Gilroy & Drellich - Should Ainge or Stevens get more credit for the C's season? 5-19-18

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Saturday, May 19th
Hour 2: Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens have been instrumental for the Celtics, but who has contributed more to this team?

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Nearly banks today and it's another progressive kind of inside. And light green right there Martin smarts. One of this mini mart is Smart. Tightly is that he had a game to. Patrick Gilroy Edmonds relic with the guys them to join a series 6177797. 937. Here it's not with a us right now about. The impending game three what this Celtics team may or may not be able to accomplish. Tonight and what that accomplishment is Evan is pushing LeBron James to the brink of elimination and the hair. On my right arm just started standing up as I said that and I'm sure my friend on the phone right now mr. Dan Greenberg feels. I kinda in a similar way to how I feel right now. I wish I could still run. I'm just trying to make it or not you know. My hat sets I do it's it's a long day isn't it like he woke up today and many in a way like twelve it is a long. Bit of anticipation that. You know our electric grid though you're seeing here. In such a pretty conservative a a the securities of the Celtics I mean it. They've done. This masterful job at home thus far in the class you'll outlined it well today. On parcel that you also outlined the negative that the Celtics are in there one in four on the road they're splits are every very different in his scoring a 110 points a game at home only 94 and a half. On the road what does this Celtics team in your opinion what is the way that they can go into Cleveland tonight and come out of there with a W. Yeah saw I put the new blog today and it's really disputed that record is not grade credit I wonder or there are. Is trivia bit corporate team that was so good on the road all year. What if you look at their last three or four game that you don't want to pay a lot against Milwaukee. They're playing pretty well that you can't help it is you know it didn't happen not offense to get them over the hump so. Now in this round I think you're going to have to have the same approach you have to be used at the minded. You have to make sure that gardeners are getting the decree with shooters are rotating you advocating. But on the opposite it really comes down to Horford and rosier. And it looked like it took part how. On the road this topic pretty much forget all or repeatedly bet you the people's arms shot on the eve on the road guys like more or art. And repair all ahead of him. That's why they're fit the news for rapidly low compared how to play at home where corporate getting about thirteen shots and I am the third most on the scene though. They have to remember what got him there play defense and we be looking at three. Grades you do you preacher look ahead to Golden State. Are you someone who's convinced that there's no way that hasn't of winning this series and forget about tonight whatever happens tonight. Aside you do you think cavs are essentially dead in the water or the way. Oh god no and I and I would invite every healthy and it's rather hard at the guardian article they. I mean we've seen what happens when we get any sort of lead on LeBron in the conference final. It's not over it that you beat him four times so it's our apartment burned. The series is ridiculous because you're that far back I just because our big miracle or a we didn't have. Back in 2000 while Beckett back to bite at the all premier power that brought puppet brand that's a book upon that. It has been my biggest thing here too because you know listening to the radio listening to W yeah idea the other station the last 48 hours. The people that. Don't talk Celtics don't cover the Celtics those are the ones that have gone to this narrative for screening that you know this thing is over those of the guys that have been really looking ahead. Two Golden State or to Houston about a real hard time with that I mean. I think back to 2012. I don't need to remind you what happened but. Not only were the Celtics up 32 coming back the garden against LeBron James I mean I was there I was covering the game for 89 years in radio. And Stephen A Smith right before the game declared. That the Miami Heat and LeBron James dead I was standing ten feet away from him when he did it and we all know what happened LeBron came back to life. Really changed his legacy at that point. And was able to not only win that game but then followed up with a at the winning game seven you couple that with the fact that. He's come from behind from a 20 deficit before a 31 deficit in the finals. Eddie Celtics fans feeling like this thing it's a done deal because 93 point 8% teams that go up 20 generally when the series. That that's capitals come into them that though that 93 point 8%. Doesn't include the LeBron James factor. Yeah and how it just stress you know and that. The heavier vote for Clinton are in the public favor. Remember who they are you know remember thinking we want to go here. And only time I ever great thing is yes oh combine that with the fact that. You know dark times this year where we thought that they would win that they would lose and that other games we thought they had no chance that they would win. The only thing that's predictable about this team is how unpredictable they are low. Remember that for people the vehicle are familiar to resume back you know the rap I just I can't and. So pretty that there's been a lot of talk the last couple of days to the Carlin the town's information came out last point 448 hours of course. The