Is Gronk's off-field image going to take a hit due to his on-field actions?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 5th

Alex Reimer and Andy Hart are talking all about the controversy with the Patriots this week. Race has been brought into both the Rob Gronkowski cheap shot and punishment, as well as the Tom Brady/Josh McDaniels sideline argument. Andy Hart also explains why weightlifting gloves aren't cool


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907 Monday night. Never any heart hold down the court your mother is such talent and he takes you guys. Got a good as always you this I wanna I wanna over the hottest I want but IndyCar to consider again. Am on the campaign right now and show them I'm Kent you've got if you've got to go out of my right away I will but I don't back down that we want to defend. Mine and model standout Q Andy again right now he's a changed man now. Yeah easy he's changed me or exchanged tortured Jerry curry he's adopted not let me at least it all I've noticed. It's taken its knights will stick it's a little snide shots at me he's jealous of the relationship I have which yeah. Terry comments me all the time and not as making changed is elected he Jerry to acquiesce to Jerri votes for trump. Come to speak conservative now wearing gloves. See a guy and that's that's a low blow you wearing gloves you don't know left there nobody lifts wearing gloves. If you really work out you don't lift wearing the strange thing at the belt off. Get rid of the gloves. The stretching about months' work out routine. When I heard about it is that he doesn't do any Carty. That is weird which to I'd never understood that pedantic I think we did they think it's a feminine to do cart you know what's a feminine about running. That's when I mean ID card I need to you have otherwise it makes me feel good things that make me feel I hate lifting all lifting makes you feel good. That little soreness the next day where everything kind of hurts the muscles I like like running better get to forget about all highways into them to sat there talking you forget about it it doesn't think. And LB clears the he gets into orphans. It does do that but it is too much time to think if you listen to music that's why whereas lifting you have to like worry about the weight falling on you when you're running you can run ins. Mindless desperately need it out of the endorphins going and you're lifting in my opinion a true. I think I'd definitely gets on the analysts and no one cares about this interest I care deeply. I need to criticize you for something as well I meant to bring up are you worried disgusting human being when I do you project up into the men's room. You mean my debut yanking you know my. But filled with water just filled with what do you think is floating around in the air in there fecal matter and dead last and now you're eating it bring it. I don't put the first time where things in my mouth and a little no matter in the does not does not scare me that's why it's adios cups that. I now loss in which it is the ex CEO being an. Our I cops recyclable that's what I don't understand change is it a paper cup that you can recycle so that's fine I think we're eco friendly right. What I like to do was I to pick out a different mug every time I went really there were nothing good was of Alison at the standard usually I get the mug that says like I love you dad. Or something like Santa bring your own mugging you just grab on that's what I did I usually have a swell bottle that I bring I forgot it tonight at my apartment. And the other thing that they're doing to apparently saving environment is they broke. The vending machine. So you wouldn't use the plastic bottles that are inside I stupidly capped writing my debit card through the vending machine hoping to get a red ball I hope I'm not charged and also drop like twelve dollars suffered not because I put two dollars and and and make it doesn't give you two dollar bills back. It gives you the little gold one dollar coins. Second to winner seconds away there and it didn't even know there was an Abe Lincoln and coffee machine is broken what's going on here. We have a coffee mug here for me motorcycle club. OC and biker political team at the season on the back of a motorcycle another man not my tribe. As we in the game world and grinder you know you know grinder not like that -- heard of it but yes you have not really LB yep that yep that you're drawn your tribe equity REIT would be between you jock with a tweak. Yeah I mean I mean. Young lean and only can play one way as much about our last yeah politics routes and a quick. You get past as you like I being an appointment or would you prefer to something other critical degrading at times especially older older so you're not even welcome within your own tribe or should set. Like other points you wanna be you don't wanna we want you wanna be why are you look at what is it has been too. I'm getting 25 next week when exactly did he come on. I think around 2526 to be honest did you. While and get there. I generally washed up I got to change although I am hair wing not quite as scary as much but I've pretty pretty nice tester and we'll say it's like to be an audit. You're twinkling tree as a deeper voice and Matt do you think really think Trent is that your callers on the line at the end and asking everybody on this line this treading have a deeper voice to be we're gonna take an informal Paul. The final hour of the program 169779. 