Holy Cross Crusaders Coaches Show 9/4/18

Holy Cross Coaches Show
Wednesday, September 5th
Crusaders coaches Bob Chesney, Marco Koolman, and Casey Brown with student athletes discussing their programs with host Dick Lutsk.

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Live from Hogan campus center at a College of the Holy Cross it's the crusaders coach's show presented by JMB financial advisors and Steven lava lag holy cross class of 1978. Here's your host dead clots can. Everyone welcome to our first holy cross coach you show all the 20182019. Academic year from the crossroads cafe in the August that are on the campus of the college level across. In Worcester Massachusetts I'm Dave Lutz got producers out Carter. And our producers on site are now Coulter and Chris Bosh are greedy and we're happy to have you with us who are for show we've got a lot to cover tonight gonna talk football. We're gonna talk men's soccer and women's soccer all in the course of the next hour with coaches and players from all the teams. And we begin with football and all the cross that football coach. Bobcats these alongside. After game one. Of the jets the era on mount saint James we're happy to have you us coaches had a chance to look at the film of the Colgate game on Saturday what did you see. I saw a very sloppy first half you know I think you there's. You know sort of a feeling out process I think all new teams go through with with new coaching staffs I think that that was certainly you know can. So on display for the first half but thinking back to the second half I saw no a great amount of teamwork I saw a great amount of toughness it's not great amount of you know really camaraderie and in the ability to build one other up and in some adverse situations and never point the finger and just such a change. And we know from things we saw. During camp you know that we we felt like we needed changes during the middle of camp but to see it all work that way and come to fruition in the second half was great. How was it was the second half we need a little bored to turn overs early in the game which got two touchdowns. They caddie gave little little bit does it. It does any way you all the saints are playing from that far behind so from behind by a little bit it's that far behind and I think. You know just not an ideal situation to be in and again against a very very good football team that returned. Nine on offense and nine on defense or whatever might have been I think. No I thought we held their own in the second half that just got knocked off track. But the players learn from the turnovers and the Clifford try to. Get a little bit more out of a situation in unfortunately was hit off of the fallen the same thing about seventy and it made it great run. At the end of the run try to extra yards yes in the ball pops out we're that would that would that would help mine that actually yard with with. Miles right is he hits the notes that fight that's what you hope you're gonna have in the ending and he's trying to spin and he just gets hit on the side a little bit Ellen you expect you just want that that I tight. Won't have it just is one that he's no really never done before I went to read that really didn't exist at that moment and and it cost us I think that. You know there's not only that but those two guys there's there's there's so many more. You know that you could look at it say that yeah I have a pretty good feeling and hope that we can clean up you know from week one of the two. You almost wish had a scrimmage you know you almost wish that this slowly had a scrimmage and the play gets out its competition. Where there was a little bit more on the line and then you know pastor self a little bit more so that you can make that improvement before it starts counting your win loss record but. You know it you don't have that opportunity and I think that's on us as coaches we got to do better job of getting him Brett. You know statistically a look at the game we were down 24 nothing at the half. That you look at the statistics and it shows just how even when we played them the rest of the way first downs we have to more than they did we get seventeen and fifteen. Rushing yardage 260 night for us 91 for them they up past us 194 to 113. The total offense the only beat us by three yards to 85 to 82. And time of possession we were getting murdered in the first half hearted but we came back seat to to get those with 34 minutes to that 25 minutes to us. And you look at the statutes and it deceptive because it looks close and we need to close in the second happened but it showed we can play with them. It did show that I think the first half it who they it certainly wasn't close and attacking before the scripting in the second half it was closed the opposite way you know selecting that. Note we felt late by the end of that team. You know we could've got it to overtime we felt pretty strongly that we would have been nice finish chance we felt like we were. In shape I know all our kids were making was over who played another quarter they had to I think that's something that. He knows certainly. Testament to coach rocky inner strength and conditioning coach dollar strength and conditioning staff and also logistically we practice and we we try to try to do things. But tech but the positives and negatives that go on. Both sides of the ball what it does it feel like office what do you see that the answer. We'll opposite side electing fit that bill offered to lines that now you know they definitely stood out in the run game when you got into the third and fourth quarter you know that we are certainly. Strong and certainly can dish you know there is no doubt about it we had the ball that. I think the fifteen yards on your face mask penalty after a first down which puts it the seven and we ran power three times in a row. Until we put in unions we were gonna call another play we knew we were getting pushed and we knew that. It was just what we are in you hesitation at all that fourth down play none whatsoever so I think. That was the thing for us is that we just felt like we had then breaking at that moment I think on a longer drive that often happens. We get itself out so they couldn't really about and it was one of the around the time outs it was one of those things that we just had that. Keep pushing and I thought we did a nice job of that. I felt like you get the voice it and come back you know from that first half and and you would he did in the second was great. I thought we again we ran the ball really votes as we dropped couple balls and a couple wrong routes missed a couple things. You know in the in the skill set in in the news in you know that that receiver and at some other places like that that. You know with the same kind of monument I was pretty pretty sound defensively. Just stop the run I think that's a person they're held to. Nine year under a hundred yards since you know 2000 something you know nine years and whatever that was and that that