Former trump aide Anthony Scaramucci on Tom Brady: opens mouth, offers nothing

Dale & Keefe
Monday, September 18th

Hour #4 and we may need a shower after listening to this Anthony Scaramucci sound from TMZ in which he offers up some accusations about Tom Brady and his wife, with really nothing offered up to base it on.   Plus more on the Pats win in NO.


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Our dale and Holley with the heat. Sports Radio WE yeah we're down here to let stadium on patriots Monday we've already spoken Evans Marty spoke at patriots coach Bill Belichick. That came early in the program we understand all the viewers available hearing. So at 545. Today we will bring that back and you'll be able to hear Bill Belichick let's just say he was a bit more word. Than it was a week ago we spoke to them. Following the loss to Kansas City to that a vote thing you know. Just that much more slightly. Now we we played carrier in south a moment ago with that we haven't heard. If we had not heard and so we'll learn the same time there's one other story that's breaking. Even as we speak and it's on TMC dot com. Where former White House spokesperson Anthony scare him which. Is apparently co hosting this afternoon. Is that it's hard eleven. MCI and there you know added that data that whole thing. In the news room in the water all the army innocent Cohen sleaze ball for sure. We could we could Colin that pastor it's a lot of related. Well apparently. Anthony scare remote who was we said you. He worked at the White House for about six net seven minutes he did and and and he was talking about believe it or not Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Now I again I haven't heard this I've only heard about it so so this is Levin and scare remote cheap talking about rate. What I did say is somebody should guest is now why Tom Brady didn't show up at the championship or what do you like why do you think I don't. A 100% know what Mike yes my design that. You know my guess is is that you know well that it could be some. You know which is typical mean to give you a little bit of jealousy there protection and possession. Of Tom Brady and and she probably in a while ago. Not a sense of did it was that communications are from trying to save you good teams he got you say it okay you say trust what my head protecting from watt. I just think that she's she's possessed of problem and they've probably have a great relationship that you buy and while there because. Because these cars is this Mike on. This is my gun so you think his shot an easy shot are exactly know why I don't think why settle down why why does she carried out mainly it was relation between him any bark at some point I have no idea I don't know the real real reason what does that. I don't know the reason I'm not what are you guys are not an investigative journalist that snoops around these people have no idea why that's why it is Iraq I'm just saying to you. That my guess is rigors of vodka. Or maybe wasn't or maybe somebody else I don't know I just think there was a possess in there that. You know cause a rub. Want some ways it will take or five minutes for wanted to take it showery after the sleaze so no I was able to get where should have been all along. When that TMZ yeah it looks like TMC does make he does so he's basically saying Gisele didn't want Brady at this at the White House. And mrs. Anthony scared witchy. Because Gisele is jealous because perhaps. How many pocket had a relationship want to. These words that would not necessarily her the move yeah that's the only name you've brought so far Anthony somebody else. Involvement what are here we must be so proud Moochie yeah he falls like a 100000 people have been so yeah colony but not yet. The that he soon everyone fears of talking about it maybe you'll so. But I think if you stopped short of like Brady wasn't at the White House because of Gisele. Is the chance about. You know makes them. Well now at least then I go. Looking it is there it is our guards because there is no period right generator is just that he's yes she as she tried or she's an idea of medically and Tom I don't think it's a good thing if you're seen. Because this is the same woman who supposedly told Tom just talked about palette of points that he said okay that's that's believable I don't I don't Michael thinks that she won't you know. Celebrating what to do it he'll do it but I think maybe in this case. That could happen I don't know what the adult jails the angle. It'll scare emote she had to had to make it more titillating for the TMC crown he did. Yells should have a great relationship and she possesses him that it's a great relations of that and they're right. Don't think the house about it was that I was on the horizon. And its relationship that there were three saying I'd just say I'm not that I now NASA uses Europeans do you say I'll not my hat. Yeah I don't know what the scoop mrs. Clinton not none at all but the helmets Kara Moochie not wanted to stick. What what's the word phrase my don't stick my name Powell let me see what. They're looking for some of the news that's following headline right that we saw as a team I don't auto that that was our thought was the headline wise. Scare a Moochie said that Gisele didn't want Tom the White House because past relationship with a month. And we literally just heard it and he barely said that. Probably ninety and rightly you have ago period of pluck a word out of eight different sentences put it together together they narratives if he's not saying anything. But he is. I mean that