Holy Cross Crusaders Coaches Show 9/11/18

Holy Cross Coaches Show
Wednesday, September 12th
Crusaders coaches Bob Chesney, Lindsay Jackson, and Jim Kavanaugh with student athletes discussing their programs with host Dick Lutsk.

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Live from Hogan campus center at a College of the Holy Cross it's the crusaders coach you show presented by JMB financial advisors and Steven lawful lag holy cross class of 1978. Here's your host Dick lots. Good evening everyone welcome to our second on a cross country show how this season from crossroads in the Hogan center. On the campus of the college of public trust was drive it lets you for the next hour gonna talk all the cross courts are gonna talk football we're gonna talk. Field hockey and we're gonna talk track and field over the course of the next. Sixty minutes right here on Sports Radio 1440 WEEI hand on FaceBook live our first guest of the evening. Is the head football coach of all across appreciated spot Cassidy. Chesney and football team took it on the chin from the rockaholic giggled as fast Saturday's 6214. What's the take away from a game like that. Well I think that you know you have a chance to you measure yourself against some of the best you know I think. I would imagine as we move forward a lot of the people that we're in this year probably not gonna look quite like number two on either side of the ball there for the for those guys. And I think that. You know two good sort of but of measuring stick for us to distort the start to talk about what do we want a program to look like you know and and I think. You know talking about it but actually. Feeling in being part of it you know I think he's he gives it a lot more of concrete evidence of what we we. Right from the get go on the opening play of the game with who's afraid Jack had their linebackers down on kick coverage. Out with a concussion and from there went downhill real fast. How I guess the first question is are you able to determine. How good his team like Boston College or against the other very good and I think you know and and you look over the past however many years they were not very good and I think that. We just went into. A situation where. They have an unbelievable defense with. Heisman Trophy. Caliber running back I would I am excited to watch this team on Thursday night. Again actually forced to see if if they just are able to tackle I cannot imagine that. You know he's an easy matchup for many defects back when he gets that second level period regardless of the level Europe so I think that that will be interesting but I think that you know. He he's an unbelievable that the whole. Was very very good that the best in the united twenty years I would imagine that we were told for the Vietnam and the ability to do so march yeah it would fit there following Erica it's fifty pounds a man on the from the deep into line or opposite it was crazy gadgets is one of those things right that they built at the right way they even some time to to do it could he would know that that it was going to be a couple different ways at one point Eric and that running back Kiki Dylan came along and really. Solidified their place and in the college. You know cultural wallet. First couple plays they ran a couple of sweeps first series they go to the left and they sit Dylan freely ran wild and without any really uncontested. Second set to come back they go the other way they went around right right right side and their offensive line was really sealing off the corners by the load you can't. Well we have two guys out there I think that you know that was they weren't outside place they were in type place and if we have to left the gap opens you would have been that way towards the end notes I thought we did a good job of making. You can bounce which was obviously our plan. I think that. You know the speed was just a little bit different you know we fill the gaps inside and outside and you know just had a little bit more speed and then when you try to bring them now while one just not that easy. Do we talked after the Colgate in about falling behind fourteen to nothing India having to change your your outlook change your play calling change your strategy yet you fall behind. He fell behind 21 to nothing to Boston College this is very impressive Boston College team what does that do to your mindset on the sidelines cars approaching play calling the rest of. Way I mean just offensively you re new York and go to vote all of the yard against these guys who can have time to stand back there and I don't think during the a lot of wide open windows. You know I'd just yet so I think it was a matter of you know trying to. All of the balls much as we can't try to keep AG Dylan off the field. And I thought we did it decent job of that we need to put drives together and went when he came to broke we just ended much success in that department and now. I think that's one thing we have to open this week a couple of other injuries that we've suffered during the game acute glaucoma he has sapiens. Uncle Pruitt to tie it and both the injured in the game what's the status via. I don't think Kohl's going to be out for a little while and I think he keeps open it to come back he was talking problem but today I think you know that he is a good shot. I was impressed that you know when when. What Jack went down just look at that freshman column on and committed to the way you know you look in his eyes and and it was pretty impressive is that setting. A lot of people you YouTube but pretty quickly about if that what they're made of and I thought he did in you know when Republicans that your time has it. Big smile on his face in his eyes for the very very different story than than I think many others would have what about the city 40000 people yeah it's coming out here. Kind of in on the situation evolved where they were they ready for nothing you know I think it's a perfect environment it's not a 100000 person stadium you know it's it sitting at that. That 40008 it's it's nice it's a nice you know type feel to it and I thought you know we had just. It's not only the beginning of the game but the thing I was most impressed with at the end of the game one point in the third quarter. Anthony to Michael loses alarm you know from here yes it just looked around for many and we looked around the they'll student section was on a lot of the Maru was on their purple everywhere and they face it stood by us. You know it that finalists on I think that's you know it just speaks volumes of it just how how much support we have from all of them and we're very grateful that you mention this freshman on here who came in to replace Jack yet another person's that's a helium. Now blocked the kick in the recovered again he was involved in both special teams touchdowns national special teams player of the week that went on a great honor for freshmen and I think it. You know again it's it's. He Chris largest there's there's a couple of the freshman out there that are just you know their team there there's a couple guys out there that are. No just