just you know. Speaks volumes of those guys up front. You know than any utility just gave up a third hand and you before than you know those opportunities. Particularly if you went well. Three controversial plays in the game come to mind one. Third in a fourth and third and short that they had. It was the fourth that your fourth majority that they needed the yard. Didn't look like from the be at that point that we had that the community art recovery equipment lost the art the officials in the spot in the first down. The other one was a pass that was caught on that you're sidelined at the end of the game in the first the the key play and the other was that putt that bounced. And repudiated vehicle picked it up and started round but he couldn't run because it was blown dead but step backwards both positional on that play on the putt yeah. On the putt I guess now there's a new rule that it's gotta be single motion for a fair catch if you do a couple different motions even when you get the ball on the ground pointing once you can do. Appointing twice you can't do for some reasons of so that that was the that was the explanation that we had gotten from its they get to new rule that I had not heard. Until that moment I don't know if that's right call or not we have that he submitted for review. You know that the other two you just kind of or what they are a team. It's part of being an official bodies right and I think that of the more pick on those at the lesson from the opium eventually will be in trouble writes I think the thing is that. They they wanna do their best they know they wanna do their best there's no question about it but I think that there's just. No to calls that mechanically maybe they just got a little bit wrong in their eyes in the wrong place and I think union and that hurt us pollution in that situation what was the mood like in the locker room at halftime down 24 and it was a bad you know what it was that that's what I thought you know you're down that number. It wasn't and no one was defeated you know no one was defeated know what felt like we can do it. I think we just had to get out there and get going and you almost wish there was a shorter halftime and away. You know we talked to a couple things that we news talk through but in the end. You know I think we felt good. We were I think offensively we had not played a lot of wraps up that point in time right so we only have a Alford what whatever was that the ten minutes they had for one show. You know that was that was kind of the key thing you know we're just. In a little bit of a boxing naturally we begin to throw a lot of punches we put a little more defense in the first half and we're able to attack the little ones that. Wide receiver was thought to be one of the strong points of the team going into the season slide outs didn't get a lot of opportunities in the game it's Colgate. Where they covered so well that they want to the other options there was a partly no doubt well I think that just the run game got rolling known as the run game got rolling it was something that we just felt you know we we could stay behind you know not ourselves in any in any tough spots you know with interceptions or with anything else we've thrown I think. Interception at that point formal ball. Maybe two interceptions or whatever might be at that point I think it was a matter of if we can just keep this on the ground. Keep doing what we're doing in the receivers for blocking so well on the perimeter just became a very different game that we had expected. And you know it was what the moment called force I think it's always about. That we're gonna take what they're giving us created we're gonna try to attack where they're weak and that's what presented itself then did you contemplate any changes at halftime. Now now I don't think so I think that as far as. Any changes I think we just need to settle down and that was the big thing for us you know we. Munich we would not be any personal decisions just a rash personnel decisions we need it based on you know a full month that suggests that you know we've been here since August 2. So you go to the a thirty minute after the isn't gonna have less noticed. Making of a million changes of the things that we thought we saw from a totally different position that apple it was a matter of staying the course. You know in building each other up getting to plays that we feel we can be successful and execute. And in again to stay the course. I've been in this crazy business for over forty years of all of that time. I try to get coaches to talk about themselves that it's in. Who have very little success and my dad the that you wanted to deflect all the attention to the team and the players and I understand that but I'm gonna try again yeah I wanna try again that he was standing out. And in the current stadium on the sidelines before the kickoff when you have a have a chance to reflect yourself of where you were at that particular time what it meant to you. Yeah I think so you know. For me you know it. Hit this. It's not cliche it's true it's that. Not about the you know I was I was I never heard that none of I was happy some family there my grandmother's 93 years old then you know he was there drove up from Pennsylvania has some other Fam my uncle from North Carolina the Soviets and family there which I thought was pretty cool. But at the same time. We have we're we're about to go to battle you know there's a group of Michigan and in and it really doesn't involve any one person at all you know so. But did you feel the emotion. You always do I will always before every game and I will always. During every game I think that's what makes note this sport is so special and something that. They haven't had Saturday or Friday in the fall without football game since I've you know it's a those more because my father was a long time high school football coach he just wasn't. But haven't had one yet but still the same emotions when I was on the little Coleman who yours back when I was six years old with field field feel the same way. We're gonna bring blaze Belmont for the second segment he just a couple of minutes to one thing that it wanted to do and I could operated out years. On an have you we haven't done that yet. It's give me a little background thirty seconds into the bridge version and all of your assistants are caught in the in the if if if position. W little bit about Scott gave the fans who took me about me you about them are replaced about them yet. Scott is just that had a little baby boy two years ago an unbelievable man unbelievable father husband and a great leader got that I started coaching with. At Norwich university in just. They're just a very good person if that's what NATO goes into the making it defensive forward I think it's. Trying to see everything trying to you'll what the offense is trying to do not just defense plays that defend why. And try to get inside that quarterback's head when he's on the field but also the coach's