Former Cavaliers GM David Griffen joins Dale, Holley and Keefe

Boston Celtics
Friday, September 1st
The former Cavs GM breaks down the Kyrie to Boston trade with us from both sides.

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Fourth and final hour pill Hollywood's chief dale off today he'll be back on Monday through college team Sports Radio WB EI think freestyle Friday it is a patriots Friday as well if you mr. Bill Belichick interview. We will replay that for you come up around 545. But right now Michael it's. Bring in former cavaliers general manager David Griffin he joins us now David it's Richard Michael Dario. Well thank. I'd first I guess I just wanna ask news it was a crazy week really trying to figure out what was going on with the Celtics and cavaliers trade. What are your overall thoughts both in terms of what was given up but also ultimately how we future second rounder had to be what push this deal through. Well I think in terms of what was given up all seems so really rare deal two teams that are vying for the finals against each other. Both really benefit from the deal in any got exactly he was looking forward I think transaction values. Cooley Altman and his team did the best they possibly could as well so. From that standpoint I was really impressed that the ilk the second being the peace they got more over the hump. I think it was really more just see a sign of an understanding that may be Isaiah is a little worse off than they caught. Maybe things weren't quite as they were presented at the time at least trait calls so I think that's just an admission of that and some level but not not think significant. Do you think do you think it was handled the right way I know a lot of people say well you can't deal with the cavaliers after this because they agreed to a deal than they seem to renege on the deal. Pop pop out of view what's your assessment of how was handled. Well I don't think that's fair that the other team actually because when when they get the treat call they were making this deal based on everything that you look at time. And as particles they get the week in the off season to do the physical protected so unfortunately for Boston and Cleveland bolt. I'd say it imaging. Wasn't really up to date since the playoffs and so when they did additional imaging which showed them that the progress was what they wanted to shall stand. So I think. Big it's got new information I don't think it was reneging on anything it's just taking full advantage of our you have to do the physical and I think Boston was surprised. I think that could understand that things work. Well maybe different in the eighty. Now you've known carrier ring for a long time when did it come out to use that. You know he may want to go somewhere else despite the success that the team was out. Well I think anytime you're trying to win the championship and that's the only goal that's going to. Pet society and eat your organization. If you're aerial inner ear all and I think Perry was struggling a little bit. So really. Embrace what we were trying to do they even as we move through this season there were times where. You could tell that he wasn't quite comfortable so it didn't surprise me. And in terms of what can actually found out about like everybody else did when it became public. You know you said he wasn't quite comfortable at what. What you're trying to do in Cleveland what was it that made him uncomfortable because for us outsiders looking in. Because of finals three straight years and Karrie haven't some big games and looked very comfortable the last what what was what was the problem. Well I think ultimately for him it was just a function of comfort level in the system. Every there were times you have to carry a very large scoring load. Maritime pretty solid Q is called on the B if plane maker and I just don't think she ever got really comfortable. This taxis and what we were doing on on both sides of the ball really. And again I think that's more a function of just. System than anything else tax. Carrie really I think struggled being taken off the ball at times I think key. Needs to have a baldness and add more fuel for the winemaking aspect of things and when you're taken off the ball and pass the plate to lock in your ass the the play one I think it was just differ. Difficult adjustment for young players. We're talking a former cavaliers general manager David Griffin the I guess my question would be as far as how hands on the was LeBron James and when you guys brought him back into the fold. All the roster moves thereafter how much was he. In in the full there. Will LeBron tremendous in and the fact that it was a great partner in the process she was no more no less involved than you can see. He was never somebody who came to our actual spending it thought he had. And yet it was very well into shares starts when we have them in. As such so many times we were building the team. There we are trying to build a family and I talked with several members of the family about people we might bring in at different times and LeBron being about also concept really really good insight what you and after importance. Is an incredibly culture ballplayer I think I think people have a perception of pianist. Making demands and trying to run something when in reality always trying to do is just seeing them and be the best player he can be in. When you ask him for inside of it today. About Dan Gilbert did you find it difficult was particularly last