Fantasy Football Podcast - Combine & Rookie Class #1

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, March 2nd
Friday at the NFL Combine is all about the Runningbacks so Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson get into the

NFLOff-season, the rookie class, the Patriots needs and the early scouting Pete has done on the

Runningbacks, Quarterbacks and Wide Receivers.  Dynasty Drafts are already underway, so after a little

Super Bowl / Patriots post mortem, Jim and Pete move forward to look at the team needs and highlight some

Rookie talent like, Nick Chubb-Georgia RB, Derrius Guice-LSU RB, Jaylen Samuels-NC State RB as well as the

QB & WR positions.  Pete’s articles are up and available on right now and this podcast will add some color.


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Well hello everybody Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson your fantasy football guys are WEEI are back in guess why it is NFL Tom nine time. And my buddy Pete Davidson although their feet. I thought I don't I'm all right buddy all right. But I do we brings us back together it which is three very fat articles on WBI dot com one of just went to went up. With a lot of work in a lot of a lot of words. One just went up with the receivers and quarterbacks and running backs and apple a little earlier in the week like on Wednesday this week. I after the all weren't gonna down there now while there I should say. Good person tight end up tomorrow that that that will be quite in depth as the other three you know definitely going to be and some of these tenants. At least some good guys have and now. Lester tight ends as a blast because it was such a great class unity in the united stole the show last year I spent the whole offseason on tight ends we spent the good amount of time during the seasons are in the show talking about yet I think. I think I was I don't know. I think you're thinking at that point you know relevant again now art they would particularly here with. All the stories swirling around mr. gronkowski. Corrected that potentially become a position need. For the past I guess is as an area to kind of talk about I think had to be back and that's purely gut instinct that's all you. I mean you know the big games are now reporting that he's expected back so I mean. You know in west or something we don't know about crop. I've got to think he's going to be back but. Excitement flooring it well enough you heard him. Earlier in the week by accident last couple weeks he's like it's posturing it's postured for new deal and that makes perfect sense because the guy to me. And I said this a bunch of times I don't think he's an estimated football I don't only think he's the best ten minutes of play action things the best football player that's ever played. He deserves to be paid as such that's my personal thing. Yeah I don't know I got that far Tuesday definitely I think but the best tight and I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Yeah I mean I would think if crosscourt or money it would be as simple as saying anymore money lots. I don't clearly if it could go to public are straight. You know it's just you know you guys to be paying me more you'll be paying someone now to you know. But I suppose. You know patients like come back with you know we we won a suitable value but. I think the Smart enough to know that later got a little lucky there. Yet grotesque you don't grow countries period. Yeah I don't think there's any tolerance of that PS. This time around it idyllic look at that the it picture or try to make the parallels in terms of you know. Belichick being a master leaving you know too soon vs two late. That's all true but this is a different animal this is a different animal and the patriots moving forward 2018 and beyond are different animal. Yeah I say don't mess with it counts the group. Close to replacing lawyer Malloy. Is not something you can compare you know to replacing. You know. Gilligan Little Richard Seymour anybody else you wanna bring. It seemed ado here is the one that heat comes a little bit close but it's not even close. Yeah I mean it's he or even your top fifty defense deployment of all probably got. In that conversation. Itself and a guy but there's a lot of great thing Lyman I don't secretary heroin capital. He's got to eat he's got a I think he's got a legitimate chance it wouldn't surprise me he didn't it would surprise me he did not straddle the fence you deny that totally sounds but. I think he's got the chops to be there. But that's me. Yeah I think she I think as statistically they know he's dealing with so many people live off a different team. So I don't know I don't know how many patriots ultimately make it I mean we know Warren. We you know we know one patriot who block trading chronicled there yet crowd obviously of the law and exile las should be there. I I I would have a public dialogue. You know career career went down a little bit early. But heck of a football. And huge in the big games uranium fuel to what he was that the jets keep it doctor ball for a right yeah and in person by the good argument for Rodney Harrison to I would say. And maybe Matt Light but global sea but he's probably fringe at past. But it does a lot of candidates. Yeah I mean it did but the thing with the patriots should get turn over you know I mean obviously Randy Moss. Who's in yet so. It definitely gonna have your share but the fact that you know the first you know the early you Super Bowl crew got turned over. So excited it's sound like you've got all these guys that were with Brady all the way through wrote down at the shirt sure it's just so happens in Iran last. Seventeen years there have been no hit now so you know very few people brokers like that it's. It's funny I was reading Tai Anderson under the yet knock on today and actually thought his article your article about rock from the perspective of a kid who's been watching wrestling for a long time. And it is making music chronicle never be in the perfect and into the VWE which I don't know that I agree with but. That the case. It should. Well that's it I think it would be a big mistake for him to do that well that Casey was making is the injuries you know and music is like that Matt is a trampoline is like you know these guys really aren't. And this guy's fragile anyway it was sort of it is a trampoline. I've actually bid on it. You've been squared circle absolutely but I worked at Madison Square Garden area at least you're good at it check it out on the day of the fight and there's a lot of give to that thing more than you think. But yeah I mean for guys it's like it if it crossed to retire early can he wants to avoid. CTV I don't think working for Vince McMahon is is a great career but. You know media here and there event. Yeah now he is it was trial last year when he did the appearance that the people die each delegate. And I think the rustling people Doug and I think that's real. You know and I think you're gonna grow certainly has the personality to do it in Canada he got specific ballot either do it any you know I certainly think that. Your average wrestling fan would probably be a ground fans whether they're patriots. You know I mean look hopefully good doesn't need that kind of money hopefully. And then you know I think that's the thing when it comes to retirement you know it's. You know it's suddenly keep Brady where he's been making large money for a long time. What it was struck. 