Anthony Davis stories that we'll never go away yet quite Leonard's stories that will never go away but I I have completely changed my my way of speaking. I am no longer interested in packaging anybody with any picks to go and get one of these guys I really believe. That. Regardless of what happens in this series. If the Celtics this year would this team with seen them the maturation of seen the progression from all the young guys on this team with seen what Al Horford can continue to be. I believe that if they simply. Add the two guys that are on their roster right now carrier ring Gordon Hayward. If those two guys are right and they are healthy. You roll the ball up there would Golden State I think the Celtics are just as talented and they are capable of beating Golden State. In a seven game series there is no need it to shake this thing up and risk. Destroying the chemistry and whatever the that the it factor is that this team has. My theory is if you trade off one too many of these pieces whatever the magic that this team has has got right now may go away would that trade. Yeah hanging you have to remember you know and maybe Hartley and did not do it right well. I think he you know understand. The core they're not Jalen potato and retirees or hurt. Those the guys that Hayward you want a permanent vocal but one that. You can't move but outside of that you look at the Smart earlier in the morgue that is. Both of the kind of guy is where if you were to do something to weather's trade you know the old one of those guys are combination. Or picked. The advertisement deal that would see them. Going into next season where by all that talk about how we should pack it up I read anywhere near fatal gunfight that particular we re though. After court hasn't. Has earned the right to try to pat the Dow when everybody is backed by it wouldn't shock me at the end vehicle outside dad did move just because. He doesn't always think about. Free when you look at the what I like to call the credit pie of blame pine whatever might be here and and who deserves credit for where the Celtics are right now. I have and I'm an admitted baseball guy look at and I wonder about that about range that that to me that that be tell assembly here's kind of getting ignored. For Brad Stevens where do you fall on this. So I was really just that when people have you know Ramadan you are so one or the other terms for me I'd put the hole bigger picture is on. But Ainge particular talent and to be right on that it. If Tom Brad to figure out how to best utilize that talent and put them in a position of the and then it on the players put in the individual work to maximize gold opportunity though whenever we knew like oh Bradley you know guys come out and nowhere. It's not only draft the players have to put in the work you don't southern pride of Isaiah is that you put in the work week due to arrive there. You know indicating that because you guys are hungry and wanna get better. Rather as one of the bat the leak and taking what they do well. And translate that into game. And then went being factor can not. Properly scouting and picking the right players the other networks though. We have not to want it everybody have to do their part and we that would the other band is back aren't in the organism be like that. When that happens that's how you get the. It's Sports Radio WEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic on the line with a straight now from Parcells sports. Dan Greenberg did you know it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where Cleveland went wrong specifically in game two I mean you look at. What LeBron James was able to do at least offensively. Going out there with a 4212 and ten performance it was everybody else so assuming. The bronze doesn't repeat his performance you know you've been a good one tonight but to get 4212 and then that's a that's a big ask. They're gonna need contributions. From JR Smith from George Hill from Kyle Korver among others so all of these. Ancillary guys on the on the roster differ Cleveland. No way you want you can include Larry Nance junior there you'd like. Pick your guy that that you think is most likely to break out of their slump. And B that that extra scored that LeBron James and Kevin Love have not had thus far in the series. Saw a lot of can be one guy like excuse me a jail our court erred on not sure 215 point. But I again I can't stress enough the cavs are very similar to the topic that. They play much better homes here and there are credit rating get much better several pair players play much better a much more confident at all. You've got to expect going in that you know they're not gonna they're all there on that shot at home they're not gonna. Play at least he had had no energy at home so even if secondary players hurt that all the Broncos. Slightly better you factor that in with the greatness that LeBron had. You're gonna have a competitive game so I think we're gonna saying you don't have run core rock or screen. Or street created the Clark didn't pick and roll try to get an array of today and yet look on something right now they've given him not saying and that's why you don't even do you have yet to take over what. Before you jot and agreeing are we watching regardless of the outcome of the series. Are we watching the final days maybe weeks of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers this thing over. I think it all depends on how the news roundup will tell right away if she if you checked out of the period. On the you know he's hit it in himself and either of these games three or four I think that's a sign that. You know mentally gone and it and use that there if he's still fighting he didn't pull