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Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, January 5th

Well then, Friday January 5th will be memorable.  What a day in the NFL, for the Patriots and the future.  Jim and Pete get into a lot of it including each’s take on the Wickersham article surrounding Belichick, Brady and the organization.  Enjoy the 1st half of the podcast and the intense opinion surrounding this controversy. Then the conversation swings towards the postseason, the Pats positioning and how you should put together your Fantasy Football team for the playoffs. You need a theme and the advice is right here.  Listen to this while reading Pete’s article right here: and join Jim & Pete again this Sunday at 8am for more of “The Fantasy Football Hour” airing across the WEEI Sports Radio Network.


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Posts something similar to what I've since I think that's done for weeks yeah. They're similar record you know. All right Jim Hackett. The Tennessee football podcast from doing our show all year long we took a little break from the podcast because as channel 38 WSBK TV to say we were having technical difficulties but we're back. And I got mr. Davidson on the line it's good to be back in studio way it's about thirteen degrees and here ally. I. It's brutal and a little bit outside. I could do like a roving. Improving weather report outside that rather talk about the Tennessee football post season and about the big doings here let our beloved New England Patriots went and. The extra baker upload looking at the what what was the store called a a bomb like. Bombs like lol yeah it's a legitimate electric upon cyclone and looking at favorites Cisco. Not feeding an app. It is doesn't suck practicing in shorts insurers what he's saying you know and practicing anymore but now because I am. Oh yeah did that and I'll holes I'll tell you having done it golfing in San Francisco in January does not sock it is that with shorts and design not a bad thing to do. So good but the Jimmy on that but she's won a Friday feeding get the sense that it is Friday it is the afternoon we get this thing up as quickly as possible with Pete has a great article up. On the post season how to approach it with Tennessee football he and I do in the league it's a lot of fun. Eat he can go we you kebab we go nine miles in depth in writing that's tiring to receivers but the audio to it. But we would be remiss by not talking about the big story of the day and does not the bond cyclone it is the bomb that except wicker Sheehan dropped. On on from ESPN on the world. About Kraft Brady telecheck in the world potentially crumbling down I think it is not much ado about nothing I think there is something there. I don't think he got a lot of it right but I do think there's something there and the take away from me peak as a pats fans. Is I I I would do anything and everything to keep Bill Belichick here that that is the one thing I take away I hope that he isn't. Angrier than he is normal so early self I want him here in New England I think most pats fins do and I would forego Brady in half a heartbeat to do. Well look I mean obviously you're speaking with from a standpoint of yes. An and sustainability. Yeah and it ought to elect hatred incident waiting for a long time to the point where it all you almost feel it anymore. Right end this thing I would say that you will feel what goes away so the so I agree with you Jim I think you do I need to do we keep winning and but I fully understand. Crafts emotions. If it did sort of you know push for the drop below ouster yeah would rate is like a son too isn't. So I understand it. It's. You know. When you read any player gives the count that much. There's going to be a strong emotional attachment so I can't give Kraft a huge part time for for doing what they did. It's it's trying to get it was current referred to what's going on as palace intrigue you which is which is a good way of saying it. And that but the the thing that popped into my mind when I read that is the thing about it you can't have palace intrigue I'll. And that's the thing that you know pitcher since it remembered it oh yeah the only organization leader right now is in need in the entire NFL who who hasn't. Now an admitted sport. And maybe in sports. You know I I got a lot to say on this and which is the NI yeah I think he said it well was guarded the way that you said and I think he said it accurately. Which is I understand and of course we understand it has patriots nation and stands. One. That the changing of the sea level polish trade. Being even Belichick captured again and so you and Paul would say well I didn't know for 100% certainty. This well if that don't mean yeah so like at that point being I've seen a lot of hatred and Sutley era. You know gold all right dude this is gonna happen how they do that mean that to Pletcher cried everybody wanted to keep reading the people for the corrupt tree. Most people high percent. Yeah I I think that is a million ways to look at that but you know I've talked about this on out our show and in this podcast with tuchman has ruined the studio and I said in a bunch of times. And I got a text from a guy who I'm friends with who works at the pats and I'm like you know we kind of got into a little bit he's a guy who will be fine up to another Super Bowl a Michael I want the I and this this is gonna sound cocky and it's gonna sound like someone who's a fan of the team that's won five Super Bowls and been to a million album. And has it been dynastic for almost twenty years now but. I would forego a Super Bowl for a sustained success over the course of the next ten plus years and I was ready to turn the keys to the Cadillac over he didn't line up that way things in line up well for Tommy as long as he stays healthy. But it doesn't us on the line up well for a New England football. I think the plan was in place Belichick was probably a year ahead of it. Then he needed to be smartly and just can't control the way it fell and then it's gonna as I said and I said in this very studio it's going to end muscle and here we are. You could say that yeah I remember what the big it was but that's just set up. Not you know it has ended massively yet it's just it's just tougher spam base. If you drop a logo somewhere I'll be so good and in no that you're gonna lose that you know no matter what even got the number one pick for it would still be tough to watch. It would be an open it up part two is is that he does so many other moving parts you know you've got the you know you've got the to me what they work ship hit is there is an obvious tension in the or is this different. That that is different needs you know kind of coming to a head on match and the other thing is due this is all happening while Josh McDaniels and in aperture show one of which would be the likely successor. I'm probably gonna be here and out it's a little even more rocky and is even more. He is the word desperation is that's wrong I mean how the air at pages and be desperate at the last 1617 years but. There is a feeling of of loss and in that loss is exaggerated but those two guys going so if if Belichick's pissed off. I can be a problem. Listen if it is. That you and I agree Portland air as it is the one K if you're patriots and take away from that article that is scary view is that you could lose out yeah. All hands on deck to keep him only I did another nice that are out there you know that. Number eighty years ago today yep. And that's great old picture phenomenal but he'll Belichick to commercially schools and exactly. You know it'll bring you the fish Belichick again to each yeah yeah. On so. You can be really careful but you know not to mention that coaches. For the most part don't lose their game the way athletes physically done right