How much of a contender are the Red Sox in the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes?

Mut at Night
Monday, November 13th

Baseball's GM meetings opened up today, and one of the biggest names rumored to be on the trade block is Miami slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Mut talks about what it could take to get a player like Stanton, and if it's worthwhile for the Red Sox to make a play for him.


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I really got Howard to monetize Sports Radio WEEI fresh off a big patriots win in Denver last night the week ten. Other season wraps up later on this hour Panthers and dolphins you'll hear it 745. On WEP I'd tell them we'll talk to you six wants them. 7797937. You wanna jump in on patriots and Broncos demolition. The pats had of Denver in Denver you're certainly welcome to do that I wanna play for you. Later on in this hour for a get out here and national hostess finally come around on Tom Brady amazing once wins well big game in Denver now some people Polly wanna admit. He might be the best the ticket long enough will play that for you before we got here at 7:45. AM Mike Green Burke has a new show. And it has. He ridiculous name. You've not seen these yet we'll get to that we're getting here at 745 as well. In addition the patriots this week I believe a big topic and I'm on this show I'd Alec I can't speak for every show. Wanted to show here at night will do probably some form of a little bit offseason baseball. Every single light this week we're here ever drought is in tomorrow for rob Bradford Bradford and Wednesday during the hot stove show. Ford Johnson mossy. Who is staying home with the kids or be casing kick in slots though Joe's cell was cam layer I think here on Wednesday but. The big topic will be. Gian Carlo Stan. And if you read the reports this weekend in the Miami Herald in fact it was Clark Spencer. On the Miami Herald had the headlines Saturday morning Red Sox have a growing interest Gian Carlo stand other team's health whether island as well. Imagine number of home runs as the lead to the story. Magic number of home runs that Giancarlo Stanton might it be played half his games in Fenway Park 657075. Those involves who could fight as early as next season. I'm he writes according to a Major League source talks in the Red Sox in the loans involving you trade for the slugger quote may be heating up and quote. They're definitely in play the source said the Red Sox or at least exploring the possibility. Of acquiring the majors would reigning home run king. Of course any deal involving stand involves two key issues right Spencer. The mass amount of money still load to end its ten years at thirty million per 300 million bucks. He's full no trade rights which allowed to accept or veto any trade below once Arnie hammer. Teams are already talking to. The Marlins according to Spencer when it comes QG girls stand cardinals Phillies giants Red Sox along those four. I Spencer goes on their speculation stand will prefer to play on one of the two coast but so far he's given no indication to which cities you most prefer or dismiss outright. He has stated it or it be part of a winning team Sundays never experienced in his eight seasons with the Marlins. He doesn't wish we part of rebuild what's expected to occur in Miami with you ownership. The Red Sox meanwhile Spencer writes compared to increase payroll even to the point exceed luxury tax threshold I would add that seems almost they've locked. Matter what they do they stayed blow it. They'll go about this year and next year the year after that had to reset I'd say somewhere in early 2020. The bad the next resent. John Henry gave up Dombrowski confirmed that last week. I'm Spencer and historically to browse you like to think big and the Marlins have conducted is within the past most notably 2007 blockbuster. It's that Miguel Cabrera. To Detroit I know all gonna be the minority on this and I know that this will be an offseason of people. Yelling at me and call me Didier how stupid I am and what don't I get. I want no part of Gian goals stand at BC and asking price. Now if team commented the reduced rate of one about to say that obviously would make some cents. But if you read through some of the insider stuff over the weekend. And you clocked as some people. The expectation is it's going to cost you at least one tailor made ready to go Major League all star were soon to be all star. It's going to cost you. After that a couple of other. Players. Whether it would be young Major League player looking young star in and blew over what are your top four or five guys. So you start with that intend to your devers vote you wanna talk watching girls and from all indications it starts with Ben antennae or devers. And then it goes to another young player off the roster may be Bradley may be Bogart's and they want your top prospects in addition. You might it take on a major chunk of the salary which is thirty million dollars par and that is the big reason why. The Marlins and Derek Jeter want to read a stand he's an excellent player obviously not funny and you don't know but that salary news. Choking the Marlins. And a big team could accept that in all likelihood even at the thirty million dollars per they had to. But that's a lot of money. So here's what I would say about this deal at those. At that proposed price. Then attending or devers. Plus another young star also top prospect loss of thirty million dollars per. Absolutely positively now. That's the first reason I don't like the deal. Because of what it's gonna cost you and we'll get your reaction as well 6177797937. Here's the other one. It's the injury make up of Jean Karl stand now what are the major injuries he had he got hit in the face any you can't blame him for that. This a bigger guy right is a bigger player will get to some of those numbers here to second. But you go back to 2011. He missed eleven games strike hamstring strain quad strain. 