Jackie MacMullan joins Dale & Keefe: Celtics can hang with the Cavs, but not sure they can win a series

Boston Celtics
Thursday, May 10th
Jackie MacMullan called into to discuss the Celtics and 76ers series. She also talked about Brad Stevens prestige around the league even though no other coach voted for him for Coach of the Year. Dale and Keefe try to get an answer on Simmons or Tatum, but she could not make a decision, she would rather have both. Who is going to guard LeBron? She thinks it’s going to be a little bit of everyone but mostly Jaylen Brown. Where is LeBron going to go next year? It now seems that no where makes sense. They should focus on limiting Kevin Love because LeBron is going to score his share of points. Jumping over to the Western Conference Dale and Keefe ask if the Rockets have a shot to knock of the Warriors. To wrap up they finally get an answer to Tatum vs. Simmons

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Let's talk Celtics and their improbable if you think it was an improbable victory over Philadelphia and upcoming date with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Incomparable Jackie McMullen joins us from ESP NK Jacqui Doria. Good you guys. Greater things you don't think how good the Celtics to be Jacqui if they had a coach worthy of like a single coach of the year vote. Yes those you know let that coaching fraternity Rick Kyle being the president and the dog if you will. As he does have some mafia also qualities and I love break. Did that this is pretty simple to me. Done Kiki and on the hot seat for awhile. And even before they lock the way they did to the Cleveland Cavaliers I think his job security with a legitimate questions about what's going on. That kinda had to give donkeys too little nudge however as we know. As a follow NBA history. Coach of the year gets fired all the time they've really does happen. The fact they think if I'm not mistaking that they can decide if Jerry who GM in Toronto. Also with GM when he fired George Karl after he was coach of the year. Yet there's a bad stretch of coaches of the year that all lost their jobs it would Doc Rivers and Orlando's one of those guys as well but it. And you know it didn't know this really isn't any reflection on Brad Stevens there's no Haiti college use you have a few more years before you can be part of our club it's. It he's very well respected properly and every time I talked to somebody in the league with Gregg Popovich by the way the front of the line. Okay eleven before you didn't say anything else they asked me you know loud is good news scene you know affiliated it's great respect for Brad certainly this is much ado about nothing. So no jealousy or pettiness doing Charles Barkley said last night after the game that that's what he thought it was amongst would you say that's not the case. I don't think so weak number in mind that in my experience because you know sometimes coaches so cocky about various things that. Very rarely and I come across a diet coach where whoever I'm talking to Ireland and out without ever mentioning that he and his name. He comes up and they tell me they think they like about him. I think it is more about. The coaching fraternity trying to work out after their 10 in the what do we know for sure Brad stevens' job is not in any danger I think can agree on that right. Absolutely once he wants to stay yeah seriously which player Jackie through the first two rounds for the Celtics. Has bed and earned has been the most eye opening for your. Well. Later it you know there's two different choices in their bit. I think if I really settle on it and I go back to what I thought when Haywood went down and then when Kiley went down. I'd vote like carry around here but I guess I didn't think he could perform at the level he's performed it's been an incredible to me how well taken care of the basketball. Now his road. Road and home numbers to split time as great as is that the case with most young players. But to me he's. You know he is on a common revelation because we watched it right we watched it over this season and even before that in in the world. But he's really taken huge steps forward here. When we watched this series that just completed an and I was only half joking with key early on when ice had been Simmons is shooting what is wrong and you might peak and a did you see that Jack you saw on the last I will use on the last playwright he takes the ball under the basket he throws the long baseball pass with his right hand. Yeah anything shooting with his left hand and is suing stinks. Well let so I'm left handed and both left handed people are a little into Dexter. You know that's right. Now left handed I'm not big M the day trips and I into it I. Might feel that they get older and made. Sometimes when I'm using night that things that you do my right hand for the. It's an equity in the evenings in the stadium and apologize in advance that it was for another story as it attacked instruments high school coach the name company. He would involve the carrier until he kind of we were talking about them in the little bit he said it. So yeah you really believe this summer and the GM can pick and because everything else about it games to two spectacular and he's really. He's really going to be a great great player disk this draft class is really really special it turned out we you know we feel like everybody says that every year. But there's some really really good player in the draft class