Fantasy Football Pre-NFL Draft Podcast 1

Fantasy Football Podcast
Friday, April 13th
The NFL Draft is less than 2 weeks away and for the first time in a long time the Patriots have a heavy stake in the 1st Round action with 2 1st Round Picks.

Needs are aplenty with gaps at all levels of the Defense, specifically at Linebacker, Left Tackle is an urgent need and of course… the future at the QB position.

Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson have been preaching patience since the Garopollo trade, knowing that 2018 boasts a very strong QB class.  Well here it is.

The guys get deep into the Patriots offseason additions, debunking some of the popular opinion on Cordarrelle Patterson & Jordan Matthews whom Jim & Pete see fitting into the

Patriots ensemble very well.  Then the conversation turns to the 2018 QB Class and the potential fits here in New England. 

#1 of a 5 part series.  Get ready and enjoy!

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Everybody acted it good feedback. Ballpark guess who's your sportsman you. April 13 Friday the thirteenth. We get ready over the series yes it will gruesome series of NFL draft thought. And you know it could be back on the on the podcast channel with ally. A good body or you I'm good I'm good to get a lot to cover with the draft two weeks away for the first time that we want them. Three the leaking. That's a real stake in this draft of the soul like me. Here he's here immersed in patriots wrapped up. On site that they think they know models the bill. On the least of which you get to sensual football. Quarterback. They a lot of holes to fill it's an exciting drafts on talent opposition Islamic youths. On it seems a lot of needs a lot of teams a lot of draft capital to make them move so that the interest. Yet to have a number of team. With multiple text right Lou the pitcher to death we will of the one of the players no doubt. They're you know they're always you know until they make a move their good people are going to be talking about them being in place to make. As well I think it's a fun night appear patriot fan I think you need to. You know I think it is the patriot tradition draft that is probably what the draft start. Well you know jump in there and hour or so after the kids that sort of get into it yeah. Did you guys get involved at the end of the night if at all yet about if you don't trade out of the first round or your particular interest for a Google book but this is the kind of thing where Payton who knows what the patriots would actually. Get involved well I I don't know what I quote here put extra interest thing to me. I'd rather be a fly on the wall. You know wherever the debris entrusted with you know talking about it I'd like to know what do you think there are beaches you know he. I don't I don't I don't think the patriots have any. Design thing getting to one for example. I don't think they any adult ticket agent should ever take that kind of move that will pay that much but. It there have to be he stole her room. At at the complex somebody is talking about OK well if we really wanted to get tents here we might appeal to do it I wonder where here is. Yeah that's it's an interesting question to me as someone who's like just immersed in the patriots. I don't want them to do is to do anything extremist in lose the draft capital as I see a lot of holes on the team. I think they have. More holes that I can remember. And then in the last seventeen years and really yeah. Andy is from from our roster stamp I don't. Hit beltway. Personally I do at least not on offense. Yeah I don't worried about their defense is all of her all year last year all all year they are. They are rivers back probably right yeah rivers could pass rusher will help up front with a passer and a good pass rusher coming out of college last years of in the of sympathy and benefit. That picked up a couple defensive tackle so severely they look better this that they have addressed some things but. He is with a weak in my mind there are. As weak as we can be at linebacker which to me cornerback. The victim Jason McCord yeah you know Hillary. Yeah. Yep and they get the twins which is good as the father of twins I like that. I'm Mike at them according shirts but the but at linebacker they're really we Pete in the way of the of the of the game is played the pro level now you'd need quick fast strong tough clinic in linebackers and they have one. True but by the same token you also played putt a nickel and dime. So. Eric you're saying but I you know I nobody nobody pleased to shell game better than Belichick. No I know but that that that runs out at the bit that's kind of my point at some point the shell game runs out they need they need talents on defense and they are lacking. Talent indeed they can't trust on the high towers a lot of injuries I love the guy I know you don't know what he counted numbered if so they needle they need help I would say the need to linebackers. They desperately need a left tackle okay you cannot go into this season. With with the with the roster left tackle that they have got a great offensive line coach you talked about a million times but they got to come out of the first round of the left tackle. Oh centrist think if you look at some of the the player moves they've made. These sort of scream that get the ball out of Brady's hands. And and that's. That that sort of interest thing you know they they let go of crooks he's sort of a long developing kind of player. You know you bring in Jordan Matthews. Who's the guy who uncovers pretty well from the slot. You've got to you've got to feel filtered gronkowski. And and you know court help Paterson. And elect for the US we'll you don't want I've obviously you know we as a guy we sort of you know you're near and dear to hearts but. You know it could be I don't know how much play this got up in New England. And them struggle to remember the exact quote. But Belichick said some according to Patterson Belichick said something. In some of the effects. Your you know with buster gonna be the player you are supposed to. Yeah it's at at that dropped on Wednesday night when dry cat. Acted to 106 you know so it's like I do you I was saying that so when this went down you might remember which would look like two hours ago now patriots picked up another special team her and disguising gadget guy and all the stuff. You know what patriots fans and quote unquote pundits and experts at the same mistake with expert it. You know that that he is ready is say he's season this season that. And that getting six touchdowns in four weeks of being an integral part of that offense Paterson. What they allow about the way that you scout Pete what we've kind of put together and our shows and podcasts is like it's a talent. And in Birkhead has tons it's now coral Paterson has. Oodles of talent if you don't think that Bill Belichick coached team. Can maximize that talent that I shouldn't be. You're either a lazy journalist all of their their lazy journalist when they just following the script of what they see it and with the talking about because this guy. Is an electric player and if anyone can get an out of them. Belichick can't even through the gauntlet down on Wednesday tobacco which I love so. Yeah I mean you know. I think I'm pretty sure we can rewind go back to cooks and find some thing similar Cox's you know as well. Cooks cook for a two year. I don't to meet Birkhead was quick and easy one because Birkhead. Is this just. Phenomenal the fundamentally. Sound player Paul but keep. Please slicked up patriot. Patterson a little different but I think this thing about Paterson that really is gonna give him a chance. In New England is the fact that he's such a good special teams player and it's sort of the irony of course barrel Paterson because people sort of it's people sort of look at him as a guy who. You know doesn't that you couldn't do the finer points of the game well he's probably the best kick returner than it in the NFL. And he's probably one of the handful of you know the best gutters in the NFL. So you know that's the guy who has made himself invaluable. By doing little things you sort of ironic when you look at. The reason most people think he says they're quote here failed as a medical football player. And you know it there's a couple of if you can look at this one uninteresting parallel would be go back to Welker. Who is sort of a special teams player at work he came to new England and all of a sudden he's a high volume player and it. I remember people policy are the yeah I I remember people laughing and Derrek Lee. At the welcome contract. Before he ever played out for the patriots it I wanna go back and say there was like fifty million dollars total and that contract. Totally gets but it was a big country is the continent and especially when you look at it in the context of what he had done statistically in my interview before. He was patriot right. And so if there's a similarity there you know where people were like wow this guy does and that's why I think so interest in this guy now obviously the