Goodell's wife had a burner twitter account - 10-12-17

Mut at Night
Thursday, October 12th

Mut and Keefe begin the show talking about the story today that exposed Rodger Goodell's wife, Jane Skinner, of having a fake twitter account that she used to defend her husband, the NFL comissioner. The guys talk about the things she wrote, and wonder how many other high profile people, or their spouses do the same thing. They also spend a little time talking about the Red Sox search for a new manager.


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After Mary very much in Jerry. A Jerry because I think he's angry having a good hard and he script. I was healed Gary's been married so it must be like a total pushover but it doesn't run them with. The Gerri I kill tanked it educators. And married to be nice pedestal down heavily. Now here's why. Talk Sports Radio tell you we. Give more that prevent him on the Buffy podcast of this and Mary kills there's. Talk about the station and keep comes up and a second and very kill later on in the podcast pool where you're involved there. Nice. This is Monday night will take up until Thursday night football Eagles and Panthers. That will Thursday game from the get or ones on a fast. What do you think the Twitter account at four argument will think about the game tonight. In favor of there's a football probably as usual there's not a full. Wolf yes this is not going to be DD talk of the next two hours a wanna get into. So Red Sox manager stuff file with your phone calls here and a second at 6177797937. But there are some stories where Philip eager getting in your car. Title for work you sort of need to know. On the way home and this. Folks this is one of the disease. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised because Kevin to rein. Has been touted as a one of these guys who does the same sort of thing where he's got his old murder Twitter account. Andy will tweak on its program comments and on Twitter back in himself or back other people. Defending Kevin Durant and he got caught because he's he's stayed logged into his own account. And responded back essentially to himself at ripping bill regarding Oklahoma City and he couldn't win with those can win over those cats are in Oklahoma City. Ironically an even better is that now Russell Westbrook is where this caps T shirt and training camp crumpled Mercedes is going to be reads all the stuff that's there it's like shouldn't be surprised that other people do this I suspect this will be a thing going forward. In this new age of social media. I could be more more people we find out rich have a burner Twitter account and are under a fake assumed name. Defending themselves. Ripping their arrivals and become a normal thing in our our our game there's nothing stopped it right as long as if the email account aching to be a fake email account can beat you gap created a Twitter log onto the old Hotmail Lola goes there anymore real Hotmail account of the AOL that is AOL still haven't found our availability. But what they gonna shut down there and grudge you know he said he Juno account that they were Juno was at lake it was a rival to AOL as a service where he could be got email an addiction to chat rooms set our sights on CS fake emails and fake Twitter account this one is at four argument this one is the wife. Of one Roger Goodell the most frequent sparring the the art league putter count at four argument as ward in flight the past couple months after being essentially dormant. For long stretches in 2014. According to the Wall Street Journal. Rising up to defend Roger Goodell against perceived attacks on its handling of issues such as the national at the protest by the players the most frequent sparring partner. The app for argument account. The national sports media September 26 pro football talk Twitter account for the popular NBC sports blog. Too muted it was on the commissioner to solve the Anthony issues in response at four argument tweeting please do better reporting. He's already doing this you are behind and it goes over and over and over again this random Twitter account. With the name Jones Smith. No followers don't know profile picture and ends up it is Jane Skinner wife of Roger Goodell. Attacking those who attack him on social media Twitter bag this is awesome job better and all Jones Smith who calls Roger Goodell for a. Agents at one point and does that leadership is hard and give him credit. Goes probably easier than you'd think to sniff out who this person was because. All that tweets were just responding to. Media members criticizing the commissioner and so clearly she would get on to Twitter issued search. Roger could doubt this isn't one of those things where. All these people. Put in by the act and it felt commission that secondly it is handled it dated like she's out searching that out she's searching out his name sir and Roger Goodell and responding. To a