out her want to drag it into the final. Among those who are I mean everything from a bird's eye view looks like it's a disaster by. At the same time that you really wanna leave the second time can he go to the west is there anything down about social. Latest it grabs on the you'd a said there because you said if he wants to drag this team to the finals but. Is he capable of dragging this particular team to the finals or is their lack of talent so much more so than we could have imagined. Because it's hard to imagine LeBron putting up a better offensive performance that he did in game two and they wanna losing their team by thirteen points it wasn't close in the end I believe the Celtics have. Have released Gino on both of these games games one and two there was Gino time OK so. That's never a good thing for the opposition. So is this particular cavalier team even a team that's capable of being dragged to the finals by LeBron James. I don't think he did you beat them four times you have to think that he can do it I think especially if they win today. It really without the puck to win one of these to predict accurately okay. Better to do it because if you go back to often YouTube for game five admit you know anybody eerie though. Out of respect for a guy that's. Not worth it to the Bible didn't hit it and has been there a note that as straight as ever if I had the benefit of the doubt that. He's not there yet. All right Dan thanks so much for taken some time and and killing twenty minutes with us only four hours and ten minutes ago to tip off. Our order. There goes Dan Greenberg from Brussels sporty guys by the at stool dreamy put up a great thing today really breaking down the Celtics at home verses the Celtics. On the road it's Patrick Gilroy it's Evans relic we come back let's load him up put your phone calls at 617779793. Cents. Gilroy. Yeah I had a little upside and then it. Relish taking you guys up until. Six point five deceiving and Red Sox baseball until that. We'll continue with your phone calls at 6177797937. U takes the program at 37. 937 done a lot of Celtics I'm sure we'll get into the Red Sox in and David Price specifically coming up a little bit later in the program I. I don't like the guy and I think. I think maybe you you kinda do. And I can't understand why anybody I think David Price and LeBron James should hang out. And as I patient article of the herbal toward her I think so probably have a connection they'll both get along very well together I mean those egos there is not even Roma I don't they. Currently on the planet vacant house both of their egos effectively. Without some sort sort of a leak or some something breaking free. Those two guys whenever I hear David Price speak I cringe he just doesn't know when to shut asthma like that's his biggest flaw in my opinion. I would agree with you that it that he does he tried to our blog that. Today Iran has that LeBron probably have to look I can defend David a little bit a little bit later on at least I think we can do that. Get it a little bit later until then we'll continue would you Celtics thoughts as the Celtics are embarking. On something that I don't even think the biggest green steamers could've predicted going into this season. I'll tell you this going into this season the Celtics with a healthy carrier serving at a healthy Gordon Hayward it was still considered green team are home tourism. To Deere predicted this Celtics team. Constituted like that and healthy. Could potentially make an NBA final and here they are less their two best players on the cusp on the fringe but of having a real opportunity here. To put a stranglehold on the Eastern Conference finals we'll talk about it with you would 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones we go let's go to David David's in the car David. Next up your Sports Radio WEI. Good afternoon guys once I emigrated target might pointed yes LeBron is that David China altogether. Very much so like eagle. It is hoping he would you have a debt said that about LeBron James coming back and winning from three games down like he did in 2012. I think we need to little not realizing that this. Cavaliers team it's not what Miami was in 2012 you're liable the players that's illegal blocking back and won that game and incensed. OK if they go about three NY and ultimately into whatever they go down to itself at slow witted guys I'm almost sixty result. I'm a big fan of the Celtics go all the way back when the eighty so what's my age thirteen 86. Until the. As seen in hole. Justine. To me surpasses gold belt in the eighties us. The superstar. Or you're playing electric seem to me explain and they're winning and I'm Donna right now. And it's big equity gains in Cleveland Cleveland. David slowdown for it because you you're clearly you're a Celtics guys so some of the talk to you for a minute here you you said something that that I must've heard it incorrectly. The U did you just say that. This Celtics team surpasses the teams from the eighty's do you think they would be one of those teams in the in. Ascertained yet because why you'd have to ask what was the reason why if you don't work you don't have Mikhail. And some of those god they had an increase in the plane where it. Rookies guided the team to be talking not allowed this you know this is a better team at the team and how god and individual. When we individual players like LeBron. Jordan. Got a great play as big great shingle plays a standout on the wrong button. Another piece of that pie like Jordan had a Scotty you and LeBron has that little yeah. David you're right there and talk about double Jordan from that you are absolutely right because from Michael's for sample the years he