How will Patriots impact players fare in fantasy football this season?

Fantasy Football Podcast
Saturday, June 10th

Today’s Fantasy Football Podcast features Pete Davidtson’s conversation with Mike Tagliere of Fantasy Pros.  Pete and Mike get into a bunch of players including all of the Patriots’ running backs, Rob Gronkowski and Brandin Cooks. They also delve into Tyrod Taylor, Kenneth Dixon, Martellus Bennett and Sammy Watkins just to name a few.  Jim Hackett returns in a few weeks.


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Okay everybody welcome back to Tennessee and we'll podcast on W. Yeah I dot com he gave to your once again hosting this week. My. If I could for nothing partner Jim Hackett is a way he's actually on his way to Africa. So much Checketts and act in Africa well we'll see it definitely gets back but. Hopefully Jim is a safe trip and a good time. He's doing what he's got to do is better have his from Africa so these going overseas. The extended family have agreed times Jimmy. So just we get a little business out of the way here this fantasy football pot is brought to you by moxie soda. America's number one carbonated beverage. And by Atlantic power clean. Today I got a really great guest he's filling in for hacker really appreciate it mr. Mike tag earlier Mike is the lead writer. NFL writer for fantasy pros and he joins us today Mike thanks for coming number. Oh they are empty it's always it's always it's our hope longer arm or the show and we reap all the mention me to opera three hours I'm pretty sure it's our twenty Robert street off so well. Every player talking about every situation I'm sure many would be in today but top deputy out. Yes you know I I don't know if you remember back in the fifties and sixties and dancing bear arms. But apparently it's couples would dance and like they would fall on the floor it drop out the last couple standing win. It it was just. Running your mouth I don't mean that about which is literally talking without stopping. On this football I think you're in the top five. I would I would hope so I mean you can. I mean I can go a long time silver and I didn't almost three hours. And editing that with past. What ultimately I just decided to cut off was with both ports over it's over. With. Our you're amazed you can just. When you get like some years ago. I appreciate and means a lot because he spent Evans elbow and Obama's home rich and bird on the podcast. Unless it's. Talking to people. You smarter and faster but now you are people like that. You put it if you haven't to predict and don't be open and don't let don't be closed my editors. At the age enter but maybe there's a miss your analysis but. Are no studies and all along the we can talk about it's about you know I don't know podcasts like this it's freelance that you just about anybody. At 80 lead it's an eligible one. Yet but the thing I love about you as a lot of things personally agree commission brought me greatly appreciate. What your your what I call. For solar says the senator but your not what down which. Which means you don't need your laptop you don't need the paper you don't need the spreadsheet you can you can literally keep your eyes. Google with duct tape. And you two hours ago and now and I love that. Silva is the same exact way the ball it's all that he's like Kramer it's all up here and there I love that I love that they need in your like me you love the old school trapped. Where you don't have six hours to look at your can decide what he would do you've gotten ninety seconds BD less and you have to think on your feet I know you and I both enjoy that. That's it a fantasy football it's our little you know. So I don't I wasn't talking about display and is an inaugural like me you've been doing this a long time not necessarily. Prognostications. About what you've been playing the game along time. Arguing is that something you sort is sort of like a lost hour and dying fast there. It really is because used to beat us ultra when he first came to slow or an hour or that was just like. Sheppard were the person someone was. In. The country. In the can't make the draft. Or our nature that you trapped oh this circumstance so during the slow track to fall back option but not hole. And more people wanna do it all the time when you don't repeat in our early. It was like trying to pick a deeper pretty. Slow draft Natixis spot away from it it's you know your Eagles don't look at sprint and we are able to look you know you're close at her for her the number. The guys and number oh you can basically. They're going to hit in the hours and it's really unfair. In the crap don't you hours and you're not. Mentioned. It and we're about is that I feel like I'm prepared and don't let me or our researcher at you can make a draft what are your. I'm prepared and stuff and you know when you're. When you're being jittery it all but that's something usually. There's supports gullible as you know not a lot of it was writers league's richest. I would I would for every single one of my dressed he asked why are with the exception TVs and on and perhaps because those ones that you know strangers right it will. You know it's funny it's you you you sort of hit an element headgear it's the paradigm is completely flipped whereas I used to think you know drafting was agree invention a great idea it well because yes he'd. It was another club in your bag he needed if you could schedule but now. It's become the standard and when you suggest a