikipedia page and like them like unite lately you are high in Italy. Who knows yeah but it I was I was oh person doing that. Sister of and that really what people are jumping off the reservation and it it's now is there on the right right and lost like one more years A yeah that's what the patriots off the first game this year and what company. That record since that awful. Yet they lost they lost two early and able lost one cents on what is what is I read the other day what is it they set a record for twelve more active gas 77 consecutive seasons for twelve Marlins unbelievable. Are different for a team that I don't think they've ever won. I don't think you could elect if you went back seven years have they gotten to 121000 my question for you. And it got five in the bag this you so brutal. Let's talk a little pats jets that I mean ya did that it pictures of the play for the that the number one seed. This audit now I mean you got to go get it I don't think the bronze to beat the Steelers in the benching on the starters go to the pats have to put the stars on at least for a half or three quarters and in nice this thing get a home field advantage they needed this year. I don't wanna see them do what they did you go to years ago I agree leading news and but anyway they suggest. Ecstasy anyway jets can win. If we countless fame quarterback meeting maybe they could make an interest yet priced and easy to yet but parity. Oh at Davos consistency I agree it's a little business to do speaking of pats jets and wanna give a shout out to a guy named Doug wary. From a mr. it was our winner Padilla player with the most moxie this year with this week he was psyched. As a red Boston accent wouldn't be passed and are happy happy fans have done go have fun. He's got to until he passes the opportunity to have some licenses and that job done. Hopefully on his way to the stadium. Seven to liberate us at camp visits take it that this is definitely again it crazy if you don't whether you're on a house or in it you know. If but that's justice that it has there's another orgasm at the net and speaking of dumb organizations do dumb things. Colts are. I mean unbelievable. And so brutal if they don't shut the economist has been a Dead Man Walking since like literally week 1000. Ports and that's the best they can do. I mean after interlocutor tire what needs. You might you retire and an attorney to try to combat some Morales who did bang on contract works but that's usually re. Trades are people who were good. You have to be checking people that success terrible. And there's so many good college coaches guys who might skew which shot does that mean. If if you're Indianapolis how come you're not talking about to announce you know Tom Cable the statistics how. In it's it's. On the brink Gerry Faust infertile. It's it's it's really scary I mean I'd rather hire Edwards that's enough yeah. Herman dinosaurs and he is inevitably. Plane and a you know that was on highlight really got tackled one of the best yeah giant fans apoplectic who was. Anyway so the slate is tough man but let's let's really quickly just go through some things that people should know yet doing DFS this week there are. Suu Kyi running back situations if you look into coaching in light weight. Malcolm brown for the rams as negative about it you know like oh was currently out I. With the chiefs shortage I seen it looks like the last back standing but he sting duck too if for some reason he doesn't play. You can have like Anthony Thomas. Playing a toddler running back this week he can actually be sneaky. Played the cost floor he's actually adjusting play Ares I now watch galleries excite. The mumbo news we looked at Oregon yet on and then you've got to sell Wrigley for the Steelers. I can't figure out who's gonna get most of the geez there's on more looking at the other situation. But. And another what is Jamal Williams air Jones is out for Green Bay Detroit's run defense and special suit Jamal Williams total volume. Yup he he's got this week and that's a young Packers lions it's all purely a pride game ball both teams around. Like that's again mom run the ball so I don't like to Mullen is a lot this week that's right width with the titans Murray is out that there is gonna get a big run now he's not really cheap so. Service on that company yes yup. I'm not going to go play this in years so and again that means something other charges and the playoffs so you know the gourds great play and those who might have been thinking brain Oliver. Yet he'll be a third down back and go cords can get a lot of volleying he's got a nickel those a look at your stock. I wouldn't be afraid to go pick up for an all over you could you know but it but I would suit you little teeny little insight into my flex or something. With the region's. They need to win is him. And Alex Collins is facing in angles team that is dead in the water and without perfect. Sell out crowds pretty good play especially sandals