Giancarlo Stanton is officially a Yankee, where were the Red Sox in all of this?

Mut at Night
Monday, December 11th

Mut & Keefe are talking about the blockbuster trade which saw Giancarlo Stanton going to the New York Yankees. Stanton was officially introduced as a member of the team today, and Dave Dombrowski attempted to explain why the Red Sox weren't even making a play for the reigning National League Home Run champ.


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It's NFL Monday with Mike Mike nasty and rich team. Brady gets the ball. Getting you sick. For patriots dolphins tonight in Miami NFL Monday as broad view buys a cup play. Lansky insurance more choices more savings insurance simplified. Check out cups Lansky dot com. Mike Anderson but Quaid architectural molding this and buy your new women come voted tractor dealers US NFL Monday which money keeps on Sports Radio W. Our two NFL Monday. Sports Radio W we got up until 8 o'clock Monday Night Football it's on the dotted with excellent on these games. High eighties Jon Gruden who sticks on these things on the sticks clinical it's fine. It's a low bar the NFL on color analyst Henry Rollins what's your guards are the vast what's the current ranking today and you turn on a game. And the mine rich keep what's the best. What's the best duo the between games right now. May have the best duo beat that feel like the best analysts. Might not have the best play by play guys and vice Versa if you give your best do and what you dream team with some of my dream Jones put the best duo isn't. We should look at that as well we absolutely and it should be about the appearance. I make the best two right now is the the Sunday night crew and I love I love the fact the guys like you admitted through this challenge and not doing are now comparing Chris Kolb were the tunnels and a beastly aid in the bench finishing it explains you guys rule eighty and another one saint it was shoes and he even mention my agency hundreds. It's a huge story I feel I thought they don't know had a quick grab these and I'm a team that gave up. I think John Alice Collins and Joseph Flacco it's a player like Al. They are chasing Jack running back Seahawks in one rate in the preakness he's not that good for no less I think that's the best crew. Michaels a lot. It's probably Nance and Ramon. Does that wrong muscles are on Sony's home. Also strong hey Tony we were watching the game of the tells plays next you don't like the rules on optical people have occurred in Iraq on how can Ari I can already I'm already annoyed. Saturday night January divisional eyes you'd be on dance and were equally great in this no particular stadium patriots and let the who's the work it pages it heightens. And 45 to Stuyvesant area and it's wrong what I tonight I was Mexico that want Andre some corona is sure that's going to be good. It's mean it's not. Sunny 1000 it's done now it's probably not the money and a crew like Sean but he agrees. Dad front and private Michael's cauldron second Michaels soldiers sounds like it's a big important game Michael's. On I had my druthers a while ago. They buck and Aikman might Michael Michaels Aikman if I could put a couple of guys together. I put those two guys but I'd. It's huge for companies about Sean McDonough and Tony Roma which eighth. Racially dream team any anyone Vern Lundqvist and turn your alone mos burger. Run on condition can Muster he Tim never and tunnel. Jonas date and gyro and that of course my kicking expert BJ feeling usually I can do that he's have Goosen both economical popularly. Other Hillary ultimately our right of Oregon where OK and that. Kicker who wore gloves so I can't trust them. The radius outlets want to get what I neagle and no Kevin Harlan and Harlem the horse nicely Ballmer should be doing TV he should or yes excellent. On the call I don't listen to what a lot of us out idea again. There is hatred should work the vicinity they did not into the for some reason but like boomer do both good boomer. Odds to get packing tonight at Monday and lead your patriots colts here is second at 61777979837. Dot behind Howard Jones in studio yes I've been told at 730 going to be at your building for big events you'll join us here at. At the bottom of the hour as four the big news today in Florida. That was the Red Sox once again being out on Jon Karl stand and may I added it is possible. But Dave Dombrowski made it worse than I agree the Nebraska made it worse risks of sound here patio. Help me out here this is Dave Dombrowski so. We know that the the Marlins or gain to four different teams. Stand eventually only wanna go to one team that feels like was the New York Yankees. But the Red Sox were never really involved were never interest and I guess. But the Brodsky said today. Actually made it worse it was the brows ski saying or talking about their interest level stand as the week went on last week. Well I really can't say much about these and other organizations player but. The early asks for him or not things that we're entrusted. And then as time went out of the end servers to