James & Dickerson 2pm Hour: The Pawsox make their contested move to Worchester. Chris Sale lands on the Disabled List for the second time since the All-Star break

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Saturday, August 18th
As the Pawsox announce their move from Pawtucket RI to Worchester MA opinions are split on whether this was the right move for the organization;  Breaking News, Chris Sale is on the Disabled List again so what does it mean for the Red Sox playoff chances, Rob Bradford calls in to let us know.

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Now mark chase scene and meet Greg Dickerson on Sports Radio WEEI. All right here's. God just get goosebumps. I'd be kind of normal. Summer slam that's right. That's right for Cox yeah I do here's the thing about it is that when this is the attitude aired this started the attitude era. The end WL all judgment you'll know Scott hall Kevin that judgment your my attitude hair started when I was six years old and that's been going on for a long time via thirty something years what do you think though. You know blood brought in Springfield out of an attitude to have that's right and you know I mean it's it is or as we color blue collar brow. What the signal for I don't think right Wellesley daddy girl I've ever had to grow up next to Bridget morning and on that out you know I wish I did. Greg. Group opened a mansion rights from a hardscrabble streets of melted you know that's all MI LL CD that's all the rich people on that on Unita grow we play them believing you know that was it was like it's a call while these houses are nice and it's like beat up the Richard steal their money that I do do the right friends of Gore's road atlas and statute of limitations you can talk about what she did what got. Not so odd letter up securities so this is what it means he's got and I and by the way. Make sure we put this that morale is this is something L and and this is like no jobs series. Over the course of the first two weeks of the NFL pre season. Al river rock and the director of officiating now the NFL. He's. Basically calling to. Broadcast booths mostly TV in some radio to tell them to stop complaining on the air about the helmet rule. I teach you not I have to tell you bay. IQ I was mentioned. At a match. By whom. It was mentioned in used yesterday Beisel. Okay yes elect mentioned they called the truck. V they called the Matt Smith or whoever they quote they called the truck on a Foxborough on what basis this is separate from anything it's half of hatred that this is something I know it's happened to have like a lock on. Not surprised that they were doing it. On Thursday in Foxboro they didn't surprise individual all around they don't need it for the jets Redskins game because there was that questionable play with a guy lowered his head. And they jets got Al also lowered his head. And and Sylvia sounds like you talked about her like mention OK let my climate OK so let me get this right art let's get this sore let me let me get its rating. It wasn't so like I apologize once you elect. It was foreign Fauria mentioned it yesterday Christians set it to glam and they talked about youngster bull that Wada and by the way. That that corroborates. What I've heard from around the country store on I heard it happened because of the jets Redskins game. Both cents a Belle riverboat the NFL is sick and tired of the broadcasters of teens in national networks. In the pre season complaining about the helmet rule. Yeah which call the TV I mean it would do for political don't understand and don't know not understand but don't know what happens. During Eli game broadcast. It is a leap shell in the truck the right all sorts of stuff going on. If you're the producer. Producing a line game and you get a phone call from the director of officiating like dude. I don't quite right when you try to stay out because O'Reilly is right here and we'll call your boss of all the owner and yeah. I think you'll like I don't need this right now I get games and at replays I get I all the stuff cola yup and you don't. If it's unbelievable. That this is tough I shouldn't be surprised happening very. People in the officiating community in the NFL Al ripper on specifically. Would be this sense doesn't subprime and and this goes back to that basically telling. Yet they're telling urged broadcasters to non telling them what to do want to sent to not complain about that under rule. And so it you're doing is now all bodily speaking of things and I onus would stop this because that's why I'm wearing the T shirt and he make football violent again because you see an Italian. Is that the patriots Eagles game the other night and Nigel Brad Adam got called for. What should only. I don't which one was that would play it was like a one out of there was one there was the overthrow of coral Paterson. Outfit. That was his thing is it was it wasn't if it wasn't. Helmet to helmet he can't or won't help chemical was defenseless receiver call to remember on that play the defensive back. Basically put these organs all against his chest. It was basically cut defending himself as he was going into Paterson there was about one there was one really