Field Yates joins Dale & Keefe to discuss the Patriots free agency

Wednesday, March 14th
Malcolm Butler could have taken a similar deal before the season with New England, but wanted to play the FA field. Yates believes Gronkowski will be back with the Patriots, and will possibly sign a new deal. With Solder leaving, the left tackle position will be hard to fill.

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We need to talk to the field experts and so we've gone right for the field. Experts nice field gates. ESPN NFL insider joins us now on the line right now they feel Dario. Bill great senior guy in ought to that it trajectory. Clerics. I don't act or get streak but I think that person get rate. I don't envy NRA's irrigated arrays. In about ten minutes or so well six minutes or so they can technically start signing all the we seem to know everything that everybody's gonna do. But I want to go back to a tweet you had earlier today. By 1215 or sell an eminent quote it. Some context on Malcolm butler's reported five year 61 million dollar deal with the titans. The patriots final offer before last season. Was for six years 66 million with 25 and a half million guaranteed five years on top of his restricted free agent tender of three point 91 million. Same neighborhood. Why would need taken at that if that's what it was why did he accept this offer of it was basically the same thing yet from the patriots. Not that I need daylight that there obvious who currently is history made it it will be worth it that forget the debt. You do the math the patriot offer of six for 66 is like. A 100000 dollars more than what Malcolm Butler won't make out when you factor in last year's franchise tender while. A potential maximum value of the deal. We'll keep quite and eighty yet the opportunity to all over again he would do well over but I think probably what happened. Is one equate her seat the opportunity to the open market in the seat that kind of money that being thrown around. In pre agency. I think people that players didn't help our end to these tests that need to write my price tag with competition. Well sometimes what they may not necessarily be a seat at that time he is that. Figured he could offer and I intend patriot hopper was very lucrative they stop everything that I just laid out there what you re beat integrated tweet. That debt deal maybe. It's not as good as you're gonna get. Right here in the neighborhood and as much as I support players getting as much money as they can't get when their opportunity arise. There that would be that's perfect. For familiarity. For. Whatever might be home for that player because that we know we all these deals all the money flying around. Officially in four minutes and twenty seconds. But a lot of these gatherings like today are going to be back on the open market in two or three years so I think there wouldn't be that argenbright Tina spot in one hate the most fun. So in the scenario did Butler turned down that deal and then they went inside Gilmore after that. My understanding that saw her was actually after stood on Gilbert was already and in the pitcher Dick they had these two in conjunction. And again that you know things can they can change once offers block you know what. Offers rejected but yet my understanding was this was not. They'd Malcolm Butler. This Friday and we don't have him that we go to upon Gilmore my understating it just was pulled the step on Gilmore sign the patriot or a lot opened the mile long term and have. You know we're the eight key position to get as usual in our our cliche but. You know there's no posting it too many cornerbacks. At structure and offensive linemen and a quarter quarterback as well and the patriot wanted to keep their cup or actor you do your best quarterbacks locked up for at least Archie. So feel is this a situation where the way things played out the patriots maybe feel fortunate that they didn't do that deal as. Obviously Butler didn't have a great year and and it concluded his career here without him being benched for the Super Bowl. I'm not sure you know I don't know if you're fortunate it didn't work out this way because I do believe that we saw. This year. Clearly was not the best seat in these patents. Got her back at it keep you jeopardize waited 2017. And that you are big contract number. A lot of money it apparently performed. But I do you think that you know there are a lot of trait that Malcolm does that they like and also when you look at where the patriots are right now of course back in the available players in free agency you know it's not look at an obvious option and it picked. And we're looking quarterback spot right now your parent I bet the guy that clearly is our you know I didn't forget it starter opposite to spot. I think it would have been happy. If the deal got up on the side and I think that. You know probably. It Malcolm I bet you they can change there but it means that for a player perform. With or without a contract in any long term or four. OK so I have to ask you is it a little weird that we're first hearing about this now and did your radar perked up and all that you notices. Something that happened a year ago but we're hearing about it now after he left town is that is that weird at all. I'll know I don't know this year that they picked you don't see acquire. We'll let you know when the players fight elsewhere it's sort of a proxy get back into reach surgical work out right and you try to get a feel for what could have been so. I don't I. Inject new weird it's upbeat about the that are published differently they're certainly they're going in there. But does think we heard all about these. Rumor so the saints and how you know the patriots were gonna give Gilmore this morning and they work and give Butler that's seem to be all of the discussion before the season began and now he goes elsewhere sort of this Macs that are mass exodus. Teacher players leaving and it sounds like I don't know they were they were in on on Boller to begin when it does it seems wanted to me. Bob I don't. It will work he got started or the united we got orchard training camp but you know they wanted to keep Malcolm. It won't work. You know Malcolm was intent on in the open market about the patriots it would keep. And you know obviously the could cut the you know put pen to paper on and on an extension so I. Yeah and not turn played it it is just document being you know. It simply just you know going back and and and beating it yeah of course I just. I don't use I think it's important context when you look at where document it up and where the hatred where it immediately assigned to their operable it's competitive and you know it's certainly aligned with where alchemy that up financially on this new five year deal. We're talking to NFL insider feel gates from ESPN. Given that. The great untold story of