Fantasy Football Hour Week 7 10-22-17

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Sunday, October 22nd

There is still time to get your fantasy football team ready! Pete Davidson and Jim Hackett have the tips to help you dominate your fantasy league.


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We ultimate football team the culture of football show and welcome to love fantasy football our Sports Radio tell what you we. The most comprehensive being kept presentation anywhere concerning fantasy football the fantasy football hours rock you've by. Andersen windows and your local Anderson window dealer by moxie soda in my Atlantic power clean look fun. In starts now. Here's Jim Hackett and I all right we want everybody to Tennessee we'll always begins in earnest weeks seven. I'm Jim Hackett beat Davidson on the line allies there that I am but I'm good I'm good weeks haven't been in this week feet. The it's called a rematch is it really isn't you can only avenge a super ball left you know defeat that seemed to him in the suitable but. Good to have the falcons back in town C regular smacking your New England shows and hit ha. I apologize. But up better than yesterday that had so. You have we knew we didn't have the podcast on Friday arguing you're on the DL that's okay we can actually we get is sweating profusely. But I was like Chris Farley Sauna for a stinks. That's not good. You know I props to draft things her you know having the most. Boring me Ainsley history Ainsley yeah guys what way to not but the patriot soc and yeah we saw this a couple of times to the just looking to double dip had people double that their money and it's not cool. And I mean look it's not all their fault this week look at the 33. For me the night games of the best games of the week I looked at Kansas City Oakland was was Corey phenomenal and it was a good matchup going in terms of looking for points up and and have Monday night. You've got though Washington Philly which is going to be fun and obviously the nineties is awesome. And a look at the slate actually. Why titans and browns are vulnerable excited employ it's a brutal jags calls and gets excited. Well not as much as jets Miami. If and and he here's what they argue via felt this week at least the London game startling for the confused me because I was up really early this morning I'm Mike Weir is that we are like all the notification does get my lineup in by nine there are we checked in like six or particularly to skip your right. You know what I will hate the London as they keep this. Yeah it's a alum in its image you've got if he's. Each of action in ninety image is difficult to to reacting on the and he made Italy's you this week it's not a great game you know cardinals rams but today. I think it might be the best team on me it's it's it's the national ID. It's it's sort of says that he's a club that I mean you know it. And and look a little bit of a punk job in terms of the saints Green Bay Packers to victories I would degrade obviously it's not. Com so you know hey it is what it is and so worker yo re just so instead of walking the slate we thought we do is highlight some of the best plays of the week in terms of guys to start right enemy can it. You know some of the guys that we don't get to towards the end. Yeah that was my idea sporting a partisan does look let's just talk some patriots gas here that's the most fun there is. Maybe today's data to plea the short slaves you know yeah. Yeah the night the nicely exactly and consumer. You know what were you wanna play we'll look at there's a ton of potential action in the pats on falcons game and let's as a unit to the top two quarterback plays I would say they're in that game you played against the falcons and Ryan has the pats I think in terms of total right obviously there pricey. Media. To work better angle by going like chiefs' bye I like Russell Wilson this week. Com. He could be volatile they couldn't a lot you know giants put up and fight. But I shortly there's I mean there's Holland quarterback like Tyrod Taylor this week at 5100 hot. I don't know. Everybody's on him I wanna be I'd certainly do very well in terms of good day but in terms of fantasy points that your dispose of but he throat Matthew might play Jordan Matthews have basically the likes it. Well he's right he's got like a baseball glove and it's quite real problem. Well maybe the Yankees duties. Love it love it I was very encouraged to go down and into the ring gave an intern on that the Astros up for now scenario you know I had a moment ago. And it it always agree that the 24 hours after the official ending of the Yankees he's always straight and you we are at the finesse it all our eyes let's get into some pats talk so. But it quarterbacks were what let us enemy wins I think just became. Extremely. Interest is just. Right yeah that is so some really nice stack options it hurts you could go act or he could go out Al shown now you can go two out of three bank. Maybe have some fun there. But it ends off to sleep. And and and there's a cheap options like touch rot ago I thought yeah you brought up and I think count the jets' fifty twos is interest. And even ugly person saints I think it could be all the weather but yeah. Yeah and you know what you don't does that mean it's I don't like taking quarterbacks against Denver particularly after the just got smoked. I in the bright lights of Sunday Night Football at home but Philip Rivers of 5300 doesn't scare me. Against amber endeavors skiers. I I don't know I'd I don't idol likely QBs that's an idea as senator said that enough volume side again that's