bad one Nigel Brad on. And and we'll get set and this is the specific patient in society that is basically resonating now. In what we used to call the NFL which should now be called the PF fell for PNC football I'm. Absorb what was that pans back I don't know I don't know I don't know mapped. Al river on its Omaha Ali is the doctor right via your thoughts on this and make football violent again 6177797937. Dickerson and James. See and meet Greg Dickerson on Sports Radio. Wow our three flying by. Itself we did a lot of different things obviously we the pop socks moving to. Worcester coming up in a few years there. What's. What's that I can do the ours were oyster yup they are well that there are 50850. Wait thumb so there's that. Happening and dumb it was a we're talk about that the ratings of the patriots game the other night out raided the Red Sox yankees from a couple weeks gulp. Little surprise now will say this I. I'm its latest even with Tom Brady playing if they were head to head I think the Red Sox yankees went one. Now no now actually not I really. I think you don't think that's I think I've seen before maybe not Red Sox yankees but. Red Sox games. Have lost the patriot pre season games it and Alamo rent I'm not present I'm just seeing Red Sox yankees. You know I I I he would of one well may be this year yeah perhaps right and on the last certainly 5678. Years. And the rivalries and shaky or down a couple of weeks it has brought which it has been this summer maybe but. I still the patriots game would be. And now I I you know they want had dates on college I know I know you're defending us and I don't know I don't know and I don't know now and no not at all I just and listen we all know win TB twelve does anything. Everybody New England we stop it is to the general such as Brady no it's great to know him but but Britain bringing important lesson against the Redskins right so now he played the Eagles so I ratings were still really good right for the Redskins right but with the rainy announcing confirming he's going to play the entire first half we T did. So I ate. You know ask questions afterwards to Brady and they'll check and I did not humiliated site let's go right close to illustrate what generally no object Belichick would yeah yeah I just you know what your questions were. But what Belichick was like unit defense at eight sacks tonight. Gimme you know would you think about the overall performance. Yes indeed. Ask oh what words you know so you know how our battle to new Boozman. Very very well always. When you. And we would. I'd address your question do you think he's showing he's opening and showing his world see Josh in deals like that quote that came out which I still find to be absolutely. Ridiculous why what I found that ridiculous because the only person I think he's gonna show his world too is Linda holiday I think he's shown I think he's probably shown. Let's face it. The patriots won't say it they can't say it Josh McDaniels the next coach of the team or coaching here two years three years whatever the coach in waiting I I would guess the Belichick yes Belichick would show him away. You'd think so yes. I don't think the Belichick wants him to fail like in Belichick Belichick wants to give him. On its much ammunition as he possibly can be good coach. I think Belichick if it. I would think that it will need a lot to bella check. To have a successful coaching tree in or I mean yet it MGM Springfield. And we were allowed to. Have sports book opened up this Friday which he won't be for a while because it hasn't been. You know officially passed through the wind river. That's when river rock I thought I went up on and Jim Springfield let's talk about so I will be there on Thursday silver dollar all the casinos don't and so on yes voting block the hawks are so it's up in Portland Maine to let another problem that. Crop that after the season who walks away if you had to make a bet of one or the other Belichick Brady walks way after the season who walks away. I'm not waste my money. Nothing at Wimbledon I'm not a now and the but I you know it's 43 months ago right if you ask that question and I would have bet on Brady. And I can't set it on the air here I get a lot of the time right after the ya Oprah interview that I thought their bids would be this beer for Brady. I don't think that's going to be the case although now things can change this certainly changed in the last three months they certainly have no doubt about it six or seven cents at 97. 