just playing it just plain and have a fun and I think that you know that showed up on on Saturday took two games under your belt. A loss to Colgate which by the way is a little bit more present nautical he comes back and beat UNH a in Europe last. Tough place to live. Analyst at BC what you know like your team. I think we we believe they're resilient I think we know that they're tough I think you know that you know you can't get there's too pretty you know. For mobile phones that were lined up against I think line up against both of those and just not back down you know. The up and a little bit at at times but at that not back down. And it's you have other people pick up where other people need a little bit help. I think was you know that that process of building each other up doing with a lot of effort doing with a lot of energy that they did make it. My imagination did I noticed during the course of the game. Day bureaucracies slowing down coming up to the lines of taking the time ready timeout the play clock. Not in a hurry obviously vastly I think your imagination because we're doing that from the very beginning. And the game as well that during the out of your game went on during restarted our nightly game Jessica as most of the Colgate game we've tracked Lou that's right that's why. Because that number two who is you know that would have the Balkans then I don't think. You know many of us want that you know for for very long he's very get in and we understand he's very good and I think it was the idea of trying to keep the ball away from them if we're gonna have a chance to. He played a couple of quarterbacks late. And a Clifford. They kept away. What did you learn about the quarterbacks. A look that we just got to continue to grow we have to continue to get better you know we missed a couple pretty open roads in and not any out crazy approaches throughout that we. Nor very very much make able throws them that we you often practice we just find that consistency. I think I think this will be a big week for them they come to the fact that BC came into the game with a reputation these one of the top intercepting teams in the country. Intimidate your quarterbacks of all eight you have that that I don't I don't I don't necessarily think that there's pressure. The fingers you know the errors the repeat you know there there's a big as the pencil line there's not probably easy windows to see through when you back there that that size guys. But I thought you know him just mystical practice of footwork stuff that that they're done it. Correcting it will both sides Wheldon offensively with their over the office. As you watch the film was that game what did you. What did you learn about your offensive unit that you can carry forward to. The race to the yield even beyond what the offensive line I think it's two games in a row where where you watch them do very good job that the so you'll run the ball against in the ACC team that's probably unit had a chance to compete for that title. You know I think speaks you know volumes you know or offer excellent and that was the rug as if it really nice job it. We just need to run that have the run the senate to pass here as we move forward and I think that's something that. Again if it just concentrate as we go through this on. But I thought you office to line and and the right except that the two really really really good job. I think on the defense side I thought the defense to line and I thought you know Brian will be up here than in. And the only tackle after tackle and end Cullen. Both that are really good job in the core of our defense you know that not very many of those plays that you're talking about it in time I think we could it be Java security inside. And I think that was just some things on the speed on the perimeter that we're just we were great match. I deeper here routinely yielding coming up with two losses. What I think that is the same way ready to I don't think as Ryan comes up here anybody else you know that that you wanted to talk to our team I don't think anybody. You know fields that were oh wooden whatever football team I think we know that each week it doesn't matter what happened on Saturday night it would get better. And we come in on Sunday put it to rest and we go back out on Tuesday and today it was probably one of our best practices of almost the entire year. That held neat you know where were pretty good example of the difference in FBS if cius what we saw the other days at the is that a fair comparison. Oh really good F yes T yet and then and us right that's what we we saw. Right there I think that that's not there's FBS teams out there that don't look like easy looks right now that. As UConn last year you know some of the other schools that are out there at that level. You know UMass who played that they don't. Did he sees a different deal right now I think. The world will see that and understand it surged forward clean up and down the road yet I think you'll be that without one month we have a little bit more time. You know to do to build our our team a little more time to bring more guys a little bit more time for us to build you know what we feel our teacher look like I think W great. Sort of teach for us have an idea of where are we just we talked after the Cokie game but the mood. Of the team. In the locker room on the bus him back home I'll would you characterize the mood of the team after. Losing 6214. You know I don't think it was anything I don't think there's anything terrible you know I think again but he continually say this and it doesn't matter get better regardless of the outcome that it would win. They should not be way out here anyway because we have to go right back to work the next day you know if we lose anything doesn't matter really you know it's it's a matter of how we can keep the right date. How we help ourselves get better I thought that there is a lot of family is all of a woman there are a lot of friends that need to keep a little bit different. When you walked out of the out of the stadium in other purple everywhere and I thought there's a lot of people very very happy to see their family and their and their friends in and I was there. You know little power there to do that before we can put us that was an oppressive atmosphere relies relentless. Yale Saturday. At the field first home game season which is always the thing ready to play it from well plants absolutely my first time out there per game which I'm excited to see. You know you know the atmosphere and so if feel that from from you know all of our faithful where there are bound by Saturday maybe not quite as many but hopefully there's still a great group. Open the students have a chance they can get a chance to support of their fellow students on our team and I think you know I hope the whole community has a chance to come together. On Saturday in support I hope those who went to the PC game really appreciate. Would it can't be like on a college campus on game days and how much fun it can be because. It was a great atmosphere. I've seen before during and after the no question no