The Hot(?) Stove Show 1-3-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, January 3rd

Mut and Bradford discuss the lack of action in the free agent market this baseball offseason. They talk about JD Martinez and what could be holding up his making a decision on the Red Sox reported 5-year offer. They also get into some Baseball Hall of Fame talk.


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At least not high. Still show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I was your program I'm making change welcome aboard else. What a lot of ways it is now. I mean it's not we've come to coverage on the Red Sox socks. Eventually WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped road shows that might open W. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. Red Sox do meal. Host Mike Mike Netscape. Not hot stove show was brought to you. Brad bird's clothing store tools distinctive clothing through two way enact. It's time for the hot stove show. Sports Radio. Hot scoop she always brought you. Tone for your time for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Indeed I think. First hot stove show of 2018. Months and Bradford with the new neurons. Or radio WEEI. Much like the hot stove show last week in a week before that week before that the week before that we've format that. Red Sox fans sit and they wait for some major move or movement from the Boston Red Sox. But is not just the Boston Red Sox the entire landscape of baseball's offseason has slowed to a Arctic crawl rob Bradford this was the month this was the time a year or the hot stove moves or get you through. Right football slowed down a little bit I was basketball hockey still on the regular season. We have some moves to talk about who's already been made at that point to dig up the team is going to look at what's next instead. We are sitting here and waiting a market that is. Is it historically slow yes as far as baseball goes for free agent market by 2008 LC as regular as the storm Karl this is the this is the Grayson the serie a this is winter storm grace and this is assured this is the winter storm or cycle bomb cycle mark yesterday it would you have the hall of fame are. Merging with a hot stove document still are actually might outlast the hall of fame. When it's all said and done he's like this is not smut. May you go to. The top MLB trade rumors top ten free agents top fifteen free agents the only guy whose side is Carlos Santana. Lets you wanna talk about Connie bit the only guy it's insane and and when people ask Bo Judy Markey is mansi aside when the aside that's an easy one to me. Never. I've been. The fact is is that Scott Boras. Got this guy away from Bob Garber the agent and when he did that he's had a TV Marti is JD. I will get to a seven year contract because I've done it with Jayson Werth and I've done it with Shin-Soo Choo I will kick in that's every year contract. So if he got a way from this Bob Garber by doing that he's not just a big you know what forget about that is a five year it. The awaited vote. But is it. Is it as simple as the boards clients are front and center or is there a seismic shift here rob in. That everyone uses now the same analytic and when he's a seems that everyone knows what everyone is war and so teams were all sin offering. The same deals and those mega contracts. Are are not as lucrative and are not as easy to get. And all these deals like are very similar ambition at all also because I think it of the rocket scientist to see that the long term deals haven't worked out. And you write so you have a different age of a front offices. And they don't have to go out and spend the money they don't feel like they have to have. The shock and off seasons so of this sitting back in just waiting in. And when you also don't have anything though to leverage it against or compared against in terms the other contracts. Then that also was a factor. I do want to exit you wanted to on marketing we have not our students this stuff with surfaced and I knew you kept surfacing it. When I was down the winner meetings with the main image out. You love this game it's not ideal yeah dad. These are reverend and I love the players I don't buy it by win the million which out of stuff to the Red Sox first came no. And Abby was are on the winner meetings and we talked about it I was over the phone in those report that said the Red Sox were interest that you shot that down the body and I said why I didn't say they weren't interested. I said that it was never gonna happen. And it was very easy it never ever ever ever makes sense and then with last week we heard again John Paul morose he came out. Said the Red Sox are going hard after maybe China or something that extent. It never ever makes a lot still doesn't make cents. Because he's a rental player he's a rental player that you would have to give up admits he serves a lot of reasons. He's a player that you would have to give up some of your premier young talent for. And if you're gonna give up your premier young talent on the team it doesn't have a lot of premier young talent on about my leaders. Then. If you don't to a for a rental player and okay this this put the theater Bogart's in the equation. You wouldn't trade deserted theater Bogart's. Portman which on wall Baltimore Billy give for pitching so you are getting pitching in that deal. If the Red Sox who have two years of theater Bogart's as good as maybe Machado is he is a rental player none of it makes me say here's where it made sense to me. We'll take your