head of white lining up that way NYC callers. Those are the things they think that the best guys are people that you realize the wide. And I understand you know what what that office two guys from the same question for Patrick repeat the office so again family and his these three you know girl's home and just. Again phenomenal person and I've got to known and he's against actually every single. Coach on our defense staff coached against coach Murphy in at places he's been in you know one thing that we all know is just the you know the it just what he does offensively. In and it showed up a little bit in the second half but it would be of those guys would be surprised me when that'll play entity receives the secondary coach unbelievable coach you know unbelievable person unbelievable friend he's been with me. You know since we first cut consumption very extremely loyal and devoted to these kids in and you know just again a great person not a psychic connection you went through that educated the special teams coordinator I didn't vote yes withdrew again very will boil you know great friend and at the same time that unbelievable coach gene in whatever it is that he doesn't demand so much. From the players and we talked about special teams in to see what he does with that. He notes it's nothing short of phenomenal and I think that. Two last year have portraits uses all American kicker and an all American kick returner. You know he's doing something right and he nauert LSU territory you know Michelangelo you safeties coach back Nigel plate for us a cement clinker playback and assumptions were first that I think a lot of the things that high. Would like to see from the football players mentioned that the Fed decide is what had in body at that time and that was when he's trying to make the move in the coaching. It was no greater bring him in with that's full of energy. Never has bad days distances they agree to an oddity confessed to the basket awarded a wide receivers coach one of the three lacrosse along that's right body I don't body for awhile so when I was down it's out there genie in in Newport, Rhode Island. News you're right and I intend to go for an it's been quite a bit I'm with and I got to know him. More on a personal level and professional level. And they obviously in this at all worked out you know he was alone was just absolute no brainer for a record setting right receivers across entity to Michael running backs coaches in other crops along. Bleeds purple as much as anybody out there I think that you walk around. This campus in and you talked you know and he's the Michael two. You know what but I love the Elvis in the first time meeting him when you walked around campus he knew everybody knew. You know and everybody knew him and there'd be like very but he appreciated that need. You know really stood out I think his passion for the team. Energy and and his love for holocaust and his love for the players. You know something as routes that Charlie and it is his fourth years the defensive line coach cries it's hard they're recruited him for like tried to recruit US directors that we recruit a couple of kids noticing Joe's prep. When I was a job top university Charlie Rose one of those. We got one of them and they came in with the defense player of the year mr. Daniel competent. The Charlie I had that sort of personally know with a couple of my friends and the guys that I've coached before with. You know with the right you just read about the excellent coach Weis when there's an opportunity. Note to come here in India staff those guys did not have a lacrosse salaam who was seats us that are across the offensive line coach his Christmas you know Chris that we re. Think we coached into Chile was that you didn't. And I thought just so. Those thoughts so fondly about that often to line there are so popular so physical and again another guy that just absolutely bleeds purple. And they just you know with his you know the son Calvin you could almost every practice at this point that it just. You know again called this the Ewan and have family around the baby was there code it yet it that Bryant big advocates civil over the previous staff. If the linebackers coach O'Brien I also do you know previously from. Vacuum violet my home town one he went up one of the guys that I coached with also did in and he's a guy that you know I had a chance to compete against that. And you need to use one of the guys that to my first Geithner talked of the players about. What coaches they like it welcome to they'd like to see these days I was in the back out of almost every reason now first and foremost so the site it was due to work with them. Well I would before agree please bella let's talk about those things that need to be done proving Colgate to get ready for. A pushover at Boston College Station here which I didn't think that would thus I think what we have to do we have to be able to run the football that we ought to be able to protect the football. We can give the way we we got it. It we have to try to start fast yet how confident. Now than just you. I'd pick up from where we left off at the end of that hole became just understand that if we execute and handle what we can handle. Which you just about it obviously their formidable there's just the size. The people want their team all the things that come along with that. That's likely. To live up to. We only have the UMass game this year to judge Boston College but he handled the parties would see him. I ice very often excellent stuff very good right back with. Excellent quarterback. And defensively you know again that not that we place on we talk about them Colgate that we should really talk about that them if but there. No we think them anywhere on that field. Double kick returner in the country to pop country. You know that their kickoff team is the whole thing the whole thing is very very good. They're clearly. Knows. He team for reasons and there are good one you know for reason there were notes for the opportunity to protect projected he's the they're the years it's easy use the rookie of the year last year running back pretty he's unbelievably good you know he committed initially played linebacker at Michigan. And then. If they told them he sees it if he carried the ball and I changed its commitment from Michigan as a linebacker to compare at all for PCs you'll watch a Michigan linebacker on that. That's head coach Bob chance it will lindros who got a ring on blaze bell in just admit we're at the crossroads cafe and pub in the Hogan senator on the campus of the College of the Holy Cross at the lacrosse coach you show. On Sports Radio 1440 WEEI can't dot FaceBook live will be exactly that. It. We now return to the holy cross crusaders coach you show on Sports Radio 1440. WEEI. With your host did lines. Brown crossroads at the Hogan's that are on the campus of holy cross in Worcester. I've to let real with the lacrosse coach you show we're here to 9 o'clock tonight talking. Holy