patriots could go as out of their way. To get Paterson. As it did get Welker. But by the same token you know dictate what took to get him so so what were they pay more to protect. On the acute sipping up Paterson that really intrigued would feature its first of all. The patriots are really good we've said that the budget times at hobbling together skill sets. Can make sort of a mosaic or to create an unstoppable offense they're really good that it yet and you know very big guy that. The guy that Paterson could replace he could look police. Not a single player but elements of different place. And you could see elbow that have ever heard it and that's. Which it. I was just thinking like the I didn't I was gonna say Bennett knows that this is doing now that Hernandez's kind of had that Joker Elena though yeah element and in the other guy. QL Lewis yup this is gonna say no. You ordered exposed to got to talk all too and he can give you a little risk exposure playbook to secure guy. On and you know it. They people have a tendency to say oh well yeah Patterson he makes that yes give plays he makes a wild plays its which you have. If you look at those well please look at what's happening but there's reboot the court in spite. He's doing amazing things on the field. Oh right that it's already instituted. Activision is like remarkable. And when you see summit is being played these dart guy finds all exports through or went eighty yards for a touchdown. If you go back and look at his violates there are missed tackles. Throughout these for a the other guys in the long run pieces of him than yeah. Like people forget this fact 220. Plus pound actually yeah. Corrupt activity boot strolled to be traced back than a lot of other things yeah I'll eat a big strong dude and it. I think ultimately what it's about it is change. Be functional which he the guy being dialed up a lot of play because the patriots like people who are value added they like guys who blocked the way he. Wouldn't there are the main guy. You felt like Gradkowski is an alpha dog. Number one receiver he can also level people for. You know Julian element everybody what the particulates stick routes and make big plays with it and that's all great speech what would you ask of what we yeah we have blocked. He's forty. If you cut it out he's not functional piece plus he's really good at yeah. So that's a staple for the patriots and if you go back five years what we're talking about the transition from the elements are. I said the fact that over the much better blocker don't think that they don't care about that. So. If it's Paterson. Can give good blocker for them than he's going to be able to play more steps that I think people realize yeah this is just weren't going with this if you can be a guy who. He doesn't need to necessarily be into the scheme as a receiver the way they need. You know the waving his current ops in fifty you know many never really got there yet I didn't need to become a receiver so much is. He needs to be able to do to the individual football skills. Well. They can help the team move the ball on the field. And what what what Belichick does great as well Pete you think the work that what you said the right things on samba but. He's got a great ability to identify. Not only what is but what isn't. So for instance they have a couple losses okay they lose Danny Mandel. They lose deal Louis. They lose Martellus Bennett Dwyane now on them not big losses but you know. So there were there on the roster playing a position right so instead of looking at like a cat lost. Martellus Bennett right now on any tight end must deal Lewis and running back by any Danny Amendola ideas slot receiver. Is look at like that because OK if I can't get the level of flare at one of those positions that I need. I'll get the high level player that I that can play another position or positions and due to different way. And yet and keep the ensemble of the offense moving down the field. Together that's of people missed when they make these enemy these assumptions is unsigned and other special team and in. Now they didn't picnic and another guy's gonna fit within the orchestra to move the ball ball down the field so. It just that he's endured a few years and people just don't seem to understand. Yeah I did you know they still have I. Addicting thing is going to be when the rosters set who's still there. You know obviously they've got a lot of receivers now I don't think they can all stick yeah. But you know doorstep actually can take the top of the defense yeah see they still have a guy who can do that. Any brits there too you know I mean. That's. That's interstate yeah good for Britain ever truck is a patriot kind of player. But who knows that the united I don't know what he's been like at practice. You know he plays position that doesn't require. Like he doesn't have the kind of value added things. That Paterson. You know like Paterson and the country afford things for you. You know brits mostly good. Being big and you know making some plays downfield. I don't know if he's you know. You gotta between years to be a patriot. Receiver and like play a lot of snaps. Yet also they also picked him up when they were a bit decimated unity means so he's got about he's kind of hold over from (%expletive) we need somebody kind of you know. Part of the season last year so but it did distinct and a into assets and adjusting on the young he's a guy remember. You scouting Indy took him way early in the 2014 draft way early but doesn't isn't a good player. You know he hasn't played to his draft position but he can he can fly it on the field. And this certainly have a quarterback can get it to him so. I think he's the guy who's probably better than the general consensus is I mean I we have the second round grade on and so we thought something and for sure yeah we were surprised that I went definitely. We didn't think it was outrageous. The the weird thing about the colts taking him was just that they already had starters at the position. Antsy right Helton and they headed today I didn't know defense and along our. Freed yeah they've decent draft capital and so it was sort of an odd move when they did it. You know the colts the colts got a cult you know like a big difference. But is that that is but the point is. They've got receiver like the receiver corps this year sort of resembles the running back corps last year in that they've got a little bit everything. And you know they've you know obviously Hoch in the and cattlemen can do like the heavy lifting. I think those are the guys who complete. Hi snapped numbers but you can you know. The doorsteps and you know he's as we like to say he's a club in your bag and and and so as Paterson. And you know Paterson. I'd guess what it comes down to setting the roster they may not view him necessarily. As a receiver. Still he could think it's sort of review you'll see him as a receiver and running back you know. So it's. A from a fantasy standpoint I don't know what Paterson out of you know out of a lot happier side the Patterson's the patriots. But from a football standpoint I'm just really excited because I know. That the patriots will know what to do with him. Yeah they'll find a way to mightily manifests itself in 12 or three games. But we'll find a way you noted in the find a way to use them for sure. Yeah and I think you hit the page it's just so good in terms scheming and they've got players to tilt the field so. You know having Patterson their to do things with them on the weak side where if you were going to overload on them in some way. Yeah the patriots are equipped to get him into space. And they've got a quarterback obviously is in the know when to do it. You know when to pull the trigger. So it's. I've by you about later it was a pretty excited to have Paterson as the patriots it's it's pulling me out a little bit it's. They're almost getting me the plume and how. Have to root for the page. It David on that line men and it'll keep bringing in my players at a little over fifty we notre upset about PO littlest. We're gonna give it Jordan Matthew girl yeah. The and general do a lot of regulars who you know won't George matches as a player is it that the couple things done that is first of all he needs to be healthy so. You know is he healthy he that there are some things between him in the Eagles were the Eagles soared ahead in playing through injuries. And that when he got the bill they're like you shouldn't be playing through this done you know getting stuff like fixed it you know. It's itself Blakey the guy who should have been shut down before he was shut down. Matthew is interesting sort of fell off the map nobody seemed to really warn him that much look at production early in his career. A lot of production you know. The interesting thing about Matt hughes'. And while I think he does have some some route diversity and and and additional diversity. He has predominately played slot so. It's going to be interesting to see what the patriots in vision here. How this hope you know I obviously element can play inside and out clothing