937. Let's go to nick in Providence hello nick. They got mad dogs and got it on yet ought buck situation John. Yet so you know obviously out or disclosure I'm not act. Actually from province and yet all you console at Providence archer back where you find out opera my upper depth now though trying to I don't like Princeton right you from Princeton. Now no further south than that from under a Carolina all of them on. And again another state that knows moderate base also. But. You know to stick with that you're going to DePaul watching obviously. Not not a new experience that commitment alternate anyway obviously I think people realize that but. On it got to go in and take your family or you know a couple bucks pretty. Preachy it enjoyable evening out it to a and that's going to be missed. You know they take and point out obviously but that's kind of been in the works for a little while my own game last night. You know obviously a TV camera walking around they're looking for and about to get sound byte with whether cuter what had you it. You know seeing older people walk around and being cheers. You know looking at. Different that recorded on the kind of threat but the plate that would you know they're different historical moment to step back. That's what it really hit you that bad like leaving me a lot. Yet all are the next few years dating scenarios that you look. So yeah I didn't Indian money talks but it is a net. You know it. It comes down to it that that it. But as it to dictate her in the state obviously in what the other callers thought my you know. I'll let you probably not too much. On all. You lived there whose sole. Legal and I. I don't know I think it. You know I think on equity between the two out of the province what Beulah ardent I don't get what. Just the situation between you know restaurant of that they do an end up like that problem and a better long term debt nation but obviously. You know Arctic opportunity down keep me in the state between what you know what a great to. That area ought not in with your jobs and the like that obviously. Out that it ought not even even southeastern act. You bring that usually game and now you're not the people are. That they're going to to western mass and can go to a disputed estate. Well first of all laid at central Nassau western mass. Ideal miss out men out there yeah so I had no idea I had the radio I know about western mass nick guy he had no it's it's set its central mass but they'll let. Don't blame the guy he's from North Carolina are okay he made a mistake no that's okay notice and that right nickname was our actual malice but willow nickel part of North Carolina again. I'll ride that they're so beyond the right art about a crowded moderately country should go to the show. Rob here. Okay yes he had to go but it's got. Odd the original Q Shaq in Durham best articulate when I've ever had North Carolina and south. Is is that see another guy wants it did but does a whole other story baseline however. I don't know what I know some key Norbert I think you know I it is that you guys athletes. Yeah Uma Thurman and yet I. I don't know on the farm plus budget by what she did her middle school no idea those of president trying to have an itemized. Rich in north Providence we are huge in north and Rhode Island today hello rich. Yeah and and afternoon. Probably yeah great I was pretty good yes family. Advocate. Much too great to Austin Michael if you listen. I wanted to talk about the third base position. You know we had someone. Just saying some years back had one heck of a season in fact. You think Adrian Beltre is gonna make the hall of fame yes. Certainly as as well and then we had another guy after that who was very productive. In his first season. Rich do you get your point about Russell devers went with Milwaukee well the point out machine. I yeah Travis sharp and so the mayor Ding Dong city but covered but your problems rock feel devers is one. Well I mean like I EP young guy and he seems to. Not be able to. The disabled list and so forth I mean do you think overall this year so far has been disappointing. Well first of all from a defense standpoint. Anyone iris and he's gone awful I mean he's that he is just an abomination but. Yeah I I I still believe in wrapping devers a year ago rich remember his freshman rookie season is Yunel. We were ranting and raving about this guy I still think. The pros at the play outweighed the cons in the field that's what I believe about rap field never has occurred and on the stick with a look I'm not given up the east what. Here's all like a good thing you know what why not stuff. It does happen. I asked for the errors I don't think he's that bad and he's got all these terrible leader yeah I guess my point is is. I don't think he's going to be viewed this event. There are some guys you watch in the field and music got the debt right. Right or TE as their first base hot corner of the toughest position and you know as a top position and play I think he will be a more solid fielder. Their morning show. Right yeah I mean and I think that's probably fair and his offensive numbers mark. What ran through the roof pay at a state helping note no doubt now I'm with crappy debt or total I think brood of overlooked his defensive failings the Red Sox just activate intends or off the ten day DL. I wonder at that second base position going forward what's going to be 88 I don't think Eduardo Nunez will be here long term. Brock colts a year to year guy. You know Pedroia I mean you know my thoughts on him I I you know it's his style. I don't believe in him and I and I I just think that it is just not stop kaput or or inches a year a year but I guess I should say at second base I'd rather invest more in Kinsler and possibly bringing him back next here before crossed and Pedroia kicks the one cannot get it right if Dustin Pedroia doesn't come back and play an extra