Have NFL fans stopped debating teams to debate the anthem protests now?

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Friday, November 10th

Patrick Gilroy is talking about the Patriots and NFL, more specifically the level of interest this year, where it seems people aren't as loud and in your face with their fandom, and is this a regional result of Patriots fans getting complacent or is it an issue across the league?


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He's much better. At night on Sports Radio you. We EI. Sports Radio. WB yeah I'm. Patrick Gilroy sitting in for Mike and anti but at night. They can you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening number to join us you're six or seven. 779 is seven and 937 takes the program 37937. You find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops. Act in Gilroy on hoops wanna thank Tom. And now I'm sorry to share this horrible news of the guys but it's it's just me on solo for the next few hours have been spoiled. With a couple hours of Tommy Curran and now you're stuck with me the good news here. Is that Bob Ryan will be joining me coming up around 9:20 this evening the talk about these Celtics and how they continued to overcome injuries. This one at the concussion. To Kyra you are being maybe one it's a little bit too typical for this team to overcome. I mean Shane Larkin nice player. But if he's got to play an extended period of time 345 games look Tyreke goes through the concussion protocol alongside Al Horford. On this winning streak could come to an end it pretty abruptly so heated that. Would Bob Ryan coming up in the next hour until then your phone calls it 6177797. 937. In this is more about a general conversation. But I tried to have last night when I was years but unfortunately Mya. My sleep paralysis sleep deprivation conversation took hold of the show and we did two hours on how to prevent sleep paralysis. We're not gonna do that tonight but I thank you for your advice I got a great basically sleep last night so for everybody that really called in texted him told me what to do. I took some of your advice. I blacked out the room used the special fan and there was no shadow creature in my room last night that was amazing. So thank you for that but that's not for tonight. What I really wanted to get to last night was this whole conversation. Surrounding the patriots and they're the lack of buzz in you know Tommy current sort of touched on it with me but I think it's deeper then the way that we left it. The patriots are six and two and it's been uglier six into the what we come to know and expect over the years the patriots and I don't think that on. I'm saying anything to negative about the team putting it that way this team is had a few problems this year they've had to overcome. Injuries that had to overcome some outside distractions. And now as Tommy Curran said they are leaning on guys that lets just say they don't have a very good track record. Of staying healthy and they truly are one injury away at this point I think. From struggling through the remainder of the season and I don't think enough. Has been put on the fact that at this point six in two. Heading to Denver and heading to Mexico five of their next six games are on the road this they critical part. Of their season if other teams are gonna trying to tip of the patriots this is when they're gonna try and make their move. So as the patriots embark on this stretch with five of their next six on the road in this critical portion of the season. What they do to get better we are matters and I say that because the red zone offense. Hasn't been good enough the last three or four weeks and leaning on. Let's go ski to give you field goals is nice we are playing against inferior inferior opponents at home. And you know you can even overcome the loss of a Gus goes he or does 'cause he going out there and missing. A field goal or two when you're at home playing against inferior opponents. But when you're on the road. And and I know that Denver is not the monster that they've bent I know that they don't look anything like the Denver Broncos from years past. But the red zone defense is still pretty damn good in the patriots red zone offense has been pissed pork. Especially the last few weeks. So you're the patriots what do you do is Martellus Bennett really the answer because I go online I read these articles I do my show prep and there's a certain. Fraction of people and fans that truly believe that this whole thing with a shoulder was nothing more than a ruse in short you know maybe to shoulder. Does have a damage there in May be the rotator cup is is injured. But they think he's gonna shooter to play through the pain to be the Martellus Bennett that we need to know last year. And if that's the case if I'm wrong and they are right and I hope as they fan that I am wrong and they are right. But if that's the case and Martellus Bennett comes in here and gives you another red zone weapon Walden great. Awesome but I don't know that's going to be the case. So what are the patriots have to do with this point in the season. To get more out of their red zone offense if you're leaning on Tesco ski to continue to give you field goals. You're not gonna continue to win these games how many times