Gilroy & Drellich - Celtics have a chance to push the Cavs to the brink 5-19-18

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Saturday, May 19th
Hour 1: Evan Drellich and Patrick Gilroy preview Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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I'm cranky you don't wanna be I I feel this is a privilege to do this line of work but there's no not one bone in my body that wants to be here right now. Really so I was thinking about taken off early and let you do solo for the last hour. I don't know I think I can beat some great radio and my temper. Usually short fuse and because gonna be particularly love today. I take it out and it's fun and I I think announce them is find a sort of new for number to join us here 6177797937. You cannot text the program I'm probably not gonna read them but it's 37937. And I don't know how to find you on Twitter so you wanna tell me on the air tell them. At Evans relic DS and David RE LLI season Charlie gets H the Saturday to edge of the customer service phone calls the biggest spell your name you have to via. Keep the sales of the name in front of them though they're just doing it to verify if it's ever seems like the following along with what you're saying to them. Of course not and they really paying attention to those poor people. They have to you have to help out called they're they're making hundreds of calls today. Like I cannot imagine. That being my existence is every single day even if it within bounds I'm calling for you to help any with whatever went on here I WR it's like are you actually checking whether. Whatever it is what it is so what Celtics I mean this is this is my dream come true or really I mean I got a radio and I got on the radio because of the Celtics unfortunately when I broke into radio nineteen years ago the Celtics were awful late they were terrible for a long time. So forty story have and I was at 22 year old nobody I had a co host. And we're doing via the Celtics pre and post game show on their flagship. I tell you that there was zero media at the guard and they treated us like royalty we were the only two people. Religiously covering the Celtics in the earlier part I was. Report of the 22 year old did you get this game so we were doing the weekend a weekend gig called Celtic pride in the station and regular couple hour phone calls is what it is type show. And Jeanine Jeanine Myers a Jimmy young sergeant young was doing the Celtics post game time. He had done TV work with the Celtics for years when they were on broadcast media the US beat yet and he was doing their post game stuff and he quit midway through the season. We were there right place right time they asked as we wanted to do it one doing it there they may own the rights to the Celtics for three years alluded to dig for three years. And then that was the peak of the radio career I'd I'd say at like yeah it's not good to peak it's wonderful. What are you what are you referring to this moment and what now we're Saturday a beautiful Saturday afternoon embossed on what world is whether I'm here with the U I've worked with a few people here. I generally work solo but I think this might be the highlight. Of the other Patrick Gilroy experience here at W yeah. So it the Celtics this thing is big because they're they've got this opportunity in front of them. That nobody saw coming this year and each and every time this team is sort of hit a milestone. I keep. Fighting myself haven't checked myself that and because. When they lost Gordon Hayward I said okay. 45 points at this Gordon Hayward was supposed to be here. They're number one or number two scoring option supposed to be this big huge offseason pick up it was more than five minutes when the rehashed that. So immediately go from. You touched on the watch the clip of really know why am I going to. Is that a lot to I don't wanna see us I don't know I just don't like it yet that they would immediately evil clip it's it's evil no idea what happened and how the outcome yet. I've decided not to write about it so I McEnroe I diet I can avoid for a smile at the I've probably watched it without exaggeration hundreds of tons. I don't know to torture myself I just kept on. Washington get fascinated league or stuff I don't get and we can get it leaking into the nature of the group of screwed up human brain later on. That's we need more than three hours the idea is that as somebody who take psych med every day just to get up out of bed. The human brain is a fascinating thing out of a home at a medication. It's so bad that it's so bad but you know the expectations changed right so. And that's okay. But the Celtics went off and they reload sixteen wins in a row and as a Celtics bad you allow yourself being caught up in the excitement but you're always checking yourself in the back your brains. But this is fool's gold it's not for re the fact we're sitting here. And their two games away from an NBA final and look Mark James super nice guy eat he said some nice things to me on his way out of here. I. I have to say a few things about what he was doing on the air today because he's making these blanket statements saying that the Celtics if they make the finals and I'm uncomfortable. Even having that conversation because if there's one guy capable of winning four out of five it's LeBron. I hated the fact that they went on and on and on about. The finals but if they are to make the finals mark was so adamant that there is zero chance the Celtics could it's not about winning the series to mark winning one game against Golden State. But for this team that has defied expectations all season law. I find it again and it's difficult for me to the city here and say that they are not going to be able to win a game more to or at least make a series out of it no matter who are up against. Because it only if this happens in the finals to be the first time all year Evan that the Celtics team has it exceeded expectations. It's so I was listening to to mark