calls on what the Red Sox haven't done so far what do you want them to do. What should be their next move here at 6177797937. Your calls the baseball all hour long. You're right rob we talked about the child of the rental player I can't defend. Oh when it was surfaced my thoughts was initially. This is them trying to get a jump on the market a year from now they don't love Martinez they'll love Hosmer the knock in a ads that tie in the big game. Maybe who wanna get out Connie but maybe do little Connie wanna go to smaller market and they work in a diving deep this year and so instead of doing that. There approach should be. Let's trade for a chattel Gail long term deal done now. And won't get him before it's free agency now if that if that can't happen and obviously. A whole lot disinterested. But that was by Jim someone made in the China was your beating people will market. You know I can battle for Bryce Harper in Dallas cycle next year you don't wanna spend a Martinez and Haas for this year you'll like the player he's competitive guy he provide you what you need on the infield obviously if you watch him play you know he's really really really good. That's why he made sense to ball known a long term. At no time did a the Orioles ever suggest they were to allow for window before trade to negotiate sure but Machado. At no time be that much I'll ever shown any inkling. That he wasn't gonna hit the open market which he would be insane. Not to hit the open market as. At 26 years old. As a free agent. It just would never happens sunny in early deal so. I had to sit so basically you're giving up. A lot of a lot of and. Talent a lot of minor leaguers a lot of value whenever it is even Bogart's. For the opportunities say hey maybe chatter is that meet the play in Boston. And do you love it here so much that you're gonna give us the inside agent signing you when the free agent market. It was never gonna happen ever. And an end to win you can see it. Why are there if it was not gonna happen rob you told me Dave Dombrowski was thinking about potentially. Trading for rental player or was he hoping now window opened up because I I I nation with Dave Dombrowski. I don't think he's dumb enough to trade prospects. For rental player. I think he would trade him if you get my child here long term. At Torrey titled the Red Sox were ball he told me that there were linked to the Baltimore Orioles on a rental deal for me which on Oprah that I'm with you makes no sense at all they said okay if you wanna you want this you won Michael's Davis. You want. You know something along those lines go ahead Baltimore will make that trade is worth it to us for that one year it's worth it at all Karr offered. Something that talked to Michael Jordan right. Chart up so much to do direct yes. I don't know how that compared everything guys wanna throw that out there. But it's. But it's it's okay you what you wanna do it on our terms fine. But there are a lot more teams desperate for me in the shadow of the rights and not only desperate but in much better situations where they can trade away. Some of their minor leaguers instill a minor leaguers left. The Red Sox can't do that they don't have these guys if you're gonna trade these guys triplets someone who is gonna help you will be gone next year but at the Red Sox. And isn't it if morose he is overplaying how much their -- here. If they're low balling from Miami Toronto kick greats if that the Orioles panic and realize that. We're not gonna really get anything this guy's gonna walk out the end of next season will have told the bad we better get something now and you'll their deal happens the best. I want to Brodsky and all these deals I didn't want. John Carlos stand OK but I want the Red Sox B ball to the end. I want what a big market team like the Red Sox. The Brodsky should be involved in every covers an idea we're all back and every one of these guys to look at and knock them for trying to me mobile channel I notice. Great guys and ours not to but I never said I never said that they didn't call and they were didn't show some contrast. But this idea that they were you know that are gaining momentum. And and it's if they're they're closing in on whatever that terminology was only morose he was somebody else is there are other people to yet and but it was like. No no. Because the Orioles what's their motivation to take pennies on the dollar from China to to get something right to get some aliens you know we're on now you don't win you get something. At the trade deadline. Either there's plenty of time to get something for a guy who has a ton of trade value. And especially for this team for the Baltimore Orioles with a one thing that they are just crew raving thwart desperate it's pitching. The roads are sorted traded water run read his first walk of the is a bad knees take the ball because you now potentially have your rotation leaving. In a couple in a year ago. So it it just didn't add up at all and so that leads you to. What do you go this big this is the probably nowhere that you won't go just a matter right now but they were Smart but this is this has been the problem right about. The Wiki final efforts are right you found light. 