20/20 eight guys it's an eight year window right now. Grade and I mean you know a lot of that was done as a rookie deal so. I think he's a guy probably launch one or two more years of big money. And I think he deserves to be making. You know whatever the Max amount of money for images you know you shouldn't I don't you know for Brady's nicotine discount that's one thing. For drug task you do that I I don't think would make a lot of sense. He's definitely Italy's 45. Yeah exactly and he's a player who's been shown this football mortality on many occasions before I got the league exactly so. You know. He's he's really paid his dues he's really. I can I don't see how the patriots could ever ask more out of him what he's given. So he deserves to repay. A bingo bingo is is Nemo and and I think that will sort itself out but does it does bring up an interesting draft you know for the pats because. There's the obvious thirst a need to. To you know re fortified quarterback now whether that has to be this year or next year that's debatable depending upon who's there. But that's there and that running back you know you hit that your article from Wednesday the and we mean DR Lewis could go Rex Burkhead could go Gillis a week ago you know every time Brandon Bolden and he's not gonna towed it so there's a lot of talk about in terms of the total. All the jurors are great got out of line around you know. Like you can take about a mob both given fifteen carries in the game and into any you won't kill it. I'll do something with it but he he says what they did with in this year's exactly and in years past is exactly what you want him for special teams in the occasional all right you'll kill us. But I. That's actually the big guy with some skill. But yeah I mean look if Birkhead and police ego or of Birkhead and beyond ago were idiotic beliefs we go. Yeah I mean that's just gonna create. A need and you know what it is your typical patriots it's a great year to have a need to running back. Yeah I saw your tweet you beat me to it by about twenty seconds I happen to be eating launch and I was watching is the end and Carolina. Drops Jon Jonathan Stewart and Ali he's got a great guy from the pages of picked up. And I went to sort of the first thing I saw is that wrote a bottles the do it. That's a typical that's absolutely typical patriot signing integrate you can catch the ball on the back of those that would need. In Houston player. Yeah I mean I could see them pick it up him on the on the super cheap I it would surprise me if it's. If there's a team they could talk Matt Forte out of retirement for one season it it it might be New England. It's there's definitely a lot of guys out there who you can bring him for that. You know that veteran enrolled the way they did was still in one year the way they they tried to do with Fred Taylor one year. It is definitely playing guys out there who fit that bill there's some guys in the draft who came. Maybe that BDR Lewis but certainly play in that role. And there's plenty of big backs to but you know I have to say replacing Birkhead. That it's awful. That's my priority of all the facts honestly and you know you talk to me enough. On there in the podcast live on the phone I've incentive for years as you. We love Dion Lewis of the both of us and and I I think he is has been exceptional I think is the best at what he's done. In New England while like he was brought in and in so much that he became the lead back but you know that. I think the die is cast on that if I have to save a guy the egg that I think I DNC on the team that it's Berkett to. That's the I mean I'm just served to also taking it guesses at what the money's going to be getting Burt that I think showed enough where somebody out there's been offered a raise. I I have to think that DO Lewis who's proven. You know to be terrible at this point who held up you know decent workload last season. I would think veto would command a little bit of money to the point where the patriots are able to go there. I mean if I'm if of the patriots I. And this is this could be debated but I think if I'm new England and and I can't afford to keep Kevin Dolan and the I think an adult the government bring back. Yeah I grip the because if there is no alternatives at running back yeah. Data mean you know it hit the I mean granted didn't win the Super Bowl but if the patriots had won the super ball. Not many more people would have deserved Blake. And MVP type of thing for the playoffs you know over Kevin Dolan again I just followed the believable and and that's on the heels of being great the playoffs before the leaders of the guy who just. We knew our big game players daily dole is a big game. Testified about a one when when a minute when it matters is that like that his entire time here in doing right. Right and when he wasn't favorable even when he was like yeah the clear. Third or fourth receiver he can hit the big third down catch. Yeah I mean I do it and you know it's. I've I've for of people probably a regular listeners to our program we're probably almost tired of listening to me say. Don't over use Kevin Dolan don't forward it yeah and dole out. But you know he's just gotten valuable to play elsewhere I don't want him. Getting this season ending concussion or classical or whatever might happen yeah he's just too big in the big spot. Yeah and you don't like he he also. They've been a perfect fit for him and he for them so actually you know any gate the actual they use him perfectly so by him. And despite whatever the agent might be whispering in his a year. He he's got to know these these these guys get me to get my value they get my usage level. I I think he is the priority and I I don't think it's going to be. That tough to sign him if you factor in all those things and if he factors and all those things in his eighth. Yeah I mean you know it's in it would depend who is suitors are supposed. I mean if if it's the 49ers came a call and I don't know maybe. That might interest him. You know a team like the saints maybe kids. Do you bench thinking for heaven and certainly doesn't need to go to some bad team. To make an extra million dollars in and I think he's already shown in the past that he's going to. Not familiar up the salary this stay with the pitchers. That is I allude to in the article this morning I think. This is a rare situation for the patriots late bend their own rule yeah. To keep the player just because. It keeps the issue in the Pacific is bent over backwards to help them with the cap situation. I think everybody looks good if if he ends up back to New England happy I think that's I think that's something that you consult your entire roster like look we're not in humid here. You know to help us we help you and in this guy's earned money into your lord. It's. We need to be given dole is usually worse place that they published. No doubt if he should any earns it year like at 31 years old. In his size and his past injury histories is durable is in the last few years how big the financial market will be for him so and the it is makes yes. Lately it depends right I mean it is if there's a team out there ready to win now they may see Amendola the person. To panic but you know open it's a team like the jets is just trying to flex their cap space I don't think that's something that's been. You know appeal to have. You know. I mean you I. Know my my gut says she's gonna have to put a good team play with a good quarterback probably the patriots. Yeah I think so too an altitude for the patriots you know hasn't been the happy as of times even though they were. You know very close to winning another Super Bowl last few months of middle there have been. Publicly. Tumultuous in terms of the Brandon perception and all that kind of stuff. Typical guys keep recruit guys like. And really remarkable. That the patriots could be at a bad PR spot given. The level of success we'll score one girl is one of those who want to heavy and it really makes you wonder just like how much. And they did I mean I've I've. The bit about social media and seeing patriot offense just going after Belichick and ways that just. I don't know I can't I can't imagine having a coach that good at going after you know most of seismic. Yes I mean. We haven't had a chance to talk about the super close the first we've done I think she's right and and you know whatever it's. Water under the bridge at this point but you know you can disagree with any individual thing that the patriots did but the idea that Belichick is. Trying to do anything other than win it's crazy they'll do is just crazy. I agree I agree with you totally you know Baylor. They didn't I mean they look at it that the reason they loss as the defense and let's get there and as a bunch about Malcolm Butler you know. Whatever I don't I mean it might my first instinct is to. Not agreement it but we