and John tomorrow Q well and callers call on mark how could you even say that they won't win just one game. It's a package. Here Celtics. Why do you care if they win one game at the end they you know if the Celtics in the you're not going to be gold suit to. A far right or everybody knows. Seven game series he's brought there you're not when they match up well local. I can yet did you look at it can't hack. I'd like. In terms of sports underdog stories at the Celtics were actually somehow pull off it would be up there with some of the great festival. But for the for that exact reason because it would be so spectacular no one expects that and no one should expect it and you're just being realistic. If you look at and say yeah there's no chance that they win like why didn't we go back to this all of that of course it would one game here this. This is that the story of the Celtics used to be a little bit it's like. It's like according someone that you know alternately at the end of the day. No matter how flirting gets in and you know maybe you go to a movie it's just you know she's just not that into. If this is not gonna be the payoff here for the Celtics this year so this isn't. That the back your mind. You one of these guys because act. I hate this mentality in it's it's a Boston mentality where. It's championship or bust now I got a not so bad why can't do so many people aren't able to enjoy the process. Art what they were this year I don't mind it when the Celtics are are rebuilding I don't mind it. Watching the rebuilding process play total refuse years people in this town are championship or bust and they never were that way before this is a thing within the last 1520 years. And now it's. If the Red Sox camp when World Series what's the point if the patriots can't win a Super Bowl what's the point nobody finds. Just watching the regular season games enjoyable anymore and I do it but I feel like I'm in the minority. So if you're interested two different questions here it's a question of of measuring success. I think you can enjoy a ride like this. Where you ultimately know you're not going to win. But that doesn't mean that. That it it it's successful it is a question of of what what what visual criteria. For an enjoyable. Good basketball season. No I get it in you know that's a I think that's a personal question that and everybody can have a different answer to but for the Celtics a tell you what if they. Are able to make it to the finals. And they're able to win a game more to the tablet that's a big deal on two different fronts it's age it's entertaining for that means we're short period of time within that series. The Celtics are in the series you would like to think but on the other hand haven't. What happened last year the Celtics went to the conference finals and they got. Their asses handed to them by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Danny Ainge used it as a measuring stick he said this team is not even close to good enough and he blew up the entire team. There are very few general managers in any sport. Whose team reaches a conference final level winds 55 games is the best team in their conference and they take a blowtorch to about it being Ainge did because. He was able to see where his team was. Vs where. Needed to be any changes what green dream. So the same thing it's messed with the same thing could be said wins this potential matchup with the Golden State Warriors I just you know. We got plenty of time to talk about the Golden State Warriors I cannot believe how much time they dedicated that I guess everybody super confident. That the Celtics are gonna give up this two nothing lead. I want to be that confident but I've seen LeBron rate too many hearts before including artsy or Boston. He's come back from a 20 deficit before that doesn't scare him he came back from a 31 finals deficit years back. LeBron James has been here before so instill the Celtics have his cold dead body in the ground. I can't sit here and wonder about the Golden State or is it just don't have it in. What percentage chances that the Celtics win tonight. Tonight it's it's 2530. And it it's low and lower yet it's it's low and it could be ten if the Celtics worked win tonight. Would you at that point the bronzed bodies that called ground. You said after the political advantage your body the cats and it's not it's not because if there's I know it's never happened. In the NBA before but again there's one guy. It's capable of doing superhuman things it's LeBron James in a seven game series all the prosecutors now well. Thank you glad this it. A glass iron that we can get insulator Glen area empathetic to those who just lost a pacts and the and the family I was. Really feeling the beloved tonight you know Glenn made me feel so much better about things because you know clearly clearly. He's been there before he said he knew how I was feeling. And empathy doesn't begin to describe you know what he was sort of the emotions he had for me yesterday. We we think we can get a little later I hit it the the issue of measuring stick and and looking at success of the Celtics and obvious and with this idea house money to even hears the Celtics players acknowledging we know we're playing with house money. At what point isn't house money what what in this. Whatever amount appeared time you wanna give it three years five years in the Tyree Irving error. What defines success they don't win this year we know that I can win this year you have to let title the next three years what do they go to conference finals. What they go well what if what if they lose to Golden State in each of the next three years whatever might. If they become the Buffalo Bills in the NB essentially yet no seat that's not okay at some point here Danny Ainge is gonna have to capitalize and there's gonna have to be a championship or you'll hear or to failure or. If there isn't one yet to failure it's a complete failure because again in the NBA. It's a it's a talent driven league and what