number of these things now I guess to her credit. She doesn't. Just fight easier for her to admit because there's no. You know crazy. Kind of swearing or ethnic or racial slurs which shirts where normally get with footer trolls you gotta get our all of that a trifecta they judges that solves many different. Groups of people's possible you don't have that. But it was hilarious do you look at it who's falling 46 accounts. Including Taylor Swift they advertise seek for a respected. All the right egg. When you log when he first signed on Twitter don't they suggest the couple account while her some good looks like never heard of although it kept on to file Shaq for a long long long long I always wrong like people who have millions of fall as if all these months she also follows four counts connected to the high school. Attended by their twin daughters. That's that she listen she left some as the journal writes that today social media bread crumbs everywhere a few of those that led you backed Yahoo! Jane Skinner and to her credit she did not hide from this quote it was a really silly thing to do. And done out of frustration and love mrs. Goodell said Thursday afternoon and a written statement. As a former media member I'd always bothered when the coverage does provide a complete and accurate picture and story. I'm also a wife and a mom I've always passionately defended the hard working guy love I always will I just may not use Twitter to use on the future. They've already. Taken down the count the art of war. She hated deleted again off the board now to be at a private I guess for a bit and then now as has been removed off the other because there was probably gonna get real interesting over there. You add also that at four argument would have gotten look if you did you know she's reading it too with some of the Alley where that at a poker match. If you tweet that you said that the worst stuff in the world that and a token mesh. Chances are some internal Warner's other guys are the ones retry that we go to his private car probably RT RT I believe he battery how he reads through every one he must get bombarded. Which notification that it's going to be people this report on them. But she was sniff them out there and she was one defendant about a holly brother report this afternoon that this just. Makes it so clear. That Roger Goodell obviously is affected. It is sensitive to all the criticism because you must talk about it complain about it vials was what if you don't set a word about it didn't care that people ripping them. While his wife and go on Twitter and search out. Name is sure if we did at the husband doesn't care the way it doesn't care that's sort of in a marriage you care about things that your wife or husband is if the other cares about. And so Odyssey took the stuff only pitched about it. Onset wicker she ended a storied team America patches. Owner infighting meeting this communication is no resolution. Inside a chaotic week in the NFL Jones Smith response reads like a press release from the players' union you can do better reporting. So just firing at this stuff. Jason gay. Had a tweet out there where he took that dead date when Brian McCarthy for those patriot fans and take your picture with commissioner RTC's put that out there. I'm Jason gay caffeinated. Roger Goodell with three guys will be disarmed by their families tomorrow. So and mocking idiots patriot fans their hatred garbage that taking shots at the idea Goodell is not like year Jones Smith responds. Why is everyone so immature war including you. Let's celebrate the new season got the field Smith. And that flight. You're afraid you your you use the word. Sent see all the time tested too short a percent today yes she's we'll send you their ga l.'s one more Michael. Tackles. Nixon and Agnew attacked Republican candidate for senator from New York tomorrow in 1970 was Sunday and give Dell courageous and was right in the end leadership it's hard commission is doing save and give him credit so this is tied into senator Goodell his dad. And she even tie that back into the commissioner Dan. Crime calling her husband creed is back in October 8. So I don't think this is a huge shouldn't be a huge surprise. I just love it I love the idea that she is blogging on under Jones Smith. And firing away at national media people who dare criticize Roger Goodell and I would love love to know. Some of the other burner accounts that are out there with the did did did you Gisele. Have a border count as Brady. Network LP or mocking TB twelve as he Joan Smith on their same water does help with somber I've heard heard there resistance bands. Do help you gain strength sir if Kevin Durant and if pressured Els white ball have these kind of accounts that yet but what. Nobody is surprised now it's just so easy do and for somebody to do people lose. It Goodell and during a little sensitive people hold on that the voice of jet on those