question absolutely yup and I think that. And I would imagine how many of our students were there how many of our community where there. I know they felt that and hopefully that's the replica. Yoshi ideally champ last year in the picked by the coaches to do it again yeah this year. 32 to nothing if you know holy cross last year what do you know about them how do you prepare well. We know you know what you know as far as film from last year they did graduate quite good guys that it that he that you know and does that mean he FBS players on their team that just chose to go that route instead of going yes. So there they're gonna be very very good in the agree no receiver kick return another great freshmen that. We know of that's that's on that team. The other quarterback he's he's very good their I think their rookie years running back yet so. There's a lot of offense to talk about the view that the Fed decided and there's no shortcomings there either so. Very similar to the Colgate I think is what will will feel this evil feel like. But you know. Maybe maybe you know look more at seven. All ivy players who turned 57 Letterman tent starters back he went nine and won last year ranked number 24 last year at the end of the season and yet he has full. And again as they say the coach's pick in the win again in the Ivy League if you which should be pretty competitive. As far as our guys did in getting ready for a game like that coming down off the loss like that. Is it business as usual and then perceive that the practices the beastie sets any kind of a change of atmosphere. About anything extensive the of more urgent to you know if anything there's more urgency this week you know today it was a Sunday it was great. Today was unbelievable and I think that their urgency and their again. Even even whatever that score might have been that that the the opponent that we just faced just gave us a little you know gave us. No more more you know more confident now with me moving forward and on top of that I think there's a lot of things that we saw improved from week one week to let that this courses that are not. And we're excited to make those improvements from the which you expected late fast again against you as opposed to the way you started you believe what you are probably would not yet we don't need to do that we going humidity that is an app with the back back to the normal way to go yet are gonna take a break we come back with the but welcome captain Ryan Brady we're here with coach spot Jesse republic Roscoe to show in crossroads at the Hogan's setter on Sports Radio 1440. WEEI and on. FaceBook lives. This is the holy cross crusaders coach you show on Sports Radio 1440. W GE hi. We're back crossroads in the Hogan center on the campus of the College Lacrosse I think lots. With the lacrosse coaches we're gonna talk football for the rest of this segment we'll be talking field hockey. In the next segment and track and field and our final segment of the evening by the way crossroad is open to the public in August that are you're ever in the area. Drop on by great food great atmosphere a lot of lacrosse it's hanging around and I think you really enjoy coming over at a crossroads in the considerate join this segment by. Holy cross football co captain Ryan Brady. The senior from Plymouth meeting Pennsylvania he along with plays bella the co captains of the crusaders that. First question Ryan what what was going through your mind when you walked onto the field and it's off 40000 people in the stands at. Alumni stadium was great news Odyssey re experience the whole team. Yeah it was it was awesome play in front of holy cross those student section really showed out. And icing is very. What about preparation for a team like Boston College you know what what was the atmosphere the team your teammates have that feel going into the game. I think I think the biggest thing I took away from that game was when I looked around around the locker room for the game. There was no no kid never scared so. That's just a testament to my teammates they're just going great just. I was very proud you made fifteen tackles in the game which of course is is quite an a because 29 in the first two games among the leaders in the country. It tackles. So they were Reverend Wright that they were you know they were afraid that you either they were already active they were you make of the tackles which is a good sign. Head gas. I think I got a lot of help from that my great deal line. And now Colin on hand he was great and yeah he really stepped up when Jack and went down. So he played. Phenomenal he's a freshman what was it like having a freshman next he had a situation like that packet they've really feel it uses fresh and he was gone in there is Nicholas colas. And yeah I was I was going to say it did they do anything that surprised you where they were they any different than what you expected. And the it was great to see that speed that size in the field. That's on the obviously don't see regale gutsy innings he opponent. And that things can pay dividends for the rest of the season going against that so to me about Ryan how he's led the team during this pre season and. First couple games as a Coke kept alone please well I think before anything you know you think about just the way he. It's not not even the verbal part of his leadership skills but the actions are every small. Every single day it's all these guys you know every single day when he goes out there there's you know we don't often have to tell them. The tone down a little bit of practice because. Survives you know it's not a force he drove but he's really only has one speed which is which is good nobody he's he's got that over everybody looks up to you guys you know. Just you. Commands a lot of respect for a lot of people he does things the right way. Knowing and not just on the football field but. You know in the community in the classroom and everything that he's doing right now is know to be the best and I think that's something that these other guys clearly noticed. Because they voted for you inflate the lives of two captive. Getting ready field they peak at 32 and nothing last year little payback would be in order on Saturday if it feels the first home game of the season would be nice to be that part of the whole band won't tour yeah. The holy cross in six use uses shows out very well so expected this year and thing again. Well what your member from last year via email Heidi attentive. It to give it back to them relating of the Q last year yeah. And seeing those islands here hopefully things turn around this year. They're great program I think we around town team and now we've we've there were deathly battle tested so I think this is in as you make of the great game. As far as the preparation for game like you they haven't played a game yet. The these are a couple of weeks after we do typically instances Giffords gave him yet last year's film look yet but does that. Hinder you in anyway preparation for teams having not played the game thus far this year. Yeah I think it did there's a lot of what ifs right you know also