Fantasy Football Podcast, July 21 Edition

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, July 21st

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson are back!  So dust off the laptops and get ready for the best time of the Fantasy Football year, DRAFT Season.  Jim & Pete just completed a draft with a league featuring 720 teams across the country! Yup and they explain how it works.  Great prep for your standard 10 & 12 team drafts.  Also, the boys touch on some news around the league & talk up what’s coming next in Fantasy including a major event announcement.  Zeke Elliot, Kirk Cousins, Running Backs, Quarterbacks, Tight Ends oh my! Enjoy.


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It's alive twelve. Friday's game that needs. We are terribly close and in the throes of fantasy football draft season he gave dances with me and I am. Jacked up my friend ally. Probably I don't know of us got them excited you know excited these little listen we we had that technical difficult. You have fifty I'm just I'm happy to be on the podcast yet. Oddly not to sound better than like the last time we got a few times we beat you did so that's so whatever technological the happened if we get a permanent solution plot I've taken out I found some some sound lose mine and my chords. So. Everything I've I've I've gotten so. What. Some some some better cabling and stuff so I think Mike's qualities sales. Can you voice feedback at its I think that if it attacks Iguodala feedback secondhand. We'll part of the reason to once again venturing into one. Another and I think it's a good portion of rise at people who saw the best of Saturday lives in 1987. Yeah it made absolutely the so they'll be more that to be a lot you got a lot to tell you use the Tennessee football listening audience them numero uno. We just came off the the heels of an unbelievable draft it's called the Scott fishbowl. And to stay with us here for a second there are 720. Teams in this league game people look at you with a blank face. When you talk about this that and how it breaks out that their access rights but there's gets one player and exit and that it still. Probably be impossible I cut Brady aren't and it got us thousands of rats. Like Nicole and a stock it. The crocodile orthodox. So we so it's usually happens is this 6060. Divisions each with twelve teams to sixty toast all seven point eight. And this thing went on drugs are yet this thing went on for a week. You know or so depending upon how fast or slow your you draft was there is a lot of fun and it got me into who you know. You're regular you're like that that's route or dot yet we worse we Wear a snail's pace about what happened guys with the area is a in an eight hour. Time offer when you make a pick in the reason is is this thing's going all day long so you could be at work. You can be in and at that need to be in the hospital and whatever that really you be asleep they have eight hours depict. And like we in an impeached divisions like people are making rapid picks are prepared in my division for whatever reason I don't know in these people we'll get to known as the season goes on. But if disposition in the excellent draft yeah especially if you've got people who do a lot of best ball traps they're just used to them going along snail's pace yeah I felt bad for some of the people in the first round click there to re at a guy in the adverse Riddick and the first round who took the full eight hours. So I. Hi I had picked I picked at like eleven I handed. And it goes up and 11 PM its Otto aren't you know the inexperienced people in terms of doing slowed drafts and fastball again and that kind of thing and dynasties. Rookie draft stuff the people who built two's you can tell because they're complaining. And nearly they're like sending direct messages to the people are on the clock and stuff like that at 4 o'clock. Don't throw is he patient yeah just pick a new era I don't sucks. But. Trees. Went through the worst as the at like 8 o'clock in the cart greats I put my kids were on is being on deck at like 11 o'clock we'll go and don't wanna stay up anymore and above business sector but it's and so all week last week I was on deck at like 6 o'clock or 8 o'clock amendment article. But the Red Sox on OPEC and the guy before me it's just wouldn't draft that's at 1130 at night and work. I cannot mimic epic. Into that but it. Pre drafting can be idol my pre drafting one actually humor and a little bit you know it's like that the tests mean maybe it depends how far away. I mean if on ten spots away I don't pre draft is that might be your rugs you know. That might change the way I'll use the net. But on the next guy out like the sooner or talk a couple of times. Stamp our dynamics of but I also don't. The minute you go to sleep to text that's the obviously the person that they pick and yet it hasn't everything. I'm I don't zone is yet either stand up where you pre draft yet because I don't like key clock. Like I came and I think. I think my average three minutes and missed a mean anything will be at that but again I don't like I'd like to be back yet. Look my averaged it was thirty minutes but only because I was up during the workday a couple times unity mean thirty's respectful yet respect and a couple times I was up and had nine meetings on the road you can there's a thing to do about it but. But I was and I had a decision to make you know in my division props go out to wreck Pasko who it came in less than a minute that's awesome that's pre draft the whole thing yet basically projected growth. So is it really interesting drastic kind of got my IE my arms around you know different strategies and things to do that's gonna be good to be in that cycle bubble coming into the you know obviously the re draft season. And our listeners are going to be pretty pumped up about that's who we thought we do. Today is a couple things just do some breaking news around the league and Pete and I dive into this format. And our teams and how you can extrapolate that from you know what what she might have coming up on what level. I'm a little bit on talk about these talk about your team on an iced my skirt up and talk about my team. Wise yeah ha ha ha well. Mr. joking there just this alone. So but before getting into that we don't brilliant and I was really impressed with the cheek but you liked that activity whale may make it static it smells like the name. 21 authorities second deck and I added that it's definitely best argument. It I just think you know a key might begin to use them last week could be an Emmy nominee coming off coming off a tough injury yet and and developed which idea do you think. My sleeper in Denver for tight end this year's ex patriot. Agent or yeah you'd like to I would like to many Wazir. So and you know that they've hails from New England as usual extracting actual draft man for players most people end up cutting and patriots. Patriots got something for Michael free in flight yeah I don't know how they do their unbelievable. But there is smarter than the other teens but to Jake but in it was at 222 person job as rich when he first pick the reason is I I went so strong and tight ends its as its attendant dominant draft to my eye while. There's an outside guy maybe into the year I can get something to grow its artists like that that's