797 real quick we did not mention this Mike Mitchell safety for the Steelers went off punk rock is well today. Odd entered into greater conversation about the Wiig. Saying listen Ann Emerson 87 was dirty Sid this before popping expert in this state and number number. It it's it's a player. I never mentioned and that's the 200 day eighty characters in its built in oust these kind of along as. And ever mention grant's character on the Menem wants to be honest he seemed like a child I would am referring to his actual incidents. Look at the plays were making football plays in football games during the play more specifically for the whistle eighty sevens play with it down command post whistle. Again the week having player safety that's fine but don't tell me those are the same. Offense it's not the same offense there for the punishment should be the same series upset pick Ron gets the same punishment eyes stand each of eight and one game I think that's understandable. I I actually sort of agree the I didn't think those guys would get suspended I thought they'd be fine. Because to me drunks is worse it is a man on the ground back to current and if you're older baseline you don't need to brand your how meeting to divide the items right bring him down a million and there is something different about with between the whistles speed of play. Ron just had sitting duck there right in and out of my Evans whose jobs marsh on the item or short seeds that put him in a headlock and punch it might punch him in the hat I think that don't work you only got one game two I think those are worse than in game between the whistles it's fast pace but the president has been set that no matter what it is and its helmet shot her it's imposed after the plate they might Crocker Mike got him a Mike Evans it's one game that seems to be the bar and the relatively. Another issue added onto this is what we talked about earlier with the league another reason why the ratings down stars' lack of them too many guys are hurt. Well now you're choosing. To remove more stars from the game. Well in knots might use a lot of people say look the NFL really cared about player safety they would suspend all these guys four games five games six games for head shots and they're not my answer is. We don't want to do correct each and how to be suspending Rob Gronkowski for four games. And it shouldn't know and it goes back to the concussion thing to lake of eight if every team and player by the concussion protocol to ET. He get a lot of matchup between Tom savage and Blaine Gabbert. Get a lot of those and I don't like those very much people don't like to see bad football we wanna see good players making good plays with hard hits the reality it's not really don't all that different from steroids in baseball. Yeah we want who we don't want drugs but you know we do want. 4555. Home runs every year by a lot of guys we wanna see offense we wanna see that. It's just the dirty little sequel we pretend we're up here. Amid this moral high ground we don't really aren't performance and it's a business I mean illegally knows they can't beat ticket bought players can't follow this concussion protocol to AT teams can't because you got. A lot of weight gains in primetime decided I'd backup quarterbacks. And we already have enough of those we already have enough of them is exactly let's grab. Kevin in New Hampshire in on this Kevin what's going on. That guy's going on what's up. A all what would you say renaming Europe podcast out to routes will Bruce and integration. Either reverence goes over my head is at movie reference Kevin said never seen a movie in my life and yeah. See I'm not into baton and Kevin I'm an adult and don't like superhero films like. Some adult Andy they're entertaining committed to god forbid you be entertained and in the real world I listened to myself back on the radio for entertainment do you live in a liberal world you live in the real world would like new movies. Great movie makers Harvey Weinstein on the catalyst. When he got even named Brady can. Applause that transmit one on it to training not mailed it in this morning. I mean I know Alex you're criticized which you shall I mean if you the figures show host I'm nervous erotic energy. Bearing at CR Kevin I like training we're good we've been to the community pulled together but I've always said. There is a double standard betray any cheese and bake bans a million times Kristi and. Well listen to listen listen to that. Podcast or did the replay of the show she nailed it and it's scary time we did that it would have been abused beaten. What training is kind of the current players locks loves it here on Saturday. When it was touching go is training and beyond Cain CAC knocked him it was pretty again touching god she was quitting the show. And today curt they did like twenty minutes on now is set so training as a way of calming trick I'm quite sure what it is temping out of props to her she's able to urge him to manage him. That are but I. You are right let's move on enough to any talk. Well assuming. You know personally I think with this witness steed today you know. Okay great technical forced to be honest with you I don't I don't see what you would root race in two. Mean are bigger issues that initiative to bring it up the sideline exchange it seems really. You know the but. Brady a bad example for these a five time Super Bowl champion. And I also could buy more if may be heat there were a black offensive coordinator Ernie was trying to say there's some sort of hierarchy. It was two white guys that have been together forever argument. I know people have disputed this and this is the example. I think that there could be a case be made where. You know what some white players that you've kind of assumed