20% of leverage of Mitch Moreland that's fine indeed did her price was obscenely low that's good that's a step in the right direction. Poll the leverage you have is hey we're ready to make it straight frozen tuna. We're rated make a trade for this guy or that guy and if you don't free up Judy Markey is we're gonna make that trade in that need to be left with. Bureau bidding with Arizona Diamondbacks. In Toronto Blue Jays. By the Red Sox the problem rats or taverns. They can't make those deals when you try to get Ozuna you'll have the prospects to match up with these other teams with the St. Louis Cardinals. So they can't get the elaborate that's why we're sitting year and we're just put me at arms literally. We are literally putting the thumbs waiting for JD marquis is a sad because I still can't imagine. In Saudi anywhere well. Maybe he does. But angle was put and one of the baseball columns weekend the Red Sox in a position now where their. They're not gonna bid against themselves they airport they have a five year deal on the table for Martinez. And would know the team is essentially. In in the did debate right now. In the discussions you get this guy. But none browse through the same thing I'm waiting out Scott boards I'm waiting out Judy Martinez nodding his hands and can we get the seven years but. Maybe it's five years plus an option you Arabia just five years altogether. Buick you wrote about this at the time and a you let them browse get a comment on at the winter meetings. When you dance with the devils got Boris. You have to recognize this is part of it this guy waits unless should the occasional guy of forces and rob. And gets an assigned somewhere in that screw you Scott I wanna go here is this money and born they're now. He will wait until February he will wait until March in some cases to get his guide deal. Ideas like the deal I'm not gonna be floored. It Martinez signs a one year deal somewhere what he's told contracts and tries to reset the market a year from now that doesn't feel crazy to me. Because a bit team's next you don't get Bryce Harper don't give any Machado Martinez and other big year somewhere will be a demand again in 2019. So this is the situation they put themselves and portly our customers a seven year offer in the Red Sox go seven years and our cost of their insane and I don't believe that they're not from our first race thus far they're not doing that anyway so. It's now Martinez or boss and it's not a great position to be and quite frankly and they put a lot of their eggs in one basket that is is is still held in controlled by an agent. Who can do some crazy things at them. Remember Prince Fielder. Prince Fielder January 266226. He's not sure I remember that off seasons there was. It was 2012. And thinking Prince Fielder reports as nobody he he's he's leaving this guy hung out to dry. Is no chance he's gonna get a market form is getting late everybody else aside and then. Territory sixteen who signed them. Did the brows ski. They've been rusty son so he's dealt with Scott Boras late in the game before now. If you go so if they go into spring training. And to say this returning starts having February 14 officially. You still haven't signed anyone he ever traded frame when you're sitting there with Mitch Moreland. In Judy Martinez is still sitting there. Would you feel bad I would feel bad because you know that tells me. You don't have a still auto market Virginia Martinez went to the middle march you still auto market form because where is the market where the team that's gonna give him seven years yeah. He might not see at that point though in March rob pubic hair becomes the issue in my mind he liked Arizona. You've written about this quite extensively the hitting coach that he loves his Alice for a aero is retained by the and made the the probably taken on a one year deal to bring him back for year play full of well for one more year and build that value. If he gets the march and it gets down to likely take five years the Red Sox deal I like but don't love. A little old place I love for a year and then reset it next season. While what he's been like Gary's guys for years well that's a scary scary proposition for the rights. I don't know I've in play right I know agent. If you know that I did not be tolerated not pass the certification. By if I had a client I would like Judy Martinez I would not encourage him to go back into the market next year. BK is why because as much as teams are saving money. There's only so much money to go around I understand but if you're one of the teams who isn't in banking and we get Bryce Harper we don't you still without money you still mentally spent it in your mind you spent a JD march yes I don't buy I don't know if the prices gonna go up I think it's good that the market is going to be so flooded with guys. It's not going to be that much money to go around. There's this isn't somebody else out of somebody is going to be left on the outside looking in it's like you know and this is another year to admit Kimbrel thing. So Kimbrel. Great yes another year he's going to be a free agent next year he could potentially make a hundred million dollars but it's going to be harder for him because. There is in Drew Miller. Is David Robertson there's other guys who were going to be getting that money is well. FIR freeagent. Personally I'm not LSI and illegally leaked. I don't I stay away from that market next year. I don't want any part of Martinez with the power numbers might be a legal aren't elite in my group Kimbrel the saves might be any NB a and that's why don't and that's why if on the Red Sox everybody says save money save the money saving money on the Red Sox are they care. But like the guy signing now. I like Edwin Encarnacion last year side and our it would be good in next year's market. Sign them all that see that's the fear though