Gronk's suspension is deserved

Mut at Night
Monday, December 4th

Mut is talking about the suspension of Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, which Mut feels is deserved for his cheap shot on Tre'Davious White. Mut also brings up how Gronk's overreaction to non-calls in the game against the Bills could ultimately benefit Gronk in terms of refs watching closer for holds and interference.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio. We EI. The lovable look at young like five defensive goodbye Columbus. And laughable without clock but this time that you were put. Way over the line this was an egregious and indefensible activists who should be suspended the only question is for how long. There this is disturbing on multiple levels number one. He was. It was not physically harmed by the biggest white he had no reason to inflict on one hand was upset with a separate number two. How can a man with the injury history of Bob podcast he willingly inflict harm on another human being. When he is they wanted us out there that's the place got sort of your. Bodies that we defensive backs going for his knees because they can't bring them down legitimately and now it turns about it does something like this to a defenseless person that he has no personal grudge against him shouldn't. At this now that's indefensible and one other thing is lame apology because all he should've said if I'd lost my head I don't know what that person was I'd and we I mean I'm sorry about that I regret that I will make up for the subsite not. Oh by the way I was held at this been out of wow wow live almost been going on seven years that mitigates the apology and even negates it. Useless this is the worst thing he's ever done anything absolutely deserves a minimum of two games. Lazio two games against one but I would say a group wallop Bob Bryan said today on around the hornets won at night Sports Radio WEEI that a course was Bob Ryan we'll get your reaction. To the ground suspension up until 745. And Monday Night Football at 6177797937. The phone number it was deserve. It was necessary. And in fact in some ways is is going to help the patriots and I understand it's gonna affect. His pocketbooks and affect the salary he's gonna make 280000 dollars he stands to lose should this one game suspension. Hole. It's a gain game against the Miami Dolphins. And it's one less game that he could potentially get hurt the beat the dolphins without gronkowski. They'll play Jacob calls to the plate when Allen and a win by two touchdowns instead of three. It also means the patriots at least in my mind tumble Y this is a good thing. Ross could get some calls you down the stretch. Rockets bigger a look at this ago look at plays for Robert cow ski. The officials get any closer eye on when he's held when he's checked when he pushed. When he is interfered with and you'll get those calls not only the final four regular season games. But into the post season it will be only make up call. Buddy make up run for Rob Gronkowski back I'm not gonna be surprised and I'm sure it's already done it already. But it it comes out or bell about Bill Belichick. Takes a bunch of these plays takes you know three minutes worth of tape. I'm just plays like wrong and sense of legal consider this aside the stuff that my guy deals with that does not make. What Rob Gronkowski did OK it is still premeditated. It was three stretches three steps grab throw that the helmet strap off and lady elbow drop down a and it was still a dirty dangerous play. That deserved at least they won game suspension I'm okay with a one game suspension and he got this thing right. But they are played times were brought is interfered with words not call. And he's not given that benefit of the doubt because he's such a big receiver a big. Physical hall of fame tight end. They'll get those calls down the stretch now four to back to the phone calls I will say this. Rob Gronkowski is very lucky the way to schedule comes out if this were to happen and next week was Pittsburg. Look out. Folks would be losing their mind today. And I do believe that's part of it. That is patriot fans people are okay with the suspension because you're playing a team Miami even in Miami they're supposed to be. It patriot fans are being honest and and and maybe eight. And that this would you wrote about this today Shaughnessy wrote about the patriot onto the putting Dejan of people that it are defending this and defending Rob Gronkowski. You going to really get those people. You get them a Pittsburgh was next week. If your plan a Steelers this is week seventeen. Noted even more stupid for grown what why it was done yesterday and Alex it was dangerous and it was premeditated we took the steps just leveled the guy when he knew was down a new is out of bounds the game was over. It's a nothing game the bills stink. When you get up on the Buffalo Bills that's it they can't put the ball vertically downfield to wide receivers are no good if you take LeSean McCoy out of it and we saw. Sure they ran the football what 183 yards yesterday who carries. It didn't mean anything once they got down they could not come back when the game there were coming back and IKEA that's why I made even dumber. We're drawn to do what he did. But to be fair that we're Shaughnessy would have been right on this for the patriot people would have been out of their minds all day today. Here on WEEI. In Pittsburgh where next week. We're very playoff game next week to be a different tune. And yet have a different tune to but I I I'd shot a look at it whether it's called core. In case cases look at the dialer key plays for different he what would you wanna see. And like getting to break him when he laid out the Monte Adams and others I want a one game suspension it was definitely warranted. 