don't know the whole story we know well you know you're playing pretty well actually after the first couple series. Well you know it's funny I was gonna say that you know there's a sure there's a couple of high profile place you can look to the pick I would think getting beat like a dog all game long people's sake. If you look at Jefferies touched down I mean pretty darn good thorough and pretty darn good dead perfect throw. Yes so. You know they look at that. I think sometimes we've. We forget that how much the details mattered to the patriots. And I don't know what they're play calling was going to be in the Super Bowl but clearly they had a play and it was something they were installing throughout the week. Other wasn't able to participate in it. You know that right or wrong I think they have their reasons yet. And you know it's not like. Butch is Britney doesn't get sacked to lose the football the last possession. Of the symbolic amount. I really went well they crowded the patriots were really good position to win that game up. And despite did you sense fledgling the entire game at that but it. The Eagles for a front seven stepped up they got that I mean. United settling times you wanna beat the patriots get to Brady well in the big spot they got to Brady. Yet also liable when I've been saying actually said this group before the game. Is you get a coach with some balls you eat eat you have to you have to be. You have to be sea biscuit you have to be rocky you have to go for an aunt and so many teams in Jacksonville two weeks before. You know did the exact opposite no doubt that they Lawson hit Peterson a ton of credit and he went Fordham did weigh all game and they want. Yes yes no no doubt I it and you know look I think it. I know I'm not gonna take back anything that says about nick falls in terms of the waiting was playing when they first put him in there and really opt in through the falcons' playoff game did not play that well but. Did the against the vikings to the patriots look at that was the nick falls we saw a couple of years ago when he was player for Chip Kelly any mid probable yeah the back guy. So kudos to the Eagles. For putting in game plans and for getting him ready and pretend for calling the plays that he had confidence in him. As you know in fact it was. Actually was pretty impressive and I'm sure most of the people seeing it you don't folder according to the sidelines and and tell them what play wants to run in the coaches like yeah yeah let's work that I mean. That's impressive. That's a good coaches do good coaches look at that the players that they have. How can we agree get the most out of this let's not try to make this guy. You're absolutely right your attitude when he's not constantly being free and easy and loose when mistakes are that high. I knew we've seen it twice now in recent history Sean Payton would stick with with the onside kick leading up perhaps second after. An end and that play they call the goal like these are moves where if you are alone you can lose your job. And they're doing it like it's nothing that's a sign of a coach you want. You know. I'm duly impressed at that usually against. Debt as being yelled this is against it seemed that you have to assume it's going to be prepared for things yeah. So. And I thought carried out a good Super Bowl two good football team showed up as they are global bulls played well it took on the end of you know sometimes. Is he would they wanna see but I mean how many times have we seen peacefully L football game takes on the personality okay. And that was an offensive football games the Super Bowls have been like that all locked in recent memory where it's just an offensive game and especially in the second half. As they Bruschi says these teams get aghast you know and he's right how many times have we seen big defensive stops in the fourth quarter of suitable their feud. Between the you know it lessens the falcons collapse since you know. So you know it was a heck it was I felt that was one of the best suitable. I don't think is very entertaining and you know as a as a as a patriots stand with significant amount of gray hair on the sides. You know I it doesn't like you know I I always take stock of the enemy you know of where I am verses where we once wore so it doesn't sting as much but there's a lot of people halted at all the pages don't have. The history that dates back to involvement ship that we had to deal with his features reds boss is what's his. There lens is completely different people devastated devastated we really hit it it's. Eight Super Bowls you know way and Brady Belichick there you want five Mike Garrick right I mean that would be devastated by. You'll ride from Bill Murray. Gold dollar direction I think it's exactly what I wanted to win as much as the next guy but you know are all good news it was a great game and and didn't like to me is like I like sustainability. Of success. And I got some big time concerns on the defensive side of the on the Oregon's offense. Where I think they also have to have some NASA needs you know look at. If dot Scarnecchia doesn't come back suddenly offensive line becomes an issue because I think. You do give back in Becket yeah it yet he is coming back but I you know but if you if he doesn't now that's an issue. You know anybody running back of the Danish tighter and theoretically. Couldn't get the patriots are looking at. As if I can and if I can do anything to improve the offensive line that's that maybe islamists bent. It's all it's always a factor by the way you Neitzel there has been very very good solid productive. Left tackle but he's not perfect and there's a lot of gaps on the outlines again again I give when that conversation with Sebastian Vollmer back in the EU. In the pre season when he seventeenth. Straight up each scene he was in the studio. You should see his face he's like he's basically like. Jim and it was like when I went like a grand parents boxed in economic you know into the straights do while life as he was this like this guy is he just makes you better in every way. And I don't know affront to David Andrews LaMarcus can and guard shack masonry these guys. I think is give about it I don't know. Listen you know that the jets said the special teams coach Mike west. Remember and there's nobody like him and would we lost and you do that the special teams are gonna go down and they didn't. It's just some coaches are just that good. It's codec is one of those guys and let you know when Belichick keeps you around for that long it's not a coincidence. I was in the rod rust coaching staff and the rest but don't remember the old one and fifteen. So this guy play how do it right so will we anytime the coach comes in and keep some of the pre existing furniture. That's not that furniture right we're gonna keep that guy you know I don't yes I've got my guy that the will keep back. You know Belichick obviously sort of to do those things one guy I think the pats could look at depending I don't know what their needs are and the internal Parra on the way it's western route. Which bird can be fitted that there. Cap situation I'd be I'd consider going after him steal from the giants. Course on the giant vilified way to keep him at to China gets people talking about the losing which spurred into Q and they do that that's. Problems yes that's a good but anyway let's but but still it is incumbent. Yeah wanting to. Let let's as a rookie it's economize that just one more thought on that just to kind of plant the seed right as we transition into the skill positions as are going to impede our defensive football guys here yeah. So gonna get in the running backs than in some high level QB's maybe some receivers that are pulls up and yet dot com right now its rate. By the way. I'm but licenses with the pitchers have a lot of holes to fill. And I think for the positions that we would normally talk about here. You can see a lot of free agents on veterans ovals they're gonna spend a draft capital on defense to get younger and faster and talented period. I can I can see that they do listen it did when it comes to the skill positions in this draft there's really you don't