that. You know despite their fault they have good motives you know I think it's well documented that rob. Count in a pretty good guy but let's be honest it a lot of black players behaved the way he did he does with women you know I'm not saying he's. He's abusive towards not saying he's. You know you negativity is kind of a scumbag would you would you want your daughter our Rob Gronkowski I would think not you know by. I think there is kind of a double. I agree Kevin yeah I'm not sure that's a fair statement though I mean heady mean. Like your daughter would you want him to her to date Rob Gronkowski why not why is he in a videotaped himself mode aborting her in a cloud. I don't know what he's gonna do. And I don't know if he's dating those girls are creatures are having fun and as I said until I find out there's a woman protesting what he has done to a woman. It seems like consenting adults well I don't care law I think though there is it again and the black athlete we're always talking about 69. You know would audio motorboat and women are getting lap dances from reporter at the Super Bowl which he did a couple years ago I think there would be. Eight different reaction there is that double standard and the best example I can go to it was Zeke you Elliott. At the same majesty creed grabs a woman's breasts and it's a pretty big national story. And it could've Crockett died that it would be just huge away by grants being called god know if he did that on like a parade float is just the Super Bowl parade pitted I don't parade float you don't think that would be a huge issue I'm not sure he would be condemns met all my daughter would it be eating eating people would be calling on masters series sexually assaulted and had asked yeah all I think humanity I'd rather than peers don't use videotape to motor boating out woman in the club outcome there wasn't. There wasn't as hot shots she. Was OK with the correct yes well the Elliott which emits it's kind of unclear whether she bullies slapped his hand I guess which is so he's kind of indicated no. Now let their playful I understand the whole it's not a perfect world we've all done things. But she kind of indicated now I just they get prompted that he would be in trouble and certainly if that were then married with. Domestic violence charges shore well thereafter look at you now the two combined so that's the variable Italian right back that he does have that domestic -- history grant to our knowledge does not right if that were a one off the parade thing with Elliott I think it would be looked at it would announce combines like we say with this would ground because of this hit. Anything moving forward is looked at differently the lens is different right because this is always there is always on his track record. But I just to feel like and we speak in generalities but when you when a white player all things being equal. The white where is exploiting on the sidelines the first inclination is to say he's passionate he's fired where is that there's a black player like as bride to be years ago Alex. Always hot headed always angry what's he doing now. There is a little bit of big the quota quoting agree black man is no doubt that the mistakes sends all the right I've always said this. You know two could Barack Obama have been elected president if he was married three times and of women in had children with three different women. I don't think so I know Donald Trump was able to do. But you know Hillary Clinton same thing she was married to three different men had chosen with them. I don't think she would have been elected either so the with a white man dies. Does have advantages that that others don't yes I think I think that's pretty clear and I feel like that's a lot again Brady is the wrong person. And it's not yet it's near it these values it when you try to make it an issue when it really is and you force that in there which is why give you credit for not forcing things as we tried so hard. Tried so hard another forty minutes ago I mean he can do it. Alan Braintree outs not. This equality of all. I'm Buddhist and what was Tom will probably a side lies. I think one you guys write it has to do reputation. You know envy. To get used to this black and white thing now that society but it Kim who did this. And Russell Wilson did this I think it would be looked at differently because one guy's a bad place we've won two super the other guys assault which are so like they do it is. Not been used only skied but I do think that that the credibility of the quarterback has something to do. I agree with the I do think Russell Wilson and Cam Newton. Doing different things whatever the situation would be would be viewed completely differently the two guys no questions. And that I would imagine that Carolina game potential replacement officials. There was a last game a replacement addition when they pick a the flag just walked off the field. I don't believe that's accurate with us in the replacement officials at Seattle Monday night game yet because the company earlier I just here on. They they had the same official again I believe. This Brady joked in a press conference I'm I should probably apologize to him I said some really inappropriate things we are running off the field and Carolina right unless that I get hired from replacement to regular which and it happened right yeah not on camera some laws that Nazi Goodwin if Wilson where exploding out attic and Pete Carroll on the silent on the beach for all. Now you go down hole mother rode by the way. The whole road would RG three in Washington is he really a black quarterback in the the whole