there's certain realities that are just cold awful realities. On you know rockers not at 400 anymore. And I'll. And Michael Jordan not scored thirty points anymore. You know that you know. Politically alive because I mean. Life is cold it's time out and you know it hardly mix he may not go over the hill this year maybe not even next year. Put its comic there's that there's just no way around yep. So. You know. The idea that Belichick is huge. It's just crazy and it's. They cannot lose it can even eat a breeding can stay Easter Cuban spell check. The company at this way would you rather have you don't know Luke Skywalker. I want you. Thank you all things Simpson wrote down in the in the tackler loans terrible mood that sort I don't know I don't know but right now it's negatives. It's exactly into delegates. Look at exactly and now. I don't like it. I could spell check I I feel like he does on some level get a little disrespect to. I. Yeah no I don't know it up when you put arm. And it's. We knew listen to other players I I I I can I might appeal to dig this up but outlook into revisit it was a radio interview that tree came back to chat since he has been quite candid about the difference. In terms of the quality of coaching and equality weekly information yet in the patriots and you know it was pretty much like there's you know. It took to sort of similarly set up that basically that there's just nothing else like to yeah. I don't I don't think he's replaceable PT is like kind of the two. A quarterback that can keep you win and then you can a coach like dollar check they can keep that sustained for as long as he wants to go I am. Cock sure that cock sure that. I I I can't think of anyone coaching in the NFL today. Who I can even close to yeah exactly exactly I mean clearly number one but I can't even figure out a guy who would be a close second. Right whereas in Brady's you know it illustrious career you still have three easy Rodgers Ian Manning you know I mean this. It can be done and. One other thing in that article again I'm not. I'm probably I. Optic company and every yeah I want it now could it. You know forty result but. The one thing about an article that it was sort of interest and you know that true so but the fact that breed he isn't taking the criticism as well. And sort of bad be on an academy might be true it in my area it's true it's overblown. Kudos black. That is a concern because part of what meat greedy great is the fact that he was able to accept our coaching. And the key is getting to a point where he's still flake. You know I think in the article I read it like 2 o'clock in the morning but. You know basically you think he's earned a certain degree of respect that maybe he's not getting careful out now that. We he's probably right yeah. But the thing and unchecked or that way. He doesn't im what's worked for them for the last sixteen plus years is exactly not that some don't yeah that's a bad sign I don't not like that sign at all. Yes and again it's nothing. There's not a knock on Brady because you know. Most people couldn't do what he did for you in ten years right. You know it could be of that and I you know if you ever talked to people who played for Parcells Belichick and some other coaches to. It's hard road. You really need to subvert your ego and. No days off he does he demands a lot you know. So you know there's a reason why a guy like Vinny Testaverde is a bad football player for ol' long time. And then they come into the the ballot check Parcells. Coaching group and all the sudden. He looks like a guy who couldn't really play cornerback Andre and how old right so you know is distance something we've seen before. You know also a guy you never heard. If he's not Parcells and you know so. You use. It's very important that. What made greedy great is something he can still do now to and he sort of survive. On fumes for awhile sure you pump the rate. But. He did it at that was one of the interest and things I saw an article that you know that's sort of a change. And he conceivably concern in that we don't know the veracity of that yeah. You caught that at 2 AM a time when I codify it and I'm an irony which is. Something that I've noticed. I've noticed it over the last five or six weeks. I like that. I've articulated. And I haven't been able to cope with the right word. And. We can Shinn did and in the word was. The wasn't panicked what was. Are frightened some like that but like. It basically was like in the pocket showing some signs of panic wasn't the word but. It's like that. Whereas in setting going to the first read he wanted to just get over the ball good music good and down and got Chris Hogan hurt and that's something I've seen in him I've seen him be a little more tentative than normal heart read. And I don't like it and and they could be just a fact of im getting hit a lot this year in the office and I'm really not a slam while I can do it Tia. It could be that he's protecting and they put a decent parts is yeah. Yeah now that he needs to protect and didn't wanna risk Atlanta. Yeah and an end and my instinct intuition is that it's exactly that hasn't seen more than enough a hundred times over of Tom Brady to know that's the truth. But it's still isn't something I've liked looking and I've seen it and it's clear. Oh you mean that yeah that the I mean though I'm sure there's some things about Tom Brady people can question but I mean the profits outlook. Now one don't know he's he's tough as nails. The other take away is this. I mean it go look at the great quarterbacks the last. Look agrees with the pretty demanding look at art. Roger's tough numbers these guys knock out burger and in these guys take a beating keep on ticking it's it's it's sort of like. Is that prerequisite number one. For all the other stuff you know you can get it is accurate identity fraud I open it does feel all that and that's a great. Can you keep getting up and by the way. This is one of the things we don't know yet of Acropolis. And I think that's probably important talk about the durability. Yeah yeah you know Jimmy got thrown initialed a onetime music starts the patriot American pro right now okay. Now what do I interviewed Christiansen has its quarterback to become mind. You immediately confident about crop yeah. You didn't really have any doubt in his mind that the Geneva is going to be an edit a guy but the one thing he told me any dead serious and I sort of pushed it on like really living and debt securities said. Durability taking minutes that's going to be the magic much. It was a body composition it was a competition the fact that we didn't he play against Clemson and Georgia is. It was it would definitely partly that and then the other part which he and I talked about at length was. Boy is he you know. A guy who needs an NFL strength and conditioning program and of course goes to England which one of these deaths. So. You know probably this is not a huge thing because he's been with the patriots now we're enough seasons where you got an NFL body where your team. If you go look at grappled by the way now that assure conflict now he's he's pretty put together. It was he gangly coming up to I don't remember that was a difference. It's even talking about 10% yeah hello to deal in it all right and it's it's. When you're an NFL quarterback he need to build your body up as much you can. To deal with the pounding that you're gonna take. And even a better late review exit this year who knows when to get there before ball doesn't hang onto it forever lessons are really good reason that you so he's going to be. Yes he has. You know he hasn't hasn't really been of his device I think even the scheme too well against a weakening offensive line that they really need to shore up again healthy of one of the to a ball. Didn't think I was gonna say to be the biggest concerning