How do the Celtics replace Gordon Hayward and how long could the recovery take

Mut at Night
Tuesday, October 17th

Mut & Rob Bradford are talking more about the Celtics and what they do to replace the void left by Gordon Hayward going down with a broken ankle early in the season opener against the Cleveland Cavaliers.


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Now here's my back nine talk Sports Radio W. Hours ago here on this Tuesday but at night Sports Radio WEEI rob Bradford is here at home this different mainstream talk about for the last couple hours and that has been. All pushed aside as the other big news of the night coming in Cleveland where Gordon Hayward. Left the game in the first quarter with the Celtics calling a fractured left ankle. The NBA community is responding there's a huge social media Twitter presents from players and people on the league. With hash tag pray for Gordon Hayward Paul George I'm one of those getting involved Paul George. Getting in the hash tags as well the TNT guys just talking right now on a roll on that will will place on that for you coming up with Shaq and Kenny and Charles Barkley were usually very good on every sort of thing we priced it alive and when. They lied he won Roland Robin playback later. I Nazi replace it could be. Wolf we'll have patio roll on it we get some phone calls to get to a 617779. 7937. Phone number you and I both came to like a joint. Take. On this during the I think really co author column I wrote caucus thing golf alleged Yugo had gives you you had of the first par I'd sort of finished it off. I one million yes and why is wondered who it but you I think you summed it up well by saying that last year's team. Was built on character. And not some which are that was an all last year right to Daryn bag carrier still angry the resiliency of the but not necessarily out and he they over achieved. This year you have the talent or you had the talent. But you don't know what you have in terms of resiliency character and for the people who say well you still have Marcus Martin and some of these other guys. You have four guys back from last year's team and what the toughest guys. On that team last year with when Cleveland uniform right now as a reminder that in. You do not know how they are going to respond from this don't know is you'll have a single click. Race yeah I'm Bradley is gone. You go to the list of guys. This that was not nearly this team they have right now overall I think he's maybe mortality can view it yes and. Good this team is more talented that was you know what what with a got to build that character build that ability to come back in games and fight games you'll know we don't Woodward Orkut note tonight either way we are lose. But in going forward now you wonder about this team the ability to bounce back with seek a be a shock wave to their system may shockwaves to the team. Six minutes into the game where you lose your second best player a guy who was considered a a major upgrade for this team offensively over what you had and Avery Bradley and others go played it was an all star. That play slow it down dragon out type of offense. Came here because coached and it's an account here. Isiah Thomas self recruited here and I tea as it comes out carrier ring is in a and now he's gone for where are all the exactly how long but he significant rob. I'm not a time here they're calling me fractured left ankle I'm sure we'll get more jerky HP's basic is a fractured left ankle Europe this long third tenets a look at their joys to look at there. And it's going to be probably a matter of where he fractured it how clean the fracture was and what else get injured. Along with that I am optimistic after your time your weekend ankle story I was a terrible but a story by David just or did. You hear that sometimes although other I've always heard that by the way it's better to break your ankle but to spread over and over and over again. I just waited it out at mutt and UT WE EIT video that does not have the actual injury bought. It has the view of the cavalier bench gap wedge the injury happens and that's all you need to see the cavaliers players are. Turning around as to. Not vomit on themselves. When you look and see the the way that the the ankle is turned. Four Gordon Hayward goes down and that's all yet to seize a reaction of those players. So he had X rays the caller fractured left ankle. Don't know how Long Will be out. Jump for the seasonal going to be surprised Paul George miss the the NBA season. Other plays a comeback during years they fracturing their ankle but he's don't know enough information out even speculate on. How long he's. You're right you're so right about the reaction from the Cleveland at Cleveland that at the end of the bench actually runs away it there running. And and everyone else is this immediately turning their head and then you saw there was an image I think it was Derrick Rose. Goes merely goes down and start praying on the court yeah. We saw what the Celtics did which is get together and circle. Medals and a prayer circle yeah I am in as someone to reduce also -- means Aaron being too in the way the camera ports I don't mind that at all. But. Look at it it's in laws there again we said about had generals tweet is so true the a look at the entry of the injuries the injury. But the reaction is something it's unbelievably unique I've never seen I don't think this is the question we mentioned Brady's injury. And Paul George's injury. And go down the list I don't remember a reaction like this may be permanently you know. Lied to and Kevin Harlan mentioned is exactly what happened