The Hot Stove Show, Winter Meetings Edition with Dave Dombrowski & Bradfo

Mut at Night
Wednesday, December 13th

Mut is in studio solo for the hot stove show tonight, but we have Rob Bradford on scene at the winter meetings in Orlando. Rob talks with Dave Dombrowski on what the Red Sox have been doing this offseason, and where dave sees the biggest areas to address. Rob also gives us the latest regarding highly sought-after free agents J.D. Martinez and Eric Hosmer.


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He's not hot Scopes show. Fox Sports Radio WEEI. I was your program I'm making change welcome aboard. Why a lot of ways it's now. Army is not with complete coverage of the Red Sox socks. Featuring WEEI dot com mastermind rob Bradford wrapped road shows that my open W. Com columnist John Tomas we'll keep going to. All of Red Sox studio host Mike Mudd Netscape. I still feel we brought you. Actress clothing store. Schools distinctive clothing through two way enact. It's time for the hot still show. Sports Radio. Hot stove she always brought to you by. Town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire. Always feel hot stove on segment plus here. With rob Bradford. We got out obviously in Orlando. At the meetings hot stove show an ID 37 WEEI. Celtics finally up four late in the third quarter in fact point four seconds left 9692. Although nuggets keep an iMac came as it gets into the fourth we've done all sorts of stuff here tonight. On this cell Wednesday edition on Monday night from talking to a Pittsburgh fan who equated or Pittsburg radio host who acquitted Tom Brady to. Barry Bonds and other big cheaters and history sports talk and Brady and Steelers thought and got the mossy and rich keep spending some time here. On this Boston Globe story that big in the stands and other stories has their. Racism series tackles the world of sports. One I spent the time on some baseball because it is the hot stove Judy guys wanna talk baseball. All night here at 6177797937. Rob Bradford joined me here in a couple of minutes after we hear from Dave to browse to the right side president has done. Nothing so far. At the winter meetings I understand patients understand one to get it done. But from an outside review it is been a slow start to the offseason for the Red Sox and the Yankees have added. Big time players like John Carlos stand a small town players like Eric craps Manny Machado. Is available for trade the Red Sox might or might not be involved there. It has been a slow sluggish start I caught a zero buzz starting your locally for the Boston Red Sox and the hot stove is they get set for Christmas at Fenway. Coming up this weekend. You'll get Rob Brown efforts reaction to that and you sit down and Dave to browse Q had a chance to speak with today. At the winter meetings in Orlando I just a couple minutes and we'll talk to rob here on WE. Who did Dombrowski the MLB winter meetings swan and dolphin hotel and first question days is. This has been a unique Twitter meetings at least from our perspective has it been a very unique would readings from your perspective well I don't know that's the beauty got in the winter meetings on which. Some clubs have done nothing really so. But they all have their own unique. Touch of them so this one was unique in that the autonomy signings happen leading into the meetings and last week to stand trade over the weekend. So I think it delayed a lot of activity prior to us but I am in the winter meetings where they've been very very quiet. I do think justices. A different meeting in the sense that. There's a lot of discussions taken place. There's a lot of things that are still going to happen. But there's still on the verge of happening and I think a lot is gonna continue to progress from here. We thought that the Tunney situation stand situation was gonna push things a Ford and central court going back to a stand situation the first that we were here we asked her about this and and you talked about how you to touch base with Miami early in the process and then the impact. And then the Yankees were all worried already involved that wanna ask you about the that part of it when you got back in the Yankees were involved. Was there any hope or what's it just doing you've heard the Yankees were involved in doing do diligence. Well I think there's a lot that's in part of that there's a lot of time timing and there but I think it's a situation where. We were aware of what's taken place I'm not sure that we were prepared to do what. Was being asked of us at that point so. We were aware written just weren't really prepared to jump and anymore at that time. We trust for a few days and you zoom stuff book trade happens in. You said you admit to call on them and they called back to touch say we're gonna go Ford. How many of those deals are out there on other words of these deals where it is. Today there Heidi leverage guys that you released are kicking the tires. Well I think you do that. A lot of players mentioned sort you're due diligence as trying to do things. It happened so much more than anybody would even know I mean it happens. All locked. So I might can't tell you how many are out there I can't tell