on the can be surprised yeah I mean I have been worked out an injury settlement on my prediction yet but it yet I don't think you need to go wild game and gets some great second baseman right I think you're loaded in enough other places honesty right Peter in Jamaica Plain hello Peter. Okay guys have had these two questions for as long I remember Utley you cannot invite me. First question I've never listen to. A patients in memory I don't even though is on them they listened to a utterance that implemented. And the second against the former head to head. I go bankrupt and well. We'll talk with the opportunity to either way ya ya bring you're talking TV though right. I watched it yet so I don't know where. So I don't know. How they do you catch while they did they haven't expected to use out its audio listen about the respect Peter you don't like even though. You are the target demo we you don't represent the entire New England area and day out rated them by over a 100000. A 1101000. Viewers from the game two weeks prior to that when they played the Yankees on Thursday and I think Peter saying he doesn't understood and I don't stands in TV for a long time and I don't even understand. The rating system I didn't then I don't now. But I'm like Peter out like you Peter I'm flipping back and forth constantly. It's I think he'd want on and I don't want the up. I mean that's where you don't write. Yeah Atlanta radio part two I don't even know calls from radio games for the. I I don't either. On the I don't know if I'd I know the other night for this match out of my colleague at NASA and called it on the radio in the butt on the approaches. Yes and roads that are included radio ratings are now Brazil is that he Oly TV. Everyone knows it's there again and never adds yeah the other guys are. Don't nobody knows irony I don't know I think I do the radio what the play by play guys also sea island with a polar tech. Back on the back of offices I think he's. The question of always senate and try and handset which Indians who wanted to tell our problem. Yeah that'd go all right well listen Peter it's it's it wasn't a head to head I'd like to think the Red Sox yankees this year. We beat the patriots pre season picked ahead this year. I just remembered. Scott seek your all's that's all Tutsi duels and the color radio. Oh you'll remember it's that's not a Jaffna got a chip up our 6177 tonight 7937. Makes football violent again that. Well also gonna get to. Greg Dickerson what what I do and that and Greg Dickerson has been on the show recently. What was yeah yes why he gets open at all. City and try to harpoon how. Ever do you what I ever do you guys dollar deductible Ortega spoke on your odds of yours and James. See and meet Greg Dickerson on Sports Radio. You know whoever's. Had it right. Number twelve. So. I was a great season wasn't it. It was fun while lot well. Breaking news folks no joke god it's just for immediate release at 2:27 PM Red Sox place Chris Sale. Again on the ten day. Disable list able recall. Brain and workmen from Pawtucket. Sales been diagnosed with a mild left shoulder inflammation retroactive to Wednesday the fifteenth. So this happened a couple weeks ago he came back and I mean struck out twelve guys ride was amazing. They're doing again do you think this is due to the fact of Chris Hill breaking down the as the season goes on before you answer that and it takes somebody who knows more about baseball blow up or about baseball world England Earnhardt well senator Mel. And he's coming up at 4 o'clock. He's got one of the top rated podcast in the entire world the Brad Fo Sho. Rob Bradford Brad both show what's up your thoughts on Chris L. Well first off there were not a New Zealand at the car dealership or not getting New Zealand all right the world yes absolutely we're working on that. That I I'll do everything I care I aspire to greatness like Greg Dickerson did. Expired at its name on the show. How I. I love to wrap your selling well I always buyer for Britain's Bradford goes a long time and anymore and the Internet and. I'll meet you out after the advent joked about the I would say out at the leader Karen runs yeah how does the colonials. Yes it's actually outplayed our so. We're gonna find out a whole lot more let him know that the next hour and a I doubt record boxed and did you actually we won't. Because I would imagine leaders say no big deal don't beat the L you know it's gonna be used precautionary. But you just saying if you read through the description of their if you save our wild wild and it back to black it. But implementation. So what this pat what happened here was he came back he pitched. And gotten playing begat and then you can call it model but it's still the fact that matter there's something it's still there and didn't know. Actual book they have missiles a playoff game EP picturing those opposed to it because in dirt off and certain element of that. If I could look at that keeps cropping up because the whole idea locate Q start thought. Then you later they get ready for it or thirty national living in a policy. Ryan roberts' case it to mark off the air the whole mile thing I don't buy it because two times in in the