when guys get hurt like these it's mostly football. You don't you're not right on top of the players what happens in football the wearing pads they're wearing a helmet you don't hear or you don't see the reaction in this case. And I saw a bunch people tweet this out at the time. They could hear is Michael Stanton so that reaction comes from those players rob are sitting five feet from Gordon Hayward. As he snaps his ankle they can hear it they can see it you can see is ankle going in ninety degrees the wrong way on the left side. Think they'll just that the NBA set up their rob helps you have a different reaction to right so. Yes fair that's fair I mean I remember dollars in you know Kyra I was and patting her and like that or when Brady blew out his knee one of the things that struck me. I was in the press box and you're sort of the end you stadium with the things that struck me was he did it. And that he threw long pass and he looked up deceived the pass was complete. Everyone you discount played that needs to or rise on the ground but you're right I mean that's that's a good way to put it it just doesn't happen. So they're folding over half time of the game right now at the open over to get the update that's we have four were racked into the last hour or so with your calls. At 61777979237. Is the phone number. I can jump in on Twitter at much and UT WEEI or at Brad Fuller I just weeded out. A couple of minutes ago at mutt and UT WEE added video which shows just fueled Woolsey the injured you don't wanna see the you have to see it. It shows you the reaction of the Cleveland bench and that gives you every indication that. I'm just how serious the injury was. As for the Celtics the expectations will change now. Offer them this season the idea that they are the co contenders along with Cleveland probably change is here a little bit the pressure now on Tyree Irving. To eventually. Not to become a star but he superstar. That gets fast forwarded here. And the expectations for the coach you know actual I'm shore coming into the season Brad Stevens had an idea what is he was gonna look like a house office is gonna work with. All these offensive standouts. He now throws all that stuff away and it's. He resets the entire game plastic color that I might I'm guessing an entirely new offensive game plan rob because. They don't have anybody like Gordon Hayward beckoned with wake up and score twenty. Back on a roster besides carrier yeah I go back to a two what happened tonight. No one expects the Celtics to win tonight that the this game's over Don it was over the minute that happen. And we saw the reaction in the players their justified in reacting how are they gonna react Bret Stephens would have been justified saying hey see you later. I've Amaro we got I've taken this one off have these have a bench coach yeah I mean really would. We know the relationship there we know the history there he didn't do it in you every shot you have a Brad Stevens even at that time. Mean he is as stoic and looks almost exactly the same as he did any time. And that's what a coach should do that's what the coach has to do but when Brad Stevens goes back in the locker room today I mean talk about a task. Of of this guy of really your emotions of that because of your relationship with a guy but also keeping these other guys together these guys who aren't. Nearly sold these you are. Or eight or does other job description to keep it together. So here is that and this is not this is why this is such a freak crappy injury for Gordon Hayward. So he's this is going to be is 12345. The sort of his eight NBA season drop. His seven other seasons 82 games here's the in my games he played. 7266782777680. And 73. You essentially healthy his entire NBA career. And snaps his ankle tonight. Six minutes into a sell his career team became too because of the head coach so. We were restarting absolutely brutal historic you come back we're starting new again that the trickle of doctors in on Twitter and given there are impressions and what you said my you don't normally get in funeral on joints. But the consensus its team is three to four to six months. So the IC 136 months or so another one guy to six months and I played this card and I hope that three to four months would be a it would sell out miracle and I'm going out three to four months and is back in February. The end it will OK so most of our slight chance return but unlikely. So I don't get this so David waited retreated this from jail for. Doctors Selene. Writes him PA REK it's all right person is a surgeon in duke professor. Three to six months well I mean I think that that's gonna be all right here swing of acute. Three month puts them back early next year six months of the puts him back for the play well I'll write. A man I can't imagine. It is can't imagine myself but how hot this is what what my point is this and we're after Indian doctor on twos or the same boat. How can these guys know until they tell you what kind of nerve or tendon or ligament damage there is there righted it's a clean break a case reset it you go but. Can't the B and they had things can happen with an ankle rob. Or it's not just the ankle fractures all the things around it I don't play lead I no longer period of time being Halloween coming that we go through this a lot right doctors read where in the media and that's what we do. By any Doctor Who does this I don't blame him for doing this for giving their opinion on it because they're after the opinion. If they don't start off with saying I don't have all the information. Then I don't wanna listen anything else they say because when