Hot Stove Show 1-10-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, January 10th

Mut and Bradford talk about the lack of anything happening on the Hot Stove. There's a lot of rumors and hardly any action, JD Martinez is still out there, what chance do the Red Sox have of landing him?


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He's not hot Scopes show. Sports Radio WEEI. I was your program I'm making a change welcome aboard those. Well out of your way at ten. Army is not with complete coverage of the Red Sox off season. Featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford rap goes to show that might open coming. I'm columnist John Tomas we'll keep going. And all of Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. Not hot stove show was brought you. Bradford clothing stores whose distinctive clothing food to re enact. It's time for the hot still if you go. God on the whole bonus Sox. Sports league. Still feel we brought you by. Talent they're tired for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Another week of have nothing when it comes to baseball's offseason hot stove show nightly. 37 WEP I'd much and Bradford until 10 o'clock alma three for your hosts a WEEI late night tonight will take your phone calls. Up until Roemer takes over 61777979837. And as obligated we'll talk some baseball here between now in 10 o'clock even though. Allard Red Sox for the baseball world is doing nothing it was so untrue. Oh a trusted to the last out thirty seconds or even this is not a huge deal. But today we had all these reports of Gary Cole being traded he's headed to Houston turns out that wasn't true. I tease this tweet before the break in there is that this had caveat to this but Jerry crass nick. Exactly 9 o'clock tonight we've been following in this Timmy sums up the hot stove season in one fell. Swoop of a tweet. Jay Bruce is closer to agreement on a deal of an unspecified clog a source says the deal should be completed tonight. And thus is the hot still has been good he has a deal it's with a team it should be completed we know now at the three year deal. He's headed back the New York Mets so exciting tonight amazingly a free agent signing. As happened last really three minutes or so as. Multiple sources have an official Jay Bruce black back to the Mets. Today today is this is the domino rob. Now all the other dominoes fall as they all the other moves are gonna happen now they're waiting on Jay Bruce of the net there was a good thing when we put that room at the baseball tavern was back and forth but we decided not to do welcome the Boston jeepers party. If I was close now so critical for a gets it or explain how people can. Can win some very high level off things tonight going to be part of the show and what is this deal tomorrow you guys that will be on the air here doing our normal show. You know in something called a podcast party I have to admit. I never heard of FaceBook watch it till yesterday I didn't know who deep hock. Shall pack was. And heard that and I got to admit. I have no clue to podcast party. Cause it's the next big thing in 2008 he okay. And now it is we're gonna kick it off we have the welcome to Boston Judy Markey news podcast party at the baseball average starting at 7 o'clock but go into the wee hours from short. We're going to be doing podcast there there are a ton of baseball writers doing podcasts already we did like it twin peaks I I did the podcasted twin peaks of Joseph Kelly reports LO. We have a set up their very professionally done. And then we recorded and will post to that night but it's. It's a chance to get together and talk some baseball in UV what is undeniably. The worst offseason in baseball history as we noted in sports history maybe today boy and I can change. By just felt like it was now we booked the room three months ago that's why we have the call at the welcome Boston Judy Martinez are really look at three months ago show our care as far as you know. And in because I felt was this might buy right now and you Judy martz you would be in Boston we could celebrate and with the JD Martinis. We'll be raffle off Red Sox tickets it's sponsored by our good friend that moxie. All the celebrities all will be there Sanchez Tom Caron. Alex beer you brown gets injured nick who is Aristide's Fenway or who the celebrities me. So it's it's it's a lot of people who like talking about baseball horde getting together to chart might. Are going to drink your bath and body he's today if that's yes rob you know rob the robotic yes yes rob she already on the error now. I Saudi way it should be a good time Judy Rudy baseball tavern when love Jimmy daddy's mess spot I do love the based Ngo so I think if I hope it's something that we can do throughout the year because I don't like or two out none about doing these things it worked in twin peaks of the work tomorrow night and and maybe jade in anybody I'll sit right now anybody who shows up with a license. There has the first initial. There via. On sale right now. The first person or every person. Our first press. Okay you declare fight noticeably roadside. Idols I you're gonna have a lot of people namely James Martinez and Joseph Martinez and they're gonna say it all rod do you sell on the air last night first first if I show comes to me. Who approaches me with his license and at what time. It starts at seven okay unique these specified somewhere Philippine gave us some trouble well not know having tight rules are much