The Hot Stove Show ft. Kerosene Ken Laird, guest appearance by Dick in Upton 11-15-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, November 15th

Mut and Bradford are joined by special correspondent Ken Laird in this edition of the hot stove show. Rob is just returned from the GM Meetings and he brings us the latest in wild trade rumors. The guys debate the Red Sox needs versus the players that are available on the market. They also get thoughts from callers on the cost to value of players like Giancarlo Stanton, Eric Hosmer, and JD Martinez. They close out the show with baseball's original fan, Dick in Upton.


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And he's not hot Scopes show. Sports Radio WEEI. I was your program I'm making change welcome aboard house. What a lot of people if it is now. Army is not we complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. Featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford grad Rhodes show that my open coming. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. Red Sox studio host Mike Mike Netscape. The hot stove she always brought you. Records clothing stores schools distinctive clothing food to re enact. It's time for the hot still show. The Sox. 8 o'clock that mean baseball on your radio hot stove show an ID 37 we yeah I rob Bradford might finance these special guests can layered into the stake case today. John the mossy who is at home tonight right now plant locked into could give Mario cart and I I I would say Nigeria cabinet making this work here a good source yet sources are suggestive sounds terrible the apps I'd rather be here doing that the cabinet of course time with can't Larry series up early this morning precinct Kirk gallon and Ken welcome lots still show third biggest moment of the year for me behind Kirk's protest at my daughter's birth so in that water like say. Honored to be and also we should note not a deal opened formally of the farm report. Part I'll ask the girl yet yes there was threats are executive loves can O'Brien Aybar and I got a text from Bryant early to figure those willing to commodities are all good of my guest on the program let's out of the list we'll have much after we have on Jon Daniels and Alex and thought it was funny I almost as thick collar ethnic as I was literally added so that does not surprise me that's why don't we start we'll get to all you Red Sox phone calls this hour at 6177797937. Is the sole is a pipe and and GM meetings are underway and wrapping up in Florida robbed you were there are somehow some way for Nagle the trip. Ought to afford I cover these things called it last night Jesse terrible phone hit. I'm myself and what for what isn't. That it was bad from now without them -- for fifteen that was it would too long what do it was LA times should it may doughnuts don't peril because of B rob these terrible because of being secured yourself -- because of me unless we have been asking a follow up question why should have committed twelve it was fine it was not it there's aren't BCQ or in this yourself I'm very isn't right this on this new month of light -- worry about all the other stuff -- I'm not I'm not I read about it here we are talking about the reality of that call in about baseball classic it was could have an excellent call it could have been better is what I'm saying we left you on too long but I doubt he had a gate to think about it. Are what is the biggest story from when you were there for a couple of days what is the thing that you left there in your mind. Ends up being the biggest toward the Gian. Try to figure out if the Red Sox are gonna do what everyone thinks they are to think they are gonna do in and go after one of these three guys in Australia. I think he's still well now in use edit in that excellent call in last night he he everyone was writing after to browse the tock yesterday. And said all now know look if he's who polling going after the big bat. Paying a lot of money to get in Logan Morrison story and constant and is there something else. I still think he's gonna go after when these three guys I just don't because because. They need to rebate if you go into next season I think you said this month records of that season with a one of these other guys. That's like Jordan next she's move Mitch Moreland you're right back where you started. You won't meet that guy there's a reason you go after him and have to spend the money is this. You me and so what what was the browse each point 11 we throttle those limitations and be careful and yeah ID ID I didn't and other beat writers all body and as you pointed out made fifteen our I Aybar your eggs at Jennings I mean it was it became the theme there there was some parents like hey. And they're Jennings what is part of say it is likely. They won't get one of these guys got off the one he had eyebrows in Barley why why would he say that why would the Red Sox want to. Set the expectation this lone rock about now not Huntsville I want why why don't you don't wanna create a buzz date that the Red Sox not the royals he should be involved and all these. It's because I think he was doing this you know there's a lot of ways we can do this and one of the other things I'd brought up yesterday was the timeline of this offseason. I don't think fits gave them browse the very well I know today he said there's been plenty of off seasons where I haven't moved quickly that gone into January. But we know in the first two off seasons we've seen this guy. He acts quickly indecisive journalists and you have you have Scott Boras clients Scott Boras takes his time. Waits and waits and waits you have a stand and trade which it can get very complicated and it may be by the winter meetings but Albin certainly in the next week or so. And then you even have the a tidy thing and that's gonna take awhile so these things are going to take a while so I think that. That's where Dave Dombrowski is like he's trying to say well this might not happen because I might have to do. Plane seat. I still don't think that's gonna happen I don't think Clancy is gonna happen okay so he is questionable. You guys and the callers 617779793. Cents to Ken's point about dousing the blazing