Vegas about it this is Howard is now to your point that's how it works. Well at times and not lumping all doctors together but it's part of egos and they wanna be right in the wanna be the first or the media. But we love you for yeah look I I am tell you'd. I know for a fact that John froze not a good 56177797937. Affordable here from Shaquille it was that Shaq or bark than we hear from coming up patio. We're all what was left went after the break it simple calls near the TNT guys. I just talked about it the half bodies in a car waiting patiently buddy Ron Mott at night here on WEEI buddies not there Kelly and amber scored Kelly. Okay I don't know about buddy but. Uses their outlook or I'm very very very unhappy at like three months he would so excited for the day. Our network actually when this that I kept and at a red carpet. Eight orbit at one and let out on the computer checking everything she's set in. And then that you've gone that I'm not even really going to be you know the public it's your air back a week of next year. Wow so you were so. Your so jacked your counting the minutes and higher out with one injury that's. She's pretty rare. Both take some time marked out of his boys down about a putting they still have carrier in some Jason Peyton. Herself acting on bailing policies I would I would say to Kelly. You punt Donahue Celtic fan it was one injury saying I'm not gonna watch this year now buy outs and it will be interesting in this early in the season in. It's early misuse the commencement season. By that that what we touched on mine is the thing is going to be fascinating to me of how this team. Response. Because also on you take out a score you ice said it before are not that aren't aren't about tonight's game. I'm to argue about that team that I see out there tomorrow night and for the next week and the next month. You had Hayward there for a reason you need someone else escort besides your main scorer. As for the game itself. Tonight's 5438. They've looked at as you expect it'll look when they see their best player go down. With an ankle injury it's funny Robyn talk about last year's team yet the last year's he would make up a little bit of Iran here tonight right. And it would make this thing close we'll see if this Celtics team shows little bit of that. I don't know what you would call this this current Celtics Ron. Has bin. Glued together by over achievement or that that's what I'd say this this current Celtics front of them playoffs and maybe not that good but still making. As strides here in year out and last year they pry over achieve to extent as well because in games like this in that would come back and make some sort Iran. Policy at the Celtic team doesn't and they get out to little for old starting here in the second half we'll see if they put a scare in Cleveland. And it hasn't called timeout here she had a sixteen point game down twelve pretty clip quickly in their chance to shows on the eve and OpenId even in defeat to make missing a game. Given what happened in the first quarter. Would be. I iconic in sunny it's out of mental win for the team but to be good showing for group is trying to show their top NC within a new budget players together outside body in a car or more time go head body. Big guy a white Knight what's up my body pay it's tough loss to what kind of figured out. But rob I want to ask your question. By your turn now. Yankees or Red Sox. Who's who's better. Yankees. All the all the record wrestler and all the good Red Sox players contract and saying it's a Red Sox. All the good every you look at the locate and cricket balls and alas here is on our Chris sells two more years. Bogart's two more two more years that's three more years. The go. You really. Are. 45 years yes the Yankees. Are you okay a couple of with a thought yet. I don't think my answer I agree with them are senator million times of the Red Sox in the fourth best team in the east but he. And I've talked about these next year. He is you get tired running else. I don't I don't. I hear your body Yankee fan calling in. Until tonight that that famous yankees and Red Sox are in that their rankings the Yankees a better who who but it was saying the opposite. Who is saying right now the Red Sox and yankees that's ever was saying. On the phone lines lighting up the Yankees I was good at gateway and get a mall in their and he got an iPod surging meet Khalifa now on Twitter hello all highlighted the weapon that should not be at they're not your work 6177797937. Your phone number that TNT guys hit it's halftime. We are from Shaq and from Barkley. On the injury to gored here earlier from you as well WBE. You know what's amazing. He thought it did that play. A million times in his life. I'm always amazed. When something like this happen because these it's like he's up every day you feel like Ernie. They just really unfortunate. I don't know of course that well but I just feel for him. Charles Barkley part of the halftime program with TNT I thought you know we flipped over to a live when it happened. With the guys in the broadcast Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller. Played a good job of setting the scene there Woolsey we doesn't sound here from the halftime that was. Barkley right there we have more of Barkley and Shaq is part halftime patio. The thing that you really soaked night this season's over. Now you know we knew going into the season there was the cavaliers. And Celtics who was in Toronto. Now the Celtics. There's going to be very difficult. For of them. Even to be in the top four spot to be honest. I've been through Chilton also can smell good but to