can play inside and out it could just be that they want three guys who can all play inside and out yet this mix and match. The right. So maybe that's what it is but. You know. For metallic perspective it wouldn't shock me if matches the best receiver in the seeing them it wouldn't shock me yeah. This is the guy who can make plays and I think that this thing about Nazis that is. That it's sort of it's what they like if you look at the patriots and every everything that happened to them. Since the end of last game Matthews makes sense because they lost so left tackle. And if they don't know how they're gonna necessarily. Cover that loss. Then you're gonna need to get the ball out quicker and they lost the battle is that that uses the guy who uncovers pretty quickly he's a guy that's got. You know he's he's got that double go. From the spot he's he's talked to defend when you don't have to sideline to help you there. So. He he fits the bill yeah he's a guy where Brady's gonna know OK I gotta match up with Matthews that's world go. And you know if the only thing about him that's been problematic. When I look at the patriots Q as you know he has had some issues hanging on the football yeah. Dogs are either broken hand or in years. You know he made justification the proxies you know he doesn't he's never struck me as a guy who can catch. But he has struggled in that area. His rookie year you analyzed a bullet then I remember correctly. Yeah Alex actually second here seven years and I think. One of the years she had I remember. Martin fracas a friend of friend of the program yet. And he would said that you'd. That matches have been complaining about it and practiced a lot he's a Philadelphia Eagles to a report yeah Delaware or something or other right yet right literally heard and you know saying it. Person. So you know. That's incentive very interesting pick for the patriots is just so very typical of them it doesn't work out what did you lose. And if it doesn't work huge potential for really good player for an up. And the government low value right they got he's using. I haven't heard the total number of the contract yet have looked at like one today ever since they signed him I've yet to see anything but one year deal yeah so. Yeah I don't know how much it is I would think it's got to be at least so money. You're great player particularly to 2.5 to three millions of like that I. Would deal I think getting on you know addicted to the other thing too. Is like in terms of like the partner perception Lee who's gonna sitting on the silence the the pats to end the strike in get these people at their lowest like. Value in terms of their perception Sosa silica into this draft is Alex circle on the point that the global making. If you get like you know you pick up Paterson. To pick up Jordan Matthews. Do. You re signed Rex Burkhead. You pick up coral Paterson you start to fortify and those are a little bit. And they can really focus this is why I want them to use the draft capital that the fill the holes that they need at linebacker pat left tack may be another body at safety you know another. They tackle draft I'm not sure what their their plans. This too they like I think that that's been speculated one can at a UCLA Canada Notre Dame not on good data are. They say that the kid Colston from UCLA it reminds him of sold Olympic along. Mean if a golfer and upon I mean. But that kind of body type that he can be a little bit down mobile on their feet they seem to like that Scarnecchia seems to hold those guys well. That's what we're here and appear a little bit. And that be fine to me and by the way if whoever they draft of its left tackle if he loses in training camp to the kid they drafted in the third round last year Garcia that's okay too. I just I want comp I want competition there it's that the best midwest where win. I'm preferably it's the guy you draft in the first round but it. Obviously got an old quarterback who's up particularly mobile yeah. You can't have a bad offensive line now need a means that the Patriot Act the most important for the patriots is. They need to know what they have them they were game plan around what they have. Very well. This is a matter of getting things in sort of being known area where it's like OK here's were good actors were not good at your target at the scheme. With those before we close out. That is one thing that I think is. Worse knowing. Not not to go down there which streak here. But you'd just. Think I've heard from people who know. Actually so I talked to mark for excellence and some of the stuff we came to him yet but Matthews and personal rights were like best friends yeah. Very very tight. And met Ed which was. You know. A lot of records they devastated but it hit him really hard when they traded baskets. And one of the reasons this is it George Matthews was one of the people would always going to staying late with him. At work on stuff. And Wentz is real Christian did too says that I was at bats that are very good guy in a lot Troy. You can go where they're both. Christ followers yet the boat got guys end. So Matthews is not a go out party Friday night kind of guys you hey. Didn't let playbook so I can learn kind of guy. It could be a very good at the polling that's because that's what the patriots need they need guys who want to work. Because to be good in the patriots scheme. It's not just good enough to be Smart intuitive football player you have to be willing to put in the time of the weekly basis. Matsuzaka hit. Yes good and then they need any more personalities like that particularly you don't. I don't think it he's. I could see this. Really working out. Like really really working out that would really surprise to integrate. And you bring a player who hopefully can be a bridge here next quarterback at some point to. And you know hey if he comes in the end any injuries haven't healed he could be a guy that Rick Pitino he's got a that he's got a very. Wide spectrum of potential outcomes but I think that spectrum definitely includes some very positive outcome. Yeah it did adults patriots yet include some success. And speaking of that you gonna made reference to it they've been very crafty potential side with him mister Davidson. In terms of the future quarterback. It's only isn't it yeah Louis we are that was intentional or you're gonna jump Dez Bryant outlet product. How I did it at the. Legal you'll get into the quarterbacks and what the patriots can maybe do what else is out there in your New York Jets. Obviously you'd think nothing obvious at them that it should be in the market and the great guy who handled. Which hit it as quiet for a little bit and let's jump over quarterbacks and talked chip. Suggests yes it's a solo news that happened as he now we're kind of getting in the studios Dez Bryant was released. And that's on the heels of a couple days ago the the the figures on job as Brown's contract came out did you hours later at the browns. But at the big news of the day today is Dez Bryant released from the cowboys and already you can see people going crazy on the patriots I don't think that's a match and died as a sale. Makes sense that a picture yeah I mean they're it's the only way it makes sense for the patriots is if for some reason Dez Bryant wants to be a patriot. And he's gonna tell other teams I don't care what you want opinion over the plate for the patriots and it's and it's certainly worth a little right I mean I don't it is with Israel back to the shot he's talented yet. But he. He's not Randy Moss is a very different player. And Tom Brady's not the guy that. He bullets would mosque was on the team and the patriots go out and eat sleep and and you know I've been going over problem at left tackle what got a profit left tackle. Throwing deep is not going to be your. Four at Yankee get rid of it and it did not the same team they were Arnold seven a of the business right. So all worked there for their leader Gloria. Does Bryant got two point gym where she is best spot as slot. And I think the team that does well with him as a team that can fill a slot him frequently and I don't think the patriots won a slot Dez Bryant I don't think that's what they wanna do yeah. I should say that you say there's other holes all the team exploited resources. To bring it does right it it just doesn't extensively. Maybe there was a time or might have made sense this is not that time. I think utility to the Oakland. Then I think you're looking that maybe that hit the strategic could just do it could be the 49ers which like makes some sense yeah. The jets to just for the top of the money you know well for receiver. Who else who helped helped colts. COLT can be a destination especially if they feel. That block is likely to play. What a chutes don't that is with that with Locke we still don't know a Iranians is. So to the the problem with the whole look thing is they no longer trustworthy. Right now anything initiate. The air right and I basically until this guy's throwing the football they what you see it nobody's gonna believe it and yeah. You know I'd that the