lot for a people want to. Oh. You blatantly. Anti. I love these and there's nothing more fun to be room with some best friends on. And when you see your friends you're left in there about and the guy takes. GM's you know big time. And watching that person scramble shuffle papers haven't they'd rather be and it's redress operate no deal optical out. I don't have eight hours you can't say I'll be right back. And that's just fun to watch in time you have to be involved in the it is it's it's it's fun looking around the room and seeing it through through people show went through magazines you got him B. I definitely miss that. That very personal element of drafting and and and the actual steel. Being able handle the pressure. You know there's no you're under pressure when you draft anymore and I think. Not to get too over the rainbow into this but you know. Look where this is supposed to be there she right in fantasy is supposed to be so level removed from reality in the NFL draft there's a load of pressure but it's guys. There you know those guys we see on camera they're not because of pressure they just about the car runup but those guys in the war room. Those are high intensity high pressure situations that clock starts to run your ability to think clearly can be compromised by the pressure and I think it's a shame that we don't see as much of that in there. And I just mail letter 11 more. You can edit read and man. They collider might leagues that's how it works what my friends my only because you know we have a thing where. These guys that show tonight and might she she and I had. What are the one here they literally say what's that broke this. Really a portable radio. In the out of the and I had done a hot topic every player. Game and they were recorded on repeat so they're playing all podcasts in the back on the big areas. Problem. My friends the same way they will bring my cheat sheets. Just them but me like even if and using. Real put it out it's but as the Mets for my. Shots that I consider it Novo. Stay clean sequel to outsmart them with the pressure get to you but the first couple years of that. I'm a lot it took some adjusting from need to know that there are people in the room. Using my stuff against me it was and it was something I never experienced before and I was the kind of raptor were among the mine number one. Age that I had on people was my deep work. You know the picks that happened after a 150 players are off the board that's where I always really made day if I had a bad slot in the draft or fight things had gone well three early. That's where I caught up was at the end I had a short list of guys and knew nobody else was going to be autumn. Well guess what now I published my short list and everybody in the room as it and so there's no more pulling out Stuckey who like so now I want this guy. Where I used to take him around 201917. Got to take a 161514. Something like that. And it. The degree of difficulty is race. Doppler to embrace it but just to what you're saying I mean it's. And none of the people in my audience rate or care about this is like Pete idol gives people sheets one. And and no Republicans immediately that you don't get it right when you look at them are very similar look. To be your article EC prepares you prohibit. It's going to talk about players to reach for it needs of the players that. A lot of similar in the rankings sheets but the players extra round 82 rounds just to ensure you get the Martina because. That being under the case may be the players reach or politically or me to know the B. After that. In eight or rather are not players but that's what it's like. Trying to do little ED thing that hasn't been done exactly show rankings that you know yourself that you're out. One article and out of step and nobody really knows so. You know you just yet. Flat rankings are so hard and illegally putting about some ways because. I mean I'm so happy that I had the podcast now because now I put rankings that I do women with their crazy we do 500. Guys in rankings. Correct when skip past 300. The orders much looser the book what. The fact that I have the podcasts now and I can bring that extra dimension and talk about tears and yeah I have this get in fact you know what there's a guy you I think you had Dixon ranked 69 we're gonna get that in just a second. And I think I I bought a goat for memory of I think you state your people in that they McKay is what I have to rank his power to take it right so that's the thing with rankings you wanna be able to add that type and context every single guy. Bomb and it is so for me I do rankings I do would draft when an article that goes the rankings I do podcast that goes with those two things. And try to give as much dimension and texture as you can so it's not just a list of names. Contrast that against a deeply. So at the article you were just talking about guys you might go. A little bit extra to get a little bit early yet is there one name you want assorted teas that are a little bit with one example if you don't notice that there. Yeah mineral nuclear. Animals every single. Most starting. Earlier this all. Around is the number EU wide receiver coming up the board on an error on the ones that stand out a record John Browne on you're on three CNET. Number out. He's healing is much higher than yours on her work. You know I think there's been a lot of people talk about our sun and Microsoft. Or compare what that her first picked him up because what. Doing production