The Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors continue to swirl, are Red Sox fans losing hope?

Mut at Night
Friday, November 17th

Villani and Bradford are talking about the trade rumors surrounding Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton, and where his most likely landing spot could be. They also do some current Celtics talk mixed in with some 90's and 2000's Celtics talk.


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A final hour this Bernie Fine structure without. A lot Brad I know parts this is not we then terrible war via. This this. Businesses utilizing what's give it absolutely is basically used to play New Year's frank Jack or Alexa. Oh that's a good one. That's a good one. All Lex we hit out to hear more from Jack yeah we holder has met him he made his mark. I want him back utility you push back in the league team right there miles well I wasn't economists agree this is this the sort of are casting chuckled and a guy I actually if we can I don't know we still have his number. I would like to I have to do the show tomorrow because once again try and he's out. Our own every year as describe how what used to be every other week now it's like 32 out of three weeks it would again I'd confront her to her face yet some parting at a school. But she's out again. So I had nothing bad to say about your I know that wasn't here at the very severe penalty situation I'm thrilled this year to add it there. Soul but we had Alexa on. With coral Alexa whom is a very articulate policy measures Jack and gassing eleven she says she was eighteen now for a chance but elect's cell is very pointed criticisms of Friday. And also has the name of the Lexus so we can say Alexa what do you think about and and it it's very funny so anyway if we still have those jacket Lexus number. If we have their numbers I would request patty as the associate producer Red Sox baseball and also executive. Odds are executive producer resident baseball and the lead producer of this show if treated if we have Alexi in Jack's number. Numbers. Could recall Kevin relic and tell them. Go parents and and are coming tomorrow so that those two can commend those four are surely didn't cancel club allows insiders to fiddle here I liked and we we it would we view all we can get you they Jack during Bigelow agreed. You kidding me. Sox guzzle too. But the age if you're funny Jack treats against Idaho. I would they would we oh shoot we should note Phil Zachary GM years is there's two into another market and I enjoyed my time with Phil. He's having his. The farewell thing cross street stockyards yet. Where a lot of a lot of people from our organization were good chance for briefly disfigured by fell. But one or the other Bob benefits was that I thought Kim boom sauce from the bar I'll reeling with a total sales people hovering around it. I made it clear how are you guys not having boobs off sponsor a home run call in the Red Sox broadcasts. In their eyes lit up on an idea guy I'm an idea guy. Yeah I don't have to tell laughter bonsai all stock. Ills that can never thank. Whoever won't have to mean if if I ever get a home run call I guarantees sponsorship are now. That's what is community. Love that sits at 77797937. We started titled about Giancarlo Stanton. Things they get any UEU took real quickly here radler from the other GM meetings the idea big takeaways there. Yeah now after retain what it all worth it if you followed questioned. I was imply that I guess we'll take it step by that that the bid Red Sox really needed a the that was all the tock of of the Tia meetings which is true here's here's the biggest takeaways and we talked about this in the hot stove show which. Lot of controversy surrounding that show and atlas of the Brad social podcast hear more about that. But dom. Did the prosecutor second day had says something along the lines when asked about the Big Three on her in Stanton and Martinez. And he site or why don't focus just on them we can do other things. In a lot of people and I didn't realize this till later in the day lot of people took that as. Well in Arctic sinus it's the united bigger and do something else and do something gonna go a different way don't get excited and I can spend the money in the neck to make the big trade. Take that away from at all a ticket as or are going to be held hostage by Star Wars. And this is the problem that did to browse he's gonna run into. They're Boras likes to take his time. Through their two with the biggest names Mark Hughes Hosmer Morse guys. Stands at trade so that's always tricky thing to work out if you wanna integrate O potty in the conversation that's the take awhile to. So this is it like the Dave Dombrowski shock and we're gonna. Get everything done I have nothing to talk about on December time they're not going to be held hostage by Scott wars that's all well and good but. But the kind of bar right is just one of these three guys right. But but that's my medical not the issue is obvious that you write to you saw the stories Princeton numbing after that day. It weighs. It was all of their dull the they're gonna do something new and knocked it they're not gonna be held Austin they're not gonna go after the ones that it wasn't like wasn't like. Well they might do something else they did absolutely are going to do something else but that's not how you units they're gonna approach it. No way you write a bit I would be shocked. If they didn't make a move on one of those three guys which got you want. I mean in a perfect world you would want stand in this world. Judy Martinez talent stand in this world and a perfect different worlds. When the world and I want John Carlos Guillen. Yeah I I left I mean I am part of it I was a perfect world I'm being an incentive but for us exactly what a perfect world looks less. Are being sucked into the the idea of I go back to that Miami Herald story from last week. How many home runs could stand here at Fenway and Seattle launch angle or whatever we take some Audi smashing balls into the green monster but I still think this guy. Had the potential 5560. Home runs with a hello sky's the limit within. 