James and Dickerson - Rhode Islanders are upset with the PawSox move 8-18-2018

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Saturday, August 18th
Hour 1. Marc James and Greg Dickerson are in studio and busting each other up about doing shows together. The conversation moves to the Pawsox leaving Rhode Island and Rhode Islanders are not happy with it. 

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Excuse. On W. So you heard the intro there. About. I don't have offered a few talk you may often looked. Yeah and what is she going hate what she's going to go either I don't know if you nobly and retired I do not. Quite. That was a shot at me yeah not a shot that you hell yeah let's talk about your producers and it's at right here on the weekend. Yeah. Again with long. Yeah problem right this is the march they've shown Greg Dickerson or as someone once called and last time we didn't show it seems like forever ago George Dickerson. But Republican George. I got all along and before gates called George. Thought he averaged eighty huge intro he is the halts my Nash. He's the triple H might Shawn Michaels. And you're the pick into my Jordan will you please. Say on the year what you said to me off the year before you do that your back. I'm trying to do now. Exactly about it is that. We'll get through not I don't know enough. Credit cards are all right but this is the best part of my week oh there's no doctor and a week do you how we got say Jesus you know I don't know recast the song now I know I parred behalf. You know it's weird my wife wouldn't say that you and it's weird one. I am technically. Through nested on vacation from yesterday until luck. Wednesday some off for five days you can do in the morning show finally on Monday to so solicit while doing things and go gone. Actor pay it pay and I'm on the judgment about how none rounds are right there were quick on the sooners know. On I've not been on the air since Kurt many here and announced on Twitter. About his situation. And done the fact that he's suffering from depression and he was checked into McLean Hospital. And he also he went into detail I believe a week ago yesterday about his situation in. Talked about having suicidal thoughts and was very meticulous. In his. Everything he had to say and you know. We are Kirk made against Fairchild. Pickers DeGeneres says that on my Twitter yeah that's right it's so op I was telling I've seen ice that is on Twitter a cease on the air. I am pulling for Kirk and obviously I know he's gonna be back. Here and dog better than ever. And you know obviously I I I think that win the Ludlum in which he'd and they may be more people hate in the local but he still listen to him. Sit back Howard Stern a fact the one thing about her is that. I never had more respect and admiration for him when he took him when he tweeted that out. There's difficult. Did it get your bank I know stuff like that depression in general mental illness. In general people are there's a stigma behind it there's a stigma attached to it so it's embarrassing. People look at you differently people treat you differently so for him to come out. And admitting to admit it in a bit what he did away he almost did. Yeah a guy got a lot for a lot of starts lot of respect to address and I have been in touch for them and did it docked him briefly. Via messages and well good he knows a long road and right. Maybe some bumps in the robe I told them. Keep. You stay positive best he can keep it any medication that. Biggest thing he is way too much to live for a beside his. Abundance of radio talent and we know it's off the charts. He's got kids got a family and and and this is something it's obviously very serious for him the come out I I just gotta tell you. I Howard Stern's pulled out before about things in his personal life like back in the day. His wife had a miscarriage she talks about. The lack of endowed men in a certain part of his anatomy he said things that a lot of that is. On the same level all Kirk almost committing suicide and not I'm not German POW medal Howard's talked about going to therapy that rise it was so so he's he's done that. But for Kirk to do that I I was just like wow that that is amazing that that to me was it's like how Kenya and not just. Respect and admire a guy for being audience in Baring his soul he didn't have to do I gotta tell you grade. I probably would have thought it I don't know what. I don't know what I would but I thought of as a stick my people are embarrassed by that I know. Freely and truly I've admitted by battle human illness right and offload run I want the people now right see people. People recognize me or say you. You're right from the EI. I feel like they look at me differently when they talk to me differently or maybe is just mean my head but I think she's been. Probably think it is now trying CO carried enormous though it is the rays that stigma behind mental illness and age people. People look at folks who have mental illness in a certain way if it's not like saying. I have cancer heart disease iCAD you know no one ever. But I think till the stigma is certainly are being. And taken away now objective statements are less and less. Than they were five or ten years all I agree absolutely not and gloves you've heard many young professional athletes just just last year. Come out and talk about their battles about mental almost from DeMar DeRozan was one of those grow. Ice right and Terry brats documents that he suffered and this is a guy old school guy I'm with the steel curtain came as to listen I've suffered my whole life from yours depression so he talked about that as well. On our it's one thing though Greg Oden went out by the way your weather. Oh yeah cause of the Weathers yet yet the weather outlook and outlook you know there's very gut like the mother with a little