Hot Stove Show 11-08-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, November 8th

It's the first edition of the Hot Stove show this offseason, Mut, Bradford, and Tomase begin things by talking about the tragic passing of Red Sox prospect Daniel Flores. They also discuss how Alex Cora will take control of the clubhouse, and the reality vs perception of the Red Sox hiring Tony LaRussa.


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He's not hot stove show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. Lose your focus. I'm making change welcome aboard. Why a lot of ways it is now. Army is not with complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. PI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped road shows that my open W. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. At all. Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. I still feel we struck you. Actress clothing store. Cools distinctive clothing food to re enact. It's time for the hearts do you know Wednesday that. It's. Episode one season six. That's right in six seasons of the hot Scopes show not to 37 WUPI posted by. Why such big time radio towers is fair and hand rob Bradford. And myself from looking at the city year old's thoughts I feel I get a feel like there's another post there somewhere no we talk about it today off the year you did a play two years in a row where you were sort of the go to host. Of the show for the glory years yet you did if for three and decided for a couple mound is number three and amazingly somehow someway. Through all the ups and downs all the hot stove can cranked up. We are back for season six aired episode number of an effort are you ready yet pumped up let's go (%expletive) art baseball season could be on its MLB trade rumor season if Tony and his. Family were still in hiding season six episode loss products. Good job you're in now was that was starting a run of greatness from that show continuing around a great day I think it's basically Gloria instantly like two years a tree detective we only got like three or four years and what Maloney at six years of up until all of that Daryn we also had that year or 2 o'clock that morning that was the year but that balance is that dates me I don't think I was involved that was I hear you Allan spear. Yeah actually yeah I would generalize diagonally and he's yeah I've generally been in the nine to ten hours and step up. And we were open all our buy land on the pole. In the poll we put up last night with the polish up last night a few more guests are more money which was not phrase correctly model is more jabs or more mile it was want less. Fewer less interest against would be Michael what was the final result there. It should not go with 44 minutes left he coats who arena 53%. Yes I enjoy the insight oh wow 47% no I want more mart now they go. They yeah that's what happens. I'm in the 53 assignments you see you are your pro. I'm pro guess I mean I'm with you they got to be they got to be useful guests but in general I think it's a good way the next day for people to know that this show even exist. It will be on podcasts warmer will be all sorts of places up throughout the course the Red Sox offseason we expected to be. A pretty busy one I did not think we started on such a down note to take a shocking though. I know you wrote about this earlier today rob and Alex beer was just the first that the talking confirm with the Red Sox that gain of Florence only seventeen years old one there. Highest ranked prospects and catching prospect to a lot was thought of dying today and complications of cancer. At the age of seventeen. Yes and so. Basically like that we heard a little bit about this yesterday and it's a delicate situation and John and I have been talking about it and it's. It really is such a when he talked about seventeen year old and you here's rule in that it's it's bad. Column. Didn't know was this bad be perfectly honestly the first time. I heard that it wastes that it was actually death might be involved. It wasn't in good right before right around the time right posted what I did about 330 years so. A bomb which was innocuous you know this guy is very very ill. This is this is gonna unpack going forward. But if I did it. I went somewhere I did something for double ours I came out after I posted that three avenue three hours later and he's dead that I was not waiting for him. And to give some context and what this kid wise yeah. I mean he was viewed as the second best international signing guy last last July. And this weather starts coming from your target by the he might be only 1617 years old but this where the stars come from. He was viewed as the best catching prospects is Gary Sanchez and who is trapped in 2009. Is giving it three point one million dollar signing bonus. That tells you how important he was and how sought after he was so. It's it's a tragedy no matter who dies by it. Having this a lot of people who follow baseball knew who this kid was 'cause he was so good in in sought after. Yeah I'm like rob said. This is we gets into Bogart's is where you get Raphael devers is is where you get to a standing on my cot I mean met these big money international guys. Are really foundational kinda signings and Emeka and you do it understanding that. Might not seen him at Fenway for five years by he's a name that would've risen quickly through the ranks and you read baseball America and stuff. At that time that he signed an outside about it was the most advanced catching prospect some people have ever seen switch hitter. Great intangibles all this stuff so for. Obviously for his family for the Red Sox it's it's a horrible tragedy and in terms of what it means the organization that they obviously takes a big hit. It's an organization that certainly got the deal with this for the next couple days it comes a shocking news to anyone. Following the team and robs cut down for the details in the Red Sox are offered further details can check out the story at WEEI. Dot com. On