How do you pronounce "Giancarlo" as in Giancarlo Stanton?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 14th

Mut is getting criticism from K&C producer Chris Curtis, over Mut's pronounciation of Giancarlo Stanton's name. Mut traces back how he came to the name pronounciation, and plays some audio of the Miami Marlins broadcasters debating how to pronounce his name.


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Our through this all our money tonight Sports Radio WEEI having growth would join us unless an hour from now we'll talk a whole bunch stuff. Soledad and he will love it part of program may connect without rob Bradford is down the GM meetings reporting on a lot of different things. For WEEI dot com I don't know why let. Dumb ass Chris Curtis bother me but he is bothers me sometimes in this one of those times but I I made permanent correct. We'll find out from the Marlins broadcasters and from ID coupled diehard baseball fans are just all the Red Sox but. National. Baseball 617779793. Civil get your calls all mirror second. So. I ire for the longest time. Since. Used to be Mike stand in floor Wright was like Stan I couldn't figure out why his name it changed and there's a story in the New York Times I found it here. That said when he was a kid and he went buys actual lame. Which is pronounced here. G Giancarlo Stanton as in JEE. Dash eight H and dash CN IH our act LOH Dak pronunciation guide. From the New York Times story back in 2012. So anyone bite gene Carlos stand. Quote from him Nolan could pronounce it right. Everyone thought it was two words Jean Carlo John Carlo Gian Carlo. You have seven periods a school so seven times today I'd have to say no that's not my name. So we switch it to Mike. Many friends still call and Gian Carlo however. So I forever golf I got up front CAC. Gian Carlo stand I've said that over and over and over again. No does ever separate outs at all until tonight Chris Curtis who can't shut up is stupid raiders but I'm and his dumb dog. And his wonderful wife radio a lot Curtis and leave me alone he calls on Twitter just I can't pronounce the rights why I'm really go to this. And I see that always Jean Carlo is correct. That I asked patio. Go to the Marlins broadcasters. What did they say and I think I'm gonna be annoyed by this vote. What do they say about how to pronounce Gian Carlo and keep saying that until further notice Gian Carlo stands name patio. Did you see this as it's been didn't. How come. Any sports broadcasts on national night. Referred to shop Carlo as team. He casino with the clock they have shots you know being finished the popularity into it. Can you correct them please the MVP for crying out loud it's ugly all over again it's. Would this. We'll see him that's the exit date pits and Davy you're you're absolutely right if you do and national game if you're reporting for national network. But it's not a team that fixes this fortunately highlights we hear this from counsel time you should know their own off they don't. This perhaps first job I know that the it's John Carlo. There you go get a streak ended you know the story behind that is fastened to. Yeah because it is we'll ask don't they heritage. John Palestinians half Irish and continues others. Half Irish his mother. Half Puerto Rican and half. African American and and they just happen to like Italian movies and Italian names so they gave him an Italian person. Delusional bottle and he is big bike on the right his. He went by John Carlo until the fourth for the fifth grade and none of his teachers or classmates who pronounces plus it was probably hard to spell it the right. And so. At that point fifth grade. He grew frustrated he said we'll just call me by my middle men might. And so he was known as Mike but we got to. Professional baseball and minor leagues or major leagues on its love and on it that. Jump on. Once he got the big leagues and decided he. That everybody grown up enough to announces they put it back. The question it sensed a British offers. So they are saying it's John John Carlo right summed it sowed the Marlins broadcasters just did a good two minutes not exactly get better. On the called there we know I think is that he's the radio guy. So they're saying it's John Carlo where is not John John John Carlo. This times story says his friends took home Gian Carlo Stan. Baseball reference runs the Asian guy let's go to controls. They it. They say John Carlo. Instead I think I may have to amend this patio. The New York Times story might be wrong if the broadcasters saying that and now baseball reference is saying. ZH oh and Karl as in John Carlo. Or John Carlo. That the bail on Gian Carlo and I may just stick with the out of on slight. Purging these names of many times considered to stick or call Mike some critics. Oh damn I think Curtis is right. I've ever heard a Millie I've Jean Carlo as