kid billionaire mark to market finisher broccoli. Eight degrees the high 85 expected thunderstorms in the afternoon at. And whether proxy by the fine folks at FW web company thank you for that great. A quick exodus because. And and the this is something that was on last Friday shall not yesterday. Last Friday which is the last time that deal in key four in the afternoon. Dale Arnold had this to say about the court meeting and situation. I know that there are our times there have been times in the past with Jerry in Kirk because you know. They have a tendency at times to get a bit bombastic and get a little over the top and and I know that there have been people who have said you know Arnold that's a real art I don't know if that's real. We're all wrestling fans in this room. And and the wrestling term is was it to shoot or was that a work. In wrestling terms of its showed it means it's all just part of the show it's fake it's you know it's just part of the of the entertainment. Work Israel life. I think that was a war that was not a shoot that was a work that was real life. OK so right here let me let me just say something and and needy. You know and I know deals heart was in the right place here number one I worked in the wrestling business. Deal got a wrong you shoot. Israel a works its fixed. So he was trying to say that he was the issue not a war as a work me it means that it's fake that's that's the whole lot of confused OK but I shoot Israel. Your real work right exactly so here's my thing. Why do you even need to make that clarification did anyone out there doubt the authenticity your veracity of Kirk. There were some really it sure there are some of well I didn't I don't know I. I didn't because thing old groups background. A little bit and I've heard him talk about it until after other people who did OK I did my mother made a guy bother you. I didn't think that it needed there was sort of an. Inference or insinuation of old for a doubt in my I didn't doubt well let's let's let's put this one mark. At this radio station especially. There have been a lot of things done here. In which people live wondered. He's got real he's got to shoot or is that workers at a workers at a shoot. It's happened plenty of times this radio stations I'm sure that there were as many small percentage her handful of people. Who might have thought that was okay well it is issue in Israel that others work was real no no. Dick dale got that wrong too right he was trying to explain it and he said it wrong to shoot Israel in work is eight. She got up okay great. Right could that those wrestling is usually is now on he got that really that would that was that was a major awful lot about why they got moved from I. I used to date because of the someone like I know why I don't I think it was something I think there was decisions made prior to that last Friday on someone would want that to be the re not alone out and I think Joey would go it would go that far to do that. So I was wanna say I'm pulling for Kirk and and I hopefully in and we licences station lot hopefully he's listening now so. Diggers in James. We will try to do our best who try to not suck we can make any problems is right I doubt it would give you promises but thought we got hurt in our minds and our thoughts and prayers that yeah I got my opinion I think Kirk should take a six month sabbatical. That would be the best thing form Y six months. And it gets more air time all of our Callahan and like in Finland or money all are about tater tide car I'm glad to park six months bodies six and six months. You'll feel better you'll be a new man Jerry would not be able to tolerate six months of view what I want dual. All show that but he to accommodate maybe once you once a week and his partner in crime is working today date they got to get to draw us together bully. And terrible before god this is true came on the scene he's troop let Dick you know it'd be like this is lighter show is so high the rate when I won't Everett I'm thinking hang on. Park and needs help our well I. Glad you were actually able to come unity because. Here's what you are supposed to work together like two weeks in a row. And you could do and I know and I at a baseball turn your eye on your great dad. And you know your son outcomes for all right call yet and I just. We got slot. OK but you were to her small little town in Denver cubicle city that you well you know certain things don't equal all right well it's no luster because from now Worcester is the new home of the pulse ox. I was a lot of talk jewels and mustard Johnson this morning yes it was wall to wall Walsh talks boss well here's a look at that right away on amnesties right now. I my heart bleeds for everybody in Pawtucket to out the great state of today because. I'm hoping at the last second the governor of Rhode Island can somehow come up who used. Have rag. Three years so it's gonna happen. You don't like it yeah if not it's not Ari are you are hatred that it apart from the patrons are you given individually me no chance in hell. There's no chance and Helen pickets in Pawtucket none that would be work. Okay go to Newark that you should know about the credit bureau okay no they're not going and so I did I mean they are going to have the right there are a total of there's the now turn back announcement yesterday. They halted. Whats are the heartland of Massachusetts. Hot for a call was for a lot of finger before in my life I have not working there for like seven or eight years I called the heartland. Heartland because. You consider the heartland of America the middle right of the country right Worcester is kind of the middle of the spade yeah I. I cannot it's a distraction was indeed been there for over four decades it's crazy we're a when there was an Oscars look at who ten year old kid Roger Clemens