Jackie Bradley Jr Player of the Game Interview 08-08-17

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, August 8th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. who contributed an RBI as the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays 2-0 behind a dominant outing from Chris Sale where he went 8 innings and struck out 13 Rays while giving up only 2 hits. Jackie talks about playing behind a pitcher like Sale, who notched more than half of the outs via strikeout.


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Jackie congratulations. It. This was one game where you could sort of sit back and watch his sixteen point striking out out what that some pitching 1660. Surging price sale street bike him. For goodness. Yeah they they did it that amazing and I. And that's what interior and defensively. You're only involved in one play and fly out to you and that the yeah the end of the fourth Billingsley had relatively easy nightly ritual. It yeah desolate and so pretty easy night Korea there Dickerson create it really came and you know executed really well. Obviously. You know the wind shows. The Jack yeah it was a huge hit in the ninth inning you know I don't want to that you respect and rightly so much yet and that was it updates that it was 97 down any. Yeah you know just shut that you know stay short and I had two strikes on me not to be too much and they checked it. They gonna running seventh inning. Do a little bit extra running and the truth if you got doubled off what happened there you know just mental mistake my 100%. Unacceptable. And them have to be better. That kind of stuff can happen without the ball was gone the back. No way out me a note that you know you close. But there is no no no excuses. If we have to be better. Cross every game win streak Jackie head. This probably really clicking on all cylinders it with two home runs at least it five straight games about tonight that. You win a low scoring games so it's a good soundly it would it's only different. Days yeah that is a great sound economy they're that is kind of you know doing their parts and very. You know get timely hits when we need. It great pitching. And you know tectonic plates to some some football games and we've been able that out the opponents these past couple days. But Jacqui good teams win close games and to give you an idea. Each of the last 26 games with the Red Sox have played have been decided by four runs or fewer that you haven't had any boat races and hopefully. Right I mean as is very important we definitely. Have to you know continued. Make that a team work and we also have to execute. On on both sides of the ball and not make mistakes like that it tonight. What do you think Jackie the infusion of do you as aunt devers. Two newcomers into the lineup as bad. We know what they've hit but what does it meant to the club had been a real big moves. You know. Physically and I emotionally. You've been a victim here. Like this far and it has been fun to watch both of whom have been seeing the best Loveland. I'm doing on both sides of the ball. Such a big road trip to him and you've picked up the game here in game one yankees lost a value for upon them six and a half up. On Tampa Bay after the win tonight what is what does this road trip mean to this club at this point time and knowing that you get the Yankees lurking and go one more here in Tampa Bay. Now they were just shot a total focus on are ourselves. You know we focus on. Know what we can control. I'm let everything else panel itself and I think we'll be all right so as long as we just continue to. Tomorrow Iverson tonight compete and in win. On other stuff isn't gonna matter. Jacki great there's always that talk to you went there congratulations. On a big hit tonight in another way thank you Richard just okay Red Sox. When your children I think charting out the rays were likely the eighth time this year right it's Chris sales 144. We've. Thirteen more strikeout.