year working. With him for him. No I don't I don't think that's. Fair to say at all I think it's difficult for everyone an organization again when you enter the year the only thing that's going to march excesses won the championship. So in terms of pressure that you will be greater than other organizations and having been in Phoenix when we are very good but are also wasn't quite winning championships. It's a different level of pressure you feel and that's the only thing at all marks successful. We were really blessed to have an ownership group that supported the trot just the woman literally at a level and came with a huge or that's. How LeBron just looking back over to smash or got to write as solemn. He he tweeted at U that night that it was announced that you in the cavaliers could not come to an agreement. He seemed to be surprised that you were you were moving on. Did it surprise you that that you couldn't come to an agreement with was Gilbert or is that something that you. Kept quiet until after the files you knew all along. Yeah. I think we just sort of arrived at a point where we knew on that data we have grown apart from from what we really were trying to do which each other I think we have different views of how we would go about doing it and it was just the right time purple palace. They're I have nothing but positive things to say about it. Experience I have and I'm really grateful that stand was open minded city lost solution that we were trying to Duchscherer out period firemen. When we arrived at the point that we were better off without each of us play and act on that. How concerned are. Yeah the front Howard is the front office in Cleveland that LeBron could leave them once again. I don't know I can't speak for those guys because local talk to them about those things anymore I can tell you that when I was there wasn't something that culminated our thought process. I think we look at LeBron has somebody whose commitment to northeast. Oh Ireland and the fans and been particularly the kids of northeast. Is that salute stroke if peace. Looking to do something else and feel what you need to greater challenge for everything for the organization in the city certainly earned the right and make those decisions but. I don't think anybody looks that there's. A very likely scenario he goes and where it is certainly dominate anybody saw process. How can in your opinion how can Boston. Best maximize. The skills that the carrier has. Liked and Bret Stephens being instituted is that it's using the peace severity as. I think will will do us sensational fumbled into the court which I think. You know the Celtics teams particularly because they're very very Bradley engine Crowder and Kevin Kennedy of sort of a grid over achiever toughness to them that maybe this team is still has gotten a little bit of a distance from and I think that's because people had any work so keen on getting more skilled offensive players. So I think will really interest things to see how they gel together there's been so much change. And in particular when your identity changes. Maybe on all sides of the all there there's a lot to scratch gonna have to do there are so in addition to incorporating Carey's got anxious. Introduce incorporated all new system I think so will be allowed on or about. As are represented I was must do is up to drop out of Intel and rich deep knowledge of candidates are rich people we care what doctor David Griffin and when I apologize to them. Because you do that we saw you on the jump a while it was before Tyree was traded and you may cross. Ed you made to Boston and I said wait a minute David Griffin is way off on this cake boss is not even one of my every game there's no way. Is coming to Boston. And so you're right you're ahead of the curve and it's Vick did not watching it and I misspoke there because no it was a public so you knew. That Boston was one of his targets. Yes so after after his trade demand became public. And frankly I don't know that it was ever actually trade demand and I think just conversation. Maybe should have been shared publicly but look what that whole notion got out there Perry in Baghdad generic and talk a little bit about what. Where what you're looking for an. So Terry and I remain pretty close and sign in Boston most potentially could search for a. So it OK let's. You are you where you were in the series you saw just like we did. Click on 1 Eastern Conference finals in five games it was almost like a five game sweep it really was a lot strident. Conference I don't know it ever end well I don't know I was I don't have to pretend it was it was some that would make it something that wasn't it was it was offside it was a really competitive. For all long portion of the series so now you got carrier ring on the Celtics and they've made some moves. The cavaliers have made some moves. Who's the better team. Will personal that they can return as perhaps that that period lopsided because they're both stock and where there was. Was playing hurt you put its full I think that was the data looked at those she changed but. I think it will it will look at those Eugene moving forward they all have a lot of change and and that's difficult. But acting them aside with clean just from the standpoint. LeBron like cult cheek so it is still there and as long as cheek all around center and they're probably pretty bright for. I sort of circle back to the trade how it was agreed upon and we were all talking about it I was celebrating