hot stove right now. How do you sell this team on Logan Morrison. And Jay McGee and Alec score the ratings were down 15% last year we spent the entire show last week talking about how it was just a much of an issue to. Get the alt alt field product in the feeling for this team. Back on track verses say the baseball team. Baltimore send and Jake McGee Alex Cora don't do it so how do you sell a team. If you're gonna slow play goal bridge year. After high angle manager and losing in the first round of the playoffs or seconds for a year that's funny that's one of the reasons why I don't think they will try to abuse. And the only way they could pull off would be extension for Chris Sale. Extension from Okie you know and start the pop up book fanned the flames of Bryce Harper next on or Manny Machado or Clayton Kershaw against the gods where's the shot well it whenever rusty was asked about the net free agent class for next year are you keep denial and that the first thing he did was well we got extensions to worry about. And one of the things you say 11 of the take away from GM meetings one of the things date of rusty kept saying over and over were not a bad team went 93 win team we're not a bad team by the way were not a bad team. So nobody saying no you know what might he might. He wants to make it clear what he's saying we don't need massive overall he did say right you're right no he did say these mass withdrawal but if they think they can go into next year with out a significant upgrade on a power back. It and there is not named Logan Morrison or where when these other guys. They're crazy this is lucky to browse it this past the beef from ownership that's the why to me say that I don't get this is not the Brodsky yeah he does not. The last he did traded with might take it all off that one comment all optical or those couple comments from yesterday. And I just look at that I didn't gap why like mark says it all these writers recently took that as gospel right let's look at it he's just sort of he's just sort of playing parties on the friends Matt and I don't make sense except for fifteen writers. And you know all holes afterwards because well they don't they just forgot how long it a couple of Red Sox and that's their problem well because because it was. Anyway is it wasn't maybe this was the reason. Because it wasn't in narrative that we have been pounding and pounding and pounding and that's when things Dave Dombrowski. Probably had been hearing all I'm hearing it's about these three guys Marti is an Osborn Stan. All I'm hearing it but there are our other avenues and always it is. Always there could be a trade that we have no idea right Jose Abreu is named what you bring. Maybe it's like up weird deal but okay it would be who he still big if yet to be good now bigger trade it but once again. Are they you know make that trade wind if you wanna take him literally one the other things he said was. I don't think I'm gonna wanna trade and he's the major leagues we have right now. Don't you know he is John Henry is scared after a sudden the signings and that's why are these. Case that's why little. What these three eggs that you get nailed it for stand on gaga hearty eaters I'd like him was saying is he's scared of say that Garrett model and ran track is at odds aren't. Were not who we were still he's been par or working out at least Dan. I was not on the farm report podcast maybe one. Yeah he was not he was burned by the so you're saying. Lot of people are saying that Hosmer is a lot lights and yet but one good year the white rate year. And so are you gonna be paying for that. I don't look at it quite that way I think paused for a better plan puddles and no one's job easier to be overpay absolutely. It it does he think he's gonna be burned as John Henry V he's going to be Burton well you know what this is this. He'd better be ready for taking that chance because it does not this year is going to be next year or the year after that. It's always going to be uncomfortable would be given a free agent market in the UK go and do it got there I write songs they're always evolve these inflation they're not well as a result for us you know. Right so he's 'cause they won't because they wanted to stay and luxury tax now we know they reset that number right now we know they went under the luxury tax they don't have to worry about that they're gonna go over the luxury tax. So they're gonna pay money and typically almost always. When they want a guy they usually get. See it's funny he my fear Ken is not that John Henry scared. My fear is that John Henry Ellison thinks that he's so Smart that the only move they had to make Ted. Get the fan base back involved and a reason airports here fix this team. Was to make out score the manager like I can I I I am worried that I got eighteen million audience refusal what do you fell analytics abstract short NEA and Eddie yesterday in the baseball world pulled yesterday. They agree to dummies like me you said for two years perils not a good manager he got was the only manager in baseball whose team won the division who did not get a vote. First second or third place or manager of the year but the two Boston guys involved forms that's my fear not there's not to spend money except for this year it's like well we've got Cora. And we get the young talent and work this'll be good to get the fans but it does not is. That's dysfunctional because they just trade for Chris Sale of the three year window and after one year with tears left out deal they would say we're out we're not gonna go for big fish and would that would be no chance I'd be and I think that's not gonna happen and and you write you should be concerned if that's the case because you're saying. Are we think all of these guys are going to be better this way they got in trouble this year wryly. Where you lost David Ortiz and we sit. They said we think we're going to be able to make up with a for David Ortiz with 1 got a really central well because all of these guys are going to be better all of and we might replace David Price of that was that was an enormous part of it but then you go down the line up every one underperformed. Compared to what they did and that