jet is here Rivet introduced him because he's a producer wants to be on air clearly trying to Devin all right I got here is hops in without saying hello. Go ahead jet I'll settle it's it is yet your program until. The parity act on Monday night yes very have donated as eating out ahead of a first jet in eruption along gender age yet sounded like a jet taking off. Play that right before you come on. I think that's part I think it's already a little busy when British pop them now and I can. Connecticut about that and Hoge has at all I think it. It should be right at the dump button. You still wanna be on the air just tell the boss is here you want your own show do we can shift I do. Good okay overlap in what for what what is your thought well think they're both sensitive people we knew that before this all came out to rant it's clearly sensitive. Others not odds it to the airport he refused sunset and all the criticism something everybody's necessarily as sensitive as those two so maybe not everybody I disagree I like ours is everywhere I think it's eight I think all these guys have their own private institute Gramm's lead they're posting personal stuff that you're driving on this and are there are awful you sure don't that is why didn't anyone at the station has burner count. Form murderer. I don't know which I doubt that anyone here cares enough. I don't try to think anyone care so much of their super duper sensitive but see if they did it it wouldn't take so long I think to get exposed because for them we're idiots here that although it. And because this was what happened Kevin Durant because I have eight for the dork podcasts I have a Twitter account just for that cancer they're linked together so it's easy to. Hit the wrong button and tweet from the fairway onetime I like from the Kieft or wanna count right to weed out some light. Trailer to something like who care for that matter brother at his political that if the price like that any other probably didn't my point is you can be thinking about one thing and and I don't eats weeded out it's the same phone the same map at the same everything committee looking back on now that's. That's not time for that. And so if if somebody did. If you hardy I think should be. Really clean about it never have a mix see it might my eighth the guy that comes to mind is dale. Like the because I know dale he fires back techsters he's very into people packed the negative things and he's into the body of the from his putting it took me out yet he responds openly helping deal would have to hide behind account dale just go after people. Yes ZKR three back at people Michael every once in awhile hasn't been a lot of what he does fields week goes on like he was bar changes like he'll run for weeks at a time and just go style hold the account just now for a much like John Smith who has just been done adore prolonged yes exactly it's I don't Jeff I don't think anyone does as a producer you know you play in Iraq more people than I do on a daily basis jet. I'll ask you do you think anyone here as a burner Kirk. You think so I'll be my guess you viewed the advocated by a lot of ball flies back to sniff that out now. I think my my account was on all sort by as well out I did those guys go to group deal yeah I get I get paid so much money here here's why did it gives I had some of that money no doubt every investor myself up as a 200 dollar really look at Twitter followers -- him to have these people this guy here must be pretty popular scandals has there and so I have to admit I'm not surprised and dilute this back to Goodell. I think a 1000% yes he knew his wife had an account. And he knew like his wife had set I. I defended it today they'll look at it as uncle live it up in the heat of passion. You know one of those special occasions cartels Johnson and I three back to Jason gave the Wall Street Journal that I I give moral comeuppance at four argument. On the case honey I like to picture of that the high school's new plan for the but I and if you look at all to close it kept him out on the follow those right now. Out of there he definitely definitely because he did there's no doubt about that shot is in Dover was fought on details white's Twitter gorge on. It's likely. Extra blanket all the backlash that it but I don't get out of the realm of possibility that. She would do about warrant without. It I know my wallet she get and that one thing that I don't do you know what about. And choke it to end the occupation. You know internally and I'm like you know you don't need to. So I couldn't I couldn't imagine a world where you can't Altman that. Make all the money I don't give a crap right sheet and that wasn't good enough earth right situation that she felt the need right. In my machine and. So it's almost that maternal motherly instinct to defend defend defend and that so that's led and so Goodell had no idea she did that as a just a loving