Gilroy & Drellich - Gilroy wants an apology from the Big O 5-19-18

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Saturday, May 19th
Hour 3: Gilroy wants an apology from Glenn Ordway for how he reacted when Patrick's dog died.

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That's you feel like Edmonds though it Sports Radio WEEI. Which we ticking down the flock here to six point by the Red Sox baseball you think it is the closest we'll win. You know you really did know that don't guidance or English or months on OK it's it's. Have excuses for everything. You that you deal billion that is the thing is nothing about my performance that can be judgment musical. Knowledge and nothing nothing to be judged so so. Literally like you appear you're getting paid but you're saying that whatever you do say you're trying to responsible for that's a 100% you summoned David Price a Packard is the best of both worlds. You know you're gonna get me but if you perform and how about not that big of a deal. We get to Jacqueline Saber lefty. Let's let's with the stroke wilder actually it before I go tell it to about how did you feel about pastor so. This whole idea headline was America would love the Celtics of the word from Boston on SI dot com. This idea that I should feel some sort of guilt tour or you know personal remorse because I live in Boston I'm blessed enough to have. Experienced the last fifteen or twenty years is such. Garbage to me it and as a as a writer yourself let me ask you this. Do you ever write stuff that you don't believe what you write it for the sake of getting a reaction. I'm gonna come so you you write you write with a soul with a conscience that I I firmly believe. That the rise of Twitter and FaceBook and social media has forced writers to get I don't wanna call it getting desperate but called getting creative. Because no longer and I read somebody and know and that's how edit stroke feels that cell you know XYZ reporter feels. And I used to enjoy that I could tell you how Bob Ryan feels about transition basketball because I grew up reading it and I know what he likes what he doesn't like act. Getting that personal connection. With riders through. Through a newspaper was sort of magical and now because. Your goal Charl while there's goal is the same goal you want people to click through and read your stuff don't be such a senate isn't it true isn't that how you reach your audience. Yeah but the but the implication there is that everyone is operating. That pitcher writing things designed to be essentially click bait and there are some people who do that Charlotte wilder might you one who does that let let me go back to where your original statement here. You saying that you don't think you should feel any guilt. About being from here the success fifteenth of if you read this piece and said to read this I did. No weird to say Bostonians be pushing. Incredibly straightforward and it's the implication is obvious statement if flick like I British public. I've done of course America hate Boston sports teams like. Like the prince is of a chill while the story here is not how dare she say this it's obviously. What in this story is wrong. She says she loves it. She says that people outside of Boston don't like the Celtics you'll counterpoint there I would say is but also people hate LeBron so that's why they be comfortable. But her overall point that people are going to look at the Celtics and go that meant another Boston sports team has the count looked she looked 1000%. How does she know that how it is she is this hurt if this is reality outside of Austin I I'm from a crummy you. I know and I travel every weekend and I've watched the patriots in the Red Sox and the Celtics at bars all over this country every week for the last five years I know people don't like Boston. But this Celtics team because they are so young and so likable I believe that they have a different that they are able to get an audience in a different man. That's a different argument then she's lumping them in. I don't like what we are you to pick that apart to say that. That that she should better status fact that you know what there are some people we're gonna latch on the team particularly when you're facing LeBron how dislike couple keys that I think it's fair. That that maybe you can make quite a counterpoint that they are so young and likable that even the boss in effect. Goes by the wayside but otherwise like. Asian people on Twitter and and how dare she bright if and she's from here and she's for us this is the really basic simple point that we already knew that. People don't like the Boston sports teams wow man let's get all up in arms about that. Oakes didn't Tom Brady sell more and more ready Jersey sold last year across the country than anybody else in the NFL probably led the country in Jersey sales last year or so in many vessels it on that's probably a double check but I know was Brady last year you know it's easy narrative as say that people don't like Boston sports but the people that you're talking about. Are the people that are bitching and complaining. And those people always allowed us ones I really don't think that the masses hate Boston as much as Charlotte wilder implies I would really go. Elizabeth is always the bandwagon effect of the same you know the patriots. Duke whatever the Yankees and you have your select few teams in every sport and leave it that you by the large bandwagon contingent on them. I think if you're a quorum quote true pacts or Boston fan and you don't really wanna count of people. To begin to right you're right she she might be discounting the number of people walking around. Of Manhattan with but with Frazier Zhan not because of premiers because they'd love to see the greatest quarterback of all time or fine. But I just like I don't understand the sensitivity of ball like. You would do you think people also also hate