need to attack on the early anyway. It's you don't apply. Oh you're going to be able to get quality running back prospects in the fifth and sixth round by peace prize but that's not the case and the drop off in receivers. You know when you feel safer route three route six is going to be negligible so. That the patriots can rely there's got in departments to take the right. Players have to if they're looking at receiver which I doubt. If they're looking at running back which you know by the time we get to the draft I think that the actual be relatively clear. Yeah no doubt that this is this looks it to be a deep class you may be lacking there star power. But lots of depth that the skills so the running backs are going today at the combine that there. I thought our other running backside. Yes it is I don't see a ton of star power on the other receivers. Regardless of the tuchman Barkley is maybe you wanted to. The best players that come out of a draft in recent memory. Yeah he's an interest. England I I a you know I I don't I don't qualify local and as much a consensus I definitely like them I think that the thing about him that makes him special. It actually is receiving ability you and he's he's an outstanding. Receiving running back that's important now yes this data that's so it's huge. Key. He's sort of hit misses a ball carrier when he hits it's ridiculous and needs a home run hitter. Without question. He's a big true true 33000 dude Saudi this is just. You know finding. A hub. Player two they call Barkley is very difficult he sort of and a really sort of a new thing. But you don't see it differently if you want to sometimes if you just looking for guys gonna grind it out as a running back. He's not that kind of running back. Blood. You know yeah if you could put him you know if you got like quick PP you. You could put it would back it will Albert Kamal went last year if you put it with a guy like police. Polite word hugest deal believable. And done so with so that his locations and have a lot to do with this success but we got a talk about. Yeah I mean I don't I. I I sort of don't want to go to Cleveland although it's stitched it seemed like he will have been the only reason is that Cleveland seems to be going highly conventional and I think this is a little bit unconventional. I'd rather see him go routinely. Maybe the giants. You know where you're going to be running. You know war. You know out of that the judge will run out of passing formations and in this I think they'll be able to do different things of the running back and to be great there. It's not so I think the Georgia Tech running backs second overall out of that they should. But as part of the team who plays conventional football. I would rather hope to Darius strikes somehow magically shot into the second round Google earlier Barkley personally. It's it Derrius guys is to lose yeah. You played good road you know like scenes. He is and and and nick Chubb less certain running back is just unbelievable. Hewlett ties George's I mean. He wrote Abaxis fallout. A. There's little their little typically running attitude coming out this year very good. Encrypted dictate play but I do really good up as supply. But I mean look at jobs been good. Is good to doesn't fourteen stood until we got curtain fifteen came back from a gruesome knee injury in one season and was still. You know. 2016 nick Cho was probably the worst we've seen he was still very good coming off. And hit a bizarre injury Jim you actually did every ligament except the ACL that's weird I don't have ever seen that. Again I church have been somewhere but what. I know Christian or what a what. What causes that that's strange because the cells like the center. Very strange injury he did is ate it did the peace deal but not the field he did both of the of the of the outer outside look at GM CEO. And the PC succeeded Yeltsin. So. You know obviously three reconstructive. Were reconstructed ligaments. And the guy now when you look at him. It's he would not far off of his creator reform which is which is impressive and any other thing that's interesting about child to being is. And you don't you've had an ACL reconstruction since you go. Sometimes that's second and third year away from the surgery you're still getting better. And I wonder if Chubb could be even better next year. We saw a deal Louis right now I think the young he was it was it. Yeah I remember rewarding people people are listening to make a solid eighteen months before you release. What we saw that initial burst of Oregon for a while it was. I did it sure crucial ligament in either north or pieces of what it is that orthopedic surgeon. Say this to me it it has a lot to do with genetics and just what your knee is like. Some people have needs that have a good predisposition. Two replacement and then coming back. Some people. They're never going to be the same and it's just there's nothing you can do about it it's just the way they're needed. And you know we've seen it ACL. Because some players have been able to come back so effectively. The general public has this view that I'll ACL six saw what the injury bing bang boom. It really isn't. It's still something where. You know maybe 20% of people. I'm just pick that number is that there it would be 25 what it's thirty but the fifteen I don't know. But some people fair percentage of people will not come back to say. You know it started he was less well. Like when Wes Welker came back the fastest ever seen anybody. Right guys a cherry right guys are. Like. It was like six months six or eight months yeah it was rice is rice and then then you saw Welker and and you saw others kind of follows suit. Right doesn't count because he's not a human beings three and a perfectly right molester as it was what eight months on me less than you losses cores. Jerry Rice played football like. After a look at up but it would hurt like you know he's and he was back violent before the playoffs about it. And that is just it's it's did it didn't make any sense I think if you if you could put rice on sodium pentothal is probably admit that he came back too soon right. But. Yeah I think looks at some people half and then at this is just like it's that this is really good chicks first is badger expeditious sort of random chance. Not every need joint is exactly the same. And you know some people just. That area where you took the ligament and its just a little bit cleaner and you know it it works a little bit better. I mean think how amazing it is in the first place that we can replace. Interior crucial ligaments. Yeah pretty remarkable that we can even do that. What they do now is so different when I have mine they actually took my patella tendon stretch yes down like yeah as a replacements like you don't have that anymore. You gonna have Baxter of the. Sometimes they still do patella it and they have their options is that they have to mean cadavers or option there's there's a lot of different options. Most of the people my notepad patella. And then of course usually they take it from the Patel on the opposite leg or at least it used to lead and then you have multiple recapture need to do you have to rehab the patella yeah. Yeah on. And and so you know it's I mean you go back are reveling. If you go back to the early nineties Alexi Kovalev the Rangers hockey player. I think he would yell at. And you know that this surgeries were getting better then. But they you know that was when they would literally drill into your knee was drill I remember watching the surgeries. Not alive but they did show the actual surgery through the camera but hypocrisy. And it was just like public that's pretty. The armed and did the funny thing is at that time people like Q can you believe this technology imagine if Bernard King get ahead this seven years ago you know. And now we look at we look at the Kovalev technology like it's barbaric you know what you did the Theodore barber Bjork respectful but yeah. And so yeah it's it's that this stuff is getting better but. But you know some people. Are not going to be the same. As shown his job a guy you worry about with that at all. No joke the guy is back and he looks