61777979837. Your phone number Ross in a car on the history of ground I Ross. They motto wanna say you and keep from about our that they generated by the way I. Big shut out there ever I've football. Well and are glad does have a little bit of ignition remember we threw. Sergio Brown out of the club. He did in that case is engaged in a block and it end up being aggressive but I was not as dirty as this. There wasn't dirty but he did. Dorm ten yards off the field. He dug EE what and that case it was legal writing gauge and a block and finished off his block whale the club. On and getting gators that block. Did he get a penalty amount firmer surface. I don't remember. I go back and look so I would not there are guys who have a history Ross and thanks for the kind words thanks for the call. The guys that I histories like Ndamukong Suh and others have histories of dirty plays wrong does that have doesn't have that it shouldn't matter in this case. The dirty plays a dirty play and once you see at that first time that's it. I'll care Piazza's a squeaky clean track record I guess you wanna argue that if he was repeat offender may go to got more than one game. I can see that. But in this case the one game seems wards and I don't care that. He gets Hellman every play I don't care that. Isn't a track record I also can this happen a football field and not. Out there on the streets and Rodney Harrison started this out last night other people of they've joined in. I'm including Danish on us including Ron Borges did this it happened to you know Dow down on it's on route one. God be arrest the stop doing that. We're being entirely too. What the exact wording is probably overly. Sensitive. Immigrants are taking place on a sporting field at same boy that at all the field he get arrest like every hockey hit every football in. Dagger to the baseball on a baseball game like OK give a million these things you could say snapping away from the playing field he'd be arrested. I could change the argument still a dirty hit like who would say oh you know what you're right. If that happened down south the direct I thought of it that way suspended for a game thinks that. No one doesn't understand that. What you're saying when you write better says you figure audiences stupid. Alvin patriot fans are stupid based on the reaction or today I don't think the patriot fans are being hauled the weight gain Shaughnessy trying them as. Nixon wave of panic. Israel quickly got in Leipzig games besides. I probably get try to gain correct. Right side I'd say they saved right there imagine that they Romero he look at last week two games. On this thing about it yet you know he gets it but it worked well I'd say about it is he's fifty it. What is it was little seven people opt out won't take that and hands on pass for touchdown he does that quite a bit. And he's also got some clout that he shouldn't get. I mean in his they themselves Lane Bryant net. And it will wait to the question is you know what I saw the highlights southern islands and that is this like wrestling only what it was for real. And it absolutely Grassley mad that it threw it pretty clear union looked like a wrestling mogul like one of the guys. In the bills mafia outside the parking lot part of the games jumping off trucks on the tables. Is exactly what it looked like it was a terrible optic for rock what actually made it worse. Was watching his coach should not the sideline then watches coach tell Sean McDermott. I apologize for and say that was boldly packed. So you know what the coach thought a bottle here from Bill Belichick coming up the bottom of the hour bill was asked about it with dale and Holley today Danny was on the or those guys. When the suspension came down. So here from Belichick for get out when their football. Later on bottom of the hour but that's her crown to out from a of an optics standpoint. You coaches yelling Yoo then he's appalled I seem to be posting head coach. That is not good for you drunk. I Johns up in May on the suspension he's on a moderate nights portray you WEEI juggle that. My great great what are you got. Well I mean I do at the expense and I think it was there that are obviously it cheap shot anybody back I'll bow. That much in Tokyo. The NFL we use it but that's that I. Are applied would you the F Pallet Jack ordered that struck a more out. I'd be shocked I I'd be shocked that they reduce it to a suspension I'd be shocked if Belichick we're than Benjamin A game because they ballot check in its core. Was pretty surprised that a guy is guy it not that I surprised I think bill bell check is. Always question legal office anyway John so to give them credit in a way by sitting down by himself. Would be in justify their actions and you just know it's got along with those guys so I would be shocked if it's over turn to a fines have a one game suspension. I'd be more surprised that bill sits in Downey as adults at least for a I hired him I guess for a player or quarter. That might make some sense of not for an entire game Miller. Are gone you know he's a QWERTY ED should be a model that they can't be out there you are thrown out the IOK yeah there's wearing them well. We eat thirty quite be up close it. Out. That's true any ill be apologetic for it was not not been some sort of theme for him during his career. He's got a dirty player you lost his mind. And you can do that but there are consequences for doing that in this case it's a one game suspension. I'm not Sherry talked after the game shot Bob Ryan the one that has heard Bob on and that cup Bob was ripping crawl for the response I thought was okay. After the game. I doubt we'll speak about it again this week right does not appear on the team it's it's suspended. Will be available for media. So my guess