system which is you know they're just finishing up his rookie year. Who would you rather have gold for Ben Simmons or Jason Tatum. Unfair question I want. That the got to pick one and got a good what you can break the tide because dale and I have different answers at this a lot of what's your answer I got to. It says dale I already know experience I've got yeah. Yeah and I can understand that and while light. I really do want them both. He. Wow. We can identify at the end. Are you with political battle he gives I guess I need is there at Atlanta I thought he was gonna pick Simmons the middle latitude and that's also informant that's Ari could circle back that. I think what you see in which it came from Tatum is pretty unbelievable. The only thing I got I got mad at him in this game the other night. Why you drive an elegant still Olympia like stop doing that you and that's just the nit picky though that he played beyond his years and so it Jim brown and that's what in the position and because those guys. You know what they're doing good Dave they're not afraid of anything anyone and that's what you want in place to be like that was the one thing. That I'd there was some vulnerability. About incidents in the last round in and that's a credit to the Celtics and you know they get what ever. Every team should have done which is dead issue beyond seventy writes that kind of amazing isn't it that team didn't do that more. Right. Let me get a lot of callers call in and say all seven kids shoot partly that's bill should all season and he was incredible he could shoot against Miami news incredible solar why we changed now but. It did. Well that's because it had a bad use of the Celtics in and that's what with some interest in about. If nick is coming up what was Brandel do it and I expect this will let LeBron get his just speculate on escape isn't to some degree let indeed it is. And you know try to shut everybody else down you know Kevin Love to be executed a series. Really look at what he did against or Toronto against them between one point game and what he did against Indiana get the pacers. He was bad. He was that it did a great job of using their long athletic winds coming stopped when you think this sounds familiar. To switch out on Kevin Love out there and cut problem. And I expect that that looked rattled him with his long athletic young links to. What do you think Brad will utilized to try to at least slowed down LeBron as much as they can. I mean will will semi ocean late get a chance that Iran adamant it will Erin Baines whoever. His life you know hopefully that blank upon you're not gonna stop upon lieutenant an unprecedented. There it's it's unbelievable what he's doing I was there for the best of Jordan and magic in the and birds those guys. Is this is every bit as good if not better than what those guys did at the very peak of their careers in the skies and thirties it's it's really incredible what he's done in the late lifted this team. It's it is kind of boggles your mind. It's so yeah I think Jim Brown won't play him. And I think it's it's too bad because I don't detailed a 100% and keep you know he he's got an here but you've got to keep had a hamstring pull it you know what that's like. It's not it's not the same terms for months or weeks afterwards takes a long time for those kind of things because I don't think he's a 100%. I don't feel much different but I honestly don't think it I think LeBron can it get hit and it's it's just a question as. You know you let George Allen Kevin Love when that pick and roll that definitely they didn't turn on occasion at immaculate as. It's got a plane go back and look at the trade that they made it over the first couple games they were all world after they made that big trade got rid of ITN and you know have to wait. Wade back to Miami radio on and all that and now look at. The only guy and it's really had any major role and a successful road and George Hill and those guys. Let it didn't play in the last. I think he will play in this series because he's a long athletic I think to defend so I think you'll see him in this series that you haven't even seen in the last one. Then Rodney hood does you wanna get off the bench and play I only had about somebody else. So I think it's an interesting guy he. This is stuff on and I think this and we heard that in Utah as well that person that you could get a flat cell phone out of the the campaign and then you know I can get something going on there that's bigger than basketball that's just my own. I think that comes in play here. Now early in the season you spent some time a carrier Irving he wrote a great article we had you on I think right after that. How do you think he's dealing with a all of this obviously the team is is playing well he's got to be happy for them but he's not out there and in particular against Cleveland. Policy that's the thing than what it came imagine Kiley was healthy and here we are in this series. And I heard my colleague Steven Smith stated that that indicate he'd he'd take the Celtics to win over the cavaliers and I most of us would. And that is that that's why did you and so incredible that carry revered done because the court and talk. You know because what you met with carrier and not in Atlantic is speed automatic. Thirty point in a twenty point by point picking automatic. And that's. The biggest flaw with Boston had a solid year they're shooting comes and it goes that's who it says here that you would