the office toward their left and is now the coach of Fordham so it's not. There's a lot of things that you know are still left to be. Answered I think for us they have some film on us and the ability. See what we've done in those first two games. I think that you know our job is to try to make it quite different we go to this next game so it's not doesn't look exactly the same. And you know. We don't know what what they may be doing so we have to prepare for sort of every. Ryan is currently third in the nation in tackles fourth in tackles for a loss thus far this year he's racking up impressive numbers. Great job doing a great job and again that's for preparation it's not just doesn't show up on game day. She is definitely does negated if it knowing that they know the opponent knows. What he's capable of doing. If they're preparing for that. Heidi for fear for their preparation against him that it is that makes it censor what yeah it does make sense I think our defense it's and maybe a little bit different the chance for them to try to reach him important situation that when he does something they they react you know and and how to play off of it because he did that expires the in the same time you know he's not a force level defender he's a second level defensively cover a lot of ground. I think that it just takes a little bit more challenging world a more typical of we got it taken a situation where he we got put in the situation we're playing his game of football now where. If they can turn into it receipt you're something right out of the box and all the other things. Going back to the PC game that you had a pretty good vantage point of of their outstanding runner Kate Dillon. What did you see about him both so impressive about him that makes him stand out. I just think he's a phenomenal athlete. Just like his balance just. We try to get hat dome and you just shake it and keep on running. So he's just great it's pretty tough. They'll be played Wake Forest in an ACP HT CU period you know dictate the time when that game because the hurricane moved here because and you move it earlier. As far as getting ready for Yale and the type of team that they have what are you expecting from them as far as offensively that they gonna be passing team running team where we've. Well yet they have I think I think if the rookie of the year in the running backs I think they'll they'll. Clearly want to run the ball but that also the quarterback getting his first evil comforts you know it as as a quarterback so they can't do both that they graduate couple receivers that they have a good young kid that's a kick return and have another freshman. Like I said early that we know of that is that is going to be a vertical threat and from baldness can so they're really complete. The other offensive line is also very that you really do it all you know so it's no different than what you saw Colgate. No different than what we saw you know the next week to concede no different we see going in yourself we get a we have to continue to tighten up our. Our our entire program and in all phases I think don't you look at it being which is we've played in meet some mistakes and learn from them. But that we reviewed and it is there a film on us and we among. You know well across football played the first home game with it and field Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. You'll be here for the 1 o'clock kicked off the year will be a ceremony. During the course of the game at halftime rob McGovern and bill McGovern. Will be the 26 27 individuals to be inducted into the pursuit of football legends ring of honor. Candidates also faculty and staff appreciation day it didn't feel tickets available to all holy cross back to the east Africa's eight dollars each. In addition the first 500 fans that are fit field. We'll receive a free holy cross fold wallet so something incentive to come to the ballpark on Saturday to field first home game. The season 1 o'clock. So excited about playing at home for the percent this year after being away from home for awhile absolutely. It was great prints and few of them and then to be fun. Ryan is a political science majors Erica reading your bio what you hope to do with that when you grant your some of a couple of schools right now and hopefully that and works out for me. We view the lawyer. A degree that negate everything what if I get it takes him to fully trust you know Saturday at one it didn't feel thinks the holy cross coach Bob Chesney. And arrive Brady the co captain of the crusaders we will take a break we'll come back we're gonna talk track and field next at a lacrosse coaches show rob crossroads. At the Hogan said Iran the holy cross campus it was to be back right after this. We now return to the holy cross crusaders coach you show on Sports Radio 1440. WEEI. With your host did lots. At crossroads at the Hogan center of all the crowd to get as we continue the holy cross country show. On Sports Radio 1440 WEEI in on FaceBook. Field hockey now. We'll follow up with a conversation on cross country in our final segment of the program and we are joined now by field hockey coach Lindsay Jackson. Senior midfielder Emily look threat of the lacrosse field hockey team welcome ladies that you do us. Coached fourth season at holy cross flashy edit to the Patriot League we have let's go backwards but can't talk a little bit about last season and how it ended children a little bit of a recap. Yes we we did pretty well the patriotic we're happy and make tenement for the sec in a row which is really nice and how we got there was really great it's not a lot about the the program that we are the team that we are. Last year it was coming down to my game against Lafayette whoever won that game got into that tournament. And so it was a really simple you know execution when we have to win I'm going into the tournament if we don't we're done. And the team absolutely. Stepped up and every single way everybody played one of the best games we've had all year and really one of the best games I think. And my time here actually track since I was phenomena. Graduating and the season and a great momentum for the following season absolutely carry over the next year. Yes that's where we're getting men. Market exit new group the people's look things are always different but I think that we can all build off of those experiences. And that's it with me as it has been a big part of that and cheese. That you as a freshman so we've deftly got some great experience and our deterrent with the pieces together with people at this here. As a look at your results for the first five games this season looking your first win. Go goal scoring has been a little bit of problem and hats you nailed it I didn't direct X. I didn't correct. Highly correct it well which I don't I don't that every single day every single minute that are out at practice discreet little bit more about attacking mindset. Could you had the opportunities against that game this pass and make it Colombian he had. Like somebody must hit the field at that now at like five of those opportunities in. I think