the thing. And and other thing is that he announced banged up. So I don't know how many you know. Hundred letters I catch history and stuff so I don't reported rivers certainly is contrarian I don't think you're gonna have you know if he does have a big day. You gonna do well you know it's the price tag it's kind of tantalizing 5300. If I bomb goes low. I'm Mike got his MacCallum naked you know jet receivers to predict which one. I sort of like the count but I don't think I'm going to keep. Personally at ID. Palm for the possibly on Russell Wilson I think I get a little bit of both yup in marionette to against Cleveland at 69 hundreds on bad boy yeah yeah he's one of the guys in my article I definitely Mary play. Although you know it got complex in terms of now how do you stack area is now. Just sort of rooting our show here Delanie Walker will play piano on DeMarco Murray will play. So now you have to sweat out your you know those those phone please note you know and replays now. It takes a real guts to make that call but to Johnny Smith was conceivably one pick them up literally just been denied the guy could stream you know you've taken you know take a chance but now walker please after the game you know. After action right. I think the guys on the Kelvin Benjamin I was off on some instances. Yet this a lot hornets out. So you know he broke his thing Pete is with he did venerable Adam show after Indian Rappaport they're different sides of the equation this morning as looking at these. Yeah how long guy was saying point that would play other missing wouldn't play is kind of hard to get it you know get the right info but. He did come he is not going to play and that makes one of the guys in your starts its article from earlier in the week. Viable which is one Chris Ivory who we like to joke about here a little bit. But he's viable. Yeah well he runs in his eyes closed which is an issue but you know ease ease extremely. You lose it. Explosive till he gets a little motorbike powerful. A big back with some burst speed. Of of them the problem ivories that he settled soon while contact very well right inquiry. Five to carry pack comes in energy makes big plays. But you know for one week when he has at a big workload I feel like he's he's got he's got twenty to 25 minute today against the like the and so. Yeah I think. You know. Definitely consider hiring lineups but don't think you're going to be the only ones I think. Plants and I agree with you that Derek Emery was a guide to start thinking that DeMarco Murray wouldn't go looks eggs gonna go. So one I still think it is a good place you've got the guts to do it but obviously you know you've got that. You could yet potentially poked you know titans coaches I'd just despise them what's wrong with these people. How much more an opportunity the need to please come back who looks rate to a great last week who has been out on this aging players have battled hamstring for like. Two months now two months plus yep he kicked it right. You've got your going into a bye week you're playing eighteen is root out all right and and they're gonna sit there and let Murray product that hipster and that's just. Malarkey if you're listening you are a moron yeah I agree nickel and Dubai when Laura to play in the browns and Henry looked great last week that she closed the game was going to be the great. How Malarkey that coached for Woody Johnson beyond. If you run it got that footage that's the look at the jets and have our three and four in the goal in the wrong ways of maybe he actually will get the job you know is that this is in making his full of Malacca and it historical line to steady market -- -- it should be getting weekly pain but you know but you know what did this could be one of those smokes smokes greens with with Marie to him absolutely now that's why I think you know I think it's still a good gutsy move to go and GDP I think. Now hopefully this moved scare some of the fish out and you could really hit a home run with and by just have to do with your eyes open because. Again Malarkey is an idiot thinking I mean he. You know the market marquee 128 carries and it's pro. You this you just don't know yet I think the safe play and there if you gonna stacked with scenario it is either and it's hard it's his decision has been shot Matthews are. Eric Decker showed some life last week Sony may be they go there particularly I agree yeah deckers the stack person you had particularly with you know Delanie Walker having been questionable all week and like yeah there's no way I play her walker now they're just they're just operate. And done about it. I let's get some pats of receipt attacks coming in at 37937. As we usually do. They're kind of set the stage and talk perhaps welcome Leo walked the starts and then let the tax and a couple different lighting Rouse was into the show as of keep keep them come an end. But let's get to the pats the you know. It's close games is thinking about it over the weekend is yeah you know because I don't know. Where to go outside of the main horses you know like the main voices I've got you need to get Matt Ryan you've got Julio you've got Brady you've got crock. But you know outside of that it it's kind of like a dart throw in terms of the receivers pick on the path to guess the one who kind of stands out with a better matchup is Amendola he's side. Right you know. He definitely is the best right close to quarter attack yet and obviously very available agreed. It's not it's not pre. IT 8090% of and it's looking good yeah really well together yeah I mean. A bomb and this is a game patients really need everything