about right. But I like ICL actor nominee busting your but yet but hey. But let's let's get into some big news so we are gonna we're gonna bother preannounce this right now actors from it but once. I've got some shares. Yeah no analysis above move before the August all Yemen before the NFL the north on our news okay well yet this is really big so. With this is supposed to announce Monday or Wednesday of this week in his illegally Yani idea out of suns have from others and what's gonna happen. But we are we're gonna have a fantasy football on trump of sales I Honduran man now infamous for today sir are out there and this is happening okay so on August 10 market count as a first off. The fears by surges quick but I saw that. So the the fantasy football power will start in earnest on Sunday August 6 AM on the W sports radio and achievement. To repeat as you normally now. But on that on that Thursday August 10 gonna have our first ever fantasy football huddle then all right. It's a ticketed event it's gonna happen it's last Boston which is a great venue. And here it is in emea and Pete in that would bring in a couple big wigs and we're gonna absolutely skunk honest if it's. I just get it it's now Michael Fabiano from NFL network he actually drafting. No I think it's just a panel discussion but now it's been unbelievable but. But you know Michael Fabiano big name he of about 350000. Tort of followers is the headline. Ross in that field yet we're gonna field Yates from ESPN formally of the globe he of about 250000. An engine awesome yes and anti night. So it's going to be cool to meet those guys get a panel that moment tock and so they're going to be the big draws who opened its own volatile flock you'll join us it's a ticketed event. Tickets are gone who range from thirty bucks to sixty boxes of VIP. I'm meet and greet before. And when Yates and Fabiano and take off the town I'm sure Pete now be hang around reckon afterwards that he and its affect the ability a lot of months up I think I think deck and I think that's probably likely saw again August that last Boston. More details to come in the C ninety I'd knock on the and hear it on there and promoting analyze and we'll try to put its entry would you do. And I got father. Yeah and it's a whiskey drink if I'm not. Yes per Bruschi which you'll ever. Calm takes it got a little. Yeah but I've yet street whiskey a little much for acute. Analysts frequently. Yet I get fifty it was a lot of room and I'm not thinking clearly that'll that'll. But. I tried it with your marriage games fires which IGS and there's a blend of Jamison I really like actually went. When now last it was a skiing panel flask of that night I I I got that down it could have been because it was like one degree I'm the master of the flask at the sounds. Great yeah those mobile blasts will go to. On yet so instead of mixing normally I was mixing like some guy. Yeah which it and I tried to James and awesome. Right now my dad is in heaven smiling news that you call yeah cause as I said there's so many entering or is it anti. Colleague called the James senior something about the Jamison with that that little. One camera men really work yet to stop now that's good that's probably True Blue James. Shake it sure for July ruling that shoots that it's I had my dad. Yeah I had my dad twos and he loves later in life he was a Jamison guy. But down. In this very studio I'm in talking UP I actually had Rob Ninkovich and Sebastian Vollmer and for congress you know that was a lot of fun and they were doing a celebrity by attending event in that Ninkovich. Is an old fashioned guys suburban guy and his shoulders but Joba Ballmer on like your from Germany many people in the tap like and I know you didn't fit you know and he's like gavel certainly the greater legal action. I'd I'm not a big fan of com. Crushing sugar yeah. I'd rather disposal so. Well the ship it to me and none of them that's a that's an an experiment this this this was true like it is like drinking plea spares definitely smaller yeah. The entry yet it yet and was is the purest one that's been there one. Who loves it that's how it's tries to get to sell me into it tells me on the earth. It's just after you definitely keep drinking. Because at that entered prepped. You know from you know a load them up. Well my I've I've heard that twins and whiskey usually. Usually twins Apple's first it is it a couple Beers who inhabit it it it can work both was the the thing with the kids with. When the twins were so young I was like I was afraid to drink it did like three and cap and it's not make up it was horrible like let's just take suspense on water bottle or. Worse. With through that hell right now I mention this enough I would consider yes it you know. And yet there actually like almost becoming like fun normal human beings now. They've been like you know Ace Ventura for the first you know for use them. So anyway so let's get into some big event coming big draft behind us and some breaking news and we opted and so. For those of view like people who have a steady share of Zeke and Ezekiel Elliott. Yeah. Similar to red flag you now yes some red flags though. You know it is it's like. It's like a whole bunch of speeding tickets. But yeah all out of altogether and and it's it's serving tray you know like it's like Albert got treated. Every just got to. Take him at the point of this I don't know if it seek delicate just got. It's a step back and putting having. You on. It but I think you know obviously if if he is guilty of the new one. Yet the end of the physical abuse and that's a significant thing is legal system cleared of that yeah so I mean. Until it felt a sense investigating that situation. That was sort of a dead issue. An and have been like a couple days into the Scott there's bolder than we did so ago and will it's sort of but yet sort of broke but. Opinion the event happened like last year post after camp I think it was this time last year was the son who podcast about it on the news for yeah yeah. Com. But obviously you've got the thing is photographed it we dispensary. Obviously got this new bar fight in which may here me not involved in. There's a speeding ticket which is a fairly significant ones. There's there's the incident where the pull up the only shirt. Parade Marty Graco anything obviously is a well there's smoke there's fire kind of situation and it's kind of query elect wealthy these things he. The that's treasures accused innings but woman except for that situation most of these things fairly. Small given an on their home William out a lot there that early in the Bronx weren't yeah absolutely so. Start connecting dots calls a picture. So you know he obviously he needs to clean act and whether. You know. Whether it does not. Me be looking at the suspension for one or more of these. Events mean Cotchery. Can be. Ten. To nothing and now. Smart he'd probably be like two games suspension reduced wanders like that but who knows it's not like it was going to be an approach after first reported. Early last week it sounded like a wander to deem thing. In the end but that now were at Friday in the in the in the next week in. The parents changing have been pummeling since alerted. They suspended. That investigation. They can't find them. So oh and they've got people saying it's Adams that thing if