fact that he's only throwing a small ball instead of a big bar I don't think that's relic I don't think that's a big deal. But because she's on a whole new rehab timeline now. You know but. My feeling a look at that he's probably gonna play this year he'll probably be OK but I I can't sit here until people are doubtful. That it's irrational relative to the colts give you every reason to doubt the big states. Exactly and it didn't I don't know I'm mcdaniels skipped down on them like you know. It's it's it's obviously you can't you can't get the information that you need about your biggest asset your owner as the absolute. Wild card that you chin I mean did their unstable they make terrible decisions and he's sitting there working for the smartest guy that's ever been in the league and he says what are you doing. And I personally that. I I I will say this their new GM seems better and you'll give. And I don't think Reich was terrible liar so if you're colts fans maybe it's not all bad some upside yeah I you know. That would be a bit just to your point the only way things are ever going to actually gets sunny in the Indian state sunny. Is if that order learns the thing that many owners did manage to learn which is what the football guys are attempting yeah. You know instead address and it got one of those guys that every now and then he just can't help but he has to go in and move furniture. He's a busily thinking and that you can't help but that's exactly. Like Schneider Dana senator can be a good boy for eighteen months yeah but then I looked great team. And the mentally to move runners at the minutes decent where's Jerry Jones at the same cut away again you know they're there they're own worst enemy yeah. Anyway let's say it's so what Brian I think has been. Probably have a very good year somewhere. You know in terms of foreign places where you could go I think Tim being. Absolutely not launch the ball in the fighters would be a team and I agreed today I think I was the victim is sol far outside of green Bay's. Modus operandi though but then again possible that the GM anymore so who knows maybe there's a new kind of date yeah Green Day put. What does need to be confident quarterback to understand what did it does well at where he wants the ball. Air Roger's pretty much fits that bill are on the after Detroit. To be receivers there that's the problem I absolutely egregious that is an outstanding fit. The problem is. You know they've just got sold Johnson the right. Yeah not so equal right to their lack of bench more than just sort of bench paid an attitude they've got got Holliday coming some and they just brought it Patricia that I think probably leans conservative. So like I'd I'd stewardship but Stafford definitely his style that leaked out yeah. Yeah. You know I don't know if Atlanta has any cap room. Matty ice you know we didn't have a tissue to arm does have that confidence away the ball out for help a player so I mean. I don't know if that could conceivably be something probably not if you if you look at priorities are hoping does as a priority for them they probably you know. Giving giving some more defensive lineman would probably be bigger priority do both talent. You have to take care of certainly would be. Fit. I don't know it mean Carol is they've got so many issues on the defensive side of the ball. I don't know I just don't know can they afford to do that I don't know it's it's it is in question and certainly you'd be pitched in for tea. Or could have a funny thing it says is he sort of viewed as a deep threat would be really is. He's he's the size direct of these of. He's he's on. He's like he's shown he's I was never did Deborah big. Our daddy key shortcut a terrible. Comp actually you know he's a little bit. People were also and keep sure yeah physically not mentally to shorten the alphabet which depicted at night. But put physically Dez can do a little bit more. But yeah I like that. You know that was a big possession receiver really Leila. Right and I think that I think we're email that is that they require the same type of quarterback yes. Where it's like I don't care if he's open I don't but put it the right window to come down with the and yeah I. Rogers and Rogers dead Stern's very hard and be a lot of fun rogers' perfect. Yes I did that the QB staying fit state could use a receiver. You know an elastic the lesson lesson don't torture are more Allison as a third receiver. So and and they are that country where if you head depart today and there is and top that you have those three guys who. They're totally different players but from oppositional simply they can all run routes from Altria the primary receiving positions so you can move Copley. Very frequently you achieved top and Nelson switching spots. And that she never knew really know where they're gonna wind up that's the kind of offense that needs to look at warp thing nick. Cowboys really that killed and they made him play a very static kind of football yeah. He's lining up in the same spot almost all the time and you know back Prescott's needed open receivers he doesn't like rolling. He's he's not. You know his ball police and isn't that great he does throw guys open and she doesn't like chalking it up. You know letting these guys going get it he's still a growing quarterback is that there yet. Yeah Romo is Romo was willing just to. Updated and get back to the people that if you could what people were ripping on that's religion into Yankee desert particularly the last three years for the last three years trust. A quarter know who you just look back learning how to play it right the third year was that it won't Romo Romo yeah. Right it was it was what's his face branded we'd. Collection of backup yeah so you know if you don't. Has Bryant not played great the last three years yeah that's fair to say. But is he is bad as the statistics which are in the area of 730 dirtier expressed some hope. If you had rowboat out of the closer to a 1008 yeah. So they'll. It's. He's he's he's free at right now I'm excited to see where he lived and I think will be able to make it nice gesture of what he's going to be was and what we know relives. Maybe sparked a Green Bay too because that divisions get a little better you know edit. We'll see that she seek you just went right or not that's exactly what I think yeah connect because what you got if you Green Bay as much casual water remains static. Riders can be around forever just you know the idea that drug resistant to win in five years when not. Right so you've got to be looking at Minnesota regarding the we might have to count or some what they're doing. Yeah and the big and there's a bottom to all of that they get better than it's violent there. They disorderly and little is is John McClain. In knock its toll plaza. Right after he got the machine go. You know now we have a mission. And yeah you know so if if you're green pay I think you're you know. It's never really good to think this way but it's hard not to in this situation like maybe we need to give our guys a little more Campbell. Because Minnesota now could you bring in a tough defense. And Kirk cousins with a butcher receivers. And yeah you know. They were on the doorstep they they were bridesmaid last year they were right there right there they gave it away the game right at the noticeable ticket price to hold measured by the way a way. They joke yet they did. I can choked yeah it's not going to be a jerk about it but. They coughed it up until now that it's and you know they ran into a hot nick full what you can do. You know he well schemed axles to you know you I saw you that you. It just didn't we talked about this pick it. We've yet to talk after a simple and yet only use him like right into the complex stuff yeah I mean you have to give them so much criticism was unbelievable and then again in the playoffs you really lousy. Hats off to an archived project you did. He did benefit only repeat these guys that we throw everything at them. Yeah and it did dead yeah it is but I so that I submit to simulate what you refuse to provoke well actually seems throw every. We did talk about this as this that they that they need to go out they need to be hoosiers sea biscuit rocky and Rudy on one unit and NC state you gonna go for it they did. That's up thirty day review of its its rate that's like on a schooled honest and up like 91230. Which. I know I sound a hundred years old when I said at the trust me when you get to be my age 1230 on a Wednesday as a tough poll. It's cut onions as usual level he gets every time yeah. I think everybody everything is that they they they do they get misty had did the Jersey thing. For me it's what he's sacked QB I just I can't. Lance editor at mr. I don't brother Corey I'm I'm I'm I'm Saab and the whole way I but every time to summon tells him he can't they get you know every sign like that. I know in the treatment on the boss in the trees like college isn't for everybody sunlight and all those pulled trees up plus model. On the bus stop this dads is dads like hockey Godzilla like that gets the whole