is that the that the the player decides that. The deals are good enough me what so marking your buys in the player not to back in the markets he. How do you spin it and to JD Martinez. You waited four months he still have a five year deal. He got the sun has fueled the Red Sox have you promise and seven yeah I don't know I mean that's that's the tricky part of it if you Scott Orson. Usually always ends up finding a way whether it's Prince Fielder whether it's Max Scherzer. The yield these deals that we thought never where ever were out there. And this is the only wildcard I can look at is is maybe the giants. I don't know I did Diamondbacks just don't have the money. I can't see them going seven years in the Red Sox are sitting there in I would have a problem I I would not have a problem signing Judy Markey for six years review. Yes I would say I would I'd stand hard hard hard on five years with on an option for sixty qualify for rob. He's going to be ease ease Eagan who's mid thirties at that point you do not guarantee that sixty year OK when there's no one out there right now offering it. Why he's our bidding it yourself just to get the deal done no I like Judy Martinez to wait an extra year or next 2530 million bucks. No well that point. Via a budget that might be the only place I hear yeah. I this they put themselves in this box this where I was wrong about. The Red Sox possible comeback gay your thoughts on what has been a very slow offseason for the Red Sox 617779793. Cent I thought for sure. That they recognize not only on the field but off the field they had to do something I thought for sure war. They would look at Alex Cora. And say world care without a score and Mitch Moreland nearly two signings. Heading into a big emotional weekend. Two weeks through Saturday police as of right now I am dead wrong the Red Sox somehow some way are OK with that meets your calls on that and more Mott and Bradford is the hot stove show. 93 point seven W media. Why am Bradford hot stove show on this Wednesday night Sports Radio WEEI your thoughts on the Red Sox. Lack of movement so far 6177797937. We opened a hot stove show season. I taught you about this that I I thought the Red Sox. Woody knowledge when I acknowledge in that there was a and on the field and off the field issue for the team that was the on the field product and add to get a new manager and done now about score that was all well and good. I feel like there was an off the field issue at the end of last year to a lack of interest for a playoff team and one of the off season. How we're gonna show your fan base that you were committed Uga put apart from the field that they would like it and joy in the you'd be worth watching for six months. And what they've done so far as blocking is done so their hands and wait. And given the best team in their division has gone crazy with the Yankees have done. They must not care rob about that part of it I thought they would. But the move right now a lack thereof would have you believe they are more cost conscious than ever. And that that you know slaying the green monster are slain the monster BO said back in the day awhile isn't as in Florida right now I thought it was a bit I can feel like I am wrong about that at this point. Well. Every year usually you have some guys come off right so even if you don't acquire bunching guys you some some rookies on. They had these guys and they've had devers had amplitude devers had the imports of Penn and Andy. So you don't only have those guys you'll have the promise of those guys either month. That's the weird thing you know a he did have the promise of dampers and before that of bad and Andy. And some of these guys are now involvement product. You don't even have that so I don't know where they were gonna go other than sign that one guy I don't know whether we're gonna go to change all. Do a complete and among of this team. I just don't think that they ever were going to in there and it's going to be one of those years where it's gonna take a long time for people to buy in even a third. And I think it in a way their lack of moves and and maybe they get they get JD Martinez has changed a little bit. But doesn't this put more pressure now score this first year on the job to be more than just a manager to make this team of exciting and to be a quote NBA sound bite and to. You have this team playing good baseball early because he he potentially. If for some how some way they are left out JD Martinez. Alex score ends up being their make a move in the offseason the key and that comeback and be the guy. The manager. Ends up being big acquisitions have this him out of partnership that's a bad spot to being. Well so some of these you hear chorus today about fallen in you know rooms when you call the that you know more music in the clubhouse in this and that. That's where. You could put a dent and it's a little bit and not to sing and roll music in the club house but get these guys to show more person now I don't know if you can. Like because last year we were hiding last year well like I got here are well known because it was it was a boring team and and these guys I think a lot of one other way not the show Purcell are all bad they all this and it also in the kids the star of David Price thing either meet David Price. Was. You know he's like you don't show your personality. Media back and adding some of those guys bought into that. So it's on core and if core can do this it would help a say they don't worry about it. Don't use this don't worry