take him to at all these guys become anecdotes. KB one of those professionals scores were rarely happens that way. So that's legitimate. And I it's going to be terrible for it doesn't one this is that the you know what everybody envisioned hate these two teams played again with pac area against his former team. And eight in Argentina and go that well. Do you think Houston has much of a chance to dethrone Golden State. I do. I've still I would. I know what picking but I I still think I would take Golden State because you know that Def lineup that they have which hasn't played much together this year because of various injuries. To step in your dream on greens out for awhile and even Kevin Durant life. It should go lethal and and I think when you look cute and I'm still the part I'm not still fold on his. I never I never bought into it will Chris Paul never been the conference finals that's you know flying his game and his personality and everybody into that because if you go back and look at the numbers. I'm Chris Paul in earlier playoff series another hit ball. Helio did his party might have one bad game here in the air and people go back and Oklahoma City series in the mistakes he made there that that's fine. But it wouldn't. Chris Paul did his part to get his team now. The 100 not a 100% sure about Philip Harden when that's when it stages its brightest. And you know they aren't like a team that you know these two teams with the top you know both great defense and opted to teens. Houston Rockets went thirtieth. In assists per game patent sharing the ball I think all they want. There and I Philippines that's how they win they isolate their best players in the score that way and I'm just not convinced he can win at all doing now. Not to get the good defense cycle state which is under achieved under their defense is under achieved out yet but I think now there were in the postseason not change. So it's not Chris Paul I'm worried about it it. Can Harden handle all those of the bright light and he couldn't last year on down the one thing indeed and I give them shot. It could comparatively benign day from what they have been in the past. Mbah a moute and PJ Tucker with two huge pickup for them and public health plan added lines I think can be a great case. Any idea where LeBron will be playing next year. No idea no right yes enough static but you don't particularly Cleveland DeLia. And I don't but you know it's funny it is for you to think every place to make sense that call and I think no quit making. He says the lakers and militia get popular stability in that interest in pilot upon George had minor knee surgeries toughest thing is minor knee surgery. So. Is Paul Hewitt goes to LA with LeBron I guess maybe that makes the most sense. You know people talk about Philadelphia. I don't think that makes a lot of sense people coming what LeBron not. I wanna leave the east if you don't wanna get caught in the cockpit of having to play Golden State. I don't think LeBron James is afraid of anybody. The persistent rumor that make me laugh out loud is. LeBron James to Houston I don't know how on earth bill Moore could possibly do that. But I guarantee you he's in his little light boards so can you top the beat these and I did appreciate it sort of got this huge white board. And it guarantees. He's taken all of the analytics and doing is mad analytic sank to try to figure out a way. But the only way would be to get someone to take on Ryan Anderson's contract meant and that's not. And this series mean I would assume would have to think that Cleveland would have to be favored right. Yes they should be favorite because of what LeBron doing. But I think can be great series and I do think the cavaliers are vulnerable because the one that they've used. I have been to get a very like you know George Hill and starting that they moved Kyle Korver into the stands planet. JS that comes in goes a little bit like that some of the street he felt that if and when he's done may you know there might be because it's one more play that you. Pushes you not to double. Don't expect bread double expect those wings to try to contain Kevin Love and if they contain catalog I really think they have a shot this series they really do. The LeBron. Who was better than everybody else right now and I'll. And how you stop them. And solve this I'll put you down for Simmons overtake them to sort cleared to play differently and I don't put a ball on this album that's sort of emergency I don't know I don't know if they've been more of these entities that. I've looked on the military Italy tonight it's places. Oh no just for now just for this the last series that we saw and I think the Philly guys were dead on when they were saying you know word out to go through Boston for the foreseeable future and I think we all anticipate Celtics 76ers for for years to come right Donna articles incredible. But just these two guys alone. If you only have one I don't the typical question. Now god can play really really. But you know I'll take a. On the yeah unbelievable. They'll only do we do it next week. Jackie decree no dialogue like that that's there that's where we really appreciate the time is always good to talk to you again. And the next decade Jackie McMullen once again I'm on an island of course I don't bother you it's unbelievable. Wasn't exactly firmly on myself I that is got to pull Brady plead the fifth that those regular Mark Bryant Miller ran out of absolutely and there are.