an old begin what is going to be a very import offseason for the Boston Red Sox and we all. Sat here over the course of the year and we did a Red Sox review shows and you guys are big part of what least talked about in need to pregame show on the Red Sox radio network. And the reality was that even as a first place team. Lot of you have questions about this Boston Red Sox and it was it was shown in some of the ratings numbers it was shown by some of the the lack of buzz during the year and so the manager is gone as the new manager new coaching staff and focus on analytics and I nicotine it's got new ball on the field get better. And the perception off the field of the Red Sox get better I think all things have to happen both things are priorities. In the Aussie guys it's agree or disagree that all those things are. Other Red Sox have to do the next couple months. I figured the manager the perception of the managers and how. The the perception of the team. As the federal Ferrell but that's the reality people like outscored better they like him walking across the bridge in the sunglasses. Great picture at bats and everything else. But you don't win this offseason citizens were setting the stage for the B what does it season six episode one yes yes. It is going to be what we're gonna get. For the third straight year Dave Dombrowski. Is an enormous signing or trade. And you had David Price. United Chris Sale and now you can either have JD marquis is there cause I importing guarantee on right now. Which they are going because they usually don't lose when they really want a guy. They are gonna get one of those two guys if they get one of those two guys are talking about. 2 of the biggest fish in the in the freeagent pond heading into the and in November. Today and we'll get to this we get I'll sit I don't casualties that is not a Hosmer not Hosmer fan I mean I like him as a player he's solid he's gonna get a hundred and well CNN up what look realistically once money. Anywhere from a hundred on one million probably there will be this show this this statewide on fire. Five years five or six years more than twenty years of good point one million year so they get 330 with a gold glove. And now this is his best year yet accrue your year. But you'd via 330 something with a gold glove you know decent power and in part that doesn't played a power so yes I mean he's gonna jet. I if you wanna JD marquis is a story that just came out having Barry Krasner between this out. Early asking price for Judy Markey is nearly 200 billion dollars they don't they just got Boris are you get to work IDC. There was got far away it. The base and that what he did last year why would mean for that number and what these teams teammates or baseball so if on the Red Sox on campaigning there is I'm not paying you we've already seen what happens when you overpay hand me over its Pate Bob low. And suddenly you're a little bit hamstrung and you're trying to avoid luxury tax and all that stuff. I like JD Martinez he's a hundred plus million dollar player and he's not tournament out player Oz mark it three team last year which is a career high bio lot. And you look at his batting average on balls in play it was like 360. Cent suggest there was a little bit a lot of water area yet he's not a big power guy he eats at me. Is what Pablo was and he signed him a corner infielder parties. Who had its you know intangibles might get them Pablo is considered a championship player causes three tiles of the World Series only three straight years being OK so tortured director chuck. And I would argue that Eric cause marrying 260 it's funny five homers in today's day UNAIDS. That's not a 150 million dollar player to me there's going to be bigger names. On the market next year so I would go I would go another way. But I like America second. We have you know Celtics a plan right now yeah. People are excited about the self days ago that excitement does not exist around the Red Sox right now Matt something they need to fix and may be corps as a guide to fix it. It was interesting to me to listen. To core assay. People live breathe dyed Red Sox baseball Tony for 7 here there what am I am thinking isn't saying that over and over again like. That's what it was like the last time you want it to be like well yeah and that's what it was like when he was here when he played here but he isn't playing as played in ten years. And things have changed and you need to sort of get back to the Red Sox being that 24/7. Obsession. That the Celtics are becoming now but the patriots have been for the last seventeen years the Red Sox of ebb and flow buried in a bright. I don't like slow I don't know which one works out and I outflows as bad and that's right sign and have robbed out. They're having EB be activated by the V going to be having for awhile beef is. I don't think it's a I don't think it's an option. What do you do this isn't but they said that the prosecutor have a big sound a big identity Evan for a while but I didn't happen that I stated that was going to all the gap. No I did not say that I said an 82 this is sort of look at of the school of the third straight year of data browse the making enormous pool. Where we go on two off seasons you'd. Going into 2013 a perfect example where you sign Shane Victorino Mike Napoli in game rots in these guys not huge both. But every year he's made enormous movement I think he's gonna do it again but they go back your points on. I just don't see how it's gonna term because as nobody can go wild and all the sudden have the excitement the Celtics. And let's hear young guy start playing like everybody else it's just us coming gone. You know that that's like that that this shine the light new toys that the Celtics have right now. That was smoky Bentsen's in a Bogart's in Jackie Bradley a little bit the last couple years now they had down years later. Where is sacked him you know the the expectation is that they're going to be you know. If I don't think there's that excitement is that the Ellis