like we're against ourselves in trouble this. The prize giveaway nearly tonight here on the you're well. Whatever I via its if we get a lot of stuff in that office are of the our shared office mobile old will get second I will say I I would love to mocking. This not the worst that you've. You've had worse had business this is it fury it's Thursday night in you're gonna go on anyone Thursday night and you'll like based on nice go to demise will go with fifty greased and now. Probably probably too soon open the roof deck baseball cap Rican dream you can dream going couple months way if that awesome group. That is going to be good time many artists are you know whoever shows up shows up phobia I know the people are gonna be showing up to do the podcast. And and plus aged very delete. I got up sponsor at Bradford T shirts which I'm gonna be giving now please firm knows that you'll you're the only person that won't take one. The only person that won't take refuses to take no thank you and now. Art excellent and then there's the chance between now 7 o'clock tomorrow they do sign JD Martinez ought to be great how great would that be for your brain I mean all right got to got to go national it would yes we're we're gonna have tomorrow. Tomorrow tomorrow morning. I will extend the formal invitation to JD parties to come few lights he's in town for the press conference. So don't work out that would work out to me that that would kick him off on the right foot to mix among the riff Raff. What you call as agent anyway just thinking can you Foner tomorrow. And just record a podcast available before would be slaughtered it's not a phone podcast situation. That's to be here if you that's a big time. Time and really folks. Nothing has changed and this is this is how dry it is this frozen stove season has been. People are going crazy on by baseball Twitter right now budget grew setting back the Mets and. Well euros 39 million dollar deal by the spent a little bit for the reds may we. Because if you liked him because some peoples that maybe he might be yet that option that DH option I didn't read at any rate I did I. I did some there. Three years 39 million or three years 39 million out not outrageous not the player that Katie Martinez's. By you know it's it's. It's something is too but this is an any different and Carlos Santana Carlos Santana signs for where three years that I what was it was 660. 600000121000820. Million a year so you're still talking about your top fifteen free agents. To Bruce Oliver North he cracked it may he probably did. Buy it you the other news. You'd today with the Gary Cole stuff the trade not trade yeah yeah which is. When they were rumored about Gary Cole the Yankees. Earlier I think a few weeks ago. Sort of like and Leesburg a pitcher he's he's OK he's good he's got ready yet before you are in the national last year. Mean this isn't this isn't a guy that you say cure colds and your rotation you can't win that game. Right his son is Sonny gray you've drew upon rants that sort of deal but if you're the Yankees. You had this bevy of prospects and you can upgrade allocation by giving up a guy that you're really not worried about given up for players 26 go 127. And struck out toward of people essentially two of the last three there was less healthy years when he made thirty more starts here 200 strikeouts. On. To me for for what you're gonna probably have to give up. It was gonna make sense for the yank yet do it same thing for the asterisk tunnel without the give up to get them. If the Astros here's of the hi there Gary the title Red Sox if the Astros get Garrick coal. It adds more separation between the best teams the American League yankees Astros and Indians and the Red Sox wore a clear cut and ignited a close. Number four right now in the comparable what do you think would be the top. Five rotations top 45 rotation the American League I'll tell you where I looked them up today. Where they wrecked the Allstate ERA. Projecting for next year don't know from last year Indians yup they were number one astronaut is in close. Astros worthy at least three. The right socks off by the Americans when they were top five yankees were to allow yap. And I don't know Julio the bizarre thing where that Red Sox starting rotation through wave more pitches Indian restaurant rotation had the most innings having tied with. My hybrid Cleveland for the most innings. So. You know they've got a good rotation but you're right and you you put. Even though I'm not afraid of Gary Cole. You put him in either one of those rotations. That's that's a separated them what you after the Red Sox. That was Seau who you don't know you still don't know if you get through whole year and be effective right that fair to say I would bet on it vs against it if you're given opportunity to bet. One at the delicious WEEI dot com paycheck and it managed to do little little bit differently. He gets through mercy doesn't I would say get IAM. I'm not I Emerson I am all are about everybody not increasing I am our imports LO Eduardo Rodriguez. Drew pom rants those guys are worried about not Chris. I am all in I'm with you on that and I'm always in on the narrative that says that Chris Sale this whole the blue is you know why we had to be in the year. You know he he dissed. He when asked him into a lot as well well well what Alltel also not remember. He was he was blowing like 98979099. Why you're throwing harder Chris Hill while because at Fenway Park. It's more