doesn't. On we might you buy that at all now we this week that that well that week I guess yes the courts at their word we're looking for air that we. But I'm gladly listen to it because then we can as Andy said you know head home take a shower and call a week. The gun next week the morning guys are gonna have to ask Brady about. You ought to trump. So is certainly a thyroid disorder. And I relatively data is nice way of the Texans but of a market trump everything there 2004 of them. And let's look at Eliot on the big like the despite a spokesperson for the trump family. Told TMC that's absolutely wrong there's nothing to. Trump fan I is saying there's nothing to this not surprising that they would quickly jump out and comment on any teams you report either. There's that. So today our our our show's been highlighted by titillating tape. From Tyree Irving about LeBron James great stuff by Carrie and Anthony scare Moochie five minutes spokesperson for the White House well not a about a numbering. To dismiss him being deceased and not as good as that whole thing but that Tyree was. Carrie also talked about the way you eat it down to the nitty gritty guy down x.s and o.s and a few. You saw this interviews ten but the way they use them. And he wants to because he's got a lot more to gives the basketball player and the united wants to be. Must be able to come off pick and rolls and indeed the guy. And now that he's just better coaching apparently forgot to now they've got ready darting got it and say be the guy come up picker rolls Vick he wanted to complete point of complete point guard him Philip he's been a complete point guard. In his career and he wants to be in a situation where that can happen. Now if if we take him at his word and ego is not. Driving them in no ego guy evolving. Be the number of players not driving him. He did he hit essentially get that and have his numbers program. He got a sense that's exactly his goals are no all right let's kick. Yeah historic numbers are good out of it I don't let my guard regular shops may be just gets more says yeah and fewer shots. Ticker Raleigh. I thought lobbed Al Horford there you go Jalen brown. I Jason Tatum everybody yeah so maybe his pick and role he's right he's able to dissect the defense and find open guys. And Gordon Hayward finally opened Gordon Hayward and a quarter because everybody's focusing on him. So he might be able to get what he wants but the numbers may not say if he's not your better years you know. He can have a better interior get what we are just what intent. He's ever been there done that his career with delegates at the successful runs we look at Spain and yet and that are why we are giving Tony Janice pretty good. Head to head and in Cleveland still the favorite but the Celtics were to beat Cleveland doesn't matter what his numbers are you BE RER wait that's anyway if they go to finals then he is in the right he is. Proven that he you know ball and neither is this better person and player like all the hold the whole package defeating. His old team that he left so that you look at it if you know Gordon Hayward here that the big addition that'd be the carrier and swap is what changes. The power balance in the east then then he's definitely in the right user gets credit for. I. I just in carrier ring career when he was the first overall pick and went to Cleveland. He was the centerpiece of a team that sucked in so what difference that team was awful everybody knew was awful what his fault they were awful he did what he can do. Then LeBron comes on board also they don't suck anymore but LeBron is the focus so carries there. And he's good he's really good but a bronze the best player on the planet in self. This is going to be the first time he's been the centerpiece in my opinion of a team that are good seeing that doesn't suck right. And they're supposed to be really good and by the way you're the centerpiece of this team. Yeah it's funny because retiree one of the things that came out of obviously a better player in the draft you don't choose where you go so goes the Cleveland he's playing their Cleveland. Then a couple years and he's trying to recruit Gordon Hayward to sign he's trying to make. A new. Exciting team in Cleveland he was gonna stay clean and obviously signed at the next contract to remain there and but he bodies after recruit different guys and and build the team that way. Then LeBron decides to show up as a he had no control over that as there are now curious did they could at a team live. What Andrew Wiggins and maybe Gordon Hayward and carrier ring and who knows that she would have then not as good as this one but it would write a playoff team. And then so LeBron shows up and now carries already signed that extension so he sadness there aren't. Now for the next five years of my career going to be teammates with the would LeBron he didn't choose any of that until now he had an opportunity is by its contract is longer. Then LeBron is in Cleveland. But he saw the writing on the wall that I did not hear before I left Saddam in another situation that I didn't choose. Don't don't you feel like if the Celtics fan votes you need to see him. Sign an extension like yesterday yeah as an adult matter Phil Garner an occasional all party said he is if he's out of here at the end of the second season Zia if he's not he then this was an epic fail for Danny in the celtics'. If he's out of here without a championship right away don't get it right yeah he doesn't win and he walks in the deal. It and that I can even make an argument for it being okay if they leave