Burks important. Excitement realism might be volatile and at the end hopefully there will be people get excited over those teams because that you expected to know that you say you have to do it or else. If they don't do it. All is the difference I Ares and the differences. Bogart's has had to kind of down years in a row if he comes back in is that 200 plus hit. Batting champ kind of guy if monkey is back to being MVP borderline MVP player that he was two years ago it spent in attendee takes a step forward. And you have a manager in the dugout that people get behind because you're right people were and I'm in the Farrell the same at least. I if you those things to me can build excitement. Gas cut and maybe but. I guess when I'm coming back to do you think that if they do this move which I'm guaranteeing I'm caring team that treaty Martina is there cause. And if they'd make one of those moves is active would be like. There we go turn up the Celtics. Turn up the patriots the Red Sox now now because because a lot. Of years. And that's how it is that it's it doesn't those things don't move the needle in this town like the used to. And it's it's if it's tougher road to hope for the Red Sox suggest it's they've Alex Cora will help them citing one of those guys will help them when those young players will help them. But I think it's gonna be another one of those years where you get to. Well hey you know July and argues there and it maybe we should start paying attention again but it yet I guess I got out to ally in August and now you're into this same Tom Brady and easy. Back in who's the next quarterback and they're caught in his weird spot right now aspect of the self made a deep run into the spring early summer. Where you're right rob people are going to be following this Celtic team. And it's they're gonna goal largely unnoticed as a baseball team if the style of play is what it was last year which was it was a good yeah that's a good point that's a good my point at the last I know it sounds dumb. Chicks dig the long gap and this team they won a lot of gains are behind and we are there for many of them so nights at the said he didn't win close games as they did but. The way to what about it. It lacks the flair it's a Gary Sanchez Erick judge in New York is that fair or death. Is fine and I send an audience talking about unable to do is mention is Raphael devers so that's the white guy come on back who's got that potential hit 35 or forty homers. And that changes things you know if you have that presence back in the middle lineup. May be handling gets out they're not exactly counting on match I don't know what is this is it that's it I'm not count on him that's the good that's the best point ball good job. Plus one on me for you thank you because it is this is when we look at why this team with quote uncle unlikable now hold. Situation yet Kate people like the way Farrell pocket loan might not look like the way apparel managed and although of the they ran the bases became down to. They did hit home runs. They did not hit home runs the yankees' young guys that was exciting team to watch. The Astros. For all the analysts and all the new entity doing things they hit home runs. And this in the year that everyone was hitting home runs and it was making it make the playoffs better in the World Series better. Yet you have this one team that shows two really thrive on hitting doubles with John really well now I loved it even in that case. They're hitting doubles they certainly didn't do in the first pages and go back to the job of Dallas corps have arguments young guys that the beat the days of waiting out starting pitchers and playing that grind it out get the start out don't exist point to your team now score points of the Houston Astros. Who again give Red Sox that's credit for pointing this out. The Astros at 551. Pitch home runs 62 doubles and triples on the first pitch this year hunting the Red Sox at 171. Pitch home runs. 34. First pitch doubles and triples they sat and took first pitch after first pitch after first pitched it in short aggression and negate a an aggressive. More homer happy baseball team. Will help part of that lack of a buzz lack of interest in the Red Sox in 2008 he can make just consider Bogart turn it ought to be that guy can bookie that start to attack first pitch can. Rob feel devers I don't know. But I do you know that'll be a big help towards creating that that it back to the world talking about your start. OK so there goes our the office goes back the same thing the O'Keefe said all these guys Bogart's in bats and Bradley. Are they gonna become better players why weren't they better players this year I know I'd vote earth wasn't a good player for two months because the innings Buckley didn't put him on the but the hand thing. By and the manager said he's got to be better yes I was saying my guys hurt well and so win. Would bet it was you know he did a lot of great things he did a lot of things well but he wasn't the dynamic. Hater that a lot of people want him to be Bradley he went sort of back to the well we're a little bit too much the the bad streaks and says the good streaks so why it was that was because of John Farrell is outscored of eternal that Iran is a new hitting coach gonna do this. I mean I don't be. Viewed as it or is the guys are gonna have. Yeah I mean I can't. He can't look at and say move key and Bogart's and it Jackie Bradley I think he is what he has and you hope that you get the 25 homer seasons out of him by you accept that he's probably gonna head to 42 to sixty. And there are going to be a lot of strikeouts and are going to be long stretches where he's not the guy knowledge that that's fine. When I look at them and I compare them to the other teams to me it boils down to what made Houston more compelling it was. You know Correia out Bregman spring or some of the young guys who really stepped up for that a two day to an extent. I yankees judge in Sanchez. Indians Lynn door and Ramirez. And then you look at and