great you know and you know blood if you doubt predispose to further injury. I don't know I it's hard to say. But. I'd say one thing. I want dealt cook yeah and I know a lot of people were really I had dealt and cut coming back but there is that unknown ten to 15%. Whatever you whatever number you would put out a chance. That he's not going to be the double cook we know love. So it's like this just get used to him and thank you was he body Kamal flash of last year is right there yeah yeah. Great back in in Minnesota got a good team around in a good line. Good office in that team look at they'd be they've they've proved themselves in the AFC championship but think about it that third string quarterback. You know their top running back now. How could most of them you know I hope he comes back he goes back strong and good to see more of him in more than offense in. It is now you know which it was almost like this this soda. Fit into. The lake they walked to the states. I mean essentially won that game ended up absolute freak play switched the result yeah but that's what happened you know I mean yeah. Yeah I wondered psychologically that was a weird thing for the vikings like in the back of their minds they know they actually lost to hit it you know. Sports as. We are that way it's just snuck up on England to make any day. And I mean I have Ira loss and I know that I'm not a I want. I would IE was pretty much blown away. That they would be. The vikings. Minnesota with a suitable Minnesota on the line what what it was in Philadelphia but the soup yeah all right yeah. Minnesota is fighting for a chance to play the Super Bowl at home against nick falls and they cough it up so. That's I mean poor vikings and that's a rough four. Yeah the shot and so clearly wrong and shock and a devil and underestimating what Philadelphia was all about you know absolutely yeah chalk it up at. Absolutely I would I would I have have to admit I was sort of like I've. I felt bad for Eagles fans today were so into it I felt like manageable and it's so that down at the bat for a convicted because the Eagles deserve so much better could. But let's say it was such a bad B yeah. So they ended up on the magic carpet ride went into double anyway it's. Pretty amazing story. They had a ideally they're gonna agree with you in that comment is then I don't feel bad personally stands out about anything ever. At all because there are areas. Look at this is a food line clearly and this is that it isn't the booing cynical thing at all. I mean you Google thing. That yeah I mean I think. The base as it scum bags they just have a higher percentage yes if you say you know on average. 1100 of a percent of the fan base RR RA holes. Then Philadelphia it's like 50% and have him. It's. I don't know I've I've I think some of it is definitely reputation I think the reputation has snowballed yes I think any time and Eagles and does something disgusting or whatever. It it becomes news so it's so it becomes sort of a self fulfilling prophecy. You know sort of like any time so you as a racial sort Boston. People wanna pretend like it's nineteen. 65 or so that's a good point point you know I'd add that and so I I think things get out it's still pretty easily but you know. I bet there's some truth put are saying because look I root for a team that has a pretty high percentage of juvenile sense yet. But yes you do. What I don't know that it's our fault you know if you root for the jets should find alternative forms of that are in that as well. I don't. But. Yeah I I think I I think your original statement is the right one which is every single fan base without exception of god church yet. And if we wanna look if we wanna pay attention to the church we can make any fan base that. How degree I would agree it. It maybe so is little higher percent. Of the other. Ethnic and you know these debt that is. That is just stay out of my dad Horst Rolodex night it looked let's rolled out some other climactic and people that caught your eyes. At the top and and that we would be seeing. Yet today Italy or in reviewing what we see today in the combine that. Yeah within usually through this podcasts they're gonna have data on the running backs you know we're we're we're we're we're fight with our hands tied behind their backs a little bit. But you know I. You know I look I'm not alone you're gonna hear a lot of people say this I love destroying backlash it's. It's creepy deep I mean. The night running back on the board is John Kelly and I think until they develop self starter I really do. You know anything when you go past Kelly Rashad having some people think we're shut and should be in the top three you know. So it's. And as you know you can pass that you know. High. As innocent eyes amazed it gets a lot of progress yeah. The very engaged in player derail Williams who you know don't stop talking about him but do everything you don't know about in the because you're stuck but I got it right and before that he was stuck behind four net. So. If there are some real talent in this class. Ended up as the skill set of the of the class in general I know each player's different class at different. But the skill set needed in in the NFL now for running back you know pass protection. Good hands good they're eaten opens days gave versatility can line up anywhere that duke does the depth in this class match. The current need in the NFL at the position. Well I mean not all of it is if you look at directing dive downgraded. The one trick ponies guys like boat Scarborough all right you know some juicy Scarborough I have some lists. But I'm downgrading and just for the reason that he said. You know. Is another good example. Just jedi and frankly that a western Michigan I think in the past may have been. You know pirates of people's you know he's not very mind. It's another good example. You know whatever that Leo Auburn National question. But it's it's. He did your question yes there are guys who have the skill sets to play in before were thinking NFL. You know we're at least going verses where it is held annual. Phrased it. What it's I think Scott was a good a good. Good answer of that because aid comes from Alabama right. It in there they're always so prominence that the guy gonna see a lot it's a guy that the play by play in the color commentary guys on Saturday gonna go crazy on. Yes him on the national stage he fits the suit in terms of running back and everyone's mind he has but it and you be pushing down of that because if that does differently today. The guy who I think is a specialist he you know he can be close or four nickname Bibi could be short yardage back for you to be a guy if you really look at how the football at a bad weather and gave me. You know he's a guy to have around. But you know I think in the end he's gonna have a career that's sort of similar. A bit of a space it was that big kid who came out of Boston College couple years ago. Willie Green no no no no. Oh my gosh I can't believe Africa this guy's name who really good player you for except NCAA record for rushing huge dudes. Please state farm like 34 years ago. I don't think you guys has gone through my movement my I can't believe it forget it as anyways Mike cloud Willie Green and you're going too far back. Okay. It generally got a place for the giants but still at large lump together just Cottam last year it's. What is wrong with. Mark. We need to get a young person that's. A it'll it'll come they just column last year I remember use. Kind of hanging around the practice like it I did for some reason Jayson Williams's in my head but but but but anyway. You know it's. Is that act and act kind of guy back up next. We now know upset. But. Really what started that's not recycle those guys have been a guy a couple adult lite that as a as a bit because the government land right at that point. It can't oil why it was a better player they like. If you keep away from you know that the pop buys in the McDowell yes. The good guys in this class you know I. I'm pretty high on this. You know on my board if you get you know into like that's fixed here. You know any you know for the cure five I really like them. And