Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich with Dale, Holley and Keefe 01-29-17

Monday, January 29th
Former Patriot Rob Ninkovich joins Dale and Holley with Keefe for his weekly interview. Rob describes how players with previous Super Bowl experience deal with the week, how playing in a dome vs. outdoors can toughen up a team, and players guaranteeing Super Bowl wins before the game is played.

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I hear on radio road dale Hollywood keeps Sports Radio that you guys talking now with former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. Roberts brought you by the New England who voted tractor dealers and rob are you. With regard. To survive Disney okay. Yeah I'm at home right now are. Full tape you know while walking the mile per day on and it's great advocate well. And that the whole idea of Ninkovich changed to something I probably could've done without to be honest with you put a good detail Rocco thank you look at work we're going to be. That trumpet. Yeah it Aurilia ought to agree. You know. Up again awards the live by and I think that's let's talk about media day which happens tonight here in Minneapolis did you have any. Unique experiences during media days at your Super Bowl experiences. Yeah I mean there's always going to be some weird off the wall you pull. That's silly questions. When it that the guy it's where mall where your ball so little little eyes that symbol. Jamal yeah I'd unused. It goes in the the debates. Question in your card and your Christmas 1 o'clock. That you dual purpose let. There are still where you rejoice along with a Daria it sparked a bigger target art Lugar that they grad. They are from a victim did all right because it is more focused on the game too weak to walk arm. We all you want abuse played a super org or you do that day. And win that game and they have all these things are kind of make it you'll like it. Slowly dragging along you know. Did. You you played it several of them so for guys who were just play at a for the first time. I what what advantage do you think you've had over them whether it's the height or the actual day the halftime what it what it what's the biggest thing. They use you as a Super Bowl veteran has. Over Super Bowl rookie. I think it was definitely the hype and not the you lose the the moment of the game understanding that. When you're playing their first born. They can be able to agree on our member. You know we bought the tired. Going leading up to that game has a figure like patter when he got the game we're looking at a limit game. Your views it's going to be a bit more peace in order what oh so. You know it's it's just you almost have to. Which your mind in a different day we're here just totally focused on what you have to if you play well for him. That for that person boy actually thought that play well. And then that we law ordered you out all do. Was at the end of that game look at the beer and I played my heart out and you know we won that game so it was. It was pretty good actually I did look in the mirror out pretty well. Our garden so. Computer. How different is this week though just not just that the media night that's tonight but. Practicing away from your facility for for an entire week how how difficult is it to the focus on your on your opponent is going that. It's Super Bowl week of your people are. Talking about tickets and just all these other distractions that go into it. Yeah I mean definitely when you're. When you have. You know that distractions of a new facility you gotta bring all yourself but Ehrlich you're in your locker room you're hot you're cold. You're trying room everything that you have in your facility they they pretty much packet up. And it brings to another place so. You know it's just a little bit different here in the Indy we are the colts' facility and you know I was weird. Renewed when we're we're last year. We are in Arizona facility for auto actually last year is there river when we played the Seattle we are errors on her arm. Facilities such as we are just. Figure out what rooms are going to work wounds are arm. And it's going to be cold occurred got up or down right cold freezing up. It's freezing yeah Apple's playbook is prepare for the book go to another temperatures. Coming up at. Who liked although he would never have all these cool Kabul they inside your. We quoted jacket on the great. So it's just it's payback route it's been about they've built a new stadium with an NFL is gonna take care of them Metalico. I don't know are your finger off so I guess it'll be definitely a great venue a not so sure about. You know. Being outside in that not freezing cold weather considering a Boston for info also so. I know that they wanted to get out there that decision soldiers going to be it'll be great game. Art though let me ask you this though. It is that a coincidence we're talking on the way because before we landed you know the the pilots like. 9 o'clock this morning if temperatures three degrees outside of supplies that I'll say that dale. That's vikings haven't been to the Super Bowl since they played outside before the sector though. They aren't always talk about dome teams and I instinctively think the dome teams are soft I don't know that supplies somewhere that that's if that's all about. But. If