the Celtics have got right now is. This uniquely perfect combination of young talent on rookie contracts and then. God willing Gordon Hayward in ivory Irving RR what they'd then when they come back now you've got your. A stab with veteran talent to pull alongside the young talent and it's those teams the teams that are able to have the young talent Nash with the veteran talent and the veteran talent here by the way Gordon Hayward Tony seven carries 26 these guys are not exactly old men. So that the timing works out perfectly here. Especially because you've you've advanced the the maturation process for the Celtics young guys this year they have essentially taken. The experience that you would get into maybe three seasons worth of playing and they were able to shrink it down to one year so they're gonna be ready next year. To cut start to start the season and then you add in the veteran pieces they should be contending for championships starting. Next year if they're not right now I mean at book the Celtics. I think by definition to be in the conference finals to be one of the final four teams playing to have a legitimate shot now to be in the NBA finals you'll are legitimately. In the championship discussion European. Tension right now they're you know she's just not that into you right now abandoned before though and she's been you can turn it sometimes. I just thought I'd just aren't right yet you got to look forward to the next and so the what is the real window where where word. They can get the stuff so to arrears of three years if it ties relieves you still have now that we've seen the emergence of Tatum and brown you have the possibility of what. That there's so many variables and I'm glad we get a few hours to get into it heaven because. You know Golden State they're gonna come up against some contractual issues in the next year or two they'd been sort of putting a band aid. On their roster after each these last couple years able to get guys to buy in and sign contracts but. Eventually. It's a clay Thompson who's up for contract this year he's gonna wanna get paid for him on greens that need to get paid they've got issues over there financially as well. They won't be the same dominant team I don't think 24 months from now that they are right now to still be great but not quite as otherworldly. And this is. You window for the Celtics is to capitalize while they've got recorded a one under contract Kyra European under contract and you're not you don't have to pay. Jalen brown and Jason pay them they are next contract yet. Because. You can't have four or five guys on Max deals somebody's gonna have to go at some point here in the not so distant future so you got to capitalize and that's nice little two year window that you have what you've still got. Al Horford you still got carrier and you still got Gordon Hayward and and young guys haven't. Got their first real NBA contract yet. One of the other things that marked in jumped tomorrow if you were diving into who deserves more credit. The players are Brad Stevens and to me that question really. It's not about the players receives about either of those in between each beat you talk about this being something that we haven't seen before where. You can lose your top two players still have. This kind of ability this kind of deep roster. Well isn't that on the GM. As opposed to the coach or or the players forget the coach have to make all the pieces fit and whatever but the fact that you had assembled this kind of group. Why isn't that why hasn't that been done before where you had this level of depth in did anybody even understand that the level to lose there jobs contention was no. It's never been done before because what the Celtics were able to do has never been done before you think about the seventh they were able to rebuild on the fly they missed the playoffs only one year. And they were able to do it without taking themselves. Because of the Brooklyn deal they never had to reach those lows if Philadelphia had to reach so they're getting their own draft pick plus the Brooklyn picks they had and they were able to still be an attractive free agent destination because oh by the way on the floor they were winning at the same time so you're able to attract and Al Horford to come here and play with. And and play with Isiah Thomas at the time and by the way that move right there the Isiah Thomas move is the move that changed everything for the Celtics. They acquired a guy that wound up being fit in the MVP race putting up thirty points tonight in the fourth last year. Who completely changed the dynamics of the way that. Other players look at the city of Boston think about that first all star game that I Isiah Thomas played in as a member of the Celtics he's out there are actively recruiting people including Al Horford. They treated. Mark is the war in NA essentially a bag of balls of the trade exception they got. All that talent back in return for a nothing off their roster so did he has been in this talent acquisition mode for years and he is. Really he is reached all parts of the of the world to get this now. Look at the guys he's got here this year Daniel Tice came from Germany nobody ever heard the eighty Ainge knew we was any seniority played a nice role on this team. Dinning has also done something other general managers haven't been able to do now if you go back half a dozen years or so. He had a tough stretch in the draft I don't think it's all this ball because of where they were drafting. He's nailed his last four draft picks. You look at Philadelphia's done or been unable to do you know they hit on one and a half picks so far Joel impede looks like he's going to be a stud. Then Simmons is that he's going to be a stud but he can't shoot Arthel faults who knows what he's going to be you know. So today's day of question marks here you look at the Sacramento Kings the Phoenix Suns these teams that are in the lottery every single year. And they don't get any better because. Their general