alleys again that's complete I'm doing yeah but did it. Opening inning casket down on his henchmen it and you know. Ladies and make a victim you don't know I don't think that would be it their best interest that there are if that was like its past and their big rally chimpanzees that's but I mean look if there. If if that was there angled they would be pushing. Super. And expecting as we discuss superstar. Trouble they would they would have let this thing I've. Courts. Really issue that was what you saying is it makes sense that that that's the only YouTube because they well. Here here to be the counter argument that would be NFL is doing what unit that was really making. It looked like they were doing their due diligence. On this so they're saying. Is so there about this whole. Battery. Out sort. Pushed and knows. It was fascinating to talk to Ballmer hasn't gotten the NFL as you said yes most fascinated that to talk to Sebastian moment of the day and I specifically asked him for two reasons a he's retired. And indeed is an office of climates and gotten the Thursday night football. And now I'll just tell you I stole your idea which is you know lets him make Thursday night Tuesday in a very did it to kind of reaction from him. And and he's like luck and he actually and said. In general was in the podcast it's up on yeah I eight dot com just says you know conversation with Sebastian Vollmer and rob arbitrage that he confided my timeline gorgeous you had that role of honor not rely on hacks on. But he actually said he's like well that you know he is likely they don't care about the player how is it that you cannot recover quicker to eat he put it right now step yet to sort she case which we know but when you're talking to a guy was just in the trenches it was great to hear unity mean like that I felt. You justified actually a couple of games mean go to Wimbledon. These guys can quickly like back to back yeah right right you know this is just this is just a football athletes recovery time exactly calm and when and you know. That's a thing where you are now your muscles right play the next day eighty complete two days later but football it's a much different think you're getting hammered yes you've got. He uses all kinds up at the your beauty you're getting your bell wrong you'll want. You'll want that happening inside of three. So. Yes it's the first football units yet makes no sense it's nothing bottom Ingraham which should not exist. It's a back product on top it's terrible really simple plays on their noses and New England of the patriot I don't want to play like. One team will sometime show up and play well the team itself has about twenty almost always one team doesn't shall write and you get these games that are purchased you know there. Somewhere between regular season pre season it's it's. Like Hewitt says podcast many times if you really need the money grab it be better on Tuesday night and a continuation of the week extend early start to extend to week eight instead of starting week nine incidents of the ball it's just you know I mean look silly things that are wrong with our world. And how many of them go back to greed yeah you know for sure and look at that the stuff on the environment. All that stuff it's all greed yeah. You know so. It's it's amazing I think the Penn State thing. Like wind Wheeler these big companies hadn't heard K. Maybe greed is not the primary thing like we wanna be greedy by not. More than eighty other depends hate the Penske things like that it's like the Catholic Church in terms of they just did he do not. They look in the mirror and they do not know at DC it's on the there aren't it's unbelievably bad you go to Oklahoma governor I mean you go go to any of these programs that trouble the ball trying to hide it they all try to. You know sweep of the rugged and cover up and not be worse than the crime always it is not a not a the sandusky right. By and it not a lot of these users. In general under rated yet we I know it's a boy in the they just they say nothing's more important to hurt. Including of dentists has since sold because if you listen to the right and maybe some day. One of these organizations will blow the whistle on itself right. And maybe some of these other and and and instead of them getting completely torched people go hey somebody finally did the right thing and should. And maybe some of these arteries organizational realize that hey if we just handle this appropriately. We end up to a lot better long yet. Yeah not to mention that's what's right yeah no doubt no doubt that the figure a 100% right so. Let's get back to the the toy store in the lingerie lean mean here's isn't this that was whispered through a pretty good stuff the words that we united have a go to worm holes you'll beat the statement that that's not absolutely yet that I yet Thursday football stuff when things come into. On the key. Off the picture yeah so that we talked Qaeda at its next overtime of the jets and not even it's very guns that there's another militant members of time. Where I hated because that a lot right right but now I mean now I've got NFL game pass I don't feel like stand up to memorial Thursday and upper right watch it and pass it right it's not a matter need to. You know being a wider it's just a sheet products it's X it's not. You and I both care about football we like football or want to quit don't want to go away right on Anderson's one of the things that's bad for football yes one of the things which is it football ever ends up in a courtroom first and if couples can be one of the first things that talk about yet. If you care about players' safety why the late forty's after they just played. Now and go. Bingo tackle Vollmer had to say on this it was very interesting and again I had targeted him. Disease you know six Dayton offensive lineman and he's retired actually scooped them wilderness you know. The models off you know I your retirement announced. Some funny is a really nice. She can back yet you he was great and and Rob Ninkovich actually talked a lot to I'd play it more straight with him because you know he's he's within the lines was the patriots they're really nice yeah Ballmer on the show and could be fun talking about. You know about to start packs guys that can I tell you something I actually think he would come on they've weakened if we began on these and I really really Kodak. You know we we talk about a lot of the picture coaching stuff but actually having guys. The coast by those guys yeah he had a lot to say about Scarnecchia was rates though are it's a moving moving on I I would imagine so yes positive about all good on good. It's a check them out that's on the view via podcast but a what about so many things that features to write yeah. I mean we talk about Belichick Gymboree. But I mean it's. Every technical organization doing its job you know gas. As a guy who lives in new York and roots of these in the team standards it was. It's it's it's. I have to say I mean if I actually enjoyed following utilities you tip your cap because you respect the organization it's just nice to see that you can do it right let these guys taught for. And this is what happens cubic good one after the other that's it took a totality of Smart missed payment look that's it that's that we pages and it's as if a long time like