recently as yesterday on an either ESPN or. MLB network leaving the Marlins guy Sidney here national people do it highlights and everything saying Gian Carlo where. John. I'll stick with a four syllables and I'd on the I'm sticking with that I'm I'm stick with it until further notice. I'm just the Marlins broadcasters. Personal trust the New York Times crack. Down pit myself against that paper. Okay I'm interest Mike. Big Mike the broadcasters say BG. Text text him what does Tim Tim Pitt never it's an expert on the stuff text him what is the what's the correct pronunciation Campbell. Get this for the show as. 6177797937. Form cannot robs annoyed that Curtis might be right. On this that is bothersome. I'll raise it Revere waiting patiently next appear on Monday night Sports Radio WEEI hi ray. Hello ray. I can't put rambled he's gone on Robin Charlestown rob how are you. The car loads up now. It'll. Yeah but don't get a little wild. Outscored them though ops or it would be better and headed in the joint now. Let me let me. While that might say I am not against the United Nations a yard and why don't need to also what are we. Have a lot of you know eight or 9115. All and I quote one guy that's when it sea isle beach. Well I'd like Norm Coleman and no I'm. Jordan you need I would it would it would inflict we look at how are you get cancer between Egypt you know we. Can't whose it was a cancer did Dustin Pedroia. How hot out of NAFTA and I didn't like woody last year Baltimore but I would ask outside the incident. Policy affecting the team negatively rob. Yet he was awfully bad terrible for Pedroia. He was also a moral it would yeah it would like Lebanese. Sat there in law always involved in. But whatever term you want to use the left. Hand out in. You know it's. Ridiculous arc into Baghdad it's not a leadership that claimed would be. I mean he does that second period but were there Robert. It's steadily gone down year after year after yeah. I heard we'll look at how about my immediate what all that. All you god I'm the leader the leader of it and having coached. One yours don't quite work out in the market and the leader of this well action. Loved ones like hug Carrie we're being 80. He's just yet. While the law and yet not a lot and I like Albert. Well. I didn't mean in regard. Was part of the manager though to. Is. It. Yes I agree but I'm I would go back at the year and here's the big point we can we can debate all Pedroia all we want and you but you must appoint adding to people agree with the reason he's not gonna get traded. Is one he's got a full no trade clause he's not only wearing two he's hurt and his contract so let's to win two in two way or to imparting. He's not tradable right now Dustin Pedroia is not tradable as a player. Oh yeah and I didn't know that it. Yeah I. What other talking about our involvement in one of whom who are getting into Walt. You really don't want you know a lot of Procter and certainly need to cool that you walk or whatever that it didn't hear what it. Last. Let fans know that we have control order situation in Wimbledon. Part of that Robin thanks for the call is is firing a manager. Who just won 93 games and they were just first place in the American League east. They're trying to Dow down scored a brand new coaching staff as far as the players go. That they need somebody to emerge I would agree I'd maybe it is obviously. Pedroia is a player under performed recently fetched more power standpoint right they got it was gonna hit 20/20 225 home runs a year. Back at doesn't exist anymore. Might not come Pedroia is more play than it is in being the manager or mascot of the team lead all that crap. The player he's still a really really good defensive player and makes plays on on. A lot of nights a lot of second baseman don't make. But from an offensive standpoint where they held the power ago. You paid him MVP money because you thought he was gonna hit 225 home runs a year is up and close. That's why knock on the Droid and and guys like Brad for a year earlier route will say well when he doesn't hit home runs it goes back to is because he was hurt. Was gonna finally stay healthy and you'd be paid a lot of money for this player and the contract looks an albatross right now as far as moving him. You just you can't ease untreatable right now. The no trade and the contract and the injury. And if you do trading trading him for. Forty cents on the dollar. When he does come back next year. I eventually think he is part of whatever solution it is for the lost the Red Sox critics will run hearings on the back night obviously. By. I care much more about his performance and his power numbers and his offense. At the top of that award than I do him being on the leader for this team. Bad year for sure war for Pedroia at the Baltimore thing was brutal there's no defending that there is though that defending