didn't have a team he was able to individually. Get the bulls to the playoffs and to to compete at a high level. But he wasn't able to close the deal when championships in till they put. Good players around him are they put Scottie Pippen around and put BJ Armstrong around and they put Steve currently put Dennis Rodman around and they put its team around him to distinctly different teams by the way his first three PT yeah. Was very different from his second three peat team however they they sort of fit the same pieces of the puzzle. I just did this whole comment in east kind of centered again but I'm not sure what you meant are you saying that this Celtics team this roster right now. Could beat like 86 Celtics. Yes. I. Strongly strongly. Well I got that big I am going to find out if this team is a great team and noble book and not getting the credit that should get outside so. Larry Bird and Kevin McHale. Would make Jason Tatum and Jalen brown they're bitch and I think I hate to say that because I'm really enjoying this team right now. But that's what they would do to them I'm sorry it like those teams he think about and clearly this guy knows his basketball. But those teams the earlier teams that will bring in heaven the tail off the bench and the letter team will bring Bill Walton off the bench late how could. He'd consider those teams complete teams are urged not or threat to our fans know he's not yet but. I I just I'm shocked that a guy that calls himself the Celtics fan clearly. No as the team knows the history. Would even think I played it is beginning to wrapped up in this. Now I think this is taking the point too far the point is that that these guys are playing as the team at their strength is in their cohesiveness. Outside of the individual then I'd add there's an argument there but to say that if you were to line these two teams up. That birds 86 Celtics are going down now that it's. Now and just flat out success. Teams are made up of talented individuals in the 86 Celtics were pretending this other problem here is if this goes back to the I'll I'll talk Brad Stevens all. Who what what were ignoring how talented terror jurors were ignoring how talented Jim Brown all these everyone who stepped up in the absence of curry and Irving Gordon Hayward. If we're pretending like because they were not started before then have as many minutes before. That that their talent is not what you're seeing out but it hits but is it really because all how many of them over their skis. Listen he is it really is it really what it is because us I'll say this Gavin. Evan Turner came here and Evan Turner was nearly out of the league number two pick in the draft. Had a pretty good rookie with Philadelphia. Has had a bad second year gets traded to Indiana does something new there's some sort of sex scandal would one of his teammates the wives and whatever I think yet sex with Roy Hibbert wife. That didn't work out well they will would dispatch from the playoffs. He was abysmal throughout that whole mess no team wanted to touch him. He was out of the league the Celtics gave him a veteran minimum salary for a couple years he comes in here completely. Changes for him why that getting a four year 75 million dollar deal Jordan Crawford. Was a nobody he's a they were 25 win team Jordan Crawford became your starting point guard at times putting up stretches where scoring twenty points a night. He leaves the Celtics he died it cashing capitalize on becoming a good NBA player out of the league. I mean Evan Turner he he's done nothing. You think the system entirely is making the guards and I think that. Brad Stevens has a knack for extracting every bit what do rescues have LeBron James. I think what Bret Stephens was coaching the cavs right now I'm much better with the I think to be up to is that right now think he can get through to LeBron in a way that no one else can. And every single coach of the bronze to the point. Here's my interest at a is that LeBron doesn't wanna be coached in my opinion I think look at Brad change asthma well. Would rather her be allowed to coach LeBron James let let's let's ask you that. I mean if cavaliers did Dan Gilbert came down from on high and said OK LeBron we're gonna shake it up. Brad Stevens available in Iowa. You know I know that. The broadest said lots of nice things about Brad Stevens but as LeBron interested and really being coached is he interested in really buying into the teams system is key interest in and really being one of the bunch of twelve. Instead of LeBron James and every that the other eleven are beneath him let. It's good that that to me it's long been a question of coaching in general is on the coach. To convince or ore management U beauty GMBH and owner of Gilbert whoever to convince the player. To do whatever the perceived right thing it suits those OK he's on coach double. Or is it he's unpalatable until the right coach comes along that can actually get through it would be absolute best coach would impress people would that be the true feather in the cap. Impressive can get through projects at the one player that no one else could reached. It's a it's a alleged I mean I think I think Brad is able to get started just about anybody he hasn't failed yet you know that's the thing he hasn't failed yet and he's managed to turn. Players that were nothing into great players and players with potential their potential handouts all I can judge. Brad on is the success we've seen here over the last five years. I attorney players who were nothing or four of figuring out what it is they are capable dude that's a good way to put it any night is because it's different that you found liquor taking. Whatever copper turning into gold. When