looking at the niners and you know looking at the cowboys and the Steelers. Right you know it's for its top down in its top down zone and again that's our first. It's yet it's not a coincidence that the same organizations tend to well it's just yet. And did some organizations find their way they think it's wicket. Like look at the Redskins I now they fire the GM because you know he's got the drinking probably Dewey they at now at what they hired him believe it bring papering pipers Alley Alley they don't know whether they want cousins. Normally you know water wind or watch a look Carolina they had over there in the Super Bowl and don't get so now they fired a deliberate practice include the political capital in five years ago you can't make this stuff flop. They just the it they making it easier for organizations like the patriots is sustain this success absolutely. Apps apps Leo which I have no problem. On. Cousins was next cousins is next on my list of breaking news of we get him before we get to him. Just doesn't get it now look at let's let's look at that looks at the backups right that's a gimmick factor in in Alfred Morris and I read today that Saddam shoe lace Denard Robinson on trial that I could turn out to be nothing but. You know is certain yeah but it's the only news broke. I'm Mike and put that McFadden a moderator of course it's not perform to get there but you between those two he's obviously the more exciting results of the higher risk. Yeah I mean look I personally. I think. Boris as the guy but that's just gut feel just as consistency a better younger football yeah. You know. The NC might have enough in the tank to be good for a couple weeks but I think it's the start to run down. It will be roughly what we saw a couple of years ago you know. Com whereas now for Boris block offering him world. Yeah fresher legs and he and he's he's he's he's a big hard run dysfunctional the passing game yes both of them to fill out all three downs adults that you that's Robinson's there who's written to us. In terms with cats and you know. He didn't. That never really happened for Denard you know he's a versatile player he could play quarterback and running back but but you know they try to put the slot for that first year it happened for him. Some guys when they start facing the football field that was well yeah he seems to those guys who made because he fits the suit is somebody who should be quick out of the back definitely passes and now. Look it. We over ranked him I think it's fair to say at this point that I over ranked him sort of coach com. But the thing we set about Indian and talk over and back I think that's true minister's answer on the football it's relieved when he's been in there is that chance and he's been an ever really crappy team in Jacksonville to I think it's instincts I don't think they. He didn't end up being the personal typical yeah Warren in a goat for the big monster and I think Cory grant who nobody talks about but. Cory grant it was a better home run threat then she plays an hour ago yeah. So yeah tonight in now he's you know. A free agent who's looking for work in trying to it's going to be just in Tennessee that materialized as you heard it here Alfred Morris. Yeah I think both have value but you know definitely vote value. You know Boris was rumored to be a cap casualties. If Elliott was going to be all systems go out and Elliott may not be ethic. You know to me Morse is better early than fat at this point in there to careers it's close. It's something in from from you know Rappaport doesn't think the investigation of the 2006 dean. Domestic violence. Issue is. Coming close and animation yet. But but sometimes it just it just feels like they're creating too. In my pay a savage is just. When they're substantive and answer hell yeah it's this whole word is it's probably too cool and stay tuned like I remember uniting on air into an attorney sings the Kardashians yeah. I remember you arriving on air for the Tennessee football hour in the hole like Manning in each each thing. Was happening and like you who libel what do you sit and does nothing to say yet. You know it's just kind of like speculation and just think sometimes these guys take steroids for injuries who's got there's and got that actually spirits but I guess it's legal. Which player you know as there's a surgery it's for recovery. That's. Our present something like that right we just arrival from. But you know I don't know where battle lines are sometimes the stuff yeah you know tied it and it's inconsistent in imminent that's their that's their mono like you know. The boys got to be prepared the NFL is being consistent. Let's speak freely with this thing is by any liquid. Let's. You know these guys get. There's like allergy medications they get suspended force right it's. If there's there's definitely weird in consistently. Inconsistent rules and the you're talking about. In the EU these kind of things as more news breaking in new wave of contracts okay. It's a contract news last couple weeks the big one and it's AB Kirk cousins but it's a baby that heritage who want it's been about seven to ten days. I'll of that drama. I don't know what he says about standards. And with the obvious synergies there organization that. Has a problem with functioning correctly yeah I think you know Snyder's of the top down an old shoe yeah. Yeah I mean it's he sort of like a James Dolan in football you know there. He's got certain guys you like to keep around if he's comfortable with them maybe they're undermining people around them. It's you know that he he liked that's sick offense around them. It's it's but it's an Intifada Washington I'm just as the world this new GM bringing in talent. You're getting good players death is starting to win yeah cousins is great last year I mean is really good eating habits that that's oracle it's like well how could do you think your quarterback needs to day. It's like I mean this is clearly a situation where you know perfection as the enemy of good Mayo it's I don't know we'd meet its number eighty yep good luck with that. They come they come they come around like twice every generation ears yeah. You know there's like there's one or two or three birdies at a time in the NFL that's out of position works quarterbacks are rare generational. Right I mean we do that we are that golden age of quarterbacks the last five or six years we had Manning and Brady and Brees. And Rogers and you know and there's another man rivers Philip Rivers and I are apples for all of these really good quarterbacks. This is not really normal right and by the way normal coming in a couple years praised appear to our rivers and be retired. Both things are going to be gone Roethlisberger is going to be going pretty going to be go out. And we're gonna be looking for a bottle while not everybody has a merry go to order or it's right you know. I it's and I'm not trying to wreck on those guys but. You know. They've got Kirk cousins a fairly young pretty darn good quarter improving quarterback to Mikey he's gotten better progressively better every year. As has a lot of talent on that to you look at jettisoned for economic and Greg great treat them and their treatment quarterback. After I know. They deserve to lose him. And that's famous guys the next coming. Days of very good quarterback