it. I mean it's my personal sort of favorite from a value standpoint is is John Kelly I actually keep. Giving given the law of this and you know it jail let's say mules at NC state who technically it's come by this tight it is. You got patriots get. I'll just say if you if you are a tight end of the combined. You're in the running backs area I've that's the first thing I thought of as like on the that's gotta cancel it can be. He's an exceedingly where football personally. Police super Smart. I think he could be a lead running back I really do. But you know if you want like an exact kind of thing yet to be sort of hybrid player. You know little bit smaller. Than air Hernandez. But he could media player there Hernandez he kind of rolled. I think yes. This is a little took part of the solid citizens well and all but seemed to check is more assault and this but that's what got you right jail assay noses. I it's gonna be really interesting to see how the NFL values haven't been where it gets drafted. If I were looking for a diverse power back who could do everything he you'd be I have my listed. So he he's a guy that I definitely think he has. Patriots potential. But my seventh back Ronald Jones I mean this guy has the ability to meet Bibi. Something special. You know I had a look at probably have him lower than it should be I sort of preparation frame and it's six to make a point to that six. Most people have Freeman wait to load their boards. An interior Johnson Auburn's and really half. Good running back everybody knows about Sony shell. You know I have maybe not. Media does I have Michelle as some people but it really do like camp. A big chill out I think. He's universally underrated a rude little I think chuck is going to be in you know it picture of stays healthy for the next five years. He's probably could end up at around one affairs drafts and so yeah. Yeah I I think that's it does stay healthy you know that artist and it's certainly the potential injury issue could knock him down some change sports I don't know. But I think he's underrated in terms of the diversity. And as you know. 230 odd pounds I can't rebel is weightless so tightly as. But. He would be violent runner he's directed to the point. You know is exactly the kind of running back NFL. Teams love to see you know he doesn't take a lot of chances he generally gives you positive yardage you. Commissioner of the falls forward. That he can block. So. I think chuck do we back somewhere. Maybe as soon as this year but but that brings us to the problem with. Just running back class is that there's not enough to its musical chairs you know we've got. You know twelve to fifteen really get running backs and there's only going to be two or three chairs available. For high profile opportunity. That that's disease he isn't really in need. Yeah I mean you know I yeah obviously you know somebody's gonna get Indianapolis kicked out degrade somebody maybe look at the 49ers gave Doby grey. You know maybe the giants decide to upgrade with a big back but. You know the fact that most of these Baxter gonna go through the first round. And we'll go somewhere in the second you know the better teams are gonna get opportunities to take these players. And some of these big name guys and the stock buy girlie you know yeah. And you know there David Johnson Burton notes. And LB Obama's skillful ties to players. That be Smart for the Arizona defense try to you know get some but just in case you know Johnson pixel bit more time. We'll talk it was a risk that you could come back at the end of the year yeah I think he's gonna be good I mean that the proper result there is they lost their coach and I think. Personally I think the coach. It will have a lot to do with quite an organization suddenly in Peru already put parental. They sort fully perennially. Thank you very much. A viable team you know without aerial battle the battle an epic. Yeah they got a good defense that they did desperate need of a quarterback today. Defense is starting to get it to it and you know. I don't know how much of that personality is going to be there are so. You know Arizona is in trouble. They're in trouble because the rams are the rise. You know 49ers are on the rise. Seattle's good they're gonna get a lot of defensive talent back healthy next year and obviously it got Wilson got Pete Carroll soul. Arizona looks like a potential doormat for awhile. Dad thinks. Back to back to they belong. They can't let it less. You know the less they really get it going I'm not love what they're GM so. They get it's it's it's such. There's a lot of teams that you don't think of ads. Cellar dwellers you know that really have some some holes to fill in the air at the top of the list. In hand picked you know that that the patriots are rock solid that they are holes in this of this literally just in draft. From the local perspective from a national perspective in terms of the teams that. And I apples to Phillips a deep draft so it did its the it's one that's worth gonna dig into it. I'll get offered about spirit Justin and I and our estimate that a couple days you're driving where we don't all receivers are up today about it before we do. You know let's talk cumulative you know we can actually get a few minutes and he always heard. And you and I we're talking about this and preach and about it during our show all year long and it's a good quarterback class with a couple of trade happened. You know there it's good quarterback class in the second round pick people that they got enough that trust its class. So. Here we are that it's not there and this guy does it does classes in front of us. The names that kind of keep popping up in terms of the patriots who fall in Kyle Aladdin how much. Film work you've done yet in terms of diving into the QBs but I would. Think gonna do more but I have I've watched I watched all these guys enough to have. Initial opinions. I've watched the top four or five guys quite a bit. I would think you've seen me fields and like yeah are those guys. I'd I'd I'd I'm very big and Arnold in May feel that I like rose and quite a bit Obama. Bob a fairly thick panel aboard Jackson as well. And then you know the system why it's. You know you want to say it's not a race saying. But they give all these teams according to turn him into a receiver and you just wonder. What are these people thinking yeah. I mean this case this kid is so talented. It was a decent ball. I mean I'm not love with a story motions you know. He's got a little bit of a slur to his throwing motion it's not ideal but I don't think it's anywhere near or problematic. As a lot of people wanna make it out to. They don't like it sang it like a T boom Tebow screwball that he used to throw. Yet like that it's it's it's more equitable cutting him just and let the golf ball. If you will. Not not as long. It's Cunningham but. But Lamar Jackson when you look at it and by the way heavy I I've I watched. All available tools so far right I will definitely go through all these games at least one more time. This is my final take on him but. I personally have been impressed with the way he sees defense I don't know I don't think he's. Hurting in that regard I've I think his footwork really is the thing I would want work on the most I feel like. Too often he is a really narrow base. It would seem like that base a little bit. And in as I say in the article in coach sort of the taught me about this. You know if he can find even if you can't find the perfect released plea for him. Just what I get into the play at least consistent with what ever release point he used it. It if you can get his release point consisted if you can get its feet cleaned up. I mean I don't know he looks like an awful talented player to be a native geno Smith is the second round pick in the NFL this kid's gotta go wire yeah. So if you could achieve just that last week but. If this. Is talking about how they can steady the whole flattered by. That'll lay the apparently did he tried to serve at the Fed diary and but did she go. She did not help on the continent you know keynote excellent content of the division let's just spit like. Faced all its slowest it's. As