schema to Wade Boggs odd moved he was in their flaw that you talked about guys won't. Murillo already that's right oh no luck. Jim Rice that's right no I. I mean these days so this is like this is sad day throughout New England I'm not mean this is like you know great for Lester. Great for the puck but this is a sad day you've got a feel for the people pops up in back right at any. Because it is it's a money thing eighty million times it's them at the end of the day it's a why you do it right both ways in this happily is it's a minor exactly predicted that they've they've done the best that they code without play it's a minor league stadium you don't care it's not just. Like Fenway Park this is a mightily stick to make money it's still business mark. You wanna make money you'll look at Iran today. Have you seen some of the minor league parks in other cities around the country I saw the short gorgeous though when a shark it's nice pretty for the whites one there's one down non there's one in now Oklahoma City Durham tonight was trick like plays. Beautiful park Durham is nice and cut down there for the race the Durham bulls it's that it's a business and these all par. Ballparks are like they were in the minor leagues thirty years ago world was just that dilapidated stadium. They're now cash cows and we want them to be. Money may money makers in cash and cash cotton's. And be like. And many versions of Camden yards looking at or Fenway Park traveler wanna accept all right so I want we wanna get your thoughts on that. Pot shots vs. Will Sox. 617779793761777979%. Can see blue socks it's tough they're just it was for a that we suck than that it's. That's the marketing gimmick I think that's I mean the concert in uterus if you should eat the comments when he made the announcement yesterday and Twitter. We're just enough they were over eight novel the loose ball well it Hayward Chief Justice ruling it. I mean it was back at. Really bad I feel for this Ryland we feel for you and it's it's a shame that I feel for Pawtucket not run out Oprah Patel got out of that city yet yet it's only need something they need some economic sure development. And Matsuzaka Conan unfortunately. They're not far from Providence products is great but I thought Providence but every night and said I don't think the rounds fine I tried to boot G. People in Newport I think all of your Fuji but they're like they're they're not without losing sleep. But probably. Articles that gap yet of its casinos now they're gonna sports betting that yeah it is okay but yet it's a city of Tucker but I feel for yet we we feel free and I got to tell you this is that this is a somber day if there ever they're not out to some numbered and it's not because it was. Somebody does know and when ended tradition today it breaks. And if there are so should we got. Yell and total not each other and no jokes and I'll absolutely don't give you stop doing that armament at least a somber. We know each session just it's such because you know I feel for everybody and I know how much the pot Sox name to. Not in Pawtucket Greg with the surrounding your province and tigers the liberal island in this is just as. You know and great for Worcester and it'll be a bolster to the economy and all that stuff but. You know pot sucks we're tradition I could hear a rumor Loney his voice when this was announced. How cracked cracked his voice he did let her arms broken up Europe and pentagon with soul and I feel like you've never thinking you've got it for the most importantly. The end of the day Greg you know is those ID. So fans let's say to himself why could dive on will start. Framingham the was true a lot easier than Framingham to put pocket well you know what I always got 25 years ago you know it's gonna save a little time in the car for Ruth snake XTO. Does he was driving every day from Boston to Pawtucket you know there's about I think that's about the same time. I don't think there's much of a different and in between goal was there and all of a topic now go excel right who's gone straight out pike. To ninety or you don't like to line 95 and by the way I have inside information on. Ayman Titus coming up on and in matches in on this project as you know these you don't notice oh. I've inside information about something that's been going on in the NFL the first two weeks the pre season no not many people now on not Alter our somebody else. Oh somebody knows it but I go work or shoot shoot don't shoot physician and as real this is a real okay this is not that Dale Arnold trying to explain it in and coming up with you know. Comparing somebody's suicidal thoughts and sit putting in wrestling term vicious issue occurs is real is Vera. I had some very inside information. Coming up you know wanna stay tuned in the shell. I'm gonna duel when we come back you know what I get out for we're gonna drag out dragon on we're gonna I gonna tell you where it's coming up on something you're gonna wanna know. About the NFL and the priest and don't tell me copier that I wanna be surprised with a I want to be spot and end Greg Dickerson can attest to. I am wearing this year that I'd bop live on the air here. At WE I think they put metal grating and they'll make football violent violent yes that was the reward that's your right they got to the vikings that's one of the vikings guys he wore that and I was very inspired to do that while I was on the air I went to XE EXE capital about when these teachers became the mail and I love it fits perfectly and you know so it's been fitting really good. Like I was there on Thursday night for patriots Eagles cover the game and here's the good news Brady. Brady's like death and taxes every year he's guaranteed don't worry about pre. Now you're worried about like I said in the Trent. Isaiah wind done for the sees. Now you have a