you how many we'll take place. What we call people all time record calls out of the blue and somebody just proposes something so. That's what we do it this time a year even at other times of the year. So and yes and a case we we really. Thought highly of him as far as a guy that would. That the melt Carolina thought it was more about a longshot based upon the interest that was going to be there we thought we can move guys in and out of the DH spot. But at least we we inquired and see you to work that was a right fit but again didn't surprise me earnings and and a promise. Louis last question is just knew we don't know the media and you talked about the challenge of knowing when to ask. And went to wait a little bit and you generally seemed like this was is that the key element of this whole situation and maybe the toughest in the get a gauge on. If talking we can talk a little bit about how maybe that is different this time around and other other winter meetings are off seasons you've gone through. Well it's I think part of it is. It is a difficult situation because you are weighing. Acting now verses the future on what you think may take place I think that the difference probably yours yours that. There's one represented at that controls a lot of players that we have interest in the generally wait so long time to make decisions. And you have to decide is an organization not just us but other people and what choose how you wait waiting verses. Acting more quickly and other things so. We have a lot of conversations and those type of things and we go back for try to gather as much information as we cancel we can make the best decisions possible and hopefully make the right. Did the rusty thanks so much thanks rob thanks for him. Obviously that is rob Bradford WEEI dot com and Dave Dombrowski there have been times where I've been opal openly. Lauding. I'm Dave Dombrowski for his honesty came in some way to do XY and Z this first offseason and they did it it was refreshing to hear. I he has since backtracked into really typical GM and president speak and that's essentially. Except for there at the end what he gave rob Bradford today in Florida rob Bradford Dyson joins couple minutes. On the hot stove show 937 WEP I'd and its all those answers drop laughter admit the only one that really. He's getting interest in reaction is is acknowledgment that. If you're gonna wait out JD Martinez and Eric Hosmer that means you are waiting out Scott Boris and you might not be able to satisfy your fan base in time for Christmas at Fenway. If you wanna get something done here you are at the mercy of the most powerful agent in Major League Baseball. Yeah Albert and questioned and that awesome or minute spell it the biggest take away because. Because not only saying mine that he's said that that directly. He's sort of been surrounded. By actually without saying you mean by saying who we all know Lee's reference yeah. The vet and that is saying hey you know why this is becoming a pain in the plot. Because this guy and we got a new missile could be key element. We needed could be the case that brought you like to move quick and Boris does not buy it to say as we now where in the either in the heart of it now this. This this guy you dragon are so low or log a little bit longer going to be and we about that makes constitution because there I think that the story of the day. Yeah I'm not sure what those tough decisions would be I mean there there at the market Robbins is. It's pretty laid out they know with the guys are the two power guys he might get the middle of your order. They're both represented by the same guy selling when you say tough choices. What are the other avenues if they're not gonna go Martinez or Hosmer and start to get a little bit antsy here. What else they gonna do they don't seem to wanna trinity B prospects so. I don't see any other options right now. All the talk the talk choice to do is that you have. Boris whipped. Martinez and are well yeah and he's probably asking for the most he's probably asking at a rate you'll might ask after November when you're starting the process. Because why not know what else aside there's no base side of these guys so you're still asking for at a rate went so Red Sox are what are you crazy. So that's a problem. And then he you can keep doing that because nobody probably coming up aboard. They're still sitting there and and then these reward could be you really go to planned city. Well if you go to plan C you leave you've got beat which are clearly we have a plan B and you have a what the next level this because you didn't wanna waited out a little bit left about what I mean it. Awful it's bad it's bad business rob if you wanna pay a premium for guy he really like. They you do what you don't pay a premium for guy just because you've got to get a guy that's the worst thing I don't consider Martinez or Hosmer just to get a guy. Guys and those are valuable target players Martinez specifically so I get that but. Overpaying for Logan Morrison's. Or Luke is due to what these guys makes zero sense. No adult wasn't very definitely get mugged as a problem as is that. We all agree we know because they should get and number