well just just unbelievable and I want to say I did not address what at the wicked witch say what do world a little bit. It it's that businessman. So surprised to stage you know it's what we call low information voter yeah. I think. I'd like to meet the top seven guys on the board all make sense for for the patriots put me you know maybe with the exception of Josh now that they still think it's fixable and again. They. Luke talk I don't need a reason why the ticket look fox and that's I think debt yet there's no clock I would think could be around to reap in round three. Guys I mean I don't know. She's the one thing its interest in about this strapped to a little more will we get there. But it's a pretty key free agent class right yeah. So a lot of these teams wherever basic quarterback lead quarterback need further these teams are gonna find quarterbacks before the draft. And that may change their urgency level right. And so you know I mean cousins is gonna take the need right up aboard fourteen is Erica draft a quarterback I just signed the deal that torture billion dollar bad order it's going to be. You just locked exactly where I wanted to lock as and it kind of thought this week. You know Minnesota. Has a lot of quarterbacks. Yeah well that it didn't keep him in Bridgewater technically are going to be creation. I was gonna say. You know in you know if you can't. If the patriots can kind of get in just terms of positioning again we you and I we talk about fantasy sometimes that's the way the draft falls to you you you've got your plan. And you plan your work you can always work your plan unity needed just to the draft falls. Let's draft doesn't fall of the way the patriots won the ticket loop fall in the you know they don't feel right about Kyle whomever else the president of what white whatever yet they don't fall. This guy. What's taking a project put it to leverage our. What can regular not project take Brodeur can play. The question is is Teddy Bridgewater still tape ritual. That's well that's why I'm taken in that term is ready injuries right so great to me is an intriguing guy he can. He show little. Don't know how much I love bridge Lionel music on it it would it would break my little green argument to the government. At that. Like I remember when when that when that class is coming out. And he was that you know and when it wrote a bomb did to the quarterback rankings you know audio problems and that really liked that caught right in bridge. We didn't like yeah and there was that's right if portals was the guy like in the you know I think means I was in the in the recent week. They did and look. What connected to what should have been dealt but I'll defend might might football. Take on the NFL still at the cows come Alston you know we just didn't realize he was a junkie. You know and he you know what he celebrated him and I guess he's bipolar so you know hopefully it gets to play contract. But back to that class when you look at it yeah I mean Derek harper majority Jimmy drop below and good quarterbacks. Great quarterback class so that's the 2000. Fourteen class right. And I remember that the quarterback that you had on the image. On the robot was actually Bridgewater was that's interesting knowing that. You know as a lot of talk about Derek are Gonzales of the whole off season was about him and portals yeah it is the eventual number one pick quarterback giant Teddy and me were my guys and right. Yet and so already the British cars but he's always been interesting to me than rookie year. You know he showed a little bit you know in he is something there and I'm thinking with the injury issues I'm wondering if you kind of takes a step back in terms of the 32 team perception. And yes that India project conflict which you for. Why don't like to teach the getting. He's definitely not a project. And and look they actually did decently to be over there but you know they had. He went active at points last year before they were able to activate Bradford now. How willing were they don't bet Bridgewater go out there I don't know half the real that he never did. But you know it sure sounded. At one point. Flicks ever wanted to make the move which he wore it to go to Bridgewater. But keep them kept having good game yeah I just. Couldn't ever do it. You know idol rolled tickets Zimmer on had to sodium pentothal trip. And ended I can tell me the truth if it could well. You know is Teddy Bridgewater tapered daughter anymore I I don't think there's any way you can know. But but here it came to your question. He doesn't get a big contract in free agency if nobody is able. To commit to him. And be a tremendous move for the patriots to slide and then behind Brady. Along with whatever rookie they come up with or lawyer. And you know. Yeah ritual there's there's multiple so there's a Bridgewater. Scenario hey he's never going to be the same and he never gonna do anything. Scenario would be he's ready right now. Serious seat he's gonna continue to get better and better yet I don't know which one is the one. But you know two out of three of those are so bad so. He would be really typical patriots have a lot of ways. Yeah I think he's I was just thinking of it like earlier this week I'm like you know what that might be really sneaky get the. Well they didn't echoes what I'm saying about this whole thing it's it's should be created to deep. Pool of talent. With the with the draft but it's also a deep free agent class so. In typical patriot fashion if they laid back and wait for the values they will get some value. The war and different cheers were talking about the quarterback position and we're talking about them eventually need to place someone. You know. For real as as a guy. You know reform profile someone who could do that yeah yeah so do you I you know like I wouldn't be opposed. To my keep going after Teddy you know the the problem is until we actually see Bridgewater play like print what you need plan B. Yea you right you have to into it he doesn't come without a contingency plan. But it's like he's he's an interesting is that the. Gotten that the only guy I mean obviously kingdom's out there. You know I mean some teams may be I think nick also that option that they. You know overpaid for something that. I think it's safe to say has peak. You know but did you know AJ McCarron I don't think it's probably an NFL starter doesn't so it's not a so the last could be could be you know I kick that the circle for a mixture for all we know yeah. I mean look at the browns have taken quarterback first and I'm not. Messing around yet. That's what I'm doing it under Britain's but you know. The broad suffered a broken saying get into it. It didn't realize their bronze and into their black holes is free in their Rollins or improper reasons. Cast the structure creating. We get that we got to wrap it up now when I do wanna throw one topic now did you did you like a lightning round where I can give you second to think about. If QB mine and hopefully we are pretty what you expect week we've got a lot of as a time and I really gonna wanna pick your brain what the audience to get in there and understand. Who's out there and in what it means that if in his address. But one guy and I wanna talk but this one Fella receiver in the reason Obama. Is actually saw yeah one of the HBO sports documentaries and if Bryant Gumbel that'll group of people. Andy did a documentary on. A dad a sports dads out there that the kind of like. Saying is is like Lavar ball like in terms of the art dealer Earl Woods there Lavar ball like. The plan that he had in place for the next generation and his family. And it's the same brown family at the totally away s.'s. When ME SA brown eyes that in California. From Notre Dame it was a fascinating documentary and all for what I can see. In writing to let the film study that you've done but this kid and his Brothers boy today at their heads on the streets of your looking for someone who can kind of as disciplined. That has strength. Dead. That is coach a bull man and I don't know the whole class yet in nowhere near where you are in terms of the study but when I decide. The in terms of what this key