2012. He missed 36 games knee issues abdominal strain 2013. 44 games. Hamstring strain left shoulder soreness. And any of broke its EU broke space city broke his hand to some of those things. You can't really blame on him. And I wouldn't blame on him but those first couple years right. Hamstring and shoulders. For a guy who is built like a brick bleak house that is to be expected. That is to be expected that he is going to happen he set the injuries as a bigger player and so when you're investing in these players. You would get in ten years and 300 million dollars. You're abilities got to be brought up. And that date to browse you brought up toward their ability today Alex spear and rob Bradford and others reporting from these GM meetings. I guess the browser is athletic player with it a ten year. Contract that's what he has less than ten years in 300 million bucks and he brought durability. Our ability pastor beacons term with Stan if you're gonna pay and that much when he was seen it. Here boss we're guys come here and they get hurt and the way the fans react. Whether it's been Jacoby Els area Hanley Ramirez or made your mirrors your paid a lot here. Answer me alls earth he paid a lot any still got raked over the coals. With the second X ray and all that stuff be dealt with your boss. We are very critical about guys it'll play the maxim money games that you don't play 15155. In Europe consulate on the DL couple times a year. It's an issue in Boston. With the media in with a fan base this guy 66. He's 28 years old he has an injury history. For the price is gonna cost you and because of those injuries. I may thanks but no thanks on Jean Karl Stan. Here's a third reason. It's what's gonna be up next year. And I'm reading today at the Red Sox were adjusted in Logan Morse and purchasing Carlos Santana poser Scott stopgap players. Those are guys who. Are not gonna be stars. Those guys are are not players that are going to. Set the world on fire here in Boston. Here are some guys that could. Here is part of the free agent class of next offseason 20182019. Bryce Harper Manny Machado Clayton Kershaw and Josh Donaldson Daniel Murphy Dallas Michael. Charlie black and Andrew Miller sacked Britain Craig Kimbrel. On your team anyway. There are a lot more than that but that is the Jeff passed in primer. On the big names available next offseason. And it's the one there at the bidding that shouldn't get too excited. Bryce Harper mating which Otto. Those guys will probably cost you as much financially or close to withstand gonna cost I understand that they're not gonna cost two hander Ben intending. They're not gonna cost you rock feel devers or Jackie Bradley junior or Zander Bogart's. It is not sexy. People are gonna be annoyed by this approach and they're gonna want to start they're gonna see the home runs by stand and say. Red Sox to every can go get this guy. I am at the price that is currently listed forgy call stand the sticker price for this guy I am saying absolutely positively not. I would rather Red Sox stop gap that in the middle of the lineup Logan Moore sent or. Carlos Santana. Or jump in on JD Martinez. Will be pretty expensive in his own right or Eric Hosmer. If it allows them to stay in place for Bryce Harper Manny Machado Josh Donaldson in two years. And I get it yet do so on the would devers a third day I don't I don't that's I want them to be played for those guys. Those guys a year from now. Our guys have been more just today and especially given you want to give up prospects for them then. Giancarlo Stanton this year. Absolutely positively not. Now the price comes down to take on a big chunk of money and you knock in a bad intent here devers okay. That amounts are not going to outcry followed with a deal. But given that sticker price right now hell no. Stop gap but for a year. Start to reset your own guys Bogart's bets. Talked about a penny about a contract is and get paid these guys to. Put yourself in position where next you're you're one of those big guns. Harper which Otto Kershaw Donaldson eccentric. That's what I want. 6177797937. The phone number the injuries the free agent class the money did the prospects involved. Just say no if you're the Red Sox who GA girls stand. Karl on the cape waiting patiently on now the slugger whose public going to be traded here at some point this offseason got Karl are you. A month I don't be an excellent events that the people but yet. And several accidents. The clock up outlook. Mean I think you perk scenario would be where you talking about. Are envisioning all we don't give it up and and be giving up you know I don't think you're you're gonna talk about given up that much jet that. However. If that decay. There and beat them but it will blocked it right. Number I don't know the name out so be it. Could be how well Jose a great from the White Sox. Was apology written statement. Put it first baseman I hit 35 home runs like little rocket up yards. Now he's the guy that we can probably package Chapman. Swap it out and go get him and he's control over the next. Yeah good question that we heard his name it and your phone's breaking and out their Carl thanks for your call. Is arbitration eligible he can't be afraid until 2020. And he's legit middle the order power that's what you get with Jose Abreu. Says he's thirty years old who knows. If we've obviously had players and Nicole were from. Cuba and it's not been thirty but is it his first four years pretty damn good 363025. And 33 home runs. 1070101. Or two RBIs. All PS the 964. 