have we said it over the years this isn't rocket science you need to capitalize when you get close. To the goal is have to. The patriots haven't done a very good job of that in recent weeks I think if there's an opportunity. For the Broncos to keep this game close and give themselves a chance to win it's gotta be because the patriots are capitalizing in the red zone. That's going to be it supports sitting here listening to the real post game show sometime after midnight Sunday night with the with Glen or weigh in and with the threats moralists and liberals doing the real post game show from the shack. They're gonna be talking about the patriots inability to capitalize in the red zone. As the reason why this team wasn't able to win in Denver. They've got away with a in recent weeks but that's not how this thing goes you guys of all watch and a political football we've all watched enough football to know that you must capitalize. When you hit that red zone Martellus Bennett while. He could be part of the solution. There is in no way in hell. That Martellus Bennett coming in here having not practiced the last few weeks. Having just. Gone on in the Gramm today and declared that he was days away essentially from. A surgical solution to his torn rotator cuff yeah I find it very hard to believe that you go from. Prepping for surgery. Printed prepping mentally prepping physically. Getting ready to call the season. And having this surgical procedure done too well and good I'm on the plane let's go L let's ride this thing out at it that. I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around it and if the solution simply is some really good painkillers and get them out there than god bless and go for. If he's able to be effective. But I'm just not sure if he's going to be the guy that carries this team. Into the playoffs are on me shoulders if you're looking for a repeat performance. From what you got last year from Martellus Bennett I think you've got to be you gonna be sorry if it's just not somebody that is worth cleaning. Then you look at the weapons that Tom Brady does. Right and you look at Rob Gronkowski he's the most obvious answer here he's the guy that the patriots I think. Needs it. You better with an end zone situations. But has been incredible this year he's been healthy he's been durable he's played some crazy number like 97%. Of the offensive plays. It's it's stupid how often he's playing and how many plays he's actually on the field. And you you played with fire withdraw right because we although his injury history we all know that he's somebody that it for as large and as superhuman as he is he's a fragile guy. And he's got that body held together. Very much so with spit and glue the back the forearm I mean this guy. Is it injury waiting to happen and if you're a patriots it's your job as Bill Belichick to manage your players right. Celtics fans you watched Doc Rivers do we here for years. As the Big Three aged and got older. And Kevin Garnett went down for the 2009 season missed the playoffs with the injury to the need you saw how doc had to respond and react in 2010 and it's when he eleven. You saw the way that yet to manage the minutes of a guy like Paul Pierce where they were DePaul. You would look their play forty minutes a night every night it still be doing it right now. People wrote the fall so you know it's not like we haven't seen this here before in doing but at this point. As unfortunate as it is. The patriots are in the position to lose a guy like rock or lose a guy like M and cola with Tommy currents that has been the guy. He hasn't been that the Edelman replacement but he has sort of become the replacement pink TV guide the patriots lean on. A sensibly more than anybody when he needed to get a big first down mean how many big first downs has he had this year. He absolutely is one of the more trusted teammates on the offensive side of the ball the Tom Brady pass. And Hogan was getting there is well now he's out he could be out for the next two or three weeks so the patriots are really in this great position here to suddenly start getting. Production and changing the way that their fortunes have gone in the red zone. So they have to fix it internally again this dead pick up. It is very much a low risk high reward situation but if you're a fan out there and you're leaning on Bennett and you're saying yourself well yeah how this guy was great last year. He's got a coming here he'll be able to spell ground and you know you take some of the pressure up ground. And he gets that the place only plays therefore hopefully helping him avoid injuring. And he was a legitimate red zone weapon last year I believe top my head he had eight touchdowns last year. That's just not be that you're getting not right now anyways may he will be by the time this thing he'll wraps up the regular season they hated the playoffs I don't know I. I don't know if there's a treatment if there's a way to. Alleviate the pain while allowing him to still have full range of motion which is going to be critical. To him being a key offensive weapon for this team. And maybe he goes out there thirty tries to play and realizes that he can't and all this talk about Martellus Bennett goes away I'm not sure. But I the only thing that I am sure about when