he studied this is a league rookie quarterback you can win it right. Definitely not not not. Compete and yet right but actually win it yeah in playoff games and have a shot. Keep tech quarterback. Yet exactly. You can't just sit there it's they were waiting for Marbury doesn't work that the only thing that's worse than not having a quarterback is having when you can't cleanly. And he's the guy I think you can build around so why would you miss with that it's a certificate page any problem with these guys because exactly that's that's increase use it that's a smarter path up and at an outcome Washington's yet and that's how you look at the patriots are unwilling. To tell what their future go to position when they have a president right guys don't wanna protect the president and now it's an ultimate is really dump. And it and then not to mention you know it'll be in New York. Not to be in las our zone lusty Jeanne Jackson. You know and you want it keeps instead that your quarterback is the most able acid drafted docks they brought him. Pryor's so I mean I. I can forgive those two moves the guy I'm just saying nobody I am but it's new personal right you had a consistent force that the quarterback why screw with that now. Well yeah I mean I. I can understand with the tutors your righteous I don't understand. You know if they had to get in the GO item anonymous is there we don't know maybe. I doctors speculate as to what but the problem but the way to throw under the bus and off afterward to trash them and Collins you did you hear. I've ever had a drink I wanna go work for you right you know it's like you know it's it's you know it's like the White House. They kick the can. Now nobody wants to go there the jobless get Broder of the bonus. Com so you know he has organization you have to have something anger and camped team ever wins inspires people indiscriminately yet. It's that's agreement on but the rest is for a long time it is a little bit of a respite. The last year is actually the tablets are right. Who has been stable they brought in the McLaughlin. As the GM whose very partners heard about talent yeah. And things start improving stability talent. Column. You know but now you're down to group and you're back to Bruce Allen I guess picking players yeah. Good luck with that yeah I agree I agree I think if you're. Our our economic stand. I'm just gonna say he's going to be the most frustrated person other than the diehards kids solid coach I think you know needle everybody advocate. Their feet under as I think. You know obviously needs. You know the group were football game yet so it's not surprisingly accurate and it's a good coach but. It's weird just. It's almost like they feel like toast it's it's like they of those titles not in the east but. You'll like last year in on dancing there's little they still think that the rats yes they're delusional or that way that they're delusional and I remember when Belichick took over for Carol Battie six yeah but I. I remember when Belichick took over Carroll who took of for a for Parcells there was still some players. That were on the Parcells Super Bowl team that lost to green day's time laws of the Maginnis is Teddy Bruschi. Troy Brown it's like the bunch others and more of the first things telecheck said those guys is forget that forget that team forget that it's over. New team new frame of mind and to me I think it on the head the Redskins a living thirty years ago that it is still waiting for Reagan's did you know drive went through line. Not happened. Just go the extra carry themselves and arrogance I agree one a lot of I agree acts those really dusty title number eight. Earlier tenure fresher than the jets. As I talked with Vietnam. Yes yes it's it's very strange you I've talked about when Belichick Cayman. One of the advantages he had was that all the coaching prior to that was good. You know we can say we wanna be cared about we could say we wanna be about Pete Carroll history prove that he's pretty you know this guy right and I I you know as Jeff and he was our defensive player to a coach Pete you know so you know Hewitt Parcells Carol Belichick so you've cut whore. Nobody had been poorly coached there for tax code. So about Belichick and a little bit of an addict Belichick that stupid he he might even have thought that so for. Ourselves yes there Carol's yeah. Go up there. Well. Wolf ex couple things Nguyen yep yep in the rest is history and what they lost for a season. Yet they were in it they were five and eleven and you Warren in a new on the sequels without him right now yeah right. So. Ago so so Washington's amassed. The cowboys' backfield the little scary for those who were dynasty leagues and have you or keeper leagues Nan Eliot the Cuban QB in school there. More contrast to Eliot QB Elliott QB trapped double again it is normal position by next week we don't know. Com. Six that look the thing that's bad about Elliott to me is not what it's about how happy are you might get a suspension. We'll see how pages sounds like it could be anywhere from zero cents. Again my guesses on the small side but who knows. Could Buick for put down to after appeal so it meant that to meet the much more disturbing trend. Yeah and medicinal as far as as that are right if he gets into that system in this that the suspensions get bigger. Progressively so if he'd you know but the real question is retaliated. It he can of find his way to street narrow Patton. You know aura you know I was talking a mutual friend of ours yesterday pack and you know they need to get him some some antlers yet need to do with it with the dividends. Alvarado yeah he out of trouble for a veteran next. Don't you know get an in line I only said. This is on segue way off but only one of the biggest problems with that Antoine Walker avenues on the Celtics is that. He was he when he was drafted he was the most important guy whose team and it's like yeah issues as Clinton got somebody could sit next to and shown the way. You know from from balance your checkbook all the way through I hand yourself and interviews and it sounds like Elliott music on a veteran force as well. So I hate to see the Taloqan wasted in I think they can make this house is yours yes he is the month. Yeah and as one day contract and is our goal that you go back to go it's on walker pierce days or when he walker appears. Yeah back Allah tomorrow there any there are gonna hit the crazy eights in review your views he was it Jack and nominees. Everywhere he is gonna Wear while at walker if he was one of those guys write you know keep it keep an eighty Celtic I think. Cute and help a player if he was just it he's as if he'd been around all those winners yet he was back to the basket a little bit more people a lot to me just. That the plot and there was him. But it would have been fun to have seen him properly directed no no dot com appointment Elliott's Williams and it. I let's get another contract situation and you know coming into July. And when you bump didn't do that has Finnessey shops who's talking about the Big Three right it's it's a David Johnson Ezekiel Elliott. Levy on bell while Ding Ding Ding Ding we have another situation. By the way island Ottawa patter packs too much. Wi we they with a victory on our board last well he crushed it wrote on crushed it. I accidentally