cross courts were talking football right now we thought it had women's soccer. A bit later on about fifty head football coach is still with us we're joined by wide receiver plays dealt with senior. Or Illinois one of the co captains of the 2008 team fully trust the poppy congratulations on the arguments are pretty happy to hear that was what was taken. The guy who grew up tremendous on my honor. You know when they when they announced two truth it was pretty much you know to thirteen vote. You know what coach about a TV. So that's a tremendous pride in and zone hopefully he's not too little too. Alas the same question asked of of Kyle Brady the other day about being a co captain what what does it mean to you what what's the rules the co captain of the football team. You don't just leading on all the time on and off the field. On the not just you know hopefully we'll also leading by example just try to do everything I can't. You know to help my teammates like I said both on and off the field. Just doing what I have to do doing everything that I can. Right. And you know hopefully this just. Bring you know some guys along. Coach W about lays in his honor that vote. He Kyle great co captains what did you learn about in the short time advocate I think he and Ryan both are you know just great examples of just leaders know that they. To think about what ways was able to do he was with us you know through all the spring it was with us who went through in the spring so obviously. You know everybody else on that team you know. Probably has better chances influence guys in and when he came back in that short period of time need that big of an influence that. No he runs a boat just you know he knew it was it was. There at the top two vote getter by far and I just think. Speaks volumes of what he does not only says that his point what he does on the day to day basis I think that's that's a good lead by example some guys lead. You know verbally he does vote and I think that that's certainly appreciate. I don't lacrosse coach shows presented by can't be financial and auto reminded the holy cross plays the first home game at that field on September 15. When they open the home schedule against the other 1 o'clock get your tickets today by calling the holy cross picket opposite 1844. Go cross. Or by visiting gold across dot com but before that game another road game in the full of people ACC opponent down the road Boston College. What do you think about playing the Eagles played. Not really excited I can't wait on going to be tremendous experience. You know someone's that'd be our arrival back in the day. Being you know become the first team to bring that back it's like us at a tremendous honor and I think it would be a lot of public for two. What you learned about the rivalry it's it's it's. The 32 years since we played about when I was a kid growing up and let's do it was. A rivalry with Michigan Ohio State it was army navy it was it was holy cross Boston College it's a great round. You know I mean you know it has been Worcester are sort of monitor on. It's something that's definitely hear about it learn about. You know from from ticket holder himself quite you know people Wooster they're passionate about holocaust Allbaugh and and the rivalry. You always do stories you know log home. Doug Flutie scored log on to open those guys on. In the end you see the pictures you know everyone lined out you know the stated do and everyone lined up 129 B watching from the cars. So you know I know that the roots run deep into them like a film was forced. Bring me back. Your fifth year senior. You've seen a lot of changes during your time he came in as a quarterback you switch to I receive you gotta do coaching staff that's our this year what was the most. I don't have to seek difficult the most challenging part about transitioning to a new staff. I guess you'd say who who who's challenging home but it's there wasn't really that bad you know Augusta is giving them no each other. You know both what they expect for months on the field on and off the field and he knows. Getting to know each other's people is the peak day. And I think I guess you said his talent I could you didn't challenge but it was something because that is great job on with the transition. And I guess you know everyone on the team. They did a good job making it wanted to write at home. Let's talk about the Colgate gave for a minute you fell down 24 to nothing in the first half as the coach who what the mood was like. In the locker room at halftime what do the co captains do in the locker room to keep everybody's head high. I mean. Just aren't either one positive you know. We like to say at halftime you know that it's 00 point going into the second half so there's absolutely totally game. And just plain you know to specify ability you know we in the first half we got we got down gonna hurt us a little bit. You don't just try to clean up those mistakes at halftime and then it remain positive I think it wanted to integrate its own. I think coach that would be a place with a co captains of the situation like that down 24 to nothing coming into the locker room. These two get together with their teammates and say let's play football no question. And I think it's the same time though they have their own. You know job to take care of you know within their own position group as well so. It I don't know if there's enough time to get to all of their there you know what you did this in the view their responsibilities. As we came back pretty quickly you know give a couple minutes themselves to renew a couple things we need to quit you know correct pretty quickly we went right added as it as a tease dramatically. You know within a couple minutes but I know that they were certainly within their own you know their own groups who. Formulating plans to meet centerpiece these positive do those things. Your fifth year senior the only fifth year senior on the team near the old man. Team right now going in that this season and he had the redshirt freshman year because of an injury treated in transition from quarterback to wide receiver Philly but your experience. Hopefully cross overall how it's developed over the course of the five years home. You know it's been a journey like he's don't you know coming in as a quarterback. And then its transition to receiver my sophomore year home you know loved receivers you want to make its way it's softly here. It into your he knows when it's when Peter went down so transition back quarterback. I don't play there for flu season game. The next year following is going back to receiver for full time that's allows like Tom receiver will not going backward. And I love that transition. You know if it's been Condit. It's it's been it's been journey home went through when but I wouldn't trade for world. What is playing a game. Against Boston college and FBS school. A power conference school the team that really is expected be pretty good this year. What does it do the mindset