with yeah complete five successful you are up on Nixon's active so that serene Sergio parade. And you know 1 thing I am I at his and inching rights were answers at the sweet musical Beasley out. Dallas may be going to the backs in the second half so good look at right switzer. Whose interest slot. Marquee students off injure port that's cute that's good yet so rob those guys top target com. And one thing I'm really looking forward to this week and I this is one. Relaxing week seventeen games especially teams are make it fly out to us it's a nice week for me some of the games like you know according to a yeah. But that the KC Denver game idle new. York and I can't wait to watch models but you know it's going to be tough yet none of his weapons. Against the Denver defense. But we wait for this firm yes twenty weeks and I want them all I think he's probably their I don't think they're gonna bring Smith back auction of the goat. And holds just he's lost a loved to see him have a big day it's a real unlikely. But it would yeah it would just just to kind of stoked the flames a little bit in in Casey heading into the playoffs of the fund we'll controversy. Yeah I mean he's just he's he's he's one of these guys. Who makes throws that spin your rhetoric and such after reporting about bill O'Brien will be back out. He deserves a second look they they had some devastating injuries he deserves another it would be a weird fire yet fire him. On and he but did you know just a sign that the Texans are sort of your organization so they were either fired the coach or that yeah. That yeah and it's weird firing at GM and coach. The idea to go. You buy it GM who's not really can be the boss you know yet it's testified that GM was willing to take coached as pre existing furniture. Yeah I had a really likely scenario it is also have to kind of mean it has to be like this he was on the spot there and that's really hard. If you bring someone from outside the organization is really exe square peg in a big way. Yes and you've it's like you know arranged marriages and football tenth not work well it's your so I don't know I'd. I I was sort of excited for O'Brien and O'Brien to the giants rumors were floating in May and there's where they might spiral Bryant now O'Brien's giants. Team. That would be pretty soon to talk about and wanted to bring you life. Two inches on the Dawson is it to fix it and QB to overall makes sense back because you've got a steady you've got a guy differences you know. Everybody watching drop below let it operate now if you don't think there's it's you know if you don't think that's in some way related to being at. The college of premium ballot check it out couple yeah credit mind yet. So you know Adam Eli Manning is that the most gifted quarterback on the planet he's not exciting but he's workers riders prepare. So to bring any court and like many. That's good that's not a bad idea now out so I think it makes sense to keep the virus at least for a year if Turco quarterback to do. I guess they're not yet political landscape. Out Smith I would now com so yeah just. Does good for a team that has amid the playoffs in a while to kind of get them. You know read it that him based readjust to that organization back with a taste of playoff football Lisa can get to the next level. At a giants have been to the next level of point 12 syllables in recent in recent times against. My beloved patriots Sonia arrived for the ball got to go with hotel and yet in sterling Shepperd American. Are but there it ought fought through all. Yeah yeah no doubt yet this is there's a lot of core facts in this draft it's going to be interest. It really is a result there and free agents react to this quarter it's going to be great Nazi's we'll talk more about it some techs are coming in at 3737. And we have. Some people it championship week and we're gonna help you out sorry that you have that. We'll break and then we'll come back and handle that through and it's sports rated have you yet. All our future and happy PG ABC sports. I. Alex McNabb. Ryan sensitivity and a little energy boost. That's right don't make me Kaufman what sets you guys name Eddy Grant any grant will play. Right. Also it's a good times here at the physical qualities. You know is some yeah my voice on our. During the break after we start it'll just interject wipe out. Moved OK see you this question of salt okay yacht is running on Apolo lunacy is almost active pitcher why does no Burke had no Gillis we know James White right having these journalists present the amateur a little bit amused principle and it carries he might spill while. You can Egypt may needed to Jimmy deadly day in region's governments and Rocco yeah I mean at some point I mean. Are taken jets get blown out here 21 points the half I mean. At some point. You know ms. know it at right is GM and in the studio etc. it. Just let it roll ons could have done if. Are or are we that that is no lomb you know resign and