course two weeks. That everyday mild. He does serious proper manner. Yeah he can't you can't have a ball way he can't habit. The mile like you have a little model broken wide into right hates the way it. It into their crop back out. They're portable video and Sean OK Kelly you don't you're. If you would oppose him you might be able to straightaway and it is important to get this guy radio and obviously. This guy if I have to take thirty excellent if you wanna get where you're going so you have to manage the situation. But it's don't know I don't know how you can take this to anything but a bad thing that crop I don't want to start after a man Barack. Yeah rob this is not looking good so at first. Initially I'm wondering OK 87 win some trying to look at the other perspective rob sane is seven wins the divisions yeah eleven game lead. It's it's a foregone conclusion. Is this some maintenance thing but you don't think this is a meanest thing you think this is a recurring problem. Not a good guy indicate could be the main thing but that the problem indicate why do you have to have a maintenance back he had your made it spank your party had to start off we are we saw that tonight that that well. You know we go back to us to doubt it's ever knew well in me to do that all the time where you draw back. And it really paid dot I thought it would pay off in law and yet there was another another problem but. Whenever you do this whenever they have on the look out front runner any team does a bit to draw back a little bit. A blueprint it has to after make it making one start to come back and go back on the DL. So yes I know it took before I don't know how you can't look at that what without having a weary guy. If there is. Any sort of positive it's the fact that. Well they don't need him right now they've got the tang game cushion eleven underdog or not they'll land they're not the Yankees a situation we should like Seattle. Or Oakland so they can afford to see him out. For a month. But but if they do. Who says it doesn't prop up again. Right that and that's the bet we'll point and everyone should take away from it. Is that you can raft you can rent integrity they would devers and sure you got your your your being you're at your advantage in the division. As something the rest these guys that's what you should do you should read these guys YouTube wedding by the way why having only gotten DL on having all these guys try to that's why. But I it to cropping up again now who's to say a good crop while keeping a month off and that's the problem so would we don't know I didn't. I guess the it's overloading a bit too bad they are and in this unique position where they can do anything they want one you fly get not only. Ultimately you have this huge lead you have all the way and I went and got a DL you usually when you can edit so we're all. No it's not an artist when mystique is true brat finally gonna be coming up by hosting at 4 o'clock instilled joints and take the cholera 120 ish. Chris sales career splits by month in his entire career in July goes from 240. To all of these 322. To September October 378. Which is why I asked you about the maintenance thing I think like he said. It's definitely an issue. But obviously you can afford that luxury with a nice lead eight. And I mean this thing is that I think this thing the division anyway is a wrap and we'll see what happens we'll forty hearing you at 4 o'clock rat follow. Well I wish I will just repeat it again. Do it much longer want OK I don't get through to our other words. Happy anniversary happy to Denver's all yes yes just an. Very happy WEEI dot com RT ER doctor I know 88 ease the if I'm not mistaken rot in if I'm if I'm wrong on this you can call me out. Easy vin number one net late in terms of sports talk radio stations you're not even. WBI does. Number one not. That I started to close exactly are so high standard right. Rob rob a lot of people thought that you guys would not even last year and how to say this I was wrong hack hack. Yeah. You guys like what what is at verdugo. Our Lola just before. Yeah would you do what the home run I don't understand it was way tech talk shows and when I. Dot com that lately when I saw rob Bradford in a way to know died in the press box at Tropicana Field in front of hundreds of people. A much needed W I dot com sending their people to take cover its games on the road. They had. And moderate. And right yeah yeah I did which it would have been only two rats. Always call all. Go. All Brad pulled the door to the peach hued view things and Lucy guy all right Brad Foley will tell us at 4 o'clock thanks release of Australia. Iso this becomes something that I'm I'm concerned about now can you very concerned about. Would you put. Chris Hill on the top of the list all of me what that's one on. The Red Sox having long list of important pictures in there it's. In their history yet I don't think they've ever needed. It's starting pitcher more. Then they need Chris Sale for these playoff what Roger Clemens yes that's Curt Schilling Pedro Martinez only because the reason a Pedro too we're showing. There is very Bruce Hurst to a Roger Clemens right and reasonable Bruce Hurst was on real