woman just took to Twitter to fire back. I don't think that's out of the realm of possibility and nobody I wouldn't immediately just as soon he's done it right and I can use it while. Twitter trolling unearned. Oh I don't I don't iPod on I don't think he was on her count doing it I just don't exist her she admit I just think the I think it was her I think Neil I think he knew she was doing it. But even if she knew she's doing it you can get her to stop them. I don't. Yeah honey I regulating authorities says this one feels easy Sean honey not thank you so much. TV before but he backed away from Clinton. I don't want you in the public limelight so let's just delete that and will will we don't have to make it a public think it Casey gets down. And I expect yet. Yeah different women feel like I. Yeah I I think that you Sean you've opened my eyes to the other part of this because. Women due out this maternal. Defense mechanism to one defend their kids defend their in this case husband and so the antennas and Claus go with it I Witten you guys are bad. Women are king and I am not saying this in a negative way yes that's there aren't some rockets. I know I had purity purity are what lock them half where that's not an out date date date date date. Their claws are and now they they can be cab duplicate. But I'm not saying that a negative way of saying that in a defense anyway vicious big that's a great or women are more vicious than men are. Shore so this isn't really the issue that this was now there's a lot of our goal. To say it isn't keeping an eye. Don't say no I'm asking. Cat fight tonight asking for jello wrestling and it's unfair jets should Colin saying it's right that's it's thick it's equality of women but she's not a a bad thing that she. Melt snow pile fail you know she was on Fox News shall remain on TV as a she's on TV so my point is. If she wanted to defend her husband so badly she probably about a former she could have gone on some of these different shows and wherever she winds still a lot of connections and you can talk about them. It is it does strike me as odd. There's a free fifteen year old woman who I don't think was even on Twitter before today create a fake Twitter account only all to respond. And you people who criticized for how exciting it updates about the high school and it's such a sense anyway again the picture of the patriot fans can Della Gillette. Jason gay Roger Goodell with three guys will be disarmed by their families mourn not even that publicly 75 retreats four and sixty lights whatever. Guys Skinner record Goodell wrote wise aboard so immature including Q. Like you we just enjoy started this let's celebrate the new season. Of the splitter egg Jones Smith and Matt for argument. People responding on the text line 37937. Have a Twitter account the post funny comments on porn videos and once forgot the switch and posted to my main now it's wonderful. That could be issued at eight Ricky have a lot of more than one account you've got really quietly asked about murder counts. Oh suggestions you have obviously I don't know what I zinni arrived that dork podcast which you follow at dark podcast key LeBron doesn't burn count it's it's bright imports. Yes. Glad and dale definitely care. So David Price has multiple counts it a multiple David Price with a fifty bird on David prizes ago feasible says it costs an athlete I think. See I would think yeah. Well what about their pricing for Merrill the Ferrell had one in fire back John Zorn a good job of idiots maybe. Fabian desperate love more likely to have a fake account if you already have an account or a few tech quote don't have an account. Who is good question. I would say a. More likely already have that's I think we should active yes your see all the bad stuff that comes your way like I'm Sheryl I don't think sees it and probably doesn't realize just wanna cesspool Twitter actually is towards him I think Brady as one Greg Brady has an account was never act archer Bill Belichick doesn't count. And keeps track with the writers I don't vote or get the tweets printed out from Burge he's an outsize he and and all of that and let you know played that joke out I'd like sides of Columbia we come back out on Halloween the puck elegy loves Halloween again all my life that I'm getting Constance doesn't other than my money's on Darryl blew down that road and the things with my ass than two weeks early to be the first item yeah. That's. Not only to do it. Funny 2011 after a jets went through you at the time when Kosovo Albanians so that is not the major topic tonight I'd like you should know that you're driving home on a third immigration all the good Dell's wife has gone burner count twittered to defend him she since deleted it but she admitted it. She's the best possible thing she's obviously pretty PR savvy because she was just like yeah I did it a guy you know I'm proud of defending my husband I wanted to be good wife and okay but this is good program apartments you know late wears on the day it just if I did or does it back. It's hilarious that the and then Brian McCarthy defended her saying she would have been great life would do. So what's that Brian McCarthy right there to pick up the commissioner facts are what he's gonna make up 617779. 