accusation that he wasn't black enough to be a black quarterback in. That's a whole separate. Issue you know and I was all I was intrigued at the hall Tyrod Taylor storyline a few weeks ago I'd check Modi to stray from your daily news media argument that black quarterbacks and it was easing Taylor is an example. Have a shorter leash and white quarterbacks and he looked at guys like Fitzpatrick in the town. What statement Sunday Agha you know this guys this big hassle and he has sucked for multiple years and I just watch him you know a couple times a year you play the patriots. He's not very good is to Peerman look better to me he's had. But yet Tyrod Taylor stakes. You know Smith stinks. So explain to need it yet who cares what Eli Manning streak. Honestly what people care so much about I can see fans caring if you're if you're a long tiny type guy upside that now account Eli streak goes back to one. It is it's so sad. As pretty mismanaged situation it wiser not shows that the marry is there I hate the Marist beat me out to mean having Josh Brown on that team asking about domestic violence incidents and just they looked in bad to need that marries. Ethically I'm I don't like those put on ST so is Josh bullies and go there McCain shouldn't go there take over I would I would be we're retired NASA now. And that's seems like a good spot a big Mac I don't. I would not because who's who's your quarterback and make it to pick. Yet to find him that's part of the challenge you pick the right. Would've made out of our mcdaniels I'd rather go a place where somebody's RD and pride and it didn't work well in Denver veteran Jay Cutler town quickly. He like picked his man Tim Tebow and look how that worked out is it this this is the offseason mcdaniels leaves. I think. It feels like it has to be right unless he's just staying the only hit a quid pro quo. While I don't buy any of that that the wildcard to me is the family sort of the reports were that the wife in wanna go to San Francisco the family entrenched and that's something we as outsiders can never. Really read write that relationship between a husband wife children entrenched comfortable. It doesn't feel like now is the time sooner or later you gotta do it you gotta do attrition not far behind heat if you believe people that. Run other teams that didn't hire him which I was a little hesitant when you hire if you. That he nails interviews he's so Smart he's very impressive Reggie rocket scientists haven't heard aeronautical and I'm Jerry aeronautical engineer that's right. Yeah I mean a defense has been has been on the last few months he art among black tremendously he definitely has he thinks he can say that these discussions. Well as a football powerful blog OK a football guy Jack you are about some crock blocks you out a crock pot a crock and that's more my breath more in my area possibly I can't cook at all minute but the stereotype right here Amy horrible cock in your hairy terrible and an area they are bad here it isn't him you know what do you mean was outward. There's no way you weaker I'm an on water on the twinkie scary. But there Harry is there's it's also a division that it could subdivision or bad so you're into it. Users are bears are very popular. Make it a summit favorite. 617779797. It's Aiken you know before the guy I want it to happen weightlifting it Hank Hank what's going on. I have a question for Indian Wells which mystery. Not a little left arm all of them or give up a long long time ago I did my. But my sidekick here that it would dispute date he's a Q and actually cares. And yet certain golden gloves now he's doing their JJ watt bring with a tyrant pushing McBriar got to meet you close and mad case. I am not really into gloves. It's doubly hard I'll move they're not cool. I don't want to do what. It truck tire you know gonna tell us those stands gonna toughen those hands up and prepare them. For battle. We're we're out. I think there's sunshine behind Hank town they'd get a lump this is Alice is like a man get used to the week with the ounces and you know I don't want to work you know OK no gloves a lot harder quote no. Logos lives and you know what album where regular shoes to one of these clowns who lab like the web speed the gym every seat them. They'll Wear shoes they Wear like this will almost all the band acts on their feet with that the of the fingers yeah by broad rise that is that ever would it would does and trying too hard edge about where those of us use its squat she's added Al squad accused and weight training you are just on their work. Now you get too far the other way if you Wear cotton white shirt to the gym and on into either. They can't just like take up your your bio down surely worked out so what does that cost get on some drive that some drag the voter issues. Well as white concerts disgusting chops and it turns yellow and your armpits on that is less gusting that is timing prolific slider so I would actually prefer just regular T shirts and you can use the free ones whenever you get a free credit card race. No I don't have done 180 on take ceased to be anti tank I'm pro at the gym. That's much did you avoid more dignity move toward a club that. We're ago I did dancing in comment on the on the club's youth frequent what strict work to do in the country concerts that it's different venues. Don't turn your wife beaters or can't say that anymore you can now read an amount offended. The Unita and have a wife I get a Peter six point 7779797. Re Red Hat back at this. One quick baseball thing I want to mention real quick here Andy. That's if you heard this having to rally. NBC sports