where if he has finals appearance. If they make the final Toledo finals an illusion on top of that names Isiah Thomas has broken. So you just traded the guy. Who who's got a mess that hit in the last year of his deal in Milwaukee and I think that's what you said but it all and ulcers though it may not play half the season and this is the last year and then you're have to commit big time dollars to people. So you're trading away damaged goods Jae Crowder who have league is overrated. And the picture I essentially you're trading at the Brooklyn pick for two years of carrier. And paired with a lot depending on where that pick plans and who isn't that back that you might lose that but if hiring signs on and it's the Brooklyn pick for. Six years of carrier ring and you absolutely one that the. Depends on who supercomputers. Shore Yemen pitched and pitched number one again they get to number one pick again it's a it's a dominant player and there's many variables you don't know what it to be a great player somebody's got to carrier. Right could be could be considered especially what he. I'm not stop the craft will not run pilotless that a lot of us that garbage list I'm sorry. If that guy is better to my colleague who's better at it Arctic high Hitler probably you like on. Anyway. Or that's what variable how good that guy is in the the other thing is that LeBron stay. Maybe have a great player in in the bronze days. But the great thing where they get over that mountain the great player probably decades I won't be great until the bronze 3435. So good they think LeBron could stay there could flip and panic will be more likely. I think he's gonna sit there that I wanna let you wouldn't wait for Andrew Wiggins did a good I'm with the we've always done exactly exude that lets say tell me it's small bomb by then well under Obama at least that's not enough. Boozer is he's cleared idea and a guy. Well he's got the best play nine out their best player but I am still paying attention about that you're. Why why do you care now it's been watching I cashed out a hit I can't I pick they got that that two through five lakers that that's true. So he's still wind up with the Michael Porter juniors in my store. That particular. And organize second paragraph. Don't you feel differently to say the the nets pick was three and you get. Two or four or five would you feel about their well I thought much and thank you. That's very optimistic suppose that I afterthought Abbas. So we get cut everything that we were talking about day is interviewed today on first take if you had an opportunity to see it. The other thing obviously that we talked about all afternoon long is the patriots win yesterday to go to New Orleans. Beat the saints by 1636. The twenty. In that really didn't feel that close for much of the afternoon. I live at Houston in here and I I was saying this to Heath Evans earlier this afternoon everybody talks about how great the Houston Texans were against the patriots last year. You know they came in here really gave the patriots game that got beat by eighteen. In the playoffs and yet we turned that into oil oh lake won that one ought bottoms in B thirty I thought they're gonna just paste them in there and they are able to close. They eventually did but you know the game was interesting because all the turnovers. And Tom Brady was drawn of him you know he was doing he was it at times early in the game was the Kansas City game plan throwing downfield. But instead of those balls being a complete it picked up a couple of times and Dion Lewis had a fumble. So they were they were hanging around. But they had Brock Oslo court records so good to see they've improved to. That should dramatically swaps isn't sort of chant down only on it only would this be. Yeah yeah. They pull a dirty trick on him and ask him to throw the football I'm trying to cut out there yet I always thought that belies. Until it with the loss filer savage he's target laughed about it is that I can do about it. Was shot logic there there is some play making ability at least even if it's what this week right yeah you missed you miss contained in he slips a tackle. And there's a forty or fifty yard. But there and don't run as good as the opposite of the warlords the disorder team they really are that that one really good side of the football and that's pretty good and on the other side is trash. Think if if you lined up the saints offense with the Texans defense that is that's the real contender on their hands. But they're just so bad on one side that's ultimately. You know bill O'Brien it's got a lot out of that team without a court he made the playoffs with those teams as an offensive guy at quarterback guru. It's kind of weird that his defense have always been really good maybe it's Cornell and Vrabel and athlete that but it is offensive then. Terribly receive the terrible like this is what Akron Elin for able think this week as they put the kid did that take in from yesterday and and and they're taken left and taken home. Like defender all of these what Michael ware I start. Yet though it. 21. Which had a surprise that they didn't you've been holed a 21. You're gonna lose by fourteen but there you know that their doctor revealed that the rocket built to score. Points I don't think so this is so do you still think the Patriots defense will be top five in points allowed five this is the kind of weekend they probably need to get a shout out or under ten ticket back on track. I was kind of root for that yesterday no late touchdowns from the thing you know you're completely numbers to be