7937. Affordable talk about this all against the Red Sox because. I did it a Red Sox calls are already there the the manager talk is starting. And I read one thing today makes a lot better about one managerial candidate. And I read another thing today. Why the Red Sox have to cross has got the list and kfar says he's the favorite and that the cross disaster off the list and it probably agree when I read you. This story from ma about a month ago in baseball. It's much and key moderate by your phone calls plus Red Sox manager will updates here on WB yeah. It's my tax. With the rich keep on Sports Radio WEEI. I think managerial experience. I don't think it's over 100% subsidy but I think being an dugout. During the game. Steve what the manager and owners. Is probably helpful you know. I do think it is I think that. Again I do think that it would be difficult for person more so here than some other places to walk directly onto the field. What about some on field manager of experience at some level or. As Dave Dombrowski one of the few kind of sort of answers he gave the other day at that's brutal press conference. But it keeps Monday night Sports Radio WEEI manager search is ongoing people left thoughts people have. Ideas people are suggestions in the next Red Sox manager we take those at 617779. Seven ID 37. I read two different budget pieces today about such a Red Sox managerial candidates kfar does bowl pop Penn. On the two stood out to me. You want the positive or you want the negative to start us off. It's a positive start positive and that is our rob Bradford piece up right now a WEEI dot com saint Al score should be. The next manager of your Boston Red Sox. Eyes as I sense that Ron garden Hiram Brad office might be more what to browse he will be comfortable with bought. In the Red Sox chief decision makers really read the room correctly you'll understand the quarry is a better fit and it amongst the story. On this once stood out to me this this section of its set out to me about why it's victory field even more. Comfortable than ever but outscored should be the next manager of the Boston Red Sox. Rob writes I don't have proof that this is Cora as a Major League manager talking about. His steals this and willingness of the as a player. But I do have proved that he's been like that every day leading up to the opportunity people feel was any willingness to be himself. He was the one O'Toole Eric god yea to stand in front of his locker. After blown saves. One game in Cleveland when he was with the Red Sox he missed a crucial bunt attempt and was standing in front of his locker literally. Inviting the media to approach it once the doors open. Was out of the ordinary for any player nevermind a utility player and he goes on in different things about why would be fit. But I love. That idea that Cora was one of these guys that rich in in the I the other suspect that was Julio Lugo. Mayhew Jared Detroit team lost and it ever now to answer questions and tell the backdoor. This to me that that's a personality trait to be able to answer tough questions in Boston when you don't wanna answer tough questions in Boston that make. For a good manager and this is part of his make up the Nazi really good thing for the Boston Red Sox in house. That's pretty crazy wouldn't of that as a players or utility utility guy the 25 guy on the roster at some cases and news. He was that kind of persons who don't imagine they even matured since then he's been on this Houston Astros staff so he's been surrounded by. Several winning environment there with some different kind of baseball monster of the World Baseball Classic stuff that he has done so. He doesn't have any you know manager experience at the at the Major League level but he's been on a staff now and and he is. Seems like he has that that the right make up the economic concerns me with him jerked would be. Pretty close. This sounds like relationship with Dustin Pedroia. And that you can sort of swing both ways like would he. When you clickserve and power Pedroia as are all he's he's the leader can I don't think that's gonna work that he was the leader this year. And that wasn't the way I was would he be able to criticize the priority goes to and the way event in Pretoria does. That that's only hold up without scorer and maybe that maybe that's overblown. Well it's either that forty hire somebody else is close to David Price and that is Reynolds and Austin is to me is on the other end of the spectrum of things I read today and I read yesterday we gave it again and stuff which really positive lawlessness