was not the play and you hurt all the quotes this was how they would do it we can get Mitch morally he can be just good enough. And then we have all these other guys who were going to be getting better. You can't do that you I'll say it again you'd need to pay for certainty every once in awhile they should've done it with the Nazi on and they should do it right now. A lot of apostrophe and that if they don't get Stanton Martinez or operate you it's a failure to me is. Except if they won't have harper in their sites I guess if you naked I guess sell me if they're to decide Bryce Harper he's going to be yank you right you rattle off lastly Jeff passed analysts were we were 2 o'clock in the morning she'll. But it is a point list can win loss thing I want Chris cars with black. Who neck where they got to Kirsch odd mixture would say they didn't go after a big dog this offseason so who who would be in their sights next you're used to Mitch McConnell and well OK here's a here's to your question for. So you go after you wanna go after Bryce Harper. Through it after Bryce Harper next to next year. You look at what stands bacon this year what he's laughed making nine on 9/11 years no Walt 95. Can opt out after yet yet so anyway so okay we can agree that. If you sign Bryce Harper to that car is going to be the same contract subsidies at a 500. He's expect the harper Machado Kershaw Alia to go Donaldson's. Daniel Murphy and he's still there I mean I sold China lack many Deborah Miller guy listening Kimbrel. At some point you have to make gerchas the only ones you have to make the decision. Who is going to be your foundation Gabi gonna give that contractor now sales gonna get a contract. Bats Bogart's all these other guys have to get contracts from a Red Sox that decides sale. Ball. That's give him again have a better idea at how. At least exploring right. Yet lightly I guess now it's not for him there would be some incentive for him he's up and ends up after not this year after the next right you said doomsday scenario can. Sale wasn't signed your long term price is good that Opsound. And get the new deal somewhere else and and you left with what might be and that's where he spent that's right that's as guys hurt shot that's where Kershaw the cycle and others now would become. Potential next year if price were up so again so if you if you go into this year with the heat he sale Awad they leveraging for Bryce Harper if you go into this year and you say. We can get the bat that we need in JD Martinez. And and I don't believe it can be to let's say hundreds of team argues that top my list that lets keep talking right I had to stand head of yet another thing you have the factory in the does he wanna be DH that he wanted to be a full time DH is a Nazi trade someone there's no spot for another outfielder. So but you wanna do that. And get your home runs in get your power and think that you are gonna to be able to use the money that you save in not going after harper in resigning Soviet the other guys and that's going to be good enough to win. That's why would meet that I don't you don't need harper. You do not need to go into that free agent class it's the same conversation we had last year with Encarnacion. If eighties a flawed player a lot of ways but he's exactly what you need and you need some time to get uncomfortable and pay for that certainly. Well we all agree at JD Martinez he's just so obvious it seems like at. Was not raise the most obvious and for the perfect within your price tag and hits right eighties 33 home runs from the against right handers. Hit 367. Against lefties. He'll Nationale ballpark he doesn't cautiously draft pick. To sign is it treated during the year. He checks off all the boxes will position flexibly to the outfield is a little over thirty but need worry about the end of the deal but so what I mean you're in you're in to win. I'd rather have his and his deal worry about that in the end at ten years of of a John Carlson. V but the flip side authority the perk out of this is that. Yet okayed fits for the Red Sox but for JD Martinis he has a choice to one play the outfield but he. They would trade Jackie Bradley if they signed Martinez picked. Not necessarily I think you begun to say yes again to save some money they ship it. Met me I'd be gave might explore it but I don't think you'll be is certainly an in what are you gonna do you signed Judy Martinez they don't worry about it we'd betrayed Jackie Bradley I don't maybe they say that. By us live in the gambling on handing the beauty the full well that base and that's another problem isn't that come here to talk about coming away from the GM meetings that first day when talking about annaly. And he's saying that we have the doctors said that he can play in as many games. As he did in 2000 talk just out of the surgery to yeah looks that way since. That they're handling things the hip thing to me or is CB twelve that's scary you know you only get the ban so you don't act like you all of the bans. I don't have the I saw you can afford that I I could you do with a abide by some like it yeah I thought you see given some thought I had a little bit sorry this mistress I would. I'm not what I'm not convinced that this is a jumpsuit. Yet he's in this letter but there's I look at whether they are so tight if it's almost like is it is a jumpsuit it's creepy route. If it. Back to me so low hanging this is that was is one of the the things that I think it. That they're going to run into that I'd be there having way too much competent hand here and bears. They have they were mayors would he be able better when he played. First I don't think that's a bad idea being. You what Haley from two years ago we thought Caylee from last but anyone at least indoors I don't know injunction staying healthy can't you know where is better I'll be even better idea to functioning shoulders. OK but he was into it when he knew we had to play first base so it's it's a weird psychology game with him when he stuck in left field that offseason elect look you better. You have to learn first he did any at a good you are more important than him feeling. Called Saudi about playing in field. Having to function