I feel bad boy even though having a good time here is. Is that text or at 603 he doesn't championship week this week and well. One of these issues is he's got to landed four net now Jacksonville is in the game. Well I think they're gonna play hard I don't know dole fortunately I mean yeah I am since I think you're looking at about. Half a game slow yeah. And now I think it supports him Cory grant. You know that. They think they are but you know bits of the text is just to put out there. And you might be only getting a 50% share which is a typical for a guy like for an what you panel season. But your your opponent does too you know like what whatever is on his roster is probably looking at a reduced share as well as he got this far. Probably the dearly god these guys that had the Jews to have gotten there are gonna be limited cell death I mean he's been writing earlier. It. Everybody's going to be hurt weeks of this he had a lot of choice of justice story walking as us the story of wall but it only going to be if if you want to text back to 3790 resemble give you some way help but you've got four net ranked. In the top twelve Zanardi won this week the Iraq and he certainly for. Yeah he's a guy you can do a lot. And first quarters so he's got shot yet but yes I mean there's no way. Here is this does happen. Yeah I think it's axis of 37937. Of their options on the wire that we think oh yeah jump at that meeting now from rounds out there aren't in them a few worth a look for this though. Sure it's a tough one. It couldn't. For the saints Michael Thomas. Not even on the injury report that's ghetto that's definitely good news fuel plea breweries this week sort of like this week. All the big boy quarterbacks and one of the Texas game yet he's got its weapons. In last week. It is all. Past that so. Re certain that he does one of the Texas in that situation enough. Fight back to school that nobody wanted to games or goes up. That was played OK I mean they're out of it in indeed been a hot mess pretty much all season and he didn't get this much this team has tried to take me out of my championship game yeah yeah thankfully didn't. But. Did did you. Pay attention to what ovals that inning last week and I missed it's not ended down there what happened. Well and they want congratulations well yes yeah it doesn't really want it yeah. Com. But yeah in going into the the Monday. Stage of of the bull. From my point was done. You were to tight game as a body weight I needed four point 50 can I had the outer Hopkins and Lamar Miller looking good. Going into the fourth quarter are still down two. Wanna swap and eight I don't know if you watched that game at all a little bit but it was trending away from the Texans doing anything. Both of their quarterbacks were banged up all right yeah known Alfred who run the ball all over the place they were getting crushed. The Steelers were all over the backfield they were getting anything done Hopkins did have a cash. I've seen going. I think I've got a really small chance to win this thing out. Odd I thought it was about 95% going and I was sitting there like wrestling. While it was epic collapse mystery DD four and a half points and Lamar Miller 200 Hopkins with the years younger Hopkins is that's resonating. Eyes so I mean you can catch it he. The thoughts going through much and I idol lamp that was destined to shatter ago on the wall on. And it Hopkins makes that freaking touchdown gas receipt that they had to have been a point and with the other he's a degree here and a and that that that one level. That's great to go yeah you've got to juggernaut team indefinitely while solo played my neighbors called asking. They don't want. Not quite bright star. It so if you beyond well well well done but you know in in in the Beantown brawl I thought I had accidentally Aussie congrats for taking our outlets I lost everything got knocked out early. Game. Some. Nostalgia for what would be legal. He's the king. That he's thinking the garbage said he usually pick on him for a late touchdown. It can happen uncle all played in midtown in Goodyear on all that stuff solo played trying to kill me in a couple of the guys kill me Miley I will be back. That's fondly look forward not yet. So are we at this. It's actually good news we like no text questions are now we got some tax questions and I wanna help the let's make sure we get a ball yeah let's Adams tonight seven eights of a fee and tools to believe anyone know the best. Three quarterback plays outside yeah. I like all the big guys and I like all the big guys on the out Russell Wilson that's on the plate for Brady has some of the plea for breezy just talked about. Newton's gets the play for Pitt rivers us on the play for you know if you look at her. So maybe see it as eighty Jimmy GLO Ahmad pilot for optimal yes yes. I added I've got burned last week sort of went away from him at a rate for a twenty. Yes I did it conducts heat check coming I'd launch we are