thing is and I thought this this morning as I was driving in puzzles and Kuerten gallons out and do. And down you know it just. You know. The leopard doesn't change his spots so to speak in like you know Alex Guerrero is scum back and he's been great for Tom Brady and Tom Brady to trust summoned. Tom Brady is forty years old and in better shape than most people who are half his age will ever be. And it's working for him and that's great. Let's also remember though that before brief before Brady got involved with M. He spent several years building his body up. Yes here he was gonna skinny gangly and Emma yeah. So which hadn't left Michigan is indicated could just stretching and stuff like that right you need the ball go right but did. Did both things at this stage of his career I can understand why a lot of Guerrero stopped makes sense for rate. Yet and just telling you don't I read this article on have been you know I knew and Alex Roemer years ago wrote the first one in Boston magazine about the Brady Guerrero relationship and her shady past and so OpenId really wanna come you know connected to but like you know. He's deathly an opportunistic person who's put himself. Aligned himself with an absolute. Celebrity. Study was a walking billboard for what he does he's got himself into that program and I can I believe that a 100%. Well a 100%. Dip behind the scenes of pine needles in a you know you should try this and it's just chip away a little bit. Anytime you're columns he's. Any time you've got somebody inside your position with a multiple. Oil. And you've got yeah. And that's I'm sure that's where Belichick. Was really taking issue that you can't have. You know I'll go back. And really quick here but like my experience treating my child and special. I have one child it's not a great if I functioning and very good outcomes try. Out your inspiration to me who has to. You know the problem so. Right and about trying to get our podcast in that area but one of the top things when you're in that places that you're getting multiple expert opinions that conflict with each yeah. And you're sitting there isn't not expert having to make the decision. This is a tough spot to be it and you don't wanna put your players in that spot as an organization. The Mets were notorious for doing it yeah look at them. Right where they would have you know the trainer in the team doctor not the same page and in the agent doesn't like it's who he goes out brings in another doctor from outside. You've got all these people that should have the same common goal. And you got egos involved you know it's it's a dangerous situations so I can see what Belichick wouldn't want that kind of though I. And grow and I am all on the and it's a great point that you made an amendment drug policy continued I'm so on Belichick's side on this it's like I have. Literally like idiots flags stuck in the ground and I would I would not us is to say walk away from. It just may break it if it's gonna make this all bettering your Carolina hear them walk away from Brady and just. Do it shouldn't be too hard between Belichick needs to be able to go to break it's he works for you. That's fine we. We trust you to do what's best for your body yet but you can't start having in the you know through his sabre into the ring with our trainers when it comes to our other player. The problem is Guerrero is not Brady Brady is an upstanding person I don't think Guerrero is a think he's an opportunistic scumbag that's gonna that's gonna take. Whether it's subtle or not. That tendency is proven and documented to be union. And it's is there. Past you know I mean Iran it is guys in the yankees' clubhouse since. You know Reyes said his guys in that clubhouse you know superstars. Find a guy that they trust and really ought to work with. And then they they use their power to give that guy you know. Leverage in the clubhouse and it in its sometimes it's good for awhile but that eventually. He starts stepping on toes. And you know you need is somebody needs to be in charge yeah and now with the Mets there was a real problem because nobody could. It's but but you know up there at you know one patriot way here would have caught it. You know it was Belichick's chalked it up. He is also is the peanuts it's worrying me and it's at this through human nature comes in it which is. You know if a guy like meat or meat specifically is in that position. You know Bob Kraft comes up to me and I could salmon dollar checks row and is it like it. He you know this is what's happening this is why didn't know I'm sorry came to this but let's mend the fence it's get to know what's communicate. I'm mollen I'll do that that's my personality type and it's a lot of people's personality that. That's not Belichick's personality type and he just strikes me as someone that has a dead horse Rolodex that is as long as the mass. Like and I'm worried about this why US jets. I can't wait for the bill bill 33 Thursday night to remember exactly the same. Sheet. The jets did not trust York yeah. So. You know an outlook obviously eighteen in relation to craft idea I gotta think that this is probably a way to fix this if there even is a bit but. You know it is worth noting that you know the reason he. Less kidnapped at a cheap at least at the lone. Exception you don't. Hereby resign as eats the unity and light aircraft. Said you know come up here you know me to do the total control arm and Woody Johnson wasn't Smart enough to make these kinds of promises to be proactive and to you know didn't realize what he was even letting go look forward so it's not Belichick tell grow our look at. Can build though a check. Can Bill Belichick eat a slice. Culpable pine it's not that. Can Bill Belichick. Sydney is off to me like you know I look past this that's what I don't know. I look past a lot of stuff you get into a lot of people can't I don't know that he can look past stuff. And a look at the team. Wild times in the thing is certain to himself yeah you know the Belichick and he makes mistakes all the time and I think he knows every single one of them. You know one of the most important things when your managing anything at any type of competitive thing is to know what you don't know now. And to understand the difference between a group decision at a good outcome. You know it's sort of like and it got pulled up from thirty feet the whole coaching staff usually don't shoot and it. The details squished the K. And I like when bella check. Makes a bad decision that works out well yeah he's Smart enough he knows that when they go back into the film room that was a bad decision yeah. So I don't you know he's a guy who. The just look at the track record there's no way. He's living in a couple. Yeah I just yet I just hope I don't believe I just I just hope that this doesn't. Start either start hammer nails in the coffin that shouldn't be there or embers the final Alan Cobb as hope he's not of that mindset because. To me welcome sent him tumbling down at least for sure appeared at time. Our period of time if he goes and one don't want that. Yeah you hope it's that kind of thing that have been done joked that there's not a genie out of a bottle right yeah exactly. On who knows what's true at this point and I. I didn't find that we're cushions Markel didn't. Two warning purely true to me. Yeah I did it did look it is that the there's a lot of conclusion jumping in it but but I also this is it didn't it's it's one of those MI surprised it was a surprise I'm not surprised at all. That spit out of a music things having kicking around the back of my mind is all like scuttlebutt you now. June peak it's a is that this is just an aside but noted in New York media of course of course is jumping on with their absurd. You're gumption and attention to you all about blood I'd I retreated Gary Myers which is if Belichick