they're deep it's been a great game with the intimacy so what is really trying to increase our attacking mindset and just some of those finishing skills. He everybody. Those matches time. We'll throw the game with Maine out there and nationally ranked teams but but the other games all close games yeah. You know I've given up a whole lot of those who that's going. Yeah NASA that's kind of our planet now again make sure we continue to play really good defense good to do have a great defensive group but we also have great attackers but really that that field so we just gotta find this connections and make it happen. We'll try to be really good midfield is Emily look Brad Hughes the senior from Watertown Massachusetts. A co captain and captain the team this year. I'd give me your perspective what you see through the first five games that's right here. Each day and deficit a lot of improvement and we're still trying to excuse our fundamentals I think if we keep pushing that every day. What to look better. Fundamentals are very important though how our friends our practices he erasing any kind of morale problem with the team having lost first five games of the year as everybody's a lot of positive level. I think to do their job staying positive and we get more competitive with another practice. Would you coach have you seen your team stay positive and and other currencies yet I think so and I think. You know I had a look at it up and down we played a really hard weakened against north east and with the T want and then Harvard. By quietly but for its a full report nothing Florida apparently has been lacking but. We the ballot are really really hard fought weekend and we came off that then have a good result against Fairfield but then rebounded and played really hard really well really positive really supportive on Sunday. Against Colombia's I think that that is a testament to the group that we do at that they are resilient group and they are positive. They just really fight to get that we've talked in the past the vote of pockets of strength. For feel like you please recruiting insurance things of that nature. Is that shifted and all we're we're on the pockets of strength for recruiting fees for the prize for holy cost me right now our freshman classes off Massachusetts you know that there this year incoming and directory group announcement really strong Massachusetts high school so we felt really good about that. We're still look at to diversify and warned that an Atlantic region to Pennsylvania. And virginity to Mallon at some of these other areas of some really good hockey Jersey also. You know where we're still if there's really get hockey at Massachusetts we want to get as it. Weird that in this league you have to you plating and that you wanted to know order I schooled. The field hockey program and a lot of it's going lately division one hockey after that bloody tonne is the most successful high school in the country for the Atlantic. Then the most successful hockey program in the country why did you know that there when wreckage. I don't know what lies it's lies it's such a successful program outside of book you have to do they win what what what. They have a great junior program building up the kids family and to spend nights at ten year old and a lot and and you know what it's like that you start I started. It's great yeah. Who organized yeah. And so it's like a minor league system provides food and definitely that they plan to seat system as the high schools that they talk the same way. That the high school coaches. The news they think that it says the head coach Jerry Dunn who runs a few summer camps and does stuff with million girls now. Tested them now. And what about other areas in Massachusetts Watertown will be the next it that's that's the area next best area. I mean active box valujet has a great program. We've got to go from there this year we get a cup conducts very are strong at hands. I think around that Boston area Belmont has a great program on which one of our other seniors is from Belmont. So some of those little pockets around the Boston area are really get him and then you've got a little but it had a mess within instant trauma we're distracted particularly. And the Patriot League universities attention now yeah well we're gonna know this weekend when that be an American plane. So last year Boston won its. American got beat out by about now just a bit of an upset in Sydney Games so we'll see I think the use and hold it right now it if we're looking at rankings these higher than Americans but. But the game between the two of them until it's going to be a battle. Even LA of Brooklyn coming to town Friday to play here for the on campus what we know about them. Tell you Brooklyn they're sucking your program. So there the same low bass and a wanna gain yet passed that going to be hungry for it but I think we definitely have more experience. We have more talent and we definitely have the ability to put up more complete game together. So we're hoping that really have factory. Heavily. Look for at first team all Patriot League last year you were second team all be clearly to be permanently. Tell you about it Maria well there's a lot do we have enough time at and look at end has been somebody that's been an impact player at the moment that she step but on this campus. And we both got to step foot on campus and around the same time that was my first fallen Alice her first ball. And we've been able to go to her to make plays happen and we've been able to putter around in the midfield in the attack. It shows with offers that took water accolade in each unique but then also being in leadership role right now really mean you know direct attack teammates as. What we need to do to be successful in coming from high school program that I don't think lost entire game and her four years when she's there she's got a competitive edge and wants to win so that's really. Nice piece for us Sheila shift our culture in the action. They're reluctant even high school. While if you. Pretty impressive. That's really very impressive. Let me just take this break we'll Gary -- take the Patriot League with you. Wherever you go live games and on demand content is free and easy to watch online and on your mobile devices now available on roku apple TV. IOS and android platforms download the watch stadium map to start watching today you can watch every holy cross home field hockey game on. Online and they're all there every every game of the Patriot League you're you can watch during the course of the season. Which is good for the the parents fans all over the country they get and watch everything you give much feedback on that. We do a parent's love it you we've got to widespread group we you know dolphins Lewis and some international players and stuff so. The parents love being able to watch the games and they love him with the announcement after saying that they know about that document they don't believe that they can tell you they can tell clearly if they have an announcement haven't been. And that's okay. But yet they love it at that nicely for