Former Patriot Heath Evans with Dale, Holley and Keefe - 10/02/17

Monday, October 2nd

We check in with former Patriots fullback / current NFL Network analyst Heath Evans for a complete breakdown of the Pats week 4 loss to Carolina.


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Three incidents yesterday here to the Carolina Panthers 33 to thirty. Time now to talk to a former patriots fullback current NFL network analyst Heath Evans brought you by the New England who bought a tractor dealers. And by Boston bolts like in Haiti stereo. I'm good married guys. It's a little earlier around here today as you might imagine. Yeah there was. Brutal watch Lisa will be accessible for sure. He's helped me out here how can any Bill Belichick defense. Give up 33 or more points in three of the four games here this year when they didn't know once last year. Welcome in the football lancer sport communication. 12 and then you will leave I'll just sit near second and emotional couple plays that I dislike people over. I don't know what they're taught to do listen to be the recipe for success there is never going to change in its attention to detail and it's assignment football and on multiple occasions submitted the multiple prosecuting more every week that we talk considerable less which is what I would have. Figure would have happened after the case seat you know Thursday night we want to buckle. But I mean listen there are so much finger pointing to go round I think sometimes when you look at the backhand. I'm trying to figure out is recorded try to cover for someone who messed up in the the second double mistake by two DB's. Two years there was spiel couple different place even beat cam Newton's third and seven run but he ran for twelve or fourteen. You look at. Calvin oil and gas is Marcia and yup I'm sure willingness from white man you know what some they were taught to do they were taught to take half Amanda were taught to. Pushed the pocket and keep candidate came in the pocket and make him. Quite a run at you is gonna Ronald they can beat you from the pocket man on the the touchdown run camps. You'll flowers and then been awakened and I don't know what the rules and a new Dustin what decided football registered their chasing a ghost instead of do what they were taught to do wouldn't. You can't loved it walking but you never should've scored like it played out. So he knowing that we all have limited attention spans and you you've just got to focus on three things that you when it hit they hit the players went into the coaching staff your partition your dollar check. He's a three most important things what would they be 123. Well bill never gonna what was once on the ball treatment particularly offence to say emissions scored 45 and herself on paper they could have but. I think defensively it comes down to you better know your side and Japan averaging in the moment you're not gonna play and that and those are threat to build hills city want and he's proven that. Year after year and so it's it's a sign of global event. If you guys can't open your mouth and communicate. Every team has been doing the same think back you do documents from Casey. They're breaking the rules are challenging them to communicate. And they're testing the rules of shifts and motions and and yesterday they did it again. The one of the functions such outrageous easy pour communication front and Scot free Kelvin Benjamin Scott free a few times so. Newbie you better know your side which you'd better not panic in the moment to you better know how to protect communicate. And three it just. I don't sometimes when the other two aren't falling in line things will soft. You guys know bill doesn't play soft players. But there there needs to be to ferocious Mississippi also to start the ball is attacking with. There needs to be that type of ferocious on the beat the southern ball and that stuff is contagious. And so unilateral opens movement have to start that someone's got to find a way. Two start making consistent plays that they. Puts jet fuel in this deepens because it's just lacking. They have enough talent defensively to turn things around in you know maybe not be there at the top five defense that video out respectable top defense is there enough talent right now on the roster. Yes there wasn't a talent deficiencies. And that's not just that's not just my mind be intrigued by the builder activist who watched statement that this offense isn't good. People are to sell camps back in BP multiple first three weeks he couldn't do anything and then build this defense has just been. There's not a general attitude that we've come to mind right now it wasn't effective came was back it was affected. These boys didn't played decent football much less Bill Belichick decent football so. Those three plays that I mentioned to you before. There's ten more do you just go through say if you guys just that it has no your assignment. You know you have communicated we just know your excitement on those plays don't happen so. No I don't I don't think this Tuesday. You get all the Kabul they don't have a pass rusher or did we ever had a pass rusher but in general jones'. He'll attend elevenths that guy have been flowers last year gave a standard there are there's a there's always these easy answers of there's always easy theaters like well this is why this would not that it's not a talent deficiency this debate a want to you probably should have been your playbook more which is. Hard for me to wrap my mind around because I just. I was never a part of those teams are made those consistent mental mistakes. We're talking NFL network analyst Heath Evans. These defensive problems that we saw yesterday I think would be would be hard to to fix. Even on a normal week how do you fix them when you gotta go on the road and play Thursday. Well there's a couple things going their favor say it's it's still younger quarterback and so we young quarterback it's. Very brief giving the ball the other team at times. You know