leaves the patriots the giants have to go get a quiet genius yeah thanks a lot yeah that you really brings a lot of whistles at you appellate judge freed you we should sign him that's really all. Stuff scary. Thank you for your professional football opinions it's a and then the other what he's such a moron I can't even like I can't I can't read more in a sense of and yet but it like it went across my Twitter feed I sought laughter. I sort of between but the the other one was which was admonished that a a metric that. Yeah and amend this man he's that he's he's an absolute as jets fan boys just can't wait to dig in on that funny thing. While that's a that's a better than that's I sit on these two years that. Dolphins jets and boy but he New York he's constantly. Just reading awful stuff about the jet. Yeah now he's I think and I think that's well described he is equipped beat guys and no question about it. It in perspective I've said this on the spot testament times and the did you beat writers are awful yeah they're just. Just terrible on pitcher beat writers are so much better at it annoys me. But. And that's you know this thing wild boat the one thing. That I think. Shouldn't be happening here is peaks like two people or priority but in your piece Benito selfish Tom Brady gonna end the patriot dynasty which is sort of what. That it was right. It wants the plane is healthy enough to claim is great enough to was gonna win the MVP for heaven's sake Donald why imam. If you want. In the league. All the fame quarterback. Not a hall of fame quarterback but again we talk about it but he just buried in his own wing now or five other. Couple doesn't tell us that choose no if you wore at that type of player you're gonna have to accept certain thing yeah it's a great point at one of them is that that competitive nature that Meeks hit that great in the first place. It's going to cause situations like this to. Yet sucking it's a minute of evaporate in time you have the perfect succession plan that's up again quoting myself from four years ago it's gonna and massively. It didn't hit it and I mean who knows may deal I mean. There's still yet there's going to be some some ugly steps along the way. They don't play at but maybe the patrons would freak it's Super Bowl this year have another good year next year draft a quarterback in a couple of months and ready were pretty leaves in this whole thing is so they were giggling about it. Yeah I think and it adds very possible and I think the pats are going to be in the suitable and I think they've got a great shot to win it and I believe in Bill Belichick if he's here. In his ability to find out I'm great. Next quarter. That is here and right if you're a patriot and the thing you should be scared about today if that article is. Reality based. Is that Belichick might be ticked off at you might decide to user retire. I don't think he would coaching or else just to I don't think he wants to go. Start from peg warned again. I mean I could be wrong and that. The one team that always kind of strikes me as a threat in this conversation as the giants is that he just speaks so. Within such reverence about his time there and people. Concerns that owners in terms of if you're a guy like that were checked the bears go. Mom. And and obviously pitchers instead dot com or go to the jets I think that's not that good about it. Say that. We got a product that we have a coach. It's much more. Than. But who put. That they were Brady is Kamal you have to understand that this guy Cooper competitive yet you know he's got like. When you're talking about comparing keep you know it's sort of a temporary Tom Brady's competitiveness. To other athletes you have to go to people like short. Bird indeed. With a colleague Jack Johnson Ali people that the best of the best Ali Frazier yet the people we're just willing to lay everything. On the line. And you know part of that is. They ultimately need to be auctioned off the stage. But they don't leave on their own because they have. Words of confidence. And you know I mean far literally had to be beaten to a pulp Joan game it went to the Rand and it'd take one more seat of abuse yeah. You know this you know Joba candidate to be can cost as chief. Sitting there not knowing his name you know and walking on Wednesday. Night that that's the way these guys and and you know. Personally I would like Brady got in that way hundreds of arm by. It's been nature of the beast. And. I think he's Smart not to step away before it happens but he's in no hurry to step when it he's got he's got a 75%. Chance to in the NFL MVP and putting 25% up their just for our you know. Mean we get surprised as I know you know in the league wants in the habit. I mean it's hard to walk at that point he just won a great Super Bowl has got a great chance of one another one. Out of rockaway is. You know that I mean I I personally have seen. Degradation in his level of play for several years just my opinion has said it on this podcast and the results. Sort of make you look silly but you know again I think sometimes we conflict. Personal achievement and team achievement. And I think Brady is a guy who has created is. It still gets a lot from the platform and use what you know to be playing patriot platform Obama. And he's in the rare case where he's been such a great player over such a long period of time that the offense has literally been built around him. So it's pretty couldn't go to the jets and played its way to jets don't have the puck for. Yeah. You know. Well audiences. Like if you took Miles Davis out of a mild day this quartet immediately would you be sharply Jack. Billick they would throw. This at. Its soul and motivated but it sounds sounds depressed but. It's so I mean. Have to look at the whole thing in total and so might take number eighty is that you is still good enough. Where you have been in the patriot platform and everything's working yeah you can still put up. Very very good numbers and still win big games and still keep them competitive for title and if things break right this year. They can hang in other better. I got a rob what that the blood. You know. The one thing that would be interest thing I want to see it happen but it Belichick left and they try to run the same without him. I I think to to drop off for Brady would be more precipitous. I agree yeah I think the only again Belichick's DOD is the glue. And made the if you wanna keep that sustainable to any degree he's got to stay until he's ready to go in succession plans in place that that that period and story. The thing to watch and that's the thing it's going to be interesting wouldn't no matter when the patriots. Stop playing football this year whether their last game at a loss or win. You know what Belichick does. In the weeks after that it's going to be huge. No question no question parents get. A huge Jimmy is huge I I I don't shovel Mike and shovel the driveway. Which is long and arduous last night about 6 o'clock and brutal and in downhill and icy. Sony I'm out there and took about three hours and die I come in and assistant to the storm I'm like well. Meant three every three hours in the driveway and like the world went upside down but that story so. We were coming in the Arab and plan on toggle post season Tennessee football and we will. But easy had a recent hit that in dimples of our full opinions out it is just when a child or weird it. Yeah so you know we can move on we've got off season there's talk about. Yeah and actually lines of well it's in terms like assembly because you know the patriots are in the post season and got a bye week there likely gonna go to the Super Bowl I think the Kansas City game is going to be probably harder than the Pittsburgh game I have zero concern in the Pittsburgh is gonna come the Foxboro and beat them. They beat Kansas City which is