it might wield it like it is much but I well we were talking about it. And it took another week for the finally go through I'm curious as a GM do you see two teams being held up. Over over a second round pick convincing yourself you know what I might not wanted you would deal with that team because they're gonna agree to it and and they're gonna come back asking for more later on. Yeah I mean they're certainly teen who cheer your leery of doing business because of whatever they've done in the past but I don't think this is an example of graphic. Again this is one of the first times. Since the news seen Beatles put in place that tees waiting period and caring the Nazis was shall we. It used to be sudden two hours to get physical done. And often turn these things happen and nobody really knows what went on and so if there was any fault here think it's that everything became so public. I think that was a mistake on on the part of whoever was a leak that information are. It happens often that deal. Or indefinite limbo for a period of time and think you're uncertain and unfortunately this just played out in the very public way. And we've seen. We've seen the range of of carrier rings game or did you see something else that you know maybe we're we're not looking for the spurs this is unfair but just that see where I'm going with that. Russell Westbrook gave us something else when Durant left we saw something else from James Harden win. We're not my dad Tony does get the ball to be a point guard or whatever. Did you see a jump like that with with Irving or is it just going to a different system is a better fit. Well I think you've seen evidence of of the full Carrie and and sort of sits in flashes I don't think you've seen what he can be and roll over an extended period of time. The closest thing to that is probably is Schmidt what USA basketball. I think he gets to be the most complete version of themselves what's that group. So the leetch played on both sides of the ball and inaction I think I think would be indicative. He would have individual games and individual actually swear. He would have an assistant asked why wouldn't they have to I think he can do anything that can do at any given. And fortunately for us he did. Did most of the damage in the playoffs and in the finals and one of the things that you really have to appreciate about carries the bigger the moment to berries like we play conceptually stiffed it. A candy today ease my mind or make me have a terrible weekend I don't know what what we found this to go either way this go either way David. I. Can't get my feel tired are getting ought to say now. What one part of the reason I'm having a hard time that you have a big Isiah Thomas fan and I'm also a fan of graphics to show hope this Brooklyn pick. Just assuming and I know you're not making prediction let's say it's it's assuming that the Brooklyn is in the same position. They were in last year. And at the top pick you look at this draft keep hearing about all the big men in the draft and now. God transcendent some of these guys aren't you look at this draft I don't know early stage and and see the same thing is that your analysis that this draft is for gifted big men. I think it's potentially a very good draft grameen at this time a year there and a lot of traps schools you're good might turn out to be much less significant and people saying Cox. I think it's really hard to handicap. The one thing you know for certain if you don't take your opportunity to get that twelve tribunal multi time all star and Olympic and NBA champion when you can. Those opportunities don't come around often. So I think Boston to the right thing for and again I think we weren't given the circumstances make the best deal they possibly could but. Sometime to make the finals and and people mistake nobody's going to care that they have a drastic and older they're going to be worried about the air and now. David last thing what do you think the chances are of carrier ring signing an extension with the Celtics. Who. Well I think. I would I would handicap and as being very good but that's only because I know. The Celtics organization and getting. Being changed and my parents and Brett I think that kind of people he's going to connect with and he's going to appreciate. I think they've already plume over a period of time that they do a tremendous job of connecting with their players so I don't you like Perry would be any different. If you think he's a he's a good teammate or a lot of reports out they didn't talk to his teammates for a couple of games during the playoffs. That that was on on ESPN actually. One of those reports and and their their comments that he is just a little different guy. How would you. Characterize him as a teammate. Well Kerry got the nineteen year old who played eleven. College game and so he was essentially point guard coming out of a high school. And in that situation is a very immature kid who has really grown into the notion of being a leader. Saying I've seen them grow and evolve every year. I think he's gotten better and better not play he's he's not unlike a whole lot of superstars and then he can be movie comes in terms of Al East Orange and sometimes dictate his mood. And the outcome looking certainly dictates fault or I will keep in any way a vaccine making I think the people of Boston are gonna join him as a human being a great deal. Hardee's David Griffin thanks so much for the time we really appreciate it. I. Thank