I think it's somewhat gullible limited office despite some of the talent they have to throw the ball to. It and then on the short week you always bet on the better coaching staff now these players obviously after. Goal put the game plan in effect. But the truth is. You'll commodity sensitive debated BO they're. Two of their three best defensive players aren't going to be played most likely Kwon Alexander we'll watch it David. So you expect the office it will put on a show a short week you know out coach about play them. Al emotion out shipped him out Smart. Defense you would expect someone of pay you can only put in so much of a short week for most teams so. What hesitate told you for three weeks about Tampa Bay. And and then you've got to go. Live and die by what you see on on the tape and and adjusted quarterly. But upon to have very ominous shifts to motion as defense to death and I'm enough. Stack receivers on the Blanche receivers I'm gonna do everything I possibly can't test the rules. You know he's I think you've been very level headed when talking about issues of you know sociological issues society issues that have. Attends a controversy or a lot of controversy. Under guarding them so why I say that say this. I know you've mentioned Michael Bennet before and think your friendly with him if I'm not mistaken or you respect him and said. What did you think users. A lot of back and forth over the weekend Vegas police. Say hey we we didn't do what Michael Bennett accuse us of doing Michael Bennett's lawyers as well and in the story what did you what did you see there what would your thoughts on the situation. Good dangerous is this might be religious become a white man's point of view in May be beaten the typical white man not me. So when you released BIG's statement it's a grand statement and then you. Present and in the end I think the world's few opinions I have to tracks. It just makes him look bad now now so Duracell of one cup. Their view that why is it well assume one camera there are not working wilders. There was I don't know. Hundreds of other cameras that that got. Decide that they stated to police that being day one after you know Michael released a statement. Here's the truth of the matter the truth of the matter is you just because Michael misrepresented the full. The full factual side of everything that happened that night in Vegas. Doesn't mean they're still not an issue that that needs to be addressed what some cops and and some people on both sides of cents. It's just. That the players are starting I think to give people a lesson expression when the majority of yesterday stood up for the National Anthem. I think Americans are level headed and I think they wanna listen I think they love these players especially Michael is top two or three defense of player in the league every single year. But it it destroys credibility for what they're feeling for what they're sitting for. When you present. You know Apple Store you know and and I think. A lot of people look at it and it and then it throws everyone else has a real story that was really racially profiled or had an issue to cut. It makes people doubt those stories because there's always two sides to every story but I think in dealing with this will be we gotta we gotta get to have. The matter back truth and so when. You know the cops come out present all this tape evidence that the chosen. Then migrated acting suspiciously. And then you base that on his answer grand statement then. It's just I think it stirs the pot and a negative form and fashion. Because he didn't. Didn't he didn't tell the whole truth and market. Now you mention of a majority of the players standing yesterday obviously last week it was the topic of conversation throughout the entire week. Now what most players back stating again do you think were were moving on from this thirty think there's still the more left to the story. What it is going to be more up to the story hopefully for a long time to I've been. One of the guys if this says I have listened for the last year happened I don't believe all these guys are making up stories and I do believe that there's some. Actual prejudice. May be some for good reason and others because of of racist reasons. That. Black men and our world and women more unjustly. Question did president except for etc. So I just think last week my plea on there was that built players stand and then find a way to. To meet the American people to portability which they want you to respect the flag but did do something equally as extreme which Wear black shoes put an X on your helmet you know to her owners have to. Dubai and with the NFL do something that keeps the conversation going with I don't think you can. Offend a large portion of the American people. In ever get the change that they use is wanted in and good required so to speak so again just my opinions. And then and that's. He we appreciate time as always we'll talk to next Monday. Food are always take care in his edits former patriots fullback in FL network analyst Heath Evans. I might be is as good at breaking down. Football problems is anybody ever yes Gergen. Outstanding. Just runs through all the issues there having him. And it and clearly has you know put the work in already when he's talking about. You know what the issues are most of the time did after game have to look at the film that lets you know right now RE POL he's the guy who's look at the film and he's he's he's got an answer for you feel better about it if about a about the defense I do happen talking to a because he says it's not a talent issues so if you basic yesterday wasn't a talent like a talent issue to me so I think the real problem is. You don't know your assignment on them and for better we're not sure about the other little dog does that sound issue and yet you're not putting to work and that's alarming too but it's for different reasons are you know work in which had some else to do. Well I mean you're you're a bit they have the what why not yeah.