in major feeling OK again as is talking to people rich and the Red Sox like Brad Austin's far with census on NASA ended yesterday that result little lock for the job he'd be their first choice. This from September okay and the tigers had a bad year he had a good run there are Detroit but much like John Ferrell much like maybe Terry Francona. By that time to get to the end of this season ran off as was burnt out is team wasn't good it it was time for change so I will admit that maybe that's part of it. But this is from Evan would Barry of Detroit for bill gets here. And live doc. Tigers manager Brad office was asked or his goal be gassed in Philly interrupted the question. And be considered lifting nick castellanos for defensive replacement late in the game Sunday. The simple and perfectly defensible answer was no I didn't or perhaps yes I did all we decided against it. Instead. Awesome its launch into a bizarre tirade about the negativity of the Detroit media. Oil that insured many more people be talking about a decision not to replace castellanos. That'd be it simply answer reasonable question a simple yes or no I should try to attract on the sound as I don't have it's a region to quotes. Quote the guy throws a no hitter for rape and two thirds innings in your first question is why didn't IE. Inserted as a replacement for nick in right field lost ms. said that's asinine stop with the negative no one can catch that ball. Situation where pitcher is pitching well all that in and so we can be asked our replacement sure. It's a dumb question for two reasons Osman says no one nobody could've caught the ball and to the ball if the balls that hit there. Nobody asked the question all right with Matt Matt Mac port of the mound. Two down commanders and all the rights center it was never going to be caught by castellanos Tyler Collins general line Alex presser and Kevin care Meyer. Writes the author of the story no one was wanna say that. But auspices wrong on just about everything else was about hindsight it was about a routine situation. And instead of answering that question. He ends up firing back he's quizzed about strategy all the time decisions that succeed fail or ambiguous decisions that impact the game. The press gives the manager opportunity to explain his reasoning it doesn't always take aside officers and see it that way one more quote. That just shows that negativity that comes this rooms sometimes after games he said. You immediately look to blame report a finger at somebody because it didn't work out the way you wanted it to work out. It was a bad question. Thanks but no thanks reparation media this is Detroit were talking about here with the tigers are essentially a non factor yet there. I know they have good stands for it's got a good fan base understood. But they're not it's a Boston it's not New York it's not even Philly for Christ's sakes. He's gonna respond and act that way at the end of a tough year now that's how is he gonna deal with David Price in Boston and Shaughnessy. And they show and the morning show and across the street. That's negativity. Detroit and lied dot com they care about Michigan football Michigan it will all fresh and Goliaths. No no no no no yes as dad hired this guy you know that's what are your frustration where where they went and 69 games terror they were a bad team and so now he's just freaking out about that because you're going to questions like that because. The tough question but that's also. That's most of the media when the media gets a chance to speak with the manager which is nonstop on anyway you know the date they tuck the Florida water every single game on radio interviews are doing everything. Team double the questions aren't going to be about things that worked out well course and that's not what your question project that's not really. There's a lot of things like Sports Radio innocent people call up for positive reinforcement calling our crew questioned or criticized that the median price though did you think about defensive replacement and that he is that's Thad Allen on. The back question I mean of entertaining to have somebody like that who is who essentially but it gets them like that it's a pretty good interview spot. That the does not sound like it was gonna if it would work here I I don't think he'll work because of the city and the second part is that this team. They you guys talked about this and it's a great discussion about whether the person now the manager matters. Right now it does because this team took on a personality of their current manager which was not very good yesterday from Gammons. Now much energy down the stretch now frustrate looking over shoulder. The next manager hire the Red Sox personality should and will matter because the ratings are down they could saw a couple playoff games they need to become more likable. And like it or not the manager's apartment. 