this sports. I think that people outside of Boston hate the patriots. I think that they got the south I and they don't associate the word of the red so I think that people outside of Boston are maybe getting a little tired of the Sox but they don't hate them people hate the patriots the patriots aren't easy villain for a lot of reasons. They consistently win they cheated they've got a guy that looks and acts like Belichick at the Helm I mean it's perfect. The best looking guy in the planet is their quarterback everything about the patriots is perfect to pick apart and they hate. But I don't think I think she's factually inaccurate lumping in the other three teams here I don't think that there's heat for the Celtics up there let's be. Everything is a trickle over effect between the path not really that nobody else any I think it's two completely different fan base as people think sports towns in new York and Boston 82. That's period. That's okay but that does that mean people in Montana hate Boston. But you have to leave the rivalries out of this like leave New York Boston Philadelphia out of this let's just talk about the masses out there the messes up there I don't think. Associate the patriots with the Celtics. People who eat the northeast Putin might appear. And overall guy in and one stoplight town and in the middle America do you look over ago. And I hate page it the chill pill Celtics know either winning I think you're at my thunder. Take the myriad different about the Celtics the Bruins even the Red Sox the patriots. I'll give you that. I can never win that argument people hate the patriots health I get sick of the patriot sometimes I mean everything about them. Especially now where everything is going to be the drought is and it's up to another level right now so when you've got the situation with the Celtics. I think that they are so easily light not not for nothing. But this is the ultimate David birds collide argument right and it's Dave adverse collides right now against LeBron and then it's gonna be delivers Goliath again. When it's the Celtics and golden state of the Celtics in Houston I have never ever not once and I light lights went went as Goliath ever been. The guide its favored here what is Goliath ever been the good. But you're to fully extricated from the rich get richer and I think it's impossible for some people because at I see it I think that was to some degree. It's it is the Boston sports scene getting rich even further that's great but put you can understand how people would look at him go. And if if this was there with a different uniform on the same set of players in the vexing thing you might see more people. Like him even more I think that's totally plausible. Are you saying that though as a new Yorker as a as a described it as ever as a disgruntled and expand the like like get my generally don't let that. That much about about the you know I think there is definitely the outsider element with a lot of how I view things. I can understand that it is a part of me that is actively like. Manner which the Celtics would win if I don't feel. But the sentiment she's describing here is is definitely re. I did I just I I don't. Again the reaction people had this to we're about to Hershey beat you put a basic truth. But it's not though it's only good is if she had written this story and came out in January around the time of the Super Bowl and this was. Something they came out would see in that week between a right. That's fine but we don't want to these patriots win the Super Bowl I can't believe that there and made the same comparisons to a family portrait but that's the family picture Christmas cards whatever perfect family that would be fine. That's where this story belong to take this opportunity with the Celtics and to lump this team in. This team and we did the patriots it's it's factually incorrect the Celtics have won one championship in the last 35 years one this is not been that the model. See that's actually correct it's a gray area it's it's there or people who look at the market on hole it's getting into defense sickest of course it is. But that'd that would Sam I'm sick of seeing. The success of Boston period because we talked about it for years and years in the overall success of the Boston market or people you're I think third they're probably two groups of people. Those who resents the ball smoking hole in The Who might alert that the patriots those who might not let anyone just because they love everything in. They were flowers in their hair I don't know the time it's wrong. Hey it's wrong and I think I'd be Europe I don't think that the Bruins. And the Celtics and in even the Red Sox are lumped in there with the patriots the patriots hate in other is sex outside of new York and Philly. Because those cities absolutely would don't want anything to do with Boston of course but this let this latest thing right now with the Celtics and sixers in the last series. Not only did that reignite the rival LA you execute and the Los Angeles but again you're bringing Chicago you're bring up rival cities original six cities that you are. This is hard to do in that in regard to. Dominant forces in this matter to begin with that why they is widely discount those feelings of those both of what we kind of tune in port begin. I don't know because people claim that they hated in the mid ninety's late ninety's bull because they got sick watching Michael Jordan when people hate winners but then go back and look at the NBA and NBC's weekly ratings when they were in Chicago vs anywhere else are right everybody tuned in so it's easy again it's an easy lazy narrative shot while there's a better writer in this this is the easiest lay easiest thing for you hurt to do because. There's absolutely. No proof behind it there's there's nothing she has to do to go out there and back up her claims. She does that what she's supposed to do a