48 years old. And this from me if I take myself out of the Red Sox point of view. You know East Coast biased I think is I think it exit as the networks loving the game is better when the Red Sox and yankees. Our matches stars drink and Jardine in judge two guys that are what 66 and 67 people look at the ball 550 feet. And even an earlier in the ballpark all last year Robert Dornan. MB and ballparks than those Red Sox yankees games last year even when judges struggling off the buzz. When he stepped to the plate that was not happening. We're gonna go grab a beer that's not happening where you're sitting at home here to get up and we'll do coupled shores come back in the Red Sox are hitting. I want that feeling for every single game that's the kittens out there. In a red side there is not a there was none of that with the any of these guys in the right side right. Remember Borland is not a blood kind of guide more than most that was why is greatly last year is gritty Gotti yeah. What more than last year creating god he's gonna send news indeed did Beers and remember him the Ramirez you know coming up in in a big spot pinch hitting late in Kansas City years something in. You really have the feeling that that. Hanley was get all that yeah that he was today it. He's gonna drive went into the gap here with the Red Sox down apparently that buys. It is the it was habits what time 99 was at 916916. I I promise Samoa 960 that would cite him intermarriage as pinch hitting stats. They are so perfectly bad. I mean they are they are here there bears as a pinch hitter. For the Boston Red Sox it was like it was like O for 120 for thirteen with eight strikeouts. So anyway death does side yes he you know what he's not that you know what he's not what he's a pinch hitter. Patty says screen call. The key because I T forty rather dynamic duo is thought he'd nodded that your I could have. He had so. You're in LA regularly add at the beginning of the year last year start at the B in the new year last year we were talking about sale. We've got the tickets for sales sailed game how in baseball that's a problem you don't say I got the ticket for this game disuse player anymore. But absolutely judge was that guy George was. The want to save you one guy in the throat may be too but he more than two hours a judge yeah. Yeah absolutely. He was a guy you say I I you're not gonna miss this and that it was. It was a a superhero like guy who stabbing the plate and stay the same way I mean I remember seeing stint at the all star game. Before I did my highly publicized pot six minute podcast with them. And it was like this guy is. Is seemingly off above everybody else. Like that's how judges obviously but he just had this presence and yeah yes sure but. I just but I also don't think the kind of people that cost the contract contract contract. I don't think the the premium that you gonna pay for Stanton is how outrageous when you consider. What Martina is apt to get what Hosmer is that again the fact it's the it is these superior player. And and I don't think it's gonna be this tremendous prospect hall. Back to the Marlins either right I just don't think the cost of that outrage all the target maybe I'm just didn't all of this by what what's salaries are now what twenty million dollar players are 25 million dollar players. I wouldn't that price tag and think oh my god that that's incredibly outrageous there's. A big part of this depends on which road the Marlins wanna go down. And you can get the prospects he viewed Yeltsin Francisco and Saint Louis they can probably give better prospects are better player. Package but then you won't be taken on as much money with a Red Sox he probably would say there would be taken on more money. But you know everyone who looks at this and say what is the motivation of Miami Marlins it is to get their payroll of ninety million. This is the motivation to traits then. It is more so then restocking the farm system. It read more so than getting Zander Bogart's Jackie Bradley it is to get that money off the books because. That's what Derek Jeter can do Derek Jeter says I signed that contract. I don't blame me. Gotta get that money up the books and were giving start freshen. Such a new players of this new market. I was at some phone call 61777979837. John easing Salem wants China on this very topic I'd shot. Yeah a couple things personally yet if they wanna prospects they would trade yell at you know that's not what they want they wanna get rid of the month. But to think outside the box it is I've heard every player right. But just trying to you know walk through the aren't quite