those guys rile exciting I mean those guys were. Not only great players but they were the heart and soul of their team they made those teams worth watching. Then you compare that says I'm diving and it include Jackie Bradley but Bogart's that in Tandy bats. All of those guys were let downs to some degree or another and not end there bear was your lack of excite. And right error in we have talked about pitching maybe retired about after the break by. Another problem they have like we talked about these guys hitting home runs. And getting these guys going in everything else well they have a lot of other problems in one of the other problems I'd think that they have to address and figure out. Is all right. Then Verlander Houston Verlander Verlander carried them through to a World Series with the help with some other guys. The Red Sox still don't have that guy and you know what they did in Chicago. They The Who while western yet really and there are still fan well hall on that yet it will be sure that and because you still have Chris Taylor and Chris Hill was awesome this year. But Chris hill's ERA from argue first on with for now. He clearly to me you'll look back and it. I I thought he'd clearly empties his tank a lot earlier. Then we were recognized dude time always is thrown in 9899. It's it's there well it takes effort you're trying to impress your new place and everything else. So you take a step back. The pitcher is going to go through with season and get you through a playoff run like Houston Chris sales got a figured out there used it figured up right what if this is getting a deadline of problems that they have that Alex Cora has to figure out yet but well you know at the Lester breaks the Lackey you know that but Beckett break at two weeks around the all star break but they would try to give those guys you know maybe that's something. They have to do with sale. In this those should. I mean that that that's it that's it. Your I think year to. Red Sox starting pitcher rod in Johnny guys able to read about it quite a bit and I believe and I believe that what price up until. You only got hurt this year that second year there's something different about it so that in addition to. The Beckett break out like that around the all star break. And Chris Sale can be that guy like at the front of rotation. Is at the bottom my list of things on board. And I remember asking Farrell he's Burnett right around the also break of would you try to build an arrest for sale of their ability and wrestling. Like one day here exactly and that's exactly that's exactly we're gonna give him six days coming out of break instead of five like back kind of thing. He clearly needed to be more so this goes back to scoring Cora. You know we look at Cora he's a different face of the franchise has come from Houston the politics now they have. The early days own on the and the quality control guy everything is gonna be different. Well he has he's going to have some very changeable fingerprints on how they if they if they succeed or fail. You look at that you don't building and rest for the stars getting started through to the the finish line about Craig Campbell the Craig Campbell thing from being this that the other day not money bring Craig Kimbrel. And in the seventh Horry Pennington went cricket balls and a contract year. So and Craig Kimbrel would never embraced that idea when Farrell was there enough Farrell is trying to get multi innings out of him. Because he'd you know he still had to get the same so you're coming in in the eighth to get four outs five bouts. That's different than what. Corus stock and of course talking about. Gains on line in the seventh I'll find somebody else the clothes I need you now you want and that has not been Craig Campbell he has never embraced that that and that other guy that you're talking about he's going to get the city's stacked. And these days that when you go into a free agent year. They can talk about winning and losing everything you know how these guys are specially Craig Kimbrel means to both the bad guy that team guy and all that stuff. But human nature this is his big chance for free agency if they say oh you're going to be ten saves down for what you work. Oh yeah act of luck selling that arm. So I think as much as we're talking about the on field stuff we seem to agree that the off field perception the team is and and I got. In a way guys it's actually harder to fix on the field you get a first baseman will power hitter. You're gonna win 8590 games this team the other part of it the relevancy the excitement the buzz that. Now watching to mossy of my shoulder staring down these carrier ring cross over to the hoop but he's locked the attic he speaks for. A lot of sports fans right now they are they eat team right now and of the Red Sox had been that years past. They don't feel close to a right now and that is harder than. Just go sign Eric cost Merck fiscal signed JD Martinez just go please don't do this trade for Giancarlo Stanton. And all the sudden you're back I don't think it's is once again and they're also fighting the whole thing that basically you know the NBA is a whole as a whole is a league on the rise. And baseball MLB as a whole. I know they great World Series ratings it's still a great sport but it's a little bit on the decline of audience that it of the games so its audience is getting older and the games are too late as you know Bradford doesn't care about back his kids watch viral highlights the next morning and on their wrist watch is itself. On their apple iTunes on the holograms Piaf on your fit that nobody will autograph I do everything right. Including a crisis so we start there with that you're 2017. Now Boston Red Sox offseason not only the on the field efforts they have to make to make this team better but. It's the off the field part of it and how do they do that if your Red Sox fan who saw on the offense this year how. What they do that for you was it as simple as firing John Farrell and go on to Alan score would