scientific survey ignore people across the country or why not why. Because if you're going to generalize an entire population of leprosy she yeah she probably 222 hard line to the scene and if it probably should have a little bit more. People would I would I would bet a lot of money that if these if that again the same. If Stevens thinks that players and different uniform on there would be people who liked them more it's because the Celtics have not been looked at as an underdog. Well I would mean they had it looked at as an underdog of the franchise if if if you were to if you report really so so. Let's do this OK welcome back to win Reggie Lewis died you know what happened to them. They got 00. Relief from the league this team has been up against it for the last. 35 years this team has not enjoyed the that the fruits of success like they did in the sixties and the fifty's this team has not. This doesn't matter for perception perception is as title town and the Celtics how many it was eleven for Bill Russell is like. But what did know he's eighty you always been a heart attack today about outside from a middle America perception middle American isn't a Bill Russell is half the players in the NBA don't even though we is now. Like they don't. Charlotte wilder you're doing the wrong that maybe you could have been a little bit more nuance to slacken up another writer. I love every writer never ran out and anything that Saddam alive and to think that things would assume it angered me about this piece was. She's not attacking you should think you Boston game you should be you should you do that that's where people are taking this wrong. Also guilty about it yourself if she just told me over the world again who is you know she's exactly who wish to speak I think you can make it's a reasonable inference to make that generalization adult I don't think she's below Boston sports. We think he would choose what you're more likely to lighten the I think I think in general pretty basic that these people probably had enough. But what is the story is what is you can sum it up one tweet right. That's you to send people probably had it under Boston's success but she's. I do not believe in generalized in the four sports to get put him off all together into one half I don't because there is a core group of people out there that are NHL guys right and a core group that are NBA guys and they generally don't cross over and baseball and football the same thing out there so. For her to take it for units ache. And considerate to the Boston market Chicago market and generalize people cheating on this addition of the Celtics because the patriots have won multiple championships the last ten years. It doesn't make a lot of sense. Short art fine there's some people who who will see it that way that you describe that direct. She didn't allow for that possibility but I don't think it defeats a larger. And I I believe would I I believe Armitage generalization that if and when the Celtics eliminate LeBron James. The Celtics will be celebrated on a national level for that and if and when they're ever able to make a true series and fight out of the finals would Golden State. That's country or we're a country will be rooting for the dogs so. What is the country hate more looks at the scientific scientific study. LeBron James or Boston sports here that would be an interesting question I mean it's who is who is more. It's easy enough to figure this out the morning show does these things all the time don't they are they gonna try to figure out if it's gonna be Roemer or Tomas he threw one of these. Cited studies are Roemer was winning last time I checked Roemer was like yeah. Regret coming back is I like him he's talented but it's not good for from me on late night so. I have I'm on board that you be because he it was unite sharing late night shifts before it was. Then Mallard. I don't wanna be the odd man out that would mean that there are now three late night hosts it now when you don't don't. We think you pick the morning is a gateway for him to do the night again yeah exactly once he's back on. His back on. That's what I think it's well with the attitude and energy you brought today I'm sure that there's no way they would consider bumping you from anything at all. I'd really I I'd ride to the two imposition that that's were I wanna be you know getting three hours of sleep that's awesome. It's awesome it's Sports Radio WEI it's Patrick Gilroy it's Evans relics and signs of life from evident that last segment right at you in Charlotte wilder kindred spirits. Right back right here Sports Radio Aaliyah. Don't really dies or is this like me on the loan guarantee some sympathy no sure socialism and give evidence at the end of this material but you know beat you. You can't just charge it would. Apparently. So I feel like I don't know why the medal of honor that's been out there first five minutes of that to our beat him talking. Polonium. Glenn normally. Making fun of the fact that you were dog died. He questioned. My saying that my dog was that he thought it was an excuse for bad take I had a David Price. So you're on solely. Yes this is what our final hour in the final segment final hour slower it's nearly 2 AM yeah. And and you are telling listeners that point from the personal. Ruling deeply. Moving ultimately the week before. I closed well late night show but I could she wouldn't hurt for surgery. It was a tough day for me was totally by surprise because she wasn't sick it happened like that right so I closed my show and I told. The listeners the story of my dog and a I got at the but I tell you got a ton of people on Twitter on FaceBook the outreach was unbelievable so I promised. Odd to update them. As the story unfolded with my dog at that time the vetted so shed about a 40% chance to pull through the surgery so I promise people when I came back and update them. There was nothing to