Boston. As advertised the big scooped regarding Alex Cora. And Houston Alex Cora last year. These Astros bench coach Dunn blew up that team broadcaster Jeff Guam and manager AG hands on a bus back to Houston. Shortly after hurricane Harvey hit Houston and during hurricane term which was a smashing Puerto Rico in the Caribbean which of course. As a record was frog and the justice story is about score multiple sources said corps had been drinking. Antique Chris Dodd asked his broadcaster Jeff while money team bus. Heading from the airport to the stadium in Houston when the bus arrived at the masters minute maid park or when I began screaming and it's Boston Astros manager. AG pinch. Source dissent as you said corps had been shrinking and that contributed to his behavior. It is not uncommon for players or staff to drink on travel days is no indication Cora as a recurring issue controlling alcohol intake. The situation did not become physical highly sought after manager. Court felt embarrassed by his actions and later apologized to both parties. What happens is chuck writes that there is behind the scenes friction between core and bloom. And boiled over when bloom asked courted turned on the music on the bus. And the core last out is an inch afterwards and tried to. Diffuse the situation so there's been some people trying to from the sup as is being controversy that out scores as I'd changed. Like raging alcoholic killing team broadcasters. Yelling anything and but every historian read the context especially that it was the Astros first trip back he snapped hired me. And the story goes they going in Cedar City entirely underwater. Irma is battering Puerto Rico cores home as well attaches are running high Yassin Al calling yet. And the team broadcaster tells you turned on the music on the bus. I it's not bottom 20 yeah I don't this really doesn't movement you know same here. I know I got to know and I I mean is there or is there an implication or an attempt to tie it in two. The Red Sox yeah outlaw price I fiercely actors I mean is that just a broadcaster but bloom according to the sources here didn't criticize it wasn't over his criticisms on the air right just over. This team broadcast there some like it and like you just surfaced in Jenna shirt which and then somebody who'd. You didn't like after you turned your music now what you've been drinking castor. Right like so it just like if Bob's Osi went on the patriots licensee oil and his name now let's turn down the music right turn that down the what do you do out if yet it's. And really now and I want to controversy I want some Bruin but again I read this might act. This doesn't now I mean you can this is sort of like Cronkite and buried away in the back my mind sure. The other thing is the Red Sox apparently did know about that struck reports about I think I would like it was in our random argument that happens and the Red Sox. Correct if I'm wrong do not allow well. Naturally I thought that meeting was something that came up but maybe a guide. And that doesn't really. Eight notebook it was tweeted out late last night in August it began in nag preach it jut for hustle and get in the late innings seven relic is off to a bad start the new manager. No court actually give him an extensive interview that story which was injured when it's court probably knows that this is not damaging and that is what the zone which I like Alec ports to meet regulations. I Derry New Hampshire Gary what's up. Gary can you review of them belong. Gary. I'll go all over a little bit yeah. You're on the radio. Was the one I said may have died while waiting on now Gary. Gary Gary. Was he doing we should about a month. Should've who's gonna give us this phone company is our number or maybe it was a banking numbers one of my favorite moments that you create histories when Bill Burton. The points eagle Tribune get out his home phone number on the air yes instead of it's not ideal incentives is the studio and that's too bad he waited awhile. And now call back Gary if it's W business don't know need Gary awhile what do you you don't need stinking collar no we got Christine in New Jersey that's why Christine what's happening. On what's up. Lessons these equity doing ignored him talk to eat. I don't yet Betty. Nice. I ground. But the point is and live as such and that's something we do in Iraq on eight point. There are so good that does. Letting it out and moving on and it is you know everybody up in arms about getting too bad but I was up. I can. Is that confirmed that he was can that he and the concussion protocol via so again this stated she euphemism for yes yes he's here in the birds but. I agree the Christine I've always hesitant to use that word disappointed. They always feel like disappointment is like any seat you can't rights for parents to be lives husband and easily now. But I am I liked. I am a little surprised that it reached this level for at bat he told you it's been seven years in the making a who held he's held on plays I can't even I can't even fathom that. That doesn't resonate. Right price is incredible I'm like why did he throw it again. What do again it's it's like that I ordinaries thinks it's like it's like an argument with your wife here your partner whom ever. It's like one little thing like all eating wash out that the cops and I'll sent out an answer to sky out Sochi devious might. Holds him twice on the plight guards I've had enough. Had enough of August and goes after wise very strange. It's that I'm surprised this happened more often in football and be honest with you but it doesn't happen more often because to me you should