Head Coach Bill Belichick with Dale, Holley and Keefe 09-25-17

Monday, September 25th
Dale, Holley and Keefe speak with Bill Belichick live from Gilette about the win over Houston and the protests that take place all across the NFL.

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It is time for our weekly conversation with a coach of the New England Patriots are conversation with a coach. Is brought to buy Putnam Investments pursuing performance excellence through the power of teamwork. Coach Bill Belichick joins us here in our studio to let a coach or. Could do. And that's when it does great cost you have talked with us in the past about negative plays in the effect negative plays and half. And you probably study this up much more than I do in fact I guarantee you do. The chances of a two minute drive succeeding. When you've got a second in twenty. A third and twelve and a third and seventeen somewhere in that two minute drive must be astronomically against it's that's not where you want the effect that. Stefano or you want that he. Yes usually one negative play and human enterprises. You know penalty it's. Tackle for a loss on screen pass or someone those those kind of plays usually. That takes it down pretty low so. And we are fortunate to overcome some lot of things yesterday. Definitely extra. You know princesses all the time and that's when they sure given the right answer. They say OK how many times does this Bill Belichick come in and game. And say OK I'm gonna do this for the offensive coordinator are called plays and defensive coordinator how how override that are calling. How many times that happened does that happen in two minute drive in other words it's Josh McDaniels. Home plays on that or is this collaboration how's it work. You know all of them I think for. All the teams that I've I've been a part of and as a head coach you'd have a plan during the week of what you're gonna do in certain situations. First down second down there down ultimate goal line. Red area and so forth and and on the play caller. Josh in this case you know works from that. That group of plays you know depend on what. Hash mark or on what play we've run before so for fun and so he absolutely polls place and then as we go into the game. As things change and make adjustments and on the offensive staff or myself that I coached and we'll talk about. So it I don't think there's any big surprises as to what we're gonna do if it's going to be different. For all we talked about going into the game than we usually communicate that during the game on the turn at two minute drive or at any point in the game greatly. You don't have two or three people tell on the play caller don't call this phone call I call this call I mean he's trying to. In a new rhythm and then get the plays in a timely fashion substitutions and so that's really a one man. One person has that coordination had. The kind of makes suggestions in between series or. There's a time out during the series or something that. There for her Brady in that situation is the does he have the autonomy I guess there's certainly related to this I think cooks right here I know this play good. We we may have something going here this is this kind of defense. So I feel like I have to just made the switch. And he's been hundreds of two minute situations. In the long. Again it would depend on the play it would depend on the play some play as we have calls that are. Good against certain things and then not so good against slow things settled. On plays like that we might. If we get the look we won't run the play that we have called if we don't get the look that we want and we would have to play. So if we had a man play and we got its own coverage. Than we will go to zone play. That's sometimes how hard to do in two minute because you're going fasting in month. Time telecommunication were to do this in this and then talks Raanan that takes too much time so. Usually end in two minute situations publisher sure the situation. You might probably around mile call it a call play that has couple options on some made this demand side and here's a zones or here's sings on it. Here's the two some or this is slowed the blitz particle in this is the coverage for the player in a harbor itself obsolete you. Don't have to do that put him on the clock stopped and deepen don't motion or. Get into a different formation than others there are different options on so. Let's say the main thing is what the check the player don't check the players quarterback does or doesn't do the main thing is just organized. And coordinating what you don't want to do is it is to have people get surprised that we're going on this final sudden. Here's something on that nobody's thinking about the just kind of came out of out of the blue. What I do on I'm not. Not that I don't know what to do but I'm not anticipating it. Enough got to OK where's my Simon what about this what about that and that's that's usually hard executes them. Muslims you know it's confidence it's usually. It pretty good chance to get next. How how do you feel like your defense so far through three weeks yes played a variety of different offenses it's all been quarterback than a rookie quarterback this past week but I would you say the the offenses and defenses so far through through weeks. Oh well we've had our moments problem. That we need more consistency and it done on an all three phases of the game. And if you do fewer points on defense. Well let's start. But you pretty much always you know if you total points. They do fear points and can play more consistently. You know me and sent him on offense five short drives. Last week Leo plays in the kicking game were what we want entity so. With some good players we just needed more and more consistent. On Friday the president of the United States made some comments about players in the National Football League in anthem protests. There was widespread reaction around the league yesterday including here with your football team. What was your reaction to how your team responded to what was said by the president on Friday. And when I'm and the MS statement about that it and mostly. About to the president's comments. On Friday night about your team to just. About the National Football League in general did you hear them what we're what were your thoughts to those comments. You know I mean I'm really gonna stick to my job and coaching the team that's from focuses. Not gonna get and and religion and politics. Other things. Is it fair to say though the the sixteen players that took a need for your team. Have not been fired or suspended. Of the president thought