crushed I'll just say I'm saying because that you noticed I don't talk to her or be this year. And now let's talk about staying away from running backs and scared this year and which I I don't I'm not caught people by name. It's amazing even the experts to me physically you know find things aside changing their strategy based on what happened last year rights TU whole philosophy just shows ethical and one is now leading. Those opinions on Twitter are but do I sought parity count on Twitter and almost I thought I might comic view them at Buick a second account. It's called zero bad player theory but I. And to me that's an absolute slap its advantages are running back guys with zero bad player of the year almost all them and mine yet. I think I'm pretty close anyway. From. Yeah I mean it's an economic funds are RPI think. Oddly enough I think Europe is probably a better strategy now than it was last year right. Com because I think with people running towards the running backs you can do better planes are lower. On Islamic committees in the right there's only one guy wins week in only one guy in the draft is going there or be justifiable way to go yeah. You know it's just. You know if we talk about the strength of the idea that everybody should do stupid. Well that was my theory is that a yeah which are you talk to habit like in during the Scott is full you know which has a crazy format. You get two and a half bonus points for every first down in the tight and so it's like nope yeah. Right I'll take that little bit you know so why I. Our first coach to take Crockett celts Ehrlich. Yeah by the book we talked about a little bit more and Mike you know makes cents so right now and it back to account sit at a yeah I think it's awesome did and I think you know what. Here's its 720 scenes that the yen to 702 entities a bomb so yes so that's 719. Losers. Right. Right so. I you are both going to be losers there's no reason losers. There's no but the a couple of minutes do the math yet okay medium a needle and it's a lottery ticket it would be great yeah I was. But the idea is to construct a team. And 9% can win it's it's the fish people a lot of people are looking in Paris are profiles yet. But I'm not making it try to win it took to try to win an ethnic chances after risky bears yes I'd just it's that kind of I the sixth pick in the in the deal the Big Three running backs win in Rogers went nine Kiki who went fifth. As a bug journalistic rock gimme you know because what people forget. Is that was taken of the meeting yet and yet amid a touchdown as the first one right so if you get two and a half points for it for a first down. In additional for because they only give you five for a touchdown. So you get by senator insisted it right it's in it's consistent across the board you're having. You're getting an extra one point five points for the such a really good I got gronkowski and Kelsey 12 in the later in the draft. One of my quarterbacks is Tim hill and also you know what potentially is Thomas elect professor gates is there and I tamales at the hook up. In later if they have yet nice three to five week and then lately but they have to Jermaine Gresham like I like tennis not in the last year. Yes and played good football. Without Floyd there or and other. You know when when they had Floyd benefits. That was a lot of red zone partner right which all leaflets that fits what side they're basically just outside. Gretchen could be he could turn touchdown this year. Now they give FitzGerald lived at the midget that got John brown and regionals and I really liked Russian gas leak in the straits yeah. I got Gresham and again and got him in the twentieth front. Yeah Julius Thomas in the thirteenth month of Boca and that's why fell empowerment while it'll. In a jacket but I didn't lunatic Shia Jake I've been at it it's like in slow. And I'm icon on The Who knows. I'm I know I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm willing to lay money right now he's gonna guys. He's gone by by the late Pete let me ask you this. Also paid a whole lot of notes it's at epcot at I object let's golly they wire rods that. Way to go for that got it exactly. On the UUU. Experiences and you're just too I'm sure because of to the quarterbacks that at the bottom of your roster. Couldn't belief. In my division I could not believe. The that the the the the draft pick equity that some of the people division was spending on top cornerbacks like. I'd like Tyler Lockett we saw was taken Paxton lynch and went to. Well. It depends how many quarterbacks. So yeah it is a format where you really cannot get caught with all court I don't I don't quicker and all these guys had two quarterbacks new logo and like Tyler Lockett willful. Are there element there's some of them may have had bye week issues navy during that same statement saying bye week. I'm talking about Cody Kessler. But but what I'm saying is. And again remember I don't think everybody went into this thing. Thinking. I'm gonna win the whole thing I think a lot of people went into it thinking. I just went too well so I didn't want him recognize what I don't know but I think a lot of people looked at the twelve team division as I wanna win back right. And if that happens I'll roll with what I can do in the playoffs I think a lot of people looked at this like. A plane it's like a twelve seemly which makes sense if you pick the crazy thing to do on and in that sense your building teams that can get through. The in this league the twelve week regular season ranked yet so. When you get into that mentality as you start doing things like while I don't wanna have. Only two quarterbacks Kazaa there's going to be two weeks roughly one quarter. Right so a lot of people really want that third quarterback yet in its of reflects a lot of people roll that way it makes cents. My attitude was. I'd rather take the chance. Of not doing well in this week's rally at quarterback or losing the quarterback's injury I'm willing to take that chance to have another really good player no doubt you know the same philosophy people. That's just what I think and it's so like I'm sitting there confidently thinking. You know but I grew he likes it is said that there were times it could have taken lightly Cody Kessler or Mike Glenn and in instead I got Corey Davis Tyler Lockett. And you can make a good cardinal Fuller you know but but if what record Rex was down for a couple weeks. You know Michael it and you know. He's got some water and desert I would I would take him but I would like TD I would take it like fifteenth or sixteenth rounder if it's interesting to point. He's got to going like the twelfth thirteenth couldn't believe it. That's surely don't distract you can't start looking rounds and Earl the and all that stuff because it's the wild west yet. You don't know these people well some of these folks were drafting like the tight end rule wasn't there right they either didn't really the you know do the number crunching or maybe they didn't read. Read the rules if you if you think 720 people are all read the rules with no way. I promise you they're not close at 72 points on one yeah I would bet out of 71 at bat. 500. Knew the rule yet. How can navy carry out and of those 500. How many of them actually crunched it out and looked at what it does this story. Yeah. What it does