that that cut. The republic time can I go home like he's that he's he started the Baltimore back and forth he started on a question and he's like. I go home. You don't shake that off and he performed well Steve's in Beverly at 6177797937. Hi Steve. What was going on and what summit. Hey bill I can just totally disagree with the last caller he is the first thing you imagine what. Adam what did I know why it light or heat like a a home run what we can't get there. And it hit so that they work. And you made a good point the biggest that we gators fired barrel. So I'm aren't all in uncle and defiant act I think it I don't care that got that. If he'd been hit before you speak eat or run fit they're a retton now want to pay. Clear that you get sick and I and he got them beat. A big Japanese keep that is. What the runner up two years ago in yet. Couple balls behind the white chart yep. He's got that knock here last year and I still to this I don't you market it music got its gimmicky those numbers. UT back got a clock that. Clark got a lineup and hit the ball I'm mark I I really do you believe that specially made don't have to worry about having a pitcher that. Yeah I don't the idea they're gonna do make. Make do with one of these you know stop gap guys whether it's more sand or dude I just. I don't see it from an offensive standpoint and from that the buzz and star power standpoint. Those guys are less likely to reproduce their big years Baltimore senate awesome offensive dilute the year last year what are the chances when that came out of the blue that he's going to. You end up matching that is less likely than JD Martinez at least is coming up this monster year. Gets close at 3030 final once again Eric Hosmer gets close to 3035 home runs. And he hasn't always done it. But I I they're gonna caution more but those guys are more likely to reproduce than those other middle of the road stopgap players far. That's not asking that sets is the performance standpoint outside getting into the star power standpoint which they still need I I hate that I've been guilty this in the past I admit it. One is star guys is signed guys because they're star power. And Red Sox have failed because I think Hubble sanibel ended up here because. He was a star in the minds of some people might Sox front office ownership level I think. They thought it is sellable commodity. With the stupid panda hats and happy go lucky fact guy offensive attitude. Well he sucked. Easel and money next year so I adolescent and pay for that but. Yeah I need to think that's not part of the equation here for the offseason we should should be. Ratings were down a year ago. The guys who are your are supposed to be stars inventories one album. Have not come off great years. Younger players on emerged in outlets called widgets started looking back should be. If you're in the MVP race a year ago you probably should have beaten out like chart ST did make the post season that bright side the aid. And trouble in the NBP or me should be a star but eat for a reason not resonating yet. With a an off of the fan base to get people completely jacked and pump so they want a big name. What what's this what's the cell. On stopgap players and outscored that that is terrible sell for the Boston Red Sox in Europe and mid market team and the royals you're the brewers. I guess you know we were doing. But if you're the Red Sox. You general lion Alex or be in the big name that's the God's gonna get people back that's going to. Help you in the ratings it's gonna help you in the buzz is gonna help you battle the Celtics here in the first two months of the year to sell to play ended June. Certainly late may and Eastern Conference final. And they they are and this is not quantifiable I get it but they are very. More likable team in the Red Sox are right now. Curry Irving and Jason tape down and Jalen brown. And Brad Stevens this Celtics team is more likable. And the most recent version of Boston Red Sox that we saw. We at Red Sox fans calling us late in the year hoping the Red Sox will lose down the stretch or lose in the playoffs so John Ferrell would get fired. There is not one snippet that with the Boston Celtics. I'm not claiming that anti John Ferrell take was held by the majority but there were fans who felt that way. That is a terrible. And Siegel and next year with the patriots beat the patriots eagle and next year with the Celtics being much more likable group. And you're gonna sell your fan base on Logan Moore sent in Jake McGee I don't see. And so far again all the calls again in ninety minutes on this nobody nobody is solely what the of the marketing plan is going to be if they do that or how they're gonna market Q is expanded if you're fan you would stand for that. Ticket prices went up and you're gonna sit out this in your hands for 2018. You can't do it via Boston Red Sox. 6177797937. Is