Heath Hembree Player of the Game Interview 07-03-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, July 4th

Tim and Rob Bradford talk with Red Sox relief pitcher Heath Hembree after he pitched two innings getting his first win of the season as the Red Sox beat the Texas Rangers 7-5 in 11 innings


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Congratulations you've won your first win of the season and I know that. No wins and losses out of the bullpen. Aren't what they artist starters but it always good to get a win especially when you pixelated tonight. Yeah and and a filthy. Definitive left to anything get the wind get I mean it go home and I. He'd be honest you figure going to be pitching tonight nine ever intend seek re going down there in the ninth we got to leave you pretty much think the game's over itself. We have a tendency to check out sometime. If and unfortunately. Within an offense. Well it's it's good to see because this bullpen has the second best ERA and all Major League Baseball. Just behind the Cleveland Indians came in there that the entire pitching staff sort of Major League Baseball tops in the American League what do you credit that to. I mean. Everybody's done in the bullpen got quality stuff that we know that they're not. This little brotherhood own little family down man we kind of feed off each other and we see some money whoever the first one is both in each game yet. They kind of set the tone and each person behind them talk to follow. Westwood nice to close out a game and you don't get a chance to do that a whole bunch but it seemed like you it really really good stuff tonight. And seat went to quickly left out of the game is that they come around often especially when this. Within three run there and in the game so when it's not a save opportunities that. Yeah I mean not just let you get those who haven't been and get it done. With click and get out of here and he's as a pitcher you gotta love having a guy like Dustin Pedroia on his team because of the way that he pled not only offensively tonight driving in four runs three hits but. He offensively the play that he made on Carlos Gomez in the 9/11 was incredible. On it was. That to fit to for theaters I have when I first came in non. And it could go a little bit more stickier it and make those plays that fortunately he he made it made it made in an easier for me. This overall. As a team you guys must feel great about yourself right now and I know there's still few games ago before the all star break but. The way that your come out of Toronto to play this game you. You bounced back after that the tough to come back Mike Napoli home run. But about feel pretty good about how things ago we Gailey felt pretty good I mean two theories in a row with. With the extra inning games and now we're able the full mall so this could decide this series go for the win. And on five and rose seven of the last stated now maintain their three game lead over the Yankees. And you look ahead to look to tomorrow you get David Price gonna get you dilution. And again another opportunity as a chance to do it no matter what happens right is when you get a game like this as long as they are. Just put it away and then the other gear up again for the next day. The NFL it is the male vote don't enjoy it but a funny thirty minutes and then. With a bag gets some rest and my the new day in and cutting another billion a month. Ethan Embry getting a win tonight congratulations and pretending thanks Ethan Embry joining us here and again the first win of the year but. You're right he wasn't expecting that trump because Greg Campbell Knuble one run lead your finger and atonement that we had our bags back to me it's beyond its very wanted to up the door and there and you're talking about Craig Kimbrel and go through how hostile media has been in his stats in. The the importance of a guy like he Embry in the boards of the guy all throughout this pulpit this movement it's been story this. Absolutely story good story here again tonight late night in Texas. 75 the final Red Sox win it again that's fine and roll.