thing gets me you know. Seal myself and all Rooney you know it's not an. All of slobbering idiots and I don't particular. There's some there's some traits that question I'll boot him and if I could definitely see if you like. Getting the snot kicked out of you by the stars. Yeah and I then I got out. Lol. That it wasn't it about shortly after and he always gets insulted the shrieking like. These type notably not agreed to factor of the planet but he did seem like really high pro. I know he is a great Lord of the Rings the fans already didn't notice as Smart pig and but it but. Full stop just like you to the folks cornerback quarterback. Back toward their goal by YouTube and and in YouTube. On rotates goes by sand and lord of the residency would happen. In my pockets of the goma who ate it up with a oh. They don't edit this idea. OS if I'm Bagram vehement and their oil let's go let's go sport. So anyway. We get a draft coming up in two weeks from yesterday. And this and quarterbacks and in my team and the patriots have a need in your team the jets have a lot and it needs that one of escorted back. It's which that's and cachaca Reno should renamed himself. That needs the dubious introduction you know it is good that the good way to go to New York wants and needs the green with envy. It's in the but the richt might pop do you have the means to mr. doing the wrong thing you know like to get the moron from Penn State a couple of years ago was. Are more. Likely to act yet it's a space that I laughed and it's a go. At Mac and cheese that's right so. You know but the way chickened out in terms if you believe the rumor mills that you typically they'll pop it and then third third slot. I I have no reason to believe that the jets were taken that they get a you know what what what the opposite what does that what does that out all the line it is. Good Gary glitter that I wish you good luck that you wouldn't know what to do that if he can talk if they are and that's the judge and by the way what are they thinking. Did did did you see what they gave up to move up three spots. Give up that they give a big of a second round play every spot to promote the China announced. Give up their second round pick this year I don't know a little. Girl do that in the old guy's gonna be a black guy and I keep hearing article did you discuss what it is all. You make a move that you've been a no you cannot have their picture you can yeah you know. I expect anticipate if that's what it is they're well I already think they're idiots so I can't go there but it's got to be in the field it's. It. They're still optimists who will be there and had both what's worse is that he probably will be and I have no reason to believe that he's. The guy they want it to if you look at it for what can archetypes standpoint he's got. He's still got to kind of guy that they go after so far they've gone after brace can beat anybody after Christian act numbered and that big big if you go by the jets. History is to guide to the future. If they want Ellen which is terrified you even know I. I am not Adele a Dutch shell and as most of the world's. Seems to be he's the guy that's got the bestseller written on the right you don't give up four picks take Josh Allen. It's too risky I mean and I don't if they even if they stood at six and took charge show and I'd say okay well. Maybe OK you know but giving up. All of that could go up and take a risk seems like this it's so odd to me that didn't write and I basically. Won't that's just speculative element nobody talks about or screws in his throw actual yeah like that's not good yeah so yeah I'd. Screws are good take from the Boston and yeah. With a little extra bat with you know it and I carried it carry Irving's druze aren't good. It's the only idyllic if if the jets. Get bigger mayfield. I'll be happy because I am bass will probably is my top rated guy yeah he's probably my favorite QB in this class in this appropriately could Q people outside I don't know if enough people maybe you know people are saying I'm not sure I committed to deepened film I'm not sure what all the boats leave bill. I don't confused to be honest to between Donald and rose and make make sort of kind of stands out between. It was a nice and Alan let me just say Rosen Rosen. But the most I look at that got you. Yeah add those three kind of blend together with me so the guy kind of stands out as mayfield and Lamar Jackson who who. It's interesting. Commentary from from the goat yesterday sayings of the east and out holiday that translates to an agreement ice you but several weeks ago the united could be interesting. Innocent before the pages made the trade to get to 23 NBA just at 31 if they'll like. Maybe like a solid Jacoby percent a couple of years ago and I wanna try some different at 65 years old designed acting as Belichick I. I I look to it but I'd be. Blown away if the patriots past Jack and at 31 I don't think there's anyway he gets there he's in line is on this board but it's like. I don't see any way to pigeons surpass America is too good character and Amy Smart. Within the trade it kind of felt like I do reject it from a tree. Yeah I wanted to just get past buffalo right is that buffalo. Somebody's gonna say hey this guy. Here's the thing for me I was blown to Jackson go to the patriots because it would give him what he needs which is good coast school time school. Because there's so many things I want their kids to learn before they throw into walls. On any New England you can learn those things and you have a chance of a great career as he is it's. Special kind of talent just at home in there right away I don't nonsense about changing positions. Nonsense why would you why would you move in to replace what position when he might be great quarterback stupid. You know of the deceased is little prospect for sure he's gonna bust factor all these guys have bust factors. But on balance she's an amazing prospect you know an idiot he's gonna need some time I think this is his. QB specific footwork need to work. But you know if you look at him and it is more than athletic enough to make the necessary changes. And I don't even at epic probably guard slot if he can get a consistent. You. I don't I don't mind the wait for the football but his release point moves a little bit from throw the throw he needs to get that thing. Hammered down so it's the same each time in this it's I don't know if you remember the conversation we had like forty years ago on Blake portals yeah I do. But the thing that drove me nuts about portals what's and so much seduce a orthodox shall we certainly do like that. It was the fact that his arm slot would differ from for a full EU. It takes a look at him as a pro it's exactly what the debt problem is the guy doesn't have a consistent arm slot. It's if you look at all the great quarterbacks. The non duress boroughs are always say. You're the cover you have six different throwing motion. How short they showed all the time with him is when they do that in the yellow line that is most at the scene and all the time. They need you lyrics and border cumulative is extremely important because it's it's like the site of a gun at you it needs to be in the same place every time. So. That's something LSU for Jackson. It's about a little something Josh Allen needs to do apparently he's got a lot of different release points and the thing is. If he's for the watched Josh don't make a lot of really really good pro host. Column so he's one of those guys are click OK if we can have more of quarterback Jay let's quarterback beat this could really work you. The question is can get to the place where the people are that can help him get from point to point because he's not that point yet. So so much of this is going to have to do with guys going to teams that aren't gonna abuse them as a rookie. Yet large Jackson looked at as I want I want the patriots to get everything that they need. A gain in this state if they went left tackle and play making linebacker and at 2331. Of the very happy. That said if they are if they get the play making linebacker. Dick and hers they can help them in the second round. And they pick up Lamar Jackson will be very intrigued by that and if you greatly landing place for him is everything that you said he he has that opportunity to have to learn. Packers still cost a lot of money I mean the patriots might be able to trade for linebacker. Nice one and Alabama that's to dance in Ohio which is always you know and you gonna come sure program. Well that's the thing I mean it's if they'd still into the draft they need to find a guy with a Ehrlich we can we can make use of this guy I. Right now way up if they find a guy like that yet to agree. But did that this is deep QB class I've got six guys that are solid QB what level prospects that's rare that. Tax and we'll talk Mason you know its ability to oversee exciting. And I like Mason Rudolph quite a bit dead and he's another one where so perfect for the patriots could put it in needing next time yeah. He's a guy where the U you can sort of see that that motion is very