them if they connected in Harlem a lot of. Love watching him I'm still mad at you because they don't have any left the United States I don't know explain that's excellent though lifted its anti Obama in what are we left the YouTube later left in that there's actually couple really good players that isn't it interesting line with a stick backward yes absolutely. You played number 25 immediately number fifteen Harvard. Tough tough opponent's top management teams how does that help you prepare for the rest of the season play top quality opponents like that. I think it shows us where we need to improve much down then. I think he can really work off how they've that against us if anything it makes me. Coach I think it also really not just to get prepared for a beat you in four Americans so our focuses we wanna be at Babson. We learned the best in general and everything you know we can be. But the patriots have seen that's our focus wanna be it because of the weekend we wanna win AT&T championship game going into the ablaze. Knowing that American viewer and it and there are you know be easily and that capped want me 25 Americans right in their tea with them. We play a lot of these other top programs so that we CPU looms the American monopoly world. This is a much faster game we haven't seen this in awhile so it helps us to also get prepared. For that that's how we like to look for seniors and UT. Including Italy they bring it to the table a lot of different things we've got for it. For seniors that collar very different personalities with all different skill sets plains all different positions and that's a lot about it is they really. Our diverse and they connect with all of their teammates and different ways and that being different skills working younger players in with the upperclassmen absolutely well yeah yep I think Connecticut teen culture and inclusion. With everybody what we like to talk about his. You know we're welcoming in the isn't coming this is how we do things this is our world. Welcome you into it but this is how we get it. To me a little bit about your assistant Matt carpenter in game companies charge so Matty this is both of their first seasons with me and so fact been great great connections. Matty eyes from Massachusetts she played out at northwestern medical keep their starting goalkeeper captain program to she brings a lot of that also competitive edge and what does top ten division once a lucky program look like how they train he's been actually done that she brings it really it. Read on what we need to you to get there and that she was a goalkeeper so that's a real specialty physician. And says she helps a lot because we need to appeal to keep the ball to Kate. An itching to join us from UMass. And he did a lot of work with their team just was a practice player but then also that a lot. As a student assistant and the way in that a lot of film break down his mom's an official for it for field hockey and both of his sister's place so he's surrounded by it. And has crashed onto it and he brings he brings its Beatty plays with us all the time. And he also brings a competitive it only what you majored in psychology technology major would be able to do with that degree when he had it. On the tablet sell only at analyst that it winds idea you by the time. Take you to that. If you're self again ladies thank you very and I thank you with the Jackson in Italy the threat from legally cross field hockey team I guess. We're gonna take a break we're gonna talk cross country we can back don't forget the field hockey team is home on Friday. Against LYU Brooklyn tickets are free product and want to play we'll continue as a coach you show after this from. Crossroad that the hope it's better on Sports Radio 1440 WEEI in on FaceBook. Lie. Your listening to the holy cross crusaders coach you show whip Dick lots on Sports Radio 1440. WEEI. I'll throw it in the hole in center on the campus of the college probably bronze wheel drive your blood. We are completing our coaches shows that in those killed back in a couple of weeks here. Rafa would but Joseph Barton in homecoming football game I thought cross country the last segment of the show. We're joined by Jim Cavanaugh the longtime coach. Of the cross country track and field teams at the holy cross. Jenna gas Perini and that will hopman. Cross country runners and first you know the BC football game I was there on Saturday. And I get up and and looked down and have them look them in the field that I see is a familiar face out there again honored by the Boston College drive. And it is Jim Cavanaugh congratulations. To thank you very much of the varsity level of claims that would that word was there. It was actually the anniversary classic fiftieth anniversary class the succeed king right so that's different for men and active honorary captain of the key thing. Which was probably the most awkward situation room and a couple of fat. But I think it went very well I agree connected with the guys that I didn't shoot fifty years it was nice. It was night the ceremony was nice I saw the players on the field and Saudia the inductees into the this year's class of the varsity club including. Matt Hasselbeck who was on the field and that's mother and notables of from Boston College years gone by there were honored during the the halftime ceremony at Boston College I can galvanize one of only two by the way we mentioned this before we have among the shall we embarrassed a little bit one of only two. Individuals in both the holy cross in the Boston College hall of fame the other one being Bob Cousy. Which is pretty good company pretty good company tele by cross country team. But it's been ecstatic exciting start for a cross country. We opened up with the University of New Hampshire Providence College. Two very strong programs he's on the national level Wednesday morning women on the national level. I think our our pick and particularly to find out what our team is going to be aggressive and become leaders of our team. And certainly can. Prove the point that she's ready to run with the when and finished third overall only losing two to province on Trump's. Will on the men's side is a phenomenal job leading to. And actually some of their leadership. Brought along with freshman very very quickly I'm sure both well and gently talking about that soon. But it was the geography with early in the season we felt it was these Brian this past weekend and you go down to South Bend, Indiana this coming weekend. That is the early season goal is about the South Bend and run against some of the best Catholic schools in the nation particularly in the midwest. And find out what we're really capable of doing and right now we're looking at our leaders being the think two on each side that have experience going out there and running against the Notre Dame and loyalists and some things out there. But we also feel are freshmen and blow them make an impact. I think that's what we're looking for. Who and that freshman class is going to step up and certainly on the men's side to them them a great job already but again only if those