managers are able to nail the draft picks so that's why gains gets a tremendous amount of credit we go to break here you say this about Brad Stevens. If Brad Stevens on the sidelines of the Cleveland Cavaliers right now would they be down 02. Pigs probably split. SE I think could be up 20 Brad Stevens has been able to. Extracts talent extract wins extract potential. From places nobody's been able to do for every. As for adult we also believe she has come on getting at though it to some degree are our week. Under appreciating or underestimating the talent that is in the air for Brad Stevens to extract. At a certain point it goes beyond coach squeezing out eleven in all the juice out of a lemon and it's well that lemons she's got a lot of Jews. Sought Patrick Gilroy it's seven relic. It's Sports Radio WEEI we'll talk about lemonade lemon juice. Lemon whatever we come back because I can promise you this. And nobody saw Isiah Thomas being a thirty point game guy. Nobody saw Evan Turner who was just about out of the league. After his mishaps and whatever he did. With the Indiana Pacers. And and Jordan Crawford was a guy that that nobody had ever heard of before anyone up getting a nice contract out of playing here. In Boston so yet is that a lot of lemons here but. Brad Stevens have been able to extract something out of them were other coaches haven't been unable to get anything. Out of these guys I think that's a credit to Brad Stevens but the talent. That's but that's got here he got to give that to the idiots that haven't delegates Patrick Gilroy Sports Radio W ya. People talk about you is if you're some sort of vision of what. How do you handle that when it's not some instances your good work what. The praises them comfortable and it's something that these guys did their own. We all have a flying and we all need to play that role blows him. So head coach. Gretzky sell out there that you sell the team is something that we're just not used to see special sports a charming well. The sport if you go. WE guy Patrick Gilroy alongside. Evans relic palladium from your phone calls this afternoon 617. 7797937. You text the program at 37937. Really taken a look at this not only the Celtics and cavaliers. Series that's in front of us right now but also. A a bigger a bigger picture question really is one that. Should be answered because. I feel like you this Celtics team doesn't manage to find a way to win a championship for the next three years. Assuming this is with the assumption that carrier ring and Gordon Hayward come back and are as advertised are the players that they used to be. I think it's a monumental. Failure this team. Does the team that has drafted right they've got the right freeagent pieces in here they've clearly got the right head coach so. That goes to all art to you earlier in our first segment we're talking about how and that's the awesome thing where you know it's winner Boston and you can't see the shades of gray in between chuck. If Golden State does manage to maintain such a level of excellence over the next three years you have that you drop off a tiny bit is it a monumental failure it is they don't win. Because I I would contend that the Celtics fully loaded are just as good as Golden State. Yeah right now senior guard Darren can't dole touched this team just bring back Irene Gordon Hayward healthy. That's it that's it all this talk about Carla at the towns are or. The whole Anthony Davis thing it's not gonna happen he he tasted playoff success this year he's not going to give up for Karl at the town I would I don't want him like that's it eight pounds a great player but he doesn't really fit the mold that the Celtics happier. He's a slower type a senator he's not he's athletic but he's not he's not anti Davis right he he's there's a a significant drop off I think between the two. And in this modern day NBA where all five guys on the floor are essentially position list. I don't think you need a guy like that here if this is it. 1995. Anymore where you need a seven footer to win a look at Golden State we continue to look at Golden State is the model and as the team that. Yeah it's gonna take what ever to get past. Their starting center six foot seven like the Celtics to a young swing guys are taller than dream on green so you don't need that seven footer to win anymore and Brad Siemens A showed us that he's got to maximize. These guys' ability to shoot the three Aaron Baines is the Celtics. Best three point shooter in these playoffs by a percentage point it's unbelievable. What he's been able to do so I don't think the you touch the talent on this team. I think that you let it continue to grow you bring these guys back healthy would be additional your experience for the young guys and you roll the ball up there and you say this team is just as good. Just as good in my opinion next year. As the Golden State Warren. Is it to what is that little Stephens clip blows it we just heard of the the opening of the segment here. The truth lies somewhere between to me I think he probably does get a little bit more credit than he he's a fantastic coaches in the same time we can take it. A little overboard. While. Not acknowledging the players shall not acknowledge in fact that Ainge was able to assemble roster of such incredible depth that that. That to me as the quote unquote outsiders that's what jumps out of me. And outside come on nobody's more inside than a hundred I had literally an insider but for the Boston writes. And it's what's radio. WEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic let's go to the calls the Blair Blair is in Maine Blair your first up here on sports Saturday with Patrick Gilroy and Evan relic. And so I've been trying to open generally. Doesn't you. Know. There are on the baseball shall write. Circuit I. Can I tell you want things to surround the bass boat show can I do so it won't be in front of your team you know one thing just one thing. Also borrowed 9 o'clock with boomer loan in NBC sports Boston I would