close to being there I need a little bit and help throwing too right. But he's a guy who can make frozen at all three levels of the field big Smart hard worker. You know it in two years by Brady for it would just be. But the effect. So that there's definitely a couple QBs in this class. That I could see working I know a lot of people like or let up. As a sailor about the good patriot. A lot of galleries what about the lower level guys that the three guys that come to mind our are looped a Falk. Look flock Kyle and and then recently. We're here a lot about this guy Mike White from western Kentucky. Yet what what light weight have a lot in common with Brady in terms of big strong good arm lack mobility. He would be good I mean I would I don't know how much I would pay for my quite. But yeah I mean as a developmental behind pretty cut a prospect sure I thought I'd I would have no problem with that. I. There's a lot of QBs in the class at like you're at least thirteen quarterbacks in this class who I think can play. You know whether and I know obviously there are alternate credential careers but. You know. A guy that coach and are watching the other day that's how this guy can really always a little older. He's there he's moved from one school the other the Texas tech's. Addiction clinic you can really throw the football. He's still 63 to 25. Really. Solid developmental prospect. So I you know there's a bodily. That he lets it deeply and I remember who we tot. Back on the come buying into Q was it like your honorable mentions the fact remember exactly. Yeah you see we got so worked or what it is an impressive. Just in terms release stated that you know he's got some size to him. But I like totally on the older side that he might he might be old QB in this class. You know in terms of my top twenty guys except of course for Chile a brisk integrated child. But that's. You know. Another guy I really like although I don't know if the patriots sit is the kid from Wake Forest to jog war on wolves are you remember you know he's he he's sort of like baker refueled flight. He he Wofford really reminds me Drew Brees like if you could put on another. Five to ten pounds she's there because stupid I can young Drew Brees. I would love to see him totally defeats in the third or fourth. Just six through those or both could could not get drafted and you know another guy who we really liked what we thought we were sort of judging MI and is listed week. And he's played like 19195%. Of that that test but Reilly Ferguson you know became the cup by the 212. At 1012. I could see it make it so there's a lot of guys. And I public looks Falk I think fox a guy who. Sorrell looks like a patriot quarterback to being. And he's a guy who could use another ten pounds and some type then patriots can help with. That's a guy that we heard earlier that you guys we heard early you know are out there when Luke fought in tile alana. As as like you know those of the guys are gonna be there may be into the second hundreds this third round Irish of pitches of the third round pick and look at right now. I'm of those of the guys to them recently it's an in this Mike White guys so. I. You know the black white thing is not crazy I mean the thing about my quite as I don't think he can you know pretty rolled an ankle weeks three articulate my quite plainly for this year. But I guess. The answer to that is probably where. Now that's the ghetto so yes that's the problem yes the pats have two in the first two in the second in the midst of the third at 95 that's where some people projecting. You know Luke welcome little unfortunate. Yeah and it in there in the sixth in the seventh the couple in the sixth when. For them they need to make quarterback move by the third round yet their hectic night yeah. Right yet but yet desperate yet that you're. So. You know I did. The patriots should definitely going to be able to get a quarterback the question is. Crude they love up I the one thing to write a bit I'd heard that I don't agree with is that law let it's like a another colossal. Much of work does not back down. I just don't feel that it Jimmy drop below kind of player I don't think there can be terrible. Go that low that it doesn't get the ball out as quickly and his release is an anywhere near compact. This problem could drop post college so sort of blew away I would like out of guys could yet but it won't let its interest in light Kim. It does give more leeway that we grew up. I remember talking to you to you we Taka boom rank in the quarterbacks it's not a local problem I'll never forget the second round when Willie McGinest made the pick for the patriots. And just saying it was such confidence in my ride he nailed this one I was I was pumped you know any view and we. Read that contract or a bunch of times like he's happy Claman and have at Cisco aired their load up. Yes the only thing drop a little really to me still has to prove is that he can. Get beat up there and hang in there and stay available play through. The pounding in the NFL they they do a good job to keep it clean last year they were in a position where they didn't have to. You know have him. You don't push. To win it did the other newspaper Jamie keep it clean to the ball out there. The second and the way you lie to you in which is Smart right right but this year. The pressure's going to be for the forty noticed that playoffs. Oh yeah now they're going to be weeks where grapple I think will be taking more hits. And then to me that's where we'll really get find out Acropolis is what you a couple of games that are rough and tumble. Kenny you hang in there or stay available keep playing well. When he made deity slightly diminished capacity. If if he gets past that hurdle you know we got potentially great quarterback. Yeah well that the framework that I have is your. Conversation at that come by 2014 when it was a talk Christensen saying that they are just noticed terrorist incident. Listen it was going to be a concern and then you know in his fifth. And other personal story for him could he came from the same college program the carafe delighted and was drafted I think in the first round of the NFL and that was his biggest state woods. The difference of getting hit from that level to the NFL levels just like huge like stepping in the week that reality just really coming up and playing. Drop below was afforded plenty of time to build his body up and you know I think I've said this many times what it's kind of thing that I just stupid bears repeating whatever it's appropriate. If this goes all the way back to late nineties but the Parcells Belichick coaching change. One of the best coaching change in terms of off season. Strength and conditioning program is always there are among the best of the best. And they you know it's what it's one of the things that made Tom Brady what he did. And you know drop below and think they're really good at saying. They're really good at saying okay here's what this guy is here's what he can be afterward for experience. Yet people forget the very first needed the ball up. In an end then came you know well as he matured in his knees since then came the liability in the flexibility. The last what QB twelve is all well and good what you forty cheap it's what you already amassed the body that. I think. And essentially as you know it doesn't surprise me that Belichick actually get on the whatever you need to do. You know you're forty years old you know your body better than anybody Europe pro you know exactly where you need to be why you need to be there. Court Richard guy but having grown court put back guy. And are not so prosecutors innocent. Did it right there a position he's not forty. Isn't as responsible as you can we want him doing it our way. It doesn't surprise it doesn't shock me at all that that was a bone of contention and I don't fault Belichick one bit. For. Fighting for what he wants. And the either in we talked about in the studio we talked about an hour show which are because that hopefully as early as July that's on pushing for but. Is that you know. Guerrero he's done a great job for Brady but he's an opportunist he's he's he's an opportunist and I just don't like that whole thing and I think Belichick put his foot down and I applaud him for doing it. Yeah I did everything has slipped but what even a crook let's military Guerrero is an unknown I don't know. It doesn't really matter right the one thing you can say pretty clearly is a Guerrero isn't working with spell check people write and I didn't know what ballot check wants. Right he's doing I don't think it's his own right. Yeah zones write his own program his own agenda his own philosophies on everything. Right power beacon go off the reservation. Nobody else gets to go try to pick. That and I think that the leg I think I could be wrong about that but that's the way I. Look rocks close you know grunt probably could but it's a bit but that's what's best for him. Our special called the best tight end in history. But from the Mecca if you saw Tom Brady. Have an expert and automotive absolutely crazy. I