update throughout the week she was. You know getting better but just not no big milestones during in the next update was unfortunately when she passed away so that's what I did. England order had a problem that's I don't really diet or is this like me Bono and gain some sympathy. Don't mess with people on there and their loved ones and with the that dogs loved ones right I would lose a daughter pander African goldfish understands. There's some people out there that don't get it with Pat's right that there absolutely are and and Glenn surprises me when Alice pack what he says later on in that hour he's talking about he's had. Not to Golden Retriever is I think that have died. And it's like yeah yeah and that's fine late he doesn't get emotional out plays dead on the and so I guess so I guess so. We should have been able to ascertain this port and listening we listen enough all math for you read read yeah I don't detect much shall there. I've been listening to Glenn always since I was six because growing up I had to go to bed at 730. And he would call the Celtics game so I would literally listen in my bedroom after my parents put to bed and I'll demands make it funny you're dead dog you can imagine I was I was crushed I was devastated that guy was the guy that I looked up to he was the reason why I wanted to get to radio he was my idol were pulled from Lynn masking LeSabre right now and just wildly disappointed I've got a picture. Of Glen ward way and as a fat five year old. Next to my ignore the fact tiger and he's felt he's the that five year old next to my uncle and my father also they were skinny five year old. Part of a little YMCA swimming team all right like this is he's known my family for years now that's he doesn't know me personally but he's known my family for years. And for him to take such a low blow I expect more from a guy Lakeland or little sincerity not think. In a mile and Cassidy. The question that's the thing all he did was reopened the wounds so that that moon was it was so difficult yet understand. She passed away at. Well that night I have to leave my house city 45 same thing yes. I have attacked our ships starting yes I understand pen so I have to leave my house at 845 to get here for 930 do you look to show Oprah. The wound was over graduates don't. So we put the dog that night I. Mean I went to Wal-Mart real quick it's right on the street got a big rubber maid container that can lead with a politely to blanket down put a pillow when there putter in the air. Put her on the deck and that I to the next day off from work this did you do when I just showed it to the dog was on the deck lawyer and a dog was on the deck via cover protected covered and protected. Dog really guy Glenn owes an apology. I think he does I actually think he does like the big video he owes an apology. It just it was it was a low blow front classless move from a guy that I thought was a classy guy. May even mean Nino which we can give the benefit of the doubt some of these situations but that's what he should go on with you. I will say good good person walks into a radio show and makes up a sort of a dead dog too in the morning. You use your head for second money. But let them do Maloney you know despite all the average Al stuff that we've had all year long that people think this heated fight whatever I don't think Maloney lakes he personally all that much. But he was classy enough to drop me a line make sure it was OK and then he stood up for me with this thing with with -- so it was -- -- come to the rescue there. Utility lose. Was the people's I guess that's also tomorrow Sunday 9 o'clock NBC sports boss to do we just through this whole segment to lead up to you yes promote your show plugging in the hot. So that's good idea that we don't you wanted we wanted to sort of tell that story get to it but I was just really surprised and here's the here's the kick in the ass the whole thing. Those pictures I showed you meet in digging my grave for my dog. That was yesterday I sorted yesterday at 8 o'clock in the morning it took till 630 at night to get that finished product that you saw I listened to yak in my eight year all day. I listened to this segment alive as they went to make it fun of me and Mike Shaw called dad and I couldn't believe my ears I always. Absolutely devastated that my wife starts texting she's in the car. Going to pick up some things from my dogs rape and she says they're talking about UN clos. It was awful. If you think about Colin now I don't I don't wanna do that out of class up that show. All. On how to find more about it you know it's by two out of three of those guys are are awesome the third one I don't get it. He's a legal guys are supposed to stick together I guess it's over. The hot at just the quick head of the currencies and come up in the first I don't know how how we first started I think that they came. Out of break today these some of my voice say no initial open and anywhere you were little emotional I was a little emotional yes it is understandable but I didn't crush the. We think it's the same morning show that was they're giving crap somebody else. For crying rich chief I'll win holly left his voice craps tour would wasn't you know what. You know what land you know what all of left guys it's OK for men to have motion to OK you know it's fine all right decry. It happens. I'm just looking at the clock right now because. My father who would not agree with that statement. Father what he loses every show but he's at church right now so he didn't hear that says he's not getting here this yes OK for guys to cry. I think we're getting a society is moving more in that direction and Dexter mad must be bad they can't cry over there dead dogs that group. I attitude you know what I believe I don't believe that Glenn even believes a word that he did not I don't think that I suggest that look that we heard that the Celek on the