it comes to bend it. Is the fact that he absolutely. Not even close. To 70%. Let alone 100%. So again a guy that. Just a few weeks back declared that this this final season. A guy that today. Told us about how this week he was mentally and physically prepared to essentially call it a career and go and have the surgery done to fix the rotator cuff. Now he's thrown into a situation. Where the patriots are going to be leaning on him to give them production in games that matter in the red zone that's that's a big ask. And I'm just not sure bet it's up to it I know mentally he'd he'd love to be up to physically. That's an entirely different different question and it's not one I'm sure. But you fans are gonna like the answer to it is Sports Radio. WEEI. It is but at night Patrick Gilroy sitting in for Mike and it's he joined the program at 6177797. 937. Sports Radio. WEI. Monday night Patrick Gilroy city and for Mike minutes. Number to join us here 6177797. 93 said it expects the program 37937. You find us on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops continuing where there are patriots conversation can get to the Celtics as well will be joined by basketball Bob Ryan coming up around 920. This evening wanna get Bob state specifically on. The celtics' ability thus far this season to overcome obstacles overcome injuries get contributions from ties that. Generally don't have any business giving. A professional team the sort of contributions that they've given the Celtics thus far this season. A look at it guys like Tice and look at it guys likes as simulate delay. And these guys are contributing players to what's been a very good basketball team thus far this season and for me. Is somebody is only 37 years old I say only because they still feel young put a band. Following this Celtics team my entire life and following them professionally for about eighteen years. And I can't recall it can't remember a time and it's team that leaned on guys this young that weren't heralded guys so you go back to. The pitino days the early days of Rick Pitino and the Ron Mercer Chauncey Billups backcourt the future you can I guess he can look at that. And look at Antoine Walker being a member of that team but those three guys were high lottery picks. The Celtics had their high lottery pick guys this year and they've got guys that the number three overall pick. In Jalen brown the number three overall pick in Jason Tait they've got those guys I'm not worried about those guys. But it's the guys at the back into the roster the guys that made up their summer league team. Generally if you follow NBA summer league you know that 95% of those guys. Played in some league don't make an active NBA roster and what had been here. They make the celtics' active roster they're all contributing players getting double digit minutes every night. So I can't remember a time or a team in which you had guys completely unheralded second round picks overseas guys. Coming in and giving a team that is as good as this Celtics team has been. The kind of contributions that the Celtics had been fortunate enough to get. From these unheralded guys and I think it's interesting and I think it's something that I'll be very fascinated to see. If they're able to keep it up this season rolls locked. Right can we say. Come February. It's videos to lay is continuing to give the Celtics who admits he say that Daniel tights come march is continuing to give the Celtics good minutes. Because those guys are gonna be key in my opinion to what the Celtics do. Going into the playoffs to see this is weird not having the veterans and when Tommy Curran was in here we talked a lot about Jae Crowder Avery Bradley. And look people have really soured on Crowder and I don't blame them. Out here which when he was with the Celtics people loved him he may have overstayed his welcome just a little bit at the end. Got way too comfortable opening up is mile than being a distraction rather than a good teammate but I tell you he did have one of the best contracts in the NBA at least he did last year. With the Celtics this year he's only playing about twenty minutes a night at the argument could be made that the Celtics recently are getting better production from a guy Alex and usually. Then the cats are getting from Jae Crowder. Last night and watching the cavaliers to their rockets game end the cavs sort of fought back and they had a gritty performance but they lost another close one. The cavs needed a defensive stop under a minute to go in the game. Jae Crowder gives up not one but two. Rebounds offensive rebounds to the rockets allowing the rockets essentially to hold on and run out the clock. Let's take product how many times did we see that last year it Jae Crowder gets all this credit for being a Greek balls EE tough guy right but. Ultimately when the game was on the line last night. He failed to give his team an opportunity to win the game because he was unable to get a big rebound and that has been one of the best things about this edition of the Celtics I hope it lasts I hope it's something that we can see your talk about all season long. Because this addition to the Celtics has put. A renewed emphasis on rebounding the basketball they didn't go well there and get world BD re dollars they just didn't. There's