situation where yet to Georgia guys trapped in the first round one the running back which could mean. If you have any of those Jeremy hill Mike ghostly Rex Burkhead. And you regard as well right but you've got to plot hole this edging slightly secure on the super normal couple yours go to. So you let Georgia guys hurt you just not the Mitchell he couldn't stay on the field and those who died back in today. Some years by the name of Robert Edwards. Who lost his career by playing in a beach volleyball game in Honolulu they had a pretty good player out of Georgia I believe his name was. All we got Richard Seymour. As long it was pretty good big smooth I loved each move he was really moved ethnic on the smoke free yet because some of that. When I saw Richard Seymour a new and very well throughout rainy the Michael he's the host let's start off. Other Rainey beat Michael show in front of it and he was tight and the golf course. And he you wanna confusing him with Stephen must all know the wrestler known not not now not at all so Drew Rosenhaus who show up to my show every week hooters in Pembroke Pines well. She's yes you would result in reply right in my car got broken in a matchup yes my ball got rockets so yet so there was I don't know are you white figure out. Well I doubt know on noted no I don't have anymore I am yeah and I've gotten bu I will never now now I. Paul holds applied but I I've I I've had I've global okay I'm good moderate I think yes no no doubt about it. Not all talk about it but but the one thing at lower what's the term I'm thinking of you. Yuppie. All it did nothing screams white more than global I'd I would I would agree. That's a I six or 777 I'd have been I'd preset and we'll get to that patriots on I still worried about this team I will tell it is they'll. The defense against the ones on Philly looked really good that they did but you know. When we discussed and I'll tell you that. There what I thought about who dolphins Philly in general. Yeah okay speaking bodily or mental health odd shots were returns the browns after a four week absence to focus on his mental health and he's back now. There's that wasn't there bug as Bryant. Yeah that preventing Brian from amateur ever been pretty quiet. And by the way you will have to get back to not. How much did this team desperately need a guy like Dez bright I'm talking about the patriots have. Because that what we got Brady went to lose his safety valves the other night Chris Hope in any weight to James White. But I didn't see anything from number 81 air Decker. Do you see any item that drop right. All right as camp exactly right. Pop socks moved towards are your thoughts what are today do not pull punches 61777. Nights at night 37 Dickerson James. Now KX two and meet Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI. So it. I wouldn't call the secrecy and Jane but it seems like they get the producers wanna call this. Mark and Joseph yeah I now now now I I hit it was viewed your that you're the white eagle was it's. I crash. Bruised and destroy years ago but I felt I saw you saw me I swear I saw you on TV you didn't yes I do you do or die for the first time I saw anything is possible. I sought to Kevin Garnett the locker room after the assault went up and he was pouring it knew the porn video you know these are sworn duty to ship came down you're at. And you people I work with Comcast. Called an A porn video. Because I was like. You know. Dot I. Champagne on my. That's pour champagne. I probably should start drinking it on the air but right I ducked I caught up in the moment but oh well I'll come at the moment. We have achieved you know I mean it wasn't really all that professional know what screw it up on I don't care you gotta consider. You have to consider welcome looking back on it now Mike. I felt like number that was part porn champagne and a Michael yes. That was ship in the championship celebration in the locker room and write a guy I saw a much better than yours Greg there's Dickerson right now is our moment. I'm with Da'Sean does you saw a dark matter I didn't see him I've seen all the I was with a good he's very apparent now it was it was really you know it doesn't surprise me tidbit cute geez you'd he was acute fifteen years ago. The guy who doesn't or who did it by an inventory Champaign news predict. Ridiculously talent very good you'll see time yeah yeah a lot of stuff. Well a lot of stuff for rob NBC sports Boston yeah I mean here's the thing and the Celtics when they're seventeen pair in the for the first time in nearly eighteen years. And Kevin Garnett is you know holding champion above your head you tilted back. You don't adopt a budget feel that 10 like Whitewater bill and I'm glad not like I I I regret that for a long time. Now down now normally. When the Monica I. What do anymore. Oh stupid part time talk show hosts like you that's a journalist and that's all it's all good I diggers and Jane 617 cents a Dyson and -- resell a lot dumber things in my life in my career all of course I mean and you know it's KG and like what would you do union have a choice in the matter it's looks at that you're like you're gonna have to like young people are just pour all over me and him after trying try to. Then that's outside Roy all right now so you boss I got caught them all the articles on all the those kind of hurdles open up I think you got trouble I'll god would get in trouble for about an exciting time yeah it's like when it was all happy and -- the outcome right like wouldn't like I tell you story what's the bosses were probably drunk and anyway at the time so you know having worked in ECW. If this is my age you know sort of Kevin Garnett story and you know rob the it is okay our viewers yesterday. Ms. van dam is the Kevin Garnett message WO. I would see the Michael Jordan of these is where