expected to their in the suitable Lou that's the way I look at it. And why that matters in terms of Tennessee football post season play. Is it's all about hitching your wagons to teams that can play multiple games. To the patriots and an affinity pick for a really long time and you put an article up on WEEI dot com and is a little bit more expansion on horrible on dot com Pete. And this. Like expansion was that that. Carries all of that percentage point oh yeah so armed. Yeah this is it's we've battled color to it but this is my favorite things to do in Tennessee football it's kinda like if you have a knack. To pick deems to pick winners. If he used to play any pressure was that. You're not a commissioners like optimist so I don't enjoy the policies but I know on the play but. But it's a commonality can now see the. But I I least like to put action nine games. And I Easton would be do pretty well and I I like pick winners have a good sense. Of you know who who has a rising tide. One a few of these so I enjoy him and it's kinda where fantasy football and and and and being a bit of an odds maker and in place and that's kind of come together because you're actually if you put a winning roster together you're betting on a team to have multiple games in and went in the post season. Can I mentioned in the article and it probably took I've written this article so many times a it pastors have really got in total concept of the team the public has spent another couple paragraphs this article but quite frankly I. McAfee would get a little load unit needed yes but but but that was all right does that anymore. That's the country publicity to look at the article a lot of stuff there okay. Bullet. I I probably should just links to any one of the article separate us by yours but. But the concept of having seen as an important one it's a little bit like yet that. Where you know if you play quarterback one that stacked with his receivers 'cause you're banking of that quarterback's success. It has hit the receivers are gonna go optimize well together and turn but as you mentioned there's another level to it when playing post season because you need you wanna maximize your teams played well in advance. You know not to be one outcome you want to three to four. So that's a big factor and that the other thing you really need to do this with the team comes. Is you need to start looking at which teams can meet up early in the process right. Definitely wanna wait to did degree possible. Players playing each other wildcard that you want to that's not go all right. But you also want a look at the second round and if possible. Point second round match of two. So you know. As I think in the article what I like to do this sort of adopt the team from conference to. You know that's that's the logical way to go about it. And then sort of stick to that concept now there are going to be some players. Who may be you don't see his long term plays that had such good matchup that you know in the right spot you might consider. You might Gillick a thirty point week on a long guy in my eliminated but that help. Like if if I brought Jacksonville was one and done that I don't but I did I would still take for that because this week against the bills at a certain point doesn't trust. Right so you know afford that now afford it probably doesn't like the first round anyway. Or elected to some it's a league and back to being in the at the end of the second yeah. You know by the way I mean just get back to page it's a little that the tip on the patriots beat outward Jack. Yeah 5050 on them yes yes I'm worried about. Yes I'm worried about the defense. And as as much as I'm worried about the defense. I'm that. Not worried about Blake portals coming to new went. Well I don't that's I I obviously that's true but very the way they play. They could be you without exposing morals. So I expect that you are worried about. Have run defense is tightening up a little annoying and again Alan Branch tax on not. I'm very very I'd just tell you of the teams that are out there. The one I'd be worried about Jack. Yeah Pittsburgh has more immune all of the Austin news tonight I could I think pat is d.s spirit and then. I just think I think they tipped missile way the couple weeks. Shocking here yeah. I think telecheck if you since heads on straight salad dates at the the opportunity to play and you read policies and disease doesn't seem to be too concerned about them. Absence of that relief is that I think he's cell mates at the opportune the community resistance to track record against them the votes yet. You know Jacksonville off talks like. Just do you really well Ali do they're acted Brady has left more floaters out there than normal so I that the team I'd prefer again on. Trying to I'm trying to get the page and so I'd prefer they don't like look you did. You sure would not shock in Jacksonville goes in New England which is in its bird and takes them. Which would not chock. He won essentially Antonio Brown so. Yeah. One thing I want to throw out that you in terms of the and the theme and in writing a team meeting each conference. I have one exception that this unit should share tumors as were in the same league which after tomorrow but. This for the interest of I'll put the show first. There's two teams in the entire playoffs who I think could actually play four games and playing each other it's the saints and Carolina. I the risk of a four games yeah. Yeah rant I think all those teams I think our interest that yeah I mean all NSC really just because. You know in some ways the two most people teams have to buy. Yeah nothing against Minnesota I think Minnesota could could just as easily kick some. By the Eagles get the league imposed the first round and land in big trouble yeah obviously it didn't. It's not their fault the reality is what is. And Nicole good luck with that is problem. I think our podcast a couple of weeks ago like I don't care what I don't care about four touchdowns goat now. A said that on the Sharia is it terrible fee goes straight and went off on the list. What was disabling. You know you're having a theme and not wind playing not go pool. This is a little different like I do I'm actually not. Against. It going like in the NFC side think taking All Saints in North Carolina and coming up 50% and now one. I don't know which one's gonna go network Ford. It is too much means you do the board if you are let's say yes I'm have you on pats on the other side. And you lose a couple of players on the losing team. Then something in the if I had to hammered on three teams that win again out again one of the tunes complete four games and only knows and went through. You're talking about adopting streaking bounced into yeah. Yeah but if you if your two primary tickets for the Panthers in the states I don't think that. Owner I would do that I would I would I would go fifty tat when he tried and done situations what you got to which god do. Yes and as you look at it you want to get right to take the perfect player that right. People from other players it's you know that's the tough thing about these rules. You know as a in the article taking. You know having to actually sit there and consider taking it get overly hotels and all that it's off it's hard it's hard to pull the trigger on that gymnastics for a fantasy player to to to you always art to. But I know when someone knows what they're doing when they do that. The guy who takes liked let's say Al Sean you know something like that. I'm just saying in close yeah. What I did and there's. Yeah I mean I'd I don't know what I would do but it's the fact is. It's choice you have to actually considered abnormally. Low on the not even in the same stratosphere and it's one go to the first round one goes in the plot. With the decision to Eilat. And now it's clay it's it's written yet so I want