realty. Tries admit maybe he who has spoken of there that's key it is Celek is going down rhodesian quite realize with the road leading to those who truly. There's a dog. It's out there who there was no. It's surprised at the end of the dog sign that was not a now you noted in so I think I think you're right he realized as he started making that turned a home. Oh crap any sort of backed off a little bit because the way that he entered that segment. He was all and he was guns plays and start and he really backed off towards the end. Now from the top of the second hour on Friday that came out I think with you on Thursday night talk about Alex Cora teach and David Price. And they can now and then mr. tightly don't know it yet. In other words. They didn't like might take when it came to rock quarry in price as applied Iranian. Instead of just attacking my take. They took a very low blow and immediately. Went for. The jugular. We all know what's your take a cart pursuant to the moon breaker with the now. We consider operate a so it's essentially. I thought that gives a question a few people called into late night asking why they left price in there and the obvious answer pretty it is asking well the the obvious answer dumb are you Jacob you gotta go for. The obvious answer you know is going to be that. He's he's role he's he's he's performing well he had ninety but. I also threw in there that Alex Cora is not pleased with David Price in general you could tell that he was horrified about the I haven't talked about. Four night and carpal tunnel so to help the David Price the the bullpen needs a break Lieberman he's not gonna do me a favor and take Tommy next appear on Red Sox review. Done. You know you're on the air. Know you're there on how many year you on the dot. Process to I'm gonna go to that direction you are or David Price elected him to give all right decision what to. Was to make pitched it out. Our manager. Joey Cora. Alex learn and protect protect our pitchers on your lead decked out Asian. Because maybe Alex Cora wanted to teach and again baby Ellis or wanted to teach him a lesson medial score one of the man up. No court has been their before and that's what I like about him so maybe after all the BS from last week in the fort nightmare carpal tunnel and everything else then I'm short may chorus sick to his stomach having to go to the podium and talk about. May be let them all there. So price could act that actually finish a job that he started. You have to understand to out and that was the tail end of 45 of these phone calls we have extolled all of the positive things that David Price did against the Tripoli Baltimore Orioles there was nothing left to say. You know and I do think that there's something to that though I don't think that court's gonna do price. Any favors any times. Jewelry to get my passion defense of their pricing or we come out say that because you're the only one that's offending these so that's big news. Take care for instance with. This is said all right they're Sports Radio WEI Patrick Gilroy Evan relative will be here until 65 Red Sox baseball until then we'll continue with the Celtics thought. You'd David Price thoughts your Red Sox and yet he dog died. We don't talk about that together to read our Sports Radio a UBU. Killed. The. Sports Radio. WPI Patrick feels really Edinburgh picking guys up until 6:25. This evening Red Sox baseball. Don't some have called Red Sox. Looking to what I get back on track it's been a tough gold that they had that incredible start but evident in their like 500 over the last. When he that I every team in the division and at that they were going into the year and pick the best team in the division last year. And they're gonna need to trade for relief pitcher they don't have any larger text them to do that losing Kirsten Smith does hurt no matter what their number of intelligent were comfortable with our bullpen million out. They're not clearly there's a way they're not noticed the price issue. I got a couple problems with all the waves unfold in one of them is the whole he would want the ball. Okay the guy digs out starts against the Yankees in early season and April man but in the playoffs against Houston Astros last October. He did multiple. What kind of sense is that it wears its line in the sand that David David Price is more scared of a regular season early season game against the Yankees. In either of pitching against. A better team Houston Astros in its when he seventeen playoff. You're talking about David Price as if he's psychologically stable and I don't think he is I think that's part of the problem here I think David Price to compare where he was that. Mentally the end of last season to where he's at mentally to be getting this season you talked about two entirely different people so. I this sort of less so this at the end of lessons now when he when he came out of the bullpen in the playoffs. Was a difference. I think that right now he knows that. At that the microscope is once again squarely on always going to be well you know what. Going into spring training this year there was some optimism surrounding David Price people ready to celebrate him and let up a little bit. It was a breathing room and what are you do not only is he did not pitch well. He digs his own grief he makes this thing so much worse nobody wants to hear about. I cannot pitch because I play seven hours of video game today are we don't know. We don't know that the carpal tunnels tied to the so his figured OK we don't know. Okay all miraculously he start playing instantly he's pitched well a little slow getting treatment it's also something he said that if you listen and read through what he said close he said that he's had wrist issues. In the past for a long time he would never had a severe an episode as he had that Sunday. Where their bullpen session right the worst he felt that the question. The big issue