ear which stay right and it's up to him why would you wanna come to Boston when he can go to outlet you look back into. 2013. Before he signed the biggest contract in sports history. Right he changed name from white to John Carlo what else that he do while in Miami. He tried to play for team Puerto Rico to which I'm not saying the bad thing I'm just saying from a marketing standpoint concede that they still would. Well you know the general manager team Puerto Rico is. Yes they did so. Might question it right why wouldn't wanna come to Boston would go to LA in a big black market keep that hole. Thing going and also why would you want to come to invent the American League scene and still since he got hit in the head bailing out on our speed pitches and don't get content more in the American League and doesn't the national it just doesn't make sense skirt and just let him yeah for the Marlins it doesn't make sense for him and the pike street. So I think you have a lot of good points but the breaking more breaking balls the America only thing I can buy into and that might be the case of a little bit but here's the thing he's they throw breaking balls than nationally and the guy just won the MVP. You know so. In I I think that you might get some more but the fact of the matter is he's he's still the minute where every place. Right I got a question real quick name a big slugger big name hitters that went internationally to the American League and do well in his first year year. Nearly rumors are for Mel please god don't right I would have to I would have to say I have to think about it good. Yeah ides why would he want to do that going into potential walk year have to argue until the wall one thing. You can say maybe he wants he likes the idea DH. Every once in Watson's career. Yet you would think so I'll put these are terrific outfielder Dolly actually graded above average yet so sending them to judge is better than people thought to. So it ends where that's where you go about the JD Martina is that of the one. That you ought to give him traffic you'll giving out money you're not giving up as much money. But the thing is I keep coming back to his. Why would he signed here to BA DH and I know people civil instantly the all instantly trade Jackie Bradley maybe that's the case. But we can assume that. So it that is sort of the the wall a little bit for the Judy Martinez sign for me if I do think. He's a good fit you get a new DH great doubt that's what you need. And and that's another reason why Chris why. When you have to Brodsky saying what he said and people say hold maybe you won't have the slugger the receive the money for east tensions sorry. You have to get a guy. You have to do you cannot go into next year. And go with a Logan Morrison. Or a Mitch Moreland tight began and say oh no no no no now we have a new manager in all these guys are gonna be better. No that's that's where the it they lost last year they assume that these guys gonna be better in the war. The guys if not for stand the guy like in this equation is Hosmer and the big old by the way with Hosmer is he's. A home run hitter now decade yours that he could hit forty home runs if you want what you're grating again you're Grady again on projections and potential. That these guys going into his physical prime in his late twenties. Eight and give you a little bit more pop I think he can have me and we've heard this cliche before about. Eight Taylor paid. Fenway swing where you are quite dare hitter but. He's able to could be it goes you know goes the other way hits off the wall dry is a legitimate middle of the order back. That provides some power you also. Feel good about the fact he's going to be out there he was literally out there every day this past season. He fills a positional need where eke out a little bit more flexibility terms you DH. And I I've been sort of surprised how much people and crapping on our cause and pat pat I don't know if we have the that stuff from Dayton Moore. I don't expect to get it right now by united date it was amazing. When I asked the more down the GM meetings that'd GM for the royals. He always over the top. Mean like over the top of the top because if this was this just like Scott Boris talking about his client this guy knows Eric Posner pretty well. His motivation now that they're gonna resign and so he Al the as a motivation acted to dance around with the air prosper. But more I've heard more people sort of crap on that idea including say all this is probable sin ball all over again I don't think it is. He's a better player at the act exits though and I'll cinema was it a good player. When they sign and he was for the three years leading in. To. His year with the Boston he was 97 and open yes that's not. A guy who should be getting that contract as the guys gateways. The eight marketing signing to some degree but also on October of that and or the panda hats they never caught on that they really did they never ever tired like I forgot at the press conference of the actually had like night and digest of and there yet. That high watermark for the franchise really a lot of ways and memo has opened up a little nobody's gonna. Question that lasted like two seconds now is that significant rule start to finish Robin Chelsea was attacked Celtics gonna grab. Gentlemen. I called about the so what I wanna respond to that last scholar. Cheney