conversations it. He was traded. Polls look good deals come with him closer to San Francisco. Jeff points. When I reached out. There was. That's appeal to yankees. No we never told your pars picture. Well there's a lot of things that are involved Natalie and position finances futures. Is locked vault. I mean. So how do you go from. All they're asking for too much. Too they have a deal with San for Cisco in Saint Louis who by the way were not a part of his list just similar to Boston rightly they weren't on his list. Of teams that he wouldn't waive his no trade it was the Dodgers yankees Astros cubs so those other two teams jumped in they were able to make deals. But obviously Stan wouldn't sign off on them then you go to you call back and all of a sudden mother got a deal on the Yankees are now. So OK if you wanna trade imbalance and am in Bogart and whoever else the beginning I get it would all be on board that. But don't you at least submit your best offer so that when it does get back to the Marlins they look at and say well. This is still up there will starlet Castro rich if you want the player you're you're calling them once today twice today three times today to the point where it's annoying every day. Whether it's nightingale or Basra only rob Bradford their report in the Red Sox are talking in the marlins' every day about the possibility of stand and talk to me if jolt if they agent yes if you want the player and it is pretty clear now and control as a story at NBC sports They did not want the player that I am a 1000% fine with and one record. A million times I don't want the player either given wipe out the acquisition cost is going to be in the contract however. When you think the acquisition costs at the rusty said is way up here. And it comes down and then your feeling on the player. Should change the point we should get yourself back involved just to make shore. If he's given away for the bargain basement price of Sarwan Castro in to see the light prospects. That at least her in on the conversation and you know what the final cost gonna be my guest did Dombrowski companies that boy. I can't believe he went four back that's really it's a lot less Wi-Fi is gonna go for that the battle for the Boston Red Sox who Lisa I'll be in on the final. Calls on stand and then pretend today that they wheeled back at how well the train was already made the play or just just. Right out of I felt better I'd like Stanton more than you did an idea OK with that with the crazy contractors whoever you get next it's gonna to have to be crazy contract. Side defined within. But just stick with that distort and he wasn't in the the next four you're gonna go somewhere else of the offseason is certainly. Not over yet there's that free agency that they can dip into their other trades so fine. But today and say well yeah that Leo called a week ago and it wasn't working out. Include more committed to it but you've easily could there's going to be a double whammy for them browse you because not only does he go to the Yankees. But Eagles for far less than they thought he would've. This sort of happened to rule not the same extent but it happened with the Celtics a few times where. You thought the Celtics ran on a traitor and a good Jimmy Butler went for watts Paul George worked for watts. Although an old people on mobile stuff at the time is it just those I don't know picks are just these guys. But it was like they were going to a rival Soviet he goes to your rival. Indy goes for start and Castro. And to single a prospects that you said that is that's not always said he I said yesterday said it all off season in stand up we JD Martinez then. You will bull bitch about this for a little bit in the senate play the Yankees get him. But they got a guy who lighting cues is not maybe not as good as Ian but the numbers the last three years in laster specifically had been. Right there were stand numbers of very good dolphins player but they happen I'll get back guy and the report today that they artists as Bob nightingale USA today saying. They're talking to teams that they wanted they about a trade for slug them paying guy. That is open its. Publicly negotiating with Scott forcing he's got. You know come down off your ridiculous asking price for Eric cot where Judy Martinez. We're not gonna sign these guys I think they know they have to get Hosmer or Martinez specifically. Are you will be involved from beginning and with those guys and the process edit again today their priority is not pitching. They're priorities Mittal the order power so I believe they know that I believe they'll get that will be stand. And opera to prosecute pressure is it better be JD Martinez 617779. 7937. Is the phone number. We're taking a right up until patriots and opens here on a special relation NFL Monday and join coming up by special guest poppy I hours here. He's got a big pizza party on the all of us great story for much of our listeners are slowly been bringing pizza in yet -- job on them for us thoughts wire but you'll join us not to high tower in studio talks patriots and some NFL backs.