it be. A big trader big signing his rock is saying. We'll get your thoughts on this throughout the course out of the hour here at 6177797937. Is your phone number. I can finally show bug bite us on Twitter to sorted a Twitter accounts very easy to find out on social media. But curious to be launching this offseason the on the field in the off the field especially off the field how the Red Sox I get you back into the fold. We'll talk about that Russell talked about the pitching we'll talk about the new manager as well Alex Cora. It is season one and as season six episode one hot stove show. 93 point seven WE yeah. I think. The process the learning process would if you master of live one that. Yeah it was special. Bill you know I'd play with Carlos Beltran against Carlos Beltran when you're seventy. We play ends each other and went home we played together with the Mets we became good friends have a great relationship with Carlos. Off the field his family Jessica amazed. And this season. Although Carlos was used by the Houston Astros four by their performance wasn't what we want. To be honest with them. I mean the whole thing about drawing the line they understand that but at the same time they're human beings. Yes the other field you know and I'm gonna in course might might coaches that do it both ways. No outs recommend it. Well we're cool you know you write things on his older brother and I feel the same way you know enough but at the time to push him I was able to push it because. You have a good relationship. And then they understand that a he's not doing it just to get on me he's doing it because. He wants me to get better and that's what happened over there and I'm I'm gonna bring with him. Out with the old in with the new the new is Alex Cora introduces the Red Sox 47 manager. Earlier this week at Fenway Park this is the hot stove show much animosity and Bradford until 9 o'clock your phone calls 617. 7797937. I am on record as really really really liking. On the Alex Cora hiring I heard is Greece far back as a year ago the Red Sox felt like outscored body be the next manager and moved up from John Ferrell and he was. What did you guys think of the opening press conference the other day there Fenwick park I had a couple of questions about day one for Alex corporate and visible. Yeah I mean the thing that I think people are probably gonna possibly misinterpret until the season gets gallon is this whole thing of I don't think it's a bad thing to be close to the players I don't think you can be too close to the players and people are gonna take that as he's going to be soft on them. I mean rob can speak to this having covered him. He's got an edge to he's always had a net Stillman he has not been afraid to collar younger teammates for not doing things the right way all that kind of stuff. And so I think when he says it's located because the players what he means is exactly who's talking about Beltran. You can be close to them but you also have to be over the ten and that means. When that. I come down hard on you. It's not coming out of nowhere it's because you Marty no I care and now you understand that it's because this is about what's best for the team so I think. He's going to be tougher than people might think based on that that spot is so you know Goldman these are seen it was religion. A way that he told middle Bronx. Cut the crap and and that's worth adding cores along those lines by the way. That clip what he's talking about Beltran. Holy crap how fat dude belching gas that's SoHo think goodness happens to all of us I say a certain age but yeah that's there to hit he's back in the American League slip away I had I not everybody in March around shouldn't those planets from our hundreds Bradford over he relied on if I I do know policy Carlos Beltran and it's plated from. And what. But yet now you're he would pay anyway are but drugs right in one of the things is said this before that. Yes Alex Cora can be that way out of court has the have to find some guys in there was gonna do outscored. They just two and I don't know where that's coming from a it is though it's. It's. Usually if the fourth outfielder by if there's market price price is good enough he could be the fourth outfielder as they can steal they wanna take on his money those guys on the guy you're looking for of that clubhouse leader that does look like they're gonna prioritize to a younger replacement for Pedroia long term. And then you know you've got to go out and get whoever you came first or Yates Judy Markey is our Chrysler that that's our Hosmer would help because he was sort of the hired and so all of that. Royals seem those good royal scenes yet so good that's a start but you need those guys you know limit to twenty but part of their whole deal is. Is to say cut the crap exactly what you said he had read other problem with that is so when Cora was that guy in Boston. You had Mike Lowell who is a starting player and they were sort of partners in crime now. And if you don't you need to have the star players first. And then fill in around them and right now the problem with this team and the problem we saw last year. Their star players are either not leaders because they're too passive and too quiet. Like move Keyon Bogart's some of those guys too young. Or added David Price which is its own entirely separate sub heading in Allen in terms of what chorus gonna have to figure out to go back to core though one reason IE. I thought that like mark a year ago now scorers next minute to threats I don't know what I do his immediate manager somewhere. By the one thing day after Farrell good fired in core is needed immediately surfaced one thing that I thought might the relic. Is. The growth in federal the end that was not a good relationship. Cora as John said. Is at a very UPD a gas. He's he can be very pointed. Soul I'm thinking well do they want someone like in there who might fire back a little bit. And which is gonna happen if it's done browse the okay with a I don't know but that's gonna