in 86 postseason especially in the next the next couldn't touch him. I will say this. The most needed. Sale the most important and the semantics here is David Price because you need David Price to win the his first game in the season at least start to your number once. No no suitable sales all of them no no sale get up sales the chaos that he's not pitch in the post poll that right now sent. You are not done Muppets and policies. Twice on the DL was shoulder inflammation like a pitcher you're drawn out conclusion of my guests are right Matty RL. Get our ideas. Jim Clark get this. That he said decree no I don't believe that breaking news now Greg Dickerson it's now well I don't know what's at dawn we'll play I don't know I've increased sales I think he's gonna pitch in the Posey and I hope I'm wrong the bottom wrong and you know what if he does. You'll be round of arguing that. We that yes we went back and realized it yet at game which what do we on the one of those that gift cards are all I want both yours and not let on the air apparently she's doing those gift cards you can spend it any -- politics visa gift card visa gift card poker 200 bucks. I don't have a TV did you full time TV job we'll have much of fifty all hundred. I don't have of us to portray any part time. Radio hosts who sometimes gets on the air twice you're on the more I have a Childs I know I am raising the child and apparently I'm in the not a single man who drives African Vogel I don't buy that at all I drive a used Toyota I drive the different parts that are available okay well then they you don't attack back after halftime or after a even though I know I'm gonna be right argues that the music I don't have my back a fifty dollar visa gift card yes are you Cecile warned not lucky that the policies and I think now we pitch. He's going to be amazing. Doctor. I'm gonna I don't know how you feel like that I hope the dog on our rob I hope I give you the fifty dollar gift card I hope I'm wrong he will be all right. Odd John in North Carolina what's up John. Hey guys would read our student who. I now know I know John it's not and Red Sox and now on the John agency around here fifteen years ago it's nothing. Touching. Down at their. Job I John John I like our copyright again I hope you're right alt mark is right I hope I'm wrong with the golf. On the DL since Weis. In the span of two and a half weeks of mild shoulder inflammation. Twice for a guy in US history of he does right now Ghana and breaking down late in the season are you kidding me how can you be positive about us. I trust I don't trust anything any coach or general managers since they all lie this big should this postal line. Write a book what just look at the facts. I'm not talking about. A coach or general manager or team president lying to protect their team were pro were lying to protect. A potential trade or player or whatever I'm just look at the facts disabled list twice in two weeks. I think retroactive back. Why wouldn't they just say okay Turkey now because. I thought about it I don't know it was all on AI. Here's the thing I've market. I'm not gonna be like one of those the world is coming to an end for the Red Sox this season yet I'm not gonna go there yet I think sales going to be fine. I think he's gonna pitch in the post season but I think what they're gonna do here John. They're gonna Stephen Strasburg and he will not and I don't mean the policies that would have been they did back. What you're going to be very careful with him down the stretch they're gonna they're gonna mean age his starts. That's what they're gonna do. Until we see those big ice. You know I don't know I'm alone SH a to a tree. Yeah I'm floating like what's the smokescreen and John I don't understand why with a quarter on the DL again it's a spokesman. Yeah yeah. Right you're right right now they're killing it Greg you what you just put him on the DL it's not a smoke screen when he was just on the two weeks almost. Not a spokesman yeah. If it's legal to do it it's a nice smokescreen very powerful trump yet wanting to be here doing one thing. You know convincing you that were weren't in trouble here and the other side or the other hand he's like I'm making. Doctors use was seen big blur president. But there you don't almost plausible path I dare you say something positive I anything else don't put out yet. One more thing from Wilmington, North Carolina scripture via loans one of the Red Sox neo from the apple foresees. So when you turn. It. That. It. A pact and that there. I. Arctic port to your job connect. 