consider your request. For your key he did I met one day. Two bit LeBron and Shaq are out. Well she a lot and I want you also as silly as well. Let's just say LeBron. Shut up because we're gonna sweep of the matter what happens and that's what I changed. And I think that's not to accept a chance against Goldman thing to. OK there it goes black. And Blair always brings it out now you know I'd much my primary role here at at Sports Radio WTI has not. The city you're in co host of you on Saturday afternoons although this has been a pleasurable experience the last thirty minutes. Let's wrap yourself in late but I primary role is up myself and then Mallard we we sort of together we host late night and yeah I get a couple shifts a week he gets a couple shifts a week and we split that show me and I have to tell you that that Blair in Maine he calls both of us religiously usually the first caller of the evening. And that guy brings energy all the way up into until en route to a morning hairs that are mainly use time and energy they bring blessed with that player Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic number to join us here 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence might be next up here when Patrick Gilroy and relic. I've Patrick yet eloquent art today in allies Iranian ally position I'd like. How they act out these future draft. To be able to recharge the roster ads are moving forward as it was you guys are just. I just eight I think you take in the abstract very seriously. Just the simple fact that we're opening honestly actual followed the shooting guard or some sort of combo guard. Whether or not at Rhode sure get strayed or Smart and just we re agency and the bottom of the strapped. In the top of the second round is that you loaded up well Kabul. And he can find a quality guy maybe upperclassmen. You know we don't need to stalk other teams like open a battle albeit big star in their guys out there place would be bad. Knock down open shots goes hurting our arts. And go forward like that grizzlies back. Maybe the lakers quick I mean the corpus sick days and of course back medal at. That allows them to just continue to add talent Barack. Well and that's being too brilliant to listen I appreciate the phone call is everybody assumes because the Brooklyn picks a roper that the Celtics sort of free for all at the lottery tables over as well. But dangerous at this team up to have multiple picks that they can with the additional lottery picks over the next three or four years between the Doc Rivers trade which. Looks like the most brilliant tradable kinda. I don't care that they only conveys to a second round pick you got. You've got. He got a chip. For Doc Rivers you know you got something to put in the bank for a head coach and then you upgraded your head coach. You've got the the kings' pick next year you've got the grizzlies pick coming up in a couple years so yet there's opportunities here for further. Lottery picks to join this team while this team is competing to win championships. What is the dynamic of the Celtics front office beyond any chances in in the context someone who covers baseball and sees a lot of non players running the show these agent if you. They're doing it but typically. The let's face it intellectual prowess needed to to do the job to do well and not. Get caught up an old school trappings. Might require non playing expert should view it kind of requires an outsider's look at dangerous if anything bought an outside any in his eyes his right hand and the guy named that makes Aaron who's just a brilliant mind. I think I even met my exit yet but it's so day in terms of the draft I mean in who's who's in charge of what you how far. Look what it is that maybe people want to hear this you know I don't care idea I wanted to show a little bit of what makes this this operation ticket. Well I mean Danny Ainge is what makes him unique is he's actually out there they've got to agree it's got a team that Danny is is out there actively scouting as well so like last year when the Celtics worked in the playoffs he was an out of hand for the games because he was out. At a couple college games and and they found him overseas watching some overseas gave so he's. Actively out there scouting as well but my eggs Aaron he is the he's the guy defines it in jams he's the guy that's able to go out there it's a Terry rosier. We can forecast him out to be what he's become now three years from so he's really wouldn't might Erin really took on that role. And that's when the McDonough Kidd left. Left Boston and went to go run the sun's operations and how much of this is numbers based or analytic space when the Celtics are big and and used yet there's a big analytic guys where it's so I think the way that it works is you've got your analytics guide right and then you've got your basketball guy in the two of them. Work very well together and the thing the Celtics have. Is it got widget synergy. With the between their front office their ownership and coaching staff everybody appears to be on the same page and nobody is fight him grunt level all teams had Datsyuk that be nice to be nicer you know eight. Steve this happens though doesn't like you can only have that synergy for so long I mean you thought. That the patriots were the model of synergy for years and years and years and years and years and then some would argue missile site. Some would argue that still are but where there's smoke there's fire and there's a lot of fire the smoke over there I mean there's something going on there eventually. Coming into this segment we played sound from Bret Stephens and you talked about him being humble. Eventually if you like within us that sarcastically this lady truly novel definitely within a success that humility goes out the window no matter how humble somebody's beginnings war so you think back to what Tom Brady was when he was a soft. I coming out of college to what he is right now and that ridiculous sport jacket suit thing that he wore