to bring up on the policies that he is you know you've that the audiences heard me say this. At least a thousand times. And I apologize for it but I will never take a ticker any time the last in in in seasonally. And I wait as long as I can for a defense and I always get a good kicker and I was getting good defense and I'll never stop ever ever because it works all the time. The postseason pool. Is a time where I will jump on a particular defense on jumper early. Because if I get the right team a team I think can play three games of maybe four games and I get their kicker Al lot of points in the policing policies a couple of kept his legs now why. Both kickers stuff we don't oil last round that's that's for sure the world leader in the last ticker. Yeah I mean look at I I you know above one a few times of the dollar Cust dusty with three games. And I've gone gone is or was it the fifth round on unity mean and it pays usually pays the bills. I've seen. I've seen gas casket go in the third round yeah etc. yeah there is a militant but I do it but did you know it's. At now this year I I looked at it I didn't see a defense where I'm like yeah amity dispute centrally early. Like it looked. To me like all the defense the sort of has some value. So I didn't feel like changer defense of tech I mean technical one but. How long it in the play if they're going to be played really good offenses that would at their ability to score and support. So like you know defense of always gonna roll what Lance. On meet. I think I'm with you did the one defense and can. Yet the one if it did as a kind of interest and in his Carolina that they can get past the first round that is again. Just cast in the saint kicker yeah. That's that's personal way you know if I if if if I get to pick my tapered kickers those. I mean they can be seen just have the best shot. Yeah that you what you make a good point they can also play what. Right that's just gonna like to come out split loyalties there you know. Well but the the thing is you have. I don't think to do that so I think in less elections are really profound. Difference. You have to stick with the winning scenario. So I think I I wouldn't do it but you know but by all means do it and we'll talk about how it works out where it. Leo I remember one time to other than a couple of the night in a couple times and eight the giants but I wrote I had a feeling about them is allowed cuts and I went heavy on the Johnson who won both times. One of the times that remind then I think about a lot is one of our friends in in league meets Mike Gorham. He heats up all Arizona Cardinals lose the other was the ball. He did the Warner it's yeah stack up with the last Beck and call on lengthened in the IKEA went nuts I think it was just order that really really and yeah it would that it that it does he won but you'll stole second place. Yeah just if you want it almost just supposed to play yeah. Yeah they both were epic program. Yet he had some human had to kicker in the defense human amicable spare parts and what he's on tuchman is in later rounds of kaposi's drafty with the spare parts you know. In post season funny things happen and may be my eyes are a little different as the patriots him it's it's not uncommon to see. A fullback like James Devlin. Or third tonight and you know get a touchdown Green Day was pretty good like that and I John Kuhn used to score a lot. In the post season. Rap sometimes if you you have a theme don't be afraid to go deep roster on offense and a theme like pick up a fullback or Titanic to catch a touchdown because. Teams on offense in the poses we'll try things that they you know where they pick ago be open. In those asking you out in mightily MI don't score once or twice or give you a little bubble give you a little sometimes a little boost is all you need. Verses. Having a guy like you know Mohammed said no. Who probably one game you know. Oh no I'm not just say like yet again vetoes of them wanted to reach but it. Don't we hear those late rounds I am not afraid to take a guy like that is the pay the bills at least wants Jon Kuhn was like known for that. On Green Bay always got a. I don't like his longevity to dedicate one out but like if we fought the battles to win two or three games like Tolbert says yeah told as a great example. Greens and obviously. Court heard it by being their price Rihanna due to tone and one of the bill oil and it says there are happy about trying to like. Yet anybody's parade. I traded the south though in because I gotta I had my share of Alex cones and a few different leagues. So I watch a lot of ravens football and you know they didn't deserve to be that Flacco was awful all you all the along. Harbaugh was awful their offense coordinator it was awful their receivers who are awful. And the bill is put it was a grit you know I'd add to the bills deserve to be there more than the rate. It did I don't know I mean. I don't know I guess. It's tough suitability of the playoffs for me that's us they're just I mean. They'll get their lack of the last two but it's you know it's kind of I'm a fund them luminaries at the line. The other ravens blew it I mean bill to bear permits and the ravens should be put the play out yeah and I'm just saying like. You know. The closest. They don't really look at play. Now they're very happy to be and it would. I'm gonna coworker who. And co worker who does legally. I got I got core girl's uncles play by play you know and to come up in buffalo. And send me no like I am and need help the link you know we have been put season amber. I'm going to do with policies as I would worry about that's the butt of it if it's it's a line. Felt a little. Points in the jet. Erica now. And by the way our viewers ominous sit there rep of the bill being in the titans just as bad on the brutal how is that game playoff in their little. And it just it's you know basically. To achieve their division died at how they got into a bigger the vehicle that's in the fires the coach should be. See that's that's the really unfair and are tight and it's somehow backing in the playoffs. Is Malarkey is job that is risky scenarios you're tied it. Visiting needed new coach and new offensive coordinator so badly. Not what the city but it's it's a real shame that their ruling Marcus area. Can you imagine like a big noted that if mr. atomic owner. Of the titans and I got a chance again guy like Josh McDaniels of the young quarterback like Marcus marionette who's already shown. He can do at a pretty high level indeed there is enough did nothing but regressed this year. I don't care if you get to the conference championship I am fine during pull our team going getting judgment day. You know although we've we've talked about this podcast a bunch of times in its its sort of had keep in mind knots in football but in all sports this idea that coaches don't. Deserved to get fired as if that's the criteria. It should beat the creatures the question is can you upgrade something you improved right if I would like what's the seat plus or maybe doesn't deserve to get fired. But if there's an eight coach available I'm sending lacy what's coach acting yeah I don't care what he deserves a bottle to I'm not Bob lessons about family building exercise the competitive venture tunnel right. So I mean I go to my fair Blaylock to let players go to myself. To win as many games we can and it if you if you can clearly a preacher coach you should do it period. In the past twenty years ago you know Pete Carroll was above quote unquote winning coach made a few rounds of the playoffs and he is a steady decline but you know it's aggregate keep him we're going to Belichick. A decision. Carols and a coach that never should have been fired by the jets and against New York media. You know the guy like had a barbecue it. They thought he wasn't serious on. And the