has been going on pitches he's been doing it to the tune of 59 home runs that's what I'm talking about right I don't get a I understand what is going. I'm aware guy I think he was I think he was over think I he has some good points by the so he was over think it'll. Yeah where are our road lava worker you know pass all my life yet. The ball Celtics are Red Sox so their own nice. You made a comment earlier had a run because I get a feeder can't break in. You said the only player. The Celtics could not lose or knowledge or perks. Although it would before you go on let me just maybe I said I meant to say. The players that they would have the most difficult time replacing its Horford yes. I know but I think it's scary because I think we're watching something happen right now and I think. Between Bret Stephens and Kyra every that's why these kids in Horford are playing better. I think that. Stephens is very stoic and it is they have three point arc but he's very calm collected. Kyra he is directing everything he could score forty every night if you want and these kids are exploding Horford is better. In NASCAR we went down. For an extended period of time. We would feel. And Ohio I'm not saying they Warren I mean it's it's not like a huge chasm between the two I just look at it as. You can have other guys who can score points. Well what Horford does right mean that the what the position he plays what he does in so many different ways I think he is under rated. But terms of the guy that the users from mr. of the drank he's he's one of the reasons I think and I reads Evans interviewed him any sort of backing up at the. It would look at these numbers celtics' offense twelve point seven points per 100 possessions or worse when corporate down on the floor. That's more than six times the difference when carrier based on import. Twelve point seven points per 100 possessions worse. Without Horford on the floor that's six times. As he packed full. As carrier. Groups are. That's a pretty good you'd think 538 that I'm happy to take this raises my floor if you like all right you guys. He's you have things that phone call on the. And again it's not. He do these like either worth things become value crap on carriers that's not the case. The Celtics would be far worse hop other carrier is nobody's arguing that this group without either one the united unmarked aren't you glad that there is any guide it has the same kind of packages skills that. Horford has to impact the team in less. Over ways. And an end in I think that's something that is not. Easily replaced it it's a huge difference when he's on the floor help the effective. As opposed to when he's not calendar and at a good evidence was last night insult and a huge round probably said. Eighteen out of nineteen pointers. Or without carrying four. Patrick your Reuters on after us correct it now Azinger did otherwise he's just hang out yet and but he he dissed eve text me and a pretty good back to wood which is if you look at the numbers of Horford they compare favorably with Garnett. And I haven't looked him up but I believe home. I absolutely believe him and and I also I would imagine that Horford in terms of minutes played is he must be leading team right. I can check he's gonna be up there are no browns played a lot of minutes too but yet he's got to be there yet because when they take Horford out your port and Baines and typically. He might put Tyson if you wanna go small but you typically your putting Baines and and Baines is an Baines is like a fifteen minute game guy. I like Aaron pains but if Al Horford went down as we saw when he did go down that's that's a little bit of an issue. So bad Celtics minutes this year I mean they're all pretty close by Horford is 32 point one actually tied the team on Browning carrier grip I'm. Where is Jason tea Tatum. Is. Fifth. Mark is Smart is worth just over thirty minutes team but they were talking about different than you know than it was. That they did between first and fifth is less than Two and a Half Men who was 3220 now there wasn't a rookie last year who. Averaged thirty minutes a game. Which Tatum basically is 29 yeah which. Is what he should be Dylan made in how many minutes I heard you guys who talk recurring talking about. All Gordon Hayward how would he be implemented a system I don't know it'll look like. And you know one of the things at the box the of them benefit they've gotten as I don't think you would be looking at thirty minutes a game for Jason Tatum. I'll be you be looking at the player either now fame player and and I think you but it at the same time I think he'd be looking at a fresher healthier stronger Jason Tatum in mark yes when he's playing game 58 you've ever played gained 58 before yes absolutely and I understand like you know they've college summer leagues and a UN high school and things like that and it's a year round thing at all levels there's a big difference between 5560. NBA to Rucker park games aren't not not like alias intense media games are thought the media games are we know that yes like now Rucker park not quite the same things gonna John Maine for it to breakage on. Yeah I do that. You think McConnell. Earlier in the day live a little joke and that has subsequently I was able to gain for the rest of the year I'm even at this pace if they were destined to cheat and they beat schett in all I don't think