about the media just go out have fallen beat yourself I don't know if it's in these guys are not. But they're young guys we've set this all along but Milwaukee bets and Jackie Bradley invent intently and these guys. This guy should be sought the in this town. And they're not they're not it's it's I had it booked bats is one of the best players in baseball. Andy he's a good guy with a seemingly good personality. But is he a guy like we were watching the Celtics went. It is you guys like you identify like Egypt and around or I'd Jason Tatum or something like that maybe it's a sport I don't know. But you don't and I said it in April to April and we talked about ranking the teams the popularity. Mean you're talking about we ought to go third team. The roads are good the way they wrote a play I adding it's sack. Lidge to sit at fault the fourth. But the Bruins are a a pretty a pretty amazing story in that no one any expectations for the and they just keep winning who knows will end up in Vegas they're playing so far above. Anyone expect it's hard to them Q do you do that but. In terms of conversation right now in there there are more Bruins conversations on the year then Red Sox all season conversation back like I pay in in my core. I can't believe that's what they hoped for when the Austrians to. You know and another part of it mark is something as simple sitting home runs in earliest. It's like this day and age of baseball error when they've written more home runs and people couldn't figure out why isn't this team is entertaining even when they were winning games. Because everybody else is hitting home runs and they're not hitting home runs and people might say oh no they run the bases and their aggressive now. It is the Yankees team there is something. To be said for having these guys get up in the mill the order in have to stand in the judges in the Sanchez's. At presidents Wear the Red Sox have to string together four singles to score. And pitched well. Well this is and that's not exciting. Whether remembered I think it was a Milton the middle a year or may be toward the second half of the year. That the Red Sox start hitting a few more home runs. That's when this team people's this is kind of foreign. It's about home runs and until they started Ramon I don't think they're gonna get to the Jews they want again. Again let's let's if they JD Martinez okay that's a guy's gonna at 35 home runs. Let's assume worst case they don't get him. Rob we've seen these guys now we know what will keep Betsy is we know what's in a Bogart's is that tucked it he told me that these young guys had a than they are now all. In a year its full year two for men intend the year on year for for bats are Bogart's who I've been. Yo saying over and over and over Getty's three power guy at some point. That happens because of a new hitting coach and a new manager. Now and in manager Lou no major Lewis said this agreement this tale. Is it is not only getting a guy like Judy Martinez is not only important because he could hit forty home runs. But it's because you stick him in the middle the order there's a reason I think that these guys underperform when David Ortiz laughed. There is something to be said for having big guy taking the pressure off everybody else. And I think that was absolutely part of the equation last year. And in the importance of a dollar to eighty Martinez this year he knew he will make these other guys batter. He just well that's how it works the lineup they don't put pressure on themselves and immediately or bears is not that guy he's other guy anymore there's nobody who's that guy. Bogey bets hasn't proven to be that guy won't Betts had his breakout year with favor he's sitting there right now stole. You set the dates of pressure off them there's a fear factor to a big legit middle the order bat where you pitch to other guys differently rob and you've got to do that with a Red Sox last year and and without. Just by virtue Allen scores personality. I guess in more likable team I I do think that did John Ferrell had worn out his welcome here. And I was all super critical money on the air. For the on the field stuff. The decision he made a lack consistency. For the all feel defending of his players just out in new voice their if Alex Cora just. Hope it holds guys accountable. It'd be a better look that's not gonna help the on the field product without Judy Martinez back and only do some. Why don't you agree that you we've been through this year's team in 2013 people forget it took until August late August for for people buy into that team. It takes speaks sometimes of these teams it takes when the apartment off a eight it was a very disappointing year by our blog year it takes a lot of time to buy into on this team. And that's the feel you gonna get this year because people organs say well. Well why should I buy into is in a Bogart to do what he did in July August last year why should buy into Chris Sale with him but he didn't affect last two months of last year why should buy into David Price viewing did it for you know a few weeks. Like all of it build they'll always be a copy out with this team until they actually beat dig in and and produce on a regular B well. Here's the problem for them as the season gets going and it is if they start out full this'll be helpful. I think they're going to be ignored for large portion of beginning part of the season I really do because the Celtics gonna be at the end of their season vying for their seeding. It'll be the NFL draft where the patriots