can process. To get to where he is he's that he speaks eight languages and he's talented. So what you saw on the field from him I'd be really interested in. Yeah I mean about the rankings I have really are based almost solely. On what I've seen on the field yet if they work I would move in Italy a Callaway even further Devlin sports writers across our. He's another one where he's sort of highest and attention getter yeah I mean there's a chance he would be drafted. Did you know he he might be in the process as we speak up and not impressing people you know and perhaps. Oh lord he he he messed up. Okay. You know now. I know I root for all these guys to get their act back together you know I was not a perfect twenty year old I don't think these guys that's certainly need to be but. He's a kid who's got pretty far off the reservation and he's gonna need to do sort of a little bit extra to get himself in the you know in the conversation. Now if he does get himself on the football field for some team I think he can do great picks you know say. It's as far as seeing broke goes you know. You don't have to topple its second gear. But you know if he could easily be number seven a clipboard is number two back tears very tight I like all the receivers in there. And I would keep grinding in these guys that had and they will move around a little bit between the draft but. He's lucky he's long he's fat. He's strong as you say he's Smart. You know travel perspective on life does sometimes get a little like that by the way. That's sure looking like I'd like hello I'm Ricky Williams for instance you know likes it. Her yeah right I don't know that I saw yesterday at best. Both Scarborough what's the what's the weirdest question that's so far apparently the brown that's in the seaside. God was an Auburn failed. You know the Cleveland let's again we ask the important question I get to the bottom of it both credit and let let me ask you know I can not. I wish that I reject approach of the question but that put the I would really ticked them off it's a mom who put you know so idyllic I don't know I can't play it is mental makeup is. Something that seems like are not like it's hard to say. But he biggest basket got talent and he's on the yes big programs to begin in the. Yes and so you know I've been. He's definitely a guy who I think in this class he sort of stand out. Because. There's not a lot of high end talent in this class so when ice where is he decent so whatever I tell you who support very sat. Then that's what broke to the top but you know what it. It's really tough to tell with this class two which shot yes. Broke with the fourth round you know it wouldn't blow me away. I in fact I think ultimately at Wrigley. I'd interest it to see if any of these receivers go the first for I have my guess would be that little blue do. We've had so many we've had so many great young receivers the last few years and straps of the oil yet and I just don't know how much needed areas is always need to thank. You're actually right it's a lot like the running back position. Where. Did you know there's not a lot of jobs available in other sub teams that need help but not as many as you would normally think. And people into it once again you know get Malcolm Mitchell come back to you write nice little player so. That's so that America was sort of like you know in its orbital flights somewhere else to me he's a patriot. And and so to be out looking at the patriots and I've got six receivers blocked it. You know Dorsey that's been in the system free gear is more likely to do better in year two in your wallet is it around he knows that system settlement and and then dole obviously. Though the system backwards forwards upside elegant oak Hogan as trustworthy. As you know. Crooks you know I just said in the article was whereas I don't you know the idea of the page it's cutting Cox I think it's crazy homeless. The surface at them right I mean. You know we all remember. You know that Aaron Dobson years where there wasn't enough receiving teller round. This is very much the opposite of that. They've got guys who work in the system they've got guys that the quarterback trusts. They've got speed they've got route runners you know with the exception of having a real long body they've got at all yet. So to yeah I continue to feature receivers it's it's it ain't broke so don't fix it. Yet this is a sideline or reviewing for patriots fans in the in this class I think about it you can be fun fantasy football because it's a Goodell about the landing spot he might he might look at rankings and like on this as the seventh ranked in the ninth rank of the by a few lessons in the right spot. That's going to be the guy you know again. You know I say Google says. To respond to Armitage yesterday saying landing spot it's gonna help sort the saudis aren't percent right I mean the reason. And insist that the logical response to that is what Pete lightest and the two next two months. Racquet your head against the off. The answer is because I would know these receivers inside and out so I can tell what to do Atlantic spotted. And he. It is actually it's just important to really know these players so they can't because when they changed changed. What would begin to free agency I I want to know what it is it is. And so that's what really doing is that the the pre draft rankings are that important it's. Really the NFL is going to rank these guys for us whether we like to like it or not. It trapped capital outweighs so many other things and you know when it came to exit the guys the second or third round. They're putting their weight behind a player. So you know Q did you think the guy can play well that's fine. But it's it's egos are out of he's gonna get more opportunities. That the guys take it later you know the you know you know. Sometimes you have a team like the jets she takes a bunch of bombs and you know they take a couple bombs in the fourth round of the chicken little in the sixth round. But for the most part yeah great great yeah it was negligence but. You know. For the most part did. You know draft position it's gonna tell you very big part of the story and you need to respected you know you'd think a guy as a third brutality goes undrafted. You need to take that facility it and move on. Yep and you know that's the tell our guys that come in what's coming next do you interview yet. Our world we're there we're gonna put up a little tight in the article forewarning the further before the plate and work out she can look for that. And then next week hopefully you and I can do multiple podcast yeah. Certificate to pieces to come by to talk about who flashed and you know any changes are boarded and and stuff like that. And you'll be hit some article should mean in the coming weeks I'm planning and maybe do the best all article. The that it will be doing some articles on the rookie class for dynasty draft circumstance so. It'll be it'll be an active policies. I'm cool so going to be out more from Jim and Pete next week on the podcast plenty more from becoming as soon as sounds like this weekend. And Dow finally at one last thing I want to throw out there is and a great work friend it's over I've actually become friends with. As I left WBI's everybody knows losses by now Michael Holley is a give a shout out to him as someone who knows him. They gotten home in your gut Sonoma as well events of them just a dynamite guy. And I wish him nothing but the best in you know first class all the way always that I yes happy. Friendly willing attitude if he didn't wanna do something. There was a reason for it and he was always openness the top tock and things through just a great guy and I wish nothing but the best in NBC's what Stevie and I think he'll be back in some form here that's my prediction I don't know anything doctor about it it's just a gut feeling. Because this. Right because yes you can either darn good writer and broadcaster but as you say. He's a pretty great. The dynamic guy to get a handle on the wish Michael all the best and that's a missile lets you and I catch up after the Columbine and give the people what they want. Are but it I don't get the.