certainly a little bit longer of a team that they were last year little bit more athletic team than they were last year. Guys were more desperate and they're stepping even a guy like mark is Smart. The weight loss that Marcus Martin had the forty pounds is really made a big difference on his ability to get to the rim to rebound the basketball. To move quickly on its feet. But this Celtics team has a renewed emphasis on rebounding the basketball going back to the Doc Rivers Big Three teams here. It's Ilya how many times do we hear doc and and Brad Stevens essentially saying gay Iain sake which proves it with a philosophical. Difference between the rest of the NBA in the Celtics they all said to a man. That they didn't mind being out rebounded yet they wanted to make it closer but they're emphasis was getting back on defense. Well this Celtics team is trying to do both. Because right now they're one of the best defensive teams in the NBA ended at one of the elite rebounding teams in the NBA NSA Elvis as they're trailing. By eighteen points to the Charlotte hornets tough news for the Celtics tonight. Carrie Irving. Has not been diagnosed. With a concussion yet but he's out for the remainder of the game and being monitored with concussion like symptoms. The Celtics will keep a close eye on Tyree Irving the good news tonight Jason Tatum did return to the court Jason Tatum. Remember in the game against the lakers only played nine minutes went out with some sort of it ankle injury that was never well defined there was no point in the game we so he sprained it there he tweaked it there. It was just ankle pain foot pain had imaging done he left. The Laker game in a walking boot people assumed the worst he's back out there tonight no structural damage he's playing through whatever pain he's experiencing that's good news. And I gotta tell you Al Horford was game time decision tonight against friends over the garden now covering the game. They texted me about an hour before the game started Al Horford at that point thought. That he was going to play the Celtics decided yanked him back pull him back. For precautionary reasons but I'm pretty confident that Al Horford will play in the celtics' next game which is the big relief because remember last year. He couldn't seem to get out of the concussion protocol. Every game would come in ago. It and you'd think that Al Horford would OK finally return. But he did it and wanna being nine games in the Celtics team they're not the position where they can afford to miss a guy like Al Horford when you're already down. So many players you can't miss him for nine games so that was encouraging news but now with you get one guy back in Tatum. You hope to get a second guy back in Horford. They the engine that makes this whole thing run carrier being goes down let's hope it's not a concussion I'll continue to keep you guys updated. Throughout the evening here on Sports Radio WEEI it is Monday night I am Patrick Gilroy and over to join us here 61 cent. 77927937. Takes the program 3793. Sevenths outta touch Celtics if you'd like. Also continuing with the patriots discussion. Because it's one that I can't wrap my head around guys and sorry. But this patriots team is still a damn good team at six and two at its sounds to me like nobody cares. You guys are super apathetic about the patriots nobody is excited about this game against Denver it's Sunday Night Football. In Denver and nobody cares. And it blows my mind you know last year. Doing the shows here last year doing shows are on the ESPN station I was on a New Hampshire no matter where I went and what show is aideed. At the patriots were playing in national TV game Sunday Night Football didn't make a difference who the opponent what the call lines were lit up because people couldn't wait. And this thing would go on for weeks if the patriots where the bye week people literally counting the days counted the hours until they came off the bye and got back on the field. This year's team. For everything that they've overcome. And for their ability to sort of make a report the loss of a Julian Edelman. And keep their opponents that day and overcome. A lot of talent up and down their roster. And for their inability to protect their quarterback at the end of the day they're still seeks into. There's still a number one seed they're still one of the favorites to go to if not win the Super Bowl and nobody cares. It blows and I this conversation last week I was in I was in California for work and I'm sitting at a bar talking to somebody and he said that patriots fans. That he talked to at the bar this year we're less obnoxious where his hurts less obnoxious and they were in years past and I totally get that people here. Are excited about the patriots and I can't understand why. I'm not early in my excited I I think that this team is gonna go hit the road he's 56 games I think they they're gonna do big things in this road trip. I think that they're gonna win if not. All five of these six road games they're gonna win for them and I think that's the key number there of these five of next six that are on the road if they come away with four wins. This seems in really good shape I know they dropped too early ones. And people one of the undefeated season and people want of the