in reality you have a little bit of gold you just to know we're find it in side of the purse plus eight it will work how to think the same thing. But but it it's not like he's taking no talent players in creating for Rio look any figuring out how to best apply to tell. It's a great point and a TV that because again I go back the Evan Turner example his rookie year his second year Philly he ever to eighteen points a game. Are right now Philadelphia was abysmal he was the best score on that team. But at least he looks something like the second pick in the draft. But he was never really gonna be that volumes or he's just not that good of a shooter. That just wasn't the role for him and everybody. Tried to pigeonhole him into that role no matter who coached him or what team he played for everybody tried to get Evan Turner the elite score. And Brad turned him into Evan Turner five tool player and this guy became a Jack of all trades he could do everything out there could play three or four positions at times. And guess what while he did it start. He close games in the fourth quarter and was great. At getting to his spot and and he won a few gains or he could dish the ball up and says somebody else that four shot because he could do a lot more than just put the ball in the basket. Just other coaches and realize that they didn't use him correctly I think that's where a lot of reds geniuses he can see. The secondary skills that these guys have that haven't been utilized before and extract those skills from from a place where. These guys didn't even though they could do these things as well as they really can't I mean Al Horford is always then. A solid defender and a great passing big men how much you think Denny's grand thieves disagree. I think they disagree quite a bit I think there's always going to be a fundamental philosophy difference between head coaching and general manager because the general manager's job to look towards the future at all times and make sure that his team stays relevant at all times where is the head coach is looking towards winning right. Now all those dumb enough that that he's sitting there and ignoring the value future you figure for the majority of their disagreements would be Brad wanted to be in the moment anything no Reggie got you out of look to the future and and and Brad not realizing the importance I. I think that if you were an opportunity presented to both of these guys let's say for next year where you had to give up Jason Tatum Jalen brown one of the other maybe both. What you're gonna get. This great player an additional tips you know for down the line future lottery picks whatever it may be I think. Did he change his job is to look at that and take it seriously where Brad job is. Know these guys can help you win right now I don't care about future assets anymore I wanna win right now I think is that's always hesitant here's a picture that's no because Brad Stevens is only as guaranteed as the length of his contract. And and Brad for him to get his job done to the best of visibility and renew that contract and get a pay raise. And had security he needs to win where Danny Ainge and this is that the brilliance of general managers. They can always sell their ownership on yet but we're set up nicely for the future might want last year but look at what we got coming down the line. He's there to give I don't I don't I can't imagine Brad Stevens being that short son of a Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic room for you at 617. 7797937. To squeeze one more in before the break. Let's go to Tim Tim's an Attleboro Tim you're next appearance Sports Radio the via. I racial Patrick received the most human evidently like that like Paula Tokyo I I commend you of being a reporter that is not eighteen friendly reported that doesn't ask the hard questions. It maybe. Not a politically you're on now unlike other applauded and bought and unlike will recover and not a a little ought to back in the day that I'm afraid to ruffle a few feathers by. I wouldn't say that David is probably not 40000. Self respect and actually QL I mean wood and seven Portland Albania blocking the blood. Against this is the new consultant to David was getting back. Well it's like on the south as they would beat them. On. Talk about it credence talking David that the report. Abbott. Yesterday was up. Oh. Wouldn't say I hear all the Talking Heads on ESPN a lot of it saying that the Cleveland. Doesn't know what you're going to don't have another guy helping out a broad. But didn't Kyle Calder scored eleven points in the second quarter the other day and Taiwan Lou buried them on the bench. This is the difference in this is the importance of coaching and listened to him I'm up against they've received a phone call but it's a great point this is where coaching comes into play. The only other guy in this series that has shown signs of life for Cleveland with Kyle Korver in that second quarter he reeled off eleven points and you look locked it. What does he do for the second after the game as Boston continued to come back because the eleven point deficit to four seven going to happen and would before. Midway through the third quarter the Celtics had taken the lead throughout that whole time. How Covert on the bench JR Smith who was 04. JR Smith got outscored by Arab leader in game two that's all you need to know the fact that admiral later got two points and Aerosmith got nine. I don't understand it's not a tale of playing great defense so Jalen brown Jason Tatum wherever he was defending they got to the hole will they scored at will so. You can't say that Kyle Korver is not a talented defender so we want a better defender in their JR Smith was useless. At