61777 I 797. Greg Dickerson is on record saying he things that Chris Sale done is done in the policy that he cannot pitch and and done now wow that's held a prediction and I'm not a bottle a nothing to be heart breaker. I'm not saying it because older. What tweet it out. That's what I believe you do is you arena why these twice in two weeks shall I mean add it up I hope I'm wrong but added up looked well I twice shoulder. Inflammation I picture the one thing this stage of the season hypothetical scenario. If what you're saying becomes true and I not only fifty dollar visa gift part 200. That was my fifty New York to know until an hour later now it's you've got these big Al dying know no TV gig next Appel now I and I'm not laughing no but I'm not Tom Karen don't usually see through under I don't think a solution money. So if this happens on the status if Chris Sale I think he's going to pitch but if he does not. It's Oxford major trouble altered for the I again that don't know they're gone they're gone they're Josh troubled and it's a wrap. And I just before that they've never had a picture that is meant this much to their pulled season. Good to their policies and prospects not Clinton's web Pedro Schilling and Al network. Okay what are oil Campbell. Addressed employed. And he proponent of contrast. Lot of oil and was to an open that your whole trash to Malaysia 617 cents a that I seven I 37 your thoughts on pre sale. And him going on the ten day DL a dead just announce also pops out to move analysts are. Wherever else will get to and that of course making football violent again Dickerson engines. Now okay this and meet Greg Dickerson Sports Radio WEEI. Hello this decipher them. Have I this has deciphered bids I was all for one. And how they are right beside herself out I never understood why no box or UFC fighter ever team to the ring to this music. I got honestly tell you I've never had that thought mines are yet that was something that I've always thought about. A you know he's he's he's like finally you know it is what it is but you know there's that but tuck. 61777. I I haven't I resent or be. Potential. Politician a Q a candidate. Should should come out of that song yet that would be a good idea Nazi rally right. Yeah yeah you never know made its two years away November 20 until I mean any any when he mid term election time. Rally your base up like and I'll kill a man now I would be it would be tremendous meanwhile public why would you not I mean it right so the news is Chris Sale. Chris hill's place on the ten day DL. And there's worry and Red Sox Nation in your thoughts or is there or is there there is from what you said my little corner meticulous job and you think he's done for the sees you he's done for the pullback last Sunday. I would be shut up. I wouldn't be shocked if he came back during the regular season again. I don't temperature on the posters and it's there but we're gonna run into this again that's two meals that Cheesecake Factory for means for you to. Yeah fifty bucks. Equities and appetizers I'd get accused if she can Madera and that's it looks like it's 125 bucks to tip and I go back again with ten. But yeah man yet to each don't mean that. And Oswalt and Valerie Jerry what what wanting to god and I might have gone up since the last time I was there you know so it is I can afford your. Cheesecake Factory anymore I don't know prices and now it's been it's been allow Mike in north Providence Ol Mike. You guys I'm like you know with regards to the music thing considering that people actually do. I am a box ring I don't could there be a tour. Point but it would psych out you know beat USC I can imagine Connor McGregor come into the race the octagon when that. Com maybe you know with regards to Chris salesman I think it would that a Pedro the all star game. Where he's throwing parties seeking and sometimes in sort of a target Asia. Or eat out there just I mean like look at the last time goes out there any feeling fresh and he wilander and he just letting it all go right. And you know maybe an uproar may be from the little too much pressure on salt. Instead of just like you know a body you know 97 and up you don't need a talker. You know and I think in the case sykora. Core is like we don't need this guy right now we need him in October try not taking any chances and err on the side caught. Smart Smart man Smart right oust what would you look at all the methodically calculated moves Al scores made. And for the most part other than the mismanaging. The bull headed beating you year against the rays. He's made a lot of right moves slowest in this this moves above out scored all no doubt as the date to browse and yet this path this mighty move. Of those areas yeah that of a medical move but I I. It might I'd I hope you're right that the they're doing this. Out of an overabundance. Of caution and it would make sense for them to do it but. You know you two way thing about it. Well we're two weeks away from September and who's to say that this doesn't crop up again all the civic three weeks on the DL. Completely heals all say this if we get to a month from now and today's date is August slight net 2119 today eighteenth. I'm I'm concisely and I and I cannot then I'm like and out of the settlement on the line to icon one Mikey just said it. Here's a guy that probably doesn't know any better than just light it gobbled and I flame thrower. That's a way that's the way he has any pitch any other way. Yeah and it may. Maybe just need to Smart up a little bit because. You know the stats that you were earlier you know saying Morse the rest our organization knows that too yep this is a guy who wears down. And I think that they're kind of fighting against his own very nature. I'll like OK but you know. They have pressed the Mike they have treat them differently this year. Now