me just rode the Celtics you know when they go those guys who were contenders. If if you're telling the Gordon Hayward up for the year I have a hard time disagree with the either one of those stakes like they are very just one of the teams now on the Eastern Conference maybe those on being second best. Because they were really good coach and really good player and Tyree Irving in the rest the east is not very good. After the Celtics in the cavaliers but. I was very comfortable rob going into the season. Putting the Celtics and cavaliers essentially in the same breath and so you knew Isiah Thomas gonna come back until seeing that okay. These two teams can ball likely be. In Eastern Conference final I could see either one of these 2 teams wouldn't Eastern Conference final my expectation was Celtics get there and make it in a worst case scenario. A competitive series against Cleveland no Gordon Hayward. I grew those to get the. Only way that this this changes what you're talking about I think is if Jason Tatum and Jalen brown our players. That we don't think they aren't now. And and you watch in the game the last five minutes. Both those guys have stepped opt in but a little more aggressive a little more serve score the basketball but if those guys because both the guys with the it would markets Smart and the upside. He does not have the talent. To make up what Gordon Hayward left behind good player going oh he has right enemies are unknown loved ones lately invited jump shot you see it again tonight. It's you know aids he's what are Yates but those guys vote that's the wildcard to me. And and we we won't know this for awhile maybe 23 months but if they do. In the conversations back to something 6177797937. If your phone number John is in Connecticut now react the Gordon Hayward injury here tonight how John. I don't get. On. Paula about last caller are too close or. As you project or Gordon inherited bout result and. Hubs under I agree something else job IE's eat Inco is reacting to Kelly in Amherst people living here Kelly and Amber's Kelly never said. On the year that's couple minutes ago John thanks for the call. He said he was gonna watch anymore that was of after the run up to us count down the hours and eventually the minutes that I could wait to watch now in the third. I'm not gonna watch anymore Kelly is since texted back and says is a die hard fan and he say what I want but I'm wrong. I would just suggest again what you're going to turn off your team because of one injury. It's either very very excited about one player or you weren't that big a fan either way I don't think most of the fans will do what Kelly did. And it Celtic fans are saying that tonight the probably. TV presents a week from now two weeks and now on over let's watch that I'm telling you if if 8080 he'd come back to those two guys. But at those two guys are something and then people will fail this is wicked team this is exciting team to watch yeah. Because it underdog mentality that he added that wasn't their party and you went up as nice silver lining but there will they certainly feel more of an underdog now out of so win 5560. Games when eastern why did they sign my why did this on Gore's offense off that's all right yes it is because we saw it. All we saw tons. Would that team last year yet you take Isiah out you how many wells I was at a center rich earlier the gains became repetitive because offensively. Run a shot clock down find Isaiah he jacks up shot these double teamed he is as someone else for three. I love this year's team had a chance to be from a just an offensive standpoint. Knighted in night out a joy to watch as all the talent they have brought. Yet in favor much different is that the difference what Avery Bradley was wasn't gonna create his own shot. You know Gordon Hayward could create his own shot you wanna double team carrier ring go ahead kids Gordy we're gonna score the basketball. If he didn't have anyone else to do. In maybe yes maybe maybe maybe when these guys to it it's a lot to ask it we shouldn't be asking. In of these guys Jalen brown and Jason data curiosity while writer to write an eagle and Hariri I want to play those guys to fight in Brad Stevens those more than nine know it's hard to believe I did lead Concord Academy to a second place finish. By. I recruiting violations I was still telling one. The US team and I recruiting that it abuse defense stopper I believe it away from the Bal I believe that's true story. By play those guys a and play him a hug and I started tie but play them is a just a ton. In and see what you have. Why. I think I think Jill Brown's gonna play on and I know but it's Jason Tatum right hands of those minutes to Marcus Moore I don't yeah. Marcus Morris I don't I don't care I'm with you complex on I don't care if -- starts and out he comes off the bench the sixth or seventh guy told you he's playing meaningful minutes late and I'm finally don't do that Jalen brown thing of a year ago right I river too we screamed about largely sided why are you playing to the need to play more -- -- and I do think that was a legitimate thinking well that's Danny Ainge said today and the afternoon show before this injury that Jason Taylor would have more chance to play in jail on bounded a year ago let's before. This injure my guess is now. It's gonna free up more time for Jason didn't play because they league guys rob the your point that are going to score. Are they cut it to nine now here in the third quarter 61. To 52 cavs I was still on top but the Jalen brown having you very good third quarter and I've received items in the minutes right now but every time