not more misguided they absolutely should get is Martinez yup. And I argued I think it might be soccer right now I think very. At a meeting so it's 730 or eight. I moved so exempt breaking news rob Brad for reporting their meeting right now. Our I don't know meetings over but I doubt it'll put me. You. Between 89. So bomb yes so I think written that marred the river that was Landon. Going to be bird marquis is but that's not going to be the review would government also many of us aren't about what that's good how. Apnea might be wrong. Albeit gonna happen so you go away and it makes you got me for the outrageous amount of money. And they keep doing the key to limit you to put it. Then and all of sudden now you're like you mentioned Logan market for more symbolic say they're seeing Carlos intended. Or even that's go to the next level of the pod Frazier would be bad for the back to what it. They start getting signed elsewhere and now you really have no leverage because. Being beaten guys are still believe this co opting for the on the mood that we can say. Martina is marketed just maybe Arizona and tips let's go. Well there are you read increasingly act before or hang dog running running running get someone involved. It is dangerous interest thing I think what the recollection do. Is that they just should go across the world Martinez as much as it it's a level that they feel maybe a little one can't go all but comfortable enough. And just get this are. Yeah but I mean. At that point. Bourses are gonna say is Dominic. Even if you if they go uncomfortable levels rob Boris can hold out knowing that the next panelist is Eric Hosmer who also died this is a it's a brutal spot to be in. And look I didn't want Jon Karl stand but you and I text a little bit today given the acquisition costs and and eyebrows he said they were never gonna get involved there. If if he were I guarantee you were shaken his hand when he thought I was Scarlett Stalin Castro and a couple available prospects. Even though it's twenty million dollars a year average annual value. I Gary T he was shocked if not pissed off the know what he went four and knowing what he knew then I'd and a matter what he says. On ever believed that he would've gotten more involved if he knew would be that she'd do acquired a player. You have Tia ruined. I think they're through to all over the place a damn thing I mean I think there I don't really you say. Distinctly. Say all they all the right thing in May be my game and fall of the Red Sox are Marta. I'll leave and never wanna come Austin I just don't but are you right in the road like so they swoop in at the last minute. With the Yankees already you'd done deal should they have been all in on this knowing how this market is gonna fall maybe maybe you should have been more aggressive. But it is if it's such a bizarre situation. Because not only does or have you guys these are all the guys because of the way the marketers. Nobody doing anything. So they're just sitting there waiting to area where we want we want a hundred million dollar and we want 300 million dollars. Michael Derosa knows of a say all. Doubt you pointed out that right now. Well it's going to be tough spot for the Red Sox to be in and he can TV hear about them wanting an offensive player. There's gonna end up having to. I wonder when rob started to circle back this but I wonder when if you think damn mind they have an end date like EA is he said would Boris and does he takes his time. Are they in a position to give Boris a JD Martinez's an ultimatum like you said your best offer and and a new goal. Given a Hoss for the next guy available also bore sky can they really afforded due to. That's a great question and then broke about what is being released today was asked about the sort of the ultimatum and he and I don't think you want to do it I remember him saying previously that he has done in the past but usually. I keep the agents don't really react to that and it certainly golf course will react to what he'll do as well right through Wednesday. Okay go ahead a bigger thing is Smart is that. Every other day. The reds are actually need one of these guys strike. I mean they really need one of these guys they don't meet the Logan Morrison you pointed out they don't need you know Mitch Moreland tonight player. The guy who is going to salt water what tale that is probably JP Martinez. To unify the way he is there any possibility at all because you don't wanna have. And all the sudden when Arizona. You don't want to act out. Well I and you poop booby last night when I said this but I did see air report courtesy of one of the baseball web sites today. Suggests in the Red Sox released somewhat involved in the manner in which auto trade talks do you buy that there. Not poking around bow our dollar and army poker are one thing but. Is that you call but it is sort of what you do that. Like what brought you sit today with a Buddha like yeah you recall and yet they called back to make short the last minute but they were there were never give never gonna get them. And not having busy the last champ we gonna get my child because I don't add up to me at all Machado is a great player. And yes you