got so you know while I have been sort of critical on how much they abused him and though some games related either so much yeah. I think this game they do. Which shocked discredit and target some solid production and exports. He's been greeting this year and he's actually I think he has played hurt he could guy we Sox absolutely easy is a definite candidate for the moxie and now I've always been a big fan interest because they're huge marketed. Many such good technical players great route. You know Texas Tech and the thing. Hampshire agree I absolutely love them and trust. Yeah I mean he's so relatively. Policy. For you know for patriot slot receiver yeah nobody takes a bigger beating India felt that a slot receiver for the past. Who they really do yeah and India announcement from Welker and a gentleman does Mendel on line. But yeah I think tonight and and go. If he finds its way to the end zone of epic that. I agree I agree that the big the big stack there in this is where you gonna have to kind of find some efficiencies and other positions but if you're really looking forward. It's the Brady rocks that it's gonna cost him it's it's expensive but you know yeah I mean I thought croak looked. Pretty good last week. Obviously one week removed now from the injury and this is I'm sure I'm sure you know. Croc has that Super Bowl like playing in the back of his head you know like. How much he wanted to be out there. So this is it cancer drugs action and sort. It's I mean again in the match up. You know and the Deloitte rock are the that's where you would expect the football ago. You know Atlanta's pretty strong in the wings yup. Beatable in the middle. Yeah and you know. The truth five is a guy who has handled expert on the past. So you know. The patriots are really good at finding the right matchups it's pretty obvious which ones there this weekend. Yet battery Amendola grow. Triple stack would call it that makes a lot of sense to me. Where it gets confusing as some money yet it will yes absolutely but where it gets confusing in the scheme as it often does. With the pats is. You know there's a lot of viable people in that backfield against Atlanta mean obviously this case you think with like James why alas I mean obviously you don't need and nobody did and we've got that you know Rex he's back. Rex he's back at the elephant in the quarter which is it was written cleared goalies they was. You obviously. And it's a but I mean I think you know jealously could be anywhere from primary guy bunch of goal line carries on the bench. Yet site here you know so. I have no feel whatsoever. In terms of what they're gonna do in this week he he can he can be inactive for Mike I know it's total dart thrown you don't. What's scaring me a little bit is on obvious is somebody who likes to sneak Deon Lewis in the my seasonal lineups and occasionally in India fess up or just have a feeling on him he's a feel player. This way too much above the Dion Lewis out there this week I am scared. I'm not announced yet and I'm gone the other way you know well I. I mean I yeah I mean he was the guys listed I mean I just like this price and the K 47 you know you know on. It and so it was fairly fairly fast three touchdowns in four weeks you know and I mean he you know ripped up the jets pretty good a couple of times last week. So. Yeah I think the odds pretty good played this week as long as you're willing to. You know take the risk that you just sort of indicated a heated you have that sense that you could just come up at the com and obviously due to the Super Bowl last year. White. Really smashed so I'm very yet so I think a lot of people might be on white because of that. So thank the Louis despite the nice contrary to play before what you're telling me in your tapped into the you know to the scuttlebutt Boston maybe everybody's Louis so. I'd just seen a lot of us and seeing a lot of infineon it's like you know on the deal moves I've got them into a lot of itself so I'm guilty. And I'm I'm just see okay it's got our series I think you're just. Anytime you put it out at two line option. Pacifist is that you. It is always about me and enters your degree but the thing is they really were in terms of the running backs it's it's hard it's hard decision and I think the safest flight. If you wanna play patriots running back is James White I really you know that that's that the safest when that's not based on what he did the Super Bowl. It's just based on the fact that I don't Todd yeah. Yeah with a gonna go between Lewis and Gillis Lian in Rex Berkett Iraq's probably is the guide put forth for announced as coming off the rib injury denies having back. I have no bigger and we could sit here and go to you know Louis lightweight Louis and then at the end of the day it's -- so right. It's I don't know aura that way and and you know the patriots have been in very careful with Birkhead in the you know. I I assume they've waited so long that a rib thing he's pretty close. To helping. Them so. And I think. He's a guy they can throw out there and the falcons don't go right to play against you know so he he's like a fresh piece of the puzzle there reported. And look at the falcons really areas of the backs. I can't somebody music I don't know who sent him back on its Twitter but it was a really good point they basically set their defense up. To run and tackle running back and ready used that fast linebackers try to. Put pressure that. To make the plays. But they give awful lot of receptions. And yards. On receptions to running back so I think. Patriot running backs are going to make a lot of plays this game is running