61777979370. Is the phone number let's talk to I'm Henry in the film went on Red Sox managers I had. A good will be payable what is up Henry. Eric Luka. I I didn't really. Jules what are. I peeking my opinion. He eating will do right is usually the right time. He'd never be so but I wanna check up lol Tony Pena. He's in this giant right now sure he'd yeah equity job you looking guy associated late. That equals a usable. We totally alone. They use so. Arnold locals I halving. Hear anybody owning. I I've not heard of snake about very often he had his chance they are Kansas City I started out well I don't think it ended well there for Tony. I talked to somebody during the year and in the name came up and someone told me good coach not made to manage. So he he feels like one of these unfortunately Brian Butterfield pipes for Torre's strength is in the coaching capacity not manager. But not be surprised he gets a look I'm not he's prize they do look at. 45 she's emails I use a manager from 02 to 05 he had fired during 05 after about 33 games looks like in that sense then since 06. He's been on the yankees' staff. So he's been a coach for over a decade. Thought I don't know I would say I was a no likely topple Woolsey Erica Wisconsin Erica next up on WB yeah. Yeah. A Turkey might call the most of the offense but all chairman Bob lemon here bird. What scares me more than Branagh as is that Ron garden hired an anchor around. Then the Red Sox I mean they're still somewhat of a lot of speeches. The team. Analytic department out there like. You Romero is still out there like a lot of Smart. Analysts guys in the front office. And we're thinking or Iraqi reportedly thinking of hiring that guy that tried to return to deviate or key you'd. Biggest threat box name blocked thirty years into a slap happy opposite you'll. Hitter and pension and designated for assignment. Because he wouldn't play twins baseball but we kind of guy that where. Crapping on Ferrell her. Hitting Moreland against the guy that unlocked the front are tired of people eating plenty. Brooke or a quick I help me out Eric what was that Tom Kelly. Wasn't Tom Kelly the manager Minnesota who are on their notes to. That he did overlap with the wind are. Picard hires first year as manager is known to. But I think Ortiz at a at a morbid dislike for Kelly and there were there was a story that adding to headline was somewhere in Minnesota one of those Minnesota Twins blogs it dealer he's still hates Tom Kelly bodyguard hired got to make a and maybe you're right meteorite but I don't we just like Kelly that's for sure. Yeah edit it but second point what is it about the offense. We all know that number out you can't address power. Solemn but I'd like what he does need to start Beijing and of I'm David Price. I expected it out of power about a trade for one bulk what really. To be overlooked sometimes it might even YouTube to address the bench. Brett Favre gave away 125 at bats and you Leon rock colts and Devin Guerrero. And Chris young and like that was such a huge problem because. You went better Bogart was hurt when he gets was hurt you couldn't afford to give way to back back. Because you're replacing him with a guide it it works and picture at all. Or Youngblood an awful year to play. While Erica and Alexei big part of that and thanks for the call part of that bench not to cut him off. Part of that was trading Travis show like you traded Travis shot from Bloomberg and Shaw had a break out year ironically in Wisconsin where the call is calling from. And you're left playing Marrero and we go to a bunch of guys cut backs that. If you look at it you know 1983 games rich probably should got a bats in the venture was not eight not a great bench this year for. John Farrell's tedious now now aided and got a better there really wasn't and you know by the end of the year looked a lot better yeah we were able to bring out New York or acquire Nunez and bring up devers. Now listen you know will more depth but no for the most of the season it was it was about 6177797937. The phone number I am in on Correll I am out of hospice after we hear that we'll get your thoughts on the manager and will update you on Nelson's Mark James. Cents a text messages NASA has responded that's part of the show as well though when you're. Follow along on Twitter with Montag on WEEI enrich at. 821. Now more money cheap plug Sports Radio WEEI. Wanna nice Sports Radio WEEI an hour from now pretty good Thursday night game. The Eagles in Carson Wentz. Pam Thursday and resurgent. Offense led by Cam Newton. And always go on Thursday about it I mean I'll be different is one of. You know what I want or one of those things that this year. You thought 49ers and rams going to be terrible and it was really entertaining game and I thought patriots box is gonna be really got sucked. So I got a feeling these teams are both key off to good starts but we. My aircraft like he owed good high scoring