of your guys your team your teammates getting ready for this challenge on Saturday just ago. A home I mean I think we're really excited. We're really grateful to have the opportunity to play a home someone like BC and ACC team home. You know at their place. A big time game. You know like a separate robbery back so I think it's something that we've seen take tremendous pride in and we're grateful for the opportunity in which is looking forward to having a lot of fun outsider. How would you characterize the mood of the team after the loss tickle it I've been through many losses and I've seen teams really down and dejected getting on the bus I didn't see that. Getting on the bus after the Colgate game I thought they felt that they accomplish something in the second happened to build on that coach with a few things. I agree I think that you know if you go through that that team ended the the second half is more of the same of the of the first I think. Is it's just a little you know you know we're a book report just there's not a great foundation to build on at that moment I think to come out have the second half that we did. Begin to put those initial building blocks in place and probably makes you look back and let. Half we just did this in the first half you know how much how much higher can this healthy bill at this moment you know those that's what we're doing here is it to. It's a building process you know we have to try to take it really no 111 step at a time and in every opportunity that we have what they're being practiced. Or in the dean needs to matter I think that's something that's starting to thinking. Looking down the road what does playing a game against a team like Boston College FBS school with a lot of prestige if you will. I mean to a program Michael across the. So I think for me you know way back to speak for my own experience I know that in the past as we got into the playoffs and got into two or three years you know cover me around the you eventually run into the number one team in the country are the number two team in the country. I think when you play those teams are automatically gives you pretty good measuring stick of of where you are not happy yet that moment but where you want to go or just how close you actually might be. I think there's you know two things that those are the two things usually happen in that in that situation. But at least gives you this speech of of of what it feels like. To be fit and playing the number one and number two team in the country were playing couple of other level where they have to so much more you know technically than that probably we could use this exact moment. But the same time you know that gives us the as sort of an eye on the prize that's what we want to be I think they're but he talks about wanting to play at their highest level possible. There's an opportunity to prove a lot of people wrong that that maybe you know that some of these guys who should be at a higher level and you know in the have a chance to prevent. Is the history of great upsets in the rivalry with wolves across Boston College you wouldn't be the first time. That are heavily favored Boston College who's beaten by an ugly crusty so. Wouldn't shock the world since it's Clinton right now we. Please bill thank you very much upon Disney and good luck on Saturday against Boston College Eagles we will continue we're gonna talk soccer in the second half hour of our coaches show. From crossroads at the hope it's that are on holy cross campus of Lester I'm Dick lots we continue after this on Sports Radio 1440 and I FaceBook live. Your listening to the holy cross crusaders coach you show whip Dick lots on Sports Radio 1440. WEEI. Read crossroads of the coaches that are on the campus of the College Lacrosse. Would we be without profit or to be back here again. Talk about bought another. Henneberg from. Field against Gael. Obviously that's ring of Watergate by the way it was too. McGovern Brothers being honored with the names on the board at the field lot. The Saturday the fifteenth now are gonna talk meant soccer we have. Head coach Marco Coleman and senior oh what has racked with us to talk for the next fifteen minutes about the men's soccer program. At holy cross in the coach Klebanov told us cheated repeating a little bit because I was told askew. About a pre season regiment that you have with your team getting here early in working through this summer and it's in the usual program up told and you get your guys ready to play coming about it. Well it's actually the initiative of our our senior class this year who ultimately decided that. I'm only going back early is something that this program needs but so we're taking classes so that research. And they encouraged to actors to be the rest of the juniors and below to attend the sessions over the summer fully. Outside of my general credit captain's practice. You don't go. I certainly am aware that what what is the right like oh what we have do oh we work out our strength and conditioning coach she. And we basically run through. A typical technical sessions that we have a lot of touches on the ball and would do conditioning and it will lift afterwards like we have we guzzle together. For as many weeks as possible towards our pre seasons ago kept up there and that ninety degree hundred degree heat yeah your audio resolutely throughout there was like half the time and get the Nokia air conditioning into a film that's worked a little they would do it to a facility at that at the loot athletic complex at the arts and it was that. Nice indoor air condition field to get to use that off coach. Yeah I mean the very fortune. It over the course of the winter and spring went with the inclement weather that we have our our early succeed him time with love it. It's your seventh year across out of tonight with the Netherlands and the coaching soccer Worcester Massachusetts so it was a bit about your history. Well I came to the states to go to college. Two in Pennsylvania local university and ultimately end up coaching there upon graduation. To then move. Two Franklin PH university ridge New Hampshire make great success there yeah we have it's fun narron. You know by way of the Boston College enough yet this walked on campus here on monster games at will across seven years that two times that the patriot league championship. Not quite with the final ring yet but get close up with that silly that they kept it takes to be close it like to get here get that rate which. The absolute. We had its. Success lesser towards the end of the season we had some great leadership there were trying to build on we're trying to go to program that successfully each and every year not just. Be happy to make a torn that we're trying to win a Major League and move on the NCAA tournament so. Our early in the season 01 in 121 loss at home and number sixteen Fordham and what once I just this past Friday that it gets the and it's only vote that two games coach. I think bowl games that