85829. A six. Depending on the trade again. I'd feel more comfortable investing. A prospector to for a bright you that I would be giving up one and again to give up for stand. And we stand on Tony it's gonna start with devils have been debtors have been intended you can't if you're Derek Jeter you can't. Not get. One of those guys off the Red Sox. In a trade for Stan what it limited fan base you have there in Miami trying to sell to. Baseball fans too already. Are pretty fair weather there in Miami you better get a start backing young story can build upon so. I think you're given a one of those guys in return our Dave on the cape I'm talking about the Red Sox had it. Built up mud yeah obligated. Your accurate I think they're slow play this. And get it stop gap while it is here and wait till next year when all the guys Iraq. Why why waste prospects of play is to get there and what you said the guitar like the player. But Maclean injury prone bodies are dedicated. Fund. 66 incidents to spotlight it's too big talk 66 almost 27. And so you wait a hop or Mossad knows someone a guy that you know to hear admitted he used are depression or more than just cute. Yeah that that's certainly part of it I've met it's not it's on my list reasons why wouldn't trade form I'm not I'm not saying he's gonna show up here and the spotlight too big foreign boss I wouldn't say that but the financial investing up to make the players you'd have to give up. The free agent class next year those in my top reasons and I'm surprised the early reaction has been sort in that same camp. I'm when it comes to stand my expectation was that be dealing with the stand people all offseason when I came to this guy Erickson a car hire. I had done my good. Favorite show up there yeah he's been. Just want to shut outburst got. But yet I was I was thinking that you know most successful programs such as. The Celtics with he dumped in a rookie duo well that you got Catholic mad about it patriot cumin. Coming up. For cheap and in what I mean you know just relying having good coaching animal that big budget yet or not me. But with the Mets are now albeit a bit farm system like. The Celtics semi the PGA tour we have a good fit somewhere. Began we can get them know that like and judged yankees beat you get that. Come to a that'll look after someone their summer league coached are really not at that coach. Yeah I mean as far as the that the prospect line it's certainly more than that it was before Dombrowski got here. In Dave Dombrowski straight it's a major prospects of this team he's landing Chris alias Lannan Craig Kimbrel Saudi you would take. The deals he's made but in that process is emptied out. Some of those guys as for Yahoo! would be next. In the next guy probably in that the top. The Sam Sam Travis is probably a top ten prospect who might get an opportunity here. An and Michael changes. My coach Davis who had a good year at Portland last year. I went to the Arizona Fall League and he's playing first base now there at Arizona Fall League all recognizing that devers is locked in a third. And they get at the imposition change for him. Those good cue from position will standpoint and OJ groom is is seen in the mix obviously gay or Florence who was a tank top five prospect. Before he died unexpectedly last year last week I at the age of what 1718 years old. Due to the complications testicular cancer that spread very very quickly. So that was an awful awful situation. That you know narrows again there at the prospect pace they'd they don't appear to have a judge or a Sanchez. As far as next year. What date hope is that we'll keep bets turned back the clock these MVP candidate Bogart's finds a power. And then antennae is that that Sanchez guys were in year two he just explodes. Are adamant things brought out on your WER. Miracle and I'm out there Adam. They so. That's what this is my take care I blame Caracas and how to handle it. Like downward. I don't hurtful to point out with a contract. Nearby daycare we take in Stanton. We went through 200 million. People prospects. Now know and we'll keep that script they're all these guys come free agent Andy and mean assuming we're at a trickle but. The to have we're viewed 500 million over the luxury tax John Henry in charging a house quickly. Mean it is not you could try to got free agency or a hundred million less. That does similar that sentiment that then and now we're at the trade up everything percent. I would agree a 100% and Eddie it's it's a good thing Adam brought up and back to the call the other guys out to recite here at someone Dockery signed all of them. We don't want Chrissie of their long term anyone bogey that's your long term and Andrew Bennett attendee at the start that is those guys gonna cost you some money not. Sales gonna cost you a fortune right away the other guys. The levee that means eighty get a middle contract done maybe seems a likely would bet maybe more so Bennett Teddy. I'll put up with him Matt and and I don't promise been all over stand. And he's not the only one by the way and that is not knocking the player it's knocking the contract in knocking we have to get up give up to get a but basically initial reaction wow I I guess the other the other side of its committal one that gets you fired up it's not the anti stand take the pro stand take. Might be the one that Red Sox fans are offended by. Which I was not expecting you and the lack of star power right now on this team. We'll get to your phone call 6177797937. A national radio host is finally will wanna say it. Tom Brady's best quarterback of all time we'll play that for you and Mike Greenburg has a new show. An eight title for his new show. Which elected along kind of to really. White board and figure out. League workshop this thing when it comes to Greece news show it to that to your phone calls and right up until Monday Night Football here WE yeah.