a lot. Aren't as much not much is KG nobody. So when Robby and AM won the ECW. On it receiving the WWE. Title at one night Steen and in June 2006 all in Africa overall on the biggest nights in my life over John and I was it was at the Manhattan set of course you have to alleviate that yes. He beat John C in the whole place can crazy so rob what is the Manhattan's. It's it's waste that would help the original law. The him all dogs at the 25 anniversary yes okay so they help there they want to give the EC dot people and yet again so. So rob Indian Mike asked me in my body might have to to show that the time down in Miami for lard is it that hey listen you wanna. Celebrate acted one part of it should not yet and applauded a pitch up. And we didn't have. A mr. paper view mr. Monday night the whole acting shell ardidi part of them. Let's say it all and like you know RVD like to do so no I don't well I acknowledge all I know I let allegedly radio. Let's say he might suppose he was way ahead of the legalization of marijuana altar boy ahead where that that would and his career with a WW. Now because seeking guy that's a hole that they are right. So I wanna get into hundreds of British spill the beans on something now now now I I think he's the rest. And that does the Russell he Brussels when he wants to basically you know but on the back the thoughts on this moving towards store. It ladies and wrestling event at McCord spared but two weeks ago I have no idea fully with bear. Rock and among them. But about people Mick Foley was it was a I don't know really I don't be Russell would probably wouldn't. Oh very nice. Yet there's the army the original place and Terrell walked out the original. But yes that's a great of these WW the entrance music. I I cannot and the like listen great for Lester the five Ali area code not everyone around there that's all centuries bearing in I'm sure a lot of people go to games there. How how far are you dumb I'm about the same distance between. My town and tuck at my time with 5% or thirty minutes so you were saying driving from Boston to Pawtucket is about the seem to husbands it about the same driving time will definitely production bridging you're nodding your head up and down on that is that that is correct that's probably an hour maybe 55 minutes each show. Instruction. And there. Probably about an hour maybe you'll last the western and so this is it is a business decision planes are completely and you got a brand new park in and the biggest thing is. The state Massachusetts. And the city of Worcester are paying more. In round one and eighty million dollars more apparently oh yeah gonna take that any business anything's gonna take that why wouldn't Rhode Island my when the governor of Rhode Island in all that. Lawmakers in that. Local Connie why wouldn't they do everything they could to trot tonight I thought they tried based on what I have read based on listening and get 21 particular caller on now mustard Johnson this morning. There was co owner of the Red Sox who passed away of heart attack while jogging he was tight. With the speaker of the house in Rhode Island. After he passed away the speaker of the house sort of turned his back. On a pos socks and the project. The senate passed the build out of Rhode Island and I guess the speaker of the house of Rhode Island sort of blocked things and what we all know well that Massachusetts that was done. Many years ago by Tom Finneran. For a variety of things. So I think that's that's what app that basically what happened and I think all those two. Heat maybe some others in in Rhode Island. Were little leery. Of another 38 studios the awful a couple of shoulders I don't Hayward and saying yeah. Get that Curt Schilling things sort of gave it that that state got burned on that now they got it acting feels so bad Curt Schilling thing are. How are tired and I'm not up on my Curt Schilling gaming behalf and to see it was looking for a while Curt Schilling was gonna take this thing it's gonna be huge netted just slots. It was what it was like Dodd. Here's the thing. I feel for everybody in Pawtucket and what you know for the people out there that went to pop socks games. What are you gonna miss will you make the drive to most are now oh quicker but think about other people from. Westar of people from Graf there are people from. And over who would drive down Tucker my elbow was to now what the question is now will the people from the Pawtucket area moved goats was there are some well but but think about it mark. You're gonna have the majority of your fame and based. It's pocket. South coast of Rhode Island south it's a south coast of Massachusetts New Bedford Fall River Providence area go to pos socks games. Not gonna start Enron from a whole new audience. In and around western effort that was his second largest city you know when. Yeah I think he'll make up what are you know not let that yes it is obvious that he's really gonna Hartford bigot in Providence. They're in Springfield bigger. Much bigger than spring hey we're getting and GM lineup next Friday we. Yeah I'm going there through nests in this Thursday for the go like we're gonna be they're the day before for the grand opening it to like a mess and you're sports no I don't know that grand opening a casino because it's a great place the market it's a great place to work I cannot wait to be back home on coming home like you know ball hold abroad thing. But I'm coming home I can't wait and I can't wait. Now he could go home to check out and GM I saw from the outside it looks tremendous. I wanna see what it's gonna look like because now is that they have adequate. These courts want yet not yet. Until Massachusetts gets 1000 passengers a full may be another year ago but told me when I asked mod that he would know and and mud is mr. gambling. So I ever