The Greg Hill Show – Guest Julian Edelman has “never heard of” the term “the Patriot way”; Chris Curtis thinks AB will sit this weekend after another bombshell drops in his sexual assault scandal – 9-20-19

The Greg Hill Show
Friday, September 20th
Hour 1. Wiggy is in the 3rd chair on a no Fitzy Friday. Julian Edelman joins the show to answer questions about the Patriots’ dominant defense, the large predicted margin of victory against the Jets this Sunday, and what the “Patriot way” means to him. Plus, his feeling on playing alongside Antonio Brown. In today’s “The Lead” Chris Curtis predicts Antonio Brown will not be playing for the Patriots this Sunday after he’s been accused of send “intimidating text messages” to an accuser. Hear what AB had to say in his first media interview since the civil case of his alleged sexual assault became public.