we saw we've seen a lot of progress its pre season in going into those games and even from game to game that we've. The bush showed a tremendous improvements in the areas that we've been focusing on the I think in both games we kind of felt we we came up short unfortunately. But. I think as we move forth and then the run you know the process is really what it's all about. In order to get ready for cricket exceeded. Well knowing what did you build on from those two games what are the what are the positives that you saw. Again I think deeply in this. Defending from collect at some point. Attacking our second out of Florida coming to the mix players and new players coming in into the starting eleven that are fun to get harmonized and really get to on the stand each other the strength of the qualities. But I think overall the team unity and the attack as well as defending. He's really did does that discipline and the motivation behind the only entity that they put out. Oh when you were on the team that went to the finals last year the much of the season unfinished business. Compare last season that the attack it has been getting the team ready what this year. On the impact of election season is that we can understand where we can be as a team when we understand our defensive schemes. I think that last year was great building block for us in terms of we saw upgrades over the leadership from our three senior captains last year. I think we took that as a senior class this year as a way to build upon in terms of getting to freshen up to speed early that it is the and his Khaled college game I think it's been great for us to have our pre season Tom with a fresh from Ricky get the map from. Sources tell me about the state College Soccer it's. The level of play bass he around the country. It is as good as it can be your kitty it better what what you think. The future soccer ovals at the collegiate level. Accident as an interesting question because certainly. Professional soccer sort of dictates the landscape the United States. You see we've seen basketball all the sports that. Sounded young men either for go to your college career and right raked over the frozen particular basketball. In the sock her the more talented players. Vacate and or irk you will have conflict Europe and South America. And the clips on the flip side. Paula chalk her for non US citizens is sort of a second chance. Beyond the use career so. As long look in the international impact and influence. You know tomorrow we play that you RI who has. And dominated by significant number of international players and the colts game is certainly influence as such. Milo tell the players. Like we called the global game. The college game has become global as well so. I think for. The roles of development this sport is the presents plenty of opportunity I think the level. As exceeded expectations. And therefore you see now. Like in in all of sports in. Call it soccer knowledge he is. Coming 412 years and then the the Ford Motor through there finally used to go into the pros. We are the most fertile area for recruiting in the country for proper high school prep school soccer. To go want to please close your particular corner of the nation that's stronger than another. Well obviously doing that has strong presence of prep schools and the private schools. The club level it is sort of all round. Withdrawals being jesuit institution we utilized that. And we have a lot of success you know all over the country but. You been California election but elections plows we have a they've been packed for players in California the problem wrote an article across the East Coast. Was that we've World Cup coming to the United States mean overall impression Socrates. You what you teammates to everybody involved in the game. I think going to be incredible experience that that are home so I think it's obviously fantastic event that'll be great for his recognition of the game and it's kind of in general obviously in America gets a little bit less attention and obviously overseas in Europe. Countries like south America's love it like it is very important for us that that you're kind of the survivor on the US. Do you watch the pro soccer's players in this country you liked the revolution and things of that nature that's something that appeals to you run in Europe if you follow them. Yeah I'm a New York City S defense and from New York but I also watch him permanently suckers book. Which are major role across economic vision and what he hoped to do with talent graduate Cuomo when I try and experience as well whatever I can overseas with soccer after college but. I would love to maybe get into a job in this that you're so much better on Boston's their local. Camille Little bit but only. You don't hold his strong willed and energetic. Leader who. Since his arrival at all across as certainly. Put his stamp on the program. This year as it happens all the captains certainly. Carries out weighed in at it really helps the group with direction not only. You know for the coach so provides but certainly hone it and the rest of the captains full depth. Full and deliver that message and then. It was discipline and determination. Sure the occasional words contagious for the rest of workforce over Stephen. If you set goals for you and the team. Going into the season this year. Absolutely every year I gonna do individual and collective goal like one for myself one for the team and I think that obviously ability upon last year as a team. We want to onto an patiently and an advance as far as you can in the NCAA tournament it is personally. I kind of wanted to feel as comfortable as possible playing and not let a leadership role kind of take over the soccer aspect comet have a good balance with. How he just got the personality issues team is that. Different that keep you have the pastors that something that stands out about the team that we can talk about. Yeah certainly I think that that this is the first year that I've mentioned it before two others. This the first year in my seventh year that we have a group without any time out liar if you know everybody's on the same page everybody is. Is not only respectful glibly competes. Has taught us that work with the Hilton and test each other and associate thinking gets the whole. Family and and one off the field so the deed respect amongst each other bottle for the energy that it brings home. You can only see his group getting. More cohesive and polls are which we hope it's gonna help them as we move forward into the season. That the stick is as fully unit together. They Rhode Island tomorrow at Kingston Rhode Island that negated the Patriot League seasons later Ron where's the strength of the Patriot League. That's a very good question I certainly the rigidly over the years has happened is it's. It's favorites. At least the BC poll. But for the most part if you look at the pre season poll and that the indices Unita pulls through the outside counsel are very often. Yeah so