is you've heard the last to crawl that you are talking about. Until that when they play again. And sure is asked about he will say you know I'm. I was the last game when I. ID probably done talking about I Daryn in Providence Darren RW yeah. Great you know thanks to an evening. Honestly quick or one that they went in warrants. If anything you shouldn't take it down on the player delicate wraps you know. The deal anybody I think deaths at orchard there number two under the appeal process or something that was done only. I mean. Painting with him thinking that wasn't always. Pete Lowe who ran out Brad refereed yet and he knew creative and how can you appeal but it actually did and apologize for. Electorate in a basketball shall I understand on where people are not all the stuff. I'll put this part eyeballing groceries and your friends. The first thing where it ought to do defuse the situation before it starts in cycling them but not if you situations or got that point. What that was when you're seven years ago when rob account you with pat and all these problems they said it to you this long time ago. That's let me I do you and a hook for yeah. There I act I hear area and and I don't know what. Yeah I I don't know what they're explosive they're no good job and making yesterday. They also can't call every single time an opposing player tries to slow down Rob Gronkowski. They'd be calling plays on every other pick on penalties Escude and ever the polite. So I get that part much like he gets away with some offensive pass interference at times. I'm not sure seven years ago they could affix that they each is a tough tough position in a tough. Guy to. Figure out pass interference with a plane and play out. His musicality makes it tough. And it I'm sure this is not though both first or last game where you'll get a call against him. That he's pissed about. Maybe even the Brady gets picked because of it. Hopefully it's the last game resize to jump on a guy. And knock them all the right abounds. After the plays over our Griffin and a car graffiti on lot of night. They might hour next on doing okay eager when he got. So my question for you is that it it's another player on the patriots roster. Do they get to spend at the same exact thing happens. And and it say in Yemen Paula and he goes after somebody like this. Does Crocs sides come into play the fact that he was so much bigger than the defender. Does it make a difference in whether or not a defined verses suspension is since. Kind of like you said it accessory where marketing cause arguing with the perhaps. Does that come into play at all. Is the players still it is still get a concussion and actually put the gusher protocol. Yeah yes and yes sadly I think that was a big part of it now I as you're saying and I was thinking yeah you know what it probably looks. I will say funny. But it probably looks funny you're Griffin if it Danny Amendola rise a little guy. He's jumping in the it it might be able Lafayette would crawl it does look more aggressive. Because of his side but at the end result is still player takes three steps. Throws down his chin strap and elbow Johnson player eighties can cost. Annie is fifteen yard penalty on the field they yes the suspensions allotments for game. Even if it's a different guy it in the size and the affecting the injury. And maybe the the concussion doesn't happen. I could see a guy get away with a big fine. I really couldn't. But in this case the concussion. I think it was a a factor and if there's a Cali grown there's no doubt as the caller points out with probably a factor in some lines as is the culture we now. Already the National Football League. Like you hear player gave me another player concussion a Ford jumping on an out of bounds after a play. That is in sort of automatic. At that point maybe not a couple years ago. 568. Years ago it is in 2070. Especially at the Danny to rate the that is penalty. Suspended game Mike Evans Barrett a guy got a game precedent was set. At some level for giving Rob Gronkowski game on toll finally that 61777979837. The phone number couple things were welcome back. I wanna play for your bill Belichick's response. I would dale and Holley today about the suspension and finding out. Or about the big hit itself and finding out on the air about the suspension in PTI talked about this as well. And brought the idea of race. We brought in a penalty without Mike and Tony. We'll get to that and we'll get to Monday Night Football at 745. Here on W media. Part of tonight's Sports Radio WEEI. The patriots front senator even asked very boring 233 win over the bills yesterday that's how spoiled we are around here so spoiled I am I guess a calling. Dominant divisional win on the road a boring women that's what it was the headlines out of it on the ground issue with the hit to. A bills player that knocks him out for games spent a by the NFL NB sideline now back and forth. Between Brady and Josh McDaniels. Been talked about bulls on ESPN today including the gronkowski suspension. Tony and Mike hated on ESPN tonight on pardon the interruption. Today the NFL suspended grunt for one game will want as one game enough no. If he gets the one game you get appealed this in the Pyrenees is an appeal. Does not reducing it to a half or quarter there's got webos yes indeed nation until until they gave these two adults two games last week. For a fight to do to change incident as I like to call that's fact it was bad in terms of the NFL optics but didn't mean anything. This a guy. Injured someone who is now a concussion protocol that's been apparently had a concussion. So you want to sit there and frauds fraudulently for the most part and tell anybody how do you care about players' safety. You benefits they gronkowski for more than a game. I