your phone number on Twitter. Our people are now getting stand involved. Social media try to get his pronunciation of his own name at muck and UTW. Week yeah he continued phone calls on this. And the Red Sox what they're projecting for for 2018. Olga talked to. Are covered the Red Sox Evan relic Jesus studio 8 o'clock he has thoughts on this he's from reporting on stand all day. Ideas thoughts of Peter Abraham ladies baseball notebook today emptied out the fought over Or. Get Evans take on that BB eight also needs an NFL stuff as well. Including. Andrew Brandt. Points and levels of being the big key for the National Football League and a bunch of other stuff between now and 10 o'clock it's what it night's Sports Radio W media. Lot of guys Sports Radio WEEI your phone calls up until 10 o'clock Evans relic NBC sports Boston in studio just about a half hour from now your calls at 617779. 7937. On Twitter and mutt and UT. WE DI a lengthy time magazine piece out of pick and afterward during the break we'll probably Bergen up at someone euthanized who will be able to get through. Are all of it here today but Stan Van Gundy the NBA coach. With a lengthy lengthy story it is an editorial in time magazine patio so this from as up posted tonight Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy. Athletes who protest. Are patriots. And he goes into a lengthy uses. It's eleven or twelve play pages printed out where he is talking about the players like Colin cap predict and others. Who have been dealing during the anthem protests internationally at them. He calls them patriots. He goes by the old standard which is mention of the National Anthem. Has racist language in it in later verses. And he's standing by them to the point where later on the seven got this far yet but the he writes down what they are advocating for. And gets into. Police Cendant saying it limiting cash bail. Eighty supports these athletes big time I'd probably all bad job by me on reading tyrant thing upon this up with with relic. I'll when he joins us here in studio in the 8 o'clock hour but the big take way headline is as Stan Van Gundy. Is saying that the players that are protests in the National Anthem. Are in fact patriots. Under the definition of patriotism the athletes and coaches are role models American patriotism. Those the food arguing during the anthem and my guess this'll be a huge story across the country tomorrow. I'm back your calls at 6177797937. Nick is in Worcester I nick. Goodman didn't agree to edit it was deal. Could guess it's up and quit in them just a quick question yeah but we need somebody likes it. And we lost property this lineup which sold all so. I mean we need somebody would it would approach and number number nine solvency. You know line at college of finished but you know why that that they need somebody 'cause they gambled that Hanley Ramirez is going to be the same guy was the year before and Hanley. Stung clash sure yes he was hurt but he he showed zero poppy showed. The idea he was gonna be David Ortiz or David Ortiz light was still to begin with and he showed not about the Red Sox batting order. No way he's so laid ya know we can gain lagged last two years ago he's sort of software field against the Orioles. He makes about twelve left field he loses diving catch the ball. We just sort of nonchalant he stops lobbing her on the pitcher's mound and just. Collided going into the tip of the dugout waving at some well it's sitting in this in the conducting air. He's just he's such a disappointment. I ask you this question beauty Hank and not rush to hire. And I know everything good about the same I just don't know why we think he's the guy dude what better shot at Girardi. Yeah I think that they would have been a lot of interest there if you believe yeah. I would go I I've advocated for core for year only because I I I've I know what yard he's gonna beat you I there's a chance that Al score can be here in Boston. Policy is something different is I. I'd. I wanna be right I want these guys here is that it and it's pretty simple that I wanna be right I wanna be right about this and I and I talked to Red Sox people year ago. That said core was going to be the guy they believe in for a year. Our and I am I trust those people aren't they seeing Cora is a guy who is managed not the Major League level was a bench coach last year. A fourteen to one World Series of managed in other leagues and those keys performed really really well and the players who played for him. I like the Dominican league and in now the World Baseball Classic and others leagues. They love the guy and spoke about it made them better players and they need somebody right now nick specifically. They can relate to the younger players and the knock on Girardi there at the in New York is that. A disconnect between him and guys like judge. And Gary Sanchez and the