shoulders it's a home Robby is that this is. They could have the clean up of the shoulders and everything else went player has shoulder problems and yet not one not just the one bit solo home. Then you have to look at it with a wary guy in what. What can really screwed them this year coming up is that you get a hand lead that you get this year. Along those lines. And then he gets almost the play it or get plate appearances that he needs. The option to vast now you get enough a year of that new Yorker player well that's right addicts key position if they sign Judy Martinez in the trade Jackie Bradley game would sign a two year stop gap first baseman. All of the bitch moral tight bright of this apology guys that beat Lukas dude or one little remorse and Mike Napoli with the backers somebody. You're right they don't trust it well Ron is obvious until you're probably a stretch where it's at Al Alex Cora and like now we're all we'll be tolerated at Butterfield. That's of CDs you probably kissing around a third over an incident there were very weird and I went out cry now was third after his third interception and he began and he's crying his eyes and you have to the Butterfield spot there it's cold 45 I'd drop on guys report authored. The pitch to. Iowa we'll have to move on we'll have to hopefully -- RT Judy martz used as about the patriots but. So. The big story right that's the merit I I don't mind that scenario I don't mind that scenario if you wanted. You if you wanna get JD marquis is in the outfield and sign a stopgap at first base. You because you're right bitch. Idea what you gotta get one of those the right and no one's gonna explain to me how they're gonna sell to the fans of the don't get one of those so called it is stupid but the Big Three and it's one of those three guys the guys don't want Osman. Ottawa for the buffet up on. Because their date Moritz forty also lucky to McDonald's are a lot of studies on who's your friend over in essence they Dayton Moore that's sound like GM like executives speak if you. If you don't hit thirty home runs he can it's a budget like forty he hasn't yet woods with the issue that that's a BI's other also that he can't open again but it all buzzing away says first round ball that's something that we grow and quick as we grow our way box right there goes that way Wade Boggs could hit forty home runs if you wanted to but he chooses to hit 360 so I think that's what he was saying but. Yes but don't hit forty home runs we really needed him he didn't do it yes the big story you would say and I would agree I guess would be what's the approach going to be. Are you team Bradford says they're going to get one of these guys or you team Abraham who is now feels like that and on Bradley if you honestly if you read that choice really -- a one run over icy waters choice of women on its program or Twitter. The did not not that you are we got one of those that shots Weaver. Might June 3 kidnapped I won't do that to break my zone there. Yes I'll appreciate that occur you guys are lining up because the hot still has cranked if you wanna talk baseball Wednesday night 8 o'clock a low. On Wednesday night talk baseball thoughts though shows 617779. 7937. A former double the globe jumping in its cost within the big story tonight. And their lifestyles section. Will Casey McDonnell help recruit Eric Hosmer to Boston they are and we'll discuss that and get your phone hot stove show much Bradford layered Sports Radio WE yeah. My name's Peter Abraham up production quota for the Boston Globe. Us. I mean if we had a real long conversation. What distance last week because. Time flies on you got some. Just last week and really that was the topic of conversation for us. Well I think you're pretty much decide. So many people was they worked for digital books. I want to question rob Bradford a little William Rivera worked a trip Robb Wirthlin very. I'll tell him so that cut I mean I'm not are not in the right frame of mind. Ask that question if I'm not on the the fight didn't just act three lobster on our energy it. It helps this is the hot stove show can layer. And for the state Haitian and John the mosque your phone calls up until 9 o'clock here at 6177797937. Acute calls here I'll say two minutes after right. Circle back Keller and what did you wanna get Peter Abraham credit for something. During the break your ever drone destroyed in last Sunday there was this long notebook called relic was the awful lot of muscle the totally meaningless which I guess to address the bar with a subordinate k's I am about five hours and I. PA that terrible take that. For some reason players not showing up of course press conference was an indictment of the enthusiasm of the men and predict fans don't care what he did point out. The Red Sox are less interesting and less relatable the patriots Celtics right now. Takes a little bit of guts from a guy is why is that this team great news that paid by the same people that that players do so I'm theory on this matter. Every theory on it do that. The other teams the Celtics are the shining and four boys who by the way is the best team in the NBA right now as great young players are peaceful people love. And the patriots no one can overtake them no matter what that the patriots. So if you're the Red Sox. Today a quote unquote unlikable theme. You can have all the social media want Stockton make a difference I think we do a fine job despite. You know it. Today it was not just a socially he's just saying in general our study is like a like a bill like a billion outlawed that in news flash no arranged on Larry Elder your teammate haven't relic asked him in and that I wanted to rule what do you mean the teams not likeable though the raise about 15%. We didn't talk about the winning or losing games but what David Price and Acker sleep in your dumb manager a year ago. It was that he was nonexistent for essentially six months for first place year my theory can. Is that he's still miffed that. And Abraham says. John Henry gave his email buddy Mike so like if theory I don't agree with it like he gave his buddy Mike Silverman ace that story about the yawkey way in the new road and everything couple months back. This