nineteen Nadal so what you gonna put that behind you. It's not gonna happen this is not the perfect team that everybody thought it was going to be and by the way in July when I was here in the Shiite doing the overnight shift. I told you guys they were going to be 190 and the phone lines lit up with people saying I don't know anything about football stick to basketball you'll. But lo and behold it's it's an imperfect team that's okay. It's okay and that you know there's a certain argument to be to be made here that this patriots team. We'll be better prepared for whatever happens come playoff time because it had to overcome obstacles and it wasn't an easy road. And I liked that about this team like that they've got a bit of a gritty quality to them. I like the fact. That they had been punched in the mouth and punch back a few times it's just something that I enjoy about this team but I think because there on out there scoring forty points a night and blowing teams out week in and week out. It's almost like you guys have. Quieted down and stop caring. And I just I don't get it I feel like. It is such as security EI it's everywhere I go you know it it's not just in New England it's always around the country patriots fans have shut their mouths that they're not. You rarely at as loud as they were in years past and not nearly as. Eager to get out there and say I'm a patriots fan the patriots are gonna win let's put our money down the patriots they're just not this year. And I cannot remember a time. In my time covering the team in my time doing this. The patriots were 24 hours away from a national TV game against the Denver Broncos and nobody care. But the lakers sock it they're a team that that you know still needs a tremendous amount of work. The Celtics Laker game did an eight here the other night because it was Celtics lakers. Right it's there's always going to be buzz doesn't matter there's always gonna be bonds when it Celtics lakers. As long as one of the teams are still good and relevance. The B bylaws more people watched than usual because it is Celtics lakers it's the same thing with the Broncos in the patriots I'm sure we'll do a huge number of people will watch the games. But people are talking about the game. Going into the game and that's rare. Per patriots Broncos. It really use and you guys. You don't think for yourself go to both think to last year the year before the year before that I know the Broncos are the same team I don't they don't present the same issues that. The Broncos have presented to the patriots in years past I know they've won they've lost three games in a row I get it. I get it but this is also. The Broncos last gasp if they lose this game on Sunday their playoff dreams are over. This is the Broncos opportunity historic comeback if they had any pride after giving up 51 points I expect them to go out there and played very well defensively. You've got a personal thing with a key to lead there's enough story lines out there we can overlook the Broncos record it and there. You can't just dismiss the claim the Broncos last month peak he can't do that this is more than just the last month the football so for me and them. I think you guys know this about me from from doing this year when he EI. I am basketball first write it I'm not patriots first I I am basketball for. But even I I am pumped up for this game I can't wait for tomorrow night. But I'm really Al I'll be in Chicago tomorrow night watching the game and I can't wait. For this game at 830 tomorrow night it T seems to me like I'm more excited about it that you guys. Now I don't get what that. Senate are what today's Friday it's they felt like a Saturday to me. I think we can do you I didn't go to the office today either so I got up a plane yesterday and and came here or did late night. And then slept proportion of all screwed up our right I don't know what data is I thought it was Saturday all day. And then I got depressed because they thought tomorrow was Sunday and it was gone back to work on Monday so got to one yesterday and that's what you tell me out of that one well. It's made my night is Sports Radio WEEI. It is Patrick Gilroy sitting in for Mike and asking them to join us here 61777979237. As the back up the phones. Let's go to Tom Tom in the car Tommy next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. I think to a certain extent that they gums. Picket that just want to many games these days. We won the last two out of three Super Bowls. And to a certain extent you know the injuries. Console. A loss of interest. To that extent that it adult men and I tower. And. Let's say. So as a talk as the patriots fan are you finding yourself not as excited as he would be in years past. Well you know yeah absolutely I mean the other aspect is you know the patriots were scheduled to be a what not and I you know and I got blown out on week one. And you know nineteen you know would have been exciting but what that got blown up but he went out hit what's the best thing that can patented agent. That they put another super ball. So why I hate to say we won't getting complacent and to a certain extent I think we deserve me you know we've been waiting to meet god that I take. The rest of the country sort of is sick of that to an odd one of the biggest