I looked up. Jason team's been on the floor so obviously he's playing it on 961777979237. The phone number Chris and led low covers the cavs in Cleveland this Hayward is not yet been taken. To the hospital was removed from the cavaliers locker room. To the Celtics after fracturing his ankle the first quarter of this game John has a Northampton he's on WEEI tonight hey John. All I want to let let me let the car markets markets this type of lob volley. Kevin Love he jumped up and got the ball much lower for the bigger player than when LeBron James did and they called at all. Like nobody gets these numbers are almost always do what elderly and their competition to watch the game which I don't anymore and haven't a longtime talk about it's just a few minutes while Internet. And it's actually ridiculous in a single bar. It gets beat up by people with absolutely ridiculous it's a recall that that they can't put him and he came into the NBA. But that's ridiculous it's not a competition more than away completely eclipse open Boldin. To be able to do it because they don't call each other. We don't want to get a job I love your past series not watch the games how can you feel so strongly about this. Because I didn't care because it into the real competition is Paramount to the student well we can only people that let you can put it to you know about the iPod is there any doubt have been forever it's only gotten worse. Kid who hears of LeBron James who called for a foul or not at. Are you are. And she and called for a thousand Antarctic and should be suspended for that you can and Watson Watson was used for what did you job at a particular markets market that we just watched it jumped up it got the ball. Call profile OK the ref called for a foul one minute LeBron James and you call for Al another minute who cares if LeBron James McGee called for a Powell. That's what we're part of it I got a guy who fractured ankle. It's every game and it turns it into a why you haven't added that it didn't count now is a long and what was not done what was dangerous about the he ran into what you put markets aren't they went home makers or elbow markets targeted and they lob on the catalog. And I'm trying to do was show I was watching the play you're talking about John. Will look much like Nader I think that's what it didn't hurt anybody they can jump in the past. Only if there's at this old guy gets hurt C suspended now here's an easy job to tell you is certainly. John you are out here you're coming in here and here's how you should Fraser call. You should have said you should have said that LeBron James. Was to blame for Gordon Hayward injury correct that's what you're saying right now and again I don't care about what is called for a while or not. Editor at Albany and that's the. That's the problem at the problem John thanks for the call this is. The guy used to be your you should call the five years ago when a guy East Coast the show's host to eat he would take your LeBron James calls all night long I have no interest now. Give a we just saw. In having a any conversation about how's superstars treated only yes news flash Jordan. Bird dominate Vince Carter LeBron James they get more calls and your team does. On the LeBron James play on the and the Gordon Hayward play. Again maybe I'm not seeing it the way many you're seeing it concedes some calls up there on this and social media and some tax. I don't it was a dirty play by LeBron James if anything if anything. I would say it was Jae Crowder. Jae Crowder went low bridge behind Hayward sort of knock them off balance. LeBron was trying to get out of the way on the play just watch it again he's trying to get out of the way. So if I guess we're detritus is now it's well Bryant's fault the gutter it's a freak injury he came down on players. It happens normally guys twist Frankel in this case he snapped his ankle and it's a crappy break for the Boston Celtics Ali was a dirty however LeBron James. So I'll say this are so it is we're breaking down in the insult me it will come back there like that they're only down five now seven non obvious scored. Authorities counted anyway. This edit access sequence down one in the court which Jason Tatum went right out LeBron James went right back rut right out of and then did a little look in and made a shot and gets filed. That's I mean that is a very small thing but that's a great sign that right now looking added Jason Toews played almost 25 minutes. All the that's right they played 32 minutes so far so glad yet so. I'm 32 minutes yet so yeah I mean carrier Reese played 27 he's he's amongst the league the team leader in minutes ladies or buzz Taylor brown. Jalen brown has scored I mean two of 25 minutes rider on the same good that that that's a good sign right there right in and mean seven points. He got off to a slow story was only he's only two for seven back on Jalen brown haven't held a third quarter gap after my tastes great I'll go out Jalen brown has taken the ball to the basket and score but think about it you went right act. LeBron James even Jalen brown in the playoffs last year you meet. Physically he was not ready to go right after LeBron James that it in its. A lot of rookies can. They're hanging around this and we wonder rob they show that ability to hang around given the emotion of watching your first or second best player. Break his ankle the first six minutes and they're doing that here in the second half and lead to seven. With about four minutes ago in the third quarter 617779. 