they're gonna what the army against army game you that dictate where and how likely you think it is the first place over you know he. I think 88 wins if you could if you told me that they wouldn't have any major injuries. I would say. 92 wins. Acts that's more than a number of games that doesn't. Yes sixty edited video of any injuries they can win 605824. Deals a reasonable like that. Yeah but again you'd need you can't have any injuries this is. It ever had a hunch that I did seven and not other than hate I hate that I listen a lot today and I hear the conversation about why how dare we project out there we'd like jumping down YE. This what we're supposed to do. This does this is fun are you kidding me yeah I exits I think that's just incidents where last night it's that he can't have fun with this week doing they've won fourteen games in a row and they've got three games coming up against teams that are sub 500. Those are on the road and come back home for like four or five or or something like that. This could potentially go wanna watch yes. That could go on for the rest of the year I believe low ET until they are not gonna lose another game by 82 game win that they don't get to play don't hurt they here's the here's a reason why thinking is is sustainable. Because they have figured out how to play. And that is by playing defense and by the way when one thing get his another reason why they are unlike some of these other teams. If you shut down one thing when this team. They are able to react and adjust we saw that last night. Kyle reed not have needed game Jason Tatum not have a new game well Jalen brown have a good game. Markets Smart candle lay out. Well. But you get run out opportunities you start moving the ball turnovers by the way our did an Achilles heel for for Golden State have been in the past they were last night. In that stretch nine possessions for Golden State he turned it over five times missed four shots committed four files. Celtics at seven points from the free throw line it seemed like everything else was a wide open Jalen brown jump shot transition yes. And aid in goals it was locking it down in the first half they were playing great defense really did defense. And then when you said they wore down they were not part of the rob Bradford conditioning program like I'd put my game Regis don't turn your back to the ball suicide you know you missed a follow shot everybody's run and 6177797937. Half hour ago before he handed over Patrick feel horrible Lonnie Brad those sports rated WB yeah. 7937. Impact Gilroy you Zach can be joining at the we'll take overs today topping our tech. Do we say who is special guest. Caddie. We say who special guest is Patrick. They're locked in. Some. Nevermind the garage is going to be on the radio at some point next week. After stopping by patriots yet and you know that. Also there's this enormous captives to the next bill ballots smoke buckets I depicted as somebody professional athletes before him have the. But Erin beings is speaking of players of yesteryear. I covered soul I was in the wheel house opposable side cover that. 2000. Hume team the right around there where the Eastern Conference files that's the trade for Rodney Rogers Tony Delk. It's valid topic. Plagues so when I I was little wary of error and Ainsley being the next fatality tied to the topic so. Who could not hit away up all my gut he is he worked so hard and tried so hard and he could just knock it. He was spray air base camp of. Aaron veins candidate Lansing get rebounds and in against certain matchups and one of the things like about this team. The versatility and matchup in different ways with whatever opponents impairing the legal might go to his patio just told us. You know Roger sounded like Kenny Anderson tonight. Kerry is one of my favorite. U is great because you could base he was one of these guys when you covered him. Who you could bite it's basically say whatever you want him to say scared he repeated out. Yes against CNN with a go fishing for sound bites yeah so you say candy. You're shocked by what happens a shot at Iowa outed out advent of the he had the road sports final at sports final was the thing yet Bobble bow. They had during that run they had cameo on and in Kenney was with his mom and his fiancee. And K and his mom is sitting there and she's wearing a dress unfortunately in no way in light balance thing mrs. Anderson 100 cameras. Read the tasteful show grass and yes it with class yet keep it classy and that his fiancee sitting there and Bobble Doug Joseph fiance you would you would you would be fiancee number what he did it hurt initial reaction was so priceless. Like what I expect. Speakers so I love covering Kenny Anderson news or use one of my favorite Steve Jesus wintertime. And Kenny Anderson. And when he ousted if I stood there could be drive and I asked ray coming up soon musket man the card joins us right now at that. And hey what happened and yeah a guy on on the radio and I remember rabbits into on the other states a lot of great job change. And yet you in college 1510 it's it's defunct it's no longer content you're gonna show the young guns. I know I was trying to remember the name of the show too and I can't remember. Really freaky is Patrick gill writes where a guy came in your two minutes ago it's a show eased to do on fifteen back in the day. The young guns the young