certainly would be a great player for the Red Sox but for what you would have ago forty depleted farm system already to give up. You know adjacent room that say for one year of maybe the shot so that doesn't have out. Or that act as a spot there and rob because look the whatever that the other option is early today sigh with Boris we can't wait we have these something we need to get our off season underway here. They seem unwilling to wanna deal those top prospects so. This is a brutal spot to be at a rock and a hard place it's waiting on boards and we know we have no leverage because he knows and we know. We're not trading Jason groom brought trading ever top two or three prospects can reset the farm system. And so it just leads me to believe that. You know they're hitting it over page eighty Martinez. Overpay Eric cost mark. Or this is truly going to be sort of this rebuild 2013. Year where. I'll Logan Morrison is Mike Napoli and Eduardo Nunez comes back and a one year deal and that may work on the field anyway and you know 8889 games but. The other part we've talked about in the Red Sox this off season the off the field part. It is gonna do zero. To help them get back some of that buzz they've lost last couple months zero. Yeah yeah yeah that knowledge are attributed to you what it was in the joked this week you know what it was in the winter meetings so party but as you write that you could appear to. You you don't appear partnership that's. And I don't really buy into like all out the other how did they how did this the way the market is going to reality of this offseason. It's still work getting to the time now where you have to make tough citizen Dave Dombrowski said to me he only did he say that interview senator with the media earlier. That this is a finger consuming them right now they get in there and then says okay what does that time to what do we have to do you are we gonna wait to law and our week. Our should we make a move now isn't so are we gonna get out ahead of the market. And I don't think that they have any of the year just because they haven't been paying to like there's any plea for now is the market's slow but because of the poor situation. So yeah so I think that it. I just think that they have to see what they continue to hurt Judy Martinez were obviously they're trying to do tonight. But still they have to figure this well they had the ago while the ball if Arizona is the key primarily. And body. The U maker offered you know that they can't match in the he'll come. Expecting any minor or insular moves here for the meetings or appear to their tip. Probably got you this up that night and didn't little fire late tomorrow. And yeah no I you know we've had things happen the last night to remember actually within Orlando's well Carl Crawford. Then happened like that lately the last night. Billy you held by a good match it up a little bit. Not only is nothing going on everyone tried and say you have to include DeLia bureau and the deal still all the free agents are still out there we were that's trades. But no later than normal and in the policies usually these things are a week earlier. So it's yeah it is in this really really bizarre situation it's going to be yeah. It's going to be a wild and wacky Christmas Fenway by sir exciting. It's Saturday right Lou Lou that who they try and out who you who shows on Saturday. All of me every atrocity who looked all kind of guessing that any gift you are seeing that years of no we have. A we have the gift of our task one hurt yeah. And fire no Jews and other again. We. We're pretty weird they're eating and Kennedy and and out score well I woke trader I just heard Dave to browse to not sure how much more he can really deliver than four minutes he's. Well look ridiculous thing you go into we've been going the last three days when you heard a lot of ground yeah. You know it's you guys so it's a lot of the same sort of stop the thought you'd statement read some sort of entrusting our government department but in terms of like this we're going after this guy we're not going after that. And I didn't think it could be to have been the lining up or Saturday. Is that there actually could be stopped the puck well Annika academy director. You can usually make a deal on a Friday night heading into Saturday. So yes so two men going to be offered. We'll be listening rot excellent coverage as always you really set the baseball world on fire with the coverage. Of the winter meetings so far in Orlando it. Decided. They being sincere you know tough. Here are not idea that we're all talking back here at the studio Ide style talking did two it's people off the aired. What are who's gonna replace you when you go to the MLB network you big goal this thing this week they're gonna pry you away. Well dig dollars. Someday I know that you you aspired to be the man next mabus urgent so I'll put a good would worded careers well. The next Chris patella so be some. Rob we got to go we got some Red Sox calls we have to. Go pick through this Boston Globe story just that was posted online we'll talk to you well with a B listening this week in what time you want. All perfectly proper rest. Driving my son to his