happen with core he's. He's a very confident and very to pin unique ID more than people know Dennis Egan a lot for instance Tony La Russa suddenly. In his hear about this or that like to slow losses like well OK okay but. Then it will be like enough I'll. Odd sort Bakalar and second I would just say for me and maybe this is part the kfar a question led to a lot of this talk. Just that that this whole idea of Allen scores here now now we're gonna care about analytics. But that downloaded but that they did I have for like fifteen years has just a viewer watching at home on message. And they edit the cameras are now watch the tire thing. It just felt like it was meant to promote that hey Alex is here and to prosecute talk the analytics and Pardo did and Alex did. And also won a promise of the players when it's not numbers I hope that people. Don't think outscored gonna shall appear or the Red Sox don't these natural appeared. Do you analytics toward Lavelle used them John Ferrell used a giant companies and for years do you feel it's I mean they hired on these games on I just want I don't want help the Red Sox don't think Dallack were. We're pandering to the baseball league. By saying look we got a guy now the cares about you know it is Qaeda it's kind of funny to me about a way to think that light is Alex Cora really going to be. Have that much greater facility with these numbers and Farrell did like two former players do not talking about. Somebody's we're not on a Bill James in overtime of a two X players. And yes Farrell are sorry corps came from a very Saber magically inclined organization you understand that. But Farrell. When you would talk to him like if you go in after a game and you'd ask you about some of just on the slide just they know why did you do that. And he whatever reason for and he would cite numbers two years so I like. This idea of their kind of implying that Farrell had no concept has ever metrics exactly like I don't I don't think I don't think it's gonna be is that stimulus would Alex core analytic was the wrong a word to talk about John Ferrell the right what does that accountability. He didn't have a unique players never held accountable for mistakes they made big bad base running play elected to be aggressive I got hasn't pitched well oil through good stuff. Making there was never any account shoot out of broadcasts are on the plane apps thank you and so it's. It's not like oh core shows up that he he reads baseball. Perspectives yes okay and now it's in the gonna win it's gonna be about the players say I wouldn't it. I love the core signing I love the hiring. Just felt like hey look this guy knows what numbers are out work in our all caught up with a baseball yearly thing with Ronald Ronald too much about press conference now. Yeah and and the fact is Cora answered that question I mean and got fired or asked that question rights though. He was answer a question wasn't like they made a huge deal of it before law. I said the suit last night the big good line he had I think this was in the breakout session he had. Wise you know you say Alex as players get scared you say information the players embrace him that's true it's it's it's it's delivering it the right way by. To go back the Red Sox really pushing the analytics thing. Aid does for the last four years it seems like they've been chase in their own tale with so many things. And we can start with a analytics a remember you remembered John Henry at the bench in spring training we relied too much on analytics yet I didn't. It's amazing by the house it's amazing that he says that because everybody knows and everybody knows or download that that. It's if not. Either war. Of course we relied too much on in Alex now you're always gonna have Italy apartment the Dodgers were hiring twenty people to be in the analyst apartment. So it's. That was bizarre than you have drug Henry getting up another time saying we're looking at too many pitches maybe the game is changed and that by the end of the year it that refers. And that you're signing Hanley Ramirez and public symbol because we need more heading it's not about getting the pitching bug in the heading now it's on the that it's the starting pitchers you can't be over thirty all of that by the way David Price come on down there 217 million. The bullpen they're on the bullpen and we'll apple relievers who throw strikes that's all we care about events I know I don't know velocity is only care about so they're going back and forth on everything. We mentioned Tony La Russa Harrison Foxboro I had a question about Hillary Sahara senior next up your lots Scioscia. A guy who own. Oh my class about Tony La Russa is actually pretty easy one why is everyone so mad about empire. Glad I was hurt single line look like he's here to mentor core they don't trust or I mean there really hurt. Playing all of the game like modeled. For years manager. Like I just don't think it's fair to anybody that they're not giving voters a chance. They eat you Albania and that's fair. But I don't. See you given a chance for awhile you know what's what's his role going to be here it's our policies not going to be your head no. He's won the bronze he's buddies who can bounce and things I think I'd write I think it it's one of these it can't hurt in the reality it can't hurt I don't think. I think that's the reality of it the perception of this is in great. Because why everyone's talking hiring all these people I serve and talking about analytic and saying we're looking for the next great thing. You get polio Russa the guy who's gonna rise in the the Kia up to Lakeland width with. With frank ran in Dave Dombrowski so they can hang out and that's the perception of and once in awhile he might talked als chords that you know as a manager you what you should really do is this. I said this before if you're gonna have that guy in you what a brilliant man to be the sounding board in the front office for Alex Cora. Usually they don't get me total Russa who you have to put in this suite