exciting now because you're trying to impress everybody your camp dot. And it is caught up to a I didn't fully on board with that. So you have Chris Sale you don't know what David Price is going to be you'll note the okayed maybe he's the what he was at the end of the year but can he do it for a full year. Our brands. Par cameras is Palmer and he's in the contract year. In order really gets hurt Steven Wright you don't know what you gonna get there repressed so you definitely know don't know what you're gonna get because he was bizarre so bizarrely reverse from what it was a year before. So yeah I mean you'd you'd do not match up with the Yankees in the Astros certainly not Cleveland there if you are clear cut number for a. Now and Garrett cold going to Houston only adds that separation my only question here for explain how you can now I get some. Some high level on baseball paraphernalia for being part of the show tonight at 6177797937. Have you. Got any idea in alas we can make a phone calls Robyn talk to your baseball people. That we are any closer to Martinez and Boris making decision on the Red Sox have. Moved off their five year offer where we stand a week after nothing happening two weeks after now a member here in the new year. I ate I'm hoping that by the time 7 o'clock rolls around tomorrow night that it. He signs he's the right guy assigned I don't blame for off from five years I don't know where the leverage is coming from. But says a million times Scott Boras got JD Marti news. In the fold by promising him he did would do what he did for sure what he did for work. Get seven year deals at the age of thirty years old so if if that's the promise then and you're gonna land a five. You know that this could take awhile to actually. Say that's OK I just don't see it. And we all know that Scott Boras gets his money like I said this month the wrote part of it too. If you are Red Sox would have a problem when them go to six years on Judy Martinez. Known. No I would right now in non based on the other options they have no no outs I would I would make it a very. Is there a way to make it an option that Blake Hanley Ramirez typing Reese got to play a certain amount at times maggots are plate appearances in the last two years can do that. Havel that. To get the six years that kicks in for work when all of cosmonauts are now now they don't get five or six years yes or go to CRE casual so my point one of my points was that. JP Martinis is almost the exact same age as David Price was like five days off when when he went to a free agents year. So when people say well what the pitcher and went ahead. If the Red Sox are willing to commit seven years for the opt out has no one that everyone believed that that was that a player thing. If threats are so willing to commit then for a thing of neat so badly that we're gonna get seven years. To that guy at the exact same age you feel like you would have a better shot at actually getting value for the life of the contract yet Horry hit. Yes Seoul this puppy hypocritical here because. When they signed David Price but. I think get the sense that people are like oh my goodness how'd you know reduce that they said yeah you don't might might burn in the last couple years that's what you need now I would go to the six year I would go to seven right now rabbit out. Have been able under the Red Sox fans line up tonight they just get the deal bon Europe the mercy rob I I I when I go to six I wouldn't go to six right now. Is what Imus okay. Who knows how long Boris can wait you've mentioned this in the past he's waited till march in some of these cases it was a Red Sox fan. Buckle up the Red Sox have no other option the feel emphasized eighty Martinez those illegal get done maybe is JD Martinez podcast party tomorrow. Well how will this thing along cause. Maybe it'll do it 61777979837. Is the phone number rob and we have. We we know people hungry to talk baseball and as a reward tonight we're gonna set you up. Rob Bradford movies and in my office this week WEEI dot com did and with that move in came a bevy of high level baseball. And assorted radio prizes so we are gonna as best we cater this evening. Every caller who calls then you get something out of the Bradford goody bag of WEEI dot com pair for Ney is that fair. UK with this that Arab and perfect your high level gifts and we're not gonna worry about the tax implications of this and Elvis. Rules and regulations but these are put the saudis are essentially priceless this on me I'll mail from my old male this is on you so we'll take a quick break come back and get to your phone calls. And every caller tonight you are going home with a parting gift. From the IWEEI dot com party that that is next to your hot stove showed 93 point seven WEE. This. I'd here's the deal we have a bag of WEEI dot com paraphernalia. From the WEEI dot com prize locker robs a fair to say oh he put all the battle that that's it affects you pick out things. I it's people call in here tonight. And dad every callers can get something out of the bag were talking baseball we're talking hot stove and a dead ass. Hot stove smoke at that oil for some reason the phone lines are jacked up. When you give stuff away people wanna yap up the baseball and he won move tonight Jay Bruce headed back to the Mets on a three York. Three year 39 million dollar deal our guy Red Sox stats on Twitter. Retreated Jerry cries X November saying that. Savers looking for five year deal worth 8090 