thought he would get two games for this I thought it would be an escalation this is started there's lawlessness in the NFL right now. This started with a AJ green gravity got by the head and thrown down he got nothing. Then as you say a key to leave and Michael Crabtree who wanna know part of the game. This note about a drug that's this is about a broad they got to win that was reduced to one. Now you have this this is I'm telling this is lawlessness and this is not good and he should sit I think multiple games and here's another aspect of this there's racial politics of this and that is that you have a lead which is primarily black. And you are suspending black bezel console when a white player does something hole. We were do you give them in the least. Pox on all sluggish and why thing Ford is riding big head of a black player into the kind of wanted to give him. Too well I don't think that was Roland violated okay but the NFL let him deal with that based on how they glow like a big deal I think I'll give them too if you want to reduce it to one amok and complained about rat for what you got to give him do we grabbed my. If he if he somehow. Continues to play against Miami. And then I thought that the money designer of the what do you do audience and that's stupid can and by the way. That date they got that part wrong there's no you'd that it could possibly work like that but. You heard there in the middle of the racially motivated will blog called it a race racial issue. Tony called the NFL a lawless league and I'm not necessarily shore. I disagree with all that given what's gone on league last couple years but the optics of a white player in knock new black players somehow affecting year. Like dig your faith and a black player knocked out and other black player he got a game. Rob Gronkowski white player hits a black player he gets a game. How is this connected to race at all. How is the actual issue of the hit and the suspension or anything else. How is that now being linked to race. Told you were eight it did they weren't saying the black player get more this season white players we should get more. He's a white player any black leagues they have to answer to that all they suspended him. These guys wanted multiple games to Rob Gronkowski the precedent has been set. Her base then a gamer to leave big company a game. So they stuck by the precedent. They game a game they got it right. And even then we want to play the race card a year like it somehow. Race affects it either way. Why should it in this case. I guess there are given a PTI tonight was that it's a white player in a black man's league. And they have to. Answer fort if indeed wrong is appealed goes through there's no shot. The appeal will be heard it and you'll get a one game they're gonna I'll pull up hold the one game. There's no doubt in my mind about that. But again on a dummy I I don't. I do not see race in this case I don't see race in Tom Brady although O'Dell Beckham does O'Dell Beckham is talking tonight. After three big story tomorrow about he's been a victim. Of that because Tom Brady's white he gets in arguments from the sideline he's okay. O'Dell Beckham juniors blackened it treated differently that was suggested by Stephen A Smith this morning on ESPN's first take I don't see the race there. And I do not see race here when it comes to. Wrong and the Buffalo Bills. But 2017. This happens more often than not and my guess this'll be a major topic tomorrow across the country. 6177797937. Is your phone number on let's talk to Chris in New Hampshire hi Chris. Other god must event. Honor I would bring it back what you were saying earlier about like the serial banners like that dom can sit. He got in trouble foretell a long after yourself and unfortunately it's got a they've close the barn door after the horse about it pastor. Now Obama brought out the actor like a single incident and soon got wet would that would bind and then and it only no mention and it twice in the umpteen sideways at issue. I got a bunch they did a poor job of that but again I would not argue hey because they screwed up the issues of Ndamukong Suh. This is some hot streak rock differently made that support what he did it does it doesn't make those things doesn't make it right Ted. Today to suspend him differently because what that it would Ndamukong see my point. Well I don't much what I I agree grow their suspension eagle often my needed something stupid about it. If you have felt like if they acknowledge them and it and they clearly. I mean let's be honest. Brady got four game critically gate and then it would reduce that mentioned it a given. Rock too he probably got a reduction in L like. Yeah I guess I would have a surprise there because he's now been this. This thing here thanks for the call. There's been missing in the league where you get two games it's gonna automatically get knocked down to one. It's happened a lot so Crockett gotten to. I would been I would not the surprise at all when I eventually got knocked down one. There's a lot more compact with this stuff O'Dell Beckham junior is talking tonight as Stephen A Smith. I you have to PTI guys this issue was not going away. In any way shape or form locally or nationally. Who's on tonight after the game paddy on it I believe we have coverage of the game tonight my guess is we'll have Alex Roemer. Could be in that after the game tonight natural Bradley love after the game to break this all done it tomorrow morning at six. Myself and Kirk and try to to snare will be. I'm talking about this I'm sure everyone will be don't go anywhere on WEEI this coverage in full thank you panel day good job behind the glass thank you for listening. Say toon Mon at football coming up Tom Brady will join Jim Gray just after 8 o'clock you're WE yeah.