our time is what happened when Malcolm Butler at the Super Bowl unless you believe it was strictly a football decision and most don't. Do you think that when they introduced Malcolm in in Tennessee that he'll finally answer the question and tell the tale. I don't think so what else it adult about the let it it was strictly football. I don't think that you know I don't think that. There's a big board all of I just too many deals 98 is there anything that it was as simple as you know all of but. I felt that a good chance that all good degree not knowing what exactly happened yet it's because the context but not at an old story. Well that part people all the time in it it was funny and I'm sure you guys that the public view it. You know I'll I'll be wherever it is crushed or you know backers are complete support to restore a Malcolm Butler and reality that we do I think all of us will. We'll talk about it and they are right but we are all looking for answers. We're also waiting to find out what. Good older they have app. Now how do you think they go about replacing them I mean obviously in the Super Bowl we saw how they replace them but as far as next season week wanted to what do you think the quarterback situation mole like. Well obviously you know it it you know there is it that fog Gilmore is eight players that it's. You know he might and one of the best quarterback. But at the players in the NFL. The end of last year like what he returned from that concussion and ankle issue had a legitimate lock down quarterback so I think that you got a couple looked out options. Eric Robert the other had a forgettable Super Bowl and your job combat mode he can be a free agent so we don't know whether he'll be back in you know we certainly seen other player like Cyrus Jones. In in spurts but are you don't letting you know counting on him and certainly not the kind of bit that you wanna be. Dangling into it we get closer to start their actual ball beaten so I think the track I. We ought to the patriots it's not a you know this the draft it has areas where it's particularly weak one it will be offered to tackle one of them would be. I think to a degree to mitigate that it's not a great quarterback track all you missed that there is a clear cut number one quarterback spot. I didn't eat the decent track for quarterbacks. So the patriots are you know could certainly be in the market back. Feel we expected I think most of us that Butler would be leaving you get a big contract I think a lot of us thought that Nate sold or might be coming back in. Certainly it's understandable that the big deal he gets from the giants why he's leaving. Well where does that leave the patriots you just mentioned. Not a great tackle draft class sold or was the best free agent available that some of their back ups are free agents this would seem to be a hole that is going to be difficult to fail. No doubt about it to meet you let the rest of their offseason and so many ways. It can be defined by what they do with that. But let's tackle spot. In the option helps. Yet there is. Are impossible to know. I don't know that there is an obvious answer. I mean spirited out stocked and open its markets in. I don't think that it is it will be back for which we secret in the doses right tackle wish they'd work. In collier you know Olympic last year and the year on an app I like pressure count on him either. Late model could be resigning Q you played them left tackle last year but. You know Barry is an obvious option right now and I think it helped baker to direct it you know it's certainly what I think all over the next five months. Do you think it's possible Tom Brady does not sign a contract extension this off season. Advocate in the ball like you know there's. Not to get here last. And yeah it is the reality of Brady is that his contract extensions. Might come back or might like it done in a different manner than like you know most country legend in the sense that like. So many things. Come together over months and months of and for him you know deliberation. I calculate what Brady a lot of times it can be simpler at the idea discussing contract and then next thing you know. It get done pretty quick so I don't know that I will be too worried power patriots fan and Tom Brady entered the year without a new. And if you were a betting man and you probably aren't but if you work is Rob Gronkowski playing for the patriots next year. I think problems as you point for the patriots for next year the year after that wouldn't be surprised that you won't be acquired I would not be surprised. I don't have information. Systems get the thinking out loud. You would not surprise me if he got a new deal because. Other certainly didn't yesterday when it knew what the team took care of but yet it infected and if you look at other tight ends. Right now. All is not too happy to feel like you would expect him to be thought that the bill. Patriots all pro agree to a deal just to speak the NFL that outlooks will be able ball. Let down you know I would be surprised if push comes shot but at least got along the patriot acts. Feel that he seriously think the patriots could be on tyrant Matthew. You can make some of the other certainly like them or the draft. Either player that's. And it kind of lead the NFL in total apps play what you did lack the hand you have versatility to play. You know multiple defensive back spots in our special teams yeah I. I think that I think every team. Yeah out of Arizona is gonna have some level of interest in our net but it would present the major thing about a modern art Adidas in not to answer. Make it as simple but those sort of feel like. Bill Belichick type at the back. Field last question to partner and it's going to be the most difficult one no boy. Best in word right yes best and worst move that has been made over the last couple days across the league league life. What in worst move. Outlook that is your question. What move that I have seen it. The quarterback spot really important I think you know whether you loved her the vikings that they had their upgrading Kirk cousins. That's one that I think. You know the upside there might be that like didn't want to have the potential to make. Most impact. Terms of the worst we'll be back. Yeah I don't like to be unique jerk on the opus I don't know a lot of money for Cameron great get your six year extension work too reported 41 million dollars. Especially equity distract the guy you know the hour in the first round last year you think you can be require but. L in the NFL because the Jonas here to buy it and multiple tight ends can be seen lately about. So productivity enhancement art at the work let's see. Feel we always appreciate the time I know it's a hectic day for you thanks for being with us for a few minutes. Our guys near Hank I know there that is I feel gates NFL insider for ESPN.