do is it creates an essentially what Scott tried to do is try to make all the positions were saying you. And which means you'd draft players decisions which I love yeah a cassette the smaller entity is like going hole it's a fresh air right right I agree with the blood. You know we we you do that. This whole thing about you all you gotta get these positions earlier these display at its all out the window yet. So there's no there's nothing to lean on in this format of from the strategic standpoint there really aren't your own. You know and you know the draft showed I mean I was really happy it's an elected in the fifth so people get an item in the sixth. You know I mean it took Mercury in the fourth and sex and death true you know so I mean it's it's it's and it it. If it doesn't matter where you took players what matters is what is your teen yeah draft yeah over. And let's let's let's go let's we don't have much time I was gonna say you that's what he's doing my friend you've got four minutes and once you tell me what you want it's not five let's. We'll take 10 Pacific ten minutes you got ten. Yeah a bomb and that's what's to five when your team first let's talk about your team as a whole yes. So you want me to go for law and we will and I'll Arco will likely announce that the Alina the top level stuff so you mean I if you wanna conservative. Well immediately to deal framework will consult my quarterback Marcus marry Oda in mines in all right all right it's just great I like that combination yeah. But you are light that I would like to about a third as it's like it's nice write an injured an injury query takes you out yet. I almost a map more than elastic anchor as well seniors ethics Matt Moore. Should be there for use television manager buddy rice right. So that. But that's the that's the third quarterback is really thing but yes at some point you can go grab more yes I would I consider it there I was gonna take a drop below is gonna get that doesn't open up a starter for. That covers you. On the cover my behind right right. Look I was looking at those handcuffs and say quail on the second quarterbacks there may be just. They were fallen to me it where where I just wanted to get somebody else in him as though this is a format you wouldn't do minimal. Yet. Sides I did real idol gamble in there and feel pretty good about it. Running back I'd touched. Time Montgomery was my top one and Paul Perkins as a my top two. The thing I like it they did cholera yet but what I did agreement with it running back those they took. All of the green gave back to the Jamal Williams again Aaron Jones and Tillman the protection right. Yeah but that's seen the problem with that is you just taking outside partners. So that's. That's tough but start again that does the format where you to be 700 some knowing them. Right what you want every possible opportunity you know Ron. So when you take all three Green Bay running back yet there yours you heard just on although I cannot. I don't understand why did it yet hero Vietnam and again. That's where you'd that's the challenge that you face in the suite that mentality that. I would protect myself mentality but the way to win is not protect yourself it's too just for which. You know I know but what it what it but it's it's Hoff wire two but it passes you know yeah out yourself up by going wrong in Kelsey 12 I put myself in the position I was a little behind it running back. So right now yet so I asked and why yes as I had an Internet active. No he didn't lie fell again it's right at it but it is about after the heart and I'm just saying that's. That's such as usual format. Essentially it's a regular league for twelve weeks yeah. Then it turns into a 5050 league where 50% of the high scores it's right in there when you get if you actually somehow make the final. It's GDP yeah high school yet. So. You need to appeals court massive amounts points from. So anyway. Very tough for you do. But we like I would like if I knew I. Like after the Jamal Williams spec yet so early took off for golf Rwandan I would stop there. I would not have taken bibles so Buffett saw I hear where you come from what I did before that probably would push him blow but. Yet. Well what one thing and by the way I did that Jim and I lost I get my guys I did yeah I signed as a Freeman I didn't yet Coleman right. McCoy and I didn't yet. Williams and I took Montgomery and I. Didn't get votes are right and taking chills. Yeah yeah so I mean. You know item. You know just the counter argument to you because I got out box by equipment division and I see on. Yes I saw that science on unlike them I don't want to lose a Jamaal Lewis that's conscious choice on my part yet. Let me let me let me tell you one of the things they do that I like in that position which is it. But at the let's let's let's let's let's strong like here yet so you'd that we both take time ago yeah. In the twelfth round you back yourself up after all well yeah. Now same route I took cal bench. So they go yeah right yeah. I am not saying that. You know mentally maybe that'll be good move maybe it won't but you know. Handcuffing has cost there talking are no doubt no doubt actually. I took your say I took the philosophy you to get running back back at quarterback I did that say they're like I'm not gonna take Paxton lynch a magnet will Fuller unity in south. So we we kind of did the same things in different positions if he feels like as I look at our rosters one I don't want to say running back. Is in the eleventh round it's a Terence west and the reason I did that. Is a was there but be you know. If I feel like they need a little boost early in the season I think he's gonna tell me you know for the first four weeks of the season while Dixon suspended itself. I'm not I get like in a bottle there and then I I specifically want to talk about a guy to really late in the seventeenth round. And it's it's an absolute cluster you know what in New England but I took Dion Lewis and I took him for a reason. To me of all the guys with you know if you I was gonna do that but there was a news cut. I saw that it sort of pull back expert yeah I saw that and sub to meet with you Weasley and Birkhead and James White. And Louis blues to me is the one guy comes as a standalone. Where he does his own special thing and I think that. That's gonna show itself the new England and if he doesn't end up in New England that's gonna show itself somewhere so I was willing to gamble on the player that I really believe and that's Lewis and we'd informed. And I got him I mean I I. As I've already said on the road about podcasts that may be podcast but probably to go in the backs I believe it'll fourth I know yeah not all all the Jews for sure. In different ways so it and by the way I I'm also sort of some people are putting like sort of putting like white at Lewis and one group in Denver can't. Think loosely in the other. Don't know if that's gonna end up being true these guys might simply be interchangeable the passing game planners do you remember that the united whoever they think as the minute match and I just think I mean if you Lewis I don't think is gonna be there early downed short yardage dire when you're not you know. Goal line short art yet. But there's no reason why can't do that. Yeah but you the deal that was that they will be part