for me all along and this goes back to April as the reasoning email Dave Dombrowski about it in April. Was how did the Red Sox know. For sure. That nothing else was going on besides its circulation issue price that he happens and it hasn't use acute. Even peer pressure talk about it after most recent start in on new with my wrist and who was my shoulder new wasn't my oh my whole point. Don't know Jack these reports. Medical doctors. You don't know anything to you go and sit through these exams in some of these and they went through work for heart conditions. He he mentioned. He could have gotten results back that were scary. What did you talk heart test fresh fighting for the people that sit there ago. Well I mean look how well he just pitched easily could pitched against the Yankees. Yes knowing what we know now after the testing that showed carpal tunnel. Yet he easily could that she gets in the problem. Is that you didn't know. And wide range you know because a month earlier in April and and maybe maybe you would give the public carpal tunnel if that at least possible right. But you did not go for nearly the same extensive range of tests that you did. In May I cannot be sure that was doll I can't believe you do and. I ought to just what it's about. No it is what it's about it's about you know what. The Celtics have this incredible man understandably are condition you'd think they were dumb for skipping a start now let me finish that's the Teva and their staff who's the best of what he does jet with these immediate relations. And not only does he coordinate. What we do with the Celtics and that's it we need the media he also guides these players you'll see him next market Smart doing a post game interview the stand right there if you prevent market Smart from saying something stupid. David Price. And medium or would you prefer someone be left or devices or record to the saints I would prefer David Price be coached to say something if David Price once. These people be its price he's not being on its first of all but it David Price wants to be light if David Price because that seems he wanted to problems he doesn't like that he's not. In raced here if you want to look we all want. We all wanted to but it's hard to love somebody went season I work between my two jobs I work seventy hours a week on average that it take care of my family and that's what most people do I'm not it's not a local meat that's the majority of the listening audience that David Price has what he says things like. I play 21 out of four night last night it must be nice to have that time. Nobody is gonna take that they while Derek goes there there's an explanation you know there's something there that we can use this positively to reflect agitated. But people have those kind of premonition all the time they turn out wrong. Which as you know on the Putin's eyes and knew he was the killer and I got a really didn't give in and you don't look at your own eyes in the mirror and and no. That you had carpal tunnel you know it's just it just felt the way it works so. That somehow from the very beginning from April when I emailed them wells did ask him. How do you know anything he said I can't discuss that is because of hip helped you could've discussed that you chose not to because probably would have made him look bad. Because who knows how much of the stock they knew I had to you know with a wrist issues in the circulation issues part of their notes when they they signed him. Because circulation issue is which which is separate from the carpal tunnel although may coincide together. I think they're they're two separate things. Don't forget about it and he allergies I mean yeah. Okay what are the allergies are affecting him the same day as the carpal tunnel and it's the same time where he's having a circulation issue my goodness how was he gonna get rolled out of the field I get. So when you poles six the other I understand the perception creates I'm not denying that it does sound like is hard enough to just get out there pitch right. I get that okay again you had to know that he was Jewish will be more major carpal totaled completely ruled that out with the allergies. That was the most ridiculous thing of analogue in and and talked robber effort about that tomorrow should be me him and Chris for wanting on a ticket Narnia. Right that published works out counselor I don't know. But rob Bradford saw David Price leave it opens against her. And the reason he was given at that time Bradford was with allergies. It I guess possibly could have Keith so bad. But he had to leave the bullpen but the fact that lined up to rec league with its timing of the numbness coming back muted sound very much like. Price in the red sock for covering up for why you really ended apple patent session. Early and if David Price with the start for allergies. He'd better put forth the very clear explanation of how these allergies affect them because people are not gonna. I can't remember hearing that and I'm sure this couple the server and I would say they're very terrible allergic at the moment but that to be the most extreme so that would hold. He tried to outsell so and allergies. At the same time that you of the numbness that's got to be read to the opera. Listen the thing would David Price is he's his own worst enemy. I don't think and maybe I'm wrong here I and I said this to start the season on late night that's it for this but this Red Sox team to. Reached their World Series aspirations they need the best out of David Price beating the unhealthy. It's not possible. I just I firmly believe that what you gonna get from David Price right now is a nice seven to eleven game stretch he's never had better than pretty damn good for starting pitcher could sentinel have an idea I mean when I thought twice about what I say I don't mean pitching effectively I mean. Ability to get on the mound. OK I think he'll have a