stage it's bad that. The Saddam I appreciate the phone called the words that just came out your mild blow my mind do we understand how we sound here if we could take this tape. And play in other major markets do you know what these people would say about us and Anton I'm not I'm not. Saying that you're wrong. But I'm saying we sound crazy. Are right because we're not gonna be nineteen you know we're not excited about it. Because the patriots have been successful two out of the last three years. While they've won two Super Bowls in the last three years I had scarlet not excited it blows my mind how that sounds. Right but you're right I think to a certain extent you're right. But when you put it and you make it audible and you could hear it coming out of somebody else's mouth really hits you. Because that's how spoiled we are as patriots fans at the team's not going to be ninety now not everywhere it is going to be a pretty win so you know we can't really put our time into it the way that we would in years past. It do you know how many other markets how many other teams. Would give up anything and everything they would give up their next ten years of their franchise the B with the patriots are this year. There's 29 other teams according to the markets that would love nothing more than had a six and two team with a legitimate shot to go to the Super Bowl. And here we are in New England six and two legit shot to go back to the Super Bowl and nobody cares I don't get it Sports Radio. WEEI it's Kilroy in for my number to join us here 6177797. And 937. Sports Radio W yet. Patrick Gilroy city and for Mike and asking what it night. Thank you guys up until 10 o'clock. Number to join us here 61777979370. Takes the program 37937. If my me on Twitter at Gilroy. On hoops act Gilroy on hoops coming up. Somewhere around 920 Bob Ryan will join the program talk Celtics talked NBA I do wanna talk to Bob about the demise. Of the Cleveland Cavaliers thus far this season because. I find that equally as entertaining and enjoyable as the Celtics. Ten game winning streak I just love to watch the cavaliers struggled so we'll talk the bubble about that coming up. In the 9 o'clock hour until then more of your phone calls. On the New England Patriots the complacency that patriots fans really I think are showing this year more than ever AE if you need evidence if you need proof. There's really no more proof needed then what. Is happening today what's happened all week this week. The patriots are coming off their bye they're currently the number two seed in the AC tied with the Steelers for the number one seed. Percentage point by the Steelers at six and two they're excellent football team they've won what four straight. And people don't care and they're going to play the Denver Broncos and people just don't care. I don't get it. I'm hoping you guys can help you understand it 6177797. 93 sevens go back out to the phones let's go to David Davis in Medford data next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Hey enjoy and so I appreciated that. Yeah I don't I don't I hope that all the stats don't represent the last caller now not that oil because. I'm pretty sure a good majority of them are calling out they appreciate. What the major event like you know I appreciate. The whole game it'll go undefeated or not interest it back that's district. That it blew my mind I'm glad that I'm glad that you're has sort of taken aback by that as I was and I thought to myself in the break. If other patriots fans genuinely feel that way no wonder why the rest of the country hates us. It picked up and it just the worst look right here. Everything we are the art for example or to compete in the NFL but they have done so at well it's easier but we don't. Going to be on our where it goes out cutting edge I don't think our respect that I think majors it ought art are creepy about that it can't wait but an. Well you know the other part of this data is the fact it. The ratings here in New England have been down about 8% overall so young people that want proof for one evidence that. That stands aren't as engaged this year you know you look no further than a Nielsen ratings because that's tangible evidence right yeah you may be excited I may be excited it's Sunday Night Football. It's the Broncos I expect the Broncos to put up a big fight. They know that this is their last gasp for the for their season. And I'm expecting a bit of a war they're the it's the Broncos keep it close in the first quarter watch out man this could be a very difficult game for the patriots to win especially. With the patriots inability to convert in the red zone I'm sorry that you know this as well as I do field goals aren't gonna cut it in Denver. Is that outlook and it across the board though Q would that be at 8% down throughout all eager it they've. Shot at that just no way. And new England's down 8% I'll get the numbers in the break Little League unless you know a petty up up and back there notable the whole league is down. But last I checked New England is down its LT percent as well it's eight and I sent across the port Little League yet it Sosa yeah I mean right right here in New England. And across the league the ratings are down a net oil goes back and I appreciate the phone call they don't be strange