of the game plan for a few weeks you know I think you can help me there's snow. Well that's that's that's it I mean they're all gonna have plays they run well right post when when the patriots sees those particular places hitting against a particular defense. That guys can be featured player. No doubt it and then real quick old useless may receivers and you weaken them can hop in your community analyze mind that my receivers are. Sammy Watkins Oregon round six which I really like that Dovonte Adams who I love like I've you know love building above last year we both of those two guys yup I'm Michael Crabtree. As my father is my third Corey Davis who I have to gonna hook up with Mary Oda. And I really like what I've seen on him in his rookie in his college is college tape willful are Tyler Lockett. That's a Chris Hogan because they think the long ball still be there and then the kind of handcuffed lock and it's a of our favorite jubilee insurance salesman of the year Paul Richardson. Yeah I got Lockett but not right spots it's yet to there was an aspect actually it and obviously Broncos choose Thomas in Gresham I love which did it tight end and I think I think tight and me. Kerry used to create places I really do. You continue to quarterbacks stay healthy in the running backs they absolutely. I think that's that's going to be the key to your teen's health at quarterback running back. That we don't yet moved over to mind. I I would heavy running back early to rise in our I took McCoy. Freeman was my first Olympics then went over to win over quarterback just. Did not wanna get caught with any scrub quarterbacks electric Roethlisberger in Newton not in that order actually took the news in the office and that Ross Roethlisberger and I mean not particularly thrilled about either one. Bullet. It felt like Wright took them. You know. Pretty much the best I was going to be able to do at that point I think anew and if there is I don't know officer is my slot he had. So I you know two solid quarterback fringe QB ones whatever you call. Com and I think that the good thing with with new dropped whispers in my opinion is that they both have. The ability to grow so I think I've got more upside. Yet in a lot of quarterbacks. But at running back I. I got back into running back in the sixth round the government gonna sign up for the next three headed monster in terms of Freeman McCoy Montgomery. Receivers I waited a long time Watkins but first receivers five. That I didn't technically it's a round where it's at Adams. But I still ended up with Watkins atoms Larry FitzGerald Kelvin Benjamin Tyler Lockett. Actually considering a waiter in a position to create wealth and love the FitzGerald panic and yet at him in the ninth round and he's the first yeah encouraged him and Ross I thought were nice option that's what yeah yeah. My type of position it because where I'm I could be hurting. All Bowe caught a break this whole Mike Williams thing could open up more targets for Andrea. Feel pretty good about owner Henry on the big CJ Fedora which kayak. I definitely think he's a guy could've gotten 234 rounds later I think third guys you basket I I just wasn't willing to wait any longer. Yeah I'd joke to exit purely for upside purposes not sure if I'll ever play in joke or not a little bit the bills who rarely do but yeah I mean I obviously took in the tenth round so my thought process that I think. If he hits secretive state. Remember my poop you quarterback theories like its guidance you know yeah I don't know if the joke is that appetite and he's a tight end he's going to be doing a lot of deeper routes stuff like that. I mean is tight and you could tourniquet and X project really the next three years. Very very special. Different kind of player it's not a I'd ever seen it's evidently did mention you. Addressing the best editors he has had never seen. Our guys it's this dynamic. Com desk chump like Olympic feat now remember now I'm recited in the com Arizona free he's fast and Hernandez a lot taller. On. I expect to go look at his measurements to know exactly somewhere but it means a. It in joke who is she just. Freakish. And I mean it's a fun thing to make an idea I think if there's a chance that the you know he is raw. You know so I mean certainly there's there's a possibility. Yeah. You know that he doesn't develop the way we think. But outfitters is so keys six forcefully as starter and his 246. Heavier than I heard this any chance. 46440. For guys that with this crazy and jumped 375. Vertical sub 73 code meanest guys freak. And and I don't even know that those numbers even tell the story when you watch for the field not only can jump. But he's like. It's like Hakeem Olajuwon is he's he's quick jumper used. If you understand and I I know what you mean he you know he's the kind of guy you you know he can jump off one foot to drop off either foot. He's gonna make some relief freakish grabs who you know now this happened for a team like Cleveland rookie year. But I thought it was worth the side yeah on presented to secretary Jenkins again pretty early I don't think anybody was anticipating. Austin's very Jenkins. He of the DW by a man in the jets'. I'm I'd say he says the last years and on but. He put cameras in little literally the fourteenth but the thing is. Who checks throwing too knowing him if this guy sober he could get five targets 67 targets game it's him and Powell the only ones unity and do you move the chains and independent. Yes it's again told him yeah. Well the thing about and it's I think he's going to be I think a due to inject up to be running a lot of the same as the sends around to look at me like a tight end in terms of his his pass route in look at the widgets he's in the passing game due to laws tournaments have a lot of blocking too is strong enough to be attended. The thing that people forget about and analysts have fastest yet. I was reading a fairly Smart guy on Twitter the other day. Saying well it and business speed sleek it's 224. Or five K. He's got it what do Google doesn't have. It's incredible acceleration and he's not he's not fast like some of the guys are fast but he's got straight line speed and if you can get him the ball. One on one. Smaller guys don't bring him down so he beats the first offender and now that speed because of X-Factor right. Because he's running an open field yeah is that like he's got momentum boo right with him he's one of those guys were what she gets out goalies prequel to train. You know the ironic he Beasley frequency but when it goes to her. Is the answer you gonna jump menu I do you know 30 yeah you hop off and I'll I'll close it up and we will be back the Tennessee football hour starts. Sunday ADM in August 6 that unite unity podcast and we're we're gonna commit to a minimum of one per week. In this the most important season and look for all the Promos online and he had dot com. Listen for money EI we have a big event field Yates Michael Fabiano Pete Davidson and yours truly Jim Hackett at laughed Boston August 10 be the alien. Yet at eight election. If we can get. An early pot next week that agree that Clinton during the first robbery on Monday so who could double up next week that be awesome sounds good let's do it wrote a bon 202. Of the five coming your way next week. More from Jim and Pete next week and a Villa.