million dollars he did not get that in this market he got three and thirty. And these are realities first up hot stove show 937 WE yup and get this thing working go good evening. Andy how fall. Hello hey maybe our art our our all our current us all good we'd love baseball he thinks are called it things like a big baseball fan. Yeah you know you've spent all I am sounds like yeah I am required Alex core and now seeing a sudden I'm just you know it side. I thought out of the way I played pretty well second base last year as there are some conflict in not playing time there are happening. Core and Pedroia on the prospects. Well rob you'd be good money answer this I don't play a matter I don't think core is going to be a player manager we don't know that. But he you've tossed him a lot -- UF OC friend of course I'd say best friends without score now so we're fighting people who are fighting you know is he just managing he's gonna do bull what's the what's the plan for I think we're gonna have to wait till winter weekend define that first question last Eddie I hadn't thought of that that's an excellent idea where though with the top hat with a shot Powell good idea at. Our. Oh yeah very gaudy ready. We'll be in the right. That's your global team to get the better aren't Avago. Is what is what you got. The baseball America directory. From 2007. Wow ground coalition wow all of these are all the ought to hold on hold other the gift card and a gift card to loot she is for 100 dollars but bad news that he expired in 2013. I don't know world. What sort hours. You did your address the patio today. Thanks said he that is that Eddie rod went. Who sounded a lot like he's trying to do a Dick and Upton. Impersonation BS they're very good question for about outscored and a lot of it that way George and Warwick talking about JD Martinez hi George. I think if he Martinez. Are practical I like your right yep ideas. Six I think that god is who do great. I have a question for. Okay fly solo a lot of debate if the company and why would quality go why would go to the the Dodgers on three year deal. Marmara. Well this is this is going to be his big chance for free agency. George semi you're gonna get you like as many uses canned. You'll be thirty is going to be 3334. If you dig a three year Dielman. America get the deal that you want. And that's true well thank you. He's gonna probably do three years and that's what I'm not there yet and acts that greatly. Arizona move India and gun at me you'd end up. They have not move him yet. And now the Yankees could be in on eighth they can they can get any pitcher they want pretty much if they just give up laid their prospects we have some of the best prospects means. Yes. So Zack Greinke and you all and you know offers anything. Well here's here's why you should care about Zach cranky by different people on fire and if that's true. If you trades that cranky bears are afraid Zack Greinke than that might free up the money for them to make legitimate run at Judy Martinez. Are you might surprise now George. Yeah well yeah I Ares. In two with a prize tying goes rob there is that there's a package years it's addressed to me. It has not been opened so this is a surprise to all of this now don't open it let him open it when he we showed a high amount because addressed abuse he gets a lot of open packed okay what I'd it's it's from march 7 2014 in unopened pack a I am I have a lot of opening this right now dine and oh it's in here. That's him and now it's a big Manila folder path come on cash and cash money back into. It's a book or what they were the book I is up up and away by Jonah Keri it's about the the Montreal Expos congratulations George. About products. They go all right George patio day we'll explain that you'll be coming here to Boston he'd like to pick that up from what worked so we'll see if your interest in doing that now we can always. Donate that book to a local library here India Brighton Alston area they can use that book. I Derek is a new market New Hampshire Idearc. When Derek. Well that was the Red Sox just hurry up inside art you know all right earlier. In the contract for the first five years there. Absolutely guarantee whatsoever. Varitek might cause they never seen it pick the option for X amount of dollars they don't want you that the player can pick it up for a little bit less but. Really honestly why I want them to get Judy Martinez is basically a foregone conclusion. That we need to trade and outfielder and I think we've Jackie Bradley junior and package and I believe Jackie or two years. Arbitration left on the contract yes it will take him. If they ever Bogart's and it somebody else out of the kitchen. And who who we traded for certain like get. I think any which out of here red. I'll I'll. Hear why wouldn't. Here's the thing I want it straight Jackie Bradley straight up for many Regina it's. I wouldn't yes you know I I I don't normally do not being urged Otto for a walk on a one year deal. I don't. We aren't here. He noted that no no no I you know I respect your opinion Derrick if they ate and dark you know what I think. About doing that only if he agreed to a long term deal before he got he Ernie probably won't I love many which got all of which give of the Red Sox give up something for him. Even on a year but that that stuff right there is too much for one year rental justice. Give Iran I think it's an extra year to you but I think that he would stay here longer than a year. Derek you