to show this and that all goes back to. Last year and the election. In the election sort of took the blame or the brunt of the blame for ratings being down last year end. Look the NFL got a nice little bump after the election was over. In the NFL thought that things are gonna go back to normal rating lies but this year. It happened with the end the protests and the break patty brought up a great point here he said he wonders of the at the protest all some of the thunder. They'll always from the NFL and you know our our people debating you know whether they are for or against the anthem protests instead of debating. Their team verses somebody else's team and I think it's a great point. Because again as somebody that that travels the country weekly. He's right that is a conversation that comes up more often than anything else steal it may not be talked about a Sports Radio quite as much as it was a month or two ago. And I think that's just because we've made an effort to try and move on here but in the data Dave everyday life. It's still very much something that at the forefront of the conversation it's still something that is on the minds of the American people out there. So absolutely that plays a small part. In the overall picture that's being painted. But as excited as the previous caller is for this game I still think that the caller before. The one that said that at the patriots are gonna be nineteen and oh. And it had some injuries is just not as compelling as it was in years past because of that I think that there's a certain segment of fans around here that feel the way that he does to. I think that we've been so incredibly spoiled here we have lost touch with reality. Right go to another market go watch another team week after week after week. Coke called peach shepherd who's gotta cover the Tampa Bay frequent free and Buccaneers OK that's that the team at his. Radio station in Florida covers he's gonna talk buccaneer football all weeklong. It's miserable. But that makes up but the majority of the leak. Brett and that's what other fans are stuck quit. So people call me and called the station they called a show this or the patriots are going to be nineteen know so I can't put my time into it. You wonder why you weren't alive when people from New England go elsewhere. And they say that they're patriots fans you wonder why we get that look or you wonder why people shut us. Because of people like that previous caller visited and nineteen and know that had some injuries. Not not worth it for me it absolutely blows my mind. It 6177797937. As the number to join us here talking New England Patriots football patriots with a huge game coming up. This weekend this Sunday Sunday Night Football in Denver. 830 tick off the Denver Broncos come in struggling mightily losers of four straight games giving up 51 points last week. And really playing for their season now if there at the Broncos lose on Sunday that their season. It's pretty much over it it's just over so that I believe the Broncos are gonna comment come in fired up. And give the patriots a good fight the patriots always struggle in Denver anyways for the most part it's a tough place to play. Broncos fans will be fired up for this game they know that it's their team's last gasp and look the Broncos are broken bunch they are not the Broncos of years past. But if you look at them in you sort of take a harder longer look at that team the red zone defense is still pretty damn good. And the patriots red zone offense has been abysmal the last few weeks and I think that right there. The red zone is going to make or break this game for the patriots and bigger picture the red zone and the patriots ability or inability to capitalize and convert in the red zone. Will ultimately determine how far this team can go come playoff time because again in games like this in close playoff games. Field goals are gonna cut it. The patriots are gonna have to find a way to start converting in the red zone. Without Julian Edelman he's been their big heat you know the patriots agreed to find another way and get better in the red zone the one bit encouraging news here. Is that coming up the by no team has been better at making adjustments and the patriots over the years so. If I yelled at this football amateur hour guy on the radio. Recognizes this deficiency you better believe Bill Belichick is coaching staff recognize the deficiency and that's probably why they went out there and took a chance. 400 injured Martellus Bennett be very very curious to see what Betty give this team. As the patriots play the Broncos this Sunday Bennett made the trip. He's listed as questionable but he does have that torn rotator cuff and got out you know. If you're looking for Martellus Bennett to be to god that he was last year. I think you'd be sadly mistaken and you'll be very disappointed there's just no way in my opinion at this stage in the game a guy that if you check citizens to Graham. Was mentally and physically preparing himself. Or surgery this week. And now he's being leaned upon to be an answer in the red zone for the patriots that is a tough. Tough ask for any player let alone Martellus Bennett is Sports Radio. WEEI is much at night I am Patrick Gilroy Tiki you guys up until 10 o'clock this evening. Number to join