7937. The phone number as your guy Jason Cain admits that three and cut the lead down to four it is Mott and Bradford until Penn. And then mr. Celtic himself Patrick Gilroy. We join you at ten here on W media. And. And that they lived there really suck my suspicions over. Now we know we knew going into the season it was the cavaliers. The Celtics was in Toronto. Not a Celtics. There's going to be very difficult. For them. Even to be in the top or about to be honest. F 45 in the NBA overall I would buy that for fun these help well I think it's gonna go crazy story great story. I'm all in on Jason today also gonna say this. If it comes down to some sort of thing where hate they can rehab Gordon Hayward he suffered a major leg injury tonight fractured left ankle for those who just pop from the cardinal from work. For six minutes of the gain of one of the big sell the acquisitions appears to be done for the year. Read all these stupid three to four months 36 months and on line doctor prognostications. If it's say even got back Gordon if you're really really Russian. And let's come back like ten minutes a game and all gonna be in the minority I'd say screw it. Just get healthy for next year Alia I would not as what forgot the investment that is made in this player. I would not be rushed him back for the playoffs the season now this is October 17 Miguel feel differently. If there that don't clear cut number two seed a chance to beat Cleveland at the end of the season but as it stands right now rob. If it comes down to Russian to come back or and it purses. A letter rest for next year I mini let him rest for next year as you said clinic at don't do this right don't do the the hero playoff run. You know when it kind of what I Thomas tried went last year. Four point game by the way and another in their day around thanks in part to Jalen brown who's having a monster. Third quarter here so far. Blair Miller who covers the cavs for an outlet in Ohio says that officials tell him Gordon Hayward is going to be. Flown back via med flight here to Boston tonight they'll let me take a New England Baptist hospital here in Boston so he's apparently. On his way back to Boston this evening. To go over to England Baptist so mobile it's more ration tomorrow. As it is right now the Celtics have not only cut the lead to four to cut it down to a chance to make it one with a free throw for Marcus mark. So they're gonna they keep in the game here we wondered robbed last year's team short on talent high on effort yet. This year's team we'd other Ohio talent within that same sort of effort when they had that same ability nine point two markets Smart and a quarter a gamer emotionally appeared checked out. I'm the first step after the injury I would have felt that way too they have the ball down one minute to go on the third a chance to take the lead. And they dole thanks to Shane Larkin. You're doing and is are they showed us edit your third in that I'm mentally. Up just because of a hockey let's get an key thing Connecticut and Alaska all the night for gill Roy takes over hi Keith. And mullet going on Puerto Rico Breeders' Cup Le tang and it's yeah. Not now that's all the nights that I I'm with the team has gone down like a great young guys in person lauded as a good job analyst topic and I my question is it if it seen any clothes or any further away than actually winning a championship. Which there was doubt Gordon Hayward. It's heavier further away yes Michael percentage points that market when it this year anyway overall Western Conference these but they. They're percentages to get there now Keith has gone down significantly Gordon Hayward is going to be out and you sought to get through Cleveland they're gonna get Isiah Thomas back in all likelihood you're not have Gordon Hayward that is a much higher mountain to climb now at this point. Right you're gonna have to have a Jalen brown obviously improve his game could you lost David Bradley. And obviously you know. Needy kid like he didn't let that roll up that much faster guys you know with this injury. Keith I agree with act rob to his credit was on its early and take Wednesday at the play morgue at Mormon opportunity and that's the silver lining here but. We know what Gordon Hayward is we don't know what Jason Tatum is is there a chance that Jason Tatum rob what is the chance you're on a percent. That he is can step in and be Gordon Hayward lighten score twenty points in his rookie year. 5% chance. 4% I put on where you are paid well I know are well I ordered irons that the big question ads you you have rookies who have done it before who averages say eighteen points a game where I'd be shocked if you let Jason Tatum. Go out and play 353035. Minutes a game if he could average around in seventy games now. May is all we heard about this guy that he was so advanced are presently and by the way my AA. Small sample size of maybe the difference of the type of team specially without Gordon Hayward. Three pointers tonight boy. You have reporters. So prepared. Our report report to get to leave when rob the arguments I have an idea for for things more for 22. Okay what are the houses 69 all that what that with the cavaliers three point percentage. Cavaliers. You just you don't who for four there you go file but the Celtics are rebounding and and that's the difference might pick my guy. Erin dames and just like that the Celtics. He's our order. I think they will until roses this three audio via cell. There you go Derrick Rose three. And I don't so and I had these in the forum and leave for a sec rob good stuff and I users. I tomorrow Johnson mossy will join us here in studio player reaction not to this. I'm Patrick Gilroy was all on the Celtics George you next here on WEE IC.