given more days off they put him on the deal they've been careful way of them they've managed them differently than they did last year and he's. If it's. Yeah I mean get it right like he did against Baltimore last week and they're they're like I said. This is a Stephen Strasburg tight situation this is what it once a bit now. Thanks a phone call might make the playoffs that The Who. But the nationals he liked and that was an operable the minute innings they held another justice for what I've been held the now that's what I don't think you're gonna do that would sale is still let. Still be like you know I'm pitching in the play house. It's your third of the medical staff says Melvin and he's got no choice might be could be Christian up next in Cambridge which a Christian. They all thought I got a Christian. I just wanted to weigh in on this Chris they'll situation. And I think it would be apps so it would be absolutely crazy about scorer if you did not agent in the playoffs. Injury or not. I agree or not well here's the thing it's it depends the severity Christian. Of course of course but I think like. In the best pitcher I think since Pedro Martinez yeah I'd even better than Pedro and I think. All Democrats and oh crystal clear. Our army news not better than Pedro. Just wanna just wanna buy just one on one day if he or here's think a lot of it is more education none and aren't a Christian let me just say that's. He's not there than Pedro his stuff is more dominating right now. Didn't page general pace became the papal just a great pitcher he was like. A combo if you put like. Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux a blender you got Pedro Martinez Pedro Martinez dominated women heating was dominant right in this steroid era. Although I think now I think but I'm saying Pedro was more dominant. For a longer period. But I think Chris sales peak is higher than. And now. I don't know why pay the dog and I think I hate to use the age thing Christian I hate doing that ansari and how I had to make as it was used against me hey racers and we three let's say that a young demo you tell your friends keep listening EI Colin we like it right. They got our brow we play that hip hop music that's what we do Americans know was that the odds like results that resigned herself they were always at bay and they had a yield of a record out lately no that's not a one welcome symbolic votes are you know out exactly blend of young demo with separate wells was still there but it got a lot of thirty timeless time and time Brad and see Diego hello Brad. Are brown. Ordered to pay eight Raddatz A Brad San Diego you live there now right. What is it like like people look at the moves before you get into what you're gonna say at what date don't browse he's done right. Like like he let me just explain this he signed Judy Martinez to a twenty million dollar contract year which is looks like the bargain of the build. Decade if not century. There was another guy. That he was considering siding for that price tag who plays in Europe her hometown by the name of Eric Hosmer and what does Eric Hosmer doing easier he had this to many home runs as. JBJ. By the way they gave him the richest contract in Padres history and Brad what are they saying about their about Eric cost right now. Yeah yeah and it didn't. We're hearing the whole thing in San Diego and can run the right angle movie studio. Exactly. On speaking I didn't care. In a bad mood and Beckett after. I. All Beckett told me that you were in effect at all. All of it shouldn't be in Maryland new leader here. Care. You hit it well Richard I get it back. In that in my dad would be over decades you know. Well when asked this Brad Brad you said they don't pull the trigger they pulled the trigger with twin river they pulled the trigger with. Sports. Sports gambling. Are they pulled the trigger. With Providence placed me redevelop the downtown Providence years ago sedate that they've done things like that. Yeah but this is I am a huge one mrs. This is legacy this is good this goes back generations of march Malia and it's just like. Yeah you got to separate you got to separate legacy and what what's Smart for business for the state. Well you know what's gonna happen Pataki. All of the target and ordered mass. It is just gave like doesn't work the caller said it's gonna turn into a martian. Yen now it is shame but I feel badly for the target of people live there. The other thing I wanted to touch on was not picking up Brad and and I called a couple of weeks ago we're not in roaring back to browse to beat him alone because. CNET and determine when that pot yeah. On what you want unique. Your columns are added is directly wrongly that we can run me. Or low. Uses over and over again sounds like. Red Sox enter not to jam packed. Well they didn't they de animated pic of any other relievers at that as well Brad appreciate the phone call get to all your phone calls on the other side. 6177797937. Pre sale has been placed again for the second time in a few weeks on the ten day DL Greg Dickerson. Things that this is a harbinger of him not playing in the post season. The hot take a big day grate it don't call me George Dickerson. On WEEI.