things you talked about well thought. Get a guest greedy she is a junior from Richfield Connecticut a transfer by the way from Boston College what is it about this Boston College stuff. Anyway Jack welcome. What goes into the making of a good prospect for your honor. I think a lot of it has to do with this summer training. You gotta put on a milder summer and then. Coming in theory and work on the speed and work with the team do. What made you want to be distance runner. As opposed to us a sprinter something like that who what why long distance. A lot of messages to distance community but also IE feeling to farther I go to work after I feel how far you run what's the longest you've run. The longest running down if you're an American and I have it now I'd like to you when I graduate he got out the longest I've done is recognize. That's that's a long way that's pretty that's pretty decent what he what your specialty you have a specialty in your field right now. I think the five K five K button and how do you prepare for that what what what what distances do you run to get ready for a five K you run five K are you run. Shorter distances it at a faster pace vote so do recover your run of six to seven miles long runs of eleven or twelve miles and then work outs of. Shorter distances will same question you will Hoffman's with a C is a senior from Wilton Connecticut. What made you run long distance. That's always something I've really enjoyed. Just run farther. You really get when you go on runs and teammates that really it doesn't have a lot of time to. You pocket you know different me different than we do we're cats you guys Italy or in art together and now. Religiously which something that feel like it's pretty that this attorney. He's at a social event or sporting event. Black AP gives the opportunity make friends and goes through. Like go through a lot of hard work then it forms a brotherhood that's part replicate its. It. We'll qualified for the icy foray is the in the five mile races on every year yet I am correct. Any major your religious studies at holy cross or would you hope to do with that major when you graduate I'm also planning on majoring in biology that happened today outside of we have got it under your announcing making that announcement tonight. And I happen mom listened. Declare Bob Hope and go to graduate school biology. General Richard managed major and math major in you hoped to do with that. Still not sure yet but. It's it's teaching down the road is that's on the that is possible or not not now I'm not planning on an okay I got you to tell me about these two guys. The coach that's hoping to have that opportunity you got as they think they're both really laid that. Willis probably one of the most improved to runners on the men's team. Stepping in as a co captain and I think that great leading the team unity. I expect big things of him Notre Dame we get there. He's certainly is gonna be a leader among the top line. So very happy with what he's done particularly in leading the team and distance rounds and most recently so the workouts on campus. You know on the other hand with a great pick up from Boston College. From the day she got here it was very obvious that she was something special. She's now wave reigning champion on the champions 5000 selection 3000. Score in the Patriot League school record. Five. She the way she's gone its outstanding as she shows no fear. But anyone that she's competing. For Connecticut Providence and also again this past week yet against via horse account for its country. I think when we go to Notre Dame this year she's going to feel very well against some of the favorites from Notre Dame. I expected to be in at least not the whole way and we'll be following her old. What about competing on the big stage and South Bend, Indiana to is that how do you approach it. I'm generally excited to be able to put myself in a pack up front and kind of detain non. It's not often that you get opportunities to run against the best in the country and an an area has a lot of good talents on inflated to. Get out there and. When you go little competition like that do you know who you're running against you know their strategy and you try to. Plan your strategy to counter what they are planning to do. I am sometimes. Usually eldest militaries and try to focus on my own race and then use the people around me as I can. But it's hard to predict that someone else is planning on doing. We'll how do you prepare for an event such as that on the big stage in South Bend, Indiana. Was such arrogance. Earlier this my first time really running pretty long so it's my first time garnered name. I'm really excited I think a lot of this race though it's such he's going to be like a mental thing I've never liked you on vacation this force I think. A big part in the east and try to remain common. She had just thank you any other race assurance that the guys that think well past time. A coach Kevin I you have to be somewhat of an amateur psychologist to get your your people ready for have been on the big stage like that how do you prepare them. For a major events such as this. A lot of what we do you have to do with the testing them and workouts some of it certainly has the background work they do the mileage that put him. And a lot of that is solitary mileage it's a very difficult for you if you really dedicated. You don't get the feedback that some payments for quick. You're only feedback he's you know you're putting in the time that's going to pay off when you get to a race. I think what we do practice for instance today we did receive half miles because them faster than rates things. Like doing that their body gets used to feeling what they have to feel in our race. I think the biggest thing in cross country even more so than track. Is that there. There are limitations. That are self imposed. And what we're trying to do as coaches is to convince these people that they're better than they ever thought they could be. And that's very difficult to think of buying into your thought about what their potential is. We used in something like generate real they're not worried about what they do and they were that puts off to get to the next level. And I think they're modeling some very good habits. That have been proven successful for a on the men's side to our guys have been 12 forms of the last two weeks that would be worried when mode of and until you land. And they're just really showing that they're going to be as aggressive as these two. And then on the women's side for our topic people right now are freshmen on the women's side and actually for the wealthy woman's side. So I think we've got young runners on the team but the young aggressive runners. And I think they're really waking up some of the upperclassmen. Who have to respond to that and you see them daily. Basis you've been at this for a long time 47 years. How has training changed. For running. Over the years to this point we see. Times that. Were unthinkable years ago now it just matter that. Nobody ever thought they can run a four minute mile then Roger Bannister did