shortstop as there are forgetting is really really good. So for that reason the guy he's better with a younger players and a lean towards Dallas core body notes San of lecturer. And except shoot. Thanks nick may again no I cook would walk on up saying it's like get Girardi I was still people off year. Because I didn't think the Yankees we domestic rhythm. I still can't with the Yankees got rid of them that says what the audit with. They thought about him and younger players and they must have heard not from the younger guys that they want to make a change there and because of that. Don't corps veteran manager but cores the better choice right now fourteen as a lot of young players in bad intent the embeds and Bogart's. And catchers and it. They needed guide can. Relate those younger players get those younger players to make those guys better. And we'll see if court can do that as the banking on CJ Dorchester at 6177797937. ICG. Having gone down. Opera's got caught it. So. It. It back on the trading block at all. Up though it all for them. Should it be you tell me Sanjay should should that aren't on the trading block I don't they should be. They replayed I don't want I don't wanna be well. Opt out what he and deadbeat dad curse. OK I will now guys that there's no way against the and then if you don't wanna give up that intensity or devers that I guess outlets the Marlins are just dumber than dumb. They're gonna ask one of those two guys as the the key point in the. Object model bumped out and I honestly. It doesn't matter which one blog and get. Hectic time for them to actually start. And the money guys that are going to be all. So you would give up either. Devers orbit attendees part of that deal. I would it would have been about it what they've been wasted. On the money. Are completely and all of us and say they over eight through it knows it might I don't know how I look at what dot. Sort of production and what it's done. This guy out at. Thirty. That's going to be horrible. Yeah but he's also see an act if if there were only one of those guys I I would I guess that would start to agree to CJ here is my issue when you get into. Withstand and we did this for awhile last night I was actually surprised by the amount of people that you do not want to trade for stand at this point. First of all of the trade cap we have to give up and I think it's one of those two guys like you said then another player of the Major League roster pick Bogart's or Bradley. Then what are your top prospects like Jason groom and then no prospect after that. Stands also gonna get paid ten years at thirty million dollars or. He's also 66260. Has a history of injuries. For those three reasons in addition to the free agent class of next year that's why I'm not on Stan doesn't mean he's a bad player. Odd doesn't mean that the price were right the you wouldn't trade for and it certainly does it mean. The Red Sox should not be on every phone call every email every text every snap Chad. Or Derek Jeter wants to work these trade conversations. Other teams the giants the Yankees whoever else involved. When it comes to stand. They should be on every single one. If they're not shame on them and you're reading from the Peter Abraham today. In a tweeting out there now seems a notion that the Red Sox hash tag Red Sox lend up on Hosmer Martinez or stand is starting to appear unfounded. Bigger expenditure could be sending a player or two already on the roster by the way the same day does this PD Abraham says it is in Opel. His prediction is they will side Martinez. To a four year 106 million dollar deal with a option for fifth year. So I'm reading that I'm reading. Then that Chad Jennings the folks in The Herald saying a very similar thing. About the Red Sox not be bald I'm Jen McCaffery over in mass like dot com with your job covering the team. There's this. Base of Red Sox beat writers who wall. Slow playing the off season. And even if I agree they should not be on on stand for a budget for reasons. That doesn't mean that you equate Martinez and Hoss were in the same grouping Martinez it'll cost you money. And he's immediately or right handed power back in your line up which you desperately need this Hanley APEC high. And Hosmer if you believe Bradford today Bradford has the story WEEI dot com. He talked to date more I Kansas City familiar with Hosmer thinks that. More does that if you tell osprey got hit thirty home until bill it that is lack of power is more about his approach now that sort of seems. The pie in the sky. But he can play first base to position you need he's known as an excellent clubhouse guy. He checks awful lot of boxes to pseudo quick post who stands she's dom. Stand as players and money in 300 million bucks worth the money in ten years worth the contract help low these other guys are much less might be money that's not. I'll write the