wrong on that one we've and we got a good years out of our predictions that like to believe them thugs that app and it was up forty plus on Jacksonville in strays around but yeah I mean that it among breed breeze dropped below Wilson. Yeah all the big guys of that that's a pretty easy one. Six threes get a good question of actually get this thing in our in our totally we talked last week. The B of our championship week sixteen in and we seventeen we play for money you know seek yet he keeps a warning gauge of a lineup and and I actually have this very in a hundred bucks yes I said was very conundrum and in in its its standard scoring so you can answer this for me to them. 603. Cole called the plan was a lights out east and they're targeting them field they are in Al Harris back this week right so that complicate matters to him. Yet eagle has because Lee is out west spokesman being mostly in the slot. Coles is healthy rock all tactics. Hers well. So I don't know I would word bunkers it is a couple of get to championship week. He has rock in and big band. Now Lou yet it was into there Jim Brock writes them. When I scored and actions of these is winding through if a I wanna just let's send it SON I've laid down with him and I feel for you out the bias in questions finally. You go to the waiver wire excellent there's nothing there yeah those. There's some things you could do this week I mean if depending on the investor Jordan go pick up art I'm homes at least it's fun. You might hit a long one yeah I mean. You know he's got a couple guys to work with. Am what are their names out there in the water. Now the browns are good when that you know and they could be out there in the law assured Malcolm brown on how sticking strictly quarterback. Yeah acting Holmes is probably the guy after just because I think there's an error thing out yet. Probably picked a couple times but I think at radical left in the show on. First. Of Flacco is out there Emmett Till now in Cincinnati. Yeah flagged as an option likely to be effective veto culture. Percent AFLAC I was thinking wouldn't via the Jacoby percent maybe you guys enough gap percent definitely has shot Houston little dead in the water. Their cores are light rate now and who looked at last week historians and the second runs share. No doubt here's what I wanna get too. And finally is to go when we talk of the schedule Stravinsky so yeah that's it that's old. Oh it put that's dated him processor it is loaded for free today are there John Arafat Abbas wanted to show want to make it fired before the game of the best cited years for your guys have been Mozilla. Firefox logo. Behind bars which. Tremendous. So that's all right I'll get to this one of them will break you'll gradually around him but that probably. Jamal Williams has got all the Jews today green it's the lines in the Malcolm brown is gonna do Gurley says not so that's a that's quite original weight battle I would go to Jamal Williams against the lions. On. It's 940 niners actually playing good run defense last couple weeks and Detroit I think missiles off so I'd go to things now right into the five. Four roller girls next question when the -- over we talked real sports the question is the answers I know most likely are after the break got more Tennessee football stuff well football stuff more nonsense what's radio Padilla. These new England's ultimate. Fantasy football experience. Still fantasy football our fox Sports Radio WEEI. Yeah all right welcome back to Tennessee football. We've seventy. Is to buy arrives. And we got some championship players this week Peter I feel bad for you guys definitely fired commissioners if you are the commissioner of the league of the championship we meet seventeen by yourself. Yeah into the into the 540. Goofed on us back a thank you for texting back and said well late though that at. Like that. Are right let's help some people we can talk about sports with every sort wetsuit. FaceBook and look at radian all the or started wearing like like something like rubber suit he's done that before right on the right BC's morning. So we're cats and India and I have an actual questions we do at least that things are a wanna. And that would put that the first of its he's the first one of the one and with the support of the quest we need some sleepers for DFS from the finally which I want to do. But he is a big 171 championship week he needs three of these four receivers or he could pick up. Yeah the falling trees is the first for the artist roster. Mike Evans might Davis Bryant. DD Westbrook Nelson Angel. I'm playing the first two definite plan yet so Evans Brian DD in terms of your roster first two. Over the boxer for sure yeah that's what's so. His leg of pick up and I know you don't like this one is Kelvin Benjamin will Fuller and Josh Dotson is one of your starts this week an article. Yeah I'd I would play. It was a box yet Coca toxins in sixty US broken thoughts on the thirteenth target so swift