nice stretch guys healthy enough to get him out. Through this through this so we're waiting to territory now where let let's say the carpal tunnel crops back. Where were you you will have an interest in question of course he pitched with the now that they know what's up. And and and seemed to ruled out the other possibility I don't know I can't say for sure liberal. Everything but if they've indeed rolled out your heart conditions and all our problems elbow issues that could lead to numbness whenever they get if they indeed ruled that out in Danny doesn't take the ball. You're you're right through the window opens to art is he tough you know as if he's puppies you would want him to be. On the map but public they yankees' starting April where he was he did pitch in the circulation issue he could fuels. The kind of pitching terribly. All the circulation issue could appeals it was cold out west is very cruel and some good might already easily at the area where relatives are very cold feet I mean really. That's what he's gonna say that you cannot gripe Israeli cold hands just thought official there's say I was terrible ice sucked. You don't want nobody wants I hear that I want to hear what's really going well nobody else wants to hear from him he hasn't earned that here he hasn't earned it an event here. I don't want this is lying. I want all of them to say whatever they feel you don't want you don't want you don't like an athlete that goes out there and owns it when their terrible regardless of the reasons why they were terrible I wanna know why you were terrible. I don't want to I want explanation not from David Price because you don't trust the word that he semis everything David Pryce says to me is at it I hope it's truthful or not I can judge how something sounds while also wanting to hear what's. I carpal tunnel and so bad acknowledged he had no. We know what's up corollary price going forward but let everybody wants to ban them now for fur. Pearl for missing the starting at yankees they didn't know what was it's never gonna work here though with David Price in this city what happened last start. Meaning he pitched very well I'm not talking about the occasional start if I have to keep this this is the misperception with him is it for four this year. Pitching record as a matter if it took a look he's been this is in a strange year for him because he has at least it seemed it would hit that he was helping. It seemed. He wasn't pitching well the majority of his time here what he's been healthy he's been a very good pitcher in the Indy goes back to first impressions in the city in this town. You know the Red Sox open the season waited that it played lately and then went on seventeen to run we wouldn't look at outscored the teen quite the same way if David Price didn't suck. To begin is Red Sox career those first seven starts from Republican in the from the pilot not a crisis been accessible. Well. In terms of how we qualified his performance. That's true. People say he's been bad not worth the money that all these kinds of things. He hasn't been that he threw he led the league in innings and strikeouts and 2050s unlikable he's hard to root for. What what he's pitching so what makes him unlike I get that for some people like you understand that. I'm not Eli that's an opinion thing I'm I can't sit a year ago no he's totally likeable. If there is it seems too polarizing for some people seem to like it was some people's well. He got to give you this from the Red Sox sign David Price Dessens ratings remained in the tank and then brought on Chris Sale and their ratings went through the roof. So you tell me to people enjoy watching David Price that is really had that with a correlation real yes Israel the Euro a year dozens ratings shot up last year. I believe Iran. Sale is is easier persons like off the bat yet it's time involve he's clearly handled the market. A little bit better but but this notion that price has been Alley and bad pitcher hears is while. I really believe I believe about my heart that if you said David Price to a smaller market or back to a dome team. Only be happier to be incredible other element. We know missile thing. They're that this is where this this we're still everybody's missing the boat on this carpal tunnel the circulation issues could they figured out carpal tunnels are. Did they know how much they know what the circulation issue he said it happened one time Detroit if that's indeed the kind of thing that can crop back up in October. Well but explain it and you can't really prevent. You know if you've got to disaster scenarios we get to October. And the guy cannot grip a baseball. If you paid that much money firm and you didn't and in your Dave Dombrowski and protect medical staff and you didn't notice. That's a real problem does that explain away has 4 October performance and I'll be here held Chris Mason who did a fantastic interview on the airwaves with a morning show. Explained in the back of the temperatures and and that the the temperature circulation issuance and there. But this carpal tunnel matter. Which is apparently knew this how far back as carpal tunnel and up the problem with car that's probably don't these these are pre existing medical things that it's like all. She you know said could you know. Perception is so important and perception is so powerful and sometimes perception Evan you know this is more powerful than reality and the perception around carpal puddle. Is it's a secretaries. That problem. Yeah it's something that somebody some some little Dalian secretaries don't knock nothing at but it's what they get it's they are ailment that they get. That's the general perception that so when you hear carpal tunnel. Talking about your thirty million dollar a year pitcher and and you could see the look on courts face he didn't wanna talk about it at all these he's horrified by this whole thing as well. If