like aren't you researching availability guarantee you a quick 120 targets which blocks in the top thirty I want you to finish though he's a floor deck. He really is that three that's prepared he team but it talk and reach for a John Brown he slowly moving dot org burger and forty. Aboard now. I would argue that he is better hit that Larry FitzGerald here I think you're you're thirty or he's. Michael's daughter. John Brown people are getting you the number twenty receiver just two years ago in that was we. You know I don't earlier this journal what Michael is playing well inch dolls and the team. So who's going to sixteen brown as a player and I'm pretty much targeting animal precinct or. Yeah and it makes sense and listen with car I think it obviously the thing we worry about what brown is is the injury. Actor and and and the problems he's had with his hamstrings in the weird thing it's up to the sickle cell thing last year. I heard much about that. I heard. Gosh there's something. What was it about weaknesses of other talking about some other things that he's been struggling without us. Final chorus my hat back on. Of course that didn't write you know I talk about this and the doctors and the fact that they're on top of this they said he OP. Carson Palmer against the doubt that's the that's the news right well that's the thing he lived within people about it you've lived. In fifteen or that's his best when that wide receiver he wants and so. When you're breaking up are they go round and cardinals all due date and much as people want to say he's going out and are even. He's the show in town he's he's the guy that people game went around under a stop because we cardinals. John Brown isn't going to end a browns they you know. Consistent goblins are gonna beat but it is where a wide receiver that does that superb job ground. I would come uncomfortable. Murder and a wide receiver which are too tired and eat those right now and threats and cut. As mentioned it's it's starting up but I'm trusting as opens OK and you bet against the public when it comes you. You know players staying healthy players getting hurt. But prominent house this year if you're able to get him the third third round it just ridiculous value for him. Yeah I do pick prosecute going to bring up here's my listening audience like score co dot com. But yeah you know I mean. Timmy gronkowski value hasn't really changed it's the same thing you you always have sort of shape the snow globe with the injuries you never know you're gonna. Get a lucky year or not but he's the scene gras. And you know if you look at all the things they've done there all the new moving parts. Crocs he's croc is like along with Brady is he's the runner. You know nothing's gonna change with him all these guys stretching the defense and creating different mismatches to me just helps us to. You know he's good he's. He's you know if if you look at it as a plate of food he he's the main entree he he's he's okay he's he's the he's the piece of meat on the on the plate and I don't think that's gonna change and if he's healthy for sixteen weeks I. Nothing against all the people who love zoos mr. Kelsey but you know crock is still the industry standard. At that position. Deduct every step we're actually I I as I got a little tidbit that trend throughout hug you won here are Tom Brady went Hart and Robert Hughes career. 600 I had. Targets but that's roughly about would you agree on every single year. And she's got a full season throwing to yet so it's a lot of people Bagram and are most ready I've heard it's. 6774. Yards that set six touchdown. Is that ridiculous that. Yes so. Justice or just jump in a lot of experts said I think they're going to continue to target them as can be successful and you know. Why we're here as we both agree drug use and look I'll Google earlier in the bird ran across maybe the situation. I'm about to take the first of the sport but I might go early in the third. That's what's cook's first. While we're here as I know you can do this line there I I would huge favorite local player. I think he's got a little bit better each year in terms of his routes I hate it you know I I is out route in particular I think he's blinking. Breaking up completely flat now he's not rounding it at all so I think you know he's fine tuned I think he accepted a lot of coaching then there. In New Orleans. The thing is when I look at him in the patriot offense. It's hard to see him as a staple on a weekly basis he seems to me be more of an explosive factor because agency element being the route guy and we Torre talked about Gradkowski sort of the sledgehammer. I'd like cooks I think he's going to be great dad for the patriots but in fantasy football terms I'd seen him go in the second round sometimes. And usually in the third I think. In most of the traps I'd seen. But he got to forgive me I I'm from new York and Ottawa player and that's the shooters yeah I usually about fifty traps and mine are not only about 5%. Argument with coach I sort of feel like he's going to be overdraft for. He is yeah and I will wait that's I I projections because it was all right after that. Are you a little bit of assault and are looking at agreeing in the running backs and even my mostly. You know your role expert at your genes and expansion you know Bill Belichick is talk about him what does. It. Easter thinking OK the Barbara. Paper him. You know Chris Hogan western region. Was a wanna are now last year or so we're doing