at the winter meetings and say Tony what do you think of this trade after this guy had made some of the worst decisions are. We've seen a lot of time in Arizona see I think from Leland if you bring in and I only know I don't know browse these guys that let me say oh this smells bad for saying you have so yeah. C are gonna have the rookie manager with the hall of fame manager who sat like a twenty plus year relationship but they've done brows ski. That to me is not setting out score the racism hall of fame. Yeah but he doesn't have the relationship of them browse the amateur allies a couple of years out of a lot of arising Kia awakening if he had days ago. 6177797937. Is the phone number the Red Sox all season begins they had their manager. Are they had their coaching staff they'll have new players here at some point we'll talk about the roster we'll talk to you. I it is it's season six episode one hot stove show 93 point seven W media. A young. So like hot still being cranked up at the engine get revved up. John did that we'd all like the one right. Delegates at the still has won the tent like you know when I put exit only started six and a half around there there were heat up where are we we didn't break even on wanna we've got it is Silvia is the preeminent panned out yet this is a private issuable we're here every Wednesday reported that they have on the on the bad thoughts though showed 93 and is every guy's and a pair meet for the pan months. The pan excuse me so that doesn't Juanita hand you can probably having right now. You know step you'll pay him I know a panda is but it. Going to Nazis OK in all it's gonna bigger better a question as you make him Bradshaw. On a if you're a red sock what's there's salt on it. This is the chauffeurs or payment or we only have we got to make the most of the Atlanta. Go ahead go do the Red Sox what free agent he loved the hardest to text their Hosmer JD we stock is they trade for stand and be Gordon possibly Marcel osu. So you ask this question out of the break I don't wanna fight it's a good way of phrasing it. On the take that question in in the morning with that that's that solid glass half an ass off the list of people talk you did. Which moved do you not want to see them make I was asked that. Now I always say it was like kind of not care what I say we're how we're Watson and ask for it doesn't expect. Despite watching his Celtics the Hosmer Martinis you can't do that beacon to either one of those. What guy do you go after a fear there writes if you can say stand if you want but I'm thinking more along the lines of complementary guys is there's gotta be someone else there's got to be that pilot Thornburgh of this season. So who would debate who would be your guy that you would go after it to have. Be that the missing piece of its own kind just of late teens Iraq I don't like that question I wanna do the guy don't wanna see them go after our right to redo my question return well yes yeah New York she went on an ongoing failures is not I have found picking I would say Carlos Santana maybe if we're talking about could want a less there. Lower costs. Who would also weaken arrival in the Indians not the should ever signs of Wright pat but switch hitter with power can play first base. That'll be a guy that I would consider because I don't think he's gonna get paid. Why they've got two guys are talking about OK that's good or I can use I would like to say Curtis Granderson I really like this monster attack so he's not retired audience. So I would like to say that. But he's not a kind of stinks as things that he hits left handed. And that fourth outfielder probably is committed four left handed but we're talking about the clubhouse. Environment in the leader he's the perfect guy. He's the guy. So I'm gonna go with a Eduardo Nunez I think they should resigning him. That is the perfect that they can talk all they want about Marco way to reset the injury situation with him. If you do not have the surgery done he's going to be fine. So large is the crumpled bodies is so he's ready personally we only date yet or is gonna be out the first Dallas or so yet. He can ready to go more yes and and I I here's mark an end is this in. Who Whelan that buy it. I'd stick unions out there to Pedroia comes back and you find a place to downplay it allow field wide out. And you know it's an under sloping and Nunez that attitude that he brought last Saturday guys are here talking about like you need a courtside he was that type of guy he was the sort ask you in your face. When he had the whole thing. In Cleveland where clue birth through Adam. And he was really defiant about it you know and it was and I think he was even a little kind of myth that like his teammates nobody. You know came onto the field are the top of the dugout steps are ending up out when he was sort of looking out a clue Burke. So he brings an edge that they need and he also had none of the baggage. That the rest the team had with the mediating. In the price loving and all that stuff. He just came in the air and for like three weeks when they played their absolute base best baseball in August. And he was right in the middle of it you felt like okay this is what it feels like damn it I was excitement is actually well he had that that. The perfect that's the perfect point because the weather problems in that clubhouse it's perfect he couldn't be anymore perfect. With a public Abbas is that you get the sense that these guys are measuring their worst of the media that. That this is how they were a time and in Havana ten US like this and and New Year's was how everybody wanted all of these guys to be. Which is he talked like a human being. The CC sabathia thing on my goodness I mean he could have executed those interviews any batter how awesome it was. I don't do a satellite times that I have been any worse yet. And that spot yeah I get paid millions a dollar well don't want on the now. They are buds and because I'm too fat a look at the list your and I do apologize to him for