us here 6177797937. Takes the program 37 and 937. And look. The part of this that sort of wraps it all up for me. Is the fact that after the patriots traded waging a drop low. This. Error this dynasty that this sort of windows extended championship window that we've all been so fortunate. To be a part of over the years. Now has for the first time in a long time a legitimate expiration date. So for fans that are are apathetic like that previous collar and it doesn't have time for the patriots because they're not gonna be 190. You need to get your heads screwed on straight because this isn't gonna last forever. And for those either thought it was Canadian natural transition. From Tom Brady into the rock below era and we'll just keep this thing rolling for another decade decade plus. That's probably not going to be the case at this point the odds of the patriots finding another. Heir apparent in the draft the next year to the U think is gonna have the same ceiling is Jimmie the route below. Are slim and none you look at all the guys the patriots have had before. You look at a guy like Matt Cassel that everybody thought after his 115 season. Was going to be at least a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL for the next decade. That didn't happen as did it happen Ryan mallet all the tools all the talent in the world. Could never make it happen. It's very very difficult to find a franchise quarterback. It just is. And and the patriots may have to go through what every other team has gone through in years past right they may have to take a trip down to the bottom to get back up to the top. And fans really thought they were going to avoid that and I thought and it most of us here at the station thought the patriots would be fortunate enough. The potentially avoid that. Now there's an expiration date. On the patriots dynasty. Now there's an expiration date on how far the patriots can take this thing how many more years. You can get this patriots caliber play where you go into the season every year knowing your team is got a legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl. It's not gonna last forever I think we all understood that for a long time. But now it may not last another two years so it's six and two. Technically in second place in the AFC percentage points behind. The six and two Steelers I think you need to jump ball in in this team and embrace this team. Because the fact is these moments are fleeting and as Tom Brady goes from forty to 41 to 42. The patriots will only go as deep as Tom Brady takes them. And look he's awesome he's the best quarterback in the NFL he's the go. But he is north of forty and the odds are against him it's Sports Radio. WEI it's Gilroy in for much 6177797937. Go back out to the phones. Let's go to frank frank is an Everett breaking next appearance Sports Radio WEEI. Welcome anxious and like thought you know you got beat Colin because the new look patriots and Bill Belichick in poverty. It's unbelievable integrated currency and great history and history. And unique or upload your victory in that basket let him go vote. Don't check in the ownership no better. So why would you think that you'll be able where we left Iraq logo and expiration it is now. Because how long break how long do you do you expect that we talk so much about Tom Brady's age right. And look whether you he retires in two years three years four years I don't know and nobody can really make that determination. The way from being in retirement he's not gonna recover from. Catastrophic injury. That's correct but the other guy is frank the other guy that nobody talks about their age is Belichick he 65 years old. And you just sent it this team you know it as long as Belichick is at the Helm they're gonna have a shot right but how many more years did he put in at 65 years old. Was only think about today we got to think about it into patriots the greatest team in history c'mon. How can you say it is an expiration date what do we care about running well running it is correct. Of this and I I wish that more fans I wish that I could think the way you do Franken and you must live in my are much happier life that I do because I'm always waiting. For the inevitable next shoe to drop so god bless him and god bless you for being able to play that way right and looked copious into the program. Not everybody could think that way. Some of us have to think further ahead right and are always worried about what's gonna happen next and I think that patriots ownership patriots management. It there's no doubt that Bill Belichick wanted to keep Jimmy go Rob Lowe here he he's essentially said that on more than one occasion. What do you think you wanted to keep them here because he knew that he was capable of being the next. Starting caliber quarterback the next the league quarterback for the New England Patriots. And when you have that guy you can at least keep keep this sort of championship window or playoff contention window hello everyone quantify it. Open for a little bit longer an extended period of time and now that he's gone and there's certainly no guarantee that the patriots will be able to find that next guy. That next heir apparent to Tom Brady it's Sports Radio WEEI it is Gilroy. In form but plenty of room for you at 6177797937.