guns at. Unto all that I was asking young gun is more that's always overlooked opponent did call we were literally just talk about the senate already. I swear I'm like in the negative in the club it's not a good good sides rapper I remember you let me get your current local you know that you know local papers Amal about that. I'm back indicate Bentley called from North Reading again. All of nights we always had our problems with the North Reading him with a one general suggests. Seem to be at Gloria you have a kid who's dad played for obese the the and now peach yes. It by yet more importantly they also have the best uniforms indicated currently they had the Dallas Cowboys star in the helmet and the of the tank in the middle there park. But he Waco had. The guy Rick great rock and the Celtics and I I have to agree I mean if people like this trade now I mean. We have problems as tightly as air. I mean it's awesome watching and I mean it better better better than you insist the united that man right. All I need to be on the war he just issues around you knows what to make the right pass he knows what the issue I mean mechanic so they don't feel. I mean that the backing in backing last night proved to me were down seventeen I'm like you know are they can easily do what and who as you know they want thirteen. And they claw themselves back in the back gains. And it's. Who go to Brad you. Matt you know you know what I feel I feel like tire re arming has really become a big hair. All you pat I expect you would collapse they did it out it was. Already emperor club doesn't that next year if the fairways are. I app that. I agree I totally great I mean the big kid assist. I mean I don't know what you know oil they have. Let me just make to eat he reminds me for what I watched Byrd was growing up you know I was able to appreciate bird grown up in he urged me everyone around him. An hour ago that our retiree but I would say this. I would I would say this and that is that. He can you people forget that narrative around him even after the first couple games. He was he was going to be Scottie Pippen he was going to be able to exist on a Sony's a one on one play area the ball is in too much. He's going to be a little little lunatic he's going to be more about himself. Then the team in all of that all of that it's completely done 188. It it's all Bruney Ryan Matt thinks that thanks for the common good to good to hear from you but the two things that eighties when he mentioned Larry he mentioned Larry Bird. When Gordon Hayward went down I about Larry Byrd's single season Celtics scoring record might be in jeopardy. He's sounding carries just gonna be volume shooter he's a complete score he's gonna put a top points on the board. But he has been more of facilitator than I thought he would be he is then as mats and a guy that wants to elevate everybody's game around him. And the biggest surprise has been. Carrier Brinkley defects all that's since when is that ever watch you that you didn't last you know horrible offensive that's. A great point in all the things I listed off I didn't mention that. That was one of the things when I remember talking about curry last here in Cleveland say it all I think he's a great player look at how many points he scored that once that low. You know he doesn't play defense is art. Eight images and it does and no he does he buy you look at your week of downward getting all the top ten defense of metrics. Best defensive players in the league he's a top ten. But how do you go from a horrific defense player I don't think that's hyperbole I think people actually believe that. Now I mean it's if I may if I'm a Cleveland fan I'm pissed off because it's it's clearly an effort at that point. Me use your defensive skill just doesn't approve over the course a year by adding an effort thing but he wants it more this year I think. And part of it is probably read zone press clippings so to speak he he knows. What he need to do to be that guy you want that opportunity now he's got an and it's not just about scoring. Eleven out of thirteen down the stretch which he did last night but it's also the ability to. Facilitate the ability to fit into why. The team concept is and his team is built around defense but this also goes. Chris to Stevens I mean this is. This is where I say it will coaching doesn't make a bigger difference in the NBA and he's proving me wrong he's for real lot of people wrong. Visit because the narrative is that NBA players won't listen they're going to be talented or they're not going to be talented. And you can't get him to be something they're not and that's exactly what he's done with Tyree Irving. We went the last time. You had a coach get a star player to do what he's done with carrier being an idea of carry credit short be yet to do away. But I don't you think did exactly what you're talking about it starts with the coach getting in the body and. Yeah yeah absolutely absolutely and it's happened like it's at faster than now I ever thought it would add that this would be. Team there's a few games over 520 games into the season that's with Hayward. You takes a lot of figured out Miami was like 119 through the first when he when they put that Big Three together and then they rattle off ET united when he dinner in the NBA finals a year later the. Well I will say this last night when that first half was