element then. And then the news breaks yesterday that you don't extensions essentially in a million or three years I think what it melts you. I'm not guaranteed they are and it's a Julio that is going to be part of they're not gonna it's the art from Robert house each in order you to bring in cuts to happen. But I think what Brian Cox does it is different that what he doesn't and that's why I think. The football move allocate. Them to bring us refer trumpet. Particularly for what they paid him. Exactly what you look and people tend to value traffic is just how aware of her nose and that's why is. Bill Belichick is not a great talents I don't think that business I don't think. When it comes off and the player I should say you know when you look at the players that they did the wide receiver about it and specialists what Bill Belichick as a coach and he's written work by. Pretty cool thing you know we did the guys that he's brought it he doesn't seem to scout college players well. But it got that he's brought in from different parts of the NFL he's done pretty well. Cultured no receivers receivers but it mess. Yet they yet but I mean you know that's the players on phenomenal. Run defense Stephon Gilmore what are they opened in print or don't what are let's get back for a long time so. You know there's merit in the bill wasn't work and amber. Out of all together. But the second and I think going in its. You figure out what you want and not indestructible. He want me to your luck to you. His intent yeah that's obvious. Say this about podcast partner for awhile until that time of upsetting people and you know I'm not trying to. You know for a shade robbery it's just you know heroin I I've turned forty I know what it's. I'll go to like getting out and you know I know like I had a match I don't mats Wednesday night I'm still feel that rose so. And on slower rate now as we speak. And I you know it's been over 24 hours play. On so yeah I mean. The bumps and bruises stick with you longer. So I mean I mean pretty. Based on last year. Shirts got in the year and if if he's playing this year the way we saw him playing in the last year. Yeah. Amoled operated this year but listen to similarly number 83 years from now because. I think we're all in Europe but they mostly a moment about her and just adding to the position that they really really you. There untreated for Dwayne Allen you know. We keep bringing in all the running backs are all types of snow and all of Eddie's wife. Birkhead the least sleep or at Dion Lewis these are some of wrote Obama's favorite guys when we did their rookie reviews with him I don't know we must long beast. I felt like this neighboring. It's funny to me like trying to do everything out. Any talks with a guy that was in New Orleans because he wasn't getting enough target we're talking about a guy. Like prime targets of the going to the patriots I don't. Think that he's going to see more targets than that it's hard art at a bit more efficient and torture re already. Talking to. Promote. Receivers. In the midst. I think slick psychologically for him I think it's easier to ride second fiddle to gronkowski and or cattlemen and it was for him to see. Michael Thomas come in and sort you don't pass and so quickly. I mean yeah they needed pass him but you don't I mean I think. You know cooks was their first Thomas came in it was a revelation I think there's a competition between those two guys. So yeah I mean becoming second fiddle Eric it would hurt. For them whereas in New England Revis comes in and and you know does what it takes to help the team in Martellus Bennett did them for that did it happen last year. I I know I don't get handle patriot way thing by. They do a really good job of getting guys to become team players. Yeah that I think that's a low corporate books because. You know you talk about oh and you can play out and playing well Q and that's all. Those birdies you know touched a hundred yards out. Happens in games but. Coach is not a prototypical number one wide receiver now when. You won once situations and he comes out when it now. I opened it about what are the other guys are gonna miss that is. And it's certain to be in bed and 201. If you addressed in the second round of her retract league I think our culture all that you didn't let third round and you look at the names that are surrounding him you're about as younger opt in on Robinson. Who went questionable situations well they didn't let yourself. When you get into that situation. They're in a game in week waiting weeks I am so Harvey Cox again. Not a second round pick in my it's my first two draft. I wanted to guarantee thing a guy that's going you've put up. Every single week I don't have to worry about it cooks could get lost in the mix sometimes putting up your or went weeks but once you. All the benefits of it when he has a blow we like a hundred yards and touchdowns. I'm with an odd odd I'm all it's so weird I mean it's like you know I've been playing fantasy too long I think this week but I'm almost planning to get cooks in 2008 team. It's because I mean it's that I can almost see that the swing I think people disappointed with the statistics at the end of this year you know probably plays and then he'll be that it will be down on him next year. And next year I think you know core casket be your older. Cattlemen will you know. I think once he's got a full year in the patriot system and a full offseason patriot system I think. Then I'm gonna start