fifth birthday party I'll be listening in the car as uncle rob on the way thank you rob. You're now you're not allowed you would tank where are not allowed this year that is rob Bradford WEEI and a con is in Orlando and yes he gave you four strong minutes. We paid to browse there who sounds as bored as we. On covering these winter meetings so far. I'm John and Dan and all those Red Sox calls that waited patiently. I'll get to them coming up if you stand hole if you don't do something 6177797937. Hot stove show Red Sox Bradford. Dumb brows ski firearm allergies gift of Sox next. Hot stove show indeed money at night as well Sports Radio WE yeah I would think don't Bradford thank Dave Dombrowski that's insulating. Four minutes of baseball talk we think those who have called in throughout the course of the night. On the Red Sox for waiting patiently 61777979370. Including. Our guy John and Medford a staple on the hot stove show Johnny are you. How he I was I was hoping. Then I would get talked a lot but I guess not kept him on Saturday. Saturday nine to noon call in John pleased it. I would I would say you know I was listening to Bob. And that sort of that's sort of implicitly because before I Clark who I had the MLB network line. And no two sleeping like top boxer one of them died it died out quickly. Now just get that the late last it has been reported story out via that the Yankees Lin talked to you all wheels to acquire and need an evil child. Yes seems unlikely at this point I did see that first reported right John. Act with the best equipped with the the other thing is that I saw. Haven't done that act on get China on their channel line saying that the Red Sox were meeting with Arab that's not what I'm. I'm Katie match it is people tonight. And it was an act 89 and ten CN. A 90% 10% chance. But they would have gotten done before the net result left and then following that there was another one another on the chat line. I forget who was that said the Red Sox while also meeting with the quietness people. And that they gave that a 75 point 5% since. Happening. What's the same it's the same guy Scott Boras represents both players as the agent John as always thanks your call John as always excellent given us the buzz. A former national perspective nobody more tied in. The national story lines in the Red Sox and the rumors the job for Medford Giambi calling in. On to Bradford and Tomas C on Saturday morning. I Bigelow is a got the numbers right 9010. But I don't think it was 92 and they get something done tonight I coupled Evans Twitter account but I've I'm. I'm 90% sure that wasn't an ID ten chance tonight it was 9010 that they would be going after him they're clearly going after him. A Robb report what John just said the two sides are meeting tonight. I find it hard to believe bill signed something in next two hours and sixty minutes is they couldn't. That's not golf course is way Boris waits this. Stuff. Out. You have that teacher who would keep the a couple minutes late every single class that's sports he's dragging this thing out. As long as humanly possible so maybe he'll get it done tonight. If they want a present a contract that nobody will touch and vastly overpaying but that seems unlikely even a name will see Danny Connecticut Gator on a hot stove show. In my house and the general human. You're. So regardless of the house where marching into my mind if they're not going to be able to matchup with the Yankees anymore. So if you never have certain pitchers why don't you think they go after Darvish. And its sales are average price at the top thirty have the best starting rotation. In the. I would say because it is a two reasons vantage the possibility thanks for the call number one is that. I think they know by now that just because you sign a guy doesn't mean he's gonna be that guy the first year Boston you Darvish has been a pretty good pitcher as of late. But there is this first year Boston thing. That you have to play into account here Chris sailed Indio a bit but David Price did Josh Beckett did Jon Lester talked about a first year in Chicago. That thing exists. Set aside and do radiologists expect he'll be Eudora Shia last couple years. That's not going to have at least I don't think I guarantee number two is the contract. They project him to get a six year or 65 or six year deal with foreign sixty million dollars. That would go down as the sixth highest average annual value contract for a pitcher in Major League Baseball history. If you gonna pay that's a reminder a guy hates you Chris Sale. Because of David Price doesn't opt out. You've still got to pay Chris Sale next year. So it's the knowing that it's an acknowledgment Dan that he's not going to be Yu Darvish in his first year that will be a struggle out of the gate all likelihood. And number two is the money. Sixth highest average annual value. Save that money for Chris Sale because you are going to need it. Final break and come back except for bad now or 10 o'clock you're WE yeah. It's on your Wednesday's court. What radio W we got patio a putting the highlights tonight show on demand for you in next half hour or so. Check out the WEEI putter count or on the minute WEEI dot. Com