will be able you're setting up for their next Jimmy drop below and the Bruins to make and some mild Ron at their still played really well. That and it's gone back to sell the Celtics drags into June by the NBA finals and sometime in early may June. So you may not get eight a full glimpse of this Red Sox react to her fans. Until you are to an app on today the easy and so if you if if people wake up to the self let's make it Eastern Conference final Ron. They wake up and after that final run and the Red Sox are six games under and the that it last year. Look out rob got a pay what last year. The ratings work now at the rays were not bad both on radio or TV but they want what they war which they want respect for teams vying for piles. What I found very very shocking. Was the nights without all park was thoughtful nice warm summer night for you and I would be in there and there'd be large swaths of seats. There or not sold on again fudged numbers all they want. That was as. As many scattered empty seats is Dicey at Fenway Park. In my lifetime yes and in my years my author of a thirty year being there every night for home games easily the first. Resembles that all you need how was crazy bubble had knives to do that army in the premier cousins go on to old chili nights too dear and I are big poppy and another it was another David Ortiz and another Baghdad another David RT is tonight to a they have the favorite these nights this time around. And etiquette promotional schedule is up dummy check they ought to do well I mean you rolled in California as a Red Sox trade ideas 617779. 7937. Hydro. You're pro. Oh what should be. It's well this week room today now we're OK today rob and I go through a lot of ups and downs like a lot of couples and that's what. That's podcasts. What he's sort of you know most was he beat UC oh. You're pulled they're going to. Who morons yelling at each other with another moron mediating he has. Sort they'll be another one I'm sure during the year rob command Jerome Israel do put NASA in front of the radio. All of get annoyed I'll bitch to Kirk furcal bitch to Iran and will be another podcast sometime in July August and it's all about creating confidence rooms so. I listen to me I can't wait I hope he goes to become a little mom. Very good that the Palestinians don't see much movement I mean. I think. People's fault who want to mode where. What they're the prospect of a guy you know look at it real it's still want to blow it guys we're stuck with bias. In a downward. You. You know you know it's just like what. What was it that you don't you don't you don't got these guides. Internet bug that we presented to come around he's our go you are common or. So what strike while they're hot I mean what's what's the deal. I had it drawn with a good while all flights to and I promise thanks for the call I don't. I I don't know if they don't get Martinez I don't see that big tree I just you buy into what I said a vote and do other promotional schedule too old. Oh is not a professional theater now all reported second but do you buy into the Lloyd Viv is always every year there was the promise of somebody coming out and be in its electric player. There was always ever really since Ellsbury. If I feels that way I mean I'm sure there was a year is every other year yet in and and usually that's a position player. It justice. And this year now I mean. He's sick and Travis. And my coach Davis will tell I argue rough feel for your rock he'll never know but but we've already got a guy who didn't got a playoff game for John Ferrell last year who was the W got the start over him at third base. Who I forgetting now when he started third playoff Kimmel rock field divers all Eduardo Nunez DH. Is it was it. Then he got hurt that first game right. Don't Marrero a thorough. Guerrero start overall field that was a play out I was over thinking I would say a full year devers. Provide you some of the problems I guess but we I feel like. Even though is he class from as a rookie yes he is an implant last by he's not pursue we've seen him I mean this isn't. I'm talking about the guy who is gonna come up. And and you just waiting and waiting and waiting you see him in spring training and remember among product been kind of played those couple games spring training at second base why can't look at all my goodness he has logo on his car is crazy I can't wait to see him. And then you know of those sort of guy wears Willie Mays Hayes. Yeah we're showed up and in a blip again is sleeping outside -- Rory is doing to me of the and to push ups bird hitting pop there are nine major giveaway days for the Red Sox year ago are out here. And and deduct it as a theme here you rank a. On not gonna rank and file that's good blog for you the kind of spice spice of the Red Sox have views that WEEI dot com this Chris cell Kate countered Bobble head night. A confession Vasquez and all night okay I'm rate credit rating him of my attitude you know Craig Campbell beard plan at night. That's the real thing. And you read intent he had Dan. Followed by 02 weeks later and you've been intending splash Bobble head. Oh we don't really get in the marketing campaign. Zander Bogart splash Bobble what's the splash when it was that the splash follow when he dumped a Gatorade coolers on the big thing for the young you know this. Big thing for the the crop scrub that the splashed it. The devers and all nights at two different well known and so forth Knowles and Bobble heads a cat smokey bets splash Bobble head night. And then a