some point you gotta cut your losses and whether you cut your losses for that deem weak open for a series. This plenty of time in between games to figure that part out. But for game two at and I have no idea what time who was thinking leaving JR Smith out there. Who's thinking shall Brunswick. What's that. Apparently nothing not much right I think that that's the incident that not much going on up there and tie lose another example though of a coach that LeBron James hand picked. Because he knows that tie Lou is somebody that I poor Brett brown and walk all over what do you mean the choice. I'd. I think wraparound and Brett brown at least I think Brett brown is eight. Very intelligent basketball mind he might not know how to execute it perfectly as a coach yet he's not as polished as Brad Stevens is. He gets a lot of credit for being next to Gregg Popovich for many many years and that sort of his experience. Any good Eric Mangini. And that's that is true to break point he was terrible Brett brown was terrible in the celtics' series there is no getting around that. But he's not losing his job because of it he's proven enough over the years that he can at least coach in this league the fact is this. There's a lot of bad coaching in the NBA city you started to show talking about it. Brad Stevens and does he get too much credit. I think he gets a lot of credit Evan because when you get a great coach in this league. Raw like how it's shocking because there's so many people that are terrible at their jobs sort of leading the way for these teams out there. The obvious of these is is the obvious. Unlistenable that doesn't always stuns me about about these coaching discussions it to prepare you prepare commute to compare to caller XYZ. You know Braintree. Well then why isn't it obvious to those on the bench and those in management added to that that's why I always have trouble with these things interest it's staring you in the face. There's a lot more happens across all sport it does but there's a lot more that goes into coaching then what we give it credit for so a deed and example. I don't know if the previous Big Three version of the celtics' Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo I don't know if Brad Stevens would have been as successful would that team as Doc Rivers was. But. Brad is a better coach doc EE coach circles around them doc could mentally think Fred shortcoming would have been managing personalities. I think that doc has that cachet with players like Terry Francona did here with the Red Sox where he's got the ability to manage the personalities and keep those egos at red. Get that with time if he doesn't have it yet. If it is okay if you are serious thing is and experts think or is that simply a personality. Programming. Charisma element that I you have or you don't well there's that. And then I think that Danny Ainge has done a good job. Drafting people with the right mentality to join Brad system and join Brad team. You know there's other guys that have that are very talented but they think but a guy like Josh Jackson a very talented guy. That some would argue has more upside more potential than adjacent Tatum. Jason Tatum fits the mold that Brad Stevens needs to do need him to fit. Not just physically but mentally as well I think that Danny's done a good job of scouting not just basketball talent. But scouting people and getting the right people to join. This organization it's Sports Radio WEP guys Patrick Gilroy it's Evans relic room for you at 6177797937. He'll. Sports Radio. Roy Evans wrote you guys could be up until 6:25. This evening and Red Sox baseball still raining out there. This weather and the reason I'm sick right now because as eighty degrees freaking five days ago OK if I go ballpark. Well it's a couple things and a bachelor party database got to bring a jacket to that national project that been an but that even a couple days ago Penn as the Phillies and slick. What I thought we were pass that's where did you guys go there about the party that was last weekend. Since the first batch apart ever went to and went to. Yankees baseball games he did get the full experience at all than well we let our so we had a suite that was cool guy like we already a bunch of us. Through through on money elaborate to the sweet. That was fun and the next section for get a game I don't normally do that. Countered popular belief I'm curious what you and you're working generally sport generally. Yeah I don't normally treated as we look at special event and then afterward we all went to. Took a trip out to the Long Island area and just the drink the meadowlands which you do about your words for it some eleven entertainment team won but what ever. So I guess that compounded with the fact that now we're back into the fifties for a government and the answers just the commitment. Yet he said you're born in 87 so you north of thirty now praying and edit somebody thanks reminded me pension while I'm if I'm good at math at Edison company that that's one of those is also north of 30 am a little further north then you I will tell you this. The moment I hit thirty avenue few bachelor parties both before and after. The age of thirty your body doesn't respond nearly as well post your thirtieth birthday to the full bachelor party to. Here it's I just able Arthurs a couple things the players are recovered from drinking and then there's just. I for some reason seem prone to sinus infection I don't know line. Should probably go to there are many doctors should they do think ear nose and throat specialist. Ever yes I'm fine if you pops and sued the Fed tough guy you see on the on the warrior and the gritty gutting it out here. For the team at a Jordan's