is his way to fight back and that's a little football season that's the case again and it. Here's a third this is going on a big men that savings that's what somebody ordered an old saying that the globe multiples are you one apart and I'll tell you and I felt I would sharply on Twitter is taking the next step. David Price behind Tom Brady still the second most interesting athlete in Boston ahead of carrier despite that's who's had that option when saying fired a hot stove that's. That they can Larry that's the kerosene kerosene and moves on to it. I like that by thick terrorist the second most interesting. Certainly generate sports hockey I'm sports such as price and Tyree for a while Clay Buchholz back I was an interest to people like Haiti that was act act for John Ferrell got a lot of applause he's not interest in the second most important. Because of price doesn't have a good year he can't opt out any security at thirty idol robbery. I'd Andre. Now priced too now. Arteries. Is it for what he's an interesting. He's one he used in the elite player top five player in league right now. Once he's new he's. Which always helps and people like the new Newsom at all. So now season depends on about it about your target I don't know what you're saying now kerosene. And if I don't know if any are you saying that what is gonna get the most reaction if you bring up these guys name what's gonna get through apple Apple's reaction yes. And David candles every I don't covered your line price right now is Dustin Pedroia. People are so down on the influence the lack of pal give Egypt for the Red Sox the beer sold down the contract down the player. I take it you're having a Red Sox reviews that you know camp David Price gets the full absolutely clay buckle that said when John Farrell. As for second most interesting guy I would support carrier number of people because of what he what what this season could be in would be the cash like you get to. As sort of in his second best player I don't think people want me to deal with the with that last and eat as much anymore like this honestly. It made big is that sale the playoffs. Short great and you'll probably be go out there are good here it may be closer you have a conversation it did in beast that we were talking about this before the show. Would they act are they actually get picked up this guy's option that's gonna be legitimate conversation although question and it and it's why that isn't all that's thousands and thousands. As we sit here right now. I think the biggest differences that I don't think people wanna deal with David Price they desperately wanna deal with carrier. At least an interest. Spectacle odd days in the can't navigate your calls here at 6177797937. Votes could Dick and up on the board yet what you may call him. I'm here at some point hopefully I Dave Dave McKay yeah. Yelled going on guys did not we'll get back in the baseball it real quickly. A wanna get on good would the team needs I mean he only did they have. He's healthy and we've been committed to welcome right at kings be all the other kids that it can be bad. Ball got suppan pitched it. You can and I mean have you watched them approached them so I think they need another hit out. Account and we obviously neither guy. They desperately and other later apps lead is positive that guy that day at the least here in Hosmer. On this saying I'm not saying what we're here for a home run and Martinez it's scant understanding another Geithner can senior really count on and we know. No you know are right. And that's why all. Say once again you have to get that guy otherwise you're gonna go into next year and you're going to be doing the exact same thing saying we have a decent. Replacement at first baseman whoever it is but our real strategy is to get these other guys play better he kit that's assume that Ghana. You just can't you can assume we'll keep bets can be is that going to be like 2016. Or Zander Bogart to Jackie Bradley. Because Al score as the man he's the guy by the ways is Bogart's not progressing from power standpoint has really hurt them I am adding everybody thought he'd be twenty home run hitter. He's not in close ones come deployments that jobs are being in his I spent her last this offense they really screwed that up. I mean his hand was broken basically and they wound up treasurer John they kept trying to play him go. Put him out there and play him and so that killed two months of the season. So I think candidly I think I'm sorry I think Zander is a lot around what he was in 2016. Which is fine if you get that that's fine. What they really need is a need we'll keep best to be close or what he was in 2016 you need Jackie Bradley beat. Less streaky be better intensity as good as he was to take it to another level. But that's a dangerous way to do things if you don't have that big bat and all the order not talked to Joseph indict enjoy your on the hot stove show are you. I don't pick particular call wells doesn't. Yeah our governor who is well I think this goal of celebrated the occasion great what you DH. As usual Martin supporters would be what the boards although falling it. Now you become the kids to reform the weighted did signal you bet you just said yes war or. It hit you on. News. It is thought that eventually you'll get an identity. Great rookie year won the last kind of assuming that you haven't seen that in certain years where it is forming an average garage. Any dog outside. Bella job. The cute and good luck. Yeah would you object battle back to being a great deal. Ailing these would rather sit on the bench and be at the age because you religion calendar it is the president what is bigger than it usually show out. These elevated usually you're in. Of course yeah you your initial lose by industry development toe would nick rich while ornament. That is still of that money that we wouldn't let the board suburb of our media. Global regain your work. Given I at a price I don't I'm not a price Joseph thanks for the call and OK and product. Jose back Abreu before. He's under contract is under control through 2020. Using good power hitter. You given up. Stop giving up top prospects figure Roth and trading our top