want rob the jumper of the prize back. Yeah aren't. Get a something that he at least not outside the box it feels like a solid item. On Manny Machado conch I'll get on a good then slowly got. Yeah. Our line original content manager for W I dot com. Outs spear the Boston Globe wow this is this is history has on their it doesn't want it. Let's all donate that to a local club. Where yeah I mean I think there's ago. Someone could take that in numeric value can cross out his name and you can be viewed regional on line regional continent. Mac in New York once thought Garrick coal mine that. Rob thanks in. Our. Party you know economy. Well one or invite. I still eligible. Just off I just as important for you I. I don't know you know if the invitation is assumed cinema on center and as he and his ball is not like is that it's not like there's a velvet rope there or whatever it's called you know it's it's everybody is invited everybody. Come on down there first chart what. I know is a piece of work as we know right now I'm the opposite your cubicle. Also out there pollinate. More pressure area. Animal care what are you got tonight man oh by the way that met hay net value where you go on. Didn't he goes to play in Europe places here on your. All I got you here literally the opposite. For our C yeah but it's like he's lit it up if you wait lines redeem virgins are not. Public. Liked her. For traction and anger. Are perfectly Christian. And adults in. These. I. I give big Erik Cole they doubled doubled the price tag. I don't care if he. Let's go back into the that I'm recently now I just reached in the bag and I pulled out two books accidentally on the we give you a choice of where. You guarding habit. And is there. My son as an autographed copies Diana read how did that happen you ditto translation on the OK I have kid you believe it by Jokester legally own. Or book called fighting words the media the Red Sox in all and the all encompassing passion for baseball Boston. Which is going to be Hubble that's what did you ever you naked down to any Red Sox game during the year. You know I want my personal rabble of all let's do this let's. I will get to steak to. I did sign the book form become to the boot their one of the games you go to. It. No dogs there little wizard where you doubles for work for rod Basil you learned it Matt I'd probably eat that night beat them up here dug in Illinois who never criticize me again. Look at what they'll you I go to at least. Well I don't all our bottom Michael and New York's go to their widely got to come assembly for just all caught that category from. I have decided it twice Pletcher saw the other night I will take care you patio your used things that often appears. Yes that's a good idea it's Matt and I upstate New York who's going to be following the wind didn't version. Two empty except those producing on I was so excited that I put two and two together when you saw last show every time people who don't run it was a big deal on Twitter courses circuit big deal upstate when he's a plane is playing in Portland in like the first week of the season. We all other dot com and I'm sure well I BU intern Joseph got ice cream bars just awful off final break we'll come back it to set for the Alex Rivera experience he's on WEEI late night beginning at 10 PM here on WEE. I. Final couple minutes hot stove show about a 37 WEEI block and Bradford don't forget talent through here comes your way at 10 o'clock also don't forget that the welcome to Boston's JD Martinez. Podcast party tomorrow. Over baseball now beginning at 7 o'clock yeah. Check out rob and his friends and family and guests there would you watch. Such luminaries as canned layered food kerosene can. I urge it was a bad day for baseball not always have been a terrible terrible offseason the latest Gallup polls shows just tell bar Favre baseball's fall on this of all the thousand random people. All over the country and only 9% of Americans rob mention baseball as their favorite sport to watch it is the lowest percentage. Four baseball's a sport in the Gallup polls is they first asked the question. In 1937. Americans named baseball's most popular sports. In 19481960. But football's been the top spot in 1992. It is or 1972. And it's been the number one sport since the big takeaways from this are that they project. That baseball which is right now three behind basketball. Will soon fall to number four behind soccer and they point to. The age of their respondents specifically eighteen to 34 rob. Only 6% said baseball is their favorite sport 11% said soccer children under eighteen only 7%. I said baseball and it was twelve for soccer thirteen for basketball and forty football football's dominate baseballs falling in among the young respondents here. Baseball's essentially dead and I would say terrible loss he'd like this gap and long three now for our games aren't helping that young demo. You're dealt with so the around the World Series we talk about all the the world hears ratings or get better than the NF now on baseball's back in when a great post season. And then you have to springboard into the offseason and they have it he beat died this entire offseason and well for a few weeks is okay but would you go through the entire month of December which is supposed to be tremendous interest in the game. It's really one of the most popular months believer and I believe it Diaz football when he get to January you are mostly teams out of it. And these are to