be used to it. Like in basketball I think you know it's a sport we're basically you're not allowed to touch the other people like their sticky tack foul it's very different. This is a sport where it's built upon you banging into people all for for an hour every person has has their breaking point. And this is weird that this was his grunt preached his in front re tested until they find he'll never do it again he's clean from Europe. I hope so I try help side we don't want we went on disappoint you again and the children. And particularly when it's not eating anything that we didn't was sent to heads are still haven't gotten into by the way the fact that Bill Belichick called it BS on the field. We'll get into that refers attacked Italian Amber's Cali what's gone on. Hey not too much so I'll call and say that integration elements if it's stupid and McGraw thing. But I'm in a country with so little here and I. Or racial element which is that promoted you literally just say that about all of you don't charge each other you know looking guy who doesn't click of the equitable. It's all I don't them shortly I can't do anything. That the in basketball there are literally files where. Upon replay and zooming and you can't tell member last year he touches nobody not touches elbow. That's sport is not built on is a Cali is their contact yes there is boxing out there are screens and it right then all of them. But it's not on the primary driver into the lane it you're not allowed to touch him if you tell him touch he gets an extra shot out of it he is penalized if you touched him. Whereas in football you're allowed to hit the guys nonstop all day long up and down the field. You're not you're not torture talk about that during a shooter shot. He can't do anything to the and actually that's part of what's suck out all the but a situation like that well we can't mess with receiver and certain things that defenseless receiver thing that's just. While there's never a time where you can initiate contact if you set a pick you have to stand there you cannot be moving if you put your. Head down and just drive through somebody that's an offensive foul football those things are allowed up in on the field all day long. When you have all head of steam in back. All you can not initiate contact with some that's true but they've that you hear me crying out there there are partner. Eric is what are really all about it you know he really secret really well yes and it's. Lecture quarterback in history is still undefeated. And rock. A bomb and improve Jimmy G on Sunday. You know what restaurant late. It's funny how we're not let him so unbelievable actually like I get it you know unrelated picture so let's forget it. Early I haven't heard one word probably are adults that this rate decision not one person that called in and that anything about Barack well I just say. Each one and you know with the 49ers he got all their wins pregnancies and that quite a feet and I like it's shut out. Like Iowa say John mossy and W yeah I'd dot com wrote about that the other day so get your outlook content that. I think there'd be a little more enthusiasm. Enthusiasm and maybe threw touchdown pass or didn't throw me some really throws them when he did. But it wasn't exactly that it needle marks key. You know grapple went 28 at 35 for 372. Yards with four touchdowns and OPEC to be honest I'm surprised he's playing I thought he was and in a plane off. 'cause I. It hurts the guys more of it or convince crop was the guy is gonna win more now. So hurt theoretically their credit Gary had a opposition and if crop was on the bench you could franchise and lobotomy like you only have six quarters your name my friend sorry. Where is now he's held himself the case so I would not been so I think you know what I don't think the niners are playing and the clearly. I was yeah that was weird the whole situation to they talked about not rushing it and but then they talked about signing him before even played. And now he's playing. I don't know if there's sort of confusion as to how they wanna handle the situation and then you have patriots fans who still believe. Could he come back or there's no situation and he's gonna come back because you know Shanahan likes Kirk cousins he's gonna going to be Kirk Australia they just renting Jimmie early interceptions and big why would you rent or apple what. He barged wanna rent any bars I second round as you said album rental you're you're hurting your chances to have the highest pick possible and even if you have your quarterback. Used the highest pick possible either trade to somebody else to give you a ball low to get their quarterback. Or take the best defensive player in the draft and start building a franchise we think was interesting appellate second complete BS on the field well I just. We we very rarely get what would seem to be an inside look at him being honest yeah and then the idea that. Had he not been suspended would build on something you know the whole Wes Welker. You respect the other coach grant you should respect the other player in this game at Sanford serious potential now we'll never know because he suspended so he got his punishment. Democratic could give you an answer that up to Karen parents had been had some good Leslie don't whisper. Your relationship with the BB. It varies yeah I think everybody's varies between. My entries anybody you you think OK yet he knew he unite we can criticize about declines amid a moment and pass comets are like icu bill. You see me. I mean we've had plenty of good exchanges or any of where he gives you the hole at a legitimate answer it