guys he did two years in a row take a break them brows ski c'mon. Only does this straight prospects wall you resident Judy running out of enemy and so if you're gonna go you. We if you wanna Jose Abreu because of my expert knowledge of the contract situation. Of the the big part of the power but it eligible theater audio audited the guard doing Chris Sale although again. You are doing Chris Sale all over again because that's how good this guy is. You want the joke that this guy Jose Abreu led the American League in total bases it's not like he had a bad year or years had bad years he isn't a leak a non player and with that contract. You're gonna have to give up something along the lines of what you did was fail the you can't do if you're the reds are now I don't want you sale price easily a tears when you don't have to you if you want it to you couldn't. Mean you couldn't because you have McConnell McConnell was in the major leagues this year. Codec is probably going to be in the major leagues next year. They don't have those guys to give up all they're good prospects are lower level guy or the changes that would digit when we get agree for those are the awards. I all the awards. Can do you know. They have a couple other pitches uses the most graceful to say it would package of surprises for you as the model brought in the podcast went yeah that's what it is with the knowledge I enter paradise ice setback David now ahtisaari gave it New Hampshire for the breaking more your calls gay Red Sox targets who do you want but he got. Compared to air ads on anybody yet. I want two per one. DL it's given that. Or wait trade vocal line yet or at. Of spending 200 and how many million dollar on either JD or are Giancarlo. Tonight a final stand probably brought has won sixty on them. Okay penalties boat and we get to analyst are people. Instead of sixteen bit forty people and we get to 2530. People. In with electronic. I mean I guess you can get to I'm always and again 2530 people that's on my goals in mind verses they think getting the you're Q why do people do you do have to get him on the forty man roster so at least five spots. So that they cannot do I I don't anticipate that Al thinks on now I think. I think of beer. I think you may have non I don't think we will continue to take your phone calls on this and every other. Blaze not Red Sox discussion at 6177797937. Ken Laird is in for the mosque that hole is the stuff waiting on the list to not hit yet. Yeah outside Baltimore about if they would trade Jackie Bradley looked that would mean. Mean a pitcher would not be happy and on that base and are pleased yet they afford to give a defense and that's why it reclaim my huge issue exclusive interview with Giancarlo Stan all you know get a big property years ago is that it doesn't matter your -- and I asked the question here is some sound yes John Carlo Stanton. Next. When you're going when you're the you're not used to ABC on TV. And you walk in there for the first time while people say oh I know the walls are close was your impression. Kelly defense the fashion field you know like one of those games those who view this time and and video game kind of play. It is different things some are so many years on TV and him walking into it you know so. The wall seemed closer. Yeah. Your video game player. This city could pick for Democrats what I do conceded. Well all right so last last time I will ever ask you this question Telluride for Boston. If you answered the exact same way yesterday so what do you think about play in Boston potentially in the future. I thought in my control shall never know. You understand at faster and with that thank you for doing. All right second appearance on the rough and the the. You're always a little less shop here Jon Lester was right after that. We should've just on that last question the video game ones that is that it's called flossing the inner unity exactly below wall seemed closer was such a question Atlanta is upon law passed over all grown market about a lot of things being Jen Carlo is is Griese all of our John Thompson agrees to a country that that was sort of but also from. 2014 all started out league of first year on the Iraq. January Jones there too I did the act and that she shut me down when asked her about her son be names in there he ran away from me. With I don't know why. Yes that was the judging card John condos in an interview I know she'll always be known as 2014. From all star game where IA really debts of the poignant question. What do you think about going in Boston and he said it's out of my control which out. So leaves not the case is totally in its control of his report tonight from is that a TV reporter in Providence. Who was saying yeah is that. He is first is first species to either Dodgers or giants. But his is marketing teams push you towards the Red Sox. And so I don't know what that means other than he gets close the book on anybody which he should. So I saw a game is through this tonight they've gotten close to. Prospects yet because don't want the money would be and so it's gonna take awhile let's Morency said that if if a teen picks up the all the money. They may not have to get much of prospects. To get him back but they they are deciding yet how much money there won't give up with the Marlins haven't told team will pay. X amount of dollars per donor to his identity of the Red Sox take all the entire contract in May not have to give up. Dampers that attendees I wanna pay of thirty million dollars a year for ten years that is stupid they they can't do that. Those contracts never worry you can throw up front are certainly added a pair right it's gonna meet the bargain compared. The big fish enthusiast not as convinced. A terrible terrible Marquez having it paid 600 million for price 500 million that's the report I'll get restaurants or school board or go on a table on a Connie here in second at 617779793. Set without a passionate baseball fans or big part of the show. Our guys like Dick in up that Dick units that you're not still sure are you dec. No yeah. Dick you're on the air but. How are. Yes stick it evening. I thought. Dick turn your radio now police are. Can you guys here who