get excited about him so I sort of think 2018 beyond this to be. I'm I'm a big fan player and it and I think interesting here is that this is a god Belichick. I can't remember the exact reason but I know he practiced with him at some point. Where there was probable war or something that he spent some time in the practice with coaxing know each girl. And you'll Belichick has a good track record. We he's going after players that sort knows Danny wood from from the jets and pre season and stuff like that hole. Welker these types of players go at least we could be another guy this year where Belichick season twice a year. Picks up a good football players is. And you know the thing about goalies who's a guy we can talk about is that you're hive mr. It's such a typical Belichick signed a guy who's technically very good player guys under read it by the numbers but then also a guy who's coming off of his rookie year. She's his rookie deal exceedingly low mileage at a market friendly deal announced could be the patriots lead back it's just vintage brooch. There is you know say emblems and chestnut that it would just checkers and it's true. Well I think it's the bills literally three yes it really isn't saying what they did Clinton and we're trying to cheat. Basically restricted free agent equipment in items. Of that Robert and and if that show and bills couldn't put it like etc. urban early and all but the browns AM. It was it was basically a couple or do you really. Deeper you know twelve point 10 what do I know it's in the range wood and a couple hundred dollar and that girl's breasts are abstract. Or trying to raise money back at it ransacked and endlessly and to see the patriots it's kind of I go along with it because. The bill went at it's much running and backed up just that you ergo you know about him or about you don't McCoy and Jonathan Williams. They had bells and recklessly so they were so they're now looking at them it's it's quite a different story you're asleep in his offense best and be as. Like your. Was gonna Google it last year that's about it Gallagher is a very good running back. Last year we look at is yards after contact which is traditionally what you're supposed to ignore important as we know ask your. You all yards after contact. New east division ran the ball ball outside of the goal line but again eighteen touchdowns Tennessee players want to believe that was really really really do it. So what are eagle. And two so different directions here. Mike you know let's let's you know go ahead and go in the direction that followed the Eagles percent from which I like where you're going to pick it suit you go Erica it's going to be it's over I. Igniting and they're do you think there's problems rate to at least at least to get out of there at third if you've got one but the two I see right off the bat our. An eight the platforms does give it. Flat out play well just not as good. Nobody wants to nobody nobody jams the box against the patriot choosing to do what he's running against white fronts here you can go and against against the Eagles will teams don't want to jam box against the Eagles they're gonna wanna dear armored beat them and it's going to be hard even from even footing. But worse than that. Look at the game flow the game four is not going to be the patriot game for your anti percent of the time or more the game was going to be back in the Eagles are. Below average football team most likely or media average generous and that played a tough schedule so. And I think game flow could easily be a huge problem it what mr. This is. A great fit we don't even if that the heat when he went there he's pretty. Beat you are worse than they wondered what. I don't know what do you fear because he took a reason you. Super Bowl was if you are key. Last year Ryan Matthews was so when that nobody wants. To appears. Never keep it consistent all you can talk about how you want but we're booked for. Even that doesn't fit the scheme. He did it exactly what you're it's just not a bad one. Matt his skills as much broader than once so yes it is betting that tends to bring back anger on it so yeah I think that's attempted murder and put you on it. But coming back to get clean bills good what he has and he best bet in all situations he was not a team that's not the patriots as a team that Robert. He's good wouldn't oh hole. Up at receiver the quarterback can only for an it exactly. So you look at the bread and it really want to market and we're number has asked that in greeting or or contact the running backs but. Michael what do we should running backs and two years and look at that he's got. More than ten carries he's produced were those carries. That's something the patriots and you only get the treatment of Rex that's fine you know what three million a year is on an emblem. Yeah it with a big anyone else that you James White a lot where money is important. So undervalued aren't there. Used more efficient and it was two dollars and and a. We talked about it last year before the season you know you know what happens of whites having a great year. You know he's Dion Lewis really we were very low India last year he's on my favorite players I logged in as the players exciting. He's fun I love the way he runs. But reality is reality and the thing that people fell asleep on his how good whites. Yes and and the thing about ladies a bigger player he's better pass protection. He can do some things that DO doesn't do well in and what the patriots saw