last week. You know he was the most humble of guys as a stick his sixth round pick and you look at him now you listen to him now. Right that humility it is something that he will never ever has ever again it's gone. He's not a home. Liddy became a chip on the shoulder right at that snippet became that's almost of bitterness and five or whatever choice you can transform from its virtual form of something else but I. Humility in professional sports is something that we need more if you wonder why Brad Stevens has been able to. Grab hold of this team. And have guys. Really respect him I mean it's difficult for guys know Brad played some college ball but he wasn't the star and he never play professional basketball. And especially in the NBA. If you're gonna tell a seven foot 250 pound guy what to do and you look like Brad Stevens. How do you get that guys' attention how do you get his respect and Brad has been a mastermind at doing that. And I think that that goes back to his humility he's not looking for the attention he is completely comfortable deflecting it. And letting it rebound off him and go back to the players whereas other collegiate coaches that have come to the NBA had struck out miserably Rick Pitino John cal Perry. Because those guys they're egos are are through the roof there is no humility and they want the attention if pitino had ever won here. He would be completely comfortable saying we want here because of me. And best itself. While. And Brad aside the the little tidbit that's when I walked into the guard and I'm like Boston Celtics like wow and that's what Brad is that who Brad does. And I think that that goes along way. When he got all those egos already in the remove all the player. Certainly challenge something generally not Bret Stephens who viewed it surely does come off as humble huge election like a really charismatic enjoyable person just in the little. The the video clips I've seen right I've never really been around them do my Red Sox coverage but it did Stevens for training he should go to great. The the when we say somewhat humble or not. I think a lot times are guides this fight for more refer more players anything else who will in there you know little media's sound clips come off of humble. We have no idea there really you know behind the scenes they could be walking around thinking they are kink on the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's that there go all out you know give all the credit to the team and that kind of language that. Just add to make his point very broadly and operates even sisters and I punched there are guys out there that that people think right now are humble in when in reality. You're essentially being tricked. Of course I mean and you know what these guys that are able to pull that off I think eventually we see through and eventually we see through people like that that's one of the big reasons why I. Have never been able to fully embrace LeBron James and we'll talk about him more we come back but the paper I really don't really I can't I guess there's a good look because he's a great basketball player but he doesn't know who we use and that's the biggest frustration I've had with them he doesn't know he wants to be the next Michael Jordan the next Kobe Bryant and while he's trying to figure out. Who he's going to be we have fifteen years into his career and he's yet to own his own career you know you watch him if you watch him game after game after game. There're some nights where he is painted on a new airline other nights where it's gone but he wanna be ball does he want hair he has no idea who he wants to be today he says. That he loses sleep after each playoff loss but 48 hours ago at the podium at the guard and he said not an odd I don't lose any sleep over lose these games he has no idea depends on who he's talking to at any given moment in and of PS flies out of asthma to have an Iraq that the quality. And A-Rod was not exactly eyes and raced around this country. Let Israel has discouraged if it's it's it's the B Cooper tell the the players who were. Truly probably better than anyone ever and and that it somehow some other screws you up. I guess really know winning in this world you can be the greatest possible. Talent an athlete in deciding your sport and and yet there's still so that you can't figure if that's sad depressing it's Saturday. A we will get into sad depressing in the medications that we all take two out relieved that coming up later in the program and his Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic room for you at 6177797937. Still. Forty years from now at a bar. This will disappear into the either bad news for LeBron. Is going to the finals. Getting swept. And having that conversation we had last year you know I think Durant better the LeBron. Boston's gonna go to the finals and get destroyed and the last thing that happens in an NBA season. Is what we remember this disappears. Into the ether. Collins Albert right there talk about LeBron James and ultimately. The legacy that LeBron we'll leave behind whenever he decides to give up playing basketball the Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy alongside Evans relic taking you guys up until Red Sox baseball at six. 25 this evening the number to join us here 617. 