flu game right here by Malaysia speaking of as a deliberate or correction that LeBron is not technically part of Jordan while the bronze Nike. He's not on the Jordan brand through discussing in the previous segment as to why he would be friends with ticket prices below par. Jordan except the wicket precious to. But that's interesting to me that he wears number 23 bowl Nike but he doesn't. And I don't have as apart and I would have thought at least when he first came in the league to be Jordan ready and that logo early on that that that kinda it there are holding and 23 LBJ thing that. He had going on but at the same time that you establish her own. Legacy and brand if you're LeBron James. Oh that's the thing does he really wanna do that because he switched to 23 he wanted to be held up to the jordin standard. He he molded a lot of his game after Michael Jordan. But then people started telling him that. He's more willing passer than Michael was LeBron is closer to magic than Michael you know we heard that for years here's the thing for you that the calls. Here's the thing would with LeBron. LeBron is the most uniquely talented player I think at least in that the history of the modern day India. He can do so many individual things on the floor what made Michael so good what made magic so good what made Larry Bird so good. Was that they made their average teammates better so forgetting about Kevin McHale and Robert Parish and Dennis Johnson. It would Larry Bird was on the voluntary cease being Jerry ceasing became somebody that you had to worry about. You come Magic Johnson turned average players into good players that despite virtually going to this many consecutive finals cage to Bronson says well. Let's go back to his heat days he had great teammates he didn't need to elevate the play of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh and Ray Allen he didn't have to do now with George Hill and JR Smith and Kyle Korver and Larry Nance junior he needs to. Elevate their games and he's unable to do that. That's my problem here is. You've had this opportunity here if you're LeBron James you had an opportunity to win game two because he scored 42 points he gave his team the lead. Individually negative effect on the on those around I I think that just says the proper means. I get your point is that it is that you look at those guys and Anderson they're doing more to improve those around them political both. I think I think players and yes that will run Kevin negative effect absolutely because what's been tonight how the hell that you go to the finals watch them tonight watch what happens tonight when you watch this game if you don't fall asleep first it's. Yet these guys and he's standing around watching LeBron James try to save the team and that doesn't help anybody out there the only guy. Out of those guys I just mentioned and I want standing around as Kyle Korver speaking those standards. It is true that LeBron has made all these finals without. The help of his teammates while it somehow being a negative effect on them. In some way and only reflects better on his own individual ability and tells you how much better than everyone else he really isn't he it's. Yeah. He dragged the 07 cavaliers to the finals all by himself with him and Larry Hughes and the drizzle gusties and he got into the finals. All by himself do we see a better player our lifetimes. The LeBron James. We did die is this the best recent weeks that I don't think we see a better player with but we will see players that we enjoy rooting for more than LeBron I just I you know. I don't think we'll see more talented player individually that's what a mess that LeBron resulted in actual player I kidding knowledge. How individually great he is like I don't let Miami Heat for LeBron James. Given the way it effect of identifying how special he has. You know but he's not somebody that I can easily. Root for I just I have a real hard time would always have I've tried I've purposely tried to root for LeBron James and I cannot do it. Yeah I don't know the problem I don't know who I'm rooting for and that's my biggest problem I just don't. I wanna see what I love about Kevin Garnett was that Kevin Garnett brought. Raw emotion to the game you never questioned where KG car like never question his intentions the AGF plenty of bad games he sure did. Was Kevin Garnett not nearly the player at the end Eddie was the beginning sure he was not a perfect player. But he always put out there on the floor I never had to question Kevin Garnett intensity and never had to question his. Effort or his work ethic I'm sorry but LeBron James quit in the second half against it. He quit on his team in that game. There's you generally don't see players that are that talented that skilled. It quit on their teams but he just quit. Don't you think you just kind of a fickle baby what do you what do you think lead since you're you're right it does seem like there's a switch that he can turn into the switch has. Any expiration of Flickr Turbo. That are gamer league they can only that's for so long. And any justice appears which is strange it. I don't know. Why he couldn't distribute its intensity a little bit better at that that is puzzling to me but I. I just don't I don't think it makes it unbelievable like he still as we are talking of the best talent out there why wouldn't shoot to watch those it's like. Over the break comparison here and Brady improves his teammate but it's just you know it's hitting on the very best at the end of the day. If you don't like LeBron I dead and on and you know so for those you love Tom Brady and I'm sure there's at least two or three listening. It it it doesn't seem right to then look at