that players who took and he should be fired. Or suspended. And I know those close to 200 players around. The league yesterday did taken me invest in my knowledge none have been fired or suspended. Well. So if we have any personal. But make any personal usefulness socialist realist. Do you envision this. Going forward during the season to think this was old one off for this week but this team. It's only. Well well let's let's set I think I cover early most and in the state of no problem. You know for Seton and investment we can go forward. Taking it back to more Monday in football matters we had a caller last week last just a question about the extra point kick. When it was at the shorter extra point kick it was always lined up right the middle the football field between the hash marks sense it's been. Brought back. Generally speaking it's kick from a hash mark or not. You think that's had any effect at all on issues that that your kicker may have had in other words it if it were in the middle of the field would it be different now. Who will be different which would he's he's had some issues with accuracy three last year one so far this year. Is it as simple as putting it in the middle of the football field instead of on a hash mark. If you put in the middle them. What he doesn't on this longer extra point. Yeah Nolan a lot of kickers don't so the minute certainly it's their preference problem. For the most part it sometimes week. Well sometimes we override that I was coaching staff men most important thing is that he pickers. Comfortable with the cat so. Problem. That's really that view because preference the majority of the time unless there was an overriding factor of. You know we fell from a coaching standpoint that we would want to place the ball somewhere of them where he won it. Which we've talked about I think we're forums and Daytona. And you wanna ask you one thing about about your statement. One thing that stood out to me the beginning of it talked about being in the NFL. For a long time and that diversity of opinions. That is that you've coached a lot of guys with a lot of different views and coaches and App Store owners to. You came into the league as a very young man and I'm sure you had your own opinions at that point 23 years old. What was there something that conversation. With someone. Was it. Threshold. A big moment that cause you just say okay wait a minute are going to be in this game for a long time as a coach. I've got to just look at things from him on number of perspectives and not just. What I've always look what always known or what I feel. Oh well I think. Obviously a pretty quickly as I think we all do the the professional football brings a very diverse group of people together. More so than it's a lot of other sports. Sports like hockey and baseball are more. Regional problem. Or. You know northern and hockey and problem. It's a little more southern route certainly through the minor league system in baseball. You know the NBA they have there you know that's a clientele. In the NFL you've got to. The big guys a little as he guys from. All different types of schools all different backgrounds. Urban world. Obviously all different religions then economic and socioeconomic backgrounds and so forth and so it's. It's about as diverse a group as you can get to against certainly relative to other other major sports. And so. And you couple that with age and experience and you know that there's a lot of lot of different a lot of different combinations. And so. As a special teams coach early in my career which. A lot of background that for years. You literally deal with a every player on the team. And you know if you just coach one group players like. The quarterbacks and offensive lineman of the TDs over all there's a lot in common sometimes in those groups when you. Coach the entire team. As head coach dozer as a special teams coached as. You either quickly see that diversity in all those things personalities. That are sometimes more calm and certain positions and others. But you get at all and and you understand it's there's there's a lot of differences. You know as a coach that's its interest in sometimes challenging whether its interest in them. Certainly Guizhou. A perspective on all the different players that are on your team that. Sometimes I consider just coaching one position and a five or six guys whatever does he you don't quite see all that you've seen it but not. It's a lesser way you'd you don't see that diversity like you wouldn't when you when you. Can work with the entire for. I think I ask you this before last year but how it takes on different meaning I just think back in 1974975. The great Paul Brown is with that with the dangles. And he tells them before the season heart doesn't just talk and talk politics and we've got to talk about religion and and I guess that worked. Can you do everything in 2017. Or even in 20071997. Kitchen take that approach and just say to guys. We're not gonna do this this and that and expected to. To work or adapting do you have to being more nuanced in your approach when you're dealing with so many. Diverse personalities. Well welcome and it's look the world's changed a lot since nineteen Sony worlds and Johnson's. 2015. From and so it's. Thank you always have to adjust to each team's different even if that's the same team that are new players and each team goes through new. Circumstances every year some in their control some out of control and those. Experiences define that particular team. And and each one's unique so. And you have to be flexible it after. Some three. The waters and and we've done pastor in the way you did that somewhere else maybe. Isn't the right thing to do in this new situation because so little bit different. And but it estimated circumstance of this and maybe hear your team's different or maybe you're a different environment for some reason. And that there's always there's always differences there's always things that make it easy and so it's challenging. That's interesting to. And with 53 different personalities and I guess there's always. The fear that something like this period to pull people apart those are also love the opposite of that could could this bring the team closer together. Well sure they're getting any of them situation presents opportunity man. There's opportunities. To give parents opportunity U verse. So. Turn it the most you can either in the. Bill we appreciate your time is always good luck next on Sunday against Carolina we'll talk to next week arts and those are thank you patriots head coach Bill Belichick joining us here on Sports Radio W media.