7797937. You text the program at 37937. And we sort of went into the break. Just barely touching on. LeBron James in and you said something that I just. I don't hear that off in especially here in Boston but you said that you kind of like abroad why why why I think once he. I didn't get to hate him but Soledad we do a lawyer to enjoy watching LeBron James Lee is LeBron somebody that you would actively root for. There are plenty of people who take who have taken up his cause specifically related to have so me personally. I don't know if I actively root permits someone Negroponte knicks fan and I think you'd be the greatest thing the world of the knicks were somehow. Land of lightly he's he's at it other worldly talent and it's not like he does. You know I media rod comparison Erica Popper key is that bushel at about LeBron that's just the noise you can he's incredibly talented and he did keep. He literally once or vote. A 100% of the calls and a lot of these guys whine about a good percentage of calls another superstar he quietly and I would rather superstar lead by example I would rather superstar take. Outside nearly this is entertainment album LeBron is asked am I naive is that what's going on it right if I think like. People who want to who kind of want the the quieter players and in the conformity you know baseball life I want to want unwritten rules govern don't. You want to try all you want the guy who's gonna say something that's gonna make you think or maybe possibly annoy you and what are. All. They get so locked please give me 678 Utley that everything he does is so calculated so comes up so fake that's. Annoyed I did that kind of stuff I don't think this type it is an era when I'm watching Roger broadcasts and even better since. We used what he's doing this year with U of you you just knew we didn't know how to act in May be LeBron there's some there's some searching for four. The right personality I I guess I didn't want. I mean look around writes oh LeBron James is somebody who had. Half a dozen different head coaches he's always the reason why he said head coach loses his job LeBron James is the one that goes out there and tells in the previous. Time that he was with Cleveland I want Larry Hughes I want Shaquille O'Neal I want Delonte West how'd that work out for him and his mom. I mean he's the one that goes and says I want these guys and then it doesn't work out and he says I don't have the talent around me. Right the only time he's ever won was when he went to Miami and it was. A superstar as close to his equal. And as they're possibly could have been at that time in Dwyane Wade and an ice sidekick in Chris Bosh and by the way the only time winning Cleveland's well. We he went to the finals one year. He didn't win a championship is first time around in Cleveland in the second the second time around but the I'm talking about going back in time your somebody gets to Cleveland. And he wins that championship. But other than that one ring in Cleveland and you wanna talk about failures. If he if this thing ends and he winds up leaving Cleveland at the end of the season and all of these years combined that he is played with the cavaliers and he. Comes away with one championship in Cleveland. For all that talent and every player that he forced Cleveland's management to bring in that is a monumental. Failure. It is a consumer that your failure in management wise that only on him because he's the one that does it that I player where he wants to play with. He is such a whiny bitch that he goes in the aces I think I only sign one year deals with a putt would at an option for me for the second year that way I can hold the team accountable and I don't like the players you bring it out walk and everything he does is not about checking into. And every. He does is about it. It's Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic out to the phones Vigo let's go to while Leah Williams on the Gately Immunex up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Leo that loud yeah yard. I. We took so I don't you got touched a lot on all of the acquisitions we made a great coaching the elite young talent we have. I don't think enough can be said about how well those voices in ball in the match and out right now with the leadership between markets Smart and Al Horford on the floor Tyree I know he's teaching them a moot in the fact. But moving forward acting. We're gonna need an answer to these big elite. Jill and coming up in the draft Yani and I think he's gonna be forced to be reckoned with. What are the chances that we. Make some moves to acquire someone like Jerry Jackson. Or Mohammed in my heart Barbara I'm not sure how to not let you pretty close he you know. And I think that one of them from. That connection with the culture and our locker room. Could be something that would be really useful to our young guys going forward under the leadership. That Al Horford and market Smart about it. Creating that great culture we have the Boston now. Limit greeted the phone call and I don't I don't think and I could be way off here but I don't think that the Celtics team has got a lot of interest. In adding somebody to beat the Joel and beats opera I don't think that that's where the right I think that their whole mindset right now this team that they are building. They are emulating the Golden State Warriors did they are going after the same style of play in the same style of players. That Golden State has been so successful with that's the way the NBA's trending there were other teams trying to do that that is well you look at the success. That the Indiana Pacers had this year the pacers don't have quite the talent that the Celtics have. But they play the same style of basketball and and they are going to continue to grow that roster around all the people and played that style of basketball and again that work it pushed. Cleveland to the break in game seven there are other teams right now the Utah Jazz also playing the same style pace and space. Opposition was basketball that's the way that the NBA's really going. These guys in Philadelphia to Olympia I think he's a bit of a throwback player that's nice he's very very talented. But those guys a few and far between so I really don't think that the Celtics or got to go up there specifically. To draft the guy needs to stop Joseph well impede what he's really a one of a kind type player it's Sports Radio. WEI Patrick Gilroy Evan drill let's stick with the calls got a runny. Monies in Connecticut money you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Oh with a broad. Bad and bring in some topics that are out there any big bill and our recruiting and codes. David how how good he'd been good art culture people. Out