skewed because Heidi what about the choice spot I don't like that and I Causley I would have been a lot more comfortable with the thirteen. A year ago the kind of game I'm looking for. As you and you're gonna need unity a couple of those games and I'm counting on the AFC east heavily yeah. That it did determine numbers around that two games at buffalo at two games at the jets just great to publish and ultimately so I've bought cut a very upfront about how the numbers are numbers against your numbers anyway you want. I division yeah I just need those numbers to be in the top five terms. A points but we ghetto the Texans those who showed that that was a brutal offered by the Wakefield Yates reported that former patriots and vikings defensive lineman date tone Jones. Worked out for the patriots today. His first free agent visit that now this guy was a first round draft pick of the Packers back in 2013. And maybe they think that you know there their ability to put pressure on the quarterback other than Dietrich wise like him now. Is is lacking in and maybe they think that this guy thinking now they had. Some wide receivers can't Wear warmer whom former pat first up are thirteen pocket Packard yes there. Packers' first round pick in 2013. So detente Jones was here working out and has not visited anybody on a free agent visit prior to this. They had a couple wide receivers in those guys Nelson prize. We're talking yesterday it would Tom Kern about the annual braverman. He's an idea receiver out of western Michigan who at a late round pick it would with the bears is currently not on our roster if he was in last week. Currents that keep an eye on him and he's one of the guys I was reading a quote milk hyper matter around the draft he said. He's a Danny Amendola Julian Edelman type. The can probably imagine if you close your eyes what Daniel braverman looks like it black he is not the head really tall though he's neither of those things. So but it intriguing guy because. Amendola who knows you Hamid you hearing data him and when you look at the receivers are what they can do if Hogan endorse that or banged up at all. You think the receiver would make a lot of sense of bringing you need another guy. I don't know but that doubt could be won an option that they bring in. By the way a tidbit from Mike Reese and you know this is where film study that helps we knew that Rex Burkhead went out after the fourth series because of quote unquote rib injury right. He's got video of Birkhead on the punt return team early in the fourth quarter. So you'd think the rib injury wasn't too severe right. You know that's sticking out there on the punt return team if if if he's got you know Boston up breads or something. So the fact that he didn't play any offensive series after the fourth series because of the ribs. Didn't keep him off football field the rest of us is that drop that. Drop one after that here yeah if Hillary got the James what do won't drop passes had a big drop wrong sort of dropped in on Iran's on the job he could make it he's brought a couple passes this year. 6177797937. This telephone number text like 37937. We did talk to Bill Belichick earlier in the afternoon. Let's just say it was a little different than that the visit a week ago. Michael would have been right. This week is definitely set how did or go write a little it was Dallas right both weeks come on Michael I'm not so much. We'll play it looking back on it I think last year's site I joined the show in December yes. I don't ever interviewed Belichick after a loss to win out. Join up with them they want our kids the last loss was against the Seahawks right now with a and opt out of their an island a trio. Month thousands or unit know what this was like let's say that it still laughing a thing about it back. Elect cannot what you really do that every week I feel that we haven't like he was he used. But yet that's because they want every single night we're gonna feel like Dion Lewis. Write a radio talk show exactly. 6176177797937. This telephone number will get back to the calls were you taking the final drive. A little bit later on this hour 6177797937. Galen Hollywood keep Sports Radio W media. At seven. 7797937. Is telefono protects life. 37937. Down here to let stadium where the patriots. We're here earlier today they'll have tomorrow off back on the practice field Wednesday. Get ready for the Houston Texans coming come by the way did you see where. Aircraft one and two were ready for the road trip this past week and both are they they were not able to take the the new team owned aircraft. So. The worst for new plan of well it's better when you find out what it's content with my own and when you're at 35000 feet yeah. How little problems on playing now we're playing our good excuse you get there that's our game. It if they don't kick. Three come drugs let you beat anybody and every year ago that I dropped by this weekend. None of my drop by nobody. You know call it depicted since we started talking about this on the radio no one will stop by expert why there are right now about you know that your wife the white people liked her friends come by sometimes he has front Kamal where you spend time. Then no she's much more social and I'll care in a few aspirants so yeah I can't even in the house yeah I am much different than she likes being out there. House yet you like volley to level is in the house of my against the so nobody can anybody I gotta get out here look yeah people got hurdle they are all the years ago I don't buy that I could do something real like literally thing. Look at