big fat and slow I guess I do sort of had this anti take of this list I mean I'm looking through the guys you're talking about here and nobody in this top thirty. Is anyone that really gets me excited my guess that they probably will sign for somebody my hope is that. They don't trade for Jean Karl stand and I'm Tony I know we spent. Segments and hours talking about the sky and what you mean but now looking Steris contract or your baseball reference and knowing that you're gonna pay prospect in addition to paying him that. Third John's point earlier about free agents these guys to get paid never work out. Now you're paying in any giving up prospects in the process in his prime he Nash's home runs the fans love. If it came down to trading for Stanton or doing minor moves and sitting out until late Tina free agents and I don't think to browse Q do it. I would much much before yes he would do that I don't way to Jean Karl stand that's my big free that's my offseason take his I don't want stand here. Given the expected price of the contract. In the expected price or prosper. Yeah I'm with you today in a sense of a six year deal for a guy who solves a problem for one year that's not a solution for me that's just like bush by injury and he also how likely is it do you guys think that is being miles I don't think is likely. I don't think it's likely they don't have they don't have now our system land right IN. I is still between the the guys yet give up in the money yet take on a colleague at the taken on. It's. And plus Q you touched on a little bit might that you have this enormous free agent class coming up. If you get in that you're not get into that freezing class at all. And you're also hamstring yourself to resigning that's in protectively Bogart's GAAP and it's. And it's it's a very very messy situation the one guy and one guy that we haven't talked about semen that's. I autonomy. Japanese yesterday's answer is yes hitter yes so. Now it's of it's a convoluted thing but all you to know is that money isn't going to be driving force here. Because teams can only offer so much money. And is going to be about where he wants to play but this is for all that aside. If the other Red Sox you say that guy is the guy that we're gonna go after. I don't I would I would say no yeah can I need some certainty I date they don't have room for experiments here at that position where tock I also for brick for its base I also think that there there is going in this is unfair. Are people that say oh we got the next Daisuke. Like these bad down I dived for a little bit it won't have the same impact even stand would. If you try to run this offseason and I don't that was a pitcher hit which which won't be supposed to do it gets here we'll look like that's me that's all that's went out someone that's what that's one of the things that he's you know he's gonna go to a team that allows them to do both of the tan. Says in it's going to be so what to look at great cost that much money and it's not that much money and that's that's the thing it's a great bargain because. This guy's gonna be working under rookie contract at the new C well well it's just. Because yesterday is if you waited two years he would be he's costing itself 200 million dollars by doing this it's crazy but he wants support let's push this year for him I'm not let us what you just wants to play here. He wants he wants to play now I'm sure they'll find some way to get a round is to give an extension or something. But it to come back to the Red Sox in trust in them. I just I just think you need certainly I think you needed TD Martinez who know in the major leagues he hit over forty or month you know what they need. Edward and I thought and action and how we got now we argue last year shows I feel like that should be added note. The closing it out to be an episode lie in. Season six will end on that. A throwback to last year excellent job by you two John you've worked really hard in the show here today. Want to go on vacation next week at the house nonsense sounds aren't O'Donnell camp yet. Rob you're back next week you wanna get a third person and maybe I yellow orange relic Martin County Arizona okay. Can layered yeah but hosting politician we get a bestseller Brad wrote out a battle. I'm not giving up the seat. And my rating and still count during this time slot I always this time doesn't want to do that again that he click the old mister flash competition all of us. But it is the and Steve of the bill that that the game can. On the flight data on that arts that you want so can't Lara know we bring cat yet. Well I'll be fresh off a good GM meetings and I'll be back that day because mutt you buried the lead you were the fourth round pick. For the third I don't know ports. Third pick. The man I gotta put a third topic. Whenever I pick you you're my team. You might age bracket is he traded up against your comeback in the GM meetings to play in the media flag football game at Fenway coach in fly coach can play on a quarterly player coaches like Bill Russell I'm aware Fedora quiet day in court. I get drafted under Joe's. So we will effort Ken layered here and we'll let you know what. Ten will host next week I'll sit in the all lobby chair Osce chair when west caromed. Host I'm next because that's the Manhattan Project at full strength can't be worsened tonight patio excellent job here's the treat. Patio can't leave yet to bossy can't leave yet we are here until 10 o'clock at 61777979837. A phone number. Michael Felger in my opinion is going to be suspended will play the sound explain you why Doug is going to be suspended. And I'm gonna see if let me be the final hour we will open up the final hour of the show. Reminding people what it's not like a year ago at this time. When my president PI CSD. Trump got it done will Hamas to be able to stand in there and the sound that Everett. The sound that is put Michael Felger on the front page of the New York Post website tonight. Another hour to go but at night Sports Radio WE yeah.