James White on OMF: Different positions had to make plays and I think guys accepted that 9-18-17

Monday, September 18th

Following the win in New Orleans, running back James White joined the show to discuss how he and his fellow backs picked up the slack for the short handed receiver group.


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Oh and that's what we're up sentencing Monday of life down here to stadium it's. Monday tremendous right now. James White receiver James were likely to eight receptions eight targets 85 yards. Terrific game yesterday's show how different was it going into this game play we know the wide receiver crew you're down to three guys. The last couple guys apparently during the course of the game. How different was it with guys playing in different spots. Aloha. Guys have to step up and replace. Between those missing guys as a group. We knew we go in there with a lot of different personnel groups and different guys people in different positions to make plays and I think guys successfully. This one glove excuse. A year ago so for this game how many. Different personnel groups were you responsible for as the number one guy and and how many of the other personnel groups through the back up for. The on I don't know the exact number but I mean real responsible for a lot of a volume of information this week as opposed other weeks. I think I mean necessarily I think there's a lot of different personnel groups is to do a lot of different guys on the field keep aspiration. Amino different guys make plays and keep it deepens about him as a group we knew we'd be idled more passing game going to game with the receivers. So many. Challenges and rampant make plays a different is it for you let you catch the ball out of the back field whether it's just his running all lined up as a receiver in the slot that is it that much Richard difference for you try to get free off the line of scrimmage news is this a little bit different you know in defense tries them. Match you up or what not so. Amid because we do a great job votes. Coach and accept him as a right and proper techniques there excuse then for whatever looked for a reason so. Restaurant on practice and is shown in dues over here on the India and excuse displease you to thank you were wide receivers love as far as getting off. The line of scrimmage Sony's gaming is supposedly needed we will rock felt O Ronald well linebacker right. I mean I don't necessarily work with the receivers would you know the lives of America is Chinese not quite this narrow and it was too much obliged admission is geared to route them to strike openness as possible retirement facility not just for this team in the week in general. The running back honestly don't have that skill sets tool lot differently certainly got to pick up a blitz. You gotta be able to catch the football. I think you can be one dimensional anymore. Yet they. Learned about today. It make much doom duo can block and run that yet beavers. You guys I didn't do maybe one thing run the ball well known as well alone him. Depends on. The team you're talking about but I think is very important for a comedy version Tuesday how much. Users are going to be this week. After this win as opposed the last would be as effective on Thursday I was at today. A lead and do you feel good as a game of the world the coast of a mean of those there's a great job of. Far things that we need to work on I mean we played there this week we'll just do things improve on we have another good opponent in the Texans mean put him in pre season. Maybe a little bit different we play in this time mystery of Soviet rich source. Yes so that you know we're talking before we can on this a couple of plays that or more ports in McGrady was the wrath. The pick play that he had to I guess identified to the rest of they were wrong and at twelve men on the field but he's always looking for opportunities there. But it did you did you guys notice that also are you see when you think his legacy need to be on the same page he's trying to hurry to snap the ball because he was to get help because they can't get off the field yeah I mean we do a great job of. You know secretary's office. Thomas Moses in those situations. Mean it always knows when alma and and twelve from the field work that is. February office because as England's. The boss as a possible me get a free play three. Tomatoes that it was in play call and he's just written a line at that distrust you know he's doing this for reason initiative rescue defeats. That's pretty much to keep him in the thesis so. As well as into the first half field he scrambles. You guys run that whatever chaos re kick the field goes quickest possible because. You hit the field goal off you get the points and I'm thinking 95%. Of the leak. Doesn't get this done to mean we were compelled to them prizes to. Means you're the first down. Where he's like yours. If you don't do. Team register. A multi zone we were on different situations and the company games and we're talking its influence patriots. New field new turf this week as you guys wore out most of pre season games in that one regular on the track security and conference hopefully. Just destroyed the it did feel do you notice a difference on on Turkish you're a guy that obviously is one you're going to pass brands or whatever. Now the superdome I think they still have some that don't they underneath that thing. Did little list in my heart or feel that faster track a little bit harder little professor truck or is this a faster track. The new one we have here than not having been on you are just notre Jessica was always slower that you noticed none of those floors of some users are off so you're the one. Obviously whenever. So everybody complained yeah there is a good result Lou. You can be pretty good though you can get that simple or public's trust my 700 grandson of Emily Fox should ask him did you buzz at duck just saw. I'm like five that put in my heart yeah actually I'm actually. My wife was such as guarding like every other month yeah tennis is very important question. Yugoslav TV. None of Oakland and excellent medicine on me. So they want to play Texas love love love it yes yeah heard a show called hand needs to. Now what can I don't not the only one with another LA public as you heard on the early round. The grounds mountain mountain hood stranger things are strangers will niceness on one yeah. That particular psychologist and it's nice to be you know position just changed up the turf and bit. Also they have their own plane or Cuba you guys didn't take the place you know what I was worst plane had let's dig out of word on the plane when he got good news in the plane I have no idea the that's that's out of my pay grade. Regarding the details of what this what's inside the plane guys that window and having an. I mean managers of the nicest to have some like like first class time bid seating on their loan in most most who have style. As it is suing the military. It was a light is like international ports class seating we've got it like that bad you know your own little I think so Friday's quarters stimulus mood lights applause importantly though I. If the older players right. If we weren't really playing again it like secondhand ones the next road trip for me so hole against the Texans are you're one game while we did it handles it yeah trouble. You know it's got to Texas. He can't you don't you're allowed to know the next image. I chase terrific and congratulations again and catches eight targets during the course of the game.