a chance to bring for running backs in for the price of one great running back basically. And yet now they're deep. Everybody fits this scheme to with a four can be power runners if you need to be if you need white to run power he can do it. And now you can use the best aspects of DO Lewis. Without worrying about where there. That's the big influences of our runner and James quarters but why did is because the clintons would bet that they get what's coming in with her coming and you really don't know. The ball much you may. It's possible that he or expert. You. Possible that's a double talk eat each week it is hard by a role in running backs but. I didn't go back to the days running like all those different running backs and it's I really do believe this is going to be one of those things where. It's going to be fun for daily. Because you could take a stab at some of these guys to there'll be crazy expensive. But I think it's going to be game plans specific one week it's can legally sleet may be goalie sleep more often than any of the others but. I think they're gonna seed teams they think they can use Birkhead and and the other guys as well it's going to be like throwing darts. It's it's definitely definitely better basketball. But if you're bigger better and somebody out of that actual score touchdowns Balladur on oh it's definitely definitely going to in my ghostly. Let's let. I see that but here's just one thing out there and it is because. I'd love mines reports and the one thing we saw Berkett college is he is immediately and I mean you could. Goal. So. And add your probably right Achilles it's so that especially when you look at his efficiency last couple seasons and things done but I'd I'd just what is partner. Burkett is he really good in short yardage go. What are you concerned well. Her head buried on the depth chart for a long time behind the likes a teacher will and you'll earn our I hue Jackson's your hue Jackson was due coaches went through Burke at. It is I did not get. You know every last most of us troop. So herb that's my concern and it. That they'd the other two backs were bigger names and they had more to attract capital and those guys in Birkhead you know. Was the only guy and he didn't he ran incredibly slowed to come on which I don't think is indicative past. But don't look they look it in and we would be in the same conversation about releasing two years ago right. You know why did all these mediocre action in Miami plays at the lease was wildly because Miami was wrong. I. And that's exactly how great it is one coaching and I'm back at me and he got the wrong or. There's multiple teams that are a bit bigger Mike London. It's a lemon and it. I don't really think if you're looking at the I don't know really good yeah that's not something. That million dollars a year but I don't want them. I have more B a coach and if and when it's one coaching staff but it's multiple coaching staff and asked Dario Kirk. And I think that's going to get you don't Crist and Michael syndrome has. When you watch Christian like what it might look like a Becky argue. And our roster last year you know with all. Right right exactly. Think that. What doesn't the ball pass protect doesn't get through routes rate that it looks. Like right now. And we don't see he looks great running the ball but we don't see how many times he goes off the menu where the coach yeah. Fifteen yard run missed the whole. Bunch of things he did wrong even about those better carries he he's that kind of back. But listen I'm with you I'd like at least my only point is. I think this is I really think all of these packs are very good and I think that's going to be where the financing nightmare comes from is that Belichick is not hesitate. To use any of these guys if they say. This particular player because these guys are all gonna have there and it. Schemes their pet plays and I think that nature's gonna look at okay of all of the plays we run what's gonna break against this defense and the backs who run those plays. The most or the best are going to be in the in the mix that week that's how they do it so. You know I just say it. In to all our best schedules and all but won't it running backs on their local district schedule which. I don't alternative and much too much into it can change so much hero every year you do it yet don't. Second best they don't change dramatically bullet first the 31 or someone that doesn't want that so arduous a if that's what I'm gonna ban on it's everybody it's and he maddening it's that it wasn't your. I don't think it here's one of the things if you could and I think the patriots are gonna for a Thomas. I I really it I think they're going to be hot I think it but from media even more than they normally do. I think if you look at the composition of the back field. It screens that because these guys are all really good in the passing game and with the exception of Lewis they're good in the pass protection. So I. Hi to me I'm not say I you know I haven't seen a tipping their hand totally but I think the patriots. They want to basically the short passing game to the backs is gonna be a lot with the running game actually has its. Use them basically the running game for majority of the time but and go and so what you go to reach her more than normal are projected to throw more of that company has since 2000 and while when he threw six birdies at times. OK so you know I like we said we could do this for we could literally sit there and do