you know Mike and Nancy when it comes to gambling when it comes to likely gave me a timetable goes. And and right when the Supreme Court legalized sports gambling. Across the United States he said about a year users are not rated said some time. Middle second map between ninety OPEC summit in far Providence and Providence. Wood river at they're shooting for October 1. What's coming up. Really yes they're shooting for sport they're there all right what they already have a pulse sat. They're shooting for October 1 to get an up and running on who gets fired and he's already done set rated gold they just have to. Bill living giving out together try to October 01617779793. Set at half hour from my house. That is that that carried that we're twin river where's daddies you're not Lincoln around Lincoln ran a write your thoughts on the pot Sox moving to Worcester and will you now go to. James in Worcester burying Cape Cod hello Barry. Show our Anguilla time. I I live I can economy grew up outside a blister I think it is great for the city. It's gonna bring a lot of traverse there it's gonna vote blister on the map and I just think it was this kind of it was here. I don't know it had been a list or. Up many a time I got to see Iowa and by the way here's a little was different to start. I you win I was very young I got to go watch Travis best in Springfield central high school win the state championship in at the Worcester centrum. At and I got to see prince at the league oh. How hot bat the late great prince he's not on that Dickerson GAAP and a couple locked up a whole new. Yeah out Saudi ads so the what's his great knowledge Fides to have outlets back in the day they still there right. Yeah. I read. Her and that they're one of the great. That lets hear that I just think when I felt that it stadium. How cute they they go to the stadium Pedro throwing out the first pitch and a follow. Oh I guess you people come from all over the country come to the Worcester enjoyed it you know what are the old. Lester back. I thought about our college that if you do that by that you have Spring Hill you have Tibet are at. I'll ever. Western capital to. Back back on the map Barry wasn't on the map before blistered. It goes on and up went with us heck I don't. I think historically I wasn't on the map on your. Paid our current bridge street got luxury restaurant local sent from all yet but he got paid very have come to Cape Cod tomorrow any recommendations. Jack Russell right go swimming in the ocean that's what you should do right by recommending got not to be Soro. You know art direction out of a lot of you know I thought it. All right Gary and I was on its heels most of us Russian Duma. Greg you're not the only one that would love to see me go swimming with seals on a somewhat Jeff far and I arrived here on anything else are your thoughts on that did that they'll read the pos socks now moving to what's or 6177797. 937 is the number again and Dickerson and James also. Tom Brady what we saw the other night Greg not that I had any doubts. But I'll let you dead. What then I know some people don't know I never had doubts of Tom Brady I doubted him establishing continuity with these new face us you were not based like Teddy Kenny record deal Paterson. And Brett wrote yeah before we got cut Jordan Matthews. You don't like these guys Eric Decker this. What I had an issue so we'll get all that. Right here on that is injects. See and meet Greg Dickerson on Sports Radio. Batting morale. Here yeah. Not a morale high and pretty soon grateful respect your elders not rigid guy via respect for your elders Reggie just keep doing you you don't want to win you you're doing and knowing I was a heck. I got your name and everything everybody I'm powerful. Our jeans and Greg Dickerson and I. The phone I think hey Matt you were here morale you are here when some guy called and I'd it was like the last time Greg I didn't shouted news is like a month ago. And the guy goes Greg knows what's my name goes it goes guy goes what are named with mark digital arts. Audible audio that aren't buying. Market towards the best April 1. George under or is gonna Georgia that's fine article a lot worse Ryan is Dickerson got it added I don't know who he is you don't know workers Dickerson means watch anything is possible the 2008 Celtics documentary was very well done. On profession Andy fourth Boston 2000 champagne shipments in August it was great. It would it would have sent. It doesn't surprise it was thirty for thirty at age it was accurate than it was that usually seen the other stuff that they've done only that charms all lately the 86 all out. Yes the guy doesn't torsion three shifts in amassed I don't know who you are but I can tell you were wonderful at your job that's all I can I don't know you but you were great your job and decreasing gives you the you know the out of you seal of approval the rubber stamp what I'm saying something nice. About something on NBC sports Boston you know what's good that's sick that's exactly our -- couple Texans that's full text line they're 37937. Speaking of cesspool. Some guy just sex in Worcester is a cesspool. Awesome spectacle some would say mark think for rapid pace rep in the 413 Springfield. This is skipping spring pro life. Interval Springfield for life hey mark kids indicate tomorrow come by the jedi must feel for brunch as my guest of course we can brunch in bloody Mary bar. Our right and. How about this when solicit public enemy. In 1989. Played a sprinkled some eggs are no they were supposed to come in 1990. Because I was very elect and that my parents went to be my friend to go and they canceled the fact that. Like if adversely affected my child I pub a huge public enemies to be better off not seen him the time no I was just a young kid a hole. Solid I TE was like we brought we