budget cried being note gently don't coach to get along with his players what crime you don't like it. We just had Bruce Cutler is the coach were really you know fighter he. On the heels of its code tonight and they bring in rich freak in code so you know. Just you know New England this is what bad management looks like so I really hope that you just have to go through this. I own personal crisis and its allows the dispute this whole scenario appear with the pats which is. You know Robert Kraft is well over seven years old now I wonder what. There excel. I wonder what. Belichick's relationship is that Jonathan. Who's the successor. I don't know I don't know I and yet I wonder like maybe is like in an awful work this guy. In in in these might the straw that broke the camel's back at the things that are happening now likened it. There's all this and it worked for this guy that. And I did video allows them I don't know what is to bring it up. Courier where does that set I mean yeah he could just decide to write off into the sunset. It's is he's such an interesting character you know I mean he's he liked that one coach. Where the stress of the job doesn't seem to build upon him. The way it built up and other coaches and yeah a lot of it has to do with the fact that he just doesn't accept. The drama at all. To lose he doesn't have to suffer fools could he has a lot of control multiple wall as Parcells. And you know that's that's the thing that scares you about this it's this article in this stuff that's coming out is is Belichick's suddenly in the position where. You feel like he may have to suffer some foolish. Yeah well. And I don't think you will I don't think he will also and stay tuned announced that it. Nothing but headaches at. The interesting thing is is I'd I don't think he's kind of guy who do this but if for some reason he was forced out or not forced out but left on bad terms. And people start talking but you beat the article that sort. One thing that I haven't remembered as part of the article but I remembered it as a teaser for the article that a lot of this has to do with the patriots legacy to its credit for. I don't think. That's (%expletive) I think that means I think that's absolute. Fallacy. I don't quite buy that first of all I. If Kraft thinks it's him he is is that it's yeah and I don't believe them final and you know you know the Brady saying I don't. I don't see it it's a big issue for Brady because he's pretty much universally accepted as you know use the best quarterback typically are a handful. And he's actually said he's publicly set I've been fortunate to be in this system for any. If that is such. We contract. Used to be like yeah neither that's occur that is such a mr. Reid good place for it yet that is such a misread by Seth weaker sham that is just baloney that dialogue I watched. I don't buy it it is about restricted to an idea on that invalidate case you can look at sea water that way to me to tears right keep this guy looks compete. You know you lost the challenge you look the game itself. You know you know and I think that's going to be the tough thing for him to walk away from you know. Saw that you know that I guess is is is interest in part like if he came to the conclusion in his mind that. It's never going to be the same here again. Just leave early ghost or. Yeah that's the thing I was thinking about it this morning Mike you know all the sub might be true. But if Nike comes back and mister Kraft is still there and everything's permits same have a couple dust ups as his friends you and I have has been relationships that you have. That's fine but if it's if it's Mitt Robert Krause getting to an age where is not going to be around as much and I don't know I wanna deal with his kids. You know that's a different situation now Belichick 65. The article it's sort it's it's sort of seemed to intimate that. His idea. Was committee coach a couple of years with drop below that sort of steady leadership have have have the ship on a really good course and then be able will be. With the idea that Belichick came in put everything together and left you really did change which is sort of the what if it's sort of the one thing that coaches ever do. If you're in the best of the best generally they leave at a time where yet time to. Doc Rivers at the Celtics united did they got very fortunate to get bit new Smart to go Brad Stevens and he stated to quickly. Yeah I mean Two Rivers is about the league that plays and amassed. Sure now. And like Pete Carroll decided to retire this year love Seattle be a disaster yeah you know. I wrote a disaster but it's not as good as it would have been a couple of years ago and a right now though. Delicate area and variances weeping because he has some. Physical stuff yeah you know you can't. Not it at all needs knew that. But he you know if you decided to retire this year just didn't feel like coach anymore. You know that would be a talks. That would be messy was to stand them through gambling Gabbert and Carson Palmer at nine years old now. He chose not even willing to even voice the idea that even consider. Changing Garrett and I unbelievable out of your patriot fan. That's sort of got a warm your article that yeah because. You know that's a situation where they really probably do need blind loyalty that have been maybe it's saving Garrett that they need to make some changes somewhere that organization that aren't getting over the whole. Garretson guy I've spoken about with review and I shown up I guess I would've fired them. A several years before. A vote Nokia the loss to it's agreeing day in Green Day were Dez Bryant got robbed. Two years before that notified Jason Garrett and that would openly. One thing the cared that I I could be this is me just play nickel psychologists you don't put too much stock into it but he strikes me as the kind of guy where he's placid. To the point where you wonder it's partly because Jones essential lewd tickets in the organization that you have to be like that steady. Placid. Amid he fits the suit may doesn't exactly Jones wanna wanna little placid pop. Maybe then you certainly can it can be crazy emotional guy as an organization that guys who do you like articulate and Billy Martin's run in the Yankees Steinberg and cataracts check. You tell us that actor and a tumultuous. Another group yeah. Some great videos to users look at that it's worth YouTube and. It's one of the greatest plays ever Billy Martin is talking about. Reggie Jackson and Steinbrenner ridiculous ones aboard liar the other convicted. Number I hate it at. That's straight. Hey before before we wrap it up and I haven't assign refute the button on but I know you know I know you gonna probably could sincerity in. Given all this with a drop below not peony aaron's all this and this in very public drama that's come out with the as an article and kind of things that were on the back a reminder that we've been talking about it. It's a deep quarterback class. Is there anyone out there that you think the pats in. Target me K with that can kind of operate this system the way that droplet showed he can in the breeze become. He's the greatest quarterback of all time in the dead is within the first couple rounds that they have access to. You know and I'm still digging into my quarterback yeah. Don't stop I mean I'd I I'd definitely like the first five guys yeah most people's boards. He so I mean living in effect question. Go and electric umpire searchable and you know a lot more. Network. But I mean I will say this I mean certainly there are quarterbacks in this class that a potential solutions. And I I think it's I think it's also important that. Look at the patriots can't that they have to play the direction second round pick they got their first trip. So if the patriots aren't alone. With. Mayfield. Or are. The guy that I think