think that's a good way to close it out and at that that's a good drop the might. But we will let Pete Dye going to be back we don't. I would go and our men. That would really we had announced that let's let's let's hit a little bit QB let's talk the let's go back to my nightmare just so we get the so that's just the well let's let's just talk about the top of the draft and then what happens in how this can sort of get into the dominos that could end up affecting our listeners in the New England right now so. It's distracted so compelling right because the president do the first four picks and they're idiots yeah yeah it. And they have needs and was saving get a little Sasha proud thing which is like take satellite could go to the Internet they got such a broad T shirts or sell it on and a now. It's it's it's. You know what I it's so crazy to hold this that this that the browns have become this microcosm. For like everything that's wrong with football you know maybe you wouldn't. Surprise if they took like if they went to Barkley just as they keep hearing that he's the best player in the draft and they go. Don't. You know it is the browser no heavy air quote football guys in charge against it. And and you know maybe I could try to buy into that if they didn't teach you jacket around like what is that about believed to go to war saying rich last. Makes no sense. Is that Jackson still there. I you know what you're looking order of analytic sky regular football guys you know whatever go ahead. Why they keeping a awesome actually won once since two year. It's he's awful it's awful. Again and employed right itself if you want somewhere else before a very you know he didn't do well as prior to excel. You know he's apiece. Hue Jackson has all the looks of appearances for the Peter principled guy right. He's asking to get fired but does balloon race this guy. Loans as a quarterback coach or offensive coordinator he's pretty good at that stuff. To date has not. Got it done as a coach it is the situation screens. Act there's something we don't know. It's United States screaming there's like something under the surface that we don't know I like series Cleveland looks really deal with Jim Harbaugh but Harbaugh wouldn't come this season right and it's definitely something like. It smells a lot like that happens Cincinnati and Cincinnati Cleveland aren't that far away from each other's side you know the sultan. Weird in that happen and Ohio I just. Really is somewhere adapting they're too is Marvin Lewis. They basically all that I hadn't gone until he geeks like cheat this technical on the support Bengals fans they let it back I looked just feel like. So are being tortured in their trees and it's good to you all like caddies and he is. Jeff Fisher wet I. Hate him for them. Is an innocent students and facilities dinosaur collection I don't know what that situation you've got you've got the freak and around there at the one spot. Since there's no way to know what they're gonna do it's really tough to see how the rest of this fall you get the giants to two. Who truly need a quarterback. But are sort of met them around like maybe there rocketed do that I'd. And generally there's another guy where. Good luck for bill would act as thinking. And so the first two picks in the draft are really. And you have to think they're going to be cornerback yeah. Think I'd let loose. I think at this particular browns if it's like hypothetically if pilgrims. And you actually get real information to giant circle and quarterback. You could use that cannot go quarterback yourself and I and the floor right right just the giants are going quarterback and you local quarterback and it could get a top two guys force so. It's it's it's a it's a horrible situation in terms of like all the head games that could ultimately be played but I mean look I think the browns are probably sick quarterback. What makes it crazy that. If you if you listen to the pundits. It's Joshua and but let me just say if you go around all the people like what I'm hearing like all the people who get. Series including here are some things you and if you go by what they're saying Josh showed that the guy they're hearing the most. That's the dice ruled guys mean to me it's well. If you you know it's funny everybody's talking about out accuracy right and eligibility you know nobody that's been this record has there been any good blues and as luck I think. There's. To the draft community to draft the community whatever you're caught they've done a good job at. Isolating the problem with the player I think that's exactly. The thing you need to focus on the shot Shalit. But the thing that they're not talking about his life if fixes that yeah how good does it does not end. Electorate that I hear a lot of people approaching it as if this is an inflexible saying I assure you it's not. It's fixable but yeah. Doesn't it could get fixed and if you throw this guy out there playing games as a rookie probably won't get fixed. But the thing about Allen is as you say you sit 5050 let's just go with 5060. Okay sure to 2% frustrate fourteen pets. Something is right at this guy. She got like a six foot you know at six foot 6245. Pound guy who throws lasers. So you know. We'd like to kill the you know the dinosaur football Q and every we'll call him. The guys who refused to accept analytics all the nonsense whatever it is. There's a reason we like big strong armed quarterback. And that's not a good history of them in the league that's the. Right if there's there is a reason to be tall. And athletic and strong they did you know these are good traits. But input and check out like huge accident whoever is under him. Do you the people who fix it. Well see that's. Shia. You just trying to be good call yet that's exactly what I'm wondering this is. That you root cas or two years ago rukeyser last year yeah hey let's get another fragile quarterback with problems citadel and yeah if so can we constantly why are you keeping you Jackson around if you're not taking a quarterback it's just. The whole thing is odd don't innocence but let's say they take out. If they take Allen. As the jets fans I'm very happy. Because it means just can't take Kelly Wright and now the jets are either gonna get dark hole which shouldn't be very happy mayfield which are to be very happy yeah. The war Rosen. Which I could live with you know I don't love it yeah. It's and it ruined the guy if there's one quarterback where I'm gonna watch more film which we know draft dated him out whoever's games twice so I'm thinking of maybe actually taken a third tour of duty and just frozen. In my problem with him is. Well then what he does script. If he gets protection that are open receiver he's morning. Not a fan in March lead. So used to be a lot of Oscar and then fluoride so I'm sure he's the kind of guy where I do I really would like to see him not play as a rookie. Build up his body learn the system what the team that acquires and figure out how they wanna protect and make sure you have some receivers that can actually be open. So like into the jets. Okay way to account for a year absolutely. I could sort of live with bad. But personally I'd tell me they still ago. Let me field. And he's got one problem. Well maybe two that the big problem is. Short. And this problem by the way quick view a lot of people now what its ability to prove it sure quarterbacks are good no it hasn't. It's been proven that it pure operate in short you can make it yeah that's what's been proved yeah. Okay you there are people who are so exceptional that they can play at about six feet. That's true if you please or Russell Wilson. It can be done but that's pretty much that you need to be. So it's you know there's two sides of the court and you know people tend to focus on one of the other. We gonna be a magician like tar content of Flutie you know. Regulator and parking Cynthia you know targeted played in a time where the offensive line rule not quite as tall right they are like 230. Looks like a little bit what you're a little different if it you know Antarctica and obviously moved around a lot on Ed you don't Flutie. Foudy was reached in. Quarterback he was an exile for sixteen years or whatever it was in included. Please so we love. But but but but anyway. A couple of things about mayfield mayfield is taller than priests you know mayfield between six and 61 yeah so it's. He's definitely is acceptable like that it just barely yes. The other thing about me field. He has got surprised the more watchable more like well. You know it but first couple times a lot actually can only armed adequate parent adequate the more lots of like you know it's pretty Brodeur yeah. This kid can you throw the ball are at the more watchable more loved him and think about mayfield is of all the quarterbacks in this class. He's the one complaint right now. But it if you let the draft and play quarterback it's amazing what you don't know. Dore Gold is the guy coup. Either good guys take a more overall because startled as the make up to go play. For a bad team did his ass kicked