they had diagnosed it as a mild restrained. That's better give us something better then carpal. Tunnel calculus the reality and then it you're right and who and I think we're agreeing on the same point here that now going forward. If if that issue was still cropping up and they say he can pitch through it doesn't well that that Tibet it's a bad look for him and here's the other thing with the video games you know that day yankees Jamie says. I'm not completed games anymore the at the park Canon purposely. It would seem pointing out that while he. Criminal or Garcia's right so bacillus that kind of you know what would have sounded better for people would have been. You know what I really don't think davidians are affecting you guys but pitching is what I'm here for my number one thing and I'm just I can play them anymore all for even the slightest chance that it doesn't. That it doesn't help and and I want to earth and so yeah he he could have sounded better there's no doubt about that. He needs a coach he needs somebody to help him see the same give the same message he's trying to deliver Evan. But do in a way where the EU doesn't setter up rust knocked it out for because that's what he does so well he really sets it up for the for the media to jump all over him every time he speaks and he hasn't realized that yet. And maybe part of them needs a little bit of the antagonism may may be it's a little bit of David Price. Who's the topic by the way that you know this is newer stuff so now it's kind of feels more relevant but I I got so sick of talking about this guy. He would to just it was it felt like endless with him and it was the same stuff over and over this is released under the new. Realm an area with with price but. Yeah you're right if he keeps it there are things that don't always felt good I but I am uncomfortable advocating for someone to say something other than. What they what comes to mind. I guess I at look at good and you but with him if he had just said mile restrained. No problem people have moved on it's that it's the last thing a lot of threats oxygen is even more vague injury information to the visual that you get though when you when you hear carpal puddle. What do you think. But again OK fine but he didn't know what it yet what it came back he had a heart condition okay that numbness in the hint. You just don't know and that's that was the whole argument for me back in April and others didn't seem to see that's the just like. I told you rule things out between both protesting. Where's your certainty in this situation well if you attack came to that and push came to show Obama. That's right push had to come to shove and it's because I got the shuttle month he doesn't believe he doesn't value baseball all that much that's my opinion I don't think that he cares enough about baseball right now. To go up there and get the answers that you wanted to get why did you hear more about him than he cared about himself what was up would that. And I don't just care about we don't know what his motive was that we don't know what's behind the scenes conversation with the could have been a bunch of things that could have been. Both came in the reflect saying you know we got that's who notices that could have in the red flexing dated police. Go look at this could have been him going you know what I had enough MRI as lately I know what's going on my arm you don't. Object. I have the feeling it's more usually in these situations. The team is never gonna turn down extra fresh ever. Usually I can't actually if we have time of the team would be like you know it we don't want that are usually it's all play. I really my my best hope for the Red Sox in four David Price and it's probably not gonna happen now this year but going into the season I hoped that he had a pretty successful year. Successful enough where he decided to opt out. And get the whole idea here it's good for him to. Is whether he had any more than you know he'd probably look I'm sure he still wants him out here. But given given a choice would you wanna be here somewhere off a promise tomorrow we think compared to like last July or August whatever. That that it's as bad as it was you know if he stays healthy most of the year let's see of the playoffs start do you think he's gonna go to the post season nevermind the fact that he's not get paid like he's now. Is there a possibility that you'd used to like OK things are better renowned. I like it here I like it well enough here. I don't think it'll ever enjoy. Having the spotlight on him the way it is here I don't think he'll ever enjoyed being judged for everything you say in everything that you do he's trained to be adapting a bit though and so much as go to Twitter went lest I mean tweeting that's right you're right about that he finding out somebody had taken credit because he's very hypocritical about this for a while we kept saying. You know that I checked into room and looked at were not responding to a but he wants. And now finally has been assured self check he's got a W everybody everybody checked out underneath it Dustin Pedroia deactivated can. Kind of quietly note talked about it I'd knock it really mean subject but it is interesting I do like it after last year. With guns because these are second baseman sat on both where it's another distraction that he doesn't need that's correct he's older now he's he's got no choice but to train harder he wants to get back to level that he wants to be right. And it his ideas the kind of distractions. The god bless and good for nothing but train hard at it's just about you don't need to negativity in which it is that there is that level you know I get that Twitter is that resonate to cesspool of negative and it is it's. Or three a WEI it's Patrick Gilroy Evans relic when we come back we'll have our vital. Electric segment here right here Sports Radio WEI the price of puppets out there well.