Pedro Bobble head night in the picture they have a Pedro on September 25. Is all or get tied up in the 99 season rates Pedro tied up in the dugout Bobble. And there are two through at least two kids giveaways right now my guess they'll be more kids batting gloves in April and kids Wally pillows in September. I am going to tell you. The ones that aren't gonna let our I eleven giveaways and I'm and prioritize. In keeping with the theme of my midlife crisis yet. The independent candidate had it and because it covers up the forehead fanned Aaron I might literally where that all season. At Lehman like crisis fans for a program quick break we'll come back wrap it up with some blazing hot hall of fame talk because we are getting the votes in the not mister Toews is telling the votes and Manny Ramirez continues to get all a percentage of the boy is one of the guys who was I don't potential hall of Famer sitting in this seat just a few days ago we will smell that seat and find out next. Wednesday's Sports Radio WEP guys Celtics are blowing out the cavaliers in the fourth quarter 85 to 68 that valor. WEEI late night full coverage beginning guy just after 10 o'clock urine WE yeah I wrap it up with. Our guy not mr. kids who. Tracks all things. A hall of fame voters acie gets the ballots at a time to people senate ballots Robbins we keep track of them Dolly as it happens when people tweet out there make their balanced public he he's all over so he keeps track so as of yesterday a 158 ballots revealed that fewer than 40% of the known vote Chipper Jones clocked unity Chris 99% not a surprise Jim Thome is gonna get in 94% Vladimir Guerrero. Up from year one at 94%. Edgar Martinez at 80%. Term crop and at 79%. Of those five guys would be in right now. I'm a lot more votes to to get to. Good ball from Mike Mussina that the 73% he's in the mix. Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens at 70%. GAAP other vote right now but he looks old deeper. And suggest that there's no real movement in either direction for bonds are Clemens will get 54% busy track it where they were. A year ago. I Curt Schilling it's 67%. And somehow some way. Manny Ramirez. Still. 20% of the known votes no we cheated once not not once but twice and they got no big deal he got caught a couple times he's diesel. At least that's a crazy side with the all of our scouts. That's crazy but I think it's crazy he's tied with a virus now. Omar Briscoe housing has 20% odds by early in the voting all these survival all the all the Indians people voted for a Manny and the skeletons the the Clemens and bonds and he started off strong last year and then they dip toward the end. You know why that's on the old boats commend. Old people Oates who were never gonna go oh yeah absolutely absolutely in I think the biggest take away from all these results Edgar Martinez. Edgar Martinez might legitimately get a and I mean at 80% he can take a little bit of a dip. And still make it so you do that then. You obviously that helps Dave Ortiz get in sooner than later. Because besides Jim is a question whether or not Ortiz can dolphin don't know I think he's gonna get in by on target about how quickly gets in because. One of the two things that. That people hold against neighbor keys is the position. And the DH position editor Mike he is flat out DH. And at MIT's and he was living at 30% for a long time out to look it up. Well as a better DH in his career Ortiz a Martinez. I it's Ortiz maybe I'm being Red Sox centric here reg is David Ortiz and you factor in other posting success that he had so. I think Ortiz will still rob get penalized for. On the steroid allegations the New York Times was I don't think to be a first ballot hall of Famer. I he feels a lot from the year two especially Martinez eventually it's because once one DH in gets in like you're right I that does help them. But even at Martina doesn't get in Ortiz is a pretty good shot for year to one and it right here at least in my view is flight. Crazy and 933. Career OP yes. Like this not on what about policies try to fund the the hall of fame he's OK so. His first year 36% 32% 36% 35% 25%. 27%. 43%. In last year 50%. And now he's at 80% less than 40% of you have right but still I mean he was never in that. It rarefied air before. 36%. You he would crack. He cracked 30%. 36%. Six times through the ballots. Anyway that he go listen to our sites in general sunny wanna be a lot more raw halting talks next week night here on the show that's when we got Schilling who he thinks about is this year. Remember where you're the show where we asked from which would you rather be which would you rather have be in the senate where all things that no doubt sent yeah we're in other studio across from there no no he said he said hall of fame because he could impact more lives so what is best. I remember that we have a couple times the right after the vote remember that via. All fame. Impact what lives. It's all happening rob I can check out Robb's work on the Red Sox it was not much going on right now at Brad you're on pottercast WEEI dot com or GM liberal Loney puts the hat on and yells and screams and sign trade deal that shot well. Ball all patio as always great job buddy you. Big bad valor coming up three cap policy Celtics when they have a nineteen point lead. When 917 to go in the 48 dominant efforts so far tonight. For the Celtics lot more coming up three campus had been an hour on late night WE yacht back tomorrow in the blizzard at six with Alex Roemer. On the show Thursday night see that.