this all day and haven't done during it but I know you are running up against time windows yours so. Let's go out of it sounded real quickly let's try to work through a couple of guys here because there's some guys on here than there are intriguing to me. Let's start with Tyrod Taylor who we already spoke about percent to I love the fact you have and so. Mostly because. You talked to people you and when he talked people Terrence Taylor you can impression that this has been linked QB fifteen. Ago. Just this guy's been a big times and I trigger for this kind of dynasty league last year to. And because. People just don't seem to care about. If so I was given to me he was given to me and I zoos last year and you know as you singer who's been QB seven QB eight. And this year he's gonna have Sammy Watkins A Jones and maybe somebody else for Indo. Help me out here it is. And I think probably you would agree with me you've got to 78 we probably don't take him there no we are still significantly later. But that's part of your beverage war like I have no matter where red numbers. But it's on to her podcast well last night in yet which one I'm like what are you go to the the biggest so this you know you mentioned that quarterback last year's you don't about last year when I mostly healing touch on that McCoy. But his career you know he's an increase in great shape last year we had no Sunni and you want the one way or when. I just hunger bowl into the games are still somehow managed to do it to and the number number seven quarterback last year. So when you add in the back getting help ease into Hawkins back by the way. Article on him on what you by anyone this year. Yeah the second but are gonna look more certain about that yet but he's already been cuts yesterday looked pretty good doing it but don't so they don't look like you guys back and perjury. Iceland the audience operas and imagined. He. Is due to surgery earned. Three at his second with seconds or does it. Bryant had two surgeries and has put albums that users and all these guys had two surgeries and any thought that these. My interaction today. Hubert Bill Cartwright was I heard a tennis it would Bill Curry who's next in the same problem SP. And visit 267. You know seven footer. Putting you in pressure and eventually they got that thing taken parents are just juggling is saying sometimes this particular injury does require a second procedure. But these but Bill Cartwright then went to play another fourteen years in the senate don't just I am with Uighurs say this with this particular injury. And you know. Watkins. It unless something happens between now we won looks like a guide me is going to be. And yeah. It's weird how people just sort of you know he sits on the vine for a couple years doesn't blow it up the joint and it's almost like people start doubting the talent. And Sammy Watkins is a manga style. I mean not not some guy who when you first round since rockets one of those guys he's going to be in the top after the first round these days. Yeah I can assure you look at escort game but he's an Arab Taylor. I basically went in to this so you took the first two games last year when played hurt clearly they shut down. If you remove those two games even you can including game at the end of last year when he went to him or against. The last fourteen and that's more and played with Tyrod Taylor. Totaled 67 receptions for 1236 yards and nine touchdowns in emirates. If you were to extrapolate that over sixteen games which is that you you would have been more sequence and Antonio Brown last year. I go out so yeah it an aunt and and I think justice just what will fine point on useful thing. Taylor has done a lot of would be done with now yes like you they don't do he got. An. Absolutely so this is a thing where even if the worst happens to Watkins. Taylor still functional tennis court. But here's another guy and again. Just like when you're done. Reach your hand at one missing them and try to squeak every second do you look at a and I noticed Martellus Bennett was fairly high list aren't huge fan of mr. Martellus as my audience knows. And I think the thing that was I don't know maybe this is just a little bit of pollutes drinking so you don't stop me from going too fast but you better ranked ahead of some pretty good shots. So you know you must you must like. Talking about. Martellus Bennett so he's a wanna be around I don't. And comes in some some people at 88 I don't like it. I'm not saying that you are up eight I don't I don't remember but it wouldn't you if you they beat you all aren't all be touching that's for current Roger. When you go through look at what it targets that you get from Aaron Rodgers it's ridiculous like. You look at records and our rates in the Bud Adams injury no matter in the capital last year. Richard Rodgers finished the top twelve items couple years ago because he's carted from the Brees quarterback of all time enemies in Rogers is he or grudges greeted every. Humans like you tight end routes he be full. But he's very you know don't like running the ball. And disrespect to any other cornerback right watching what brought into a football match and Don you know I. I'm a bears and takes a lot to you know what I did and I appreciate greatness. He doesn't target the tide will not super. A little pockets Eddie go back it is Finley. Even if you go back to family so there's only been it's odd and we finished sixth and once we're there Rogers a member only produced career