what I'm happy that Richard. That he wore that the Celtics are bullet that's why I've yet they're winning. Are they opt in could get rain and heat where including Greg. You know out once our hearts are only shut him down well. Subject I have goals are right and you know so the only way to. Quiet and they eat. And you know immediate comment from the sport around Michael. You know teamwork teamwork one's one's what gay and their pollute back right you look the Celtics. And it may camping quite an editing you know I got a whole banked on the Celtics winning the championship. Percent of that three in it now teamwork makes the prewar that it's I would I'd be careful with the bank. It's overrated but but it's important race the thing that the Celtics team is doing right now evident. It hasn't really been done in recent history is that the as a general rule of thumb in the NBA and it's a pretty safe bet. That when you're in the playoffs it's the team. With the most talent or the team with the best player generally wins the series nine times out of ten on the first round series against Milwaukee. Jana southern gumbo was the best player in the series so between the series ran two. The Celtics will probably didn't have the top two players got at least going into the series but Joel and B Ben Simmons these guys are legit NBA players Celtics when the series and here they are too low. And there's no doubt who the best player in this series is. They are sort of rewriting the rules that your depth victors and this is not about depth wit and anything else what we talk about depth. Isn't depth generally. Good for success in the regular season debt usually doesn't come into play in the playoffs. What is what is Glenn always eat the best player always wins or the best player and a trade that that team wins the trade it's a. In Atlanta has played hard way yes well I'm glad nor relations Amy at a god who knows basketball no wind they the the morning show that you think I'm beyond this week actually because whenever early in the week we hear that I think I think Zedillo's I've tried to you know listen to report came on. With them and you can argue about which involved was more compelling that the mere yeah I objected to make. What I closings in point was how much people talked about the playoffs. Being different than regular season games. His point was now that the waived on these days at least it's not that much talk about how much younger players into the learning curve. In the playoffs and and he he this is thrown at the one thing that the style of play that you see the regular season isn't that much different. And the policies so it seemed like that's the direction we're going checked and ideas and agree. He doesn't agree but you know jets also an out of coaching for some time look like yet being Indian and your knicks guys Steve you must have some affinity for the van Gundy. You know thinking back to wit when Jeff Van Gundy was in the trial if that was humble it doesn't long time ago an all time long time ago now do you go back to the supreme well days or do you go back sit John Starks Charles Oakley Anthony Mason in the. You know born 87 so. I remember cells. But I I was always baseball for so yeah I don't know the burst best ball moment I consciously remember the four point play. Okay that's not a bad injury in a member sitting in my Carlos rated them. And that inspired you to get into radios that's why I'm here today at all your dreams have come true that the title and get you up the I think is that it is the Celtics big fifty it is the that in a moment that's. It's sports or by Dale Arnold that's what these two guys completely appropriate you know you guys I think basketball and Boston. Dale Arnold Evans yes clearly. It's Sports Radio W Patrick Gilroy Evans wrote. When we come back will be joined by Dan Greenberg from arsenal sports and they column grainy so I kinda have an idea of the direction that he's gonna take this series in here. But I do wanna see one thing when it comes to Greenberg and this goes back to Mark James it seems like everything in the last. Fourteen days your guys got back to Mark James I'd never heard his name. Said more than it's been said in the last couple weeks and I think it's his mark makes. He makes points in such a way. Where either you either agree with the mile gap or you hate them eight and you wanna punch the radio Tuukka are puke off. And I wanted to punch. The radio the entire drive it. He kept everything he's super nice guy but it released at I mean I I my fist is forming a fist I think he really believe I broke up the world and a blister on my hand because of Marti OK yes I do believe. I do believe he feels like the Celtics won't litigate he said that he's willing to back it up and do something stupid if if the Celtics do win a game so. The fact that he believes that either tells me that he still believes in the theory that the Celtics had managed to. Sort of dispel throughout these playoffs. And that's the team with the best player always when series' theme of the most out when the series the Celtics approving. That wrong right now so why wouldn't they continue to prove that wrong. I am under no illusion where I think that the Celtics are going to beat the Golden State Warriors but can they steal it gamer. So that haven't lost that team at the goats something is going on here and you've seen the young guys take the next step of their progression. We continue to called him young guys but I mean I am almost at the point now where you have to consider decent Needham and Jalen brown stars in this league. Because they're played as such or an extended period of time they've been consistent. And generally. That the biggest divide the biggest difference between. Talented young players and stars is that penalty young players do sometimes stars all these guys doing all the time so. We have to consider the stuff did you read the Charlotte while the sort of like. To that Mexico talk show wilder we come back radio Sports Radio W yeah.