LeBron go man I hate that guy if he's the bass. But I can root for other stars like it's not necessarily. My inability to look at other markets other teams other stars. And an inability to root for them because they're not wearing green that's not who I am it's just. The project how would you fuel rod fuels were. I pray everyday that he'd never comes Erica I don't know I don't want to. I don't strangle ideas nineteen year easily for fifteen years of Hillary OpenId so this fifteen years of sound. From various radio stations of me having the exact same discussion about LeBron James would be the biggest fraud in the world if I ever turned it around so. I don't wanna be put in that position. I don't think I could actively root for LeBron James I do not enjoy watching him play basketball. I think you would if you workers Sports Radio bottom line sports video that you yeah I replete with 6177797937. Back out to the phones ago. Gonna Tony Tony's and warrants Tony you're next up here on Sports Radio W media. Hey guys great doubt that they are called legitimate argument. Eight all of this topic I we have it gave I'd like bill. Open questions you the god. Game would you rather 838. War the way that we can't. Three for the sake of probability but I understand the argument for four what's the argument before. My saying this he's in which would you bill I'd I'd say you know I want them got three all because nobody comes back from three exactly the the argument for forward be momentum coming back yet he'd win in five at the garden right I think it if it if you go down 30 if you look at that took. I've got to the loose backs against the wall we that we win one leaving Cleveland coming back to the guardian that he could share to see that momentum built little benefit that's the that's the flip side there. Read it the Celtics want no part of giving. Or allowing Cleveland to get any sort of like a war would you choose I mean it's three it's got to be three because you win this game tonight. And essentially I'm not gonna say it's over but it's overkill I mean I don't care they win it in four in Cleveland it doesn't matter to me where they win they. You let that there's a point that you assume that we're gonna win. One of those one of those two games yeah it guarantee. Yeah to admit that then maybe you actually do want the momentum coming back to a cart I still largely garden itself enough momentum is returning. Home yet the garden itself is them that there's a reason why the Celtics are are perfect at home throughout these playoffs I think that. They've got the best home court advantage at least in the Eastern Conference right now it's tough to put their home court advantage up against Golden State's. That place is incredible. Been there for two regular season games in the last two years. And even a regular season game compares to a playoff game in Boston is the way that Arenas built. It's the way to sound vibrates in that building you can feel your in your chair and you can just feel it. But the Celtics have been a huge a huge home court advantage and whether they. Win or lose. The last game that they played before coming home I don't think that that's going to have an effect. On their play at the garden that night Sports Radio. WEEI Patrick Gilroy Evans relic that's squeeze one more in before the top of the hour here let's go to Kevin Kevin's in the car Kevin. In its appearance Sports Radio WEI. Yet to college journalist that you can't hate on LeBron James he's the best or five of them I'd. I have to ask Joseph how do you hate on Tom Brady Tom Brady has a more successful LeBron James. Tom Brady actually on mount Rushmore where LeBron James in all likelihood will never be on the. Everything I hear out numbered. That was it means that you thought that's as our morning show producers are or want to do okay and I've never hated Tom Brady acknowledges agrees court at all time I just ask questions. About something that he does at the keys contradicts himself sometimes with the I don't wanna be distractions and Eagles and create a distraction than people. Yeah I mean for fifteen years you with a underrated I mean and underpaid non distraction. And in the last two years or maybe even the last one year of his career. Q of the distraction I can definitely give you that. I mean 1617. Years of no distractions and being underpaid ending routine guy and having. I a lot of garbage in the first seven of his career throat bill. It's just I mean it's being incredibly clear here I've never hated Tom Brady I've just pointed out where sometimes in this market. The Brady worship goes beyond reality and it just sometimes we should be step. But here's the difference guys between LeBron and Tom Brady yelled Tom Brady. Has done this he's right for fifteen years have been a distraction for one year at the moment LeBron James got drafted he is that a distraction. I mean not for nothing but ESPN. Would would air his high school games leading up to that draft he is dead. There's a moment. Showed us is very gonna get me into this this vortex of what they held a distraction even mean what kind of effect does that have do you think that. These guys taken that you know smile argument is on third down. Our our Brady's teammates thinking about whether or not he's voting for Donald Trump like like that you know this notion of distraction be having an impact in the first place. I do think dark times and places and moments. That can come and play picketers were sport is also different gotta gotta but like. You're you're taking me down around. Oh that's OK we like rabbit holes that it I want to see what's on the other side of that revenue whole week when we come back right here Sports Radio W yeah Carlisle. I.