unfolding even in the third quarter. I'm sort of thinking OK this is the game where you can write. This is where you need Gordon Hayward for the first time you fell. Where you carries not scoring Jason Tim's time scoring. He could use a wing today gave you want surgery a little bit yet so he this would be like you know what this is. This is why Gordon Hayward is so important. And then at the M today. You know he still poured into this I don't know how you feel I don't know how Celtics fans feel but there is always that little twinge that always like. There really good they've won fourteen they're the best record. Oh my goodness how good with debut this guy's going to be there all season and there all season long 10 where I am for you to break at ten. And I had gone straight to him. But let me let me truck at that Kenny Anderson started by saying that and a sportswriter I'm doing the lane saying about what Carter Colin and it was like -- I was literally. But I started covering the team rob probably remembers being used by being robbed Chris price all those guys back in the day my very first game. I'm rocket into the locker room. And I don't know how to do it Democrats and governor pro locker room noted in Munich and a crash scored a walk over and there's Kenny Anderson sitting at his locker. Where each boy and an image editor mop bucket full of ice. Not together in one bucket by two separate bucket of ice ice bags wrapped around it he's been sitting there eating chicken wings. Out on the court. And try to overcome is like the only guy in a blocker so I don't from Mike Kenny and I tucked her humanity it's like yeah when I finished my check in lines. And I sort of god he slowed down and just started striking every little bit of me give up a stricken look. Before he even talked Luke played chicken wings. That was that was my welcome to about it or try to to a professional locker room definitely. I tell you what that's that was a good team to covered beaches. That was Kenny was good. You have a lot of guys there who is not like you was now you can go up to guys and he talked to home town in I felt like. They're covering baseball and covering the Celtics. But that. The was much more fun to cover the disguise of personalities. Now they're a little more controlled and indeed they keep from guarded and things like that but that it was a good team recover. I must add like a twenty minute conversation my part by with Erick Strickland. Are yeah interviewed them all year by you expect women at our enemy. Yeah I'll estate markets Smart or men's Erick Strickland. That are certain government austerity and a few team better to get the better chance right now making austerity in the market hard all right we got Patrick Gilroy coming up at 10 o'clock I'm sure we'll talk to Celtics who gets them he was he has in store in the Kenny Anderson's joining coming up. We'll wrap things up when you decide for myself and Brad those sports are at WB yeah she. Suits. I had for Gilroy is in the house is gonna take you hours plans. Bar bunny don't you know another in paradise here mr. Gilani and we're gonna talk so that is our definition apparent democratic area here or traumatic this every time you talked about. You talked about oh go right in the wheel house of someone something's somebody wants to talk about research arm of the 2001 draft NBA draft. This Tomas you always give me crap because I item obsessed of that draft there was a unbelievable drought that was a year. Celtics had back to back picks Joseph Johnson Keydrick brown now Joe Forte. You outs and other ones and some we do shirt. Yeah all red one and I did and then missed out on Tony Parker Ernie your diary on Johnson's high school via well they had a draft open to data dirty remark drafted high school did you have a Gilbert Arenas going in the firfer I'm Gilbert Arenas when the first round on our our monitor the good news the line is that we're gonna sit here and break it down for the next two hours aren't on your drive home. You can rehash your your high school days of the Elantra I'll look forward I tell you I was. So Kenny Anderson's attend joining yes as it's awesome. At his retirement go to subway assailant shot a politicized in a gonna subway is an open. I hope so. I my close at ten well I guess that I went over to the festivities across the street for Phil's factory united. It out of shrimp I've counted six likes round but. Now only gets through your job thus I and I said. Imagine a lot of Celtics magic yet we'll obviously will do some Celtics for the first hour second it'll start to incorporate the patriots a little bit I mean they do a big game coming up this weekend. And yup that's that's pretty much it about two hours Celtics patriots can arson and tell you what we're gonna ask the fans to bring us some questions for Dina Russians. I'll let sounds good get now I get that preemptively radio and certainly infant I hear it woke us. Exactly. I'd stick around Patrick Gilroy he's coming out next rob Bradford thanks buddy thank you see you next week yes and you can also listen to me tomorrow. Right on turning well my hopefully we've had pretty journal hopefully with Jack in Alexa but if they are available without trial it's always good to have a backup to your idea in the ultimate pocket. Patio did a great job as always I'm Chris Lonnie and a great night everybody stick around the Gil Oren acts.