airports can expand to decide these guys. It's long had a caution money in the case of Martinez in May get a caution draft. So be out all three of these guys. As a grouping they should not be equal station is way over a year. And as Martinez a caution money and he cautioned no draft pick an assault precaution money in traffic. They should be viewed separately if the Red Sox are doing their job. And they're not gonna do that how they Celestine who fan base next year. John to Boston on stand and Red Sox a job. A mutt yeah act in a completely accurate if I don't really even get Pallet in the conversation that we would be giving up. Senate and the or Evers to get the get a player we can just. Just give up money yet. A player I know slightly lesser value you look at that what expansions and two that your two two years ago. The numbers across or not he was injured but I mean flash area he had a great year that's one that we won outstanding season. Thank you would pay him. Culver much making. And got a trade away that it and it's like a second Bankrate dot. Why it's that it's the star power thing of him and looking ME mentioned in these players like. Martinez ice the 45 that the 45 home runs a big number. Two years ago when he put out in 58 games he's 38102. So that. Martinez and come out of nowhere and viewed as he is and late in his twenties developing into a real power here from the right side. Who can hit both lefties and Fridays and a big clip he's gonna cost yet twenty million dollars per. No draft picks no players I want back guy and I had to rank any of the three in that group of the and I had that on all equal John I understand that. But for me my preference is. JD Martinez could only money deployment of the outfield maybe they claim the first base the eight using different things and leave yourself flexibility. To still be involved next year. And guys that much shot a or Bryce Harper one of the real only players next offseason if you signed Martinez to let's say. You'll five years and no 120 million bucks. What would that be or about to get all money that it's a true as a draft pick their team. He caught it might I got a minute if it is. So you were beyond stands at the third way analyst. Way nodded and in the body and in the rubble off. Yeah an adult people they see is named their -- John Carlo Gian Carlo. Or Mike. They see their name they get fired up and ice forget ten and thirty and forget the list of players who signed these mega deals is never ever ever ever panned out. Our heads and a car ads on WEEI. There this is where it that the lumber as you know we. Want to win now but as we've seen with bogeys. Hard towards. Guys that we laden Lily Evans on all the talk. The current system is we we we need to all the traps essential it's bursting and those who were watching yeah I don't think Stanton. Number one would be able hold up under the pressure lost I could be wrong but I've seen. Better guy useful on the fresher air is I take my penis just acute side agree. So a whole lot and I'll I'll I am with you I and I don't want the investment a stand but why would stand failed here in Martinez would what's the difference help me out. Well I'm the united so I I've seen it hasn't really at a play under any pressure OK I that's been out there. It and I mean yeah he's got power as the numbers but I just see that some of the ball watch and then of course you know there's you were under the microscope. You and your dog and unfortunately that that's what it's like playing them dictionaries. You know everybody's got to be looked at every move you make a mark spoke I just don't think that should be able to handle it and then. Agreeing with you like ten years down the road you know how many of these guys last want to do very. They don't mean you can count on one hand we go back and look at Ed thanks for the calling openly these contracts. They don't work out the Red Sox know that. That's why they they are slow painted they are really slow plain stand partners. Indeed if you're not that interested in your beacon that to your writers. I still would be on every call every single one to make sure if he goes for cheap on getting him. Celtics are too early 144 lead they have a twelve game winning streak try to make a thirteen and they are set themselves up for one of the early gains of the year for a lot of people the NB a hasn't started laughter Christmas. Is a damn good game on Thursday folks and it is a hot pocket take it. I Celtics and warriors over at the garden. Which you can say with a straight face and not embarrass yourself or another witness Celtics are playing you can sit this out lot and not be embarrassed. Potential finals preview. Celtics and warriors Thursday at the garden. 