arena like Thursday game I thought I'll admit. I'm not it's not the main focus former tonight maybe in the minority amongst fans here in Boston but. I'm in the cubs -- scheme five yes playoff baseball game five all hands on deck yankees last night was a good game. But Chapman got. Crazy I strike the duke and yet game. I'm more of the baseball and the football tonight I admit that year do you care who wins national got. Actually don't know outlet I don't like either if we get a game like last night. I Z I root for Bryce Harper is that all old school baseball you'll hate Bryce Harper has got to address are not permitted actual motion in baseball. A little fun a caller yeah it looked as bad there this thread have bad knees and I don't dare. Can break so yes I guess I'm rooting for him vials. And I don't like Joseph Maddon CSI you talk now announced that they're gonna that's in five and giving attitude back that that. Quick follow up on our guy Mark James we talked about a couple days ago ascent some inappropriate text messages to a young a whistle brewery. She made those public is has become a pretty big story here locally. I'm NASA spokesman Gary Roy sent a statement this afternoon to multiple media multiple media outlets saying that earlier this week quote from Gary Roy. Earlier this week Marcin suspended for a week as a result in appropriate action as written apology expressing. I his regret he. Also suggested initially to one of the writers of these stories. That it wasn't handled I mutt or a fall gal gal in this case yet and I guess he's maybe you're attracted that decided yet on to take my one week suspension and a NASA is replete within their right to suspend him for a week they should these are creepy text messages that Eddie come across as creepy should probably. Stop texting women that are looking for when the industry suggesting market to help them out by getting together for. Coffee a drink Horry smoothly right I'd stay away from that no means no should even fired. I still say no some women think of sexist for saying that I think it was a creepy it was a terrible by him. And suspension is warranted yes Von Essen would've fired and I are on notice. Oh yeah. Your head yeah I don't like your failure clicked obviously RU but everything else on your eyes. Mats in Wilmington on Dustin Pedroia and outlets want. What that meant. The white majority that pat and all that and are reluctant focus on so it now but when he talked about a manager. Got about a guy's got a lineup and on the bullpen who managed baseball aspect I talk about the club house. That's supposed to be cool leader of this team. And then compare it all the faculty that usually hear these little while warming up here milk for them in the same address as chemical home now. This guy needs to go. And you could lead as we know a little bit complacent. He got a couple of loose. Matty how do you wanna get rid us of a drug you say you'd talk me through your day to browse through what would you like to do. Electorate and you conclude that the patents with the power bat where that you the first. That is on the paper connecting been proposing two or he's a black cherry on top. He's still got some values on you get a little bit helped us put it seems that all we've got last. He is not reliable in this clubhouse anymore but he still plays pretty good defense which and finds he's not the offensive player for that one year. And he does nothing crust in the post season. All right so he's got four RKR I he I hear what you're saying that so he's got four years left in what 56 million dollars richer that's our you don't want to insult what you're not getting anything for him -- nitrate a power bat in a deal for Pedroia some tradable right now it and thought he's a 105 guy you can't tree you keep technically can't trade him. 00 but you can't get by you my opinion that. You probably can't find cedar fur traders. It's not a direct 11 team that that thirteen and the banks and even look at it salary but he can't come he can't find. Compare old and that he. Not with the I'm not that again I'm not I'm not debating your initial thought the Detroit should take more. Are crap for the year let's take a step back and say we agree. Getting rid of him is virtually pop up 105 guy no trade contract and he might add knee surgery knock them until August September again for the year yet you admit that another guy you'd have to pay to play some our team president said he got a metres above the rest his career. You can't reform and our caddie to censor its rich keep the deal on key programs extra until seven. All on the show more your Red Sox thought 617779. 7937. The phone number on Twitter at much and UT WEEI less an hour from now Panthers and Eagles until that we talk to you. And a quick update on the National Anthem which become an issue again this week and around the NFL. Mix that into our conversation much at night Sports Radio W yeah.