can't or turn turn your hearing ate up or the radio down Dick. Well I think the that the but. It did take you there. Yeah yeah. We can hear you Dickie you hear us. I want. To go bad pick we're trying to get a chance here. As for the first time since 1968. The Y I didn't no commander in full read read listen to the show so far. That's the big moment for you Dick congratulations were happy to be part of you. Gentlemen. Where are. Out from him and Japanese. And now it's entertainment the show any other time he's out I pronounce it but he's not the children show hey I'm Tom yes. Well my question for mr. or mr. right. Yes yesterday Richard. Wanted to take him you are I'd I'd be sure. That's that's a very very good question that is our first dealership question of the hot stove season of the trans continental ships ISS I think maybe your diapers Bertram. Mean to be critical. Bowyer foreclosure Bradford. But I think I useful tool for your computer stories we're enlisting the job all the players are not seeing it. Cool well that's an attack what is the Droid two hour how has that from a did what he thinks about the social media. A level for the Boston Red Sox. Well it's it person you are set. Well since Bertrand died she died in 19186. My daughter Betty brings in the library. And the new baseball digest is about yet it's heartwarming that you have to ensure that question that you could plummet. A I got those goggles rob help pick out here to help out our will go get over your league at dynastic question I'm. What do you guys think that Michael Holland he thinks that people wanna talk about the hockey hall of fame today. Sure they can go program. Dick did you get the morning show on the other day did you what did you I think and Jerry's of body door remembrances. I certainly think Linda Carter is much more attractive on the cart Wonder Woman if that's a draft. I think Jezebel Bobby war. Well might some way to get Bobby door and then you're never quite a competition. On all the good bad. I knew them at tiger rank all time Red Sox second baseman. I would put it put him first I would put Martin Barre number 20 and the current guy he's risky but it would draw at number three. It's pretty good and I put Jodie read somewhere in the top three. I don't know question per department of bread yes or bad yes mister mister Upton. That if there were hard hit mr. stead. But he didn't come the first ball player to make a 100000 dollars to. The a fifth at the salaries are getting outrageous guys making six figures every John Henry does have to finance a new play yes you know what I saw. I don't know reluctant eight. All my grandmother would call me. Doctor left to biscuit I didn't know for my left or right. But if I know how to get on Twitter and I saw a picture of mr. met you today it would appear to mean that you be born without chin. The good at. Something else the facial feature I think is good. For a man right no chance that's good and the strong yet that that translates to something also no hate to say no mention some solid media I could. Where we're lucky fellow the mayor destroy what the patriots we want such a Johns on vacation with the kids at home this week to be back next shouldn't I shouldn't sorghum. Back when it truly. We want to land but just one of home it was a different time back and amateur migraines spend weeks in November and stop them it is. It's beautiful this time a year they migrate there at the tell it's excellent insects will that you. Odds I think hubris at this late you OK with 8 o'clock on Wednesday's key make. This be a party or baseball weekly don't wanna have it out too late for you tonight. Did you have a lousy guess I'm earlier report. No I guess and also we had the inventor strata manic news. How old gentleman. Who likes a look at tuition. And right so the Boston Globe yet quite according notebook today. Why ask you about the social media. Thank you read more on that. I say what I think of Louie CKMR. Abraham may never crosses my mind efforts wanna. No way shape or form not at all. Dick as always you've made this part of the show liberty call Red Sox review and hot stove show. Enjoy the rescue evening and enjoy your shows tonight you stories. You know because speaker's daughter. For that can we not rob. Yes this as we go library that baseball digest that baseball digest everybody that on. Right they've opted to bring critical Sheehan. It what was that from an issue today. In your eyes and Heisman pose now when seem like something cents that's this it notes and bonanza that's code for something I guess I guess it is. We got a couple of seconds here for ago we both I should talk about human war. I'll Fort Dix well. Laughed again as we did we time that it telethon and what does and we have a hot property yes well and had. He he does make cents and because he'd be great he'd be great story to watch and he's not gonna cost chewing thing and if you wanna add the intrigue and the sex appeal to people ask more for the Red Sox you don't wanna spend ten years on stand. This would be to god would be a guy hits a guy can pitch. Abraham suggesting to be part of a 66 man rotation what does that is why I have no idea really I guess at a solo loan sale and the beauty yeah. But they push that they should bodily do the Josh Beckett thing it at the minimum with six minutes whatever the penalties. I know I'm not a little bit of time that you're saying don't always let it really well so okay what went on air force back I want you to click OK what's or. IE not a high ninety's the jeopardy like operating cares yet at once the Soviet so much back on the show behind his dropping that I watched them a lot of vote on. What's the little OK so what was you to where you take away. He throws hard. A veteran and he's got a letter sent this for nautical looks good but it's also Connie throws hard. All these right in transition into the timing and it is the peculiar when you say erupt. In what way and that he's becoming a real team until mid December so yes that we talked about that before did the rusty will not like. I do things quick so that guests for close them from really being involved you know there's not one because he did not dependent on him being