back production. Still we have fictional game which Yangon soared to argue that they might all legal that they might allele and I think there will now. But that's why I sort of feel like Lewis is the guy if you could Emeka. You know any cheap Kiki you're gonna make a play I like the just because he's the one. Who can make big place like white sort of get you there by attrition in meat touchdowns they give the ball inside the five queries the you know he could score from the fifty you know we saw last week and a beautiful 33 yard scamper India touchdown and he and actually he's he's sneaky at the Golan he's got that can would head thing because he's small and and slippery can dive under you know like they like to reform reach with two different things so. Hey look we talked about this all offseason feature backs are really diverts. And and it. You know it is the three main guys that. Or play a lot this week and they're the most embers Birkhead Louis white. Obviously being fabulously be the least rivers. Yeah he's not he would come the job in helping ease the abuse that the I think the easiest to predict on the negative side to today's yet dog come on I'm hot and out just because of the fumble. Yup I mean I still last week it's still on ice. You read and nobody know after we don't out so stay with knowledge. Hey before I wanna flip it to the other side of the field they were getting a lot of tax cumin and how a break records an epic records a 110 tax than an hour. If line and look you can come in 379237. And I will. Alec work out the break and see if I can get most of my motor mouth going to go to rifle through the one of the tax if we don't get to the tax I'll I'll I'll be on tour a lot yet show this morning so at -- I'll try again Pete's admirable on of them admirable on tax on so. Other couple techs have come in that have perhaps falcons. Stuff to your questions and it's not that 978 das pursue new or Gabriel and that's a good question I like Gabriel the player benefits and who's back you know. I don't I don't seen in treats you take it yes. You know. I do think both of those guys are extremely viable as patients tend to lean on balance is your castle the patriots that's for error obviously feature cores are all banged up. It's not I mean I. While it hurt to so. What tops your court appointment. As a model that has the pullen writes oh. Com. Look all. Falcons' receivers marketplace. All of it did to me that's one where you know if you can if you have the opportunity for the upside if it's a seasonally like Gabriel's the big play guys and who potentially has the volume guys so. I'd say some new for the floor Gabriel from the outside you know on and you have to make a decision as to which one of those who you know. That's fair so that was one who's in who's been practicing pretty much full week thanks to. Yeah exactly. Exactly and then so look at with the patsy were once and he said the air. Is that the top two corners of her yeah I know on call film but it's one of the top two corners right there at the way he's started now most of you know he's supposed to be abide by title by contract. But hasn't worked out that way so you know the falcons. They should be moving the ball down the field that round of talks with the best choice is up the show like I wanna get involved with the game now what this case for the slate and you measure of like a two quarterback with Brady and Brady Matt Ryan very sweet but that's that's. It's a dream situation. And beautiful south man only the rooms just it is it's the all right so let's get a little and he kind of works of eligible players. But we have to. Is somebody better and that's that's that's. Say let's get into the falcons backfield a little bit in terms of freemen in ten and Coleman is that they're pretty dynamic in their own right. Yeah everyone's going whale by yet I think they're both do really well com. You know I dislike Coleman would be it's. You know H it's been a couple of plays on the ground in chief and I don't think a lot of people on them. So I think he's a fun plane she PP yeah called a guy out I thought but Kenya that's his that's his that's his role to commend him and and for the patriots are stressed out feel dealing with Julio all the guys. You know I think you know. Patriots are another team ought to the running backs yet. So Freeman obviously South Africa called the guys really get news. If you look industry in the defense this is not the game to do but it's not a total is still looking to go negative. Corey let's got a couple sex before we Ruth hit the brake and going to start since its article some of the main players there. Coming in from five a week. A point five PPR flack he's got CJ pros size who might combat is looking to come back I don't wanna play him I'm excited to watch him gap I'm not actually put him in my life. I'm more than willing to have him rolled some points on my bench in your league and got our problems something you've got shot procedures but again. Where is the hopefully as the questions from five was asked point PPR flax. He's obviously a pirate problems it's pro sized Josh docs in the Wendell small would. So like stocks yeah. You can go outside play there you known as explained it well you know what Providence how much can handle. Entrances you know reps try to keep him healthy but he's been he's played well he scored touchdowns so yeah. He's a guy could break out and then looking for him in the red zone which I like it was Jordan Reid's been so. Unhealthy to throw. Yeah I think because I think it's and company are going to be put up some serious points yet it's a game that's again