are you with Colin Dunlap of Pittsburgh Sports Radio or some people. I'm not happy with the way handle that they should have gone after Iraq Colin harder. I'll stuck in a patio during the break as price of fair criticism thing probably dragged on a little bit too long. On the when he kept you know saying things like I can't name the top quarterbacks and I don't know who the best is I don't know I can't say where Brady is and of course Brady is tied in to Barry Bonds I just. I don't know I lost my fight at some point during the interview so credit to Colin Dunlap for. Coming on and talking about it and he's out of his mind and make your moron if you equate. The cheating the Brady is done to the cheating and Barry Bonds. But I listened to anyway and be fair you'd be you'd be criticized you can give your constructive criticisms. Whatever you want that audio on demand later on tonight at WEEI dot com I'm sure on the next couple days I'll be mocked by the morning show guys for not going harder. After Colin Dunlap which is fine. Onto a busy tomorrow though the story in the Boston Globe the big in the stands and other stories to spotlight team as part of their seven. Series seven part series on racism here in the city of Boston focusing in on sports. And there are a lot of issues with this story Kirk and Callahan to mossy or pick through it all beginning tomorrow morning. I would suggest having Howard Bryant as a part of this. Allowing him to make comment about this passionate sports fans was pretty surprising to me. The headline. Passion as an accelerant. Is the section and it is oh listed under. It is written Boston is a tough place for everybody it's especially tough place for black players at Howard Bryant author of shut out. A story of race and baseball in Boston it's a reality attributes partly to be sheer intensity. A Boston fans. Quote when I say there is passionate I'm not saying that as a compliment necessarily. I if you're going to lose your mind over the night game of the season in April is that a good thing. Is a crime of passion a good thing they take that as a compliment. When it's really a condition so Howard Bryant and the Boston Globe would have you believe the U being passionate sports fan attributes partly. To be racism. In the city of Boston that to me is utterly ridiculous what separates Boston for many sports cities is because. Of the passion it's a really really good thing. I have something to tell Howard pride in the Boston Globe if you're passionate sports fan it doesn't mean you're necessarily going to be a racist sports fan how dumb is that. Again from the story. Well it's a tough place for everybody is especially tough place for black players. It's a reality this is the story now it's a reality attributes partly to this year intensity of Boston fans. When I say there's a passion amassing now does accomplish necessarily. You'll lose your mind overnight game of the season in April is that a good thing is a crime of passion a good thing. They take it as a compliment when it's really condition. If all of Boston sports in all offended by those two paragraphs back to back. That somehow some way because you care too much. That affects how you look at the race of players like all I care so much about the Red Sox. I'm gonna be more bad this black player he's black I'm white. Is that how are private glow over same. If a black player makes a mistake in a game in Euro white guy. Then your format that player is your passion you want the team to win and he's not the same color issue. And passion is an accelerant to act holy crap that seems ridiculous to me. And there's a lot more a year they are critical WEEI. And the Kirk and Callahan show. They for some reason point L that. They have oh a lot of local and national advertisers almost as to gold people to contact their advertised because there were controversial show. Which seems silly to me they're counting sports fans it gains. We stated earlier series here. And they treat the Adam Jones incident which the Red Sox believe happened the Red Sox believes in Kennedy believes Adam Jones was called the Edward at Fenway Park. They treated us back when no further. Investigation of the story. Which I thought we get here the globe spotlight as a long time to do this story I thought there with spends more time in trying to. Gets a further details after no fans of the ballpark in no one else other than Adam Jones heard the racist thought. But they don't do what they treated as fact so these are some things I believe will probably come up. In the next day or so here on the station. By throughout the day tomorrow and I I I'm sure it'll start at 6 AM. With Kirk Italian to mossy. My advice is set your alarm I've already done it 555 get up early cup of coffee is those guys will be on fire tomorrow you do not. Want to miss it. You don't want this big men now are used coming up right now at 10 o'clock thank you Colin DuPont for joining us thank you patty oh thank you John the mossy. Thank you rob Bradford thank you Dave to brows ski thank you listeners about it night we cannot thank you enough for making us apart. On your nights here on WEEI. And don't go anywhere because then Mallard is next C.