there's no real. As much as our potential favorites on paper in reality shows that. No matter who you are pre season that doesn't guarantee you anything at the end of that in the race. He plays a pretty impressive nonconference. Team to go Boston College. Northeastern did you get it to UMass Lowell in northeastern. Pretty impressive but tough schedule to get ready for the Patriot League. Absolutely we we're trying to play its own schedule copper is possible that we coming. Major League ready to go play our best soccer when accounts Kelly but your four years that we crossed the experience overall not just like soccer. What's it been like which meant to you. It's been announced who privilege to play on the soccer team is launches the remember the student body your holy cross I've met some friends and I'll have forever address my life and it's been. It's a privilege to lead at these issues the part of coming about the recruiting process that brought to drugs it was a it was a little victories. I had all I can evolve holocaust going in in my senior year and then I kind of met with one of our former assistant coaches at a Dartmouth can't. And he brought it to the school what kind of fell in love with him from now on a committed late. Early in my senior year in another last minute or pretty beautiful with a school like this isn't it it's easy to recruit because especially now the new. Indoor facility at the loot that with a complex that this little feather in everybody's GAAP. Yeah I think it's you know. Anybody when they cobbled across not only to walk on a sort of two Democrats feel that we've lost plane about to throw it long are we want the best grass fields in northeast. Now to come up to. Lose. Athletic complex you know. You'll lose the former software alone. Providing us with that opportunity. And now together with the leadership in Oakland they find him and is his senior staff. I think we're very Xbox. We have the resources and you know. You know again only crosses pleased that we lost. Yet it meant soccer coach Marco cool that it captain co captain Owen has racked limits Socrates thank you very much for joining us tonight that's the block. The rest of the way and we'll take a break we're gonna come back to our women's soccer as we continue on the holy cross country show. 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Of scrambled up here Casey grounded in your third year as the head coach of the lacrosse women's soccer team deputy to brief abridged version of the first two years. Yeah I think that the first two years has been about land a culture and the foundation that we're proud of and that we feel like is why we're in the position we're in now in your three. On so it's been laying a foundation for us to be a championship side and for us to be successful so it's. It it's a lot of you know how we wanna train how we wanna do things what we wanna be about. And who we army in the past two years and a lot of time move in the dial that much closer. To create the foundation for a championship program and this year we feel like we're another step closer to that. He came to us from the I hated Boston University terriers get. Hated and of course the turnpike trophy should always on the on the line when you play the terriers that look up later on the QE2 and three so far this year. A lost Providence in overtime loss to UNH. Oh win over Fordham here in Worcester lost to Hartford. In a 51 win over saint Peter's that's an impressive win on Sunday tell us about this first five games of the season. Yeah I think we we like or rehiring now course I think they're the one that a lot of our players that volatility was a UNH one I think we kind of we had done the bag and then. Unfortunately lets slip voice you know I think there's like eight minutes ago that's the one that you know still kind of burns that we really like where we are. I think we've we've gotten better every game. Common I think as of late we've been you know as you continue saint Peter's game. We found the back of the net refining success and we're building in the attack which is a really great sign for the maturation of our team and program. Makes a lot easier when you were found with your gut that's more fun right. Lilly put just a senior from Andover Massachusetts she joins us at the table now welcome Lilly tell us about your four years of holy cross saint. I've had the best for years and not really looking forward to ending. But I think coach Brown's votes it but the culture change in her coming in on this spring my freshman year. Was just an incredible change for the program and and I think the role team can speak to where's you know she's proud and it. And so that has been. You know play talkers and the bass part of my time here you know. Created so many great relationships. And it's helped me to grow as a person on and off the field and I wouldn't change it for anything else. Coach tell me a little bit about Lily she's unbelievable. I think Lilly epitomizes. What are programs about and that's someone who shows up every single day just trying to get better. And she gives you more than you ever could imagine that's in someone's taken she's a fighter and she's a worker. And on top of and I think it's that reflects a lot of our kids is she's a fantastic student athlete and being a woman and she's. To see the growth from a she mentioned them. Her freshman spring to now is it's unbelievable. As a coach it's rewarding she's she's a perfect epitome representative. Of our program and what we want our partners to this. Evo is now coaching is about watch players I don't know what their time the your leadership and become. Players of women in the Rwandan and and take all of these that they learn to use it did in the in the life as it goes on. It is the most rewarding part of this job is seeing the progression of all these young women. Throughout their time and we really Townsend and we really question and we hold them to a really high standards. And to see them progress and release saying yes in this situation if you see them progress and see how far that come not just on the field but within their leadership within their conferences and who there's a person. At the end of the day when they graduate in their confident young women ready to attack whatever they want tack on feeling really good about the job we do. You've done your job is done you really have enough well five games under your belt this year to three of them mentioned Lilly. What's your perception of where the team Steve right now and how the first five games when. So I think prayer and they're really gets firing you know we try and focus each game and a one at a time. I think we're at a point where we're building continuously up hockey teams those you know when we win we're not just satisfied with the wind right we're trying to take something from Nike then. And can we get better for the next one so I think heading into Thursday. We wanna wind but we also wanted to do something better than we did in the last game so. What can we you know tweak to get better and our attack how we get less corners there and let shots taken on us. They think as a group. We've really come together this pre season and you know I think we're gonna pee break accountant. And we're heading that way. If you wanna do better than you did the last game in the yep that's what's expo set that's out game coming up. The lady's take on. That seat Bryant. 