and blow and then there's plenty of blown off recently have been blown off. What's the mood in general this year is just as eagerly of expensive years ago I'd like to politics each Adidas after he was not know I think there's there's a little more towards the champions again in the little more forthcoming. The Cameron incident now withstanding what I parents you know remember when all right days yes. What it would it and yet it's not on policy act and I dealing even realized that afterward whatever. But no I think he's geared more towards being a little more open and conversational. And kind of playing along we call you know you're you know as would you ask the question in all likelihood. You have the story half written in your head and looking for bill quote so if he gives you that quote he's helping you do your job is playing along thank you bill. I think more often than not played against a pulling together for AI colony Belichick this year on guys I have never you've never done that now. It IE the ones he for the green and it appears that I don't take part in those things and I. I'm not the medium not the team and in no man's land a man without an island am in that home like this is that your home for the last four r.'s Andy aren't you count down the 10 o'clock hour that's what he did the first hour he was like only ten minutes ago that god it. On the air late I'm late nights and tell Big Ten dollar cut it off an ally we're doing late night when it's 2 AM and eight. They have some real amount Roemer after dark in here and you saw its. I'm deputy as resident party traveling carousing argue that like it's wrong to be honest rabble I don't think it's cooled acquired south so now it isn't it's really. It destroys at all. Reimer back at the yeah. But mimic. Try that again it's I had an English. Final few minutes here. Actually Randy Hart finished strong and Big Ben moll Mallard. They then now are coming up ten to two guys you're dead meat WEEI late night action are there now. While they're going on image of a stroke during the break but it is just east of us now. Acts it's been alleged that tiny during the late night staying hated it throws I've been doing it here all you mean a late late news 81 big men now is handling that tonight from ten to 21 instruct everybody wall of course here. Keeping it here at W the I was in the band now aren't WEEI dot com right now. We have the video embedded Kurt many hand crashes the globe reads conducted interviews with team him brows ski Tom Cameron who is not. Is that that's interesting Scott is all lack. Pot so I'm looking forward to watching that. Tonight why outs of course this instead and so maybe during breaks along is that what it was like eight hours two hours. The vignettes on their hours as well rockets USA you ought to get through and that's why seeker like their fast forward but I'm I'm fast burning right now he's like that standing around insists it does it looking around. Not in the mascot so that's on W yet dot com and it seems like it was access so I'm sure tomorrow Burton county and a half. Full highlights from that and big night for the globe b.s out of we have. Final results guise of the globe b.s and tried to look at the globe web sites. But it says we hope you've enjoyed your free articles continue reading for just 99 cents them know we're out in tears don't care but the globe these don't care who won best college athlete. Not in by the whaling that we have here a question all these awards are presented by sponsors. That's college athlete presented by just one you not me and him Springfield. And James and I don't know that the and talking about it while now probably now we want to mention but yes so the globe is a big night and I'm glad we got some calls it because it's like you go up against. The globes you know there was also going into Super Bowl I believe tonight was also some sie awards and I really the JJ watt. Jose L to be a minute a year who went nerds we now they're the man of the year did the comment of beer yet because of you know Houston strong. Deserving kids are watching great charitable work yet they work well. What do you out while. I think it's a little over he asked everybody else to donate money and they donated. So that's great it is great. He's out article dealt a bad throat in the last eight minutes like him up in the days helping the people of Houston we should let off lists I'm heart says JJ watt. Not impressed Colin cabinet puzzle when he Mohammed Ali legacy alert day yes the hard way key signing up for mine and con cap projected to show up. He did presented by beyoncé. That's one entertain them at Luby's absolutely topics when GQ citizen of the he's an ass eyes Mohammed leeward. And now the man of the year persevere. Now yes it's heating dining out there. I think I think it's always who you may want to pick up means more of racial means up to eight at today's Hispanic. So what is it means I think to win the SI. Mohammad no doubt they tell you it means more means more we're putting him on the cover yours means in history throughout history. Captain nick is more important historical figure you know who history remembers. The guys in the big picture on the cover. Like Adele and yeah that social justice issue Armon I'm Jerry Jones. Which are doubtless news. That they're playing a Saudi Andy I'm okay that we got the hook we got the puck a pleasure working with finish strong my friends. It was fun. Sure I anytime Christmas New Year's coming up maybe a little fourth of July actions are lost each other's CN were big in the holidays and now are coming up next taking a moment WEEI thinks listening.