6177797937. It's Monday night good baseball the start of this football talked Evans relic. You'll join us in studio at 8 o'clock don't wanna work. Evans relic NBC sports boss will join us I just after 8 o'clock here Monday night Sports Radio WEP I'd only get Bradford on Tuesday. You get to mossy on Wednesday but rob is in Florida covering the MLB GM meetings and Tomas he's taking. The week off its east vacation for Tomas he's home all day to kids are at school he gets. But seven hours a day heard him my do the mass of 35. On. Uncommitted hours this week that is is on vacation and he's so why again I'm guessing. Watching movies watching TV. Eating parting I'm doing Chon the mossy things playing video games. And all the warnings from guys are mocking him. It sounds glorious it sounds like a glorious vacation. To do what you want kids out of the house walk Ronnie boxer shorts. And just sort of veggie out. I do I totally new for full five days. Monday through Friday but I do daft for a couple of days. And I would miss said that you know free kids. But I would say that now that that does not sound like a terrible way to spend 4872. Hours. Written through Netflix. Corn and Amazon prime. Already stuff on line. Eating from grub public that's. That sounds pretty decent with it thank you John and get kept make dinner for the kids and make of all we hang out at night. You do some homework you one place and games to watch some TV opponent today do bolting over the next. So to mossy not here while the hot stove show tomorrow myself and Bradford I can only there'll be in the mix early tomorrow as well. I can't abuse until work for me of you gonna missing a bunch of Wednesday's. I'd do other stuff so Ken may be in the mix that'll be tomorrow. On the shows he would troll like tonight give Brad for back tomorrow and Bradford to his credit. Is at the GM made eight GM meetings tonight. Is flying back tomorrow he would tell you. For the hot stove show annual brag tomorrow on the show he's doing is just for the show that he came back in the early before the Scott Boras presentation. Acting as the big deal all Wednesday's Boris talked about his clients tomorrow. Rob is coming back tomorrow not a hot stove show. He's making it back to play in the flag football media game. At Fenway Park this is our. Ball might handles this is no joke now I followed had I don't know if I'm playing this thing tomorrow as well I begged into this game and Robert Pryce said on the air tomorrow. I've been again. When he said there's a chance to play flag football at Fenway Park. I say absolutely. I wanna see Robb play one of one of BT's other old ass fat out of shape media members to. Animal you guys know that's one chance to throw on the the old Wes Welker of retro patriots Jersey. And try to have a beat Tom Caron and Joseph is our bottle Morgan director of flight football tomorrow and NASA and guys and I am all and I am. I got the outfit picked out trying to find headband. This thing tomorrow. Ollie posted a bunch of pictures up on Twitter dot instead Graham and on there at the same account you found me on Twitter at much and UT. WEEI I am destined. Be posting some mop Pardo shots of other flag football media game. And Tom Caron falling down hopefully Brad for pulled a hamstring. Right Hannibal which they gonna add a digger. They're all beautiful and sells me scored touchdowns. In win and MVPs. Most likely looking old and slow and probably. Tool and still be playing in this game. Bought a because the picture answer grandpa bought me some video way as well as rob Bradford is our captain. He's flying home from the GM meetings to play in a media. Flag football game that is backed. That is life for Brad Brooks he's done this for other ties that had the media baseball game the the Yankees Red Sox media game. You'll come all for like vacations to do backed. And make sure he's at a certain place the play and hacking whether it's a new Yorker Boston he isn't obsessive I I want a plane at one time and be one and done. A embarrass myself or get the hell out of there. Rob is obsessed. It's an all item for you tomorrow. Came back assure that a good group hard work better than trendy guy cared she doesn't he came back to play flag football. Against the media that is a lock and Cheryl cook tomorrow night when he's in studio. After this game tomorrow afternoon there Fenway Park. 6177797937. Your phone number the Celtics are rolling a Brooklyn tonight. I Jalen brown said he steeler breakaway dunk carrier ring is scoring it will Jason paid him. Is scoring every once they're on the way to win number thirteen in a row setting up the big game on Thursday. Against the Golden State Warriors. Evan drilled this year you'll join us in studio next we'll talk right off the top. I'm not about stand now the Red Sox will talk Pete Abraham who once again took a shot edge relic and other guys the beat today. In this high horse reporter's notebook. He loves to post the Boston Globe website Lou that pleasure calls Mott at night's Sports Radio WB.