I like the most is Arnold. Who like I kinda covered today a Twitter it is such a delicate topic is talking about it. Backside. But there's somebody talk about what you know Arnold might be good reviews year or more to fix its people its full work. It's four or just like really good yeah but a number and I just don't know I I do I read stuff like that in. I just don't know what to say he's that good footwork. I think his senate they yank and a lot of ineptitude. Yet. So you don't I think my question is to the patriots have any inclination in PDA in addition. To go just about anywhere. Like I mean I don't know of Cleveland probably that would jump out of the top spot but but he would the patriots move into the top ten. If Republicans in the day these rarely. Cashed their chips with draft capital to move up the usually it's either trade down. What state tax that doesn't mean they won't if there's someone there that they like particularly given the Patrick how hostile quarterback environment they're in now I ain't gonna make sense that they want. Right that's the thing I mean did you why do you increase your hands in and get more chips what you do it justification need. So. You know if if if they log speaker mayfield and slips through the first 5676. Yeah they consider opened up a little. This is if they think startled as the next great quarterback to consider brought up in in getting an insane and it is great we can put behind prompt for a year. Or whatever. That it certainly Brady's not they'll keep a guy like that left field for years article where about it. Yet Deng and Noah. Tabloid book live from him but I would call a mistake but I would go on a mistake it might not be and I think they would learn from this experience Biden. And it's I mean I think that's under. Sold angle and the like the patriots this is it's like it was only Jimmy drop well it's not their quarterback they don't get a quarterback. Yeah right under the night it's not like that there all the once again right I mean that they've used. What a big east second grounder that third rounder in recent traps and quarterbacks they hit a vote to some extent. They were able to treat percent for a guy who has taken in the first and you know they they cut the deficit and back problems so. You know I they're out there. I guess the question would be do they do they decide that they like a guy who might actually get what about politics. Or do they have a guy where they don't know we're gonna go but it slips far enough down the board in the first round of treaty that second ticked off. Didn't do that more often in last year's big cluster cooks is sort of like moving right right. You know or do they really considered radical thing anywhere and take pictures number one this year or are extra second rounder we're gonna try to go way up. The most news in listening we will be you know at least a little bit off but it'll be good about that. If your Patriot Act that happened here's detectives. That Belichick Stifel yeah. I was gonna say that he he he gets okayed it meaning com. It's a good way to correct and and set the stage to move forward that's a that would show me if they did that. So I'm just you know the options box has still got a lot of options and it is the point yet the patriots are. Pretty good at evaluating. Quarterbacks yet. And you know if they do get aggressive and go after somebody I mean that's I think that's opposes. I do to. And there's you know there's there's definitely helpful quarterbacks I'd like in this class. I don't world Rosen as much as some people to look I've I've had you know only about halfway through my film so needy. Ones that got them. The really. Complete picture maybe don't like him or yeah. But I watched you know about six or seven games and over the last two years and you know like a built in Iran step we got pushed Johnny Bravo fact yeah. Frozen and baseball for sure. I I don't know I just not quite sold the ease. A guy who's. You know it is. I'm I'm I'm I'm concerned about mr. ability immediate. Particular rodent like it economics accounts quarterback playing with the big brace on his left knee yeah. I didn't got a negative effect in my mind doesn't worry yeah yes so maybe I I need I wanna do some digging and find out exactly what preparations for what the nature that is. Sometimes guys were just to protect themselves so maybe it's nothing but. Just watching him in that race always sort of you noticed that yeah I don't like yeah it's it's you know I think that bird but anyway. On and so hours ago I am not. You know you can Rosen. This'll talking about you. I'm not totally sold on him and then Allen from Wyoming. On the he is very uninteresting and I'm not. I can't quite buy it just misses two. Legally morally good when he came out. He's the most report there's some similarities portals a lot of the big NFL scouts are making personal it's comparisons which I don't debt at Auburn because once was. Had much more command of football. In terms of putting it places mobile field you know about Alan got. Similar strength. And athletic traits. Two lead what it is it is good. So I I don't buy into the went comparison in election talked about body then. You know now when I use like a second or third rounder then yeah it sure. You know he's the kind of quarterback I can put him. Yeah I mean ultimately I think he's arrived ballot that's just my guess but not a compliment but ballot with a guy and had a shot. He didn't work out you couldn't they couldn't get a life and the right now he he's just got to. He's intense and head to keep it can't exit dummy bit of that duplicate tinderbox for. Yet as the dummy to kick it needs to dump I've ever actually but I've heard him speak enough reasons I saw the. You know it's certainly not that that's out of place I would really wanna go but Arnold submitting. I did so much. And in the throwing motions a little bit funky little but it's nothing that's scares me. You know you keep its the only thing about and that concerns me is you know some of the decisions or bad. But if there's one thing I feel like you can coach out a player it's bad decision. That's that's part that's half the dean coming on college. Yet so I'm not too worried about that do it or so would try to get Serbia. Yeah you're around the prison but it from the what was that the started at quarterback and I think it is duplicate my hot button outlaw. The last week of but it really didn't listen so. At some guys that I liked what type as running back Stanford who we we talked about it last year when we were talking about cap right. But price well yeah and the right below he has fallen he would he is a little Dion Lewis. Like to. He's got a little yellows and he's going to be a foreign player the next level. Re good at running back. Well that a lot of this bill on this so. We got a little good news today audience that Pete and I are back on Sunday but the Finns football hours tonight on the WUS was rated networks organ and some fun stuff in the you know exactly what the plan. A wrap up show little playoff. And then Nam we're really try to be disciplined and do podcast every week and we you know working on me. Kind of a rationale to keep this thing going on you along on there and not only in Boston itself. Your support is appreciated though that the powers that do the no. And Q2 and an animal do investigated content that catches on at Rhode Vonage on Twitter and I'm Matt Cordoba on acts. In a flu talk the essence. Yeah Obama saying yeah amid anybody's actually looking. That you have trouble finding. The article. With our playoff rankings it's all on yeah I yeah if you have trouble finding it. You can find it very similar article on wrote Obama on the home page. And it's pretty easy to print out when he uses to achieve. Yet she she'd just lock and load. I've well good luck can't be both seasonable out.