7 o'clock Thursday night at Lyndon Johnson Smith stadium here on campus at 7 o'clock admission and parking is free. For more information visit go holy cross a company issued statement as Marco who was immense emotion but state of women's College Hockey right now is conceded this country. Yeah women's College Soccer is in exile not to liner notes of an email us ports just. And this it's it's a fantastic place I mean it's a really competitive. And to across the club and use platform. I mean ever everyone every young girl is playing soccer in China aspire to play at this division one level. The thing that I've seen the most in that division one level for woman's College Soccer is it used to be years UNC and no one was even close to it. Now you have your power five counts as you've never seen more mid major conferences competing and winning those big games than ever before. I think it speaks to the depth of parking across the country I think it's the x.s that different coaches that have taken over these programs. Women's soccer isn't very competitive and excellent state and could see that across our youth national teams are. Women's national team World Cup success 600 center where do you find most fertile areas to recruit I was hoping against in that time. Where you find the most fertile areas to recruit and I think you always dry especially here in lacrosse. There's a great regional drop. You know with the masked kids in the new York New Jersey. Regional areas but we we've concert tapped into. You know showdown with its Delaware here in the in the area. Allianz West Coast kids and that's really start to pick up. The Southern California the Nortel little niches and got a kid from Arizona so we're trying to expand that West Coast because there's a lot of great California soccer out there. But I think at holy cross will always have a strong draw within the region which is that's just not within the reach agreement Arizona California thanks Heidi but there's so only crops you know were everywhere everywhere across the country down at different events now that the brand is is even bigger we released. We turn it to you know we try to present a programmable whereabouts. Some people people the desire to come to the East Coast to come to the top academic institution like holy cross. And then we feel like we get to present the whereabouts and kids really want that they don't value the culture that valued person over the player in the value and education. Then we find the fit and that's the kid that's right for us. After the game Thursday against round against right here Wooster in. You play at brown at navy and at Lafayette three road games than home to Boston University where is the strength in the Patriot League going to be here. You know it's a question I think it's pretty well spread out I think you've seen some of the typical big dogs. You know loosen games at this is vulnerable areas are graduates of players that have had a lot of past success I think the Patriot League is wide open whenever. Then you know we like that we'd like and again people doubt us people can put us over the wanna put us we like that. We feel like it's wide open and we're gonna make her arm Booth here and you get the picture determine. Believe what you tell me about that the decision making process that would use them runs yes. I had quite sort of recruiting game. I actually. Marketed under the previous notes. Only in its making here actually and what it's taken any debate. Follow my senior year. Yeah actually my dad who has an exciting and I think giving him that he headed with increasingly odd. Annually problem is Gil the accident deport them up. On who we beat them yes it. It fell ill at that came on campus terminated in. I and it is it was hard to think. You know it's just double atmosphere that plays you know I was watching block grants and malevolent there. Ellis island school making here it was just write it in there right away. It's continued to prevent me happy and sound and. What and what your major meaningless and would you go do that when you graduate. I couldn't tell you I need to step it up. Getting yes everybody's goal and I think you know if you have any any aspirations for any particular field down the road that's. We'll see where that takes me. Coach how would you describe the personality of these issues he picked up other teams because. Yes this this your personalities really hungry we've come in thinner than we've ever come in last year is that we're pretty. Close were another level of cohesion and cohesiveness this year. And this group is Hungary the way to train is hungry. We train let me the chip on our shoulder and we got some in the proven we do but seeing them in a day in dale basis this is a really. It's a fun group by I've loved every second training as you've been around they're really awesome kids. But truly loved it but they're hungry and I love that too if you work hard in the heat. Yet but I. You know coming in her pre season like consent act this is firm my four years the most than I've ever seen any on you know I tried to come in the most that I could be. It and we like we like you don't care whether it is you know we came in ready to train and we want to win this season so. Well I hope you do it ought to give them that six schools and on the other unite and begin again right here at holy cross that's a Thursday night game. On top of the killed 7 o'clock everything is free free parking free admission and we'll be doing it's easy round head coach of the lacrosse women's soccer team. And really put your senior thanks for joining us appreciate it very when revitalized. On Saturday portraits of all across Boston College football game 1 o'clock from alumni stadium at Chestnut Hill. Tom Kelleher and I will be on the year at 1230. For the pregame shows we're back here next Tuesday night at crossroads at the Hogan center for another. Holy cross coach you show hope you can join us then for our producers here. At the crossroads how Coulter and Chris Bosh or radio producer back at Sports Radio 1440 WEEI how Carter I'm Dick lots thanks for listening everybody. Ed good night from mount saint James. You've been listening to the crusaders coach you show presented by JMB financial advisors providing custom capital solutions. We hope you'll join us next time from the Hogan campus center at the college of the holy cross and listen live on Sports Radio 1440. WEI. This has been an exclusive presentation crusader sports properties and out front media sports crusaders sports properties is a division about front media sports.