look ahead Q what is my team down where's this player golf where is that player on and if you're in Boston. You have Mitch Moreland Alex Cora. And now all the year where you gut beat again the first round of the post and now mind you heard your OK you're still you know before 7 o'clock tomorrow night. You still might sign treaty Martinez and he still might make could be moved me you might make some trades. But you butted up against the patriots playoff front you butting up against the Super Bowl. He of this is this is market for them. It's been right now is when we say area have a hall of fame party. Not that they are the meat and potatoes the reds are the baseball offseason. Is going to be the next couple weeks when everyone is talking about the super double in the patriots. The holidays yet and it's gonna be lost in the shuffle and if they get the deal but in March by then guess what people on to. What's next for Brady and Belichick here what's the aftermath drawn to sell the club months away from a post season run. This team is going to be feels like rob nonexistent. Entails sometime early July till tomorrow night for a few hours at the baseball talent and layer lights up as a whole world as I toilets Roemer who's here in studio gates a former a former baseball podcast host meet yes yes I know I mean in one because rob what do without occurs at you know come on we're on your duty tomorrow night I am among Amman with UA attends them I was just told we expect I was confirm that from Panama where confirmed caddies we're going to be going up against. No not really comic than they did show incorrect drop yeah I'll -- like right at the top of the same thing efficacy. No we live no -- this is this is a gap on your driving you're gonna happen over the -- -- little -- once again on Monday night yes -- I think you're hosting a -- to -- our people budget that's on for -- more -- that Iraq is that it's -- more about six drinking BG Martinis. Now there's -- those decision we should drink what not only sent congress set me apart -- department so frightened that corner and show -- so much like you didn't know until midnight Bravo -- Let's find out if you have got. Is generally are really showing up -- argument between time had offered back and forth but he has no choice he has -- Alex Alex notion. Through those shots. Now 2% to to pursue that angle is now that he's gonna go from Burlington. To the baseball tavern CQ both Lewis house is why he always he owes me about fifty in Gary if you're listening you know exactly on time. I'll know you better show up or that might be some dirty laundry have a special made him here. It's here as always he always afraid area don't. I'm excited because we get little bonus Roemer this week he knew I was out and now night Ben's not a bail bend it's not off tonight's with the Alex we were special. And Roemer came in and he is losing. Energy here is so much to get slick very high I was suddenly get five phone lines and baseball we get a dot patriots Patricia ballot check but I think you're just gonna stick with us. I course I don't know how do you like I assault now Heidi how do you like the real really real really lot of I don't see how he really share the office of mine. What what office. It's our office that monitors on enough to get the email I sent earlier today I think it's mandated that you have to cover the dollar Sherry marts office avatar office it's gone. We took. The promotions department. We shared with mud when you get so what lewd act to oral bullpen you'll see all those the late on Halloween outfit that if anybody I said rob said what boxes they put an opposite his box a terrible media guide Alex spears mail. Any purple outfit where they crowned. Is that all that's Reid just throw your vote and accurate suppose what it has its it was unveiled this Halloween but I'm open we had some issues weary and they could be best if I urged us as a female understood it. On the show. Around that's unreal that Friday morning it was weird that you're you know swearing. I don't whipple's OK so that's that it's official our rights to lost in the world for a little while I guess it does the locker might have. I have a change of clothes always enough to rescue today but you don't walk in and beyond ideology that much easy place at this keys in the door just a phone that's that's that I had I children and he's at that's. Dot com office always awhile wacky place. While going on I just a place to print stuff out there it's a code and pretend it was an idea and I got a question. What do you Suter won against the dog I got. Reports cell calls that Daschle callers and I flatter world on eyesight about Kellerman you seem pump gas out now those sporting news has a big sit down interview with Stephen A and the Max Kellerman. Quotes about competing in skip Bayless the ratings work Harmon says you know. Like a good football team they just put their head down and do their work they don't worry about the competition now worry about skip Bayless. Steve today says he has on a mission of total annihilation. So what these guys that aren't I wanna hear from Hollywood Kellerman was like to work with. Hopped out to be able is gonna be as honest I guess the next few days yeah by I want when I want that I can't tell I don't care quality out and show next two days one of the next to it I'll be what is next what next is holly promises to turn down Turkey count. Signed Wear it today so the trend continues. Likes the trend continues.