you David. Oh yeah it if I could go ahead of an American public are based on project Britney could hit just let it make you feel better by they also watched to date reference in Amarillo cavaliers general and they've about the draft. And I put my hand in the air because he was like yeah at this time every year people's there's a great draft and and sometimes that falls through. I agree with but that may have survived carrier exited the I don't know about all ethnic. And there. That he had Boudin waited for weighed 40 OK there it is that the people of Boston enjoyed the the law on the way very immature to starters Korea. Which makes us his nineteen yet he's fairly in college for use it less than a year and he's maturities point five years old now. What did you think honest. Trying to get her job what it what did you think right on the Fed's. How low the ball on the fence yet but I think you give us a few things age you know he admitted. So he doesn't think they'll hold up in the trade is as weird as you what I do and now he could use the GM so he would know. But the idea that it was public is concerned they weren't things like this do happen all the more often. But the fact that you talk about star players are being swapped. We're all talking about it and at all no no we're not. And then yeah Asia wrote Strauss you saying to Qaeda more brown might have to be in the deal and at first trumpet yesterday deal that ultimately future second rounder gets it done. Now Griffin admits that yeah there are certain teams in the league you don't want a deal is if it is not as easy he doesn't think this is an example of that but I. Well say argue let's wait and see what the next cavaliers delisted I don't know if her normal deal with them. Right and I think. Look at ease. He knows it seems like he respects Ainge is Aaron. But I'm really knows the Cleveland people yeah and so is it unusual yes but he these that are. I'm I'm guessing he's got a friend or two left in Cleveland he might play goals Kobe Altman should like 3434. Years old yet. 3435. Macs yet so. I mean. He actually wants to he got his masters at sports management UMass and they smile nobody in my I was in the same programs or they got a great pro video so you'll hear there. But at 34. You look at him and said all right. David Griffin who had some experience he was dumb they couldn't figure out a way to bring him back then Johnson bill's gonna get the job than he he leaves. It doesn't seem like Dan Gilbert how much power is the GM have their what do you both did Gilbert and LeBron James is made for each. You are called it what it he said it days and gave the answer maverick a cannon Alitalia partner. Yeah he was a great partner and I guess. That's what it is now in the NBA if you have a in this going to be interest. The Celtics haven't had a player like this they haven't had a sell a player where they consider him a partner. You don't have to not have a top five player and I'm guessing the top only top five top ten player who's not a partner. Is carry a measure is caught. I don't imagine coli idea kind of I don't wanna be and don't even had a bit better figured out down there but the rest of them if you gonna have a top ten players and it did Ted Williams was at the net. I said yesterday I gotta you gotta hold you gotta talk that talk with them you got to make them feel even if they're not. You got to make them feel that they are part of it or you've got a problem with a top ten players and so the Celtics haven't had anyone that they've had to say you know. Is one of our partners I would Rondo wanted it brought upon wanted to buy it wasn't it you know it Isiah. I don't think guys there was no now. Oh Q now. Would help what you do you recruit or murder he would recruit Hayward but he wasn't in there tellem who begat go do this I like that I don't like that. Number but I didn't wanna you know didn't hold back and forth on this part of it but he was saying now LeBron he spoke very highly of abroad and that's fine. But he was saying how. You know we would ask him. If he whenever he would give us. That's baloney because you've seen since the media how many times after games but he says I we we don't have enough for the week it was out what are you talking about. Or maybe. Maybe they asked him what do you think our roster he said we don't have enough. Yeah that there reporters asked about it but maybe less daylight that wasn't like because of behind closed doors like hey let's let's talk about the roster that there's a few articles written last year. And all your there's plenty of sound bites and short of him a talking about how they need more and I'd ever you were saying oh maybe they're talking what the Celtics from a well the box that I would want is clearly worried about the warriors all season long. And that's volume and remain the same this year to go. That's where OK we are sit on the fence with honesty okay that's where which each can hit get the real answer real answers from. Also what's next for David Griffin think he's did try to get another job yet. Jagr legit don't expect anybody who's going to who has been on the mix they talk yes that's right next congress yeah I think he won at the Orlando job. That would decide I don't get another blitz somebody else so that you get on he was did GM Arnold it's your phone calls here next 6177797937. Plus appointments now we will replay. Are interviewed Bill Belichick from this afternoon dale is off it is holly and keep Sports Radio W Wii yet.