one of the house every day. So all I'm not yet we get back quick and effective as outbound but generally the ousted the baseball so I didn't the baseball show two hours of baseball. Which was great and how'd that work Millwood certainly in the rotation over there now are getting mixed day and people are dropping I guess over there are how many people that I know are don't want to but I'll take it I was at all over its key for I had some of the yes the content you handle the job and if the put on the real close loses. What is yet to where times notes hi all can you account to cash they're holding it yeah I think cal loose on the base. Also Saturday honestly despite well I swear on but I thought that things are typically blood David Price talked yesterday was the big discussion now I was traveling so I didn't see it but I read about it here's the heat he's county had a great two inning stint 21 pitches you're just droughts wildfires right after. Do they said obviously last week they told us there are told everybody that he's not gonna. Knock at the start in that locker factor in the rest of the season or in the playoffs. And goes out there and throws to that he made it look really easy couple strikeouts. In you wonder are right it. Why did they have to say that now. Middle of September he still thirteen regular season games left you couldn't have worked him out he couldn't have had a chance to maybe play or maybe start game three of the division series. I don't believe that I don't believe that the he's not the plan is a starter. I'd. If he did you work and today had he pitches well he pitches well the bullpen for the next two weeks. And you're going into the playoffs and these guys those guys now. Deciding to and again I five and forty. Let oh okay yeah of you'll start World Series warrior like clip on autopsies on thirteen while some. But I think he's barrier was the work we are also and I don't you just automatic game absolute game three good wouldn't it be more effective. Because I think if he is a reliever. You're also you're probably not gonna pitch it back to back games they've Horry said they want him to have clean innings. So are right now that's not what that's there since I got his weapon in that all the hard there's two guys on the seventh rookie David Price and product gonna do that. So would you rather to stardom and say game three NC along. You go especially if he does well this bullpen and rolled it right right now. I wouldn't be a wouldn't be shocked if he gets the start before the season's over but it they have won those four games this season Ender against the Astros. I'm I'm pegging him for a start there. But if you're just have a picture of the pen right now aren't you sort of just program in his arm to just. Throw twenty pitches or whatever what secrets you don't just give them warmed up Ford's effort game competition. Committee is better than a simulated game I'd rather have two and he's a real game and you know 75 pitches in some fake game. He's gonna start. How much money to it aerial that the hot on hot day I've got got got so hot. David Price will starts. Before the regular season is over they'll start to play out on the outside the regular season and he gets the Astros levels last four games start one of those religion. I've got I've got to let him on this probably gained two. Guess the Astros give him again maybe that those games don't mean think it'll mean the thing that you gotta have to get you know need to start before you start the playoffs. Yeah what I had on the baseball should have right now here's the thing and say hey yeah well our an attempt but I've got to fight. I think about the playoffs and this is scary it's. Just studied the Red Sox schedule. Vs the Yankees ghetto. I'll all all man completely. It's those that don't it doesn't feel super cool all right and this is going to be tight especially whether a thought by the Orioles within the next three games so you've got he got the Orioles got the race. As kind of weird have a National League team at this point in the season but it Soviet now and I'm very good. Orioles reds. Then you've got. Got. The Astros for those working well for. And the Astros may have something to know what's going on them in Cleveland. The they may have home advantage and went for it may not have anything to play for either but they might they might but I I think it's just as likely they won't. And then you look at the the the yankees' schedule. It had a thirteen at home on yet they got the race again and pollute they got the blue jays but the twins I think tonight where is put in their decent this is a pivot. Oh this is pivotal for the through this really means something because of the twins can do right now is going to be twins yankees while Carter a wildcard playoffs then that game will be in New York it looks like. So if if the twins can just kind of put a debt Yankee I don't think so I don't think so this is his very comfortable this chemicals. Well huge at the Yankees lost to Baltimore yesterday you're staring at two games are going into the final two weeks but thankfully the loss of three you feel a little bit better about but yet the schedule. Now I would say super difficult for either team but definitely favors the Yankees and you can't tell him. He time they win the division. Because they've they've won the CF series. If those three games it's not for all right now you're got you you've got to beat them you can't time. By the way Rob Gronkowski spoke to the media down a lot from them all here few minutes ago. Confirmed. That it was a groin injury says he stated