for the year to act and shake it off. They act like. Let's ask him like if you see these guys remind you of a god because god got thrown to the wolves and a terrible coach that found a good coach and a year later became a really good player. Right elbow that is notable were analogous to go off for me just because. Dale did all these guys have arms used to go after them much but organized it to Pennington did it yes. Yes Pennington who quit frankly less accuracy. I think it deadly actually lets on. But what this I mean this is for you because quarterback class at. But to me may feel the guy where if if you gonna play right away that's the guy it would take for the jets. You treated we basically to draft. You've got to be right yeah typical boss Steve and combustion set yourself back like what. Three years. And in the consent kept on those exits six and Bobby still got you an arm aren't functional quarterback you know. I don't wanna kill them on this because they don't I can't get inside your head I can't look at their board. You know if they report says were taken they feel the Rosen and we're fine with either one of home. OK fine I can live with that. But it still boards like we think we have a decent chance of getting Ellen yeah that I just I wanna I wanna I wanna. Since rules. I went and picked an expensive as there. I aren't in the nets. That died at the top of the kinda things the FBI would. Are. I did that it's you know it's hard projected to be optimistic into the sink because as you said the end of the people who brought Achtenberg yeah. You know the people that separation petty even though it was pretty obvious there was a mental disconnect with that player. And didn't it didn't work out so well let's try Achtenberg. Yeah and like in in really did a definition of British or haven't reacted the same thing over and over rightly but the thing is that those two with those two places and a lot in common with the you know so it's like go. There's a consistency in their judgment that's a concern as well. Well there's a consistency in their judgment being more right that's the same and being poured in the same exact way yeah. So that's the scary thing is that if you look at the jets history. Al it's scoring balance the guy if he's there so I just. Is that the browns take out the start to draft I would immediately open a drink. I would immediately pour myself that Olazabal dig it out but the but the but the same isn't. If the jets take Joshua Allen. I will open a new bottle likable and I would turn that I would change the chilled at TP YouTube and open of that forty minute long nick offerman thing where he's just trees. I drink a lot of lax they're gonna god yet but that's and it could get my video message to the other day out detects it's even don't wanna take up to which the data you know. I don't think it through the good. So it did that to basically with the quarterbacks I I love this collapse it's it's it's such a good quarterback class. And if you that I talked about this back in the drop below trade happens yeah. You know the pitchers are Smart enough neither quarterback the right time. And as much is at the typical apple think painful. You know I think what we saw what we've played it's just it's pretty clear that the patriots could keep that convention of the year now. So that it does for them to keep grapple with that appear to Brady yet so. For for I was in this guy says that I don't know what I can decrypt that and you know and I think it's. My take away is that I think Belichick felt the same way he did you did you know the blob got involved. Yeah I don't think Belichick ordered to cheap carafe below I think you wanted to move on now. Sex at all when he drafted in if this is the quote everybody missed when it was like why draft and might draft a white drafting actually told you said. I don't think that's a position yet wanna be behind him right there he said it now turns up there eight era. Patriots are arguably the greatest quarterback ever and they keep drafting quarterbacks you. Another sort of seemed football so what's your take away. To devalue the position they know the right did one this. Let's deal football has the best quarterback keeps picking quarterbacks you know. Yet we're still arguing about this and. I went Olympic Committee feels that lately he's Italy and ended that would that be interesting if you thought rationally should be age. On the other onsite not not not to commit to hosting of the cue from from Oklahoma State. They were talking about earlier wondered if you could fall. Mason Rudolph sort of dad if what if you could. Rather I think I can mean. Much. It's if we're talking about the top six quarterbacks it seemed like Jackson and Rudolph had the best chance to become page yeah yeah. I mean. I'd love Jesse Jackson is a patriot just because the solid. Yeah I mean yeah it it just sets them up perfectly and you get a player. Click the patriots have. The use of this year you can do some buys them patterns that. You know that's exactly what I was gonna say you actually have a player. Where you could use him. Again Ottawa selling book only government saying he shouldn't be quarterback. But he's too good of an athlete to just not you. And at all Kordell Stewart a couple plays and you can do Kordell stopped with him you produced I mean hey breed you're throughout the Super Bowl right yeah. But as well he can run a particular throughout Richardson accident into. But it did little. Or or you know. The patriots to just every now and then do series with Jackson yeah. You know in our I don't know outbreak which that's. Right you know and I are committed to put it is it is it eats he. You know again that that's a reality he's another club in your bag. And you know we've seen what they do with the with one of the greatest pocket passers in history we know what Belichick doesn't have. It before and if you what you would do would be exact opposite. Up close what this a close at this which is two things. I think a lot of people who covered in fall the patriots and patriots themselves. Had a bit of a watershed moment when the sullen to show Watson did. And I think that kind of opens the door to Lamar Jackson. The other thing I'll say in my closing is. The one time I've ever seen since their first Super Bowl victory. I've ever seen Belichick smile the way he did it's when he ripped off when when you go we percent ripped off that 35 yard touchdown in his only start against the Texans on Thursday night game. At that moment so that was fun for Belichick. And I just wondered if the 65 years old and the end of the Brady era upon us and all of offseason DS in the Super Bowl loss and Guerrero and I'll this year if he just was at some funny Lamar Jackson might be the key to the. Yeah I mean I don't I don't have been yeah I mean I. You're right Belichick disloyal. He did that need to do smile. But it appears that there's this thing in my head immediately went to resist argument I have with my biology teacher about. But it gives you. Can expect that biology teacher told me that dogs can't smile. So that the judge here is that you know. Just because it looks like it's vital certificate and look up. I could smile and all that much money smiles on the. Whether that is the funniest thing until Democrats start get smug you've never seen 32 arms go up. You just sit us that in all my dogs. That's why we asked about the accident that the smile. That cat but but but but but that would suit our buddy Mike Gorham I organize him if I can. All right let's could cause this thing up but it or my last thing is. What Mark Jackson. Maybe maybe you could put us while Belichick's face but the reason they take in because. They can win games. Yeah on the road no doubt. Maybe we'll see just didn't wait that's the only thing Belichick get mail left tackle play making linebacker and another linebacker and then Dick and have a quarterback that's. Let's just say everybody has to say that coach is no bad coaches play not lose that'll let. But the truth of the matter is Belichick and Parcells complain that for years. And I say this they're all right there are whole mindset is don't do the things that cause defeat don't have and eventually at the end of the game you foreign. Right. And that's why some of those jot some of those giants teams it would win games like sixteen deny enemy knows every. Absolutely yeah absolutely and so you know Belichick all about the W and you know you're cute cute cute little march actually you actually get to let him learn yeah. Ben can actually sit there and learn for a whole year. And then like you can actually put him as a finished product on the field. The patriots and be completely different team but more lost perspective Stephen Douglas beat. Yet to Atlanta it's tantalizing that's for sure. Partly right that we can't give YouTube exploded. Ridicule he's actually committing that suit next week and committing to it to the following week are right now we're often run it. Who right that's the fantasy football podcast NFL draft version numero uno for more coming up like Steve speaks freaks later.