it now everybody goes to three era in 350 miles. How has it changed. I think a lot of it is certainly there are better facilities I think there's better training techniques taking place right now. But the most important thing I think is the mental aspect of this the wiping out of self imposed. Restrictions. A person now with the even our kids coming in personal best. You have to somehow get that have because of the stopped thinking of their personal best and think beyond that. So I think in the training itself is. It used to be has there are certain schools of thought that you have to get lots of mileage and that works for some people. All other people need more speed work. So I think which you could do is look at individuals these two people are not treated the same way. Two which is good dudes find out what works for one and what works for another so I think individualized. Thing to a certain degree is that the difference right now. How much of trading in cross country is is nutrition sleep and in preparation a site yet who running. That's a decent amount I think it's important to make sure that you're focusing on aspects and not just him running training but. Some of that in the heart of the student athletes so we just care rest is nutrition a difficult thing to. Watch. Training through an event such as cross country because the mean that you you have to you have to be careful let's face it you really have to be careful. Yet. You guys especially days leading up to needs ever teens pretty careful with the one issue with their bodies properly. And I especially like you said foresee I think the thing like crucial running in its really the most important news though. I'm usually don't event like 11 o'clock last night they can happen at nine some game. Soledad sleepless night. Close we talked about this without many holy cross athletes over the last couple years time management being so different though with the academic load that you carry with the practice the training regiment they have. How do you do it to how do you prepare for time management how do you how do you view of your time management. My every active. Play my academics. Ahead of a lot of other things and it might wanna do so that means staying on the Saturday and Smith and holds Sunday studying. That's that'll do so. I have to focus on. Getting all the work done that I can. Here's here's the sacrifice yet this thing will how much you yeah I think that. Running in and door prices innately helped if you could get regiments scheduled I go through that yourself. I. I'll I'll work alternating good practice after that you homer until. I happiness these so it. It think it does it pack as Americans got sacked from expecting that it. In the end I think he's happy has helped him. A much of coaching is getting your. Runners to I mean it's the time. I think a tremendous upon this but you gotta do is have a sensitivity to you know what they're going through distrust of the classroom stresses. The social life on campus. If you are not sensitive to that then you'd even be sensitive to how much sleep they have the right before. Changes before god and have them do that I think another thing that goes into that turning this extremely important. Is the backup support that we get from it and strength and conditioning coaches campus getting ready to be prepared for our races. The other thing is the training staff. Pitching staff including the doctors. That are right on top of the entry system that something happens and without that wouldn't it make more mistakes for instance one of the things we instituted a few years ago. Is forcing the issue of blood test during the summer. So that we're not fighting within me here with the kids and distance runner that's a huge thing. And I think the kids were responsible enough this summer to get there aren't levels checked at certain levels checked so we know ahead of time that we have the supplements. It is age of digital technology how has that impacted training preparation working with the cross country team. Well they don't trust me anymore you perhaps so what happens now when we're doing repeat half miles or repeat quarters they had that GPS watches and they tell me how father Ron. But fortunately that stopping immediately. They might in the future but that the digital agency. I think this guy aspects of it is the end the legacy results. Not your own results the results of the people you're going to be seen next week. As soon as the race is over they have access to it that they know what the competition's doing. And if what they know what they have to do that. Let's talk about individual goals that you may have set for yourself can you go first. Yeah I finished fourteenth in the Patriot League last year's nights and improve upon that for here. And definitely. Trying keep pushing that PR down. Will you have Michael's definitely to run that's making if you are right now. They can definitely on also. Now we are seeing their personnel records record gas. About the Q you know help the team towards cross regulatory few points off them. Over to bring down the points hopefully. Post but they choose you book goes you have your cross country team coached him. Well certainly when. When we go to Notre Dame would be hoping to finish maybe in the top five with the women's team I think if we're in the top ten nine on the men's team would come back pretty happy with that. The conditions were so young. In the immediately we're looking to have our best finishes we could finished third in the Patriot League that would be our best ever. I think we have the opportunity to do that depending how quickly the freshmen come along. On the men's side. I think we've been stuck right around seventh place. If we could try to move but it's a big gap between ourselves and look now at this point. So I think right now we're speaking of closing again that's opposed to going beyond that and beating them at that point. Good luck on Saturday at South Bend it like the rest of the year to year cross cross country team in the track and field team later on and thanks for being with us here tonight. But Jim Cavanaugh joining us along with. A couple of will hopman in and again against Perini from the cross country team we had coach Bob Chesney and Ryan Brady on earlier and we had Democrat. And I analyst Brett and a coach Lindsay Jackson from the field hockey team on our coach you sure we're back again and a couple of weeks prior to the homecoming football game. Which is against Bucknell and a couple of weeks we'll look forward to seeing you then from crossroads in the Hogan center on the campus of the College of the Holy Cross lines that. Look thank you very much and good night. You've been listening to the crusaders coach you show presented by JMB financial advisors providing custom capital solutions. We hope you'll join us next time from the Hogan campus center at the college of the holy cross and listen live on Sports Radio 1440 WEI. This has been an exclusive presentation crusader sports properties and out front media sports crusaders sports properties is a division about French media sports.