I think it is you weren't seasons and are well. October tight end but they did bigger. Martellus Bennett you're a bad spell and I'm a little better. But I think that he's gonna be more consistent items banned yeah that's that's why both the opened my ranking protection and number. But I've moved him up old age because I truly bad. You're playing with Rogers. And all that I don't Robinson due early nor walker because he's got to younger quarterback Marcus Marty go to. ABBA Martellus Bennett is pretty consistent. Oh god tonight catch season. He is an but he was he was open that's going to be needed to do that and I. It but I just say yeah abilities there. And yet in one thing about Bennett that I think a lot of people probably don't fully grasp or know much the listeners on this pocket well but this correctly Kirk 80% last year. I mean is playing on one leg a lot of those games after groh went down he gut it out. Some games that I think or a lot of the time they were to use it down or whatever but this is a guy who's. In port in the run game he's important in pass protection and this is a tight it really can do it all and you know and annual. Yes Rodgers had issues with tight ends you know. Really lighting it up for fantasy but that's gotta have something to do with the titans he's been way. And you know Finley I think would have had more than seasons you've been able to stay healthy but got to Finley ever played sixteen games maybe once so. I'm just saying I think there are there is some circumstance around. Some of the stuff and I'd I guess the point trying to make is this if we get sixteen weeks Martellus Bennett without a bad ankle with Aaron Rodgers. The upside I think his. Statement. Exactly it. If they're outside their trust me. About what that'd be I bet I honestly you'll market system that's attract more guys like. Attract a grim and going walker. Jack oil appetite. It's between him inject a little premier tournament over Rudolph and Graham so yeah. Yeah so you got that note I'm definitely it just it's just a matter Aaron Rogers. And Aaron Rodgers like every chance I get its diners are. Literature or your waiver wire my mother's nobody available at somebody at the Packers picked in is important round. I know. Our friend outdoor I decree but I didn't pick it empty first. Or else it might get a waiver wire. So obviously some. Slow yeah I mean Jordy Nelson's to secure your modesty it. I'm about Adams is an is Patrick you are an extension you better get your point. To your point last year weak arm the week when we reward that I post WEI. My number one receiver to go get and I caught a lot of flak for this by. Bud Adams I had him over will Fuller that will feel a huge week one that everybody say it will it will formally no. Get exactly important step for Rogers. Just to your point I'm buying what I liked about Adams always felt he's better than what people were saying why. That was a bit of ads now with buyer Rogers and it's protests so I'm with you there are I know you need to go. But one last thing. Can't fix it. Do you give me your best 32 sell job to fix because I think that's what's complex and I am pretty sure would agree with you a 100% and I think. Can addiction is a real target of opportunity for people if he slips. Yeah Harbaugh didn't trust and last year I had a difficult time and rookie running backs are they brought in Danny wood and I think that it slowly transitioned him into that he. Really. On the west I think the honeymoon were. As the year went on the west scheme what ethnicity you really get it. You really really overall. Harbaugh mountains and the dates and it is our local running back yard aren't going forward if people that are not drafting a running back out of what had an accurate ball returns again and again Terence west the data and that's a long third and both he seemed to give up on guidance super talented at Dixon has kind of been forgotten about in May take some importance you slowly work his way and he's going to be you would. Expect. Are these edits the resulted in a betting on talent that don't win. That situation I'm with you if you looked towards the end of last season down the stretch. Being clearly restarted at a Dixon ward lord more and you really started to see you at the end when she was fully healthy how good is he our. He is back with incredibly quick feet and you know. I understand a lot of really spur people are really on wood and I'm going to be honest I'm not. Yeah it would at a market touch. I just don't trust him to stay healthy I don't trust him to like this schema the ways that the last two schemes he's been not a good player I've always been huge proponent of what. But to me he said bad injuries the last couple years I don't know these going to be all the way back. You know I don't I don't. I just don't trust him to stay healthy and I worry about what that thing looks like what's Dixon is back. So I'm not only in self. On you're done I know you're at a time so I just folks that was my tackle there. Mike thank you for coming on the show. They scramble and hopefully get back some time absolutely revealed affluent but as you know it's Nokia gonna talk or whatever it studio so would get you back on this with each other wrote about pot some time soon on that was my tech there folks and that's gonna do it for us. Was quick pot by normal standards have a good weekend everybody I would be back next week with another guest. I don't know it's going to be yet. Have a good weekend everybody.