they played outside imagine the home field advantage that he is with us for the vikings do but it would be terrible for appalled at the company here that they. Didn't have different jobs at least that degree you think that is the correlation between plant outside a little tougher this game. Earlier. Cannot predict Foxboro we that we have that advantage. In order be colder and windier. You know leading after news season so other teams are. You know have to travel often made either something that is the climate seems to cart series go perform at that temperature so. It's got that we think there's a bad actor. And also don't seem. You know there's an event reserve noise so. You have a film like the saints for example. We're here in New Orleans that places rocket can hear anything so. Definitely advance that comes to be an adult human bomb or. Play with the patriot bill of the matter. Knowing we thought that this here. You know rain snow. Whatever is weird stuff on our side so you know good that didn't matter it's part of America's face rather. It was. Talking to former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich did you ever would with Super Bowl. And it never say it out with your outside the head voice 52 effort going to a Super Bowl saying we're gonna win this thing. Yeah everyone. Every suitable you know you have to have confidence you have there. You know believe that you're the better team and they're you have to there or back to better coaching staff have pretty much everything. You know that you went to win a championship then. Every every your opponent to the although I was kind of confidence. You're gonna go in particular the so. If they don't say that because your period. Big issue it. You know Lou would definitely. Building so it definitely would never do that though. You know ordered the company that. It's very quiet. Then paid we put in all the work we've garnered from calmer here this moment and murder or they're human beings so. Two out of three arm goes right. The hope of on the flip side of that how much are you guys pay attention to what other players. Or do certain X and other media members was saying a couple of weeks ago jailed Ramsey for the jaguars and sand. In their little with a Super Bowl price you have before they even played the patriots. That's a good that was on you know your radar than some your teammates or are well. So you know I mean I know over all with us forever confidence I mean some archive so I'll put it straight from thing. And maybe our rules fairly in his epic battle with large contract dispute a prelude or are drawn. Hope people look to be here when my current. Put on the flip side of that sometimes guys have less confident than they play extremely hard and there appears out there. Slow and you know they don't have any. Nervousness than there so confident in the abilities if they alternated. Fallout so he never do start that you can have somebody that. Capable overconfident or talking a lot of stress in the they can't back it up here can be that really can't we can't back it up so. Your really. I think that. The Jackson both guard were actually played a lot better than I anticipated especially. In Foxboro comic McDermott where we're doing so from an occupy have to go dark liquid declared actual reporter that I. You know it could turn off. I think the patriots matchup with the Eagles and vice Versa. Well you know I think that. When I looked at the Eagles are they they look similar to the actual network news or. Great defense you're on a lot of pressure on armed. An offense you know your your running game quarterback play is. You're only I don't know right now your big serve our reporting better bet for display at the I don't know what our record backward so. From Hewlett starts he it stands and maybe do some a lot of play actions those who in the pocket. And try and rely on the running game occurred keep the big mover. Our understanding is that Rob Gronkowski is progressing very nicely it is expected that he'll be cleared the concussion protocol will be able to play on Sunday. Having been through the concussion protocol how difficult is it to get permission to get back out there and do it again. We went through one time him. I did not only in the guy had a concussion honestly because there are remember getting. Being mean really that bad where I had to go through the protocol in the big a little bit left. Strict when I had mark it was you know back you played Seattle and that was at Seattle. So I play better next week I'm I felt fine. I'm sure we can police aren't you know that two actually re really helps them recover so. You know they're not gonna go on those who without brown so that'll be fun to reach Soviets there. Although rob I don't know if you saying that you don't think you have a concussion because you don't remember yeah that is not a good sign that that's how words that are. I don't like that I just got to settle it AMBER. Alert you to Gator I don't remember plain. Sight. I I don't remember having any problems like I remember playing or forget it I remember running down on gamer river. Michael Robertson from. From Seattle was on our return you know I Obama a lot but it got me here. It has decreed me. I got up our department are Leo yeah. I know. Based yet did. Maybe it will be thirty years or is this threat.