and catch a lot of them but against the giants yeah. Literally got a secondary. Guys who have been suspended. Or filling in for guys suspect I'd. Definitely like docs and cousins once stands strong you know you can get to 500 get a contract you don't need a big name dioxins guidance and some in some yardage in Crowder is a nice little sleep for a draft yet sweet. Meter Ryan Grant. I don't know if I to track him this week last week for a good player yet greatest. Five late Zach Hertz or Deedee and Davis. Tough one that is. Same principle there VD you know and that's tough I I think I would just go hurts because I think he's gonna play about a third game when. Better third game Davis's old in its dispute it. Yes and also to you get that. And at a time of this year's you know of quarterback like fools and was very good it's idling on the titans so you know you might you might be it a little help there I actually have Trey Burton and Bob both of those guys were on. Burns up immediately take a look at them bird in free agent this is that it that's an attractive created dot. Variations. I don't think you gonna seed went down back I would despise the patriots compared to take control of that double tied and then go one step on. You'll just island will be like had been appealing. Lot of guys that are so many great targets and I'd I'd like seemed hopelessly. How bout. He's huge he's Cuban TV program. I have I it hurts like Catholic dynasty teams and I've got backed up with Burt and so they split up Burton's daughter edition I'm dancing proverbial object. All right 339 of the championship week in stated scoring needs to of these three. DUS Brooklyn Z last for today mark he's good when all the tape is Murray. Among Maria I think. We need to those three are more apt to yeah the first and last year's US city yet. Now you visited Goodwin DUS brutality is very right yet but we want to yes good memory sticks. Five away. Has. That's a good one. Derrick Henry you're Dion Lewis. Both at an apple juice. I think I go. I I think the unstuck and violence. They're gonna happen Ed Henry tactics and I thought yeah yeah he's been getting the goal line anyway he's I think he's going to be carrying it the entire day and they're gonna Needham Tennessee until it went both as a good idea but while that's that's it that's the third part of the question. He could sic Gregg Olson and playable yes yeah do that get Henry in an annual lineup. This isn't a lot yeah you know it's ten carries or you know ten carries and two catches I think he's got a ton of points yet twelve carries in the first half and he's been catching passes last couple weeks why Berkett vote out the you know it could catch for five all AFC player of the week last week so it. I just don't think I just don't think they're aware about what this game's over and I do think it's over yet to Derrick Henry Dion and keep your goals and and your bench is on as its announcement that right. Ferry that mysteries renewed defense question are right the Seahawks it's on the play for the new help but the Seahawks the when pats. Listen on copy get a chance to play sports city do you take it gonna take sacks at age sacked four times. All right 339. But see a problem for four quarters. Or Brady for two quarters of instant art gas to know that's that's a plate readers desktop com. I want us. I want Imus ivory. It's tough it's just tough to say it is to put Brady and you vantage championship week in and I mean but I understand the questions I close yeah I'd take I think the patriots would rather. Just give the ball out of Brees hands. Then sit there Dino de you know. I I think I would very. That's a slightly depleted they had all the running backs healthy and might I might go the other but with with. And I think that's throw it I think you're right I've got a slight lean. Debris on the up slightly debris. And then I wanna get to this question from five late sleepers for daily when we ended up with that Muslim on the question comes in and attack so. You got to be sleepers for drafting is that your lean and honestly for me. That we haven't talked about. That we haven't talked outspent. I don't sort of surrogate McCaffery I would called sleeper but I think the falcons just about so many receptions to running backs and ending. Full security guy from Broward talked about. Roger Lewis flew right a little it's on the giants at the end he's pitched in sleeper and then if you really wanted to achieve it type in our climate and torched it yet it is. Continues search that's awful confined him in the other tied and I like. On the ground which you say every week but Antonio Gates okay. He was a minimum flair last week it and it got an enormous yup they pump them up that's ready when he won a title some 4200 for Antonio Gates. In a game that the charges need to make the playoffs against the lowly raiders I'd be on him. As three sleepers and that's 12 and three and we are rap and a files on that coming up. The facts.