brought rap music to the suburbs and the suburbs of Springfield I surrounding chairman so don't wanna and I'm not now and eggs in someone said odd Nirvana played sprinkled thugs are 1993 is yes. I just read recently that Nirvana. They films. Jim I think played out their Nevada get the big wild is it moments it was I mean had to bottom all but no they weren't there wasn't a big for awhile they got huge in the fall of ninety vulnerable segment of a product that nobody was around since the mid eighties. Mean nothing wrong noun and an all world Odom they know that notre Bonnie came around in the fall 91 because uptight as the only got big in the fall right. Right but they need to please Springfield civic center in the eighties to know when you know I won't try and wanna go to they feel with this is the film's. Yesterday so was 27 years to the date yesterday he filmed the video the epic video smells like teen spirit. In Culver City, California for 50000 dollars. And it's considered. Rolling Stone raided that album and that song. One of the top ten songs in the history of rock and roll I like some like yet another song it was the death of music through all the death of my 33 death of mine each elbow I was I would say that's three people died. In the ninety's and and we are still paying for it. Kirk Cobain to pock can be. It still like for those genres and marketing and children's I don't want him when he died down Marmol can not Britain and an hour ago no idea it is ridiculous I mean you're so mean outside because don't look at the sound garden and their consoles on Weezer offspring all of reason writes a bunch bush. But Tony's own view that we don't know if roe news acknowledging acknowledge leopard have deployed all like his wobbly Kluge and another has slowed those those are my bad on the local but didn't turn into war and in Winger did you like warrant and Winger I saw are okay now hopefully poison Bon Jovi all the bullet boys and other ground there with a what I went there was just an opening I mean my friends we are mills' lawyer. Dexia if you get away with she's only seventeen now know got away with two L I know you could not that you could no you cannot I don't know it lets your nickname yeah I think that's probably beat the national in says she's too young but she's old enough for I yeah could not get away were these days not our wealth and are now I think Roman Polanski that's is an National Anthem 61 eye on the Emmys are tonight. Everything and let the ladies. Everything goes. Out to us today I don't deny that 6777. I'd have a night 37 Steve in Maine what's up Steve. I got it a publicity. Merger was able to remain in 1990 works out. Congratulations you got out. Yeah. I almost don't just not until he's documented. And so it's great congratulations western stat four of its market a bit but I experienced. The double date was going to Portland doubly. It sucks they. So this is considered great for forward Dirk. It'll pick them up really. Validate them I think. And. Our ace aced by I I do have one question though is these about it. On I think because of the stadium in the newness of the stadium in the new factor. I think he'll bang the place out for a few years but I wonder what will happen after that I wonder theory will supported because. They didn't really support the ice cats all that well Lou the other hockey team that was there a couple of years ago are before they left town. Odds are one Hubble support. Well I think it out. The yeah I can't. Were. At least at times pretty well supported the centrum. Not I've worked forum and it was it was it was disappointing what happens as you want. Such are still they're only down probably for a console at all I like for a great place to watch a lot of when I worked. In was to work for the work for the ice cats. Worked for Sports Radio station with her. The question was. Really whether the CD eighty in the overall area. Kreutz is stating. Supporting. A minor league team and it did you guys. OK all right also the very good Steve we've got a Sam you know we'll be playing and what did what he wants these. Dustin Pedroia walked in the last year of he's now forty point 75 million art Contra direct talks on the hook for the next three season. So deck putting CPU was stuck buried. That's recipes. Saying notre. Israel says it all really wool like the Red Sox have really missed this year O'Donnell just saying all these soccer playing all OK well then you won't be playing like he's a bit of what. Went out to not. Be good because he's Michael let's go. Wrapped all of. From start because they know this is like I don't work because rob Bradford I brought this sub tuning into the hall called it a couple weeks ago and I I remembered the increase in Woonsocket god bless you press. He said he goes the Red Sox are better with Al Droid thick enough. Pour all Ron called lion died. People who Pete all all rob probably won't not look like I've I didn't know it's hit by it and Brad for what his guys. Always boys it was like it was like you you offended. His wife like saying something about Doc Rivers right all all that's been so it can be all over write book like like the Red Sox like I mentioned three words about this Red Sox team without Pedroia addition by subtraction. Better without dictate you pick a bit of a club counselors turning into. And Dustin Pedroia I know from the multiple sources and I don't care that the list of things we're gonna all I don't know enough I don't know now NFL does that I felt they got he's got no no now. Dustin Pedroia moon wit member of the reports originally came out. About Dustin Pedroia taking on price last year with the acting okay. And then Dustin Pedroia came out about a month later were rob Bradford died everything I would exit come to me. I don't know but this is a separate of visits Saturday although it isn't