day Dan roach describes him as being in great spirits. Well and I won't believe it those data is are aware of it once again why is grow a little different than everybody was crop confirming an injury. Is that part of the healing you don't ever want but they already said that it was a groin injury they said yesterday. Out you know questionable return groin he had a OK dale effect tries obesity affirming that I try than any other player you okay. PayPal to chart that matters later elbows that's that's how your elbow. Our about a product I think your elbow I think today probably answered those simply because other folks me included. Wondering whether it was the back. Well all this this and I'm always taught Iran Tony Romo senate put that out there are great analysts don't don't play doctor on don't play doctor I think he can now I think medically speaking and I've listened to liberal laws that says here. He's dealt with a generic defense that he had a back problem here I'm not a similar show well actress I Roy and trust me it's your back as a product of that Russell responded I'm fired as you know it was portrayed that it was sort Anthony's in Connecticut hand Pineda. And I you know and I'm the mother Florida Archie and of course you know Brady and everything you possibly you are championships although MVP. ER doctors talk back yet come back the eight or eighteen at one hurts. And that you are. And it's funny Dell is on Friday I wasn't retire they did since they to have our calls about Brady last Friday accelerator up on the hallway earlier today a series of very pretty guy I can understand why you're you know you're a little anxious to yeah to get him and everybody thinks it's got a raise last year. It's going so. To them glasses of Reading you a liar. If he's telling everybody another interview today but every interview with them breaking yeah all right Norah O'Donnell this morning on I've played OK wait till I'm 45 instead it and so he's there right after the super bolsters that well maybe he's caught up in the Super Bowl which I didn't bite out of maybe that's what your viewers and yourself and now. 67 months later you still say the same things that a couple of games this either at forty. And he's playing for awhile I don't know why everybody thinks she's gonna retire at him. Why after what you saw yesterday. Would you suggest that you know like like if he had another game like he had in week one you sent us all together oh sorry to see it now you know the slippage is there. Well he came back from the weak ones slippage and he wasn't good at all in week one. He really was he was not operating like at all. He came back yesterday and looked like he always did. Yes I think he's he's back. Pretty good week one it was only one it was horrible it was not a horrible his receivers were horrible no he was loaded all around they had the first pass of the game as well as Dwayne Allen by fifteen yard what else. On throw the ball yard fertilized scrimmage was snatched. Trying to get out of the situation. NASA's view hasn't done I was so sick it was not a war whatever dug out hello. You know present or point it's quite as you complete path ahead. It might. Like he was great but I think Kevin you just awful announcer it's terrific read all the way to easy that we thought QB sneak yesterday. I we knew we were after the 24 the ones that we're gonna fail was the money was no doubt popular all we're now is right. The middle every go first down thank you very much. Nobody was open again one coal and rock rock wasn't open Hogan did get open one catch. Game one for Hogan. And they know whether chiefs that there's going to hit by the chiefs again and I hate I hate that logic I hate it you have to be. You know these cables that nobody was open they want it. Nobody is very rarely Augusta I don't we don't sit out of other quarterback other bad quarterbacks which is probably the case of other guys are getting open either regular black quarterbacks terrible thing over there also appears that got and they also I think part of quarterback is just decision making and being able to run with accuracy. I've body through with accuracy of any other one throw it is that when Dwayne Allen. It was accurate. Just what do you do if you if you if he had been more accurately withdrawn a couple picks. His guys were tricked draped on his receivers to get the NFL. That's the Ryder typical what Tom Brady to throw of opens the Rahal I think that they are all relatively muted them. I just thought he was by his standards it was back right weak one there by his standards he was great again yesterday. You know when you're thirty for 39447. Yards three touchdowns no interceptions. Your really good while and now the sudden there will be another test as you go from eight good defense to me. Terrible defense back to your good maybe had great defense right so that's going to be Olympic test CO ago. And now how about this the just that the matching of wits picture that chess game between Tom Brady and his former teammate Mike Vrabel yeah. And they get very able vs Patricia Vrabel vs dollar check. I. And he knows what he's what he wants to do he knows the whole offensive scheme that's interest. On patriots Mondays we talked either Patrick Chung or Matthew Slater because of meeting schedules today that'll take place to marvel when we do all. Both are brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard Mike hello dot com use code word WEEI and by Honda north. Final drive is coming up next we will lie here from the head coach Bill Belichick stale and Hollywood keep Sports Radio WEEI.