their first base Bernard the eight. Digisette around as an extra part and no you do you have him around as a starting pitcher and a guy who can also fill in at the eight. If I don't think you can side one of these other guys and still have this guy that you watched so many many times and YouTube. But Connie yeah. You can still have him miss a Major League minimum so is the word the meetings here rob that you can side that's what this posting and decide what December other gonna open posting but. You have to promise him a they contract point four basis be handshake deal. You're gonna give us this 6080 million dollar and obeys the law and baseball talk to someone last night in they said I wanna work in baseball and at the baseball catches anyone who does that. If we all think that's the case why would you pass of 200 million dollars. Did you could just wait two years and get that money. By everyone thinks that that's the way it's gonna be done by it. Everyone in baseball so like I don't wanna be caught it let's go to Kevin in New Hampshire governor on the hot stove show with layered Bradford in Albany got him. Guys it's explicit talk decrease seen at 9 PM on this Wednesday it's the off season those talks in baseball camp. Look I can understand how. Our rob rapid who does this for a living. Please grab ask what play is 24/7. Like at all over the week and Robby do great job on the on a radio which you loved playing grab I do. Terrorist intent on one point grab ass with he had the interviews are so boring but what I. The idea that you Palestinian interview I asked him about video games. Street food while fall false statements that green monster is big person that I was innocent UConn had bullet hit the big question all right Kevin I value your opinion. What I don't understand this you you chopper baseball for a living but you you just completely mr. Reid at times this Red Sox team is the joke. They are ray Schulte. They have no direction salute to this early sit here are the Celtics and Europe. You know there are right now the patriots are winning. It compounded it stepping into the town pretty Smart okay every offseason. It changes with this organization yet no direction they have no vision features reactor rating I am sick. The Red Sox and almost my entire life and I'm I'm I'm telling you I am ready to root for another. Kevin Kevin all the things that you said. I've said I've said like ten times over the last month which is what Doug Kevin hold on site. Every I said they keep changing their mind going back to where we're relying too much on analytics were taking too many pitches. We don't we don't sign pitches over the pitchers over thirty now we do a said that all along and I'd also said exactly what you said. They are an unpopular team compared to the rent these other two teams that there is no doubt about it. Then that's one of the reasons cabin that's were the reasons why I said that I think that they are going to make a big mole. But yet but that that the appeal to but they don't understand rob immediately communicate system under one out weakly while on paper brows ski. They don't understand that that stands that the Smart stands in this town they're not ruling on the basis of wins and losses. You know last year couple years back they believed in the vision that the Celtics at for example they believe what the patriots are going to get competence in the front office I had to deal. Yeah that that this service dubious statement clever that's that's kind of a stupid statement to say that they keep the fans in New England. Don't root on the base wins and losses 80 they don't OK so yes they do that was evident that he's secretly an agency I went fine team. Of 2012 was one of the most popular team that can ever remember. Amid that's. Asinine. Well what I'm saying is obviously you have to weather bands that wanna jump on it a winning team but what I'm saying is. Big they beat heart out of loyal fans that are really committed to a team they believe in front office and people in this in this market I'm telling you don't believe in the front opposite changes every week. There are a joke in the product and your car. Oh well I guess so it's a way to win days side when they signed David Price every one. When they say David Price everyone was like oh no no that was a terrible signing date won him when they trade for Chris Ellis say no no no you don't want that that was unpopular moves cabinet according to U. From this front office people did not like those moves right. Kevin has gone now. I made the call tonight's 906. I we have that you are largely to the clock I am I definitely am that's a part of the old now Kim are you and our cars we drive way yes that's it now can't you 2 o'clock. I am were going your your normal spotted eight to ten on Tuesday's. Okay you go home I'll start files no Lowell must also home to drop I'll do NFL and all of your pay grade I'll stop doing a high level sub amnesty today are racing and the NFL analyst day I'm not kidding please ago. Morgan thank you guys were excellent tonight. I was very happy I admire that I thought was stuck with you until then I realized that you're ready to go you can go you've you've coached youth basketball that he played Tennessee funny played up immediately football. You're tired go home you just I have only released as well I'm I've and forgot. Was the only way I forgot the topic I wanna talk about it be better you're not here. Be a better topic but just a quick cookie whose views very sensitive us and he missed on him was throwing it may play at a call idols they can was the MVP tonight kerosene cans it. Excellent job tonight can you gotta be up early tomorrow so you can definitely go rob gonna follow you out. Did not an audience the caller from. Excellent calls here tonight was awesome we'll see guys' eye next week so it but it's not we are out of here we'll come back I'm here to 10 o'clock until then Mallard takes over talks do you. We'll come back and redress the story talked about 7 o'clock hour that is a column in the New York Daily News suggesting that because a white privilege. Some guys the NFL have their jobs as quarterbacks at 6177797937. Mott at night rolls on Sports Radio W.