well today this wasn't the you looking for leader leader SpinRite that yeah about a week and a leader Nancy on this was Dustin Pedroia and Anatoly right now. That is pool BS he egged on price I know for a fact I know three people were there he egged on prices. He instigated and who doesn't join Arnold was nurtured through a vote please cancer. Lot of my I yeah I Mike Richards yeah that's right I got everybody you got a lot more breeze on the ground for me to slip on that one folks 6177797. Iron clad in a car yet Mike McCarthy by Mike. Don't go and on what might you what was it June. I actually elect green on all of potential of what it's. Good this. Don't buy it he acted more about this. It's a little so what it's not the right. About I don't forget about it where I guess it's obvious as the diner there. Don they're fired absolutely awful and if you ever actually tried to get into whip Eric. Between port five for data it's always back now know what they're gonna get the infrastructure there there's no room I have no idea. I didn't gonna be an absolute disaster activity and have a lot of the goal are caught in Avalon applauded the label on it but publicly bit I think the city will support that they have. Miley while orbit by the mightily to the grave are and they actually do pretty well there you go there on a summer night he did take it brought pretty well. They play up certain fields. Rock outfit revealed that's that's what I'm into better independent and ten. Natalie yeah exactly like a well there so I think they'll do OK but that area box and it just. I. State I'm in arena is in really nice places they build them in downtrodden places to build them up a hole. It might equate. They're all young and old and don't hold a multi not at all. Hey Mike Bridget phone call hey someone texted on that Cecil techs like hey mark nice it Travis best reference pop quiz in high school. What seemed to Travis best score 81 points against the answer is. The high school golf course yes I am the greatest thing to come out of western mass and Travis best you'll I. You name anybody else says the system so a lot of western mass well I think it says more about the western Saudi with a lot of western. I think it's a testament to crime you know somebody else from western does nobody frigid morning end. And let's try ready dumped her. There's a TV show now OK she's doing Bronson is written Ritchie is for a shuts them oh weekends we don't eat at no. I'm not out of power and African night why don't go battered and I do at all so Dowdell over Bridget one no. But she's among that Al appear OK so but I I think it's friendlies ultra friendly -- Rio. Okay well no but seems a travesty at all since Travis best confidence. Yes since Travis best. I mean think about it. Like I'm glad to costs who just glad to cost yet that football office that play UMass on the greatest thing to come out of west met almost beat western mass. Here's here's. Not the thing I was teasing governor's announcement coming up this page it's football season. Things to Jason valley where the sales guys that WEEI western mass Springfield. I will be doing public appearances for patriot games at very sports bars in western rally. Yes I'm starting with the first one we won against Houston where you Gregory and not know yet but no no he's a bunch of different once they haven't figured but I week one against Houston on common western mass him. What does Mark James do at him as the patriots game public on unfair to shake hands and kiss babies Max and watch the game watching game. A lot drank. I don't know. Nudge under our manager you know Perry I don't know if I don't know what that they're on now are down straight edge at that some of the fun. Yeah well. Already graduate or don't wanna drank while your act. Technically on the job you don't wanna you know what to do that frowned upon by our eye on our Bridget Bridget you are not from western mass right what you were from eastern us. Attleboro a case of she's trotted out girl if she was from western mass she would be the best thing the kimono western mass and Travis best. I am now. She's not ultra. I used relentless like who's not there Derek Kellogg stole eight check from the state for decades that OT human smuggling Columbia. Was a guitarist. Oh Errol Louis and saint. Yes. It's from a astronauts that lets you post trap as best he was eased from a mental welcome will be an average morning out of the new. A lot of Spain's fan but I they're pretty popular the songs that awhile and let him that I didn't meet him yeah now he's telling him that you were better than. On the news there at the likable and converse I was embedded within that it's all gone now I had existing Camellia obviously. No not okay it was a lot of acoustic shows that to 2002 was a long time. All right 6177. From Pittsfield wrote Elizabeth Banks. She is and from the field the actress is invincible with Mark Wahlberg famous actors Elizabeth that she's from pits. She's. But if she's not after Travis best the fuel that was passed Knoll no way police pains from its. Sure enough to run the gauntlet in Springfield what Kirk Russell spent his childhood in Springfield. It might not only five things people from western man he's older though he's older yet got I think getting excited about Elizabeth Banks is is younger than Travis so's she you'll go ahead go ahead which. I came up with Q hockey players. Which he he's not triggered on only tell you who took money off on the hearing. Who Connie yeah Erie Pittsburgh Penguins. You know cause I never I don't know what now I'll take I'll I'll take your work. Barton better than marching afterwards for updates yet we are getting along and so little. Yeah and that hurts our cards are Dickerson in the greatest thing that's come out of western mass and Travis best and Mark James right here a WEI.