that should have a lot of a lot of points but it was too good defense is it too that's another good. The Redskins Eagles. That was the Eagles I don't know if I called good defense I called a really good front but yes the back and so right now a lot of pressure up front it's all going to be about. Discussions have tied me not because they get there. But if the Washington line can just keep a clean just a little yet economical place and so is his game and Josh nor without the size of I think his game as a potentially. To score yes if you're looking at that that question text or pro sized dioxin smallest that's a lot of rational there for Josh docs itself and is always atmosphere and there's going to docs and I mean they're they're targeting in the east but also targeting in the reds. So right. And you know he's already early season he looks like he's a better red zone options prior it sounds good. I we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna hit your tax of 379237. Way to get to Pete starts since its article there's a lot of them. All right here at the Tennessee football arts was radio W yeah. 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Download the app any time to search draft to your App Store and joining game in minutes of play right from your computer on draft dot com for a limited time. New players who receive reentry after your first deposit. And they're so confident you don't love it. That they're gonna give you a free money back guarantee up to a hundred bucks if your W yeah I'll listen this is what you need to do you accuse my promo code WP EI. Played a real money game for free use my promo code W yeah I would your first deposit on draft to search out your App Store but it draft dot com and play free. At promo code W guys of that is that going news via. All of us. Now that's a great idea this week we gotta go yeah let's do that so one drafts there really are it's what's cool about trapeze. You've got action on both ends like you say your actually wrapping up so there's some some some actual competition in the process early and then obviously. Just like regular. Seasonal order yet that's sort of read it and fifteen plants I've had a lot of fun when dogma drafts on. The only thing about it that you need to be prepared for it's like on a service in the image of the of the old man gets. Yeah I get shot nine and the got with a cannon that cannonball and I don't know it's like 888 that clock goes and then bang these things are done in ten minutes he had to have. It's just like be prepared for seasonally just go in there. No you wanna get in Dedham that's phased out and approaches it. If you're if you're drafting against people who are experienced in the format they're picks happen early fat real fast yeah I do think it's back juniors that won't look back look I and a short pick clocked thirty seconds yeah. It's it's an intense it's an intense process it ought. And it's fun too because like you know right now. In other Dili where you know the the nineteen sort of separate slate in the regular games you can actually kind of use the full pool which is fine day you know that's good stuff aren't. Let's get into some of the non pats falcons. Starts that you like this week and this and go once we we talked about. Markets Mary owed obviously planet in Cleveland which is just a dumpster fire. That's a great one where the ball's gonna go. And in who's gonna get the Jews in terms of Tennessee right exactly sure merrier is a great place. But you want to get to Pete is your next hole which is Russell Wilson because this kind of like a split feeling on in this week it's it's. Yelling their traveling across the country to go to the giants giants coming off a big game. That you like. Like on this week in the senate. I you know what maybe it's just that idol model plea Russell Wilson and the minute atom score a lot of big. On the using its feet. The giants are good defense. Com you know so I think that. Wilson and actually have some big games against good defense nobody Estes scampered right around in and provide him yet that he's a guy can easily but if you close score. Obviously can throw touched lightly Tyler Lockett. Pairing with him this week that he clocked at apple right who's the that joint quarterback target. They've got rushed Marty back slot this week. And obviously. Jenkins. Aside so to Norris chickens probably on Paul Richardson tightening yeah that's aghast you'd like to you know anything this stuff if you know but. A locket the move around quite a bit so even if the primary matchup if I'm wrong. You can get enough shots side. And will's pretty good it's fine with the match yeah. But the Obama and Jimmy Graham is viable in the but the ball movement and think about them. Alec Baldwin this week I just you know and total contrary a lot of people will be on ball has more expensive. And I think. I don't think bald little Seattle at all. So I think that's sort of the whales but yeah I mean if you wanna go all the way art. Texas came in and these guys are pretty similar 978 would you start the ball when we to spoke about Rashard Matthews PPR flex a likeable yet likable. You know as they see an article that the locket Wilson's back highlight it it is getting I'm getting Russell Wilson and solid receiver option for 101005. Months pretty good that's for yes I can really nice lineup around that. If it stacked a huge. Right whereas if you like Brady drunk or you know Matt Ryan Julio you're probably 101000 more out of monopoly money and look I ankle is gonna have a really good game yup I just to the patriots give up the monster. You know I don't they can't they can't I think they're gonna really bogged down on the at this after. Ryan who it was great Super Bowl mix. Humble detect cancer and is an orderly and it's ridiculous officer I'll never forget that I mean he's he's a freak by a you know I do you think the pats and like. The patriots where if you like he comes out starts killing him they the patriots team that's gonna kill normal known it would just yeah exactly so I just sort of feel like. In HTTP. I don't momentarily. After I sort of like him cash. I think he will return solid. I was not seasonal way. I was re watching that game last that he was so it's also amazing about that come back and let alone the 25 points in seventeen minutes. But the fact that we did it coaching. But but but the fact that within all that. The pats defense actually gave up two really big plays to give up that Julio catch which is just fun nominal. And Freeman Freeman play before it but for fifty yards or something Brady did his thing came out as. Slowly methodically made the comeback and a bullet you know death by a thousand advertised it as an Atlanta completes its. Within a couple bad decisions on our Kabul again. They did trade you gotta be you gotta be tough buttoned up and tight they were as they as they ruled on the fields of interest. Running backs when you're you're running back when he starts his deal Lewis talked about that. Good price tag 4700 bucks on on drafting would just fund. And you and I think are in agreement that James White indoor Deon Lewis in May be Rex can make a play it's something in that mix. One thing you could pull like if you're playing shortly. Cheaper short sleep tournaments yeah. It's not treat it just duel with each featured back. Like if you're willing to sort of for a lot of them in the dumpster. Had the outline yeah yeah accurately field soft or exceed yeah that's excellent yeah let's you know great price this week so so that's what it for nine bucks you could create three teams and a you know maybe potential like oh yeah. We get some tax committed peed on with some guys are wanna hit in your running back home which is one is Mark Ingram at the Packers 67 under that's a nice potentially. Sorry coming it's. Jack Ingram is it I was sort of you know feeling Camara ending about sort of thinking. Mars in place contrary upside play that game been you know now that's going to be there. You know it's a while right now right you got the young inexperienced quarterback may be in bad weather. This scheme could become more conservative. And it looks on paper. And it that happens that. Danny could be 225 Gary's right yeah and it is not a problem in the draft for he's actually for bulls now. Doctor urged the Arctic so. Yet it is a guy sixties that he's going to be yeah that apparently. Some. Couple guys who talked about at the outset that have some opportunity what does Chris Ivory you know with slated for net not playing. And he likes to run blind in one of the fire hydrants disease in the middle field but it. 4800 bucks is pretty good. And an interception gutsy autos so. For him he's that good players I don't hate Chris Ivory but you know it's fun to watch when it's all very consistent element is game one of them is running the players you know. And the other thing too is like with the when he was an increase it all out running back. Heard it. Twice a great reference. You know the thing with the with ivory not to get too bogged down with him. You know he rejects to big deal and yeah woo wee weed you would see him in New Orleans you know he was like a breath of fresh eggs be Seles lows of I mean just look that you shot a mechanical energy runner yet over the jets got on the leaned on him like a primary back and that's when you saw the flaws. He's a guy who gets steamed up you know once he you know he gets hamstrings. Hips and shoulders. He doesn't hold up well to all so right com. The jaguars. But can get volume of one week you know I can now this is their backfield paradigm that stand. As bats her corporate tax situation. They're running back situation is perfect for that bad. Quarterback situation they've got four net who's. Masters without it. Be pounder. And it would it would Giacomo breather neighboring ivory energy guy so pounders so. Win which acts of delegates in the fourth quarter and they've been Cameron ivory for an attic you all today. There really good position to do with yup. You know in the two Cory grant is this immediately gets one dollar and acted Blair he's I would love to say he's sneaky plea today and media's you've really got split. You can easily come up empty and you know the one thing weighs four net out. You know that might be active this week yeah he got picked up he got picked up a couple seasonally he's on the and K sneaky tech. Great that's why a little bit nervous grant or it. Get some La that's the field and on the sidelines. There I could see them sing the chance. Basically divide up the passing. It yet and Nike Jacksonville and indeed there's a lot of guys but there's a lot. That that's a game where you could have some great output that you can like can also be a dog and inactive I could gone nowhere I'd I'd ancient jaguars running backs and nothing else on young mom worried about anyone and indeed going up against Jacksonville was great defense you know seasonally cheaply gore. You can even consider marlin almanac yeah and you know you could maybe considered oil. But I mean to me there's not much exciting you know horrible matchup for oh so. And that does not in despite what the Donaldson early in the week that the needs a scheme that again held the ball more which is true he's dead. He is it that you just they have to do they have to figure something out there again in the fall but I don't think it's gonna happen this week. I feel bad for ago on some levels. You know he's he's basically money yes. Yes. Aaron what was that woman have been addressed you wrap this up okay. Let's get one more running back in before we have your brain which is a guy we have talked about in his paradigm might change all the at Celtic and play yeah I know I mean I'm not it's like you know about go hole on him now. Here's what's coach McCaffery you've got a bad weathered house that is the greens is that good or bad for when you lose so. You know cash vault you to the east play India that's. The the scheme is interest speak I have now like it seems to work out yes. Because you've got him going up in rainy rainy game against the Panthers and knows he. That's big you through this did this should be through our middle I mean he's thirty carries. Yeah and he's a strong he can do something with that if they beat that defense down that's gonna offer a lot of room for joint accounts on the field that much he can catch 34 passes might you know the drafting thing Mike that problem. So Howard's a guy thinks that this. He is and he is 6400 dollars that's not bad on drafts. So with weekly out that's a that's a play you can definitely Howard back field. That's doable and I had reason I have reason why he's 47484800. Pretty good. Pretty good apps the other received the other running back who wanted to hit we talked about it a little bit. At the top is Derrick Henry and you know DeMarco Murray muddies his upside potentially but I think that's an a can be a smokescreen he has been. Pretty much ruled out until this morning I would overweight and Henry just in case they poem Q and as we talked about earlier and it will you know. A little bit less and some yet but there's there's other complacency if you feel my pain in the money I want him this week absolutely. The niners. Libya and hunt and fax numbers. Yet. We talked about both of the falcons backs place. At LeSean McCoy so before entering the bucks. She could easily severed balls as. Ares. 150 yards well. His ups and down couple text on a little guys to spoke about one is from 71. Looking for PPR flex has got to be in the running down positions in the blunt. What Derrek and we just talked about. In a blog on Monday night against the skins a sector and but it's close it's a gut feel I feel I feel I feel this them it's PP art definitely there. Yes this is obfuscation happening with the Tennessee at the tender it is going to be Henry week despite all its back so there's that little slight possibility that. That want to label us as weak yeah. All right. The lightning round is coming up after the break we're gonna hammer your tax and write them down the coming in fast imperious Sports Radio the beauty. My conscience now on the very calm there. Give Bruce a line in the morning. All right elicited WEEI Sports Radio with Tennessee football our rap and upping it a million tax to get to Pete I wanna do lightning round and anything you wanna hit when you start since that we didn't it. Him. In. Nam. You know a couple guys who aren't article if it's factory article about nestled there for him yet. I think Mike Evans it's at 600 against the bills and display at all. On Mike and Michael Thomas at. Packers have five and trappings knew that if you know the more greens the more I think tufts of the got to do is like its ex gays the big target ten point five he's the guy. Huge monster players it's bad weather you know you know. Cute cute played Ohio he can handle it. On Al shoppers the risk we talked about lulls Nolan 200 you know she knows Josh orbit. A lot about one. And you know generously entry in suggest Parker's banged up probably gonna play not jets don't really have a guy inside I think you can deal with injuries as Cali. Com so you know on screen maybe. I sort of think winter's gonna expect it polls suggests. At 68. A full featured dressings scoring I like him. And the tight ends. The really big nothing exchange for three guys article. Rock Cotter and yet evident from it's it's the volume of them and anger menus and eating out the girl of those Seahawks are tough so. You know little bitter history there that's what sort of leaning in DC to entered boxer and I really think. Rivers. Has yet. It's our let's get to some tax a lot of them came in don't wanna rock run through as many as we possibly can. From five await this guys and a half point PPR flex decision and I'm a pro sized one. Bison yet pros only talked about that go to 413. Wendell small would. Josh stocks and we talks about Ed Dickson a tale telling Gabriel I think docs and for the reasons it's literally I would go yeah that's a good if you're feeling Gabriel maybe but. Yet could play there. From 857 this just came in a hundred Henry or Delanie Walker tied and yes Henry is in the start our. Walkers but walker. Yeah look he's being mean just just got declared today that he's gonna play so you gotta really safely with candidates and follow that. Again Anthony's. 71 flex few PR but gallon or Ted again. That's a tough match a buck Allen against Minnesota. I take in Ohio was just because it's like even if they hit it get a long ball it's way. It's just fall down ticket drops dry football he does he's got he's got length chicken legs to me it's so easily burn that there. Al typically all the snaps twenty touches like five points. I think Alan there's the floor if you really feel like the big game. Yeah I agree. I've from 585 half point PP ER Orleans dark laugh or sterling Shepperd Shepard looks like he's gonna play. Dark yes shot. I sought sheppard's injury it was pretty bad. I think he's been brought back early because of the severity of the injuries and have you ever seen a team that. All three if there receivers now suffer some. A year ravaged with it like twenty cities ravaged the worst workable that. The only time I can I can think of that something like that happened and it was on the other side of the ball ankles yup. It was in 1991. The patriots in the fourth pre season game they lost four defensive starters in Los ranil pat Garrett terrorists. There must hit it in the Los somebody else it was brutal and they went one and fifteen. I've never seen team lose its top offers or altered some injuries seemed to lose brutal it was etiquette I was a giant receiver. After it happened like on the coast but I'm out there. And you like Ingram Ellis to an office finally Aaron Jones or Chris Ivory PPI ivory got to go got to go every day Aaron Jones time incumbent like Jerry Jones but yeah I don't worry is that the decision myself time Montgomery or Aaron Jones. That's flip all a message basically you have it's the PR does that. So when you don't. Little bit little bit but let's just think that's football and you can't know of the seven million soon not yet he's actually receiver but yet. You know and you know it is. I think Jones is going to be ugly. Final weight and an entity here's a tiebreaker. Marker six what is the ribs and not the downside is I think that's your type now that's good tiebreaker there. Five OH HI Heath against the jets or the move very much mentioned Chris Ivory again. Close that is. I think ivories safer than. But if you want huge gain if you feel monster. Yet. To better play out and say ivory but it's yeah. 603 Jared go off for trim recent term Ximian do. Good luck. Yes it is coming off a really bad weekends as speaker recently so yeah and he's missing. Finally here's a good one Maclin Orson new. Yeah that happens nursing a shoulder all year so I think he got a take too sick or Africa corps he did yeah yeah it's awful it of the patriots that's the taps a lot of times. But hold of the that the patriots would literally. Look at the soul away from the ravens now divisional playoff game and in 201415. That team hasn't been the same since they all stink and fat and as you said Flacco is glory forgotten how to open one of an echo the patriots are sold there personally I am a high. Like you with me. That's a that's a eight ninths in our audience 978. Winston or Tyrod that's an interest in one. It is an interest that's close I mean wind but the problem is he takes good shots of the shall. Sold. You know if you are if you need floor I think Tyrod yeah. In a good matchup by the way don't ask for ceiling probably Winston's got so many weapons you know. But. Yeah yeah yeah. He feared dead the Fitch tragic scenario you absolutely do look at you'd either have Tyrod at home against them. We lose their yap the box the or you have the box on the other cycle it's a really hot dusty yet you look if you if you're an underdog I think maybe if your favorite. I think that's a good I think that's an idea than the floor with Tyrod that's Smart. All right 978 a PPR flack he's going to Kelvin Benjamin who is playing. Against Chicago. Or Cooper cup again in in in London on a normal times Arizona. Not not not popular Walt Cooper cup but you know Kelvin Benjamin is stepping up he's got Oswalt and mean. And I think his team probably at game I don't need to push him to keep snaps this week yeah. I think obviously for a cup company that match he does. Yeah and it's a London is on a little fun with that is is a long trip but sure is the young kid a figure. 50 wait break or any group that's a good one and standard Evan Ingram. In a good look at a lot of laundering I think Brees got the better floors to score like an after week for the last more than. Two weeks. I would probably going room but it's close the social and I was gonna because the Seahawks which is top of that back and help with tight and you know meaning that things can have a tough as the giants. Exactly he's got the bullet so it. A Brit Brit has been sneaking this year he's getting is it no doubt about it player yet. I picked a vote Jay Howard and I'm in a disturbed you know dart from my bench for later in the season debris right now is really the guys there. Yeah he's I mean you know. There's some overlap between them in terms snaps and stuff but yeah buries pure receiver hours. Finally in the quote unquote tough week released need to Mike Williams you a sneak off Snead he had thinking and sneeze there. 401. Equally I don't feel good about with. 401 who can you get brand emboldened or something we'll expect of Matthew Slater instead of mcwilliams David given incidentally for a one full PP ER. Chris Ivory Derrick Henry this a tough one Chris Ivory Derrick can read Terrelle Pryor crow well shepherd one and it's the only one. And thinks though. Diver I think I've reality though ivory there 978 point two I've considered. Nines and they'll get a couple more if we get kicked out here full PP ER. Flex option Hooper